That is what happened in 96 years. The year I was 21 years old, just transferred to Beijing from the field.

There is a woman with me in the same unit, glamorous. She was 23 years old that year, she did not exaggerate, she is one of the most beautiful women I saw in real life, there is no makeup after any makeup, it is completely natural, pure beauty. There is a beautiful big waves, which is more likely to be full. Although height is only 153cm, there is nearly 90cm bust, and it is absolutely calculated in the Chinese people.

At the beginning of the year, when I saw her for the first time, I was deeply attracted by her and was shocked by her beauty. I often think that if I can go back to bed with such a woman, I will be willing to live for a few years. Who once thought that my wish became a fact at the end of the year.

In October that year, she was married. Her lover is a graduate student, and it is very busy with it to take care of her. Since the work unit did not assign a housing to him, they can only live together at the weekend, very inconvenient, so she does not go home, one person lives in the single dormitory of our unit, only Take back on the weekend.

In December, the work has been completed, and it is very easy to get to the year. On a day of evening, she called me and called me to play with her. At around 22:00, let’s go back to single dormitory, on the road, she said to me: “Don’t you want to see my photo? Do you want to go to me?” “Of course I thought.” I am very happy. I really like to see someone photos, especially photos of beautiful women, it is a kind of enjoyment.

After entering the house, she took out two albums, put it in front of me, said: “Don’t take good, don’t joke.” I opened the album, slowly appreciate the beautiful picture. She poured a glass of water, sitting next to me, stretched a head, gave me a photo: “This is what I am in elementary school, you see my boy behind me, I like me very much, so I stand in me. After the body, I am very happy, the laugh is a bit unacified. This is I am here. “

Her head is very close to me, blowing the blue, beautiful curly hair lightly smashed on my face, itching. I turned to see her, she seems that I didn’t realize this. My body tilted the outside, let my face are far away, so near distance, let my heart are some itchy. In my heart, she is a very beautiful and orthodox woman, did not think that she is doing this.

At 24:00, the photo was basically finished. I suddenly discovered behind the album, there was a paper bag, I wanted to take it out, but I was hit by her hands and said: “These photos are not good, I still don’t look. “You don’t want to see, then I don’t have face?” I said a joke, while suddenly grabbed the photo album, I got away from her. ” I haven’t opened the album yet, but I have a pair of cold hands. She called: “Don’t let you see! I will not let you see!” I was a little impulse, I really want to turn it with her. But the reason has awaiting the impulse, I didn’t do that, I am a very traditional man, I didn’t want to take her cheap.

I put down the album and said: “I am very late, I will go back.” She may be very disappointed, but there is no reason to leave me, just say: “That’s good, go back to a good dream.” One language double, this It is only aware of it. After returning, I am lying in bed, thinking about what happened at that night, and she likes me, but I feel impossible, because she is getting married for more than a month!

The next day, she met me and said, “I still have some photos, are you interested?” “Of course.” I replied. “That’s good, come tonight, come to me, I will find me.” After finishing, smile, glow away.

At 20 o’clock in the evening, I came to her dormitory. The door opened, she stood in front of me. I am surprised to find that she is more beautiful than usual, she wid a faint eye shadow and lipstick.

“Hey, make up?” I asked.

“Good look?” She was very happy that I found her and usually different when I entered the door.

“Good look, very beautiful.” I am telling the truth.

“Yes?” She laughed, very happy, “I am a makeup specifically for you.”

“Get it, I am not your lover.” I ridicule.

“Nasty ···” She laughed, very? Chamei, “coming in, don’t stand at the door.” I entered the house, close the door.

“It’s actually that yesterday, that is, I didn’t let you see.” She said.

Drunkard is not in the wine. I sat in her bed and didn’t think about her photo.

“Do you have a girlfriend?” She asked.

“No. It turned out that it was more than a year.” I replied.

“Are you 21 this year? Still small, don’t worry about it. The young man is handsome, I am afraid I can’t find my girlfriend?” She said. “I am really afraid. Would you like you to introduce one?” I said.

“Well, packets are on me.” She said.

Since then, I am in the month after the month, my sex is really packaged on her.

That night, I have more and more increasingly mixed. From the school to society, from men and women love to a certain marriage. Unconsciously arrived late at night.

Suddenly she asked me: “I told you so much, do you know why?”

I thought about it, and I said that the courage said: “I think you like me a bit.”

I bowed my head, I didn’t dare to see her. “Yes.” She firmly replied, “I like you.”

