Mi Jian is hard to believe that you will fall in a serious body. I played a ball in a heavy rain. I didn’t take a shower after returning to the sea. I took off my jersey into the black room to see the 6-channel midnight passion for the 6 channel last night – naked. He waited for a long time, it is definitely a king of super A, which tells a masked traitor how to race the victim in the city.

The film’s picture is extremely true and meticulous, straight to Mi Jian’s blood, I forgot that my clothes are not worn, and the result is not to keep god, and I launched high fever in the next day. To the hospital, Wow, it is pneumonia! It can take the rice home, and the hand sent him into the Bay’s largest hospital’s breathing area.

Mi Jian’s own is not careless. Anyway, I have graduated for a month. Dad and Big Brother have agreed to give Hao Jin to myself. On July, it is better to die, it is better to have a comfortable five-star ward in a comfortable five-star ward! So he also lived with peace.

It is indeed very comfortable, spacious, bright and quiet, back to the mountains, no wonder, even the high officials also love to live for a few days. The only inconvenience is not to enjoy the yellow movie as you want. Mi-well took a week, it has been fully rehabilled, and he began to miss the video tape in the villa and the secret album. He wanted to be discharged, but one thing made Mi Jian immediately dismissed the thoughts of the discharge, he saw a person, a young beautiful nurse Miss.

That day, when he was gone around the corridor, she saw her: Slim and well-known body wrapped in a white work suit, the waist is tightly built with a narrow belt, and the wonderful contour of the chest is clearly visible; The head wearing a high swallow hat, the black hair is bundled into the cap, only one of the left is gently fluttering outside; two jade legs are collected by white stockings, but the long and delicacy Curve list; a beautiful melon seed, long eyelashes, clear eyes, white 皓, there is a sweet smile, feeling that she is the angel of the whole.

So he immediately fake confession, “”, real fell on the ground. Sure enough, in the patient’s exclamation, she helped him, and asked him to ask: “What happened to you? Where is it uncomfortable?” The gentle and pleasant voice passed to his ear, his whole body Bone is soft.

His soft slammed the whole body relied on her body, and the head was on her chest. One hand quietly touched her towering double milk, soft, like a pigeon. She blowing like a blue, because helping him and sorrow, he did not really fainted. In other doctors, they drove him from her arms to the lathe. Before the ward, his closed eyes quietly opened a seam, aiming at the badge her chest, the name above is : Chen Xueling ……

His illness immediately heard a lot, starting non-coughing cough, fever, and always saying chest pain. Mijia is in a hurry, urge the hospital to step up treatment, and the discharge will naturally will not be mentioned. However, the doctor’s headache is that the condition of the Mijia two masters have been healed, how did it suddenly deteriorate? Moreover, various inspections have not prompted any complications, so that they will hurt their brains, only have to observe. Only Mi Jian’s clearer didn’t know what I did. He just found an excuse to leave the hospital. It’s good to go to Chen Xueling every day. Unfortunately, Snow Ling is not the group of him, so he seeing her opportunity.

Mi Jian thought of a way, he and the attending doctor said that the room he lived in, the attending doctor had transferred him to the endless room of the corridor. Mi Jian is very satisfied, although this room is not nursing care, but unexpectedly harvested, his room is oblique to the door of the nurse lounge, he often seeing the young nurses are cheerful, which is There is a beautiful figure of Snow Ling.

Snow Ling is a very responsible nurse, she is very gentle to the patient. For very weak patients, Xue Ling always pays special attention to them. Every time I take a needle, when I am smeared, I always be very meticulous.

Mi Jian steals that Xue Ling nuts are always very excited when other patients. When her soft and slender hand wiped the patient, he had been staring at the white palm, and fantasy she grabbed her meat stick gently massage. Have a few times, he almost couldn’t help but went into the soft jade hand who grabbed Snow, pressed her under the body, so it’s hard to suppress the fire. Sometimes when his nurses are scrubbed, he also fantasically is that Xue Ling is taking care of him, so he sells him with a high-top meat. It is like leaving.

But no matter how creating opportunities, Xue Ling still does not know the university graduates of the pneumonia, she always passes on the rice fitness, and Mi Jian can only smell the fragrance of the Yi, and looked with her. The wishes are not realized, so he has become very depressed.

Unconsciously, Mi Jian has been in the hospital for half a month, and his “condition” seems to have improved, it can rely on the bed. Every time he entered his room, he saw that Mi Jian was not a long report. It is a thick book. Some of the other trousers will only spend money. “I won’t be afraid to be in the same day, and what he said is more and more. Mi Jian is indeed seriously familiar with the company’s situation, he is not a public private person. Despite this, he did not weakened the sexual fantasy of Xueling. Mijian is through the conversation with this nurses, some of the situation: Snow Ling and him are 23 years old, locals, parents are doctors, and then moved to foreign countries. Xue Ling has finished nursing, resolutely stayed in the domestic service public, so he went to Taibai Yang. She is young and beautiful, so that the male doctors in the hospital will reverse the soul, giving her a foreign number called “Snow Angel”. Due to her outstanding performance, they got all patients and colleagues, it is said that Core intends to cultivate her class!

