I live in a small city in the north, working in a government department. What I want to tell is a past past six years ago.

There are ten individuals in my department, most of them are women. In my office, I was a beautiful young woman with my same year, the height of 1.67, thin, people were very cheerful, love laughed, the temper is particularly good, our colleagues have never seen her with others for many years. Red face. Our usual relationship is good, spare time is often playing cards, and we have often helped each other at work. Here to explain my work, you have to bring some reports every month. This is not a good thing for men, because you have to sit there, statistics, it is very boring. I hate the collection of reports. Every time Ping will help me, women do this is really better than men, heart and sit.

After a while, I will help me finish a set of reports, but my own set of tables is still sorry, and the suspacions I have careless, I will help me, soon, she discovered the problem and started. Mudging me “Stupid, what is your long eyes, you come over, just is wrong.” We usually have a good relationship, you will not care about each other, she always said that I “Ma Daha”, “stupid “What. I admire her so soon, I found a problem so soon, I got up and turned to the Ping to see what the report was there.

I stand behind Ping, she sat in the mistake of the report to let me see. This is, I accidentally saw Ping’s chest! She is wearing the wide pregnant dress, the neckline is very big, she is sitting on the chair, I standing there, I saw it from the neckline, the pregnant woman is a loose white vest, I clearly look Go to the breast, but I can’t see the nipple. At that time, I felt the blood to my head, and I was also erected. Ping is still pointing at the report to teach me. I can’t hear her in the time, just keep staring at her breast.

I just got married for a year, I didn’t lack sexual love, and my wife is very beautiful (I am not bragging, not online writing articles are beautiful, my wife is really beautiful, we are on the street The back-end is absolutely high, the most beautiful is her little feet wearing 36-yard shots, and the beauty is not able to describe. I will have the opportunity to write my wife), although the pine is also good, but I just think we feel It is a good colleague with a good relationship, there is no different idea.

However, when she gave me the visual impact, Ping’s cleansing had a beautiful curve, and she was very close to me, and she had a touch of fragrance, which aroused my evil. At this time, Pingli started watching me asked me if I saw the mistake, I quickly moved the line to the report, and I replied, “I saw it, I saw it.” I took the report back to my desk. I will modify it. This month’s report is finally finished. I also loose a sigh of relief, and then I started to play, but I got a evil for her. Ping didn’t seem to go, it may be because her husband is not at this time, she is not a person. She starts to chat with me. I have to enjoy her beautiful pregnant woman while I have to enjoy her nipple in my heart. What is the same … Let’s talk about the topic, say pregnancy, please ask me “Mei (my wife) is moving quiet?” I said yet, Ping said, “You are married, it is so long, ready When should you be children? “I said, wait, let’s see it. At this time, Ping suddenly “哟”, I will ask “What happened soon?” Ping said “this little thing is in charge.” I said, “How much is he small, see you is strange.” “Ping said” What do you know, it’s not in your belly, he is sometimes hurting. “I said” So is so powerful? “Ping said,” But he can touch his little feet outside. “I said,” You are net, I don’t believe. “Ping said” Do not believe? Then I let you touch it. “After she got up and pointed to me, I took the big belly, I sat. The upper part of her touched her stomach, Ping said, “Not here” she pulled my hand and said, “This little thing loves here, you put here, He will take you in a while. “Because I have just changed the report that erectile, he has long been pulping. At this time, I put it on Ping’s big belly, although I was separated by a skirt, but the younger brother quickly erected.

Even now, I also firmly believe that I was definitely not intentional to seduce me. She was because she would show me a good friend or want to show her to my mother, she may not be a little prevention, I don’t know when I I have already gratifying her.

My hand put it on Ping’s big belly. Sure enough, I felt that there was a little foot. This time Ping also “哟”, and then proudly said “I feel?” I nodded, “I said” It’s fun. ” “Ping said” It’s hard to work hard, then you can touch the stomach to play in Mei, huh, huh … “I also smiled but the hand was still in the stomach, Ping Said “I have a little hungry, you will see you work positive, others are gone, we will go, I will buy some eating in my way.” I said “What, this little guy really If I haven’t touched enough, I must have a left foot, I see where his right foot is. “My hand just put it on Ping’s stomach, I have been slow, I will slowly The hand moved to the other side, and the Ping did not speak just smiling. She may think that I am very mysterious about her big belly. My hand slowly moved down, I felt the tightness of her underwear, and then touched it again, this time my hand touched the tightly below. I am thinking about how do I do next? What should I do with Ping? Everyone is a good friend again to work, how to do it later.

