My girlfriend is a front desk receptionist in a hotel, 25 years old, very good, 1 meter 63 height, 48 kg body weight, it is quite beautiful, can be said to be the hotel’s “shop flower”.

When “May 1” this year, they gathered in the department. After 10 o’clock in the evening, everyone went to a nearby KTV to play. This is the manager of their front desk. The manager is 32 years old. The home is the field. Although it is married, but because the headquarters sent him to the city, he rented the two rooms of the house. .

At 12 o’clock, I went to KTV to pick up my girlfriend, but the waiter said that they just went, I called my girlfriend, but she turned off; I gave her friend, her friend said that the party was just over, my girlfriend drunk It is a bit drunk, and their manager said that he is responsible for sending my girlfriend to go home, just not going long.

I asked her: “How can my girlfriend be drunk?” She said manager has been a girlfriend wine, my girlfriend is not embarrassed, so drinking too much. At this time, I had a kind of hunch in my heart, and I asked the manager to live?

She told me the address, I said thank you, I will take a taxi.

In the place, it was a city village. I came to the manager who lived in the house. I saw it is a bungalow. I originally wanted to knock on the door, but my heart made me give up. I quietly came to the window of the manager’s bedroom, the curtains were pulled, but they didn’t care more, there were 5 cm in the middle, and I opened the lights, I saw it from the gap, I really saw my girlfriend lying In bed, the manager is drinking water. Sure enough, he wants to do my girlfriend!

The manager has done the water, turned to the bed, my girlfriend is lying in bed, sleeping, sleeping! The manager slowly squatted to my girlfriend, and then kissed her lips with his mouth, start kissing, and his hands began to solve my girlfriend’s clothes. Since the weather is already hot, my girlfriend is only wearing a sleeveless, under the short skirt, the manager soon take off my girlfriend, only white bra.

Then he took a slightly picked up my girlfriend, and took off the bra. My girlfriend’s strong breasts suddenly exposed, the manager stayed, kissed the nipple with his mouth, kissed crazy, and the other handless Lake another breast. My girlfriend doesn’t seem to feel, or it is still not moving.

The manager kissed for a while, starting to take off my girlfriend’s miniskirt, he opened the zipper of the skirt, picked up my girlfriend, gently, the skirt took off, my girlfriend only one Transparent lace underwear can see private parts. The manager did not hesitate, take off my girlfriend’s underwear, then my girlfriend has been lying in front of him.

The manager quickly took off his clothes and saw his dicks standed well. His cock is not so dark, but it is rough and long, it is more than a multi-glaret from me, and it seems that there is 20 cm!

The manager began kissing my girlfriend’s lips, neck, breasts, belly, thighs, and feet, and then buried the head in my girlfriend, and began to kiss my girlfriend. The manager hugged my girlfriend, the tongue kept licking her labipings, at this time, my girlfriend has been a bit feeling, because I have given her blowjob, she is very sensitive to the blowjob, the little mouth in the mouth .

The manager saws, the movement is even big, the tongue has also extended in the vagina, stirring inside, my girlfriend is also awkward, becoming loudly, vaginal gradually moist, obscenity, manager kisses “啧” Sound.

My girlfriend didn’t know what happened, suddenly woke up, maybe it’s too comfortable! She saw that people giving her blowing in my legs were actually a manager, I stayed at once, and I said that I said: “Manager, how …

It’s you? “

The manager looked up and smiled and said, “Just me! What happened?”

My girlfriend said: “You … can’t … this!”

The manager said: “What are you afraid? Let’s not be outsiders!

My girlfriend said: “But …”

Didn’t finish it, the manager stunned the tongue into my girlfriend, my girlfriend “Ah”

The following words did not say, but the expression is very enjoyable, but her inner is a bit struggling, so the expression on the face is very complicated.

The manager agled for a while and said, “There are very few people who are usually given to you? It seems that you are very sensitive.” My girlfriend gently “Well”.

The manager said: “Then I will let you enjoy it!” After the finish, I push my girlfriend in bed and started.

