I have a very beautiful face, a pair of big tits, the waist, the eyes are big, the mouth is big.

I don’t want to know my man, but I have a boyfriend, I can’t always be too casual!

But my boyfriend is … I will always use the sexual sexual sexual sexual sexual intersection like a ripe shrimp, and more sad is to save myself with the power of the buttocks. I am a woman, I have no sexual desire, I want to have a pleasure of men, but the old lady not only doesn’t feel this feeling, but I also sailed about more than twenty, his grandfather leaking Have him vent? I haven’t started warming up yet! Never talk about what climax can be said. Oh shit! Every time I look at him, I am very depressed. The more this, the better, I have a long-term repression, the sexual desire is getting stronger.

No, no, then I will definitely crash. I want … I want … I must find a real man who can do it.

Maybe it is born, from junior high school, I will understand those men and women in the beginning, and it is more important than the same age. Whether it is psychological or physiological, when I arrived in high school, my first boyfriend The relationship between the pool, also gave him the first time, and experienced a happiness when she was loved, and it was a feeling of fluttering. It was really feared after the time. I am afraid that I will get pregnant, I am afraid that I am married to my husband will not care about it, but in fact, the latter’s concerns have been canceled, and the modern society has been defending those feudal. The old traditional concept, at least a considerable part of the person is no longer sticky.

On the last day of the end of the century, I and my boyfriend, that night, I would like to make love with me, I promised him. After a battle, the penis of the pool has been with the highest level. The hard border is very straight, it is very excited, saying that he is uncomfortable, I want to plug in, I promise him. After turning over, I lay down, put the two legs on his waist, let him kneel on me, inserted my penis into my body, and the long penis is inserted with a hot temperature. Inside the body, it brought a hint of pleasure. The top is in my uterus. The feeling is coming again, it is very intoxicated. I can’t sing softly, the vaginal is full, compact package After inserting the penis, after inserted into the end, I couldn’t stand the sexual desire to be strong to the very bit. I took a big way, and I took a look, the penis repeatedly friviated in my vagina, pleading one point I have to break out, I let the pool put all the strengths all the desires all the desires on my body.

I have done many times that night, of course, Tan also didn’t feel the first time, there was no resistance. It was very smooth. I didn’t encounter a hymen. However, I thought that when we were in love, he touched my lower body. I also put into the vagina with a finger, he thought that I broke my mask that time, so I didn’t doubt me.

In the next few years, the more you play, the more you play, sometimes I’m going to put a passion in the bedroom, then we have done it, and learn the European Americans in the TV, playing crazy patterns What anal pedestrian exchange tried. Don’t take care, sometimes in the kitchen, living room, and even balcony.

Later, he was dispatched to the place far away, and only two or three times a month, and the sexual desire is always in good condition, maybe because of the demand for sex, When I can’t find my sex partner, I started to find a sexual partner, I started to get frequent, just started to talk to other men to meet my heart, I gradually born, I want to find a sexual partner in real life. Idea. I have been talking for a long time in the network, I feel that there is no suitable person, I will only think of a man – my teacher – it is five years old, my thoughts are still mature, and it is local, let’s let now Field, I feel that I have a lot of talks, so I become a sexual couple.

He is my teacher at night, I finally invited him to come to me, he said that he said in the hotel in the hotel, let me go as soon as possible, he will prepare everything.

In fact, the inner heart is indeed conflict, I don’t know what kind of consequences you should do, think about what kind of consequences of this, but I am a woman who is a desire, and I feel rationality for all, for my own needs, find one to let myself The reason for balance is still going.

At the door of the hotel room, I went in, because I know how to love it with him this evening, so I didn’t wear a small dress in advance, set a white pajamas, entered the room, he seems to be patient, After going out to hang not disturbing the brand, I closed the door and then locked it. Put it on the wall, constantly kiss my neck and chest, and put my hands into my skirt. I will come back to my thighs and The hip, the mouth is still murmured: “I have long you want you, why not promise me …” I pushed him, whispered to say this is not good, promise him to chat with the bed … He A few times of constant teasing, rubbing my big milk, although I want to fire, I finally refused him with no safety sleeve, that night made me want to stop. I was insomnia that night.

The next day, my brain is all his figure, thinking of high school is a love for him, his mature man’s sexual skills, can’t let me not let me ask him, I went to him next night, I took myself. It is very clean. In his, I thought he would not be in urgent way to me – I actually urged his fingers, I couldn’t control myself, I think his fingers will take off my skirt to let him see my body – I lost my breath again – I didn’t reach out his fingers that day.

