Swan becomes the first crow of a travel agency Lingnan city because he has suffered an accident in a car accident, killing a lot of tourists, was closed down, the auction for compensation. Hu pieces and live secretary Jiang Lanlan general manager, penniless overnight, Hu pieces thrown into jail awaiting sentencing, such as Lan Lan sister as aid to make money by hostesses Hu pieces.

Hu total surface in the presence of all the company’s employees, officers were handcuffed, taken away by police to be staggered, the last glimpse Looking back, sad eyes fear that all employees palpitations! In particular, she usually closest secretary Lan Lan has been dissolved in tears up.

Reveals a chill sitting in the police car, siren eardrum being the same Guihao tortured, lethargy all the way to the detention center to the outskirts. Dark entrance hung two black big prisons and detention centers. The original prison was originally here, because lack of dormitories, so stocked with a row of houses in this prison as a detention center, did not sentence people in here, then get back on another dormitory sentence bin down.

Graduated from college, struggle on their own to earn one million pieces of Hu, general manager of the family business, never thought he would come to this place.

“After the name, age, sex, occupation ……… and so on.” Guards asked a bunch of nonsense, fill in the table, put the pieces Hu pushed into a dark, dank room.

Hu pieces adapt for a while, only to see there are two inmates transfixed house. Proud Hu pieces do not want to speak, quietly sitting in the corner in tears!

“Oh my God! This is how? Even overnight! ??”

Hu pieces until now also do not want to believe that she has become the pride of the White Swan a vile black crows.


The door is unlocked, a young female prison guards, vicious camel shouting: “No. 13, up.”

Hu pieces blankly at her, then at the two women prisoners.

“How about you call!” Hu guards shining gold belly is kicked, “ah! ………” Hu pieces screams, rolled down to the ground, the pain was distorted pretty face.

“I give up, do not wait till.” Hu guards grabbing pieces of hair and dragged her up.

Hu pieces stumbled ground, grabbing the hair, she has been taken to an office. The house is only a look of gloomy male officers.

“Director, this bitch brought you.” Just that female officers a hard kick ass kicked big pieces of Hu.

Hu pieces “thump on” stumble into the arms of that director. Hu Xiu Fen struggling pieces out, watched in horror director.

“You Jiaohu gold?” Cynical tone.


“I am the general manager?”

“Ah, whoops!” Hu pieces of ass female police officers fierce slap a baton.

“To answer is.”


“Very beautiful thing!” Some obscene taste.

“………” Hu pieces of silence.

“Undress, check.” Cold command.

“What? What check?” Hu pieces feel affronted.

“Check skin and venereal diseases!” Director of some presumptuous, “you have such a beautiful woman most sexually transmitted diseases.”

“Nonsense!” Hu pieces feel humiliated.

“Undress.” Again command.

“That …… that you go out and let her check.” Hu pieces blushing fight.

“Hey, I have the final say, or do you have the final say?” Hu, director of the pieces silly stubborn strength amused a moment.

“Off fast, which so much nonsense? What do you think you are a good thing? Tell you, just go here, you will also degrading than the pheasant!” WPC is a communication disorder stick.

“Ah! …… Do not fight! ……” Hu pieces painfully pleading, had just this immorality in front of the men and women behind the aggressive undress.

Coat outside the pants are off, even though the South this season is not cold, but Hu pieces still feel scared, I could not stop shivering.

Only a bra and panties narrow stenciling, and this looks like this in a very embarrassing! But it has to Hu, director of gold continues to take off. Hu pieces of some shame, so hesitant.

“Pop, pop, pop, cunt, good on you skin?, Big your ass?, Soft on your breast?” Looked at the back of the female officers Hu pieces that elegance, pretty face, plump figure, could not help but envy the fire burning, while Hu abuse pieces, with a belt while it is pumping Hu pieces of ass.

“Ah! ………! ……… 胡 枚 叫 叫 叫 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地Hu Mei is ashamed, and the two hands are dead, and the arms are hidden.

Snapped! “stand at attention.”

“Ah!” Hu Mei straight back.

Snapped! “Larctary, don’t understand?” The policewoman once again smoked, Hu Xue, white butt was covered with blood.

“I, I …” Hu Mei touched, endured! Put your hands, expose private parts, open the crisp chest, standard.

“Two hands holding the head, do you think this is a military person? This is a prisoner.

Hu Mei didn’t have a way, I had to have a hands in my hands, ashamed, as shameful? ! Beautiful Hu is now there is no naked man standing in a strange man, a woman in front of him, is proud of the body, breasts, butt, especially women’s most hidden, the most shameful Valley Garden exhibition is in front of the wicked.

Just at yesterday, she was still a high quality queen, there is a male slave, the female slave is waiting, but now! ? Hu Mei humiliated tears can’t stop, but the painful crying did not dare to live.

“What is this?” The sophisticated hand is pinched with Hu Mei’s heavy big breast, and the other breasts have been looked quickly.

“Ah! …” Hu Mou is still screaming, “Yes, it is a breast.” Say that Hu Xi felt the ear in a fever.

“It’s good! Hey! There is a share. Do you usually feel that you don’t want to die?” The man asked the words.

“Are you? … are you? … don’t you check the disease? How can I ……… How do I ask this?” Hu Mei is shameful.

“Hey? ………. 对 … ……… Check the disease. Put the leg fork. hair.

Hu Mi is like being electrically made, it can avoid it behind.

“Hey!” The policewoman didn’t talk, just smoked Hu Mei ass.

Hu Xiang understood that she didn’t retreat, I had to humiliate, slowly separate a pair of long jade legs. God! The private place of the girl actually exposed this strange man to see? This kind of stakeholder Hui is shaking, and he does not dare to blink.

“Ah! Don’t … Don’t touch it!” The leader of the pawl has begun to scratch in Hu Miyin.

Hu Mei twisted your ass, but you can’t escape.

“Well! It is really very clean!” The people who have been evil spirits have been able to say this. If the policewoman stands on the ground, he stood at the monarchy.

“Turn over, pick up your ass, you can check it there.”

“Ah! What? I am smashing, letting him see?” Hu Mou’s girl shameless her heart can’t do such a lustful posture.

“Hey! Hey!

“Ah!,, Ah! ……… don’t fight!”

Hu Mei feels the ass fire, can’t hide! Also not! I had to swear the body, slowly slammed the buttocks, two hands and two fat buttocks, revealing the pink chrysanthemum door.

“Haha, haha, you won’t smoke it early.” The man excitedly licking Hu Mei’s ass.

Although there is no contact, Hu Mei feels like a cockroach climbed on her ass, it is almost hurtful! At this time, the female police is in front of her, and when she is in the same sex, her butt is alive, Hu Mei feels more shameful.

The hand of the hand attacked the private parts of Hu Melie in proficiency. Hu Mou just wanted to struggle, and the vicious belt placed her back to her. Forced Hu Mei, I have to hold the back of the brain, the fork is divided into two legs, and they are tall with ass, and the director is the most shameful, and the most sensitive two meat cave.

Hu Xiang’s mature flesh began to violate her will, and the response to the longevity fingers: the flowers are already humid, and the japra is also creep.

“Little prostitute, what is the festival woman, look at it, it has flooded!” The director is ashamedless! I hate yourself, I am so sexy!

“Ah! ……………………………. Too shameful! Too shameful! A noble young woman, naked naked, put the ass, let the strange man feel like this! Hu Meli’s heartbeat! It’s ashamed that you can’t say it! “Ok, it seems that there is no disease! Hey!” The man seems to be relieved.

“What?” Hu Mei unidentified.

“Kneeling.” The policewoman took Hu Mei. Hu Meli’s face is almost attacked to the face of his belly.

