On the 8.30, there was a day in advance. Today, today, the day before she started. It should be the day before the report, and Anzhen came to school earlier than other students. As for the reason, I don’t like tomorrow. More, Anzhen is a beautiful girl who likes a quiet, round face, and pure smile.

Although Anzhen is a very embarrassing girl, it does not represent her lack of independence. On the contrary, there is a non-strong girl, there is a peaceful and tough, which is not with the age girl, this is also the family, I am so relieved. reason.

Since I came to school in advance, the school did not organize the reception staff, and the people who casually walked in the dormitory area. I hope to find my dormitory as soon as possible. At this time, a boys wearing white clothes have gone from the Anti-Lan, male classmates sunshine Handsome, very close, Anzhen guess he is the school’s senior, because this time does not have a senior, no one will stay here.

“Students, Hello”, Anzhen’s sweet smile, shouting on the school leader, the acrony of wearing white clothes, did not expect someone to call himself, but also a very pure and beautiful beauty, Anla It is a dark blue dress. This time it is still a hot, and there is two white arms, the waist is bouquet, and the waist is out of the waist.

The dress is above the calf, and the fine calf is in the sun.

Anzhen’s upper hat is a transparent white yarn, showing his own sexy clavicle, although it has passed the hottest season, but there is still a lot of sweat on the head, this is a weak woman with a big bag, not Tired is a strange thing.

Due to sweat, the white yarn is stuck in the Antirectish, and the snow whiten skin does not seem to be wearing any clothes, let her purely bring the silk temptation.

Although the seniors felt that the beauty of the eyes made people, after all, she was not a newcomer. I saw a person who walked in the woman, and I still said that I said: “Hello, what is it?”

“Is this a senior, my new life, I want to go to the 14th dormitory, can you give me a way?”

And the active reputation of Anzhen, the seniors were bright, the new school girls actually let themselves encounter, it is a fate of the sky, see this little girl is pure, and there is no love, no love. The high school girl who loves love is particularly easy to seduce. Even if you talk about love, it is easy to generate insecurity. At this time, you can get rid of yourself.

So the senior enthusiasm: “Our dormitory is quite big, the 14th dormitory is far away, so, I will send you the past”, “Then thank you for your studies”, Anzhen is ready to mention the baggage, then the profession is more step by step. Grab your baggage, “Let me, you see you sweating”, “How is it so embarrassed?”

“I am a senior! The senior should not help the school. Since the seniors have said this, Anzhen is not so embarrassed to go to the bag, then she saw a small sale next to it, Ling Machi said:” Then I Give the students to buy a bottle of drinks. So I didn’t wait for the seniors, and I ran to the small selling shop and bought two bottles of green tea.

All the way to the school is constantly introducing the scenery of the school, constantly implied that there is something that is in Anzhen can find him, and the Anzhen knows that the meaning of the senior, but there is no response, and the Anzhen is a traditional girl. I feel that this move is too much. All right.

Finally, the two came to the front of the 14th dormitory. At this time, the senior seems to be awakened to the 14th dormitory, a little surprised: “It turns out that you live in the 14th dormitory.” ? “

Anzhen felt that the seniority seems to be very weird, it seems to have been thinking about what I think of the 14th dormitory.

“Nothing, I just said,” Although I feel that I have something to say, but there is no deep investigation, everyone has a secret power.

At this time, Anzhen sounded the door of the booth, and opened the door. It was an extremely ugly face. He didn’t say that she is growing. Although she is long, the long is generally tight, a pair is not slightly The expression seems to be owed by others.

Seeing this unfriendly face, the opening of Anzhen, try to make himself polite, so as not to be borrowed by the accommodation, after all, she has a face.

“Auntie, I came to report, I lived 314 room”, Anzhen took out their own admission notice and dormitory distribution documents, and the accommodation aunt did not look at it, and I got a for a while, straight Put the heart of Anqi, and the aunt did not say anything. He took out a table to make the Anzhen sign, and said the rules of the dormitory to Anzhen. This is probably the welfare of the students in advance, do not look at the announcement NS. End, Ayi asked again, “You live 314”, there is a strong pity in the tone, and it is very unhappy with her image. “Yes, aunt, I live 314, Auntie,” You are the first students, you will be careful at night, rest early, don’t run around. “

The tone has recovered the kind of arrogant look.

