Chapter 1 Birth of Galaxy Women

February 30, 2069, Milky Way, Earth, Federal Conference Hall.

The entire venue is filled with representatives of 3,700 people. This is the only member of the “Earth Federation” in all sectors. After the establishment of the “Earth Federation”, the number of people arrived, although many people, But the vast majority of people don’t dare to breathe, so they are surprisingly quiet. And then look at the federal leader of the Lotte, standing in the chairman’s look and dignified, thinking that there is a very serious problem.

“Everyone knows the current situation?” Shibe broke the silence of lasting three hours.

Dick Star will launch a comprehensive attack on the Earth after a half months! And yesterday received their last pass, limited to our hand to hand over governance, while sagging half of the earth, automatically handed over all Weapons! Otherwise, it will launch ‘Thunder. “! That is, if obeyed, men will become slaves, and women become the’ eggs of Dicks! But if they are not convinced, The power of ‘Raytrai’ will turn the earth into the dust of the universe! “

“Thunder god! Thunder! Isn’t there still been studied yet? Who knows that the Dick Star is??” The Indian of the United Di is shouting with almost burst.

“Yes! We originally thought that Dick Star people should develop thunder gods, at least ten years, at that time, at that time, it was absolutely able to meet, but it did not expect it, the Federal Science and Technology Center’s Material Group Leader Li Ming In the last month, I have brought the ‘钘 金’ information of our just studied, giving Dick Star! This makes the Dick Star in the R & D of the ‘Thunder, gets a breakthrough progress, and demonstrates last week. In the sexual test, you can just look at the sixth and earth-sized planets, it is now just the problem of the range! “Schoe said.

“Don’t we get started to be strong first, then ‘Raytheon’ has not completed, first attack them?” Asked the north of the war.

“No! We don’t know what extent, in case of the end of the ‘Thunder, this will only accelerate the death of the earth people; two of us and the force of Dicks is almost in a short time. Conquer Dick Star, and Dick Star must prevent this step, this is the war who does not win! “Shi Buli.

“What is the technology center? ‘Is it?

“If it is a month ago, it can be! But now the raw material of ‘钘 金’ is not enough, and the information is taken away by Li Ming, and then refines enough ‘钘 金’, at least three months, this It is not included in Mars mining! The reason why Dicks can quickly get enough ‘钘 金’ in such a short period of time, because in their planet, there is a rich raw material ore, this is what we don’t do. When it comes! “Shibo said with a desperate tone.

“Is Li Ming not a high footage of the Minister of Technology Central? Why suddenly vote for Dicks? Can you move with a love, let him stop this catastrophe in the identity of a planet?” Asked the representative.

“Hey! Human development for thousands of years, I have never been able to see the word of ‘love’ word, Li Ming is doing this, that is, because ‘love’ is crucial! He has long since the long time, and he has been secretly loved the granddaughter of the money. On the day of the success of ‘钘 金’, after the celebration, Li Ming did not help but defend the stranger, but also scolded, but also because the east window was held by the east window. In this way, not only the beautiful people have not arrived, and even the dreams of the Director are broken. More colleagues’ finger points, under all, take the information far away! This aggression action, that is He is dominated! How can he suddenly find a conscience? “Schilber’s two hands, looking to the ceiling, as if there is an answer that can save the world.

“Is it true that the number of people in the globe is true, is it only a bundle?” The Jews cried.

“No! There is the last hope!” The door rang this sentence to one of the words, and the voice of this sentence was very old, but the tone was resolute, powerful, the field of 3,700, the same direction The big door of the conference hall is shot.

The thick door is silent and open, standing outside the door and a girl, the old man is a purple metal cane, walking in the hall, the girl is born behind the old man. “Ah! It’s the leader of the money!” The crowd began to disturb because of the old man in front of him, and it was the highest scientist of the Galaxy IQ. If there is anything you can’t study, then in the entire galaxy, there will be never someone It can be studied! Only what he said, can make all the representatives cause such a big hairdress, because there is hope that there is hope, the money is the truth, representing the truth!