“Hey, give you some sausage!” The director excitedly took out a half-erect black meat stick, intended to let Hu Mei lick. He did this, it seems that it is not the first time.

“No, no!” Hu Mei resolutely boycotted.

“Well? Odor! It’s quite hard!” The head of the director has not met, after some insulting and the female prisoner still dare to refuse him.

“Tell you, I am here, I am Tang Laozi, I’m going to do it, give you a good life, don’t obey, I will let you die!” Head threatened Hu.

“You are lie! This is not a check, it is rape! It is rape! I want to tell you! If you dare to come in, I will bite him.” Hu Mou did not know that there was a courage, struggling to resist.

This is really scared! I didn’t know what it was.

“G咯” The female police smiled, “Be careful to break the root! Use the next side, the mouth does not have tooth.”

“Fuck, this scorpion is also clear, good, today, I will get it next, I will don’t know if she will not succeed.”

The director is going to rape.

Hu Mou is desperately struggling and yelling. “Help! … Kill! … rape!” Head and the female police play Hu Mei, Hu Mei is really not to live, Ning death is not. I have a tired of sweat, I have not been able to wish.

“Head, forget it, she shouted so much, let others hear bad, and then slowly teach!”

The policewoman is some fear and persuaded.

“Fuck, put her into the tiger cage, as long as she is not broken, how can they do.” Headless.


The policewoman let Hu Mei wear clothes, kicked all the way, smoked, and fell to another cell.

“Dang, open the door.”

“Plop” Hu Mei is poured down.

“The mother tiger, the director said that he would not be broken, how to do it, this scorpion is a college student, the general manager, you give her a class.

“Yes, the chief, you can rest assured, I must also give a small cat!” The mother-night fork replied.

Hu Mou is on the ground, it is fascinating, and I don’t understand what they mean. She is painful now, and I am sicking. Where did she know that this cell is her hell! Waiting for her is more tragic tomorrow.

The second section of the crow trash can Hu is fascinated to sleep in a place in the corner.

There are a lot of ghosts in the nightmare, “Hey, 呦 …” Hu Mei felt that the belly was going to be bungamed, “Ah! … ah! ……” Hu Miang also felt the body Pushing with iron balls, she struggled, but the ghosts were firmly held in her body, and the two legs were greatly opened, almost tweeen! She looked at her pain, but she was dark, and I couldn’t see anything.

Hell is probably hypoxia, Hu Mei is soothing, still feels short. “Ah! …, ah! ………”

Hu Mei is desperate, but it seems that there is no sound! “Ah! ………” Hu Mei finally screamed, accompanied by the size of the incontinence, feel that the body is hot-baked, and since then coma, there is no pain.

Hu Mei felt that he was aimed in hell for a long time. Some cold, he thought of pushing the pain from the bones, and even breathe, it felt the pain of internal organs!

Hu Mei is awakened, the skin is sweating on the skin, “Ah!” Found that you can’t hang it! I remembered, “Hey!” I didn’t dare to move. “The butt is sticky, the stinky, what is going on?”

“Mom!” Hu Mei felt that his stool was crushed by himself. Hold hurts, the handle is not easy to move private parts, but touch the feces that have been done on the shame.

“Scorpio! How is this?” Hu Mei took the pain of the brain, intermittently renewed, and faintly felt that he did not fall in the nightmare last night, it seems to be blinded, it was a bitter .

She turned her face with her face, looking at around, the female prisoners chatted, no one cares.

“Water ……… Water …

“The big sister, the stinky dog ​​woke up.” A female prison told the tiger.

“Wake up? I have a look.” The mother’s tiger is thick, the big breasts, hips, and walk through. His female prisoners are followed behind, fox fake tiger.

“Do you want to drink water?”

“I beg you.” Hu Mei looked up with this mother’s night-fork and nodded in pain.

“Little hen, give her some drinks.”

“Thank you, big sister.” Hu Mei went out, showing a little smile, thank the mother night fork. However, Hu Mou’s smile has just been stiff.

It turned out that a petite female prisoner, took off his pants, squatting on Hu Mei face, seeing the red and black ugly prostitute slightly rushed slightly, followed by a brownish yellow water, spraying in Hu Mei, still unhappy face.

“Um … um …” Hu Mei smashed the face to avoid, the female prisoner called the little hen, moved naked butt, and chased Hu Mei’s mouth.

“Give you a drink! Beautiful college students, don’t drink, you have to die, giggle.”

The little mother reached out and pinch the nose, forcing Hu Musi to open his mouth.


“Hey … 咕嘟, 咕嘟 … 呜”


The high water volume, hard is in the mouth of Hu Mei, and pour into the stomach in Hu.

Hu Xiang is shameful and disgusting, and there is a few times, but there is no spit out, so it is tended! Irrush into the diaper in my belly, even if Hu is extremely exclusive, physiology is urgently needed, the body will absorb this urine immediately, and have a stronger thirst, forcing the blurred Hu Music to accept the urine. Humble fact.

“Do you still drink? General Manager?” The mother and night fork stepped with Hu Mei’s breasts and asked such insulting words while playing.

Hu Xiang is shameful, but after a stalemate, it has never nodded.

“Hahaha, what general manager, not to drink the urine!” The mother and night fork gave it to stepping on Hu Mei’s breasts, took off his pants, showing fat hips, then simply just sit in Hu Mouth.

The fatty laborary black hair, actually blocked Hu Xiang’s mouth, and the fat flesh collapsed, just blocked the nose of Hu Mou.


Hu Xiang almost suffocated, and at this time, the diaper of the mother and night fork began to put the water, “” 咕嘟, 咕咕, 呜呜. “

Hu Mei desperately drops so that the mouth is empty to breathe. Originally beautiful face, under the heavy squeeze of giantry butt, it has been distorted.

After the urine is over, the mother and night fork did not mean. Hu Mei wanted to twist the head, but it was like a meat mountain, caught her.

“How? I don’t know my shame, I don’t know the smell of the news, give you a fairy water, you don’t thank you? Don’t give me a clean? !

Hu Xiang is imximative! Tears can’t help but flow, but who saw it? Who can anyone can pity? Protect her? Can protect her Zhang Feng has been abused by her, and no one will protect her, she is hurt! Humiliation is extreme! I have to reach a proud tongue, starting to stamp the disgusting, black purple, hypertrophic, hobbed, mother and night fork.

“Wow! How is so stink? How many days didn’t wash?” Hu Mei disgusting, this coarse woman’s yin is equally rough, how to get the delicate garden street Valley of those who are missing the lady.

Hu Mouli, squat, just want to support it, the mother and night fork will get up and get up, “Wow! College students’ tongue is sweet than you!”

“咣 咣” is open.

“Large.” Prison police came in.

“Well? How is this stink?” The prison guard squatted with his nose.

“Reporting the Secretary, the scorpion does not know the shame, the place where the other is in the sky.” The mother and night point pointed to the naked naked in the feces. “I really don’t know much!” The prison guard went to Hu Mei, kicking her one foot, “Tell you, you must get clean before dinner, otherwise, wait for the electrotherapy!”

“Ah! ………” Hu Mei screamed, the body suddenly came back, the high-voltage electricity of the police stick, hit Hu Mei again incontinence, although the size is not much, but it is unbearable from two wolves In the meat, the drain is draped.

Hu Mou is struggling, and it is a pantry of the prison guard. “Hey, dirty, you are gone? Where do you catch? “” Tiger, put her handcuffs. “

“Yes, the sanner.” The mother and night tricks up the handcuffs, and twist the Hu Mei to the back, and the Hu Mei is now even more miserable, and the two hands are in the back, twisted, the snail is in the urine, the face is halfmered on the stunned beach, the original white flesh, has been dirty, thin, hardcore .

The prison police left, and I still threatened Hu Mei: “If I don’t want the electrotherapy, I will pick up clean. Tiger, you urge her.”

