1 I and my girlfriend are aware of college. I have been three years now. My girlfriend is called Lin Meixia. People grow very beautiful, the body is good, one meter six nine, the chest is not big, two legs wear stockings It is even more to touch it. To this end, she has a lot of losses on the tram. Unfortunately, there is some myopia. I always wear glasses when I am in class. It is probably because I haven’t discovered it, I fell into my hands.

During the whole, good things will become inendered. Although she often looks into female teachers, what is the female secretary, I will buy me interest, I also bought a garting garter and Dingquan underwear, all kinds of trousers, etc. The number of times of love is still less and less. This seems to have no effect on my girlfriend. For my illness, it is really itchy. I put the computer in the house we rent, and Hu Peng Friends went online to work, sometimes The color is going to see, gradually, I am particularly interested in the site of the community and foot, especially a woman is dried together, too excited, I often look at the picture, while I fantasically imagined my girlfriend wearing a socks, The man who was shot with a man with a full face, can’t help but lax.

Unfortunately, my girlfriend will not promise, because even I let her put on stockings, use the feet to help me, I will not be willing, the most is just blowjob, I have to enter the color network wholehearted. Friends of Friends gave me a few Chinese pornographic articles, it’s too cool, all kinds of articles have a kind of type, some really I didn’t think about it, let my educational excess over a few days over. That day, Aqiang and the stinky fart hooded to find me, saying that there is a good thing, Aqiang took a disc and put it into the computer, it turned out to be dozens of pictures, it seems that all are sneak shots. I found that there were a few pictures of the face, and the girlfriend Xiaowen, when I took a shower, change the underwear, and some were Xiaowen’s sleep, I can’t think of Xiaowen’s hairy is very short, even The hole is also taken directly. I asked Aqiang not to let Xiaowen shaved the hair, so short, Aqiang said that is natural, other pictures are smelled. This guy did not have a girlfriend, and it was all his relatives. I couldn’t think of the stinky and gods. I was very beautiful, especially his table aunt, the body is extremely good, the body is abundant, take off the clothes and stockings. Grade actress, real fucking envy him.

The odor and the digital camera and handed it to me. I would like to try, I didn’t hesitate to agree. Although I can’t let my girlfriend will be exposed and being treated like the article on the article on the website, but put your girlfriend’s body I was taken and I also made me feel strong. The smell of the camera lend me, but I have to exchange. After I said, I will not call you, this guy is full of rooms, and finally I am proud to come out from the bathroom. Holding a pair of light stockings in his hand. My girlfriend changed yesterday that I haven’t come yesterday. Aqiang said that this guy has been the case, Xiaowen’s stockings and underwear have been stinking. The smells and sorrows and smiles, and they said that he has collected dozens of stockings and underwear. Source is basically relatives and friends; also say, now the most cool is to watch Xiaowen’s sneak shots Photo while holding her stockings masturbation. I have let them come to my home next week, and I am sinking. I must take some excitement. After I sent them away, I started to count the plan.

I hide the digital camera, I quickly went to the house to call my girlfriend, let her go home after class. After I finished the phone, I continued to appreciate Xiaowen’s pictures, my heart is more girlfriend and Xiaowen’s body, I don’t know who is more sex. The hand is also busy doing up and down. I heard the sound of the high heels outside the door, I know that my girlfriend came back, and I was busy with the computer. My girlfriend will complain about how cumbersome her mentor, then ask me what I have, I just doned a message as a reason for going out to eat tonight, and asked my girlfriend to replace the suit, dressed as an OL image, my girlfriend refused , I am here to say that I haven’t had a good breath, come some interesting. My girlfriend puts on the garter and black stockings, the shallowed purple bra, put on a light gray suit suit, and put a pair of light-colored straps of the high-heeled sandals, I looked at the shoes. A pair of beautiful feet, I really want to shoot the fine fluid directly above. We came to a restaurant near the downstairs, I was poor in the mouth of the mountain lake sea, got a few dishes, have a few bottles of beer, and a few glasses of girlfriends. The girlfriend’s alcohol is very shallow, and now it is a small face. It is said that her papers in his mouth. It is still more than half a year. I advised a few cups, I had some food, and I helped my drunk girlfriend to go home. I can’t think of the plan, and my girlfriend is really like me for what I want.

Going home, my girlfriend is called to go to the toilet, and the opportunity is coming, I flew out the camera, and holding my girlfriend into the toilet. The girlfriend faded the skirt, and took off his panties. Sitting on the toilet, I made my girlfriend against me, put her face against me, let her see the camera, take a few photos. After a while, I saw that my girlfriend didn’t move, I have already fell asleep. I took my girlfriend, and took a few photos, I took my girlfriend to the toilet. I first put her on the sofa, took off the skirt, and the legs of my girlfriend were separated by M-shaped. The side of the side, then took off the coat, unwind the shirt, and pulled the bra, too cool. I really have a slutty, these photos absolutely have a magnificent Japanese sister. I took my girlfriend to the bed, and I went out. I took my girlfriend’s pantry. I took a few girlfriends of my girlfriends. I put my fingers and gently divide the lips, gently stimulated, and quickly flowed out Prostitute. I can’t give up, the opportunity is rare, I set a good god, I turned out a rope from the wall cabinet, tied my girlfriend’s hands together, and I put my girlfriend’s body into a variety of sensuality postures, sneak shot the most exciting! I have made a few, I want to be hot, I separate my girlfriend’s legs, revealing my big meat stick, squatting into her little guys. Probably a stimulus, my girlfriend’s obscenes are lubricated, I plugged, take off the high heel sandals on my girlfriend’s feet, put the nose in the foot of the stockings, and the faint foot fragrance is more exciting, I, I accelerated the speed ofserting. The girlfriend gave a sound at this time, I felt that there was a sudden fever in the obscenity, her climax. I pulled out the meat stick and looked at the prostitute from the small hole. I took a few photos. I lick my girlfriend’s stockings, I was masturbation, I was excited, I shot, I took the sip of the semen on my feet on her feet on her feet. I climbed up, riding on the breast of my girlfriend, soft, I put the pillow pad under the head of my girlfriend, tall her head pad, and put a bit soft meat stick into the mouth of my girlfriend, slowly stir. The warm mouth stimulated my meat stick gradually, I support my girlfriend’s head, and accelerate the pumping speed, maybe the meat is too thick, my girlfriend is not breathing, I have sent “呜呜” snoring, too cool NS! I agitated the meat stick, my fingers inserted into my girlfriend’s obscene, and I turned back and forth; I turned to the body, but I changed it in the mouth of my girlfriend, but I can also get to her. The girlfriend’s small hole is overflowing. I use the middle fingertips that the anus of my girlfriend is really tight, but it is still very lubricated under the role of obscene, it seems that I can enjoy the three points of my girlfriend. NS. Once again, the amount of fine liquid is much larger than the last time. I only feel that the meat stick will pick up a lot, just insert the girlfriend’s throat. When you pull it out, there are still many fine fluid shooting on her face. . I am satisfied with the semen slowly flowing out from my girlfriend, and take a few more. I passed the photo into the computer, and packed up, my heart thought this time didn’t let the two guys masturbate. It seems that you want to go to the stinky home to engrave the picture to the CD.