At this time, Ping said, “Let’s go.” I suddenly thought of the way, and I asked her. “This little guy speaks inside?” Ping said, “You are net to say, what will he speak now, Who said, “I said,” I said, “He will talk about it, I will not talk, I listen.” After I finished, I took the head, I wanted to put the ear on her belly. Ping, I might feel like this, but I still put the ear in her belly, my hand is naturally placed on the stomach, because my ear paste In her navel, the position of the hand is put on her underwear, the elastic band of her underwear, this action I am very casual, Ping didn’t talk, I don’t know what her expression is like. I slowly moved my ear while moving with my mouth, I said “Little guy talking, my uncle listened here.” My hand slowly moved downward, at this time Catch my hand with one hand, and then push my head, gently say “Don’t this, we should go.” I used one hand to grab her hand to push my head. The ears are still closely stubborn, and the other hand is gently stroked her lower abdomen. Her hand has significantly added strength, “Don’t do this, someone will see us in this way, we should go.” This time I heard her voice is some fear. In fact, our department is in the fourth floor (highest level), in addition to the conference room and archives, usually in addition to the four floors outside our department, let alone Today is weekend, and the people in the unit are probably Early finished.

I was very afraid that Ping will turn his face. Now I think it, if she is severely blamed, I think I will definitely go. However, she was only whispering at the time, and she was not severe, which made my courage.

I don’t know if it is excited or the weather is too hot, I feel that Ping’s hand sweats. I broke away her hand. I started to touch it again. I just didn’t dare to move. Now it is true touch, I am not eager to touch her. Under the umbrella, just in her lower belly, I will touch my hand, then I will break free. I slowly took the face and gently kissed the belly, then slowly, when I kissed the breasts of Ping, she suddenly trembled, and quickly pushed my head with her hand. Very small and very small saying “Don’t do this.” I still insist on kissing her breasts and kiss her nipple with a skirt, although I still feel clearly of her big nipples. I extended his tongue, my hand, my hand slowly slowed down from Pingna’s big pregnant women’s skirt and touched her thigh. At this time, Ping also trembled and used his hand to grab my hand, but I The hand is very easy to get rid of the skirt, I touched the inside of her thigh and moved up slowly, although Pinglifang wanted to put the legs and on her, but I still arrived in her underwear.

I slowly stood up my hands and got the waist. When my eyes and Ping’s eyes were opposite, she was very unnatural, and I found that her face was very good, and very beautiful. Because the big belly of Ping, I have to pour some health. I dated her forehead, cheeks, when I tried to take her lips, she escaped. My hand slowly moved to the zipper of the pregnant woman and gently pulled down. Ping felt that I looked at my nervous whisper. “What are you doing? Here is a office, for a while …” I didn’t wait for her, Take the opportunity to stay your lips. My tongue wants to enter, but she bit his teeth, I can’t just lick her lips and tonta.