She looked at me deeply: “Do you like me?”

“I like it.” I certainly like her, starting from the first eye of her, I have already poured with her. But she has a boyfriend, and I am getting married, and my thoughts are old, I have not moved any thoughts.

“Then why don’t you say it? Why do you let me say a girl?” She was emotional. Yes, why don’t I say it first? I have some regrets, as a man, but it is worse than a girl. I don’t have such courage.

“Sorry, because you are married, and just a month, I didn’t think …” I didn’t expect, but I dare not think.

“I just like you!” Her voice is somewhat oh, a pair of beautiful big eyes with tears.

“But I will destroy your family.” This is my concern, I like her, but I hope she is happy.

“Will n’t, I promise not.” She is a bit anxious.

I extended my hand to her, grab her little hand in your hand, and put her to Yaira. She is a sound, sitting in me. Our lips are warmly kissing, sucking each other’s tongue, my hand brought into her top, I stroked her a huge breast that I was yearning for a long time. She lifted his arm and let my hand don’t hinder my hand. My penis is erection, I have to do love. My tongue tongue licks her earlobe.

“Can I do with you?” I asked in a hurry.

“But I will be pregnant.” She is some fear.

“You are married.” I mean, you can pick up.

After she thought, she nodded. I am very happy, it is a bit nervous, I originally turned into reality immediately. My hand slipped down from the beautiful big breast, slipped over the flat, delicate lower abdomen, opened her belt, touch her mysterious small hole. There is already a wing, my middle finger into her vagina, warm, humid, sleeve, has not experienced a year and a half. She took off my clothes, I am naked. “I am really strong.” She caress my developed chest muscles. I have done a fitness, hobbies sports, I feel confident on my body. I gently took her top, solve her bra, a pair of huge, strong, white breasts showed in front of me. I leaned over, holding her waist, painting the circle on her nipple, biting with teeth, using force sucking. “Ah ···” She can’t afford my teasing, sending a happiness. My hands down, stroked her hips, and take off her underwear to take off her underwear. She is naked. I pose her, put it on the bed. She is not hintted, she blocked her face with her hand. While appreciating this perfect carcass, I quickly took off my pants, climbed her body, and kissed her lips, a hand compoot, knead her breast, passionate Excited. She hugged a hand in my waist, and the other hand stretched into me? Under, grabbed my firm penis, up and down.

I separate her legs, the penis has two times in her pine, all biased, I haven’t exercised for a long time, I am not allowed. “Little stupid.” She smiled and grabbed my penis, arrogant, “Okay.” I slightly, the penis slowly entered her vagina. That feeling is really comfortable. My penis feels that the temperature in her body is hot. “Hey ···” With my penis insertion, she got.

“Are you a virgin?” She asked. “I am.” I lied to her. “I do not believe.” She said. “Why?” I asked her. . “Intuition, a woman’s intuition,” she added: “You are very special, sure a lot of girls like you.” I smiled, and then did not answer, dedicated dry my live. Her vagina is very tight, tightly holding my penis. I quickly thrusting, body fluids in her vagina more and more, and gradually hear “pop drain, drain puff” sound. “Yeah a lot of water.” I said. “Slip?” She asked. “Slippery very comfortable.” I replied. Glans rubbing on the inner wall of the vagina, gives me infinite pleasure. “How do you not call wow?” I stuck five or six points?, But did not hear her Jiaochuang. “What?” She asked. “Jiaochuang it.” God, she would not know it. “How call? You taught me.” She said. I do not have a temper. “You and your husband do it, call it? Is comfortable moan, uncontrollable.” I asked. She thought: “. No” Fortunately, I thought it was my effort not home yet.

I personally think that a woman called bed, in fact, is very good encouragement for men. The more cheerful woman, the higher the voice call, men doing more vigorously, because his efforts paid off, and women enjoying sexual pleasure brought together.

Did a dozen points? I feel a little tired, and gradually slowed down the Choucha speed. “In fact, do not have a quick thrusts, only pleasure. Slowly is also good.” She said, “I think slowly feeling better than fast.” Well, I slowly inserted you. I look at what Choucha slowly, every time do not root in, pull out when exposed glans, my toe hit each and all to her clitoris. After three, just under forty she suddenly issued a moan of pleasure, along with the body stiff, his legs stiff, tightly clamped my body, buttocks involuntary up top, heavy arrived on my toe, fingers force grabbed my back, my body tightly pressed against her breasts. I felt contractions in her vagina, what about, tightly suck my penis, accompanied by a Unit of sex fluid, spewing out from inside the vagina. She orgasm.