My girlfriend said: “That’s good, but you can only blow, you can’t insert it!” The manager did not talk, but it was even more exciting, and my girlfriend closedly, it appeared.

The manager’s tongue shakes around my girlfriend, I will be shallow for a while, my girlfriend has never enjoyed such a comfortable blowjob. The vaginal in the vagina is sprayed out, and the sound of the whisper has become loud. stand up.

The manager saw that my girlfriend is already very humid, he can’t stand it, so I stand up, separate my girlfriend’s legs, and the right hand grabbed the chicken bar with glans on my girlfriend. The glans immediately by my girlfriend. The lascivious water flowing out is wet.

The manager said: “Baby, I want to plug in!” My girlfriend suddenly sat up and said with his hand and said: “Don’t, we can’t continue!”

The manager said: “Nothing. Are you not good for my impression? Today is a good opportunity, we must grasp!”

My girlfriend said: “We don’t do this!” The manager said: “There is nothing bad! We are enjoying sex, this is the meaning of the sky!”

My girlfriend is still hesitant: “Still don’t do it …”

The manager said: “Wait for you to enjoy my big dick again!” Plug in.

My girlfriend “ah”, it seems that the manager’s glans inserts the vagina, and it is very strong to give her.

After inserting the glans into the vagina of my girlfriend, it is no longer inserted, just with the glans to play back in the vaginal mouth of my girlfriend.

My girlfriend was inserted behind the manager, said: “Do not let you plug, you … you still … plug in!”

The manager said: “How, feel good?” My girlfriend said: “It feels so good.”

The manager said: “It’s just a glans. I will insert it in a moment, you will be more fulfilling!” My girlfriend doesn’t talk, but her face is looking forward to it.

The manager is inserted with a glans, saying: “Baby, this time I am really inserted, you are ready to enjoy!” My girlfriend heard him saying this, his face suddenly became excited.

After the manager finished, the body was pressed down, but the buttocks saw his big cock slowly inserted into the vagina of my girlfriend, until the whole root plugged in, only the testicles were left outside.

With the insertion of the manager’s cock, my girlfriend has grown up, and the head is holding up, holding the sheets tightly, the legs are also straight, it seems that the insertion of the cock is not small. .

After the manager’s dicks, the manager said: “If you can’t think of your little Sao, do you not often do you often?”

My girlfriend said: “No, he … often doing me!”

The manager said: “Take you often, your Xiao Sao is still so tight?”

My girlfriend said: “I don’t know, he said my vagina … so tight!”

The manager said: “It’s really a good!” My girlfriend was loudly loudly of this powerful impact: “It’s so cool!”

The manager said: “I will make you more cool!” So I hug my girlfriend’s ass and began to push it quickly.

At this time, the bed is really spring infinite. I saw my girlfriend’s body. The body was lying on the bed. The body was slightly black. The man was pressed on her. Holding my girlfriend’s ass, the cock is rapidly entering and out of my girlfriend. out. My girlfriend’s legs wrapped around the manager’s waist, but the butt is up, just can see her vagina and cute ass.

The owner of the manager has risen my girlfriend’s vagina. With the flipping of the cock, my girlfriend is brought out of the red ladle. The manager can do very hard, you can hear the sound of the body, my girlfriend’s breasts are also swayed as the manager’s powerful impact is very attractive.

I have more and more in my girlfriend’s vagina. I can hear the “哧,” sound sent when the manager is sliding, and the testicles with the manager are playing on my girlfriend’s ass. It’s really awkward!

Covered the manager’s dick my girlfriend flow out of the vagina white liquid, there are many streaming down my girlfriend’s ass down, so my girlfriend’s asshole and bed sheets are stained a lot. I know, my girlfriend only in the case of very cool take out of this white liquid, it appears that she did indeed cool manager! Manager while doing it asked: “Baby, cool bad mood?” My girlfriend moaned: “Shuang Shuang …… ……

Thrilled …… “

Manager added: “I just do not want to dry How about you now know it cool now let me do you regret it??” My girlfriend said: “No! …… do not regret it.”

Manager laughed and said: “! I know you will not regret it, but maybe in the future I also want you always do it,” my girlfriend said: “! …… later would not let you do it.”