The seniors mentioned the luggage of Anzhen. It is going to go in with Anzhen. The aunt who is touched is cold and cold. “The boy is banned from entering the girl’s dormitory.” Scholars help, “I don’t have to be so polite to raise my hand, then you go in, I will go.” I didn’t get a contact information such as a school girl. This makes the schoolmad very embarrassment.

Looking at the Anzhen walking into the dormitory, the seniors turned to the accommodation aunt: “Wang Ayi, this time does not prohibit boys from entering it,” But the king is the “里”

Closed sound.

Anntang walked on the corniveway, the terrible of the laded, quiet, like a ghost domain, with a dead breath, Antang touched his arm, thinking that a silky chill invaded his body.

“I scared myself, there is no ghost in the world”, strong and strong, and the box will continue to go up.

At this time, there was a buzz in the corridor, “Dada”

In this silent corridor, the footsteps came from below, and Anzhen had walked to the third floor, looking down, but there is no one, then the footsteps suddenly news, such as from Didn’t appear.

“Maybe who passed by it,”, Anzhen thought, quickly stepped to his dormitory, placed his own luggage.

At night, Anzhen is playing a computer, a burst knock on the door, with the environment in now, and the heart of Anzhen can’t accelerate, “Who is this time, is it a good?”

Although I am afraid, but there is no ghost in Anzhen, still carefully open the door, however, there is no person outside, no one? Where is the sound of the door? When the heart is jumping again, “Who?”

Anzhen station at the door, facing the empty corridor, in addition to echo, there is no sound of the whole dormitory, and Anzhen looked at the corridor again, confirming that there is no person, this is ready to close.

When the Six is ​​about to close, a pale hand stretched out and stopped the door from continuing, “ah”, and the lakes of Antan shouted, and he took a few steps backwards. I didn’t see it, and my hands were taken forward. Her hands were caught, “It’s me”, a cold voice came, and Anzhen came back to God, then find the accommodation Di Wang Auntie is catching his own hand, “Wang Ayi, you are you”, caressing the heart that is still quick to beat it, and the Anzhen feels that he wants to get off.

“I have to patrol the building every day. I saw that your room light is still bright, then come over and see, for Anzhen’s rude behavior, Wang Ayi seems to be unzymn, and there is no inquiry, she let go of the hands of Anzhen, “I don’t mean let you sleep early? Why didn’t you sleep this?”

For your own kindness, I am ignored by the other party. Wang Ayi is a bit angry. “I am going to sleep.” “Then you go to bed early, don’t play, careful at night.”

It seems to be just polite, but the Anzhen always thinks that Wang Ayi seems to be deliberately reminding yourself, there is no shortprint, Anzhen returns to the dormitory, was just now, there is no interest in the Internet, so ready to go to bed.

Nothing night.

The next day, it is the time to register. The roommate of Anzhen is coming soon. The first one is called Li Jiayu. It is a general, but there is no beautiful, but it is a special lively person, and I will go to the dormitory. Anzhen took the initiative to say hello, whispered, so the two quickly learned.

The second person is called Zhu Jing, a kind of ice, with a pair of glasses, all who love it, she grows with a melon face, the body is very tall, and the Podia is half a half. Head.

Look at her face, I am afraid that I will touch myself, and Li Jiayu put his luggage and immediately went out.

Antao said to the family, “she is so blame”, “she, I used to follow me, called Zhu Jing, I wanted to take the Exax, the results have been prepared for many years, still not admitted, you don’t have to take her She just looks like that. “At this time, Zhu Jing suddenly came in, nor did the words that Li Jiayu, only cold and looked at them, and then sat in his bed.

One of the last came to Yang Pan, my parents came with her, my father took my hand, my mother pulled her hand, she immediately held his nose, “It’s so hard to smell,” I also saw a circle. The wardrobe said to the mother: “How is this wardrobe so small, how to put clothes?” I hope to go out, this is where people live. “

When I heard Yangmu, Anzhen and Zhu Jing frowned, I thought that this person whispered, but did not wait Yang Fen back, Li Jiayu suddenly joined, “Auntie, school has provisions, big one Take a school, only the second can only read it. “

“Mom”, heard Li Jiayu’s words, Yang Pan immediately came to the mother, and when Yang was speaking, “the children of others can live,” I can’t live in the child, all of you, pet her I said that I said a few people in Anzhen: “My family is looking forward to it, it is spoiled, you have a lot of you, take care of her.”