“Honey, that’s great.” She hugged my head, kissed my cheek, perhaps too pleasant, and after leaving my face in her mouth, it issued a “?” Is heard. I said: “how your mouth after leaving my face, before the issue is heard ‘?’?” “Yeah,” she apparently did not notice, then laughed, she thought it was fun, “This is my special cases? I did so only pro for you, for my husband is not so pro, then, you have a girlfriend, nor to usurp this pro! “woman is a woman, and sometimes the total is particularly naive. I reached Qubao her ass, she wants to put right, but touched one hand and slip soapy mucus, it was her body’s endocrine Aiye.

“So many, the sheets are wet, right?” I said.

“What are you tired of it?” I am not convinced, “I have been in sports, you lie down to this, what do not do, patronize enjoy.”

“What is it, people still straining beneath it, or how it will be so tight?” She said.

“Really? What do you try to relax.” I said. She relaxed body, suddenly and firmly grasped the sense of the strength of my penis disappear, before and after the gap is too big, I finally believe her words, she has been on the force of her vaginal muscles is very powerful. I suddenly thought of one thing, there is written on a yellow novel of a woman’s pussy move, called ‘live hole’. I said to her: “Will you move it like a baby as a downward force?.” “Is that right,” I felt in her vagina, there really is a force, the backlog from the inside out?. Little by little, from the beginning of the glans until the base of the penis is very obvious, very comfortable. I can not help shouting: “Very good, continue my penis almost squeezed out..” She is also very pleased to get harder to buy with his mouth saying: “! Out, out” Really, so I really wanted to lie in her life, she gives me pleasure to enjoy.

“Let me serve you right.” She turned to me riding in the body, hand righting my penis, and sat down, warm, slippery vaginal Taonong up and down my penis, I took the initiative earlier than when even comfortable. Her hands up in my ears, a pair of Breasts just above my face, in my eyes swaying, this beautiful scenery, is also willing to look at life. I can freely stroked her breasts, or slightly raised his head, let her breasts hit me in the face. ? After five or six minutes, she suddenly lying on my body, and said: “I’m tired, you do not ejaculate how ah?” I said: “This sort of ah, less than half an hour of it?. “” every time my husband only five or six minutes? only, the number of times later to do more, only ten minutes?. “she said. “Then you can have orgasm?” I asked. “It, ah, that medicine, fifteen? About sex is for both men and women the most healthy.” She said, “fifteen? Enough.”

Woman is really not the same, like some fast, some like slow, Jiaochuang some love, some are silent, it has been said, and one hundred women having sex, there will be one hundred kinds of feeling. “Have you ever had an orgasm? That is really a die happy feeling.” She said. “Of course I can ejaculate.” I let her lie on the bed, her legs apart, from behind into her body, she also cooperating Ass, let me have the best angle to enter. Her wrinkles vaginal direct friction on the front end of the lower end of the glans Coronal I really very exciting, my body every impact on her hips are enough energy excite waves, soft, is very flexible. After ten minutes? I feel my climax coming, the expansion of the penis as it will split, “I want to!” I shouted loudly. “Come, let us together!” She obviously feel it. My penis severe contraction, a surge of semen surging out. “Ah ~~~~~” by the stimulation of sperm, she also went to a climax. After a burst of pleasure, I suddenly feel very tired, lying on her back. She tilts his head and said to me: “! My dear, you are awesome.” I smiled, did not speak, orgasm gives me pleasure has not completely ended, my penis in her vagina, hop hop the slowly soft down. Suddenly her vagina a move, I feel my penis quickly squeezed out quickly against the force, said: “to die, soon fell out.” She hehe smile, said:. “I made it bad,” she tear the toilet paper, on the genitals, my penis is taken out, she quickly blocked, sat on the bed and said:. “I have to put all the semen squeezed out” for a moment, she looked to see that piece of paper in his hand, he said, : “! Yeah a lot of” nose sniffed, “the taste of fresh semen of Xing Xing.”

After we clean up, she hugged lying together. I asked her:! “? Why do you fancy for me.” “Because you’re a very nice young man handsome ah Beijing,” she said. Woman say love is credible. Later I learned that she is not very fond of her husband, but her husband touched her persistent pursuit. She felt her husband does not matter whether patriotic, most notably her lover always love her. After they married, her husband because he was busy with work, lack of love for her, and she felt very lonely. Also I think she is a very nice person, good-natured, caring, very detailed, very humorous, very fond of her.