After listening to the manager, quickly dried up more than a dozen, are each inserted very deep down, my girlfriend fucked too loudly moaned: “Well it was great …… do not stop …… I want you to fuck me hard … … “

Manager said: “What do you say, after also to let me do you keep doing it, I quit now, so you can enjoy the feel of the cool?!”

My girlfriend said: “Let, I’ll let you do every day so that you do!!” The manager said with a smile: “!. That thing for baby.”

My girlfriend said: “I continue to do …… do not stop thrilled …… …… …… I love this feeling.”

Manager harder to dry up.

Did 10 minutes, the manager let my girlfriend lying on the bed, ass stuck up, and then he knelt in the back of my girlfriend ass, dick whole root aligned again vaginal insertion. This position is inserted very deep and very long dick manager, just listen to my girlfriend groaned loudly said: “!! Oh …… Shuangsi you insert deep ah well.”

The manager said: “I should be inserted into your uterus, and it will be so cool!”

My girlfriend moaned: “Really? My boyfriend had never been inserted into my uterus too!”

Manager said: “! Then I’ll let you good today Shuang Shuang” Then, again the deep dick inserted into it, this time with my girlfriend insert groaned aloud.

Manager holding my girlfriend’s ass, dick every time out of the vaginal opening to only the glans, then deep insert, each inserted into the womb of my girlfriend, my girlfriend did moan constantly, his mouth would only say: “my husband …… fuck me hard fuck me …… …… …… inserted into my uterus thrilled ……”

Manager pleasantly surprised and asked: “You call my husband?” My girlfriend moaned: “! Ah …… I …… I called your husband …… husband, …… you want to fuck me hard, my wife waiting for you to dry.”

Manager laughed: “Well, good wife, good husband must wait on you!” He finished out of the dick, so my girlfriend and lying in bed, asked: “? Baby, today is your danger of it,” my daughter friends say that a manager, dick suddenly become thicker and more hard.

He brought a pillow on my girlfriend’s ass, said: “This be deep, dick could have been inserted into the uterus, and today I was going to let you cool your fill!” Then, again inserted into my girlfriend’s dick vagina, hugged my girlfriend’s ass hard speak up.

My girlfriend hooked the neck with both hands manager, his legs hanging over his shoulder, buttocks upturned up, dick convenient manager of plug deeper. Managers always deeply inserted into the womb of my girlfriend, my girlfriend in a strong stimulus, groaned louder, ass toward Dingyiding a manager, you want something more exciting.

Managers did 10 minutes, said: “Baby, I want to shoot!” My girlfriend said: “! Then you shoot on the outside, do not shoot in me, today is my dangerous period.”

Manager said: “I am to be in danger of the fire in you!” My girlfriend shook his head: “Do not ……

…… I will be pregnant! “Also a hand to push the chest manager, but I could see that her action is very weak.

The manager said: “I just want you to be pregnant, want you pregnant with my child!” My girlfriend just mechanically shook his head: “Do not …… …… …… be pregnant ……”

Managers simply ignore what my girlfriend said, forced to doing the final sprint: “I must be fired into you in the womb!”

My girlfriend at the manager a quick sprint, was the impact of extreme pleasure, said: “!! Well, well, you fired into my womb now I am not afraid pregnant, I shall conceive your child.”

After listening to this, I finally sprint dozens, screaming: “I am shot!” The hands hugged my girlfriend’s ass, the cock was tightly covered with my girlfriend. I can’t wait for the testicles. When you jet, the glans joined my girlfriend’s uterus. Then, a thick semen sprayed from the glans and shot into the uterus of my girlfriend. My girlfriend shoots into the womb in the manager’s semen: “It’s so hot … husband, I love you …

You are good … “The hands of the manager hooked the manager, she also climped, I saw the climax to make my girlfriend’s toes are also tight.

My girlfriend put the body’s undergail manager, saying: “Take a full shot! Oh … I am so cool!” The manager’s ass is quite, the white semen is constantly shooting from the glans, shooting In the uterus of my girlfriend, I have been shooting for a minute.

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