We met in the same room, I fake the lady for a moment, he was calm – slowly, I was held by him, enjoy his kiss and stroke, I feel that my vagina gradually began to wet, then He pressed me again, it was obvious that this bed was prepared by him, and the clean sheets also took a clear fragrance.

After he put down me, he started to take off his clothes. After taking it, he pulled my clothes. I like an feeling that makes men conquer their feelings, let him pull down their dress, then bra, and finally the underwear, one piece When you let him take off himself, under a dim light, I saw his lower body penis, and the Bitan had a little longer, but it also had a little fine, and the hand felt like a root stick. I think I only make love with myself, there is a feeling of exciting and exciting.

We took a kiss together. He used his tongue to return to my mouth, and the hands were constantly rubbing my two tits. I used my hand to pick his penis, rub his glamiple, and probably tied this for a while. He turned over and put the penis in my vaginal mouth. I thought he was inserted, and the two legs were separated, and the two hands died in the lips hidden in the pussy in the yin. Insert, he did not hurry into my body, but with the glans in my necklace, my sexual desire is rising, that kind of want to enter, not into the past, the water is coming out of the vagina. A lot, wet a small piece of sheets, I can’t stand it by him, one hand grabbed his penis to his vaginal mouth to see him with the emblem.

The penis came in, a feeling of electric shock spread to me, the glans came into the uterus, the crisp itch was very comfortable. He looked up with the posture of my two legs to play with the cart. Delicious, I took out some water without drawing out, so I saw a lot of mucus as a lot of mucus. Under his violent pump, I loudly screamed, pleading a position, anesthesia my whole body, probably pumping out for ten minutes, he shot out, poured at the big mouth next to me, but Just because this climax can not satisfy me, I know that he needs to recover to make the penis will come tall again and come to satisfy me once, so I use it with a piece of towel to wipe the mucus on his penis. Set of his penis.

I didn’t go home that night, almost made three or four times in the hotel room, doing it all night, I took a break until the morning, I was tired at that time, I am very comfortable this evening, maybe It is a sexual desire to vent it in the body.

Later, he became a sexual partner for a long time. As long as he came back, I will call him, open the room outside. When you are not in the Internet, you will pick you up in QQ. My sexual partner calls my hand to make my climax, it doesn’t matter, I just need to meet my own man.


Women are very strong in my age, and the desire to look.

In the past 5 years, three men who have loved the love, I don’t like to make love with the little boy, no experience, practice too short. In fact, the woman is like a man, and I like the new year, I really like this life. You can change your partner without any scruple.

Talk about men’s penis. Ha ha……

I have seen it, I have been interlimated. It can be divided into three penis. The head is like thicker, the head is thick, and the head is rough. If it is normal, it is most satisfied with me, it is a scarred tail – he belongs to this class, and it is very excited to abrasive in the vagina. The worst, the head is thick, only the labi is abrasive. It feels empty, people are anxious. A few months later, he came back again. We have been hungry each other for a long time, and the phone will meet our desire first. This time, I changed this on my favorite black underwear, and I wore a black T market waiting for him. At 2 o’clock in the afternoon, he appeared. Then, go straight to the hotel, when I entered the door, I started to take off my underwear. I pushed him to go to the door, but he took me against my whole person in the door, my breast was He grasped, I said, “Don’t do this, don’t this, do you light?” He said in my ear, “” You must make you cool today! I must let you cool Death, but a lot of movements.

The teacher played with my breast, pinch my nipple with my finger, in my nipple, my head is low, I will be born with him. I rely on him, let the teacher strokes, his left hand is still playing my milk, the right hand has slipped to my belly, he touched my stomach: “How do your boyfriend make your tits? ,. “When his hand said, his hand slipped to my lower abdomen, pressed my labipings, I can’t live, trembled. I called.

He seems to be shocked by this voice, and the hand of my tits horses torn off my pajamas. I took me up and pressed the bed. He rushed to my nipple, and then inserted into my body with three fingers. At this time, my Yinshi has already flowing a lot of water, and it is inserted by him, but I still feel Suddenly open to the vagina, “Ah …, plus a good!” I can’t help but call it, I let him take a shower first, I will lying on the bed, I am playing with my teacher. I feel that the lower body is very short by him, I also started to stroke my two big tits (now there are 85 days).

He saw that I was very excited after tanying my milk, grabbed my hair: “You can really sage, you are still so!”

At this time, I have already paid so much. I just want him to hurry up and insert me. “Fast now, come in? I can’t stand it. I will not stand it.” I will be very powerful below. “

He suddenly swims from my vagina, and I also worked hard to sit up, and I talked to him in front of him. On the side of his trousers, he lied his meat through his undergar, he was really rough, heaven! Yesterday, the video seems to be big! what do I do? … such a big meat stick to plug in my uterus!