I continued to gently pull the zipper, pulled it in half, and I can touch the lower edge of the small vest. I put my hand in the skin, and her back is very smooth, I feel very smooth, I slowly touch Try to be gentle as possible. I gently pull her skirt, Ping’s pregnant dress is very loose, I can easily pull it down from Ping’s shoulder, and the arm clamping the skirt, but I can already be separated by her. The small vest pains her breast, slowly, I put it in the small vest, I put it in the gently touch her breasts and nipples. Ping’s breast is not very big, but it feels up, the nipple is big, I really want to see, I have left Ping’s lips slowly kiss, and there is nothing to stop my action is just the tight dress that doesn’t let me pull down. I saw Ping’s bream and nipple, brown, nipple like a grape, I started sucking. I heard the breathing of Ping, I was more selling, and my hands kept rubbing her breast. At this time, I feel that there is a touch of flavor in my mouth, salty, is the liquid secreted in Ping’s nipple. Liquid (Later, I only knew that “milk” is very good.), I felt a bit strange, but I didn’t think too much, and then the taste is also very good. I am forgetting to suck it, Ping suddenly said, “You have dirty my body”, the voice is very young, I suddenly feel that I can’t stand it, I will kiss the mouth, this time she I haven’t biting my teeth, my tongue is very smooth, then it is a violent stir, although Ping has not cooperated with me but does not stop, just let my tongue agitate in her mouth … I slowly Ping wants to sit on my chair. Ping has some hesitating, but in my insistence, she still sat down, I immediately turned to shut down the door of the office and closed the lights, when I got it back to Ping to find it She pulled down the skirt and pulled the skirt with her hand. There is a little dim in the office, in front of my eyes, a beautiful young woman with big belly, although I have been with Ping’s colleagues for a few years, and there are many time to get in touch, but I will carefully pay attention to her beauty. And attractive, my strongest idea is – do her! I went to Liping’s hand, but she was very insisted on grabbing the skirt, I watched her, she immediately turned away. At this time, I saw her legs, her pregnant woman skirt tapped to the knee, sit down and showed On the top of the knee, I started slow touch. I have just reached out to her skirt. I quickly arrived from the smooth thigh. I gently touch it in panties. Her pussy, I will feel the aggravation of Ping’s breathing. Because Ping is tight and legs, I can’t touch the intermediate zone. I reached out to pull her underwear. Ping immediately grabbed underwear, I Looking at her looks very resolutely, there is no one, just continue to touch her panties in panties, I put the hand to her thighs, this time the Ping makes the steps, the legs are not so tight, I have touched it. Only feel the tide tide, my finger wants to reach in the edge of underwear, Ping to stop, but I am very resolutely she may feel, I quickly get rid of and put the edge of her underwear. At this time, Ping also unexpectedly owed the ass, so that I was easy to pull her in the middle of her underwear. I can clearly touch the labipings of Ping, feel fatty, thick, in short, more than my wife’s labians (later my wife is pregnant, I know that the original woman will rise after pregnancy).). When I touched some of the lips, I obviously felt that the liquid secreted from the inside, sticky. I picked up the skirt, because the light is very dark, I vaguely saw the black paste and the two labipings of the middle bulge, it is indeed very fat, just can’t see the color. At that time, I was already very powerful. I tried to put my mouth up. Ping is desperately pushing my head with hands, but I still got her labi, with shares of the taste, but stimulated. Because Ping has been pushing my head with a hand, and she is sitting there, I can’t get into the labie, the bow is also very uncomfortable, just move the butt of the butt to make her legs can be separated. Some, I use it to the legs of the two sides, now I can get to her entire labip, I lick the ass, big belly and breasts. I feel more and more secretions, plus my saliva. Anyway, she is a mess, at this time, Ping Intimo pushes my head, slowly relax, just put it on my head. But did not move. I slowly pulled down her skirt and took her small vest to the breast. At this time, Ping is almost semi-naked, only the small vest pulled to the neck and covers the big belly in the middle.

I am still licking the labie, touching her butt, breasts and big belly. It is about ten minutes, I have heard the breath of Ping heavy, I saw that she was very wet, and my self-feeling was almost, I quietly opened my trousers, after so long Stimulating, the penis has risen to burst, saying that it is better to use his hand. It is better to say it is its own exact. I stood up with the thigh of the ping, the penis rushed away her yell, I just closed my eyes and saw my move at this time, she suddenly broke my hand and stood up. She pulled the skirt back to the shoulders, “X-Lin, you can’t do this, or I will not care about you forever!” The outer younger brother just told the chest, and it quickly wished down. Ping’s chest is dramatically, I am afraid, she is a six or seven months of pregnant women, if there is something surprising … I am very shy, everyone is usually good friends, Ping is so good to me, Another pregnant woman, I want to do her, I am a beast! We stalemate for about half a minute like this, or I broke the silence “I helped you pull it”, I want to help the zipper behind the skirt, she is very difficult. Ping may also feel that it is too strict to me. After all, it is a good friend. She gently “Well” slowly turned, I quickly put the younger brother back to the pants. Pizza pulls the zipper of the skirt. I said, “Then I will send you home.” Ping didn’t talk about it.