When I opened my eyes, I have been ten o’clock in the morning. I went to the dead school, I listened to the class, my heart just wanted to have a stinky home, what kind of expression would the two guys see? For the body exposure of your girlfriend, I have no feelings that I have a little guilt, I am excited to say, it is unfortunately, it is no wonder that the website of the self-portrait is like a spring bamboo shoot. In the get out of class, I got Aqiang to take a taxi to the stinky home, the guy is sitting in front of the computer, seeing us and greet us, I have taken the digital camera, I said two memory cards It’s filled, and the stink is directly engraved into the CD, it seems to spend a little time. “I didn’t expect you to do a good day.” The odor is strange: “It seems that you have already planned you.” I am too lazy to care, I don’t talk directly to bed. “Take a look at my collection.” The smell in the bed, there are probably dozens of various colors of stockings, I took out a pair of white stockings, some of the socks of the foot is a bit hard, it seems to be semen Shot above. “Will it be discovered by your family?” I asked, “No, my parents never enter our room, I don’t enter their room.” The odor took out the stockings of my girlfriend from my house: “Today Use this. “The laughter of a face. “” Don’t you say your brother? ” “A strong sat in another bed asked:” He is all high school, will not understand anything? ” “The odor gums Aqiang opens the drawer of his bed, there are seven, eight pairs of stockings, and some bra, but the formation of the fancy is very sexy, and the body of the person who is wearing must be good. Suddenly, those stockings underwear are all his mother. The younger brother who is odor is incest. Sure enough, the brothers are not a good bird. But it is more than forty years old, but the body maintenance Extremely, and the smelly father often talks about business abroad with his mother. The maintenance products used are all authentic Japanese goods. I remember that when I came to mymelly, my mother wearing a light meat tube. Stockings, the legs are also beautiful. When I was eating, I went to the next chopsticks and saw the beautiful feet of his mother’s life. At that time, the meat rushed to the door, took the opportunity to go door, holding the stinky mother’s high heels to heard a burst .

However, the odorous parents have been abroad, they can not be able to hear the foot. At this time, the disc engraved, we were around in front of the computer, Aqiang and smelly heroic saw pictures, his eyes were straight, I was proud to tell them how I took it. “You really have a line of XX, the body of the beautiful shadow is really good,” I looked at it, while glaring on the dick. “Really cool, if you can do it with my shadow.” Aqiang also breathed the gas, “Otherwise, we will change it, you also hit Xiaowen.” Aqiang said, odor is also attached to the three people Rape. “I am no problem, but my beauty will definitely not promise, then say Xiao Wenken?” I asked. “She was hit by me last time, I was hit by me, I also got her with her brother. Three people are doing really cool, I shot four times.” I just low “is good.” “Let’s go back together, is the dad of the odor! I just want to explain it, “Your girlfriend is not bad!” The daddy of the odor smiled. He is forty years old, and the body has a little blessing, but it is still very strong. I always feel that he is like a Japanese black society. “You are coming to me.” The three people followed the stinky father into the room of odorous parents. He let us sit on the sofa, open the TV, put a video tape, actually my favorite group, a few men Touching a woman. The sigh of sigh is called, haha, the woman on the picture is actually an odor mother! After her hands were fired, the breast was gave up by the rope, only a pair of black long stockings, lying on the sofa, two legs were separated, a man is licking her obscene, another Live her hair hard to insert the dick in the mouth of the stinky mother, and one is licking her stockings. At this time, the guy who caught her, let her sit on his dick, start to insert her obscene hole; the other two men stand on both sides of the sofa, stop the cock in front of her face, odor Mom used the tongue to wrap around the two glans, the technology of blowjob is really great! “This is a new wife who went to Japan when we went to Japan. It was a shot.” The smell of the daughter smiled and said: “We don’t know your sexual hobby, so I haven’t mentioned you, but you just Talking about the exchange of girlfriends, it seems that you are very interested in this. “

My girlfriend 2 stinky father opened the cabinet door under the bookcase, and put a dozens of video tapes. “The daddy, the dad, smiled and said:” You have time to look slowly. “At this time, the sad mother came back, although only the ordinary suit, my meat stick has been very painful. The smelly father explained to her that we already know that all things, she is very happy, unlocked the set of buttons, faded the skirt, put the hair loose hair. The stinky mother’s body is great, can’t believe she is forty years old, she wore a pink bra, the tight pile of breasts in the chest, white panty stockings is a pink underwear, our three people’s eyes I was attracted by her, I forgot to watch TV. Daddy, I took a big double bed, took out the rope jacket and the eye mask from the small cabinet of the bed, and took the hands of the stinky mother in her face, and we can’t help Standing up, the fence was on the bed. Then, the smell of Dad took out the scissors and cut two holes on both sides of the bra, and the breast came out from the inside. He torn opened the crotch of the pantyhose, and his fingers were bluffing around the poacha, odor mother light Light squats, the underwear around the obscenity is gradually being spilled. The smelly father hooked her underwear, cut the underwear, and the obscene gacred came out. The smelly father hugged her up and hugged her, and took the two legs of the stinky mother. Heroes, you can’t forget you. “The dad of the odor tricks. The smelly is the first to go, put the face on the obscene hole, use the tongue to make the obscene lips outside the obscenity; Aqiang also grabbed the smelly mother, began to lick her breasts, just bite her nipple, stinky The mother of his male is stimulated loudly “Hey … Hey …”

I also climbed to bed and kissed her, and her tongue tongue could not tell me in my mouth. “Let me taste your taste.” The odor mother said softly to me, I stood up, took out a quite meat stick, her tongue has been around my glans, then even the meat bag did not let go. I support her head and put the meat stick into her mouth, and put it hard, it’s too cool!