When Yang Pu, Yang Pan is not happy, “Dad, how can you say that your daughter is said, and said to Yangmu,” You come back with Dad “, saying that two old pushed out.

At this time, Yang Pan turned into a circle. It seems that the parents’ leave made her feel very happy, and the face didn’t have a good job.

The black dress is rotated around her body, and the whole wealthy temperament immediately reveals no remains.

“I still stayed in the dormitory”, Yang Pan is excited, and it turned around in the dormitory, then sat down, and she took the hand, “Hello, my name is Yang Pan Pan”, her five fingers White, do not show a rough, Li Jiayu and she have a handshake, and immediately be more than it.

“My name is Li Jiayu, this is called Anzhen, there is Zhu Jing”, Anzhen laughs for Yang Pan, “Hello”, the opposite Zhu Jing does not seem to hear their words, I have been watching my book.

With the roommate, the dormitory gradually lively, and Anzhen has forgotten her fear, but uneasy hidden in her deep, and will come at any time.

Time passed every day, and the eyes have passed for half a month. That time, it has adapted to the life of the school, and life has become calm.

Tonight, she wore a school uniform, sitting in the self-study room to warm my knowledge, not late, accompanying her Li Jiayu lost patience, said to Anzhen, “Anzhen, no one, let’s go back”, Anla I still have something to finish, so I said to Li Jiayu, “You go back first, I will go back.”

“Then I will go first, and you will hurry up.”

As Li Jiayu leaves, Anzhen is silent in the book.

Finally, the last one was turned over by her, and the Anzhen stood up the body. “Hey”, the distance from Anzhen, the other seat is standing, just like just someone standing up, Antang looked around Only one person exists.

Anzhen ran out.

The elevator does not stop, it seems that this can make the elevator come faster, finally the elevator stopped at this layer, pressing several closing keys, the elevator slowly closed, Anzhen just slowed down, one The hand suddenly stretched in, and the elevator was completely closed, and the closed elevator was opened again. Open elevator door, just like waiting for terrible monsters.

The elevator finally opened, there is no terrible monster, only Zhu Jingjing stands in front of the elevator, ignoring the horror of the Anti-awas, Zhu Jing got a book that Datun.

The heavy breathing came, “Zhu Jing, how is you?”, Zhu Jing did not speak, her words have always been very.

However, this also let the Anzhen let go, with Zhu Jing’s companionship, Anzhen temporarily forgets the horror picture just now.

It is just a big clear understanding of the school.

It is very uneasy, but no one can talk, this is a non-faithful ghost, it will only be used as a neuropathy, so Anti Lan is suffering everything in lonely.

On this day, Antang came as always in the dormitory, Zhu Jing walked around her, and the face of her face was not very good, and asked: “Zhu Jing, what happened, the face is very difficult.” “I am fine, it is tired.” Zhu Jing arrived at the dormitory, it has always been very hard, all the books are not separated, even the normal outdoor activities are minimal, but there is no think of Zhu Jing because of the reason for learning. But she refused to say, there is no way in Anzhen.

“Zhu Jing, then you have a good rest, if you need anything, you must say it.”

Zhu Jingqiang smiled and lie on the bed.

At this time, Li Jiayu suddenly screamed, “Do you know? Our school often comes out of the haunted news?”

“Jia Yu, you scare anyone”, answer is Yang Pan, the two have been mixed together, can be said to be very familiar.

“Really, don’t believe you, I found it online, our dormitory area, I used to be sinking, I have been killed, I heard that she saw some unclean things, being entangled Finally, I have been imprinted. “I have heard that some people have been born, can see something that others can’t see.” It is still Yang Pan, since living in the dormitory, there is no more delicate , With other people.

“You don’t say, blame”, Anzhen interface, she is almost the same, it is hard to press ok, and they can’t afford them like this.

At this time, Jia Yu and Yang Pan will join together, look at the online rumors, Yang Pan suddenly said, “This is unlucky and An image.”