But I really want! When he rushed to him, he thought that he would insert it into my body. My genitals actually started!

He lie down on the bed, let me bother! I can only squat under the bed, wrapped his big meat stick with your mouth. In fact, such a posture is very uncomfortable … But I still bent enough to suck him, I just want him to insert me! He grabbed the two big tits that I was swaying in the chest. This time I pinched my baby pinned, it hurt, but let me feel more exciting, my vagina is coming again!

Not long after he suddenly grabbed my hair again, let me accelerate the speed, I obey his meat stick in my mouth, I am so low, he is low, suddenly retreats me. Open, press me on the bed, use his meat stick with my genital!

“Hey, you are finally here, hehe … …, come in, fast!” I tried my ass, I want to cater him. He smoked two pillows, under my body, so my neutron is facing him. I gave your leg fork, my labipings were really flowing at him.

“Ah …” he suddenly inserted, although my phenoli is already very humid, the prostitute also accounts for many pillows, but when he comes in, I still feel a bit painful! He pulled my two legs and pushed into and out, and the pillow was too high. My waist was almost hanging. I used my hand to support my waist, with him to go out!

“Oh, … hard … Plug me hard …! You make me too cool, I have never been so cool …”

“Hey …! Don’t, don’t … Ask you …” I looked back and forth, and I really wished him, really contradictory! My lower body is very spasm!

“Ah, ah! I am so uncomfortable! … ah … Dry me … Hey, husband! Plug me …” I have been inserted by him, the mouth is constantly challenging I have already called his husband!

He gasped: “I am your husband, I want to insert you every day!” Big belly, I love you, I have a big belly … … 力 老, inserted into my uterus, plug in … ah! “

“Okay, good … now let you get pregnant again, now let you give birth to children …”

“Ah …!” There is a hot thing in the uterus, I put the thighs and clamped his big meat stick tightly! My uterus and thighs began to stop stall!

“Hey … husband … I can’t … my husband! ……”

We are all sweating in bed, suddenly found that my underwear is not taken off … He actually pulled the nest of my butt and pantry directly …

The pillow is already wet a large piece … I am lying in his arms, he still gently pinned my tits, I constantly touched his meat stick …

I slept for a while, woke up, I found that the following wet, I took the initiative to ask him again, we did it again, this time he recently, inserted very deep, he said that the pink meat in my vagina is inserted. I joked out the third time I sat on him and kept waves …

It’s really wonderful to make love with him, I have never been such a feeling, and my man is too big, I can’t be honest. My waist and lower body were hurt by him, but there is nothing, walking into the road.

In the afternoon, I said that he still come tomorrow! He said that I will tie me up, then let me give him a breast, I have to get it to him …


If you have been half a year.

I have read big 3, and the body is more charming. I will take my posture. I don’t boast. I am boising, and my whole body radiates the unique tempting and powerful. My character is also very lively. The male classmates who have said the whole class come from me, but I still like my high school teacher. He is not high, about 1.7 meters, the most attractive, of course, His drums are under the body, and it is conceivable to see the contours of the majestic penis in the two legs. Feeling that it is like a honic tiger’s lurky and energy that will break out at any time.

He returned to his holiday … He put my feet on his knees, massage my chest, and there was a feeling that I can’t say it. I can’t wait to make his huge huge emetries into my itch. In the hosted pussy, I deliberately put it uncomfortable, and I will move my foot to his thigh. His penis has already become striped. I took it after the foot, and he used a strange look. Let me, at the same time, his hand slowly leaves my feet, and touched my thigh root at a little bit. I look forward to it.

The teacher pulled down my trousers. I explored my lower body. His courage is even more dressed. I put it softly in my genitals. I am shaking, the whole body is soft, fell to him. Hui, the teacher is full of expectations, holding my body, walking in the clothes from the garment and stroking my silky big tits, I have a slightly smoking, “um … … um ……” moan.

He lowered his head and kissed my red lips and gently touched it in my mouth.

“Well …” My tongue didn’t consciously greeted the past. The two people’s tongue were stirred together, ?? … … “I tremble more, he saw the time mature, gently picked me, put it In the bed, I started to solve my clothes button, and I still stroke it in my clothes. I slowly touched it from the big milk rising, I touched my belly. On the waist, I touched the bag in pants. The triangle, I started to twist, let the teacher took off my clothes.

Take off your clothes, the teacher explained my cream, the snow white big milk, tender, drums, embedded a pink cherry in the middle, is tall, bright, bright.