“Yes, sir.”

The prison guard came, and the monuments became the mother of the tiger. The mother tiger rushed to Hu Xi: “Faster, hurry up, you look at our houses and dirty, damn something, it will be destroyed environment.”

Hu Mei struggled to struggle, and looked at the house.

“Do you ask me? Who is I? Tell you, nothing, but you have to clean up as soon as possible, otherwise,, first taste our power! Big mouth, give her a warning!”

Under the mother of the mother tiger, a female prisoner called a big mouth, went to Hu Mei, and kicked Hu Xiangpei, and kicked Hu Mei to roll a few more.

“Ah! ………” Hu Mei screamed, caught up on the ground.

“How do you know how to clean up?” Mother and night fork asked Hu.

Can I still know how to pick up, horror, and still look at the mother tiger.

“True stupid! Milk mother, you will tell her again.”

A female prisoner with a wonderful breast can also be seen in the shaded dress. I went to Hu Mei and I also kicked it in Hu Mei Xiaoxiang, and Hu Xiang rolled back to the beach. .

“Oh, big sister, beg you, don’t kick me, I really don’t know how to pack it!” Hu Mei cried and pleading his mother.

“Hey, you are stinking, can I say? Do you understand? Little hen, you go.”

The female prison named the little hen also kicked Hu Xiang, but it was not too embarrassed. She was somewhat, and she said: “You will not use your mouth!”

“What?” Hu Mou suddenly felt dizzy, “Wow”, spurting the stomach liquid. This is too disgusting, too cruel!

“I said, the general manager, if you don’t go to the road, don’t blame my heart, you give me a heart, until she understands what should be done.” Mother and Tiger are strictly sitting in her shop, eyesight for the female prison .

The female prisoner has been sold by the mother tiger. I have to play and kick, and I don’t dare to be too light, afraid of the mother tiger punishment.

Hu Mou’s lower body has been swollen, the pain is unbearable, and it will eventually have to succumb, squat on the thin beach, after the two hands, began to eat her own, just pulling it. Lake it, I spit it out, I’m got out of the ground, I have to give up, I have to lick again, I can’t see it on my face. It is still a manure.

Poor Hu Mei, Millions of Rich, Thousands of Baimei, yesterday or Queen, but even female slaves are not as good today, even pork dogs are not as good. The arrogant Hu Mi has been forced to the edge of the collapse, she has been proud, endured, tolerant, instinct, licking.

Probably the tongue has been broken, probably the knee has been broken, probably the milk tip has grinded, but Hu Mei has numb, just squat, squat, just look forward to it as soon as possible.

Hard work pays off, Hu Mei finally laminated the righteousness of the ground, staying in the corner, the corner of the mouth also hangs yellow paste, the rich flesh has been coated with the slurry, the genital swelling is like a steamed bun The purple lips have a mouth, and the delicate vaginal walls are revealed, and the paste is covered.

“咣 咣” is open again, the prison guard look at Hu Mei, pinching the nose: “Hey, dirty, what is the general manager, even dogs are not as good as. Tiger, to make her to clean her life. Director Wang is also, what to do with such a squatter? Isn’t it not yet? “The prison police complained. The mother tiger is in front, and several female prisoners are dragged on the ground and dragging to the bathroom. Hu Mi will not struggle, will not resist, the degree of violence has far exceeded her white-collar workers’ ability. The soft water is brushed in the ground, and the cold water is gradually washed, revealing tender, white nature.

After being prisoned by the female, she was taken back, she was taken back to the monuper, and she still squatted in the corner of the horn.

Mother tiger’s words: “College students, here I am queen, do you not accept?”

“………” Hu Mei flipped and responded weakly.

“Hey ?! still unknown? Still nothing!” The dignity of the mother tiger is awkward, and it is not angry. When you are angry, you will go to Hu Mei. .

“啪啪” Hu Mou’s face gradually swollen, blood is flowing out of his mouth. The hidden Hu Mei, kneelting to the ground, I don’t know if it is to avoid the scary big pardrops, or yield, anyway, the posture is to give the mother tiger.

The mother tiger smashed Hu Mei’s hair, forcing her to look up.

“Say, do you not accept?”

“Service, service,” Hu Xiangrui’s voice.

“Hey, you can’t afford, tell you, after, I will let you do what you do, if there is a little helite, I will smoke you.”

Hu Mei, turned over and glanced, regarded as an interest.

Dinner didn’t eat, the handcuffs were opened, wearing a prisoner, twisting on the store, Hu Meling was resting.

One bed is also a nightmare, hell-like nightmare, the women’s prisoners wake up, the mother tiger began to train: “You have given me, this college student said she has already served, today I have to see if she is not convinced. “

“College students, take clothes, like dogs, and learn dogs.”

Hu Mei is indeed afraid to die, I want to commit suicide last night, but I have been killed by the female prison, and I can’t help it. She does not bear the pain of the flesh, she has to succumbing to the mother of the mother.

Hu Kai is shy and taking off the trousers, and the white-raised flesh ordered the women prison, this beautiful talents become Huumi’s disaster star, and the female prison in the burning fire wants to torture her, with a venting angry. Uneven.

Naked, climbed, “Wang Wang” called, Hu Mei shamely climbed to the mother tiger before.

The mother tiger put the stinky feet to the mouth, Hu Mei wrinkled, and had to open the mouth, put the toes of the black 蛆 蛆 into the mouth, to the toes smashed in the mouth, and screamed Hu Mei lick. Hu Mei has to take it.

“… ah! ……… The college tongue is really wonderful!” The mother tiger shouted his hand, and the little hen quickly snuggled into the argument of the tiger.

The mother tiger took the clothes of the little hen, and took out a pair, it was also white, and it was a tender breast to play.

Hu Mei took a long time, the mother tiger changed, Hu Mou again took a long time. At this time, the little hen has been stripped with the mother tiger, stunned in the arms, the big cockroach is behind the mother and tiger, revealing the odd big breasts, and strips the back neck of the mother tiger. His female prisoners have been inkworked, they have self-touched, they are mutually engaged, and they are obscenity!

“Ah! ……. really comfortable! Come, my little baby, wait for your husband.”

Listening to the mother tiger, the little hen was smashed from the mother tiger, and he was skilled into the buttocks of the tilapse of the tiger. He was just right about the yen of the gods, and the mother tiger sat down, fat. Yin is like a large stack of pork, mutter, filled with the mouth of the little hen, the little hen is obviously the mother of the mother, does not dare to neglect, stirring, and laboriously smashing the mother tiger Difficult, smelling genus.

And the mother tiger is interested in seeing Hu Mei ‘s prank. She speaks: “College students, in order to prove that you have already completely obeyed me, now I ordered you to climb to everyone, first squatting, please, please, you have a big tits, and you have to report; then Please ask her to pick you up tenant, you also have to quarurate the number; Tear your sorrow. “

“Oh … ok … haha ​​……… College student, first go to me, get over!” The female prisoner cheered, applauded, cheering, kit. Poor Hu Mei, Tears, Spring, Si Dang, no one is willing to help her, even no one is sympathetic, she is shaking, lament, look at the mother tiger, the fierce shot she is boiling! Look at his prisoners, they are all excited to wait for her noble origin to express the yield. There is no way, there is no way! She has been afraid of them, she doesn’t want to be beaten again, she can’t die again, the arrogance of the past, the dignity of the woman has gradually dissipated.

Hu Mei bites the lips, climbs the body, step, step, swaying the breast, turning his butt, climbing the nearest female prisoner. Tears have been fascinated by their eyes. Hu Mouli will kneel down, say that she is ashamed to make her shameless: “Please ……………………………..