Jiayu listened, take a closer look, really like Anzhen is similar, the same round face, long straight hair, “this is unsatisfactory is ghost to rape”, Anzhen said, “” Don’t say hears, what is the ghost in the world?

The unhappy face is unhappy, Yang, and Li I closed my mouth.

It is night, Anzhen himself goes out to solve the hand, always feel that there is something followed by things, she turned around, and there is no one, and the dissatisfaction of Anzhen hurried, ran back to the dormitory, and put it out.

In the next few days, the feelings of Anzhen became more and more obvious. Sometimes I can even see the other side’s figure, I have direct contact with the other side, and I know it. It is a strong man, but I don’t know why, it’s just I occasionally harass her, and it is true that it is true that it is true.

After a few days, Anzhen heard Li Jiayu and Yang Panpan to discuss Yang Pan’s boyfriend. He called Hanji. Yang Pan has always praised her boyfriend handsome and good, there is 6 abdominal muscles, people fish, how to be, Han Ji this name is listened, but she heard that he and a relationship between the male and female friends.

I don’t know how to become a boyfriend of Yang Pan, but she did not ask.

In the next few days, Yang Pan is also talking to Li Jiale, and even talking about the sexual relationship between them. Li Jiayu said that it is very envious, let Yang Panpan helps her also find a boyfriend, Yang Pan is so fast, then Putanan also pulled in, Yang Panpan insisted on giving an boyfriend to the Anzhen, and got about it tomorrow to go to KTV, although the Anzhen was postponed, Yang Pan is always insisting, and Yang Pan has always insisted that he has to take her.

The next day, Anzhen continued to hide in the library reading, do not want to participate in Yang Panpan’s KTV, but did not expect Yang Pan to find the library directly, and mandatory will pull it out.

In KTV, Yang Pan and Li Jiayu have been moving to the Anzhen, can’t stop their enthusiasm, and there are few more and less drinking, drinking some sprinkles, uncomfortable in Anzhen, run to the bathroom to wash hands, I didn’t expect it just hit Yang Panpan and Han Ji are doing love. At that time, Yang Pan is sitting on the table. The legs of the legs are opened, and Han Le’s hard meat stick is inserted in Yang Pan, and the two sides have an emotional hug.

Anzhen accidentally saw a few eyes, I found that Han Ji’s body is really excellent, and the meat sticks that come back will probably have about 17 cm.

The two people have a lot of blushing. When I saw Anzhen, Yang Pan didn’t avoid it, but the big voice, “my husband, your fucking is very cool, I hope to be killed by you.” , “You don’t want your mother’s dog, just in front of your classmates.

At this time, Anzhen suddenly felt a hands to cover his breasts. Anzhen said that he came again. In a few days, he continued to appear, and he constantly accounted for his own cheap, but he refusedly to strong himself.

At this time, his hands took the chest of Anzhen, with the other party, a little lust in the Anlai body, the feelings of the crisp were spread all over the whole body, and there was a little moist in the whole body. Do you have a woman, no, she is still a woman, just under the continuous harassment of the ghost, the body of Anzhen is becoming more and more sensitive, and the response to sex is strong.

And never had a man who touched his body, and there is no knowing how to resist such a pleasure, but some indulge it.

The ghost is not satisfied with the breasts of the clothes, and the stab, the uniforms of Anzhen become two halves in the hands of the other party. This hands do not have any barrier on the mutage of the Anzhen, and the soft chest is smashed into Various shapes.

One hand is gradually not satisfied with the chest, and begins to slide down in the abdomen of the Anzhen. The whole hand is on the pixment of the body that has never tacted.

In the end, then the hand stopped in the patenta of Anzhen, and the middle finger on her clitoris, gently blunt, and the secretion of Anzhen has increased rapidly, soon, soon, the yin is wet, there is a desire to be awakened, Anzhen knows What is that, she knows that there should be something in her body, just like Han Ji Yang Panpan, I should have a person.

But she is a ghost, the ghost is not anxious, and she has been very patience and teasing her.

Under the other side, the thrill is constantly coming from the genital part, let the whole body of the Anzhen, can not stand.