The odor is also exposed to a quite dick, and his mother’s prostitute is inserted. Inserted on the side, playing his mother with his mother with hands: “It’s so comfortable! Mom, your lascites are really cool!” The odor mother’s breast was hit.

Aqiang and I exchanged the position, put his dick into her mouth, I took the meat stick on the breast of the stinky male mother, and the breast can be laminated. I picked up her legs, stroking the stockings above, taking off the high heels, licking her toes in the stockings. The foot of the smelly mother is only 36 cents, I can bite in my mouth. Odor and long: “I want to try my mother’s butt.” He turned her body, I changed to his mother’s body, inserting my meat stick into the obscene, smelly , Slowly put the dick into his mother’s anus, we put his mother in the middle.

“Mom, your anus is so tight!” With the impact of the odor, I also accelerated the pumping speed, “Slow down, I can’t stand it …” The odorous mother loudly. Aqiang grabbed her hair, and quickly put the dick in his mouth, almost all inserted. The odor is about to plug more than 100, “No, I am shot!” He smashed, slowly took out the dick, and slowly overflowing the concentrate. Aqiang is not working, and the sperm is shot on the face of the stinky mother. However, after the shooting, Aqiang’s cock is not soft. I changed my position with him. I put the meat stick to the anus of the odor mother. Due to the relationship between semen and obscenity, I was easily pushed. I can’t think of anal sex. After all, the anus is tightened. I can’t do it. I can’t do it. I support her butt to put the meat stick into it, shoot the fine, Aqiang is also in the obscenity of my mother. Second shot. At this time, the smell gummed, letting his mother gave him blowjob, many semen from the odor mother’s obscene and the anus, stayed in the stockings and bed, it seems to be too prominent! At this time, the younger brother came back, seeing this scene, this probably he dreamed of him, two words, don’t say it, put the dick into your mother’s obscene, and then inserted into an anus, odorous Dad also took off his pants and let his wife bounce with her. I am sitting next to Aqi, looking at the incest four people. The younger brother is too young, soon ejaculate, change his father, put the soft dick into her mother’s mouth; odor is also shot again, Aqi will take him. We kept smelling moms almost all night, until they drove her to their faces, in their mouths, their body, obscene, and the anus were semen. I am tired to fall asleep on the bed, Aqiang and odor are still going on. When I woke up in the morning, a few people slept in bed, and the odorous mother squatted in bed, and the prostitute and butt were full of semen dry traces. This group will be too cool, I will make up your mind, just like my dad, let my girlfriend become our sex slave.

I went home, my girlfriend went to the school, I fell asleep until afternoon, I decided to implement my plan, but I received a call, it was aunt who came, after the university, I only had a relative here, so holiday I have returned to my family. Recently, I was often sent to Japan, and I rarely returned. My aunt called for me, my cousin is called Xu Wei. It is 17 years old this year. It is very much like Hong Kong Yang Qianli, the body is also good, the chest is exaggerated, but it seems to have a 22-year-old chest, really very Big, although I looked in my eyes, I might as my cousin, I didn’t dare to start, and I didn’t take her panties. The cousin is about to test the university. The aunt wants to let me help her, anyway, it is a liberal art, I am agreed.

I called my smelly and Aqiang to my house, told my plan, listening to these two guys, Aqiang wants me to go to Xiao Wenjia with them, I have to go to Xiaowen together, I promise My aunt, I have to make a good job, let Xiaowen! After I called my girlfriend, told her that I had to live in my aunt these days, let her go home. I took a bus to my aunt, my aunt was cooking, and my cousin reads a book in her room. Aunt wore a light white shirt, green suit skirt, dark stockings, saw me, said that I went to enter the house, I will eat it for a while. I stood at the door of the kitchen, while chatting with my aunt, I appreciated the purple bra under the aunt shirt, and the breast was trembled with the action. It is better to say that the aunt’s figure is strong than the mother, if you can have a lot of sensuality like a mother, and there is a feeling of incest.

I am thinking, the cousin has pulled me into the room, I am sitting next to the desk, while teasing a cousin, enjoying her body. The hair is scattered, the sleeveless light purple dress, but it is too short, only to the thigh, thinking is at home, but it is cheaper, good, yes, wear light white Transparent stockings, this stockings I bought my girlfriend, it looked at the legs, I couldn’t think of the cousin. The tip of thin silk socks is exposed from the red flat open toe sandals. Seeing this, my meat stick has already raised, I know that I should go to Xiao Wenjia first, and I have to force the fire. I have to force the fire, pretend to read the book, seemed that the cousin is very perfect, I have almost no additional . At this time, the cuffs of the cousin were also very loose, she didn’t wear a bra, and I can see the breast. I can’t help it, I almost want to rape the cousin. At this time, my aunt came in, let us go out to eat, and say that she will go to the mission, I quickly agreed. After the aunt, I let the cousin will go to eat first. I will vent it for a fire, but the cousin is refused, I am trying to go to the toilet, but the cousin turned it, but also put the feet in my leg, the foot is just touch When I arrived at my meat, I almost shot. I saw the cousin’s blush, but the feet were more forward, and the whole foot was on my meat stick, cool! It turns out that she wants to tease me. I grabbed the socks of the cousin, I smelled two times, then lick her foot tip, her other foot gently stepped on my meat, I bite her foot tip, the cousin is squatting, I pulled the chair of the cousin and separated her legs. I didn’t wear underwear. The shallow slutio was revealed from the shackles of the stockings. I solved the pants and took out the meat stick, let the cousin use the feet to hold my meat stick, The sister’s stockings are in my meat stick, and my girlfriend will not give me an foothold, let me give me a job!