Snapped! “1”

Snapped! “2”

Snapped! “Ah … 3”

Snapped! “Ah pain … 4”


The breasts on the left have been filled with handprints, and the breasts on the right began to suffer. Originally, Hu Mei Jiao Mei’s proud jade milk is now the goal of the hate of the female prison, that is, Hu Mei shame pain.

The fluffy breast was swayed in dramally, Hu Mei did not dare to hide, very much chest, I was sipped in the breast, while I had to quoted, the tears of humiliation have dried up, only the painful distorted face Quirky convulsions.

“Please … please pull!” Hu Xiang is shy, the red strip is in front of the same-sex, please put her shame!

Why have she suffered such a brutal humiliation! ? Hu Mou’s heart is trembling.

The female prisoner is not a one, but a litter, and the pain is hidden.

Finally, Hu Mou has had to climb down, and the toes of her female prisoners are smashed, and the ass is the same as the dog.

Just a one, humiliation, torture, torture, and finally Hu Mei originally charming shame, the white-raised jungle is covered with fine bloodballs like yarn, it is the blood of the roots. .

Since then Hu Mei no longer has a shame, making her private parts to be eye-catching, making men spurting.

Hu Mi originally full of breasts, at this time, it is towering as high as a bloody milk in it, shaking in heavy, this is swollen for breasts!

This round of cool abused, has made Hu Mei completely collapsed, completely succumbing. She can’t bear this non-human, she can’t die, but they can’t die.

“Forgot your own still person, forget yourself or a woman, forget yourself is still an enviable beautiful and charming millions of rich sisters! The only thing that can’t forget is that the mother tiger is her current master.”

Hu Mei’s pain has been desperate. She didn’t expect that only one day, she was no longer strong, she was originally so weak!

In the next two days, Hu Mei is even more difficult! Because the mother’s tiger wants her to take a bone, it is constantly abused her, and she is painful. Third, three, like a tiger, and climbed in front of the mother tiger, try to sway the big ass, constantly pleading Mother tiger spare her, constantly expressing absolute obedience.

Finally, the noble monuper Queen – the mother tiger accepted Hu Mei ‘s own meaning, and gave her a foreign number called “bitch trash can”, which stipulates that she must hear any of the prisoners at any time.

Hu Mei can breathe slightly, because the mother tiger will not make the female prisoner maliciously beat her, but it is already used to it every day. Now she can’t stand at all, she can’t stand at all, she can just climb like a bitch.

Now, no one in the house, the female prisoners go out to let go, Hu Mou is seriously packed with the bed of the female prison.

This is her routine task. After packing it, you will silently in the corner of the house, and the tandem of the female prison is wet.

At the end of the wind, the female prisoners came in and they were still in their topics.

“Well ……… Cough.” The big talents are engraved out a tale.

I heard someone in the ok, Hu Mei climbed to the big cockroach, raised his head, opened his mouth.

“Hey!” A thick Huang Chengcheng’s 进 胡 胡 胡.

Hu Mei swallows the belly, then hangs down, shake the ass, thank you for your reward! The big nurse’s smell 丫 will step on the back of Hu Mei, Hu Mei has to climb, do not dare.

“Trash can, come over.” Little hen calls Hu Mei.

“Help me to change the sanitary napkin.” The little hen opened his legs, while the order was ordered, and he still held a journal in the whole stage.

Hu Mei climbed her, and the little hen’s trousers were exposed, and the blinds were exposed. Then put the face forward, leained out the tongue, smashed the little hen with the genitals of the sludge, and finally took out clean toilet paper from the dried son of the little hen, and re-colleaganded it. Front respectfully gave her pants.

See what the big mil morning is already doing, just climbed back to the corner of the house.

“Hey, your stomach is good! I can’t help! Trash can, come over.” A female prisoner shouted Hu.

Hu Xiang hurriedly climbed the past, lying on the ground, the female prisoner rode above her face, took off his pants, showing fatty buttocks.

Hu Mou quickly slammed into a slight miles, covering the anus of the female prisoner with his mouth, reaching out of his tongue. After a while, the tip of the tongue came from the tip of the anus, followed by a sticky soft sputum, and quickly pulpted into a lot, Hu Mei made a strong bow, still squeezed out the mouth, Dirty female prisoners.

The female prison was pulled out, Hu Meli honestly licked the anus, and cleaned it with a little bit of the butt.

The female prisoner stood up, put on the trousers, stepping on the hipster, “the bitch, the bitch, and it is unfavorable.”

Where is Hu Mei, I still have a bad question, and I am screaming, and I roll my stomach.

“Don’t put the bear, come over, I want to pee.” Mother tiger calls Hu Mei.

When Hu Mei immediately became urinary, even rolled into the mother tiger, and opened his mouth to cover the urethra, and the mother tiger’s hypertrophy was covered with Hu Mou, and even the nose was blocked.

Hu Mei licks the urethral mouth with the tongue. Slowly, the mother of the mother is beginning to flow, Hu Mei does not dare to neglect, and drink it without drinking. Mother tiger is in a somewhat difficult, slow, Hu Mei, I have to suck, slowly.

The mother tiger looked at Hu Mei’s lower body, and there was an interest, and the little hen took Hu Meli’s pants.

The lower body of Hu Mou is naked again, this is not a rare thing, and the female prison is boring.

The mother tiger swayed the butt, and he felt that Hu Mei was very comfortable. She pulled the husband’s two legs, pressed in two armpits, poor Hu Mei was pressed by the meat mountain, and the two legs were folded in the chest, but the most shameful private parts were therefore talled, exposed. No.

“Little hen, give me a small thorn.”

“Yes, big sister.”

“This is not?” The little hen took a thorns from the mattress.

The mother tiger pioneered in his hand, excitedly fell to the two hip meats of Hu, “Haha” Hu Xiang Jurai is in front of his mother.

The mother tiger first used the barbed tip to gently tied the japule.

“Hey,” Hu Mei fed, and it was a bad scream, but the mother tiger was stimulated! I am smile, and I will seriously hit the napoleum.

蕾 strongly reacts, and the lace is scratched. Mother tiger feels fun! It turned out to make the jewelery, and it was already able to see the soft and bright bristles of the rectum. The mother tiger is excited to put hands and put the barbed tips into the intestinal wall.

“Hey … ………” Hu Mei hurts the hip meat and trembled, and the synpring is strongly contracted, but it is firmly suppressed, which cannot escape this brutal game. The onlookers have burst out a happy laugh.

Hu Mei’s Jurai has been tied, but the ass reflectively and shrugged, the tongue still does not dare to stop it, and try to take the parent tiger’s clitoris and urethra.

After the ass, this group of demon begins to smash the conceived.

They forcibly open the swollen labians, revealing the tender flower alley, not in the middle of the vagina, and Hu Mei hurts to twisted the ass, but in addition to more stimulating these metamorphosis, it is useless. The flesh and blood of the inside of the labips and the inner wall of the vagina.

Finally, the little hen actually came up with a more cruel idea, and the thorns were born from Hu Mei Clite, and there was a deep deep, and there was still a deep deep. Also engage in two small filaments, hard is to pierce two slices of inelamic labs, hung two small iron ring. The mother tiger will stand up with satisfaction and kiss the little hen! “Well! Little mother, your ghost ideas are quite!”

The little hen is favored, while the demon is beautiful and the mother is kicking, and I kicked Hu Mei, “I am still not soon thank you.”

Hu Mei took the pain, climbed up, like a dog, swaying naked buttocks, kissing mother tiger’s feet, “Thank you big sister!”

Ugh! It’s too cruel! What is fascinating and proud of it! Nowadays ……… bitch is general.

The third year of the female dog is “咣咣”, “” No. 13, come out. “

No people react.

“Trash can, call you.” Little hen reminded Hu.