He couldn’t help but volve, kissed the soft breast, lightly contained pink nipple, “Um … … oh … ah …”, I twisted the delicate body, reach out like a lotus root The jade arm, entangle the neck of the tree, the waist keeps in the upper place, the teacher’s tongue squats from the white breasts, have been liciting to the white belly, licking in the navel, I think it is loose A heat flow in the vagina.

The teacher took off my trousers, the pink triangle underwear, with a full-plentiful pantry, black hairy, faintly visible, in that convex part, the tripping pants have been wet, more showed two pieces Meat.

In fact, my junior high school is a slight knowledge of men and women. I know that you love is male inserting the penis into the female vagina. Moreover, men’s penis will erect. But when I clearly saw his penis, I did really shocked. Because of his hyper people who are big in his penis expect. Not only is long and grow, but it is very angry. There is a half feet. What is much more likelihood that this giant is inserted into your own body.

His penis is almost tall from his rich and curled incapacity while taking off his clothes. Some purple glans secreted in high sexual explosion, with a high degree of excitement. The majestic penis is as unyielding as a spring in full erect.

My novel is holding it, but almost when I hold it, the penis is playing in an instant, it is struggling from my hands and strong standing. So I held it again and took a closer look.

His penis is really half a feet, and the thick almost two fingers can’t surreal, and the purple glans is blocked in the top of the penis. Because of the full erection, the long penis is full of striking blood and heat. Hold in your hand, I even feel the fierce beating of the penis blood. I forgot to touch this male majestic giant, thinking about it, “What does it need? Why insert it into a girl’s vagina? For a girl, insert this thing into your own body, it is simply a terrible penalty!

But more women often look forward to such a thick penis, and seem to only meet their needs. “I think so, I don’t know if I have a gap and start up and down.

“Yes! Yes! Ah … ah …”

He called comfortably. Two beads below the penis, long dense hair, with my kit, jumping up, I will use my nails to make them. At this time, he pushed his penis to my mouth, I think it’s slippery, very stimulated, such a movement for about two minutes.

I shouted in my heart! I just want a man to tell, and I have not known that the natural open legs will meet him. I have already feel that he is constantly swollen by his cock. My mouth is still posted on his penis, thinking about it, let me! He quickly helped me take off the coat, very tips only to unlock my bra with the right hand, and then take off my underwear.

Sure enough, it is a veteran, and I have taken off all clothing. He is simply swallowed like a hungry wolf, and sharp eyes are staring straight to my whole body.

Striping my legs, looking at my lascivious hole for a long time, suddenly rushing down, I feel that the tip of the tongue quickly, sucking my lascites.

“Um … um … so comfortable!” Rurricane, a pair of big milk, began to stroking up and down without installing, and he began to kiss my body like a male dog. Hold my breasts, extremely taking advantage of my nipples.

“Ah! Good ?? Comfortable …” I lassed to twist the whole body to seduce him.

I sent a sensuality … um … um … The embarrassment … He heard my obscenity, said to me: “You call the soilly awkward! It seems like a woman in Japan a film! Reality has not listened Over! I like “He continued to rudely kissed my whole body, I opened my legs again and constantly twisted back and hips, let myself reach the most sensual feel.

His movements are rude, but the more rude, I will show it. At this time, obscene enlargement has been humid. He pointed into a hook in his right hand. It sang again, “Well … um …” again … He seems to see the texture of my obscene hole. The middle finger has always been a hook to stand the top of the cartilage that is constantly thrust.

This … this … this is my own masturbation, the climax!

This will continue to go down! “Ah! Ah! No … I can’t …” he did not listen, continued to do a hook action.

“Ok … I came out! Ok … I came out! Don’t … don’t …” He said: “Is it a climax with your fingers? Hahahaha” Good lascivious woman There are so many flows! Really I owe me, wait to see how to die, how to die, “When he heard these dirty words, I was excited to be alone. I said:” Yes, that’s it, I like to listen to these words, the more you say, the more cool I will “”

“Hey! Your fundamental surface is in the lady! The bones are really not ordinary Sao, so unspeakable.” I am rushing to do my cock, I quickly take off his clothes and pants.

He put me tightly in his arms, and he was in my double milk, caress.

I quickly turned into a burst of ripples in my body. The breathing gradually urged. But his hand continued to slip down, soon stretching into my lower abdomen, turning to the back and eventually falling in my most sensitive. His hand is flexible there, when it is grinded with two labips with her hand, and sometimes it is pressed with my clitoris with your finger, and even gently pull it up …! Finally, I lost everything, and the whole body was occupied by the hurt desire. I only feel that the whole body is in the kind of tipping, exciting championship, and the vagina has a hot run from the center of the vagina. At the same time, from the center of the vagina, even the whole lower abdomen is a unpleasant emptiness, hunger is full, I can’t help Stick your body on him. So, his thick penis is topped in my genital. I used to drive the waist button, rub with his erect penis with his own genitals. “Heaven!” In this moment, I seem to feel that his penis is full of long long. At this time, he gasped: “Pig, I can’t do it, let me go in …” I nodded gently.