In this way, we are not happy and scattered in the office. I am very guilty afterwards. I think about the evil spirits in my heart. We will not have this kind of thing, but soon. Opened … Because there is an office style, I and Ping is very unnatural when I go to work, and we hide each other. Relatively, I am still better, Ping’s change is relatively big, because Pingping loves to say that love is very friendly to others, suddenly do not talk, especially for me, colleagues still think of Ping’s home What happened, the aged colleague also asked Ping, Ping also smiled and said, “Nothing, nothing”, in fact, I only know why. When Ping came out again, I didn’t take my car. I always open it early, I will not be more than the office.

Just a month, Ping slowly recovered the original character, and began to joy, but it was still a bit unnatural with me. Generally, only some work, rarely chat. On this day, the welfare of the unit is a washing item, there is soap, shampoo, etc. a big pile of two big boxes, the woman is more than one box of sanitary napkins than men. Because I have a private car, this will become a fragrant, and my colleagues have helped me to send things home. I sent two post-secondary rooms and a few people in the back, including Ping. At this time, I heard that I only knew that Ping’s husband was caught in the field for a few days. This matter should be told me later in Ping. The Code said that “There are several things in a few things to pull, Ping’s husband is not at home, you helped her something to send back,”, Ping Lian is busy, she is looking for her brother, I am also busy. : “Length, or I will help you send it first.”, Our department is very strange to watch us say “Hey, are you not a dead party, what happened, a label?” I want to be broken, if Let your colleagues have seen anything, even if I am busy with my eyes, “Then I will help you first, my car is ready, don’t call your brother”, Ping may also feel what, Hurry and say “okay.”

When I got on the car, I sat up behind (before she took my car, she has been sitting next to me, let her sit behind, she is still not satisfied), on the road, Ping also does not say, or I break the silence, “You still When I am angry? “” Where, no “Ping’s faint answer, I have nothing to see” “Ping’s husband) is gone?” Ping said, “I said,” You are now, I still go out, Are you inconvenient at home? “Ping said:” The dryness of the police is not the case, no first time, I didn’t live at home, returning to her family. ” I will then ask “Where to send this thing?” Ping said “send my own home”. I am looking for a variety of topics and Ping Chat. Ping slowly started, and I also started laughing for me. After a while, we were very happy.

When I arrived, Ping’s home was on the sixth floor. I started moving things up. The weather in August rolled, like this person who usually didn’t have physical activity and didn’t like exercise, and I was sweating. The legs are soft, and those who are soap, shampoo, etc. Ping looked at the car and something downstairs, seeing my face sweat said “You take a break, look at your body,” I found that Ping was still hurting me, some people distressed natural Full of strength, then I am afraid that there are not a few men will be in front of the woman.

I have already become a soft shrimp, and I am tired. Ping said that I took a break in her home. She opened the air conditioner, I went to the ice drink, I went to wash your face and sat on the sofa and drink a drink, I was really tired. Ping said, “Look at you is really tired today, when the lazy wu is also expensive, huh, huh …” I have been moving out, I have to take a smoke and take a drink. Thank I help to send things. ” Note that Ping was still the pregnant dress of the blue small flower, my mind remembered the crazy scene in the office, and my heart swearing again and couldn’t move. Ping is still low, I looked at the white arm and the beautiful little hand impulsive a wave of high yaw, I said, “The last time is really sorry, I am … What do you say?” “He asked me if I was angry. I said that I quarreled with the person. He advised me to open some, to love the body, do you think I will be so stupid to tell him?”, Pingli started to say “you are a “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” I am too excited at this time. “Do you want me to touch my little guy?” I sure I was talking to the vibrato. “You don’t want to think,” Ping’s face is red, but I can’t see her angry, and I found that her mouth still hangs smile, I stood up and came to the brave to pull her. ” Your hand is really beautiful. ” I haven’t cared, I went back to kiss her hair, my lips, and closing my eyes, I kissed her mouth, this time the teeth did not resist, my tongue was easily entered her. The oral cavity, starting violently … I seem to have a fire in my body, I have to burn, I have to explode, I have not interested it to do too much prelude, I reached out to the back of the pupper to touch her, then Ping actually owed her body, I took all her pull-up all, pulled her dress with the fastest speed, and then set off the small vest inside, and squatted her nipple to suck it. I think her little vest is very embarrassing. I have to take it off, I am pull, Ping just hesitate to raise your hands, I took off her little vest, Pingjia’s light is very good, sun light from I came outside, I can read her breasts carefully. Because the original nature of pregnancy, Ping’s dizziness and nipple are dark brown. There are several cyan blood vessels next to the tongue. My tongue is coming back in it. I found that Ping’s milk is obviously more than last time.