“I am the director of Qian Guohua, the Science and Technology Center, this girl is my granddaughter Qian Liyu.” Director, fingers finished the girl behind him, continuing to say: “I have previously said the ‘last hope’, that is she! ‘

All representatives, started to pay attention to this girl, and only the girl’s delicate drop, but it is beautiful, it is almost like a real person! It seems to be the money to use him with his unpleasant wisdom, for this The girl sculpture is general, a black black hair, a soft hanging on the shoulder, a pair of delicate eyebrows, with a pair of water spirits, and a bright red but absolutely delicious cherry small mouth, all Concentrated on her perfect melon face! Plus, more than almost transparent skin, exquisite and soft figure, and a pair of slender legs, it is a perfect incarnation! It is no wonder that Li Ming is for her, will go to it. Dick Star! The representatives have begun to feel sorry. It seems that this girl will be sent to the Dick Star Li Mun’s hand, which is the “and relative” means used by human beings! This place The girl will pay for her beauty, only for the survival of all mankind!

“What is Dick Stars? If we sacrifice this girl to marry Li Ming, only for the sake of disability, this is different from Dick Star people? How do we face other organisms of the Milky Way? How to face? The descendants of the later generations? “Romans who re-emotions said that this sentence is thoughtful.

“No! You misunderstood! We are not a good job! I just sent Xiaoyi to Dick Star, destroy the ‘Thunder.”

“It’s impossible! Now we have used all the force to use all the force, it is absolutely unable to attack Dick Star in half a year! Look at the light of the” Thunder cannon “also needs to start three months! What’s more, this is the girl who is weak? “Shi Bo asked, he doubts that the commander of the money is too deep because Li Ming’s goal is too deep.

“Yes! Yes! But because this incident is completely caused by our grandchildren, I think we have to bear the biggest responsibility, I have installed the ‘Spring Shen No.1’ Biochemical Weapon in Xiaoyan. ! ‘To destroy the’ Thunderwater gun ‘, but more than enough! “The money is resolute.

“But according to what I know, ‘Raytheon’ gun body is the use of ‘钘 钘 金’, isn’t it the most robust metal? How can biochemical weapons can destroy?” Shibo asked.

“The ‘钘 钘 金’ is hard, but in the formation, it is necessary to use a ‘P-ray’, which is a corrosive light, and the only gratitude of ‘钘 金’ ‘!” Money greedy raised the purple in hand. White cane: “My caid is done with ‘钘 金’, Xiaowei!”

Director of the money to Xiaoyan, Xiaoyu took off his top, showed a white skin, a pair of strong double peaks, was wrapped in a seemingly unable-supported bra, all of the male, I can’t help but swallow the water; Xiaoyu is taking off the top, it is slightly hesitant, as if it is very determination, bitterite, unlock the bra! All men are not independent, because of the eyes The situation is really beautiful! The strong double breast, there is a girl’s unique elasticity, on the top of the double peak, each with a pink nipple, a faint emulsion, as if summon all men to harvest generally!

The commander of the money called the staff, lifted a big table, put the center, put the cane on the table;

“Little! Come!” The money shouted.

The miracle appeared! The nipple of Xiaoyan suddenly shot two red beams, straight to the cane, in a moment, the cane on the table was cut into three trips! And the table did not lose! On-site exclaimed, I can’t think of a beautiful breast, there is such a power!

“For the destruction ability of ‘Thunder, I absolutely believe, but’ p-ray ‘is only the effect of’ 钘 钘 ‘! So in addition to this weapon, there is no self-policy ability, isn’t it to send dead?! “Shibo asked.

“No! There is still! I won’t watch my granddaughter to send it!” The long-selling bowl of money was slowly drawn from the pocket: “This is the latest last week. Weapons ‘Photon Sword’! “Money Congress presses the switch on the iron pipe, and a beam is ejected from the tube, becomes a” light sword “, the money is gently watching the marble statue next to it. I heard the sound of “Zi”, the stone statue should be broken into two seats! “This is good! I think it can be checked by Dick Star, but it is even more, but it is not a sword! Is it? “Shibo asked.