Snow Ling is a very good boyfriend who is studying medical doctorate abroad. From her time, every time she is believed, I know how good the two people feel. Mi Jian now has a great interest in this beautiful gentle young nurse, and he firmly wants to get Xue Ling’s determination.

Time is in August in the flying rotation.

Another stuffy night, Mi Jian lying on the bed, turning it out, I can’t sleep, I have to get up, I have went to the corridor to take a walk. The door has just turned on, and a familiar footsteps came. Mi Jian looks out from the door, and only the figure of Xueli appears in the field of view. By the way, she is on the evening, and now it is done. Sure enough, I saw Xue Ling pushed the door of the nurse lounge, and the posture of the guna went in, and closed the door.

Mi Jian quietly walked out of the ward, surrounded, the night was deep, the ward was silent, and the shadow could not see. He walked to the door of the lounge, holding the handle and slowly twisting, the door did not lock! He quickly visited the lounge and closed his door. The lounge is the nurses, there are also toilets, bathrooms and duty rooms, even men don’t even go in.

The corridor is not open, surrounded by black, Mi Jian saw a slight light in the dark shot from the door of the locker room, he walked over to put the ear on the door, there is “Syrudi Sso”, The sound, Mijian does not help but speed up.

Suddenly, the sound disappeared, the door sounded on the door, and Mi Jun was scared, and it was busy to blame the side of the door. At this time, the door of the dressing room has been opened, and Xue Ling took a bag of clothes. She has removed the swallow cap, a waterfall, long hair, behind him; the belt also took it down, the big work clothes It seems that only bras and trip; white stockings are also taken off, put on slippers, a white calf and bipple in the dark, especially snow white crystal.

Mijian hid behind the door, looked at Xue Ling into the bathroom next door. Mi Jian saw a few light tubes on the bathroom, showing bright light, and then heard the sound of the bathroom door and the opposite lock. He looked around and found several windows in the room with a continuous and wide rain window, so he was carefully turned out of the window, standing on the window, bent down, step by step. Tension, he is full of hands, he wiped his hand on the wall, then slowly raised his head, his heart jumped immediately.

The curtains in the bathroom have only pulled half. Under the bright light, everything inside is full of eyes: the window of the window is the shower of the shower, there is a cloud stone wash basin, and the wall is still embedded in a huge mirror. Mi Jian saw everything he wants to see: Xue Ling is back to yourself, standing in the mirror, I saw her dialed her hair, then started the buckle of the overalls, the big overalls with the buttons The grain is unwounded and the shoulder, and the snow is hands out, take off the overalls, so a wonderful and seductive, white and delicate youth carcass is almost naked to expose in the rice eye. Xue Ling’s work clothes, I really only have white bras and small tribes, so there is no matter if I don’t think it is straight.

Xue Ling also put the work clothes taken off in the wash basin. Mi Jian took the greedy to appreciate her white carcass: long hair black and soft, smooth skin is white, crystal, slender waist limbs Slim and moist, narrow trip is close to the round hips, the middle part of the part is naturally sailed, outline the shape of the deep canyon, the snowflakes on both sides are exposed, accompanied by her movement When I shaken … The sleek legs are robust, and the tight clips are tight, there is no hint of voids, her foot is gently picked up, the round of the ankle and the snow white feet will not make me rice Rush to catch this pair of delicacies.

After Xue Ling was simply washed, smashed the nurse, put it in a large basket labeled “Shower”, and then dried the white long stockings on the window. Then, she opened a large bag, and the clothes, towels, and shower gels. Blue dress, dark blue underwear and bath towels are hanging on the hanger behind the door, and the bathing liquid, etc., put it on the washing station. She turned around, using the head rope to the show, the bundle is on the top, then, in Mi Jian’s rapid breathing, Xue Ling said that the brach behind the cream, slowly took off the white bra, a pair of blue The tall-to-slide type is finally entered the field of view. Don’t wait for Mijian asthma, Xue Ling has been bent down, faded only white embroidered underwear, go to the flower sprinkle … The rice outside the window only felt a head “”, then a fragrance After that, the white carcass of the living colored fragrance has come to the front, and the people are as famous, Xue Ling ‘s beautiful body is like Yuxue.

Snow Ling has no preparation standing in front of the window, a pair of towering jade and red small nipples reach out, the white mysterious triangle naked exposure is before the rice eye. I saw a pair of fiber-optic jade hands put the underwear on the window sill, then the water dragon in the shower head was opened, and a warm water “squirt” spurt, sprinkled with naked and beautiful mature girl carcasses .