It’s probably too irritating, the cousin has a dozen pieces, I can’t help it, shoot it on the feet of the cousin, the cousin is gently wiped evenly, then squatting in me, putting the tongue The semen on my meat stick is clean. I support her head and put a little soft meat stick into her mouth, under the stimulation of her tongue, my meat stick is very up. I let the cousin stand on a desk, back to me, I pulled down her dress, the skirt faded on the ground, at this time, the cousin is only wearing light stockings, I pulled the stockings, from the cousin After the body is inserted into the lascivious hole of the cousin, the laughs of the cousin have already been obscenity, and I will go in, I will be in questioning the cousin, while inserting it hard. When the cousin was dried together, she said that when she wants to do her boyfriend, she was discovered by her boyfriend, and the result was gang raped by two men, but now I broke up with my boyfriend, and she had already secretly loved me, saw me. I found a girlfriend, she went out to find a boyfriend.

It turned out that my cousin was secretly loved to me, I put her more, I would actually betray me to make love with other men. The cousin was inserted on the desk. It was too cool. I held the buttocks of the cousin. I deeply put the meat stick in her lascivious points. The cousin was loud, and I would like to take her. . I pressed the drawer, there is a long rope in it, I put it on the hands of the cousin, and I will hold her nipple with two books.

I turned the cousin and let her sit on the writing desk, inserting her lascivious point from the front. It is so cool! The cousin said that every time and my aunt did his aunt, she also prepared a one, I was just shooting again, so this time inserted is particularly long, the sister’s obscene is not stopped with my meat stick. Plug in, the cousin makes me stop, say she wants to go to the toilet, saying that I can’t think of her, after all, she is still very small.

I didn’t let go of her. On the contrary, I accelerated the speed of the throduction. I couldn’t help but I helped her waist, and I put it in the depths of obscenees. I feel that I have touched her uterus. At this time, the cousin is called, I feel that the following is hot, the urine of the original cousin has been flowing, and I will flow in my legs. I plugged a few times, and my cousin is poured, she climax.

I took her into bed, and my cousin was soft. She said that I have never feeled, but I still haven’t shot, I will let her turn over, I want to insert the cousin of my cousin, she said that she never I tried it, I am a bit nervous, I support her butt, plug it directly.

At the start of the anus is very tight, but fortunately there are Yinye lubrication, and slowly my cock whole have insert, really good tight, almost tightly wrapped on my cock, I homeopathic plug up, cousin groaned loudly, I felt her inside a hot, sexual secretion and pouring out, cousin climax again, and this time I also restrain, ejaculation. My cock consecutive contraction several times, when I pull out the cock followed semen flow out, flow along the bottom on stockings, his cousin said she felt there seems to be filled, and I helped her stand up, more semen flow come out. I let cousin after a day of wearing different stockings, and can not wear underwear, cousin whole agreed, but asked me to have been here, and she became my cool, I do not leave her. Did not think his girlfriend did not do a good job, get a first cousin, cousin it seems very easy to be my sex slave, do not know aunt can not? I ㄉ girlfriend 3 these days I have been living in the house aunt, my aunt is not the time, cousin wearing all kinds of stockings and I kept making love, I also took a lot of photos ready to give male and smelly A strong look, do not know a few days those two guys did not carry out my plan? A few days ago I called to his girlfriend, she was quite full normal. I was ready to go A strong smell of male and suddenly his girlfriend called me and asked me with her back to her house for dinner, just two days holiday, I have no way to refuse, had promised.

Home to his girlfriend, his girlfriend’s grandfather had lived in her home is now said to be in poor health, but also a person, so my girlfriend’s father took him to pick up. This old guy is nearly seventy, looked ruddy, indeed unlike ailing appearance, but also for his son seems to have very powerful, can not see his girlfriend’s father such a great age still afraid of their own father.

Girlfriend’s mother is cooking in the kitchen, speaking of his girlfriend’s mother maintained OK, look down not already forty years old woman, was only moderately thin, the chest is not as great girlfriend, is a standard housewife type, also wearing an ordinary shirt and skirt, legs wearing black stockings but is particularly conspicuous.

Suddenly, his girlfriend’s mother has already done the meal, I was about to go get his girlfriend to pretend diligent grandfather eat, when his girlfriend’s mother has been sent to the room carrying Sheng good meal. I sat down, his girlfriend’s father and I intentionally unwittingly chatted, but his girlfriend’s father’s eyes, but kept looking at his girlfriend grandfather’s room, I have the feeling that this house somewhat unusual atmosphere.

Probably about ten minutes, I feel a little strange, but endlessly girlfriend to her parents said the school thing. I am bored watching TV, hand slipped, chopsticks off the ground, I bent down to pick the time, pleasing to the eye looked into the future mother’s skirt, cool! Girlfriend, mother wearing pants, black stockings, stockings crotch was torn up, took off his underwear, more exaggerated girlfriend’s mother kinky hair scraped a whole, Yin Xue whole exposed, kinky lips slightly outward turned, feeling damp. I straightened up, I feel ready to make some cock, it seems just the girlfriend’s mother after the occurrence of some things into the room, and a very interesting thing, in all likelihood his son in the same hole. My father looked at his girlfriend’s face, it is estimated correctly, he must know.

I quickly ate a few mouthfuls of rice, the hypothesis had enough, sitting on the sofa of a suitable location, pretending to watch TV the way, in fact I’m slowly appreciate his girlfriend’s mother’s skirt in the wind, I can not help but fantasize about girlfriend father and grandfather tucked around his girlfriend’s girlfriend’s mother Framing appearance, cock can not help quite chaotic. His girlfriend and her parents eat while chatting before clearing the table.

We are sitting on the couch watching TV cultural programs, girlfriend sitting next to me and kept me Jijigugu speak, I absently listening. I saw his girlfriend’s mother every one will be going into his girlfriend grandfather’s room once, every time seven or eight minutes, I do not know how his girlfriend’s grandfather in the room will have your own daughter? I asked the girl why she was old mother into the room? Girlfriend said her mother to take care of her grandfather eat medicine, not only this, but also his grandfather’s room to take care of him at night, while her father sometimes do, but mostly made by her mother. My heart a happy, it seems certain there looked good show tonight.