Anzhen is intoxicated under the other party’s teasing, and the body is more empty.

At this time, the other party was squatted in a good clitoris, and the honey liquid was sprayed from the body.

The other party quickly news in his own climax.

Anzhen woke up and found that there was no change in your clothes, still worn on yourself, except for your climax, everything is fake, you have not moved at all.

At this time, Hanji still struggled to play Yang Pan, and Yang Pan also worked hard to meet Hanji, both parties were quite investment, and he looked at it and quickly retreated from the toilet.

In KTV, Anzhen got aware of the friend of the joy. This first thing gave her a sense of good boy, there is a mature temperament, unlooped with the same age, and the KTV Anzhen can’t hold a friend’s persuasion After Sinking many times to help her, he sent her back to the dormitory at night.

In the next few days, Shen Qi used a variety of excuse to find Anzhen chat, because it was very good for him, Anzhen did not refuse, but only a few of the dormitory, led them to gossip.

Since I discovered Zhu Jing in the last time, I reminded Zhu Jing more rest. However, Zhu Jing’s situation was getting worse, and it was always at night, and with different masturbation behavior, Li Jiayu smashed her spring This makes the Anzhen suspected that Zhu Jing also touched “he” like himself.

This night, Anzhen was woke up again, she lying on the bed, her hands smashed her chest, Zhu Jing’s chest is the biggest in a few people, the size of D, and a few people secretly discuss various envy.

At this time, her hand stretched into the pink underwear, and vigorously smashed her big breasts. I didn’t make a variety of squats in my mouth. Zhu Jing, you wake up. “

The Anzhen shakes Zhu Jing, not only did not wake her, but by Zhu Jing, Zhu Jing will press the hand of Anzhen in her chest, Anzhen’s face is red, long is so big, or the first time Touch the same chest.

Zhu Jing took the happiness of the Anzhen, and there was a lot of happiness in her chest. Zhu Jing’s chest is really big. The little hand can’t hold, “” This death, I don’t know how many men play. Big “, Anzhen hated.

“Anyway, Zhu Jing is dreaming, it is nothing to play,” Under the contraindody, the courage of Anzhen has become a lot, and no matter how two roommates can wake up at any time, but use force to knead the chest of Zhu Jing. Under the moment of 澜 澜, Zhu Jing sent a wonderful voice. Very happy look.

At this time, Zhu Jing also grabbed Anzhen’s hand stretched into her, “Sao, my brother, you touched the queue,” It seems that Zhu Jing in the dream is being played, So let the Anli go to play with her.

Zhu Jing is actually a white tiger. I didn’t think that there is no hair in the hole. An 澜 is curious to pull down Zhu Jing’s purple lace underwear, “It’s so beautiful”, and I thought that there is no hair in Zhu Jing, but also The soft and tender and tender, the red powder, there is no black, “said Zhu Jing or a virgin”, Anzhen thought, and then denied it, “How can this Saima may be a virgin, it is definitely a physical reasons? Anzhen is very embarrassed. In the small hole of the two fingers into Zhu Jing, there is a Zhu Jing’s chest, while playing her little hole, the thumb is pressed on the joy of the nucleus, and the excitement game has begun.

“Ah, baby is so thick, the small hole of the Said goods should be fell”, and Anzhen is also called, it seems that she is being worried in the dream, and the four fingers who are uncomfortable will all. Insert Zhu Jingao points, encouraged in Zhu Jing.

“It’s so cool, hard, and quiet, the big chicken is awesome, quietly dying”, with a few convulsions, Zhu Jing spoiler, obviously reached a climax.

With the soft body of Zhu Jing, Anzhen thought that Zhu Jing’s spring dreams were over. It should be sleepy. I didn’t expect Zhu Jing but muttered. “Don’t let it rest quietly, you are so many people, quiet The static should not come, “, Anzhen stayed, did not expect Zhu Jing’s spring dreams to be so luxuried, and played with many people.

At this time, Zhu Jing actually kneelted himself, and he looked up his ass. The more you have, the more you are quiet. , Rubbing your own labia, calling Zhu Jing.

I didn’t expect Zhu Jing, but I didn’t want to wake up, but I kept shaking my butt, it seems that I will cooperate. After a while, Zhu Jing has reached a climax. “This little Nizi is actually so sensitive”, Anzhen spit it Tongue.