While I feel a hard, hot thing, at the point of my vagina, his waist is straight, the penis is straight into my vagina. I immediately felt that there is a feeling that I have never been inflated and sore.

I struggled, twisted, I want to drive his penis, but the penis is like a root, the deeper in my vagina.

So, the feeling of stuffing and pain is more intense. I felt the glans against the cervix.

At this time, I touched the vulva, “God! The thick penis is actually in the yin, and my vagina can accommodate and be safe.”

I opened the two legs! laugh! puff! laugh! The bursts of pumping sound: “Oh … um … ah … … you … plug … plug …… Dear … Dear …, you have to die … you die … you Insert … I … … small … hole … I’m not self-reliant.

“That … I … good … pro … Pro … you … call … called … Let me! I want … plug … Dinn … You … Sao … hole … hole … After that, he fell to the feeling of this intoxicating, the teacher slammed, and he left my snow and white silky milk, and I had more water. It’s really cool, the teacher has changed to the grind, with his waist rotation, the penis is filled around my vagina, the two people are rubbing each other, stimulating my clitoris, I breathe, squatting Twisted …

Once he accelerated a speed, he accelerated the speed, once more rapid, once more powerful, once more deeper, happy feelings, a strong!

The hot lascivious water stopped, and the prostitute wets the thighs and the genitals of the two, making my two frictions slip more, and the obscenity will also flow a large piece of bed.

Finally, the action is getting more fierce, getting faster, my mom, a burst of gum is coming, the teacher is a slap in the attack, and the ground is struggling. One turned “ah”, reaching the peak, he trembled, very moving, hot semen, with his talounding and penis, shot once again, and powerful shocks my vagina deep. So I realized the feeling of “chaos and peeling, stunning shore”! Of course, under this impact of this extremely soul, I also reached the climax in an instant …! We have hugged for a long time.

After this time, I completely tasted the sweetness of men and women, but also a hairpin. Always find an excuse to open his room, enjoy it. I can’t pull it out …

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Now I have a new boyfriend, we have been together for half a year, but I let him wear a green hat until the last year, I tasted and mature man’s feelings.

My boyfriend is 2 years old. His gentle body is posting, I am more and more like this feeling, we have love every week, each time is the same fancy, he makes me depressed.

In fact, I am very eager to love, I heard the girlfriend said, my water is out of the strange, often in front of you, love 3 … 5 minutes, I will have a disaster, or even easily climax. I didn’t find that I didn’t know that I didn’t know if I didn’t know if I said. I said that I was really like what they said, the water was disaster.

Because of this, as long as I feel like there is a feeling of the *, I will feel hot and hot, then the water is slowly seep, so I have a pad with a guard, so that you will be left to the thigh. I am dead.

I am very painful now, I want to experience the crazy pleasure of the following, but he is not around, I am afraid that I can’t get a lascivious woman, and often fantasy and teacher indulge. I said, go to the house, my heart is panic – long for a long time – suddenly the strange excitement of me, the trembling of the legs and lower abdomen, with a warm flow rapidly, make me Fainted almost falling, I have an impulse, sitting on the sofa. I really want to know what I am this. It is a kind of feeling because of true and emptive, so strongly, I am sitting there, I am trying to think about the feeling of just now, what happened? Is it a climax? Is that a kind of feeling that I will give up everything in an instant, is it released? This is a treater that my body has never had. What happened? How can I do this?

The room was very hot, I smelled my sweat and the taste of the cross-section of liquid … I wet under my leggings.

He asked me, how is your face so red? Is it too hot? I nodded, he made me hide me, I stood there, my eyes stared at my feet, I instinly took the leg, I wore white pajamas on that day. After a while, – I don’t remember what he said below, my body suddenly became so sensitive to this man, dizzy, feels the heavy and urgent, heartbeat – air conditioning cold wind Cooling my emotions, I pulled the tach skirt, and I tried to calm down – I asked him how to accompany him, he said that you are coming over people … You should also know that the orphan woman will follow what happened? My heart is more savvy.

He said, let go of my chest button, I am a tremble in my heart? I don’t consciously avoid the body.

I am nervous to look at him, and his eyes expose greed. I am very afraid, I slowly closed my eyes, I know that he just said: As long as you have, you have to give me, I know what he meant, what he doesn’t want my body?