“Ah! There is.” Hu Mei quickly set up from the corner, walk to the door.

“Walk with me.” The policewoman will go back, Hu Mei, I don’t know what to do, I have to bow my head.

Go to the bathroom, the policewoman commando Hu enjoined in the thorough washing.

Hu Mei started to take off her clothes, then kneel down the body, the fork is opened, and I will put my hand in the enormous point.

The female police smashed her despise her. Where is Hu? Slowly take out a group of blood paste.

“What kind of garbage is that a bitch.

“It is a sanitary napkin.” Hu Mei’s photo, then took out an apple nucleus, and took out a sticky broken sock.

“Do you have a mental illness ?! Who is giving you in?” The policewoman can’t believe that the woman is like the garbage bucket.

“It’s my own plug.” Hu Si was biting as his own, she dared to say that others were forced.

“My God!” The policewoman stared at Hu Mei still continued.

It is a bloody paper, and then it seems to be a wrinkled biscuit box, continue to take out a grouper, a few jujube, half a walnut, and there is a red medicine bottle, a waste cream tube, then I didn’t seem to have something, Hu Mei picked up the rubber water pipe on the ground, let go of the water, stuff it into the obscenity, starting to flow from the obscene, and then gradually changed, and finally Hu Mei fill it. Water, standing up, two hands tightened, starting jumping. Two huge breasts also beat up and down.

The policewoman is looking at! Hu Mi is also no longer shy! She is inside the wash vaginal.

After a while, stopped to do the legs, half squatted, a clear water flows out of the vagina, like urine. Then fill, then, so three or four times.

Hu Mei seems to be confident that there is already washed, which began to clean your body carefully. The cold water makes Hu Xiang slightly, but Hu Mei seems to wash away all the shame and dirty, so hard. After washing, follow the policewoman to continue.

Entered an office, recognized, this is just coming, check the body of the body. There is only a long house in the house.

“Head, this should be obedient.”

“Oh? General Manager, willing to come from me?” The director is proud to sit in the office desk, and ask the cigarette prostitute.

Hu Mei nodded, two hands were smashed.

“Hahaha, the mother tiger is really good! Tell the canteen, today give her more gambights.”

“Yes, the director, you slowly play, I went.” The policewoman avoided.

“Take your clothes.”

Hu Mei does not resist any resistance, unlock the clothes button, slowly take off, then take off his pants.

“Haha, little beauty, have known today, why bother?” Heads began exciting.

“You must ask me to insert you, within 10 minutes, if I haven’t plunged you, hey, you will return to the tiger cage.”

This sentence is scared to be honest, and I really don’t care, and naked the naked, just like a hungry for the food, I want to solve my trousers.

“Hey, you are crazy ?!” Hu Mei is almost crazy, and it is sharply smashed, struggling to avoid it. Hu Mei taught the trousers, and the buckle was swayed while crying: “” Director begins you, insert me, insert me, you will die. “Hu The screaming, comparing two police officers in the corridor. They pushed the door, surprised to find a naked woman in the madness.

“Hey, let’s take a look, this woman is originally the old man of Lingnan Travel Agency, 瞧, now you have a crazy, see your man, ask him to insert her.” The leader is both humiliating Hu, and also kneel itself.

“Insert, plunge, fuck my little 贱, fuck!” Hu Mei did not shame, I was afraid to return to hell.

Half of the presumption, the pants are really being taken, Hu Mei is grabbing the baby, looking back, a big cock, a big cock, no longer joking, two hands holding, making it hard.

“Oh, I am really absolutely!” The two men and policemen also got together, one strokeing Hu Mei ass, another shot from Hu Mei chest.

“Hey ……… 咿 ………」 胡 淫 声

“Director, come here.” A police officer moved a chair, the director was sitting, Hu Ge’s meaning, riding on the heared, the hot meat stick “”, Even the roots have not entered the 贱.

“Wow! College students’ sorrow is really cool! Road science, you also taste it.” The head of Huumu is full of flesh, while squeezing with Hu Xi chest, the pair of tits.

“Ok, I also taste the taste of college students.” A male policeman, unnovating the trouser belt, pulling out the meat stick, the top of Hu Mei ass, Hu Mei owed the ass, so that the cock of the road is easy to enter.

“”, Another meat stick inserted into Hu Mi, Hu Mei felt that two meat sticks were crowded with each other to bring the strong sexual blessing, at this time, the enchanting Hu Mei has been drunk, and the tide is red, she does not What is your shame, self-esteem, completely let go of the ocean that you fall into the chance. The fat butt is twisted, and the fat breasts are strong, and the sound of life is connected.

The rest of the male policeman is stimulated, I have to take out the cock, pull the Hu Mei’s small hand, Hu Mei also take care of him, reverse his face to kiss him.

At this time, the female police just went to the cafeteria and another female police came to the house.

“Hey, my day, in this!” Two female police suddenly shamefully face, but did not immediately avoid it, and poured water in the house. Also talk about: “This female college student is still awkward than those pheasant, you look at her righteousness. 呸!”

Original Hu Mei has already abandoned the shame, but now I have seen my ugly, I am ashamed! At this time, I have been decided by her thinking. Her sense of meat dominates her, she is chasing climax crazy.

“Well …

“Let’s go, let’s go, look nausea.” Another policewoman is really shy to see their mastensation, and the little policewoman is gone.

“Ah, ah,” The last sprint, four men and women reached the climax, like electric shock, dramatic trembling, long time to live with long, pull out the weak meat stick.

Hu Mou is attentively on the ground and contains it in his mouth, and then respects the meat sticks who have just humiliate her, torture her, and put her pleasure.

“Well, Hu, Hui, today also is good.” The director is very satisfied.

“I will obey.” Hu Mei shiially lighted naked in the house.

“Xiao Zhang, send her to No. 1.”

“Yes, the director.”

“Put on the clothes.” Xiao Zhang Weirically helped Hu Xiang to wear clothes and took her to the first supervisor.

“Yeah! How is it not like a monument?” There are four beds in the house, it is very clean, there is a table of furniture such as table chairs, and TV. There are already two girls in the house, and it is not like prisoners.

“Ai, Ajing, this is a new Hu Mei, you treat her, tell her about the rules.”

“Yes, Zhang Ge.”

“Hey, Zhang brother didn’t hurry, let the little girl wait for you!” Ajing grabbed small Zhang and kissed.

“Okay, okay, I have something today, I will say it later.” Xiao Zhang hit a quiet hand and went out. The door is locked. “Hey! It’s a good sister to give it a bad!” The joy is hot, and he will receive the bed of Hu Mou.

“You sleep here, it is a bathroom, it is very comfortable.”

“Here ?? Are you ??” Hu Mei is uneasy, full belly suspicion.

“Hey! Sister, are you coming over from the tiger cage?”

“Well.” Hu Mei nodded and looked at the japanese.

“We are also, do you quoted for a few years?”

“No judgment, still waiting for the court.” Hu Mei replied.


“You are? ………” Hu Meli strange.

“My name is Li Jingyu, and the husband is in the husband, I am from committing 20 years, I am only 34 years old this year, hehe, I have seen it here in this life.”

“My name is Liu Zaixia, because the woman who is dissatisfied with her husband, cutting his dick, sentenced to 6 years, still 4 years can go out, this year is 29 years old.”

“How is it not like Mono?” Hu Mei felt that they were still intimate, and the mood relaxed.

“You are also by them?” Ajing smiled and asked Hu Mei’s face.

Hu Meli’s pink face suddenly red, nodded.

“Sister, you are not ashamed, we are all kinds of play with you, no way! Mother tiger is too terrible! It is better to let the tiger, it is better to let the smell man, anyway Woman is not that happening, then stay here, there is always a man who is thinking! “Ajing has completely careless.