Finally coming to the eleven, his girlfriend and her mother for a long time no further into the room, is it that I am wrong? I like to make one drowsy, his girlfriend’s mother quickly made up the bed in the living room to help me, let me go to bed wash. Girlfriend showered, took me into her room and asked me quietly to her room at night, I hugged his girlfriend, to put her stockings on the bed waiting for me, his girlfriend refused, I was coax a long time before I picked to wear pants crotch without stockings, also black, his girlfriend and put on nightgown, lying in bed, I coax a few words, let her sleep for.

I turned out of the room, wearing a bathrobe to see on the racks, I pulled off his bathrobe belt on the bed, tied his girlfriend having sex is my favorite. My girlfriend’s parents and said good night, lay on the sofa bed, eyes closed, pretending to be asleep paved.

After about ten minutes, my girlfriend’s mother walked into the room of my girlfriend’s grandfather, and the door was closed. I am thinking about how to steal the house, my girlfriend’s father is light and foot. He will come and shoot me first. Help me pull the quilt. I don’t respond, just move a chair. Go to the door of the girlfriend’s grandfather, stand up, and unveiled the newspaper that gently opened the newspaper on the door, peeking. The grandfather of my girlfriend had a daughter-in-law. My girlfriend’s father had to steal his wife, and I didn’t think that my girlfriend didn’t think that her girlfriend had such a sensuality home. It seems that she is not knowledge.

My girlfriend’s father also looked for a while, and gasping is getting more and more thick. I want to be very exciting in the room, my wife is being dried, and it is done by my father, this is too exciting!

At this time, my girlfriend’s gently cough, I almost forgot my girlfriend and wait for me in the room, but I sounded like she asleep, not like I told me. At this time, my girlfriend’s dad came down from the chair and gently pushed the door of my girlfriend. I moved in my heart. Isn’t he going to his daughter?

My girlfriend gave a girlfriend’s room, hiding the door, I sat up, slipped to the door of the girlfriend, push the door slightly, I saw my girlfriend, my girlfriend was in front of the girlfriend, watch my girlfriend sleepless . I turned again to stand on the chair, look at the sunroem, amazing! My girlfriend’s mother is only wearing stockings, and the feet are a pair of black high heels, and the hands are tied back, they are on the ground.

The grandfather of my girlfriend is only wearing a vest, holding his head, big dicks in the mouth of my girlfriend mother’s mouth. After a while, let my girlfriend’s mother sat on the sofa, tied two legs, tied to the armrest of the sofa, stunned in the maternal point of his fingers, the finger of another hand stretched into the girlfriend mother In the mouth, let her use his tongue, then he actually took a few red dates from his girlfriend mother, must be his early plug in.

The girlfriend’s grandfather seems to have said something to my girlfriend, and then put the girlfriend’s mother’s enchantment makes the girlfriend, the girlfriend’s mother looks like some pain, make the grandfather of his girlfriend, and smashed in the poacha Next, my girlfriend’s mother seems to be called, urine sprayed out, the grandfather of the original girlfriend in the mother of the forced girlfriend, can’t see it, this old guy is actually a master of a woman.

He drunk a few girlfriends mother’s urine, stood up and put the big cock into the acupoint, and pushed it hard. I found my meat stick, I got a chair, and I went to my girlfriend’s house. My girlfriend’s father had opened my girlfriend. I was gently touching my girlfriend’s stockings thigh, another Only hand extended to your daughter’s breasts, the female friend seems to sleep very dead, there is nothing to react, my girlfriend’s father surely thoroughly took off the daughter’s nightmare, now the girlfriend’s body is left.

Dad of my girlfriend seems to be true, he divides the thigh of his girlfriend, starting to lick your girlfriend, probably thinking is me, actually holding her father’s head, engaging the waist. My girlfriend’s father is very straight, and I took out the coarse cock, inserted in the girlfriend, and my girlfriend found that her person was not me, but her own father, I quickly pushed her father.

At this time, I put the bathrobes just took your hand on the bed, picked up the stockings of my girlfriend, biting a stockings of my daughter and accelerated the speed of the throduction. Now, the two rooms have been played with incest, I saw that my girlfriend was raped by her own father, but she didn’t say pleasure. When the girlfriend, his girlfriend was whisned, and it had been completely cooperated with pump. It seems that she is eager to be dried, and it is a candidate of sex slaves. I stood in the chair and watching the other side. At this time, my mother’s mother has been crawling on the sofa, but the girlfriend, his girlfriend squeezed a few bottles of liquid, probably three, four hundred ㏄ ㏄ 样, this I have seen the dad of the odor, it should be a raoity. But didn’t wait for liquid to flow out, my girlfriend’s grandfather plugged into the anus of my girlfriend’s mother’s mother, and I saw that the yellow brown liquid was allowed to override, and the anus was tight.

Insert a dozen times, my girlfriend’s grandfather ran out, my girlfriend called, the liquid came out, flowing down in the thigh, the whole stockings were wet, my girlfriend’s mother was squatting on the couch It seems that it is climax. At this time, my girlfriend grabbed her hair and put her face and put the big cock into her mouth. The strong semen spills from the mouth. He took the cock, the last semen On the face of my girlfriend mother, I put a little soft cock in my mouth, my girlfriend’s mother slowly cleaned my father’s dick, all swallowed. It seems that the body of the old guy is still some, and it is not very fast, just let the daughter-in-law continue to lick his dick.

I watched my girlfriend here, my girlfriend’s father had turned her hand, and my girlfriend was almost sitting on his daddy’s daughter, with a hug of the cockroach. My girlfriend’s father snorted a few times, it seems to be shot, my girlfriend hurriedly got up to take off from the small hole. My girlfriend’s father asked his daughter to help him, and his girlfriend he left down, and her father’s daddy was in his mouth. It was a thoughtful service to her father. Even the chicken is surrounded, and she is prostitute! My girlfriend’s father helped her her head to let her lick the ovate bag, I saw the girlfriend’s tongue around the two eggs, I didn’t have to enjoy this.