He unlocked my clothes, pushed me into bed, took off my shoes, start touching my feet, my toe is sensitive and nervous to shrink his intrusion, he put my two feet His arms took off my socks, then he solved my trousers zipper, I desperately pulled the pair of trousers who were pulled by him, I know that my struggle is weak at this moment, and the resistance is like. He put his hand under my body, grabbed my trousers in my trousers, took off my pants, my hand can only protect the leggings and cover the bottom of the trousers. Printing. He took my two hands tightly, pinned my leg with another hand, he said that my foot is exquisite and tender, and I said that my legs are long and round, it is a beautiful embryo.

I can’t hear what the teacher said, he put his hand into the bra, holding the breasts that I have come, and the nipple is shameful to meet the teacher’s finger, I am helpless, at this moment, I hope this is all not true.

The teacher pulled off my bra and started with sucking my breasts, nipples in his tongue and his teeth. I conscious my weak empty hole – his hand left my breast, my legs were lifted by him, I am going to let him vent, but he is not anxious. He held my feet, in his mouth sucking my little hole, with his tip of the tongue …

I actually heard a sound in my mouth, it should be embarrassing, I use my teeth to bite the lips, I can’t think of more to bear it or want to resist it. I don’t know how the teacher is in the body. I was on my body, and the breasts grabbed by his two hands were exhausted in his mouth. His belly was strongly squeezed with my ankle, I would like to push him away, but he handed me one hand In the mouth, press another hand in my breast, I was forced to touch my breasts, the nipples were ashamed in my fingers – he was helpless by his mouth. The tongue is sucking, his tongue is so hot – I don’t know what I can do in front of the teacher – I feel that there is a hard thing in the legs under his body, he crowded there Press my legs – a convulsion from the uterus to the whole body, my mouth is dry – I tighten my lips hide the mouth of his mouth, turn the head force to one side.

He was in my neck chest, he lifted my arm, sniffing my cross, I can’t do it, I took the legs tightly, he began to kiss me in my leggings. The yin, his tongue and his teeth have biting the labies below my leggings, his vomiting and my love – I took off my clothes and pants in front of my clothes and faded me. The last pills, the teacher touched my pussy with hand, he took a pillow in my hips to let me lie on the bed, my head is in the edge of the bed.

I know that he is for his penis that will easily enter and deepe into my body. He looked at me close to my cross-section. It is easy to separate my legs easily. He first put me first. All hair is all in the mouth, gently tears, then dial my labipings with your hand, I know that I am very fat, he kissed his tongue, then slowly contained the lips into the mouth Use the teeth to bite, absorb, while reaching into my vagina with the tip of the tongue, my labia is a little bit of crunch – my body fluid in my vagina has soaked the pillow of the hips The vagina contraction is contracted in his sucking. I twisted the waist. I’m lifting the hips. The two legs are hard to do so forks both sides, and their hands on his back. My genus. One hand pinned the other hand of my breast in t my anus – my head force swing, I heard a big voice – a bit of suffocation rapidly spread from the vagina, I The short breathing behind the limb, a deep breath makes me feel his existence, his mouth is still licking my body fluid, I feel his tongue quickly lick the clitoris – Just now the foot bottom Stepping on him, this made me feel the body temperature of another man, his hand tightly hosted my waist, lifted my hips with force – he stretched the thick finger into my vagina, I feel mine The clitoris is constantly being increasingly exciting.

I can’t help but whisper, my heart is eager to hoping his penis into my flesh, inserting my pussy.

I have always thought that I am a woman who can have no more people, but now I have discovered my body’s desire, I have continued to warn myself to pay attention to the name, and constantly warn myself. I am a good woman. But now I will sink under this man’s body. Now I just want to give yourself this man. I am willing to pay everything for him. I hope he can swallow me by him. -, I cried, not for He, I am for the man who presses me. He wants my body and I gave him my soul – I really don’t know what to say, I don’t know if I don’t think of betrayal boyfriend. In fact, my feelings with my boyfriend is very good. He is my third boyfriend, I 22. He 24, we are of course bed, he is particularly gentle in bed, always ask me if I don’t satisfy? Is pain in pain?

The action is also very light, the boyfriend is 1.73 meters, the sunshine boys, friends say that I am very beautiful and full, my friend is said that her boyfriend said that she is too small to be like me. So, we often meet, every time I go to my boyfriend, we are gentle in this room, then he will sleep. But, 诶 …


Now, I can only fantasize and the passion of the teacher again and again … I am lying in the bed of the bed, like a movie: I have a drink, the sofa is lying down, the sofa is opposite It is the bathroom. Because it is night, it is very dark, he opened the toilet door, he didn’t know that I was lying on the sofa and pair him, then he opened the light.