“This is the weakness of women! If it is an emissive weapon, Xiaoyi may be delivered because the shooting technology is not good! This close weapon seems to be safe! Before I introduced the next weapon, I will ask history first. Lead a question: What is the characteristics of Dick Star? “Asked the leader.

“Dick Star’s appetite is like a green lizard that is straightforward, no females, genitals are heart!”


“Yes! It’s just like this! Xiaoyao!” The Director of the Money and the little 小.

This time, Xiaoyan took off his tight trousers, showed a white thigh and a cotton white underwear. When the people were in the eyes, Xiaoyan quickly took off her underwear, there was an emergence. Mysterious triangle!

A woman can be perfect to this point! The richness of the cloud, the embarrassment is in the intersection of the two legs, as if it is a best rest! Take it, Xiaozi climbs the table, with a very beautiful posture Lying down, then slowly open the legs, and the exposure of her pussy has no exposure to 3,700 represents, all the representatives have smashed their eyes, do not know this beautiful pussy, what is there? Great power?

I saw that the money was walking forward, dialing Xiaoyan’s big lips, showing pink little labia, and a seemingly never developed, tighter and warm small points, then cut off.钘 钘 金 ‘cane, completely stuffed into the hole!

“Well!” Xiaozi is low, you are accepting this stimulus!

“Okay! Get up!” Money Director, Xiaozi, only heard the voice of “” “Daguan Xiaoshu down jade disk, the representatives began to believe their eyes, because It actually dropped more than ten purple white metal balls from Xiaoyi! This is obviously inserted ‘钘 金’ cane, the only difference is that the alloy rod becomes “marble”, and it is full Transparent liquid!

“This is the power of the ‘Spring Shen No.1’!” Qian Director picked up one of the beads: “This bead is a part of the alloy, I use all of the ‘钘 金’ The cane and the ‘Spring Shen No.1’, in addition to the ‘P-ray’, only the ‘Spring Shen No.1’ made of ‘钘 金’, can cut off the ‘钘 金’, that is, The ‘Spring Shen No.1’ can cut off all solids! As for the mucus on the bead …. “The money is stopped for a while, and looked at Xiao Yao, Xiaozi is shameless, and the money is sigh. Tone, continue to say: “This is a woman’s physiological phenomenon. Until yesterday, Xiao Yan is still a woman, in order to install ‘Spring Shen No.1’, Xiaoyu gives up the most precious thing, it is hope that this thing will be from us, Can also be solved by us! “

Xiaozi looked up, on her beautiful face, revealing a strong look!

“Xiaoyao! We continue!” The Director of the Director said with a loving eyes.

Xiaoyu has taken it, lifting the hips and going down, that is, all the representatives of her ass! The head of the money will put a bead in the hand, because of the ass. The beads are covered with Xiaozi’s love, so it is very smooth into the asshole of Xiaoyu, and the money is said: “The ‘Spring Shen No.1’ is just a construction of the ‘ammunition’, our true purpose it is this! “

Director of the money lifted a small arrogant, the farthered eyes of Xiaoyan bowed the fifty-foot ceiling, and the same as “put!” Only heard the “”, the ceiling suddenly opened a hole, representative They have been stunned! “This is the ‘renaissant’! The ceiling of the conference hall is composed of 20 meters of cement, plus six layers of 25-inch thick steel plates. Pending it, that is, the power of ‘rear gangno’ can shoot a commercial space boat, as for the fighter, although it can’t penetrate it, but at least can cause fatal injuries! ” Say.

Sitone and other representatives, staying in the local place! After a while, he went back to God. “That …. If Xiaoyi has completed this task, can you enjoy normal marriage life in the future?” Sistone asked.