However, there is no end, Zhu Jing is still doing a spring dream, and Zhu Jing is now gone, shooting in bed, just the mouth in the mouth, still calling, and then called Zhu Jing for a while, she still does not wake up, Instead, I came again.

“This way, Zhu Jing is not able to do something”, “I thought about it,” I must wake her “, just a bottle of mineral water in the table, Anzhen put her on Zhu Jing, was cold water Zhu Jing finally woke up from the dream.

“Zhu Jing, you are nothing,” Zhu Jing asked, Zhu Jing is still not awake, and Anzhen called a few times. She responded, “Nothing, what happened,” “Zhu Quiet, you do a spring dream “, Li Jiayu didn’t know when to wake up, then came over to hit her. “” You don’t make trouble, Zhu Jing, what happened, are you not just to do a spring dream? “

In combination with your own situation, Anzhen felt that Zhu Jing should be wrapped up by the ghost. I want to listen to the situation. “I am fine, don’t worry,” Zhu Jing twisted, will be back to them.

“Zhu Jing, you said that it is fine. What is this? I am joking, now I have flooled, “I don’t want to live a room with neurons.”

“Jiayu”, Anntang called Li Jiayu, “Zhu Jing, you will talk to us, do you really encounter a clean thing,” Anzhen, you … is there … “, Zhu Jing I hesitially asked, “In fact, I also have encountered”, “At this time, Yang Pan also said,” This is coming, only Jia Yu has not met! “

“Actually … I also have encountered, I have seen two weeks of psychologists …”

After that Li Jiayu cried, “How can we encounter such a thing?”

Four people face each other, I didn’t expect it to be such a situation. “You don’t worry first, I called a Master.” At this time, Yang Pan said, she is from the rich family, and there is still a superstition in the family. At this time it is used. The faction.

Subsequently, Yang Pan hit a phone call, informing the encounter of the Master, the Master’s words, the ghost is the obsession of the people, as long as the wish, you can change the obsession, so that it is going to shoot, so four People began looking for related clues about this ghost.

The first thing that was remembered is a heavy central. Yang Panpan thinks that her boyfriend Hanji is a senior. I must know the many rumors of the school, so I will go to Han Ji to understand the situation, just a few calls, I can’t do it, Yang Pan is anxious, think of The hut of my boyfriend, so I went to find my boyfriend, Yang Panpan finally opened Hanji’s phone, but I didn’t expect to answer the phone. Your woman asked her, but the other party refused to answer, and then asked the other side has hung up the phone. . After a few minutes, Yang Pan went to Hanji’s room. She used to live with Hanji. She has a key to open the door directly. I didn’t expect the first to see it. It is a naked body. The other side is facing her. Looking at it carefully, she is sitting on a man, shaking before and after the waist, a refreshing look.

Take a closer look, the man under the woman is not Han Ji, Yang Pan is dizzy, never thought that his boyfriend will betray himself, an anger rises from the heart, “Han Ji is not a person, you actually Dare to carry me a woman, “I am awaken my boyfriend who is stealing, I found my girlfriend to stand at the door, and Han Ji will immediately calm down.

And the woman on him saw Yang Pan, not only didn’t be afraid, but provocatively looked at her, the action is more exaggerated.

Yang Pan is a big heart, “” 人, grab my boyfriend, dare to provoke me, see that I don’t tear your face “, Yang Panpan rushed up, raising hands, playing, and a woman preparing, one Side hiding past, but she was also connected with Hanji, this twist, but she was so comfortable.

I can’t help but send a snoring, Yang Panpan heard Hanji’s embarrassment, and suddenly turned to Hanji, “”

The slap is hit on his face. You, you don’t know who you are.

“Jiang Xue, you are sitting on her, mother, today I don’t worry about she, she doesn’t know my mother’s dog.” Jiang Xue is sitting on Yang Pan, Han Ji separate Yang Pan Pan, taking my own dick Just pumped out from Jiang Xuebao, didn’t wait Yang Pan to wet, and in the vagina of Yang Pan, he was inserted by Hanji, Yang Panpan also smoldered.