My heartbeat is so fast, I didn’t think that the man was so attracted to me, his skin was red, I didn’t turn my face and still looked straight, I left his garage on his ass. , So strong, then I felt like the boy’s hips sexy. I suddenly had a kind of impulse who kissed his ass. I saw him at his back to stand on the toilet, and the right hand to hold his “things” began to vent. I was so fast, my face was hot, but now I look at a boy who is a light butt, I still stay. After reading his ass, his butt showerped should be exhausted. When he turned around and didn’t shut down, I saw me on the sofa. I saw his “chicken”, so big Ah, there are many more than the boyfriend, he smashed, I also stunned, a few seconds, then I saw his “Xiaoyi” quickly swelled, I sat up and turned Hold, because his change is thick and long, he ran over, gasping, hugging me, kiss my neck, two big hands out of my compassion, I feel neck It’s itchy, and he kissed me, said: I exercise, the tits, the big chicken.

These rough bysters have never said. Suddenly I think two tits are squeezed and crispy by him. His hand is big, both hands are touched to a tits, and he has a big one, two big hands in my tits, tell the truth, very comfortable, I said in my mouth. Don’t, but I refused to refuse, my grace dumb sounds, this is in a dim living room, he is full of wild kneading my tits.

He kept talking about my neck and earlings: the tits are really big, I am playing with your big tits, called, big tits are uncomfortable? “Kneading it for a while, he picked me quickly to his room, put me in bed in my body, gasping, gasping, my lips, my face, my ears, my neck .

When he kissed my ear, I was crispy. I feel so comfortable. I hugged his head in both hands. My head seems to be blank. It is only comfortable, more is the feeling of exciting. Because he didn’t wear his butt on me, I was in the morning, he reached out to open the light, push my compassion on my two hands, I have a small body, but he is too strong to push up, suddenly My two milk came out, I a ah, I saw him straight down to watch my tits, I usually went to the school bath bath, because when I took a bath, they said that I am too full. And told their boyfriend, and the male classmates called me “big wave”, saying that my tits are more than “Ye Zi”, I don’t know who she is, then I know that she is a three-level film.

I usually sleep in pajamas when I sleep, because I am lying on that two big tits, I feel embarrassed.

Then the big mouth started biting my tits, two milk suddenly had a crispy, this is never felt with my boyfriend, he kneaded while biting, his hand is big, he bite me for a while Knead the right tits, I will bite my right tits, I really feel so comfortable, I am lying on the next to seeing his two hands, the kneaded tits, the big mouth greedy bites, two Made seems to be ants, so comfortable, I grabbed the bed, so he took a long time, my tits were his dental printed and saliva, he said: Hello you. Speaking of my clothes, I don’t let, he is so powerful, after being litter, I pushed him and said: No, my boyfriend will know, he said: Operation, you see my more hard It’s hard, it’s hard to help me vent. After saying that he riding on me, sitting in my chest, I got, I was the first time, I saw a man’s chicken, his chicken is thick and long. , The chicken head is like a big egg, the sky, how is a man is not the same?

One of the big boys who didn’t wear the buttocks rodehed on my body, he picked up my head and said: “Zhang open mouth.”

My boyfriend has taken many times, I have never done, the female protagonist greedy sucking man chicken, I don’t know if they have a pleasure, I looked at his chicken, the head is very red, black black Many, my tits can feel his ass, such a light ass boy sitting on me in front of me, and he hugged my head and said: “Open your mouth.”

I saw a long and long, the chicken head was red, and the two eggs were very large, like two duck eggs, seems to have power.

He said in my head again: “” I can’t stand the mouth, I can’t stand the mouth, I can’t stand it. “

I really don’t know what it is in the mouth in the mouth, and my friend said that she has also said that she is really honest. At this time, my heart puts out his chicken mouth. I have secreted the mucus. I slowly opened his mouth. He put his butt forward and put the penis in the mouth, sent my mouth. In her, he said: Comfortable. I am also wing, my head is blank at this time.

I have a good time, my heart is fast, give the man, including the chicken head, he holds my face, but the ass is a very straight to my mouth, I started to pose, my heartbeat is good. Fast, I don’t know why I feel so stimulating, I have a pleasure.