The water flows smoothly in the white neck of Xue Ling, slowly flowing through her perfect chest, flat belly, slender legs, the mysterious black forest with the lower body, with a translucent small water droplet, appearance Black. Under the gentleness of warm water, the body of Xueli exudes a shiny shiny. White skin is shining. She uses her hands in the chest, the abdomen, the thighs, so the white beauty is completely moist, by the way Massage the fatigue of the body.

The rice is not turned into this unparalleled “strip” performance outside the window, and I feel that I have hungry, I’m hungry.

Xue Ling didn’t think of it. At this moment, the darkness of the window is close to the dark, a pair of men who are full of fire is as hungry and thirsty. One day of work has made her feel tired, at this night’s quiet moment, in this space that belongs to women, she does have no preparation. So she did not find Mi Jian sneaked her, and has lurked outside the window. Of course, I will not find my own one fell in someone else’s surveillance, I have been careful, I have never been seen by the opposite sex. It is making a young kinky.

She shouted the jade, walked into the mirror of the bathroom, squeezing out some pink shower gapped in the palm, gently apply it on the body, and the beautiful crystal hands were evenly applied to the body, and then rubbed. After a while, the rich bubble was distributed, she was gently washed, and she worped with her lingerie on the back and waist. The faint traces left, then she was applied with the bubble in the smooth belly and sleek hips, to her own carcass, her It is proud and scared: proud is such a good figure, often comes with the symptoms of jealousy; fear is that her beauty also attracted some eyes that are not good.

Getting to the sky, her skin is extremely white and smooth, and the busy nursing work has not made her prematurely, but she has fallen more and more slim. Xue Ling calmly wiped a mature perfect chest, and the full snow peaks can’t say comfortable in the palm of the palm, and the finger smashed the red cherry of the milk tip, she felt a burst of impulsive, could not help but the whole body The pores are open.

※ JKForum.net | JKF Czech Forum is ah, 23-year-old age, Fenghua Zhengmao, she sometimes is eager to care for her boyfriend, but recently the breast becomes particularly sensitive, sometimes showering, touching, will also bring I am so embarrassing that she is sorry. Her hands continue to go down, abdomen, thigh … hands on a circle of a circle in a loop in white belly, but finger to the private part between the legs, wash away the sweat of the garden. I accidentally, my fingers screamed delicate big labipings, and Xue Ling’s body trembled, and a numbness and itching feeling spread throughout the body, really comfortable!

Snow Ling’s right hand stays in the lower body, slow and gently scrub, the left hand hugs in the waist, the swing before and after the slim waist. Her eyes quietly closed, a slender red clouds yell in a white cheek, the throat did not consciously sent a gently whisper … The sound of “Shasha” in the ears, Snow Ling seems to be intoxicated at this moment. Stimulation.

Soon, she realized that she was in masturbating, and his right hand immediately stopped. She obviously felt extremely shy to her behavior, a pure show face became popular. She bent down, scrubbed the slim legs and feet, and then quickly walked to the shower and started to wash away the bubble.

Mi Jian’s sight has never left the snow’s body, watching her hand moved on the white body, he couldn’t help but swallow a few mouthfuls. Seeing her hands on the white towering breasts, Mi Jian’s meat stick almost didn’t break the pants. Her chest is so tall, the double peaks are profitable, let Mi Jian think of the warm and soft feeling on this snow in this snow that day. Mi Jian’s eyes played with Xue Ling’s hands on her, while fantasy, I was holding this Yuxue’s general beauty. When Xue Ling’s jade hand moves to the lower abdomen, Mi Jian is even more eye, and the mysterious Delta hidden in the cold, if you can Touch, how wonderful! Xue Ling gently swear into the ear, ah! This beauty is masturbating! Mi Jianxing is highly high. Xue Ling slowly swinging the willow, one hand strokes the lower hand, closed eyes, slight shake longen mascara, but also a pretty face that is ashamed, not only there is no sensuality, but soon Ling seems to be more pure.

Unfortunately, this attacked moment is soon, and Mi Jian is a little regret. However, when Xueling bent over the waist and scrub the calm leg and the ankle, she is toned, revealing the pink mysterious canyon in the middle of the white plateau, and the meat sticks of Mi Jian are highly erected, as if I want to put it immediately. Charming little secret. When I wasleted with Xue Ling, Mi Jian quickly reached out, put Xue Ling on the white underwear on the windowsill, secretly in the hand, narrow tribe, with Xue Ling unique body incense.

The hot water sprinkled with steam enveloped the Snow Ling’s body, and the bubble quickly was quickly joined. The warm water flowed away from the fatigue of Xueling a day. The white skin is slightly red under the warmth, and Xue Ling will raise his hands, so that the water flows directly on the body and enjoy the comfort of the hot water bath. Mi Jian stared at the beautiful woman outside the window and enjoyed the stimulation of the peep.