“You are ………

“I was originally the manager of the Lingnan Travel Agency, and later died of many tourists. Our company lost in, and now waited for criminal judgment, it is estimated that it has been 3 years, 5 years, I am 33 years old, called Hu Mei.”

“Oh, it turned out to be a sister, you really have a blessing! For 3 years, I will take it out, live in the hotel, I will not suffer, just learn to be awkward, don’t take a self-esteem. “

“Right, japanese, the police officer who just named Zhang said that there is any rule?” Hu Mei with a moon, Ajing got close, like a relative, the heart is warm.

“Hey, sisters, there is no special complicated rule, just obey the order, serving those colors,”

“But sometimes we get us with strangers with strangers, it is really ashamed.” Ai added.

“What hotel? How to do it?” Hu Mei is very concerned about what it will encounter in the future.

“There is a small restaurant outside the prison wall. The brother of the detention center is the older, the most fierce policewoman, often takes us to drink us with those who don’t have three people, go to bed.”

“What is the name of the little policeman?”

“Call Yao Jing, we call her demon in the back, only 27 years old, but it is very buff.”

“Oh ………” Hu Mei knew the roughly, and had to temporarily, waiting for the judgment.

In the night, Ai, Ajing chatted with her, Hu Mei heard a lot of things that she didn’t think of, and the heart secretly set my mind, no matter how to endure, wait until I will find a way, “Leave a green hill In, it is not afraid that there is no firewood. The gentleman is revenge, ten years is not too late. “

Hey, these days have a business trip to the boss, debug the application software system for the user, busy with a dizzy, and have not had to write to let my friends have waited for a long time. My little girl is a gift!

Stealing an empty online, it turned out to have a cold, haha, just, I am in the field, otherwise I have to miss a lot of text! It’s time to be a time!

I hope that when I will travel next time, I am sick! Whee!

Is the unpredictable popularity? The popularity index encourages people, seeing indices are always 0, it is inevitable to be some discouraged!

No very much slower than before, there are probably friends? I hope that the helpless brother can improve it as soon as possible.

The fourth quarter of the beautiful meat toys have been hard for two weeks! More than ten days, Hu Mei was forced to become a prosthetic bitch, endured countless pain and humiliation, but in order to live out (in fact, she couldn’t commit suicide at the time of death), she Also continue to endure thousands of insults and torture every day. Today, the weather is very hot, it is already afternoon, a bed in the monuper, and put three meat fat buttocks, two legs high score, two hands to pull the knee, and expand the slutty meat hole, Under the entry and exit of the meat stick.

A man, the lower body is naked, and the cigarette roll is checked in the six meat caves of three beautiful buttocks.

“Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey,” the meat stick inserted into the sound of obscenes and the sound of the body hit each other, making the haze of the mousse of the obscenity. The woman occasionally seizes some depression, which is more heavy. The man is very comfortable, not impatient, leisurely in the three women, carefully taste different smells of different flesh.

“The boss, the hotel will be lady.” A girl pushed the door of Mono, and did not mind the man’s talk. She is a small restaurant in prison, and that man is a boss.

The girl is approximately seventeen, eight years old, the short-term, the pier is real, the red face is like an apple, and a Chinese tight wrapped in her fat. More than half of the rural girls are well developed, drums, drums of hips. The small waiter is actually handsome, but the temperament of the Tootou Motor is can’t ratio.

“Hey, just good, I am not a fire, do you have a fire?” The man’s meat stick is still inserting in a meat hole, the smoke in the mouth has been extinguished.

The girl touched the pocket, took out a lighter, and gave a man to the front, gave men to smoke. The man took her flight, “come, come with the uncle.”

“Well, see you …” Women’s waiter half pushed half, the mouth was covered by the mouth of the boss, in struggle, and the boss is a mouth.

“Don’t make trouble, the guest is waiting.” The waiter seems to be in the bedside, as if it is not surprised, just like a row of pigs in the kitchen, the buttocks are waiting for the kitchen.

“Let me leave one, you take the two.” The boss made a decision. At this time, the woman who was being inserted by the meat stick left the legs, climbing the man, the sound of the wavented rings: “Ah … um … Quickly insert me … itch is dead!”

The waiter looked at the woman with the woman, and the rag of the dirty, followed the other two, still open the naked, yin, squat: “Hey … Hey … get up, Sao, still waiting Woolen cloth?”

“Ah … ah …” Two women called, ashamed, put on the coat of prisoners.

When wearing such a dirt, I was smashing, I was smashing, shouting, shouting, Hu Mou and Ajing, I have been humiliating! If you are outside, this Tower They are too lazy to look at it.

Ai Jing looked at the japanese, there was no choice but not to know what I didn’t know what to do.

There is not far from prisons, there is a small restaurant, come to the house, see only one table is drinking, it has been in the afternoon, and other people have left. “Xiaobin, brought you, boss to be angry, don’t do my business, I didn’t dare to tell him that you came.” Tottles waiter took Hu Mei, and Ajing came to the table, and he wakes them: “This is a little scorpion of the boss, you give me a good service, if you don’t listen, see that I don’t smash your skin.”

“Reassured, rest assured, sister, we are obedient, wait for this little brother.” Ai slave is guaranteed to the tear. The Turk turned to pack the table, and there were two dirt gang waiters while they laughed.

For these two female prisoners, they seem to have been habits, not surprised! Not blushing! Because in their view, the two female dogs given by these two female prisoners have no difference.

A quiet and Hu Xi walked to the small guest, a total of four boy a girl, looking at 16, 17 years old, wearing a unified sports installed school uniform. They have not been tight of the eyes, and they can see it in love! These children are only two or three years older than those in the love.

“Little brother, you are good, today’s big sister came to play with you.” Ali is familiar with the demon gesture, and wants to sit in the eye. It can be suddenly, Ajing rose red face, watching an opposite boy with surprised eyes, the boy is also surprised to look at Ajing, although only one instant, but it is a long time for them. Many information exchanged in their eyes.

It turned out that the opposite boy turned out to be Ajing, the son of Ai, a sister. Ajing is shame full of red, and AL is also shocked. Still Ajing calm down, indicating that Ali is not able to say, Al Li has only put it without knowing Ai, and looked at the small guests. “Sister, come over.” A quiet greeting Hu

Hu Mei is somewhat timid, some shy, slowly gone.

“Ah!? Hu teacher?” Several primary school students were shocked while brushing, staring at Hu Mei.

“Oh!” Hu Xiang saw the young girl before the eyes, turned and ran, just arrived at the door, just a woman who was just entered to grasp the ear.

“Oh, good hurt!” Hu Mei bent over, and was taken back by the woman.

“Sauni dog, where to run? Give me a wait for guests.” This woman is at all in Hu Mei, so that the ears will be pulled, and Hu Mei is struggling, but can’t get rid of it, it is hard to get rid of it. It’s just that a naughty dog ​​is hard by the owner is hard to go.

“Hey, the manager is coming back.” Turkou waiter said.

“Well, how do you let this bitch run away?” The female manager is somewhat angry.

“Ah! No, we just have to catch, you will come in.” Tottles apart.

At this time, the restaurant female manager has pulled Hu Mei to the table, but did not spind, so Hu Mei still had to bent over, don’t face.

“Hey? How is you?” Female manager clearly knows the guests.

“Ah! Xu Jie, I …” Xiaobin is shameful, and the support is.

“You are too unlikely! So young ages will play women?” Female manager screamed the guest.

“Xu Jie, I … I invite them to open your eyes!” Xiaobin finds a reason for yourself.

The female manager seems to be helpless, “Hey! How is this!” She thought: “This hob is a small scorpion of the boss, I really don’t have a lot, I have no way, after all, I also work to the boss, but this child Only 16, so small? “

“Nothing, Xu Jie, you are busy with you.” The small guest said, while pushing a female manager.