Soon, my girlfriend’s dad suddenly snorted, and the semen was directly in his face. The half of his girlfriend was almost covered by semen, but his girlfriend didn’t care about the semen on his face. Look at the semen.

I can’t help it, I walked into the room directly to the bed. My girlfriend’s father was looking at me. I helped my girlfriend’s ass, put the meat stick directly into the girlfriend. The girlfriend realized that I saw she and her father incest, just struggled to sit up, I took her back to the back, and put her head down, my girlfriend daddy’s dick Only inserted into her mouth. My girlfriend’s dad is still unfinished, and the momentum seizes the hair of my girlfriend, so that the daughter will pose the daughter’s mouth, the cock is again tangled again.

My girlfriend’s father wants to change my position. I turned my girlfriend, sat on the bed, my girlfriend sat in my meat stick, I took my girlfriend’s ass, my father’s father, my girlfriend Dad took the bed, after standing on his girlfriend, slowly inserting the daughter into the anus, his girlfriend struggled, helpless butt was held tightly by her father, his girlfriend father’s meat rod was successfully inserted. The girlfriend was clipped in the middle with her father, and the two meat sticks in the previous one after the previous one. The girlfriend was stimulated, and the grandfather of the girlfriend next door and her mother came over. My girlfriend saw her mother’s light and only wearing stockings. The hand tied behind, and her grandfather chicken is outside, finally Understand your own lusthouse. Grandpa’s grandfather saw this, push your girlfriend to the bed, he also stood in bed, helping the girlfriend’s head, put the dick into his own granddaughter, and his girlfriend was raped with her father, grandfather. It is completely released. I saw my girlfriend’s mother lying on the bed, how can I let go of the opportunity, take my meat stick, raise the two legs of my girlfriend mother, plug in her, insert it, insert dozens, I sure Insert your girlfriend mother’s anus, don’t want to be very soft, just like an instruction point, I can’t put it in trouble. My girlfriend’s mother was so conceived by her daughter’s boyfriend. I also learned to put my fingers into her prostitution. I took it hard together, my girlfriend’s mother can’t bear it, and the obscenity is once again. My girlfriend saw her mother was actually gotten by her boyfriend and saw her stunned.

At this time, I finally couldn’t stand it. I shot in my girlfriend’s mother’s reality. I took the meat stick and sat on the bed, and I enjoy my girlfriend’s mother with your mouth to clean me the servant on the meat stick. The girlfriend was stagged by her relatives, and the kind of coolness could not be described!

My girlfriend’s father couldn’t stand it, and they were shot directly in the obscene girlfriend. When the cock was pulled out, the semen was also flowing out, he put the dick dripping the daughter and semen into his mouth, my girlfriend has already It was inserted several times a consecutive climax, which was weak, but only opened his mouth.

Although my girlfriend’s grandfather has supported a meeting, finally only in the anus of her granddaughter, he was not addicted to the girlfriend’s stockings after taking the dick, and put the semen on the girlfriend on the stockings of my girlfriend. The girlfriend is weak, and the semen has not stopped from obscenes and the anus. The drip drops on the ground, and there is also a white semen in the socks of the thighs. It is very conspicuous.

My grandfather, my father sitting in bed, the meat stick enjoy the girlfriend and her mother’s hand, there is a mouthful of service, this is really unpredictable, the grandfather who wants a girlfriend wants the girlfriend to go home every weekend, let him Dad with girlfriend tang and gang rape, girlfriend can’t listen to his father and grandfather. Although the time to be with your girlfriend is short, but the girlfriend is unexpectedly becoming a slave, and I can also enjoy the future mother-in-law, why not? It seems that it is necessary to call the odor and Aqiang them to open a chaos, this is really cool!

My girlfriend 4 I introduced a girlfriend to the smelly, and the dad of the smelly, after watching the grandfather of his girlfriend, decided to take the stinky mother and my girlfriend and grandfather five people. Japanese travel. Recently, the answer to my girlfriend is getting closer, I have to let my girlfriend live in the room to rented the rent. I live in the stinky family, and Aqiang’s girlfriend Xiaowen became our three people. slave. But how can a woman meet our needs? Solar and Aqiang looked at my cousin, I want to go to my cousin, but I will go to camping with her classmates after the test, I am stinky and Aqiang play my aunt’s idea, but it is not very good. Opportunity, if three people may cause others to pay attention, odor will let me sneak shot aunt’s light, it is best to get the nude photos of my aunt, it seems that my goal is only aunt. I don’t have it, it is a good opportunity, I am in my wit, when I live in my aunt, I am equipped with the door key, and now it is used. I took a digital camera from the odor hionhrise, and I went to get off work in the room. I hid in the wall cabinet of the living room, the wall cabinet behind the three sofa, to completely open the sofa, so aunt will not Just come over. I was sitting inside, I was quiet and dizzy. I still sneak shot after she slept. At this time, my aunt came back. I quickly prepared the camera, first shoot my mother to change my underwear. At this time, I suddenly heard a man’s voice, the original aunt’s shower is broken, called people to repair. I looked out from the door of the clove, my aunt wore a purple short-sleeved shirt, white gauele skirt, I would like to be a shallow skin of the skirt, but the buttocks faintly saw the appearance, the meat color thin stockings and white High-heeled sandals. The repairman is a probably two seventh, eight-year-old youth, look like a foreign province, want to be working, but I may not shoot the aunt, I can’t shoot my aunt, it is really unhappy! I then peeked out, see that the repairman laughed, but the two eyes were turned, but they couldn’t stay to the aunt’s chest and butt, seeing the aunt two wearing a high-heeled sandals, but also pione water . I went to see my aunt’s beauty, the meat stick will play, let alone him! It seems that this kid must be a lascivious insect, just don’t know if he does not dare to make his aunt. He let the aunt go to the bathroom to open the shower to check, take this time, this guy has already been collected in the washing machine, and I know that it is the master of the bra. Sure enough, he took a aunt’s black panty pantry, the left hand was attached to the nose, the right hand took out a panty, seeing the color and size should be a cousin, he put the underwear into pants, and smelled a few stockings In the arms, I went to the bathroom to check the inspection, and the fake and aunt sat.

