After graduating from college, I was assigned to a larger national institution in Hangzhou. In strict management and closed work environments, I have passed the two years, like every ordinary man, take a man introduced, love, marriage, and born. Sexual life is also unmounted, and there is a routine.

I met crystal in my 28th year old. In the spring of that spring, we just got a new project. He just entered the office a morning. Director introduced us new colleagues – crystals.

The age of the crystal is about 33 or four, the height is one meter six or six, the skin is very white, the hair and clothing are very particular, it is carefully modified, she belongs to the very eye-catching woman, see her, you are not self-owned Look at her a few eyes. Everyone went to hold hands with her, and the crystals have brought to everyone, I think she is a bit cold, I haven’t greeted her before. Later I listened to my colleagues behind my colleagues, I learned that the husband of Jingjing was a high-dry child in the army. It is often a car to pick up the car, and there will be a few points of taste.

With the development of the project, our contact gradually. Her work desk is opposite my oblique, and later I found that she sometimes seems to be unintentionally ignored. At that time, my understanding of the woman was still very beautiful, and I still stayed in the level of youthful girl, and I didn’t get in touch with this mature woman, but whenever I saw her tall full of fits, when I was shaking in front of me, There will always be a different feeling in my heart. When I went to work a day, I met her at the door of the office building. After he greeted each other, she asked me: “Do you live in the unit’s dormitory?” I said: “Yes.” She said: “Then you are very convenient to work!” I said: “It is mainly easy to go home. She laughed.

When she was on the floor, she walked in front of me, maybe I intend to let her walk in front. When the stairs were on the stairs, my eyes were completely attracted by her full of round buttocks. The crystal is a typical woman’s type of woman, but the butt is large, very round, and the rose, and the road to the butt is a few divits, very attractive. At that time, this round-fledged big butt was close, with the last stairs kept shaking in front of my eyes, my heartbeat accelerated, dry, I really want to touch the two semi-circular meat balls, women But the ass is so beautiful, so I can arouse my desire, I feel the first time. Since then, the location of the crystal has changed greatly in my heart.

A few days later, we went to participate in the volunteer plant. The people of each unit are separated, and our task is to flatly ground for nursery. The crystal is bent over, it is not more than one meter from me. At that time, the weather was already very warm. She wore a single pant that day, the cloth was very thin, and the spanks were very obvious. It clearly revealed that she was wearing a narrow rightener trousers, and the pants were embedded in the flesh of the ass. Two hemishes showed two ditchs, and it is fun again. I still have a heart to work, but I have a big ass that reached out, I was on the impulse, I was rushing to hugging her fat, and I really want to see her. What is the light of the buttock?

On the day of the first summer, we went to the user to talk about things, and it was going to go. After talking about it, the other party is very enthusiastic. If you want to use the car, you will send us because the car is small, and the five people are squeezed. Director is naturally sitting in front, we are squeezed in the back seat. I don’t know why, crystal saw that I sat on the left, she wrapped around, I also got on the left side, sat next to me. When she squeezes around me, I feel my own heartbeat. I wore a pink fine short-sleeved shirt that day, the neckline was very low, from my angle, I can see the cleansing from the neckline. The white flesh is coming out, and the shell is revealed, and it is also pink. . In fact, the weather is not hot, but I seem to have sweating. She didn’t talk to me after getting on the bus, just laughed, like it is unintentional, I am on me. Her shoulder is beautiful, full of fullness, soft and abnormal, that kind of comfort is difficult to suppress my heart. With the bumps of the wheels, our arms often touched together, her skin is white and lubricated, like a satin. I finally couldn’t help but, through the car’s shake, increased her strength, she seems to not be aware, not dodge, and pull the garment to pull, revealing a small half breast, of course, only from me Here you can see it. Just in my heart, when I thought about it, the car was brake. We couldn’t help but take it forward. Her hand grabbed my hand, I also held her hand. The car is open, I really can’t let go, she has not slipped away. Her hands are very soft, there seems to be no bones, holding it in hand. I secretly looked at her, I saw her two eyes looking at the window, it seems that her hand is not her. But when I increased, she also returned me and said she knows what I mean. In this way, I held her hand tightly, I haven’t released it again, my arm is also close to the meat. When I got off the bus, she held my hand tightly, and she didn’t go back. My heart is sweet, and there is a sense of loss that has never been there.