The faucet finally closed, Xue Ling took the bath towel, wiped the dried water on the body, then remove the dark blue underwear from the hanger, wear a dark blue BRA, wearing a dress. She solved the hair of the bundle, took care of the hair, and combed the hair into a ponytail and tied with his head. Mi Jian knowed that she washed, and she was afraid that she found himself, so she was carefully returned to the next room.

Xue Ling may be a bit sleepy. She did not find that in the underwear of the window sill, they were put into the plastic bag in the plastic bag. Then, Mi Jian heard the sound of Xue Ling and opened the door. He had been hiding behind the door next door, until Xueling entered the duty room, he carefully opened the door of the lounge, slipped back to his room.

He lie backed back, full of Snow Ling was steamed around the naked body, he took Xue Ling’s leggings on his head, and he took advantage of Xue Ling’s taste and masturbated until you couldn’t help. It’s tired to fall asleep.

The next day, when he heard the sound of the knock, found that the bed is already a smudged, and there is still a white sexy small panties on the head to hide it.

At this moment, Mi Jian’s meat stick actually inserted again! When the confusing secret is the most meticulous and tender, suddenly being thrive, it is immediately squeezed to the limits. Xue Ling immediately knocked down the torn hurt from the lower body. She made a painful scream: “Ah,” Mi Jian fiercely put her legs into the middle, and again The giant pain has made Xue Ling completely lost the consciousness of still survival, and even the rice health and cruel laughter seems to be heard.

Mi Jian’s pump has reached the highest tide, in the “哧, 哧 哧” inserted sound, Xue Ling sent a painful and breathing, Mi Jian also breathed like a cow, and the lower body can rise. Under the violent plug, Mi’s meat stick is tight in the center of Xue Linghua, and the hands of the hands are full of breast milk, and the ten fingers are deeply filled into the soft and full of soft and full of bids. After the shame of Xue Ling, after a convulsion, Mi Jian felt the lower body to rise, the heat flow in the body finally poured, and the soft and warm uterus of Xue Ling was injected.

The combination between men and women has been completed in an instant, and the two will send a generous sigh. Mi Jian satisfied with the soft body of Xueli, he was gratified for such a perfect combination. Mi Jian said to the Snow Ling, “I got you, you belong to me.” Snow Ling closed his eyes, and she understood that her ice and jade body lost innocent.

Xue Ling felt a burst of pain in the whole body, and the snow-white double milk left the Red Printing of the devil ten finger, the mysterious garden of the lower body was swollen by squeezing and friction, but also a hot as burnt. But these are not the pain of the soul. She has a good life, and everything is, everything is, everything is destroyed by this raped man. She has no power to fight the bad luck to her, and can only silently accept tragic reality. The night has been deep, and the smart mask of rice is still staying in the warm body of Xue Ling, and a slightly pastest liquid slowly flows out. He lies around Snow Ling, and he cares strokes her black and dark hair of her sweat. When she is licking her with abused double milk, two feet extended to her two legs tightly entangled NS.

The fragrance of the smoothing of the body is more embarrassing, and the body after being insulted is more fascinating, Mi Jian holds the beautiful naked carcass, can’t live with her smooth back and Soft buttocks, hands holding her arrogant double milk continues to knead. Mi Jian felt that the meat stick was hard and hard, so he did not hesitate to pump again.

Cool night wind blows into the hut of Tiantai, blows Xue Ling’s long hair, four dance. She continued to dedicate the softness of the girl under the entanglement of the devil, and the white naked carcass kept up with the fierce shock, and the sorrow and pain have been seen on the face. I only hope that I will never wake up … Oriental The morning light gradually appeared, the lights in the roof cottage were still bright, and the insults and traitor were finally stopped.

After the body was suffering from the body, Xue Ling went asleep. Mi Jian pulled out the soft snake under Snow Ling Yin, slammed the soft waist, turned over the bed. He looked at the skirt and looked at him. He wore his own body.

When Xue Ling woke up in pain, the body has been put on the skirt. She struggled to take the bed and endured the stinging of the stab and wearing clothes. A cool breeze blocked a note on the chair to her, white letterhead is a dazzling blood word, which is written above: “You will always belong to me!” Xue Ling also couldn’t help but frightened Shim, can’t help but cry …

Mi Jian quickly discharged, he didn’t see the beautiful figure of Xue Ling, but he heard that she had a long holiday back to her parents.

After a month, after a hot night, Mi Jian sat in the Golden Grand Hotel, which was a big class table, carefully looked at Xue Ling’s beautiful and moving nude photos, afraid in the Tiantai Cottage, the night snow and white crystal, a slice The carcass, the warm and narrow love hole secret, the white skin is binding with the blood of the blushing, and the perfect passion.

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