The aunt really didn’t care, and a few words said that I went to go home. Two people said a while, I also think that the guy only dared to steal the underwear. At this time, the aunt came from the bathroom, just went to the living room, the guy suddenly hugged aunt from behind, two people fell together. I first slammed the camera, I didn’t think that my aunt was raped in front of my eyes. It is really a good opportunity to meet! The aunt was pressed under the body, the repairman’s hand and foot, first with a black gum, and used a wire to take the aunt’s hand behind, the aunt struggled a few times, the guy threatened the aunt, said, then struggle She is going to the street, now is working, if so, my aunt is probably a fierce. This is really effective, and the aunt did not dare to move again on the sofa. The repairman pulled the aunt pulled up from the sofa, pulling the shirt, and the skirt also took off.

My aunt understands what he wants to do, can not help backward, the guy grabs the aunt, takes out the black big cock, holding the electrician knife in his hand, and threatening the aunt says what to kill after the prostitute, look aunt It is yet, closed his eyes, he was in the breast, but I saw that I was a mess, even I didn’t touch it, I was already in the guy. The guyred torn down the tip of the aunt, and attached to the aunt’s eyes, and smashed her mouth to her dick. The aunt slowly squatted, and Zhang opened his mouth. .

The repair workers hold the aunt’s head and slowly sat on the sofa, and the aunt squatted in front of him, with his mouth kept up and down to stop his big cock, the dick is harmonious. The guy took the aunt to the sofa and took off his aunt’s high heel. He said with his nose. He said that he was so fragrant. Live another stockings and slowly lick. The aunt was stimulated by him. He surely grabbed two stockings, to the tip,? _ Heart, the calf is not letting, there is more than ten minutes, this only uses aunt’s leg Live your own cock back and forth. The dick was clamped by aunt’s soft stockings, just like inserted in stockings, it was estimated that he hadn’t done it for a long time, soon he couldn’t hold it, he snorted to ejaculate, and the semen of the big stock. On the aunt’s stockings, some spurt them to the thighs. He put down the aunt’s feet, volts the aunt, put the dick filled with semen in the mother mouth, the aunt quickly put his mouth, repair the work hard to pinch the aunt nose, the aunt hurts to open the mouth, the cock is going in NS.

My aunt seems to haven’t tasted the taste of the semen for a long time. I took the initiative to take the initiative, and the guy’s dick is clean, and the semen is all eaten. I watched aunt’s lascivious points, and the prostitute had been soaked in the underwear, and he quickly took a few close-up. The repairman’s dicks under the aunt’s lick, and it will start hard. The glans rose to the mouth full of aunt’s mouth. He pulled the dick from the aunt’s mouth, let the aunt on the sofa Take the buttocks, put down the stockings and underwear, smash the half-hard dick outside the aunt’s obscenity, just plug in, the aunt is called, and she sounds very enjoyable. I saw that the repair workers added, the two hands were pulled in the shoulders of the aunt, and the aunt slammed it from the sofa. The aunt was squatting, and the waist was tangled as a while, but the ass hit the legs of the repairman, “,” Sound, two breasts swayed sharply in the chest.

The repairman flipped his aunt, pressed on the couch, and the two legs in the aunt were put on his shoulders, put down the downwards, and the aunt had almost no snoring, but he kept screaming. The climax has been a few times. The cock continuously in the lascivious points, issued “嗤, 嗤” sound, the repair work is inserted, only half an hour, only a call, shoot the fine solution in aunt’s lascivious point, the chicken is pulled out, the semen is sprayed out. Sitting on the repairman, two consecutive ejaculation seems to be difficult to repeat your aunt, he pulled the aunt’s head and put the dick in front of the aunt, and the aunt came to Zhang opened his mouth and slowly licking his cock. It’s a natural slave, I don’t know if it is taught by you? The guy was sitting at this time, I was sitting on the couch, I thought he was addictive, my aunt fell in my hand, my aunt, my blame, I didn’t expect him to go, don’t he want to go again? Do you engage in? He unnifled the wire tied to my aunt’s hands, let my aunt cleaned the body clean, and my aunt wiped the body, and torn the adhesive on the eyes, but was pressed by the repairman. The family said a few words. Then I gave a few punches toward the abdomen of my aunt. I had aunt’s aunt. I just wanted to rush out. I can see that I am not his opponent, I have to hold back.

That guy seems to ask a few words, my aunt shook his head, it must be said that the repairman let the aunt take off the stockings underwear, take out the black stockings of the pocket to change the aunt, the original black stockings are no He pulled his stockings, so the aunt’s lascitation and the whole ass, he found out that the aunt’s black high heel shoal made aunt, this only tied the aunt’s hands, my aunt Just like the sex slaves he raised. I quickly took a few more, a memory card was full, and I have to change one.

When I changed the card, the room came in again, the dressing and repairman were almost the same, it must be called these guys. When he passed his own, he was still not enough, but also let his friends come, I didn’t expect my aunt into the sex slave of foreign workers. How do they rape aunt? My meat stick is also straight.

My girlfriend 5 aunt, this is really falling into the wolf, or a group of wolves. Since there are more people in the room, I put the door slightly, and I will be discovered by those guys. The three people coming in are far from the age, two about 40 years old, and there is still a small, fifteen, six years old. When they entered the door, she hugged my aunt. Two hands pinched the mother’s breasts, and several people played with aunt’s body, and I said something, although some accents, I still understand some.

These guys are from a village, usually working as a cover, in fact, stealing theft, adulterating women. The first thing the first repairman probably lively two times, no longer engaged in aunt and entered the house to find cash first, and the remaining three people surrounded my aunt, and I took out the cock, my aunt was in the middle, Several big chickens are on the face, it looks really awkward.

Probably aunt has never paid a few men, some don’t know what it is, and a mouth is busy, and this is a few times, licking the roots. Among them, the biggest guy is somewhat unsatisfactory, put aunt, jealous, and then smoked a few slaps in the aunt’s butt, hurting aunt could not help but call out. The guy was also forced to make her aunt, and she had to be solemn while playing.