Regardless of Yang Pan’s reaction, Han Ji rose like a bullish, his meat stick is thick and long, every time you can get Yang Pan, you will take Yang Panpan’s skeptic DC, and there is no resistance to the resistance.

Yang Panli has been a while, not only no longer resist, but actively catering Hanji’s throduction, “Husband, you said yes, this bitch really, as long as it is carried out, immediately estrus.”

Jiang Xue grabbed Yang Pan’s breasts, two fingers pinned her nipple, pulling hard, then loosened, the breast rebounded back to hit Yang Panpan, the pain on the nipple became pleasant, “What a fan is a thousand gold, but I like it.” Human goods, Yang Pan, who is young in a rich family, what is it, my parents never scold her, but I don’t know when Yang Pan, in love with the feeling of being insulted, this reversed let her indulge.

Han Ji is aware of Yang Pan’s secret. This is not afraid of, as long as he is strong enough, knowing that he is derailed, Yang Pan is inseparable from him.

At this time, the situation is in line with Hanji, as long as Yang Pan is closed and trained for a few days, he doesn’t want Yang Pan.

At this time, Jiang Xue sat on Yang Pan, and the Sao Point, who left the prostitute, was in the mouth of Yang Pan, knowing that Jiang Xue is in order to humiliate himself, and when Yang Pan, who is in love, it is so much, Looking at Jiang Xue, a shares of prostitutes were swallowed in their mouths, and some of them were placed on her face. Yang Panpan immediately became obscene.

Hanji hugged Yang Pan Pan, Yang Pan’s lascites tightly clamped his thick meat stick, Han Ji made all his skills, and the Yang Panpan could not operate himself, Yang Panpan can only continue in him, once Another time reached a climax.

Until the evening, the three people were tired to stand up, and this didn’t sleep with each other. On the next day, Jiang Xue and Hanji revealed Yang Panpan to prison, and swear her to tune the generic slave.

Only, Yang Pan is going home.

This point of mind Yang Pan is in listening to something, I didn’t expect that she didn’t go back, and Zhu Jing’s situation became more uncomfortable. It has constantly happens during the day and night. There is no reason to start masturbation, Anzhen and Li Jiayu have to Zhu Jinguan in the bedroom, by Li Jiayu, and go out to listen to the message.

Thinking of Shen Qi is also a school. Anzhen is not asked to ask Shen Yany, so I will eat in the restaurant, saying that I will refer to a thing, but I’m doing color, it seems refused to say, Anntan has repeatedly requested that he has said his own situation, and then he is very surprised. At the same time, I told Anzhen an important news, and I still live alive. In the afternoon, Shen Yu took Anglai but a hospital, and Shenyang was lying in bed, and it was very similar to him.

“She is my sister, after 10 years ago, I have always been this. In the past, I said that my sister has died. I thought that no one came again, I didn’t say anyone, I didn’t say it for others.” Shen Qi stopped, “I didn’t know very well, my little sister is a few years old, and I am still small, I don’t know.”

Then, Shen Yu has entered the ward. Shen Wei opened the unsolicited sheets, showing the lower body of the Central, “Look, my sister has become a plant for many years, but the lower body is often secreted, almost no It is still alive with the hospital for these equipment.

From the hospital, the mood of Anzhen is very heavy. If the method is not found, her future is almost destined to be the same, and now Zhu Jing’s situation is almost developed.

Annone thought, perhaps the roommate of Shenyang knows some cases, so I went to the roommate of the Sink, but unfortunately, they were dead, and the other as a vegetative person like Shenyang, but Anzhen also came to see some situations, and Shen Central was the experiment that participated in a laboratory, and another person participated in the experiment had an accident. Just find the experiment of the year, maybe I can find some clues.

But the relevant people are almost all, and they also can’t speak, which makes the Anzhen very distressed.

At this time, Anzhen was brought to his home. When Jutang was sighing together, Anzhen suddenly thought of the relics of Shenyang, there would be no tips, Anzhen and Shen Yu began to find something left in Anzhen, so hard to find it. A photo album, the an album is carefully checked.

“Sink, you come over, this person is not very familiar.” An An Lan pointed to a person wearing a white coat. “, Shen Yu came over and saw it.” I never know that he has known his sister, the teacher has not mentioned it, “said Shen Yu and confused.