My hand reached into the ping’s skirt, touched her big belly, down, reached down into her underwear, touched the furry pussy, and clamped his legs. I cteddrated gas to pull down her skirt, this time she didn’t owe your ass to cooperate with me, I looked at Ping, I found that she also looked at me, his teeth bite his lips, and shook it with me. . When did I still control myself, I will continue to pull her skirt, I finally pulled down. At this time, there is only one underwear left. I don’t know if I have a quirky, I like a woman’s feet, especially the kind of petite, I am holding the feet, I found that Ping’s foot is swollen, fatty life like a pig’s trotters, I am very surprisingly asked What happened to her, Ping said, “After pregnancy”, I carefully observe that her calf is also swollen.

I started to kiss her thigh, slowly up. I saw that Ping’s white thigh root also had several cyan blood vessels. I saw her skin of her belly has blossomed, collapsed a white mark. I started to lick her flower belly, then got her underwear, lick her panther in the underwear, may be the taste of the sky, but the taste is in that environment like a lifestyle. The same makes me very moving. I have to remove her final armed, I am very easily faded in her underwear, squatting down the legs of the legs, until it makes it into a quagmire. At this time, I secretly secretly watching, I found that she closed her eyes and gently wrinkled. I got up and wanted to kiss the mouth, but she was escaped, said to me “no, stinky”, I said “You still sleep”, Ping’s mouth is slightly picking “giggling” I laughed a few times, I saw she was very happy, she couldn’t be a beautiful smile at this moment, I can still recall her posture at the time, and the aftertaste is endless.

Regardless of the stinking, we still started kissing again, and Ping also put his hand on my shoulders, I held her hand on my high-panting crotch, she wanted to go back, I insist Pressing her hand touch my brother. Our breath is getting more and more serious, I directly unlocked the belt, retreated the pants and underwear, this time Ping rubbed her eyes, I didn’t know if she had steadped my younger, I “嘿嘿 “smiled two, took off the shirt. At this time, the naked naked naked sofa in Pingjia, I have to squat, I have a “gun” to rub it on Ping’s labipings, when I tried to enter, Ping has pushed away. My “gun” is gently said “Will there be something?” I slowly took the younger brother to my covered entrance. In fact, I was already very wet, I was very easy to enter her body and started slowly. Ping looked at me and put a hand. In my penis root, I may be afraid that I am too deep, I am very gentle, and use the point to stimulate her clitoris, as I constantly twitch, Ping’s vagina is getting smoothed, she started Slowly relax, no longer look at me, but closed your head and enjoy happiness on the sofa. To put the trick, I was really uncomfortable at the time. Because everyone is relatively in the office, then we are naked naked, and my penis is also inserted in her vagina. I was forgotten, and I generally knead my breasts. I looked at the transparent liquid flowing from time to time. I left my hand and dropped it on her stomach. I tried to stick to my neck. That has a faint savory milk, a strong pleasure continues to hit my nerve. Although I really want to write myself very gods, the fact is that I really use it, I can’t stand the strong stimulus at the time, probably take the fine fluid in the body for ten minutes. This process is just a gentle embarrassment. I will ask her. “Are you comfortable?” Ping is just a smile, I think she may have not reached the climax, but the man is like venting. The gas of the ball, I am no longer sprint.

After all of our two, we went to the bathroom to rinse. After coming, I still took the body. I took Ping to kiss on the sofa. I accidentally saw the wall Shang Ping and her husband’s photo. At that time, I feel that my heart is not a taste. Everyone is a friend, but I have done my wife. In addition, there is a strong fear, Ping’s husband suddenly returned to my little life, I confed. Her husband waist, but she hangs “May 4” every day. I want to be more afraid of, I decided to escape, so I and Ping, a colleague of my gorder, my opposite sex friends have completed the first time, it is also the only one of our only one.

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