After that, we have crazy sex, had sex four consecutive nights, so that in time the cinema, I was asleep. We also talked a lot, from her I know there are points A, B, C of the bra cup women, there was once a rogue while drunk when she wanted to rape her, still not met her body , on the first shot.

For a long period of time, we are living a happy life, as one pair love couple. We’ve been to the amusement park, play exciting roller coaster; Xidan been to a hotel, drank expensive wine. Been to Wangfujing, enjoy Chinese cuisine. I looked at the road to cast envious eyes, I am very satisfied.

One day she said to me: “Yesterday, my husband and I go to sing karaoke OK, there is a song called Pingju, I cried, song lyrics written by more than okay, I copied a copy to you and me. as you and I want to sing the song as the future regardless of the end, only I hope that you have a memory of me. “

“Well, I promise. No matter how the future, you will always be my life on the road one of the most beautiful scenery, no matter when, looking back over here, full of warm memories.” Both of us hugged each other for a long time relatively silent . She is beautiful, gentle and considerate, I know I’ve fallen in love with her.

Two months passed quickly, instant coming Spring Festival. She and her husband said to go home to visit their parents, it may be quite some time and I can not meet. This time do not want to leave, we were also feeling beginning of the end.

After the New Year day, she called me and asked me what blood type? My parents are type AB, of course, I type AB. She asked me to test before? I said no, I’d better let her go test it, she said there are pieces critical thing to say to me, and invited me to Xizhimen meet three days later. I was uneasy, in the end what is it?

Three days later, as I was about to the Xizhimen, looking for the restaurant to sit down. Sit down and talk chat East West, has not cut to the chase. I am very anxious and asked her in the end what happened? She put away a smile, and said solemnly:. “I’m pregnant.”

For me, this news is really bolt from the blue? My heart gave a bear. You Tell me, I wonder if you have no such feeling, as if you suddenly see the long absence, but is your yearning lover, but not a surprise, but a surprise.

Looking at my surprised expression, she sighed: “Is it very sudden? I thought you would be mentally prepared. Now I don’t know who this child is. Do you really abhe?” I have some nod. After seeing my affirmative answer, she was very disappointed: “If you are a type A, I will born this child, no matter who you both, I like it.” She and her husband are A Blood, if your child is AB type, our things will lose. Finally, I decided to go to the tire. After abortion, she took a break. In that month, I don’t have any of her messages.

After a month, she found me and said to me: “Let’s break up!”

I am surprised, I don’t know why she is.

“I don’t want to go on this way, I don’t want to secretly touched, I have already had a point to myself, do you know? During this time, my husband is very good to me, I have finished surgery, I can’t walk He is back to me. I am particularly weak. He stewed me every day. He fed me. He still loved me, I can’t be sorry my husband. “

“We really can’t continue?” I am very painful, “If you like, I can also be better to you, even, even I am willing to marry you!”

She is very surprised: “Don’t scare me. This is impossible, you have to know how much pressure is divorced to a woman. We have no results.”

“I finally know, I am just a substitute. When your husband doesn’t love you, you will think of me; now your husband loves you again, you will abandon me? You have to go back to him!” I swallowed, after I adhered, my first shouted tears.

She also cried, but she still said: “Sorry, this is my incoherent, I hurt you. But you believe that you are not alternative, I love you. But there will be no results Long pain is worse than short pain, I have no deeper feelings, I have to pay you right. I assure you that you are the last person I love, and there will be such a thing in the future. “

She was silent, saying: “Also, in order to take care of my abortion, they give us a house. I will go home every day.” I understand her character, knowing that it is also futile, only I hope I can see her.

“I left me for two days every week.” I asked.

She shook his head.

“one day?”

Still shook his head.

“Two weeks, one day?” I showed a look of begging.

“You don’t want to be a child, we can’t be like this, I have a broken silk, and I don’t have any benefits to the tricks. I have to put my family to my family. With the house, I have my own nest, it is Small, it is my home! “

I crucial with her for a long time, but I didn’t have to pass her. Forget it, let’s go. I don’t want to destroy her family. After all, she is a woman I have deeply loved. She can live well, and I have a comforting me.

After half a year, she mobilized work. Since then, I have never seen her. Just when I was 98 World Cups, I called me a call and said to see the World Cup, I remembered my love to play.

My feelings are ended here, but I know that I will not regret it, she is always my love, every time I think of this past, my heart will be full of sweet and warm.

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