“He must know something, let’s go find him”, Anzhen pulled Shen Yu immediately returned to the school, to the laboratory, Shen Yu, holding the Anzhen, let her not act rashly, “Master, do you know my sister?”

Shen Yu asked directly, the other party looked at Shen Yi, “I thought you didn’t ask me in your life?”

Shen Yu’s tutor stopped the experiment in his hand. “”, Shen Yu and urgent questions, “Your sister is not dead, do you know?” You did it.”

Shen Wei held his own hands tightly, both afraid of the teacher to admit, and afraid he denied.

“Since you have asked now, I will tell you well.” The other side sighed, “I have studied a problem 10 years ago, I studied a topic, I have studied some plants’ aphrobic genes To a bacterium, I want to cultivate a new bacteria, and Anzhen and Shen Wei are shocked.

“Once this kind of bacteria form, after research, it can be a great medicine for treating impolase, but when I experiment, I found extremely strong side effects,”.

“That is, the bacterial implantation will automatically secrete the aphrodisiac.

“Because I didn’t find the law, I didn’t publish the results.” The other side sighed, and it seems that I remembered what I didn’t want to let him think of, “But I don’t know how to leave the wind, your sister’s roommate knows this thing. She stole my strain. “

“Later, I only knew that they went to your sister, I want to harm your sister in this way, but I know too late, and there is no way to treat it, I can only watch your sister’s condition is getting more and more serious.” How do you know It is their stealing “,” I asked, “I checked the lab out and refer to record, so I knew that they killed my sister and kill me again, so I killed them, there is no one although I didn’t kill. But she was implanted into the strain, and now it will definitely become idiot. “

I didn’t expect this to be this situation, but I was also implanted into the strain, and Anzhen informed the other party. “The survival capacity of strains is extremely strong, in the case of sleep, if the human body is inhaled, Be awake, what you said is similar to the bacteria, “Is there any way to save?” Anzhen asked urgently, “Naturally did not have a 10 years ago, but after I studied for many years, I have found a solution, I have found a solution, I have found a solution. The strains have been controlled.

“How should I treat it.

“You still have a woman,” the other party suddenly asked, Anzhen face was red, did not return to the other party.

“You like Shen Yu”, “At that time, in addition to her roommate stole my strain, do you know what your sister did?”

The opponent asked Shen Yao, did not wait for Shen Yun asked, “Your sister smashed me, she told her that her laboratory’s situation, but she didn’t expect that she was back to her roommate. .

“Your sister will become like this, but it is just a cheaper, but the other person suddenly laughed.

“Shen Wei, you like your sister, I like her is not because she is like your sister.”

“What is you talking about, but his panic voice has already explained everything.

“Every time I go to the hospital, I have to steal your sister once. You think I don’t know, I tell you, not only you have done your sister, many people have done her”, the other party and the smile are like the devil, “your sister” After I betrayed me, I swear her. After she was implanted, the whole person was like a maternal, she was a man who could do her. When she became a plant, I don’t know how many people have worked hard. ” “you……”

Shen Yizhen, “You don’t want to be angry, you can’t do it. Thanks to your sister, make so much money, I can complete my experiment, you should be grateful, if you don’t, your girlfriend I don’t know how to treat it. “

“Shen Yan, do you know why I want to accept you as a student, I tell you, come over, you are the only one, my girlfriend, but I haven’t saved, now, it should be when you pay,” “Your girlfriend is so beautiful, enough to pay you in these years.”

The calm sink is playing on the opponent’s face, “You play, you have finished me, you will wait for your girlfriend to become a vegetative, and you will be your sister, no one knows”, The opponent’s face has no fear.

How does Shen Qi’s fists have not fallen, “How, little girl is turning into a madman, still from me, but I want to refuse the opponent, but I don’t know why, but I didn’t say anything, these days She has been being “ghost”

Tortured, the body has long adapted to sexual intercourse. Now I think I’m going to accept real sex. At the moment, it is difficult to decide, but the other party has no patience, and the big hand will take the Anzhen to take the arms. .

Anzhen finally didn’t resist, let the other party explored, and then put all his clothes, looked at the other’s meat sticks to thoroughly splicing their women’s film …


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