Wei Ji is also from hesitating, but it can’t be too strict, it is pushed away by the small guest.

“Teacher Hu, please take it!” Xiaobong came back, holding Hu Mei’s shoulder.

“You, you, you …” Hu Mei shy and shredded, and knotted Baba couldn’t tell the whole sentence.

It turned out that the hair children who had to accompany her in front of him were actually a student of tourist school. She also gave them a class a few months.

Hu Mei is unfailed to be held in the other side of the hob, low-grade blind, dare not look at her students. These hair children have gradually adapted to this complicated relationship of this wrong incest, and the boys started to come.

“Teacher, how can you enter prison?” A boy asked Hu.

“I …” Hu Mei sneaked, called Liu Zhiwei’s boys, “I …” Hu Mei couldn’t say it.

“Teacher is so beautiful!” The only girl praised Hu Mei, and he was really beautiful.

“” The girl suddenly stood up, and drums Hu Xiangyi, “货!” The tone is full of hate.

“Ah! … you … me …” Hu Mei can’t prevent it, shy and angry looking at the girl, she called Zeng Yan, who used to be criticized once before, and she can’t be her!

“” Is another side of the mouth, “How? I like to smoke, do you dare to make me?” Girls are proud and taller.

“I …” Hu Mei said that he can’t do it. At this time, Hu Mei Hundreds of intersections have been hurt for their despicable position.

Zeng Yan’s bold action greatly encouraged those boys. They began to move hand, Ajing and Hu Ge were tired, and they did not dare to resist.

“Come on, Hu teacher, accompany me to drink this glass of wine.” Ali red, forced to have a drunk Hu Mug to continue to drink beer, or Hu Mei has already practiced a massive volume, I am afraid I have been drunk.

Hu Mei can’t stand it again, and stand up again. At the same time, she has been smashed, but there are a few small hands to pick it up.

Ama is even more miserable, the whole body has been smashed, snuggling in the small guest, halo, dizzy, also in the wine. “Hu … Hu … teacher … you … here … how … How to … Water … Water?” Liu Zhiwei took out the fingers in Hu Siki, extended to Hu Mei, deliberately asking her.

“Ah!” Hu Mei hated how to react like his flesh? “I … Water …” is really shy to answer, Hu Mei swayed his butt, that is, a few hands who are embodied or chase and should be pinched and stroking her meat.

“Old … teacher … this … here … 馋 … 馋 …」 “Zhiwei continued to attack Hu.

“I … I am coming … Let … teacher … cool … cool.” Liu Zhiwei stood up, went to Hu Mei, forcing the waist of Huo Mei, forcing Hu Mei to play fat Ass, the hot meat stick, “嗤”, from the back to insert Hu Meli.

“Hey … Yeah …” Hu Xiang’s heart is very painful! Shame! In the restaurant, in the restaurant, it is actually raped by his own students, this taste is really uncomfortable! But even more Hu is a long time, her flesh has begun a strong sex reaction, “咿, 咿 咿”, can not stop from her scorpion.

“Ah … 喔 … … um 哼 …” Ajing is also very refreshing by the small guest! Two beautiful women look around, and it is difficult to withstand the burning of the flesh.

This group of hair children have really played, actually there is no shame, in this public place, public place to play, and call the small call: “Ah! Ah! …… So cool!”

“Wow! Teacher’s butt! Sao is so tender!”

The boys rotate two female prisoners, Hu Mou and Ajing were moved by the ass, standing in the ground, letting several meat sticks into the two meat holes in my flesh, they have been unable to think, Rapid approximation of exciting climax!

This has already remembered the first time? Only the white slurry from them in both pork holes, and the girlfriends of the sticky thighs, you can see that they have been raped with adultery! They only gasped, twisted butt, chasing her meat sticks.

Ali is inserting a calm chrysanthemum. The first rape, aunt, Al Li sent a strong excitement, so extra tricks. Directly can’t afford it. This kind of incest has also made Aijing, and she was amazed at the abilities of the outside.

The only girl didn’t have to hit the boy, and the fish thorn was tied to her butt and breasts to vent my! Directly, they have to endure their storms, while still endure pain! A bitter.

The boys probably released all the energy, sitting down and eating and drinking, but forced her to naked naked, squatted under the table, using his mouth to clean up their meat sticks.

“Hey, I said the buddy, the sisters, let’s play some tricks.” Xiaobin is like an old man, and the students have initiated.

“Okay, okay, how to play?” Several fur kids are like playing new toys.

“Well? … how to come to an egg next time?” Chambernium turns turned, think of a devil.

“What is the hen under the egg?”

“Look at you, I will know.” Xiaobin, Xuan Xuan, “come out, come out.” Xiaobong screamed Hu Mou and Ajing under the table.

The naked naked bare is preferred to hide at the table, in front of such a group of children, naked the flesh, she can’t adapt anyway. It’s too shameful!

“Come over, separate the legs.” Xiaobin ordered them.

Ajing and Hu Mei did not dare to violate it, I had to open the legs, and women shyly exposed to students in front of students.

The small guest picks up a salted goose egg, low, Huku wolf, slowly, wants to put it in.

“Oh … ah …” The goose is really too big, Hu Mei has pain and humiliation, can’t avoid it, slowly actually being taken by the small guest goose egg plug!

“This me.” Ali is interested, picking up a big goose egg, low-hitting aunt’s arrival, slowly walking in the top, still looking at the face. A static fork, and shame, I also looked at the outside, she and him, the mood at this time has gone a subtle change.

“Oh … Yeah …” This goose egg has also stuffed in, and Ali smiled at Ai, and Ai smiled weirdly.

“Okay, now start egg, who will come out and have a prize, and then leave it!” Xiaobin announced the game. “Hello, what is the award? What is the penalty?” Ali asked the guests.

“Well?” Obviously Xiaobin did not think about this problem, “The award is a cup of beer, penalty ten whip.” Xiaobin found a squid from the windowsill, Yang Yang.

Ajing and Hu Mei looked at each other, there are a bit of fear, there are a few points of helplessness, and there are also a few competition. The two began luck, staring at their points, and occasionally looked at the other’s acupuncture, they all worked “to egg”.

Hey! How is this brunette and a thrilling? ! Two mature women, looking at their own students and outside, in the past, the waiter, the waiter in the clothes, when looking up, black chef kitchen, but he is naked, Tall a woman’s most secret acupoint, a drumming “down”!

“Come on, come on!” The onlookers are exciting to give two tragic women prisoners.

“Out, come out!” A quiet cavity opened, and the green goose eggs show a little bit, and Ajing has a red neck and continues to work hard. Hu Mei is anxious, how can she make it strong, the geese of the belly does not come out.

She has taken sweat on her forehead, sometimes watching Ajing Acupoints, and look at the rattan sticks in the small host, but there is no way, the two legs are trembled, and the two hands don’t know when they are in the waist. On the top, the whole god is actually “down egg”, I have forgotten shame!

“It’s hard, hard, come out, come out!” A quiet has been out of the goose. Hu Mei just just squeezes the goose eggs.

“Ah!” A quiet shouted, finally put the goose eggs out, with the satisfaction of the winner, looking at Hu Mi still working hard.

“Hey, go back!” The onlookers can’t help but sigh. Hu Mei saw that Ajing has already undergoes a goose egg, and suddenly vent it, and the head of the goose has returned immediately.





Xiaobin’s rattan sticks are not sorrowful, “” When you come out, when you stop you. “






Hu Mei is also ashamed, endures the pain of your ass, starting again “Egg.” She is fighting for milk, and finally put the big goose egg. However, the butt is dissatisfied with blood.