His chicken rose my mouth, this posture, I can only include one-third, he keeps squatting and saying: I have a few more comfortable and comfortable. Every time he uses it to the top, I have a little vomiting. His things are too thick, my mouth is sour. It is my saliva on the penis. He is inserting my head and says: “Don’t use teeth. “

I quickly try to take a big point. He is still embarrassed, it seems very comfortable. I ate for a while, my neck is a little sour. At this time, he sat up in the bed, let me kneel in his legs, I grabbed my head, I kneel in his legs, including chicken Chicken, detailed, to learn the movement in the mask, did not wear a man, I didn’t feel so stimulated, he pressed my heads and slammed my head. I blew, I Hold in his thigh, so I took the initiative, his hand continued to stay on my head, I found with his tongue to lick his chicken head, his voice is bigger, then lick your chicken mouth. The snoring is bigger, I use to lick his chicken mouth. Sure enough, he seems to be can’t stand it. From the scorpion, it is a burst of whispering, but also ah. so comfortable. At this time, I suddenly became a sense of accomplishment.

I don’t know why I sucking his chicken my saliva secreted with a lot of chicken chicken wet, I also swallowed with water.

After sucking for a while, he pushed my head to his head and left his chicken. He stood up. After he stood up, I still squatted, I looked up and looked at him more than him. At this time He is a bit worshiped him, he looked at me low and said: Do you exercise your mouth. After saying that my head puts the chicken to my mouth, I started in my mouth. I like to love him a butt, the top to my throat, I want to vomit, but he uses force to hold my head to continue Go to the top, um, … um, … um, um, I can only make a nasal sound, I sway, because his big chicken head is already in the eyes, but he is still a butt, I feel chicken The chicken has arrived in the throat, and he said at this time: “Comfortable.”

I can’t stand it, two hands played his thigh, he took the chicken out of the chicken, I coughed a few times, his chicken is my saliva, he holds my head and put the chicken. Come in, began to add, this time I adapt to it, I’m working a few times. He is tall with butt, I have to put the neck to swallow more chicken, until big In my mouth, my lips and nose have come into contact with his chicken hair, the throat rose, he said: “True chicken is cool, it is tight.”

He held my head both hands, I held his strong butt, from time to time, his pleasure brought it strong.

He quickly pose his hands before and after, I felt that I was angry, I pushed him with my hand, but he was putting on my head and pulling it and said: “True … Really … comfortable, exercise … fucking … This … this … This is so exciting, use … with your hand … touch me … ass! …… “

I have to touch his ass, “Patting, Penny, Penny, Pen” … “His cock is getting faster and faster in my mouth, every time, every time you enter the dick, you Every time I have to go into the eyes, I am “… …”, I feel that it is difficult to push, can push it, I can’t push it, I can’t spit it, his egg and The chin hit issued “啪” sound.

At this time, he sent a burst of low, screaming and bigger, “Ah! Um … um, um, um … ah … ah …!”

Suddenly, his body was very tight, my hand felt that his ass has become a strong and strong, and he pressed my head to stop the action, put my head to his chicken. According to, he violently twitched, a warm semen sprayed out, a big one, shot it in my mouth.

I finally knew that the taste of the semen, salty, sticky, and stunned, I was not prepared, I hurriedly wanted to spit his chicken, but he was so strong that I couldn’t move, I … … Well, um, homogeneous struggle, then, salty and sticky, the semen, a constantly sprayed, my head is still hard, but I can’t break it, he swalls with a chicken Spraying, second shares … third shares ……

I am a semen in my mouth. I have a lot of me to spit out chicken, and his chicken is not like the hard-up starting, but it is a jump. I saw the long chicken, think of what he just said, thinks that his chicken feels in my mouth, thinks that his expression and sound when he ejaculate, thinking that I have more sticky and a semen Swallowing.

I am excited, I support my ass on both sides of his ass ??, suddenly open his mouth, put his chicken in his mouth and use his tongue to lick the chicken head, he sideways I want to push me, I hugged his ass to use his chicken. He is behind the wall. He … ah … ah …??, Call, he shouted I can’t bend the waist and turn the butt. He is bent in the waist. I have to press my head. I use my tongue to lick his chicken head, and the chicken head is not as hard as it is so hard. Fun.

He may really be reluctant, shouting with my head and pushing my head, his chicken slipped out in my mouth, he grew up and said: “Too stimulated, no shot It’s just that you have been in the heart of your heart. It feels that the hot stood is unstable. The foot is like an ant, and it’s too sensitive, but it’s really comfortable. “

He said that he stood straight, and his right hand held the big chicken on my face and said: “The lady is very comfortable.” I squatted his face, feeling his wet big chicken .

He was proud to drive his mouth, but the ass is facing my face, I saw his ass, so powerful.

I don’t know if another girl is not to give his boyfriend to the boy’s blows. What is it? Does it feel very stimulated? Is the male child like shooting in the mouth? I don’t think of betrayal boyfriend?

Fantasy … I can’t help my body, I feel that he returns to the side, and the prostitute will go into the wet linen. I can only look forward to the summer vacation.

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