“Yes! Because the startup of the ‘Spring Shen No.1’ is mainly the consciousness of Xiaoyan, that is, if Xiaoyan doesn’t want to use the ‘Spring Shen No.1’, then ‘Spring Shen No.1’ is just one Useless organs! But ‘Spring Shen No.1’ on Xiaoyan’s only influence is … “

Xiaoyi, on the side, is already in the clothes, immediately losing the cavity: “I gave up the woman!” The bright eyes flashed in the eyes, but the tone was strong, but everyone heard: “this It can be said to be because of me, so I personally willing to sacrifice, so I gave up the virgin, if I didn’t do this, there will be thousands of people will lose their loved ones, my homes! Li Ming and ‘Thunder.’ I have given it to me, everyone to do is to lead all the Earth people sincere unity, create a better environment for the next generation! The warmest applause and blessings!

The applause is a little, the money is turned around: “Shi! Take the night to rest for one night, tomorrow morning, I will use the ‘spatial transfer machine” in the technology center, you can send Xiaobi to send Shang Dick Star! “” Of course! The life of the earth will rely on you! “Shibo said, the two people were deeply awkward, the applause once again, and the two heroes left the hall …. …

Chapter 2

February 30, 2069, Milky Way, Earth, Federal Convention Center

Leaving the chambers of the group, the ancestors walked out of the hall silently, boarded the dedicated shuttle, ready to return to the Federal Science and Technology Center.

“Let’s go! Go back to the technology center!” Money Director uses his dry voice, and the instructions are issued to the automatic driving system in the mobile. This seems to be a death order. Every command is as if it is to push his most loved granddaughter to death. He will not want to change your destination to a playground, park, so that you can use the granddaughter. A joyful time? Or go straight to the airport, find a small island hide? Let those representatives are hurt! Even if Dick Stars really occupy the earth, the achievements and Shi Xing’s achievements and Shi Xing, the days are not too sad, but it seems to be older, the more insist on certain things, if you can’t solve this time The problem, he doesn’t know where you can leave this world without regret. And what about Xiaoyan? Since I got on the shuttle, I kept the window and looked at the streets of the fast and retreat, and the pair of brightened eyes didn’t blink. It seems to remember all the scenes of this upcoming farewell world; Looking at the appearance of Xiaoyu, almost wanted to let the shuttle to other destinations, but remembered the fate of all mankind, only to hold the double box, try to make yourself look at her, so as not to Body, changed the decision to do!

After two minutes and six seconds, the technology center arrived, the shuttle stopped in the center of the center, the ancestors of the ancestors got a flying, entered the technology center, due to the histamatus, the staff in all central staff is now In the safety survey, the strong technology center, only the ancestors and a few assistant robots, the busy people who are busy in the center are not recovering in the center, but also have some death.

Director and Xiaoyu walked into the first studio of the technology center, which is the most complete studio in the center of the central equipment, all equipment in all studios, except for this minority of the money as the money. In addition, the general staff can not enter, and the only “spatial transfer machine” in the technology center is here.

“Xiaoyi!” The commander of the money broke the silence: “Grandpa wants you know that grandfather is love you, and Grandpa will never bear to send you to Dick Star …”

“I know! Grandpa!” Xiaoyu interrupted the money, “If this task is not in addition to me, there is no other person to complete, grandfather is never to agree with me to do this!”

“Except for you, who else can make Shi Ming? Only let him move, the other party may lose the heart, lose the heart, the opportunity to succeed can increase, Xiaoyi, this is a mission that cannot be heavy The price of failure will not only be your personal life and death, and it is also related to the survival of all mankind! “

“I know! Grandpa!” There was a very strong firm in the tone of Xiaoyan: “But a person who sacrifice me, is it better than sacrificing all people?”

“This time I went to Dick Star, regardless of the success of the mission, I know that I can’t come back, promise me, take care of myself?”

Xiaoyu said that the money didn’t help but couldn’t help it. When the noodle of Xiaoyan, he cried, and the tears and tears, the money did not know if it would cry, crying only Xiaoyan can’t put it, and Xiaoyan? She also didn’t comfort the sad old man in front of him. She was only worked, she knew that if she said with Grandpa, she couldn’t walk again. . .

The crying of money lasted for five minutes. After he stabilized, he walked to the console, pressed a red button, the original lightly visible floor in the middle of the studio, suddenly opened a hole, cave Slowly extending a robot arm, the finger of the robot arm, holding a test tube with a pink liquid.