“The lower egg is not very strange, see me this trick!” Zhiwei thought of more than the game, “the waiter put the two wine bottles there.” Zhiwei directed the Turkou and put two in the middle of the ground. Empty beer bottle, “You will start climbing from this, climb it, put it with your bottle, then climb back to here, who is backward, and smoke the vine stick.”

“Oh … ok … this game is good!” Everyone cheered. Ajing and Hu Mei looked at each other, and the tears of humiliation could not rest, “flying” fly. There is no way, it is awkward, I have to climb to the ground, ready to start.

“Slow slowly, wait a minute, you have to plug in the tail!” Girls Zeng Yan took two carrots, “Hey, Hey.” In Ajing and Hu Melody, Six, support The leaf of the stunned leaves, trembled, adding two female prostitutes.

“Hey, this tail is good!” Everyone appreciated, Zeng Yan took two grievous naked women, and felt more noble.

“Okay, prepared ……….” Zhiwei gave, Hu Mou and Ajing also care about what humiliation and pain, start crawling into the bottle in a hurry, accidentally, I accidentally knocked the bottle, just want Rening a bottle, and both of the two people are smoked. “Don’t use your hand, which dog will pick up with your hands? With your mouth, use your dog mouth.”

“To the right, the dog is 叼.” The onlookers screamed two panicked “bones”. Hu Mou and Ajing have to be like a dog. It is a more shameful thing to start, but the two do not dare to take it, climb to the wine bottle, open his legs, and align the enclosure, slow Slow down your ass, let the bottle of the fine neck slowly insert your own vagina, then shrink the sham, try to clamp the bottle, and start climbing back. However, she didn’t think that on the ground, the yin door couldn’t force, and she couldn’t take her legs. I can’t climb it forward. It’s really hard to give them a few steps, and the bottle will fall, I have to use my mouth. Get up, insert it to insert the wine bottle again with a lascap. God! Two white flowers, naked beauty dogs, climbed on the ground, with a naughty wine bottle, busy with sweating, climbing a chaotic wine bottle. Everyone looked at the lascivious performances of them. He was happy before, and he also kicked two of the big fat buttocks, and made her twisted, 踉踉 踉踉, even more smile.

For a long time, Hu Meli finally climbed the bottle and climbed back to the starting point. This time, Ajing is hard, bites his lips, and the ten whip, and the white buttocks are also like Hu, which is full of blood.

Suddenly, the little policeman Yao Jing came in, and the anger was shouting to the little guest: “Break, the big person, just do the woman! Roll, give me back home, see how I went home to pack you!”

“Ah! Second sister!” Yao Xiaobin saw the second sister came in, suddenly panic, hurried out the restaurant, other students also saw the machine escape.

“Xu Hui, how can you make my younger brother? Do you not learn bad ?!” Yao Jing angry rushing.

“I … I can’t stop it!” Xu was unreasoned.

“You two of you, squatting, even children also seduce!” Yao Jing put the gas on two female prisoners, and slammed the police stick and hit it. Call: “Ah! No! Rao!”

“Give me it, wear clothes to give me back.” Yao Jing kicked them.

Two people put on clothes, and even the carrots in the ass, they have been pulled out. Fearing and returning to the prison after the little female police, but did not be brought into the “comfortable” Monu, but sent them to “hell” – the monument of the mother tiger.

Just caught up with the female prisoner free time, Yao Jing in the corridor hit the mother tiger.

“The chief!” The mother tiger gave Yao Jing.

“Give me a good lesson lesson, these two bows!” Invited to be angry to the mother’s tiger.

A quiet, Hu Mei’s two legs have soft, and still stand up, “通」 “fell to the ground, and squatted to the mother and tiger.

Yao Jing walked back. The mother tiger is booming! “Hey, play the goods, but also fell in my hand. Give me off.”

“Yes” “Yes, the owner.” Ajing, Hu Meli hurriedly stripped clothes.

“Little hen, give me a dog chain.”

“Yes”, the little hen should come out from the house, holding two ropes, walking into Hu Mei, Ajing’s neck, then handing the rope to the mother tiger, “master, give, holding Two dogs are lick. “

“Well, squat.”

The little hen took the mother of the mother and tiger, and the head was in the shoulders of the mother, and the sound was accompanied by. His women’s prisoners look at Ajing, Hu Mei, and some of them touch their ass, some play a few feet. And Hu Mei, Ajing did not dare to avoid it, and they saw the mother tiger, immediately, now, now, there is no consciousness at all, it is full of a dog.

The mother tiger took her to the bathroom, ordered the two of them lying on a knee, then squatting on the water pipe, Rewarding the female prisoners on the side urine them, they want their female prisoners to whisper, drink urine , Eat, not allowed to get up at night, only send people to you to give them a steamed bread of urine. There are often female prisoners to get torture, beat them.

After two days, the two of them are now full of urine, and they are lying on the kneeling. I don’t know when I can get rid of the sea, I can go to the police officers, which is how beautiful!

I came to a female prison, and the water dragon was fought to brush the two. After wearing it, he took her to the center of the land, the mother tiger came in, she shook his big swing above the appearance of the face, Ajing just opened his mother and tigers. Flew eye, the mother tiger sat down, and the fat butt was buried in the whole face.

“Hey …” The tiger’s scorpion seems to have been coming out, and the arbitraries are in a mess, but they don’t dare to sway, and they can’t shake. The big mouth of the big mouth is eating the parent tiger. “Come over, I want to urinate.” Mother tiger command Hu.

Hu Xiang hurriedly climbed over, and lifted his mouth on his mother’s tiger and soilled, and a hot urine immediately sprayed out. Hu Mei quickly drunk, but there were some leaks on a quiet face. The heads of the two women were tightly squeezed into the mother tiger’s crotch, and the sorrowful eyes looked at each other, but no one had a guts to resist the mother tiger, and she could only let her ravage.

The little hen came in, in order to discuss the tiger, find a broken dragon, put the thick smell handle is inserted into the asshole. Hu Mei hurts, but he dares to avoid it.

Suddenly, the little policeman Yao Jing rushed into the ground, and the police stick will fight the mother tiger and the little hen, and the mother tiger is panicked. It is inexplicably on the ground, and even the trousers are too late.

“Little hen, fast, fast, fast!” Yao Jing is anxious, “You also got up, hurry.” Yao Jing kicks the tiger.

The mother tiger and the little hen stay in the brain, and the hand is rinsed. Then, Yao Jing took a new set of new clothes to Hu. “Hui, griever you, these days are misunderstood, misunderstanding, don’t blame.”

Hu Mou is also in the fog, I don’t know, I’m taking the clothes, I will take it away by Yao, is released.

“This ?? this ??」 胡 时 时 时 时 时 得 得 门 门,,…………………. 心 心 心 心

“Master, don’t cry, everything has passed, you see Zhang Feng to pick you up.”

“What? Who do you say?” Hu Mei smashed his eyes and looked at Lanlan and looked at the glare headlights.

“Zhang Feng is coming, that is, he saved you.”

“What? He?” Hu Mou is more confused.

“Hey, don’t think so much, go home again?” Lanlan helped the embarrassing Hu Mei, smashed into the luxurious style.

The car was started, looked at Zhang Feng’s familiar back, Hu Mei Hundreds of intenses, tears, and faint past.

The car opened to a luxurious, golden brilliant, a five-star hotel, Lanlan and Zhang Feng, who supported Hu, enjoys a dazzling presidential suite.

I don’t want to eat, I don’t want to drink, and Hu Mei just drunk with urine. I have enough enough, now it is exhausted! Zhang Feng and Lan Lan helper Hu Mei took off the clothes, put her into the warm bathtub, Lanlan also stripped, bubble into the bathtub, gentle and gentle, shake the whole body, Hu Mei closed his eyes, she too tired!

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