The aunt’s butt was hit red, and the obscenity of the poacha was also out. I stole a few times, my aunt’s screaming continued, and I feel more and more cool. It seems that my aunt really likes being abused.

Then, the guy put the cock directly into the aunt’s lascivious points, rocking before and after pushing; another a little short guy, helping the aunt’s head, pair the dick against the mouth, the aunt was behind Live, busy holding the front people’s thighs, mouth just opened, a cock has been in imported; the minimum repairman is holding aunt’s leg.

The first repairman has already turned out of thousands of yuan in cash, and took some pants and cousin’s underwear, the silk stockings, and smile sitting on the chair and smoked the smoke, and appreciated the aunt.

Let the elf who brought the aunt portally with aunt’s breasts, while inserting the dick into the mouth of the aunt. The elf has been inserted. If you want to insert your aunt, the most strong guy wants to try it first. He let the aunt squat on the sofa, you will slowly insert the cock slowly into the anus of the aunt, probably too thick, half a half Can’t do it. The aunt is hung, and the elf uses the aunt’s butt to two sides. The smallest guy will take the opportunity to insert your dick into the mouth of the aunt. Strong Han put the aunt from behind, holding the two legs of the aunt, sitting on the couch, aunt’s own weight let his chicken are only inserted into the anus. A aunt’s high heels have been taken off by the elf, on the big legs of the strong Han, half lying on the strong man, the body is slowly moving, with an anus to make a strong marty . The elf has already patted it, hold the two stockings of the aunt with hand, left and right, the aunt’s lascitation is revealed, and the elf is inserted.

Two men made ahead of the aunt, and the aunt has never been pulled by two cows. It is only lingering. I will see two big cocks in the aunt’s obscene, and the anus.

The elf is not enough, and it is shouting for more than 100, and the chicken just pulled out and didn’t send it to the mouth. The semen was sprayed on the mother’s face. The semen smashed at the mouth of the aunt, shouting the smallest guy for him. The kid took off the other high heels in the mother, and grab the two stockings of the aunt, the feet of his farewood, the original, the original, the guy likes to pay.

Looking at the aunt, on the dick, two feet clamped another chicken bar, and the face was flowing down, I couldn’t help but masturbate, I just want these guys to go, so let me cool.

The smallest guy is starting, so that my aunt will slowly help him with your feet. At this time, the big man below does not hold, he put the aunt’s back pressure on the sofa, support the aunt’s ass, put a few Under, the semen is shot into the rectum of my mother. The aunt is low, and the strong man took out the cock. There was no semen to spray out, the smallest guy used aunt’s stockings, and a full of full spray on the mother’s stockings.

Strong Han just like hugging a child, hugging aunt, obscene, and anus. At this time, from the aunt’s anus, the aunt wants to struggle, but being hugged by the strong man, only It makes people look at their anus.

Several guys played with aunt, and the elf was more in the light pants silk socks that had just changed the aunt, only in the lascivious points of the aunt, only left a little socks outside the prostitute. Several people tied their aunt on the chair, and the two legs were separated with the rope. It seems that the aunt is separated from the chair. Several guys smiles, ready to eat something to eat and come back to play.

I saw them out of the door, I was busy drilling out, I looked at the lascivious look, I really want to insert aunt, but I still go out, hide the door, and come with a few guys to come to a restaurant, I saw that they went in and used the public telephone number next to them. After ten minutes, several guys sit in the police car, now my aunt is my sex slave.

I returned to my aunt, my aunt heard someone came in, I didn’t dare to move again. I slowly appreciated a aunt’s lascivious look, and then torn the rubber cover on my mother’s face. My aunt saw that I am, amazing can’t say it, my face has become pale, my body can not help but shake, I saw aunt like this, I can’t help but excite. I asked aunt who was insulted by the bad guy. She nodded did not speak, just looked at me, I thought she was afraid that I told the family to tell the family, and comfort my mother said that my mouth is very tight, I will not talk, I will not talk. Aunt, there is some peace of mind, and whispeizes me to unlock the wire.

I said it is better to take out the stockings first, pinch the tip of the sock, stimulate the aunt, and the prostitute has already led the stockings. My aunt, don’t pull again, I surely grab the two beautiful milk slowly, I wipe it with the semen on her face, telling aunt to make my sex slave, let me play, but I will Conservative secrets; otherwise, this look, etc., and I will pay the photos on the network. The aunt is low, I can’t help me, I grabbed the sock tip. The other hand’s fingers slowly insert aunt’s anus, because the anus is just inserted and it is relaxed, I will easily plug in, then one Pull the stockings, my aunt is stimulated by me.

I also pulled a few times, my aunt suddenly called, there was a water flow under the prostitute, and the stockings were too big to stimulate the aunt’s lascivious points. I actually saw aunt, I couldn’t help but very excited. I went down and slowly licked the urine next to my aunt. Then I went to the lascivious hole. Under my stimulus, my aunt’s prostitute slowly seep.

My aunt finally couldn’t hit my tongue attack, agreed to make love with me, but she didn’t do my sex slave. Anyway, people have already arrived, I will slowly tune my aunt again, I am unfolding my aunt, holding her to bed. Aunt is going to take a shower, I don’t agree, just two hands are swimming in my aunt, my aunt has to take me with her. In the bathroom, I enjoyed the aunt’s blowjob, and I was excited because my aunt’s lips were almost couldn’t help. After washing, my aunt puts on my picked stockings, lying on the bed, I am enjoying, blowjob, foot, sex, anal, and I have ejected a few times overnight.

The odor and Aqiang were also called, Aqiang also took Xiao Wen, Xiaowen was killed in front of them in front of them, and all the caves were inserted, and they were filled with them. Sewage. Aunt just gang rape, see Xiaowen’s stinky and Aqiang, can’t help it, when the two people have come over, but they don’t refuse, but still catering them.

After that, it turned into an odor and Aqiang, and I took aunt before and after I was connected, I was inserted with Xiaowen, and I went to the mastense of Aunt and the stinky gang rape. I couldn’t help but yell!

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