“Xiaoyao! You come over!” The commander of the money is to be young, Xiaoyi walks forward, carefully looks at this test tube, this test tube is completely sealed, due to the experiment, any toxic gas can produce any toxic gas Therefore, the air-conditioning system in the laboratory is always controlled at very low performance. Layout, there will be no “wind” feel in the laboratory, but the pink liquid of this test tube is rolled out in front of him. The room temperature is also absolutely normal, and the pink liquid is not stored in high temperature or low temperatures, and there should be this situation, unless – it is alive!

Xiaozi thought here, can’t help but get back next steps.

“Don’t be afraid! Xiaoyao! This is a new product, which is just developed by Grandpa, called ‘red tide’, don’t look at these liquids, it can make a dangerous person to reply to life in an instant, or let a lose hands People re-grow out new hands in 50 minutes, it can give people unlimited vitality … “The explanation of the commander of the money.

“Grandpa meaning?” Xiaoyan didn’t know what grandfather was in such an urgent time, what is the intention of this product?

“To many people say that this is a life-saving fairy, but for some people, take it is the biggest mistake!” The summit of the money said: “When a person is in the suffering limit, the human body will protect himself. The most common, is coma! And someone else is lifting pain, do not hesteitly suicide! But after taking the ‘red tide’, death will no longer be easy! The pain may never end! “The god of money is very serious. .

“I understand! Grandpa! You are afraid that I have three long two short, so I took out the ‘red tide’, but you are afraid that I have been tortured and ask for death? Is it?”

The money is nod, but at this time, Xiaoyi does not hesitate to move toward the robot arm, and remove the ‘red tide’ one drink.

Until Xiaoyan has finished the ‘red tide’, the money is almost determined that this plan is a must. But so far, this antidote has not been developed at all. . . “Grandpa! I am ready …” Xiaoyao’s performance is unusually strong.

“Well!” The commander of the money is almost unconscious.

“That … I can ‘the’ spatial transfer machine ‘?”

“Xiaoyi, then wait, Grandpa will explain this task, you have got a ‘spatial transfer machine’, Grandpa will transfer you to Dick Star Airport to avoid the customs system of both sides, but also let you have An entry certificate, if there is anything, you can also save you back through diplomatic channels. “

“That … why don’t I go out through the Earth’s airport?” Xiaozheng unexplored.

“Because of the relationship between the earth and the Dick Star, there is no resident of the earth. In case, the Dick Star Spy in the Earth finds your outbound, and then adds the article, it may cause the earth’s big chaos, and the Dick Star may If you don’t cost it, you can get the earth.

Director of Money continued to explain the task: “After you go out, go to Dick Star ‘Earth Bar’ to find a man named AC, he is our spies in Dick Star, let him arrange your actions, he has received commands , Immediately think of the way to meet you and Shi Ming, when you are … “

“When I arrived at Shi Xing to my feelings, I took the opportunity to ruin the ‘Thunder. The design map of’ Raytheon ‘was back, even if I didn’t come back, I would also be sure to destroy all the information, right?” Xiaoyan will finish the entire plan.

“Yes! That’s it! Xiaoyu, this task is really dangerous, you must make good use of your weapon, in addition, ‘red tide’ start effect is an hour, that is, if you are hurt It must be restored after an hour. “The director of the money is doing the last 咛.

“I know! Grandpa, Xiaozi will be careful!” Xiaozi guaranteed to the money.

“Hey! Ok! Let’s go!” The money did finish, and started to go to the ‘space converter’, while Xiao Ji followed behind him.

When Xiaoyu stands on the space converter, the money is slowly pressed the start button, and the timer is immediately completed. After ten seconds, the machine will start, send Xiaoyi to Dick Star, Money Office I didn’t want to see my granddaughter, I didn’t want to see my beloved granddaughter, and Xiaoyao was slowly closed, silently accepting her destiny. . .

“Boom … 咻 …” Space Converter issued a rumbling loud voice, the summit of money turned back, there is no movie on the space conversion, he knows, after eight seconds, Xiaoyi is on Dick Star. .

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