In the next two or three days, there are many work content, everyone is very busy, I can’t find a chance to talk separately and her. And she is also very deep, like anything, and other people say a laughter, it means that it means deeply eye-catching with others. Whenever I have a mess, my heart will happen, and there will be a fever on my face. I am laughing at myself, how do you like a middle school student? You can watch the full chest of crystal, round shoulders, and the tunda, the round buttocks come in front of me, my heart is full of desires, the little brother will suddenly stand up, I have to hurry. Sit down or turn it out. Finally on the fourth day, I went to the toilet to meet her in the corridor. I know that she can only spend a lot of lunch break every day, and now is a summer schedule, two hours in lunch break. I greeted her and looked at her straight, and my heart jumped. She also looked quietly and didn’t talk. I have a dry tongue, and the sound is hoarse, I am very eager to say: “Do you go to my house at noon?” She seems to have a little hesitant, take a little consideration, ask: “Do you live a few buildings?” I rushed. Out of the address. At this time, a shadow appeared on the corridor, she could not go to the office. When I returned to the office, she was not inside, and she didn’t see her in front of get off work. I am in a hurry, I can’t do anything, I haven’t gotten it, I will leave. Going home, her grass has eaten two things, starting anxious waiting. This is a difficult moment, I listened to the movement in the corridor, and I went to the door, waiting for a minute a minute.

Finally, the footsteps came from the corridor. I judged her because she was very heavy to the building, and I also opened her joke with her. Gently knock on the door outside the door, there are some allergies. I quickly opened the door, I saw her face, as peach blossoms, stood in front of the door, seeing her somewhat nervous, and some shy. I hurriedly invited her to enter the door, the two stood in the living room, I don’t know what to do for a while. I said: “I will give you a water!” She nodded.

When I came to the water, she is watching the photo placed on the cabinet. I put down the water, I can’t restrain the passion of my heart, helping the hand on the shoulders of her round. She didn’t have dodge and didn’t returned. She has a touch of aroma, there is still some wet, my heart is powerful, put it down, gently kiss her neck, when my lip is touched, my heart is completely drunk. Her breathing is rushing, leaning on my body. I took her over, and the two were slightly pair, hugging together.

I can’t remember it. I just remember that I was chaotic in my mind. I felt that her lips were very humid, very soft, the tongue explored in my mouth, her back is very rich, feel Extremely comfortable. I have never kissed it like a woman, holding her soft body, my chicken can’t hold it, and I am in the top of her lower abdomen, and I will take my lower abdomen hidden pain. She is also very excited, I am talking about my ear: “Let’s sit down, I can’t stand.”

While kissing on the sofa while kissing, my hand stretched in her clothes, I want to touch the long-awaited breast, she wore a thin breast, I touched the thin fabric. Jun soft meat. She kissed me and said: “Come, let me unlock it.” Speaking of the unlocked clothing and brass, and retreated. She is in front of my eyes, she quite a lot in front of me, saying: “Give you, touch it!” Her breasts are not very fat, but because people are full , The milk is large, round, very nice. The nipple is very small, like a cherry, weird is a little black, showing pink, and the uli is not big, very wonderful. I greedily touched, kissed, kept sucking, wrapped with nipples, one hand violently scratched, and another breast. The crystal is also very excited, her face is flush, sending a burst of 吟, one hand seizes me straight with my pants, I can’t stop pinching. My body is like fire, just want to desperately kiss her, kiss her, squeeze her, rub her, and she is soft like there is no bone, I understand what is soft if she is boneless, she is in addition to embarrassing I kissed me and said with a trembling voice: “I want to lie down.”

After we embracing on the bedroom. After I pulled the curtain, I took off my trousers three, and then I stood at the crystal necklace. She carefully took carefully on the chair, then unsatched her trousers without shy, and took off. Her two legs are very white, very full, wearing a small pink tripper, when she takes off the small trousers, the entire jade is presented in front of my eyes. The skin of the crystal is very white, very smooth, fatty ass, the waist and abdomen is very rich, each part is rounded curve, is very full, the sparse clouds can’t cover the blur of the drums, two thighs are coarse There is no gap between the legs, the knee is round, the calf is very well-known, the feet are also very beautiful, in short, her body is like the lady in the classical painting of Europe. I stood there to admire, the look of the eyes is definitely to swallow her. At this time, she told me why she said: “After got children, the belly is a little loose.” After you finish, she is lying on the bed, and the fork opens the legs, watching me: “Come, squat.” At that time, both eyes were fired. Under excitement, the body was a little trembling, hurriedly climbed up, pressed on her snow-filled flesh. Oh, I’m really soft, my body touch is a soft soft flesh, and that taste is a bit like Teng Yun. I kissed her nipple, shoulder, neck and lips, she closed her eyes comfortably, her voice is blamed, not that slight, but a mother who is deep, like estrus The beast is screaming: “Oh … oh …” Her eyes blurred, like crying, calling my name and wheezing, two hands kept in my back and chest. My cock has to explode. I don’t know how to get into the wet warm vagina. I feel that the cock in a hot quagmire is so soft, so smooth, then Loose, a little resistance is not, I stir into the plug in her, her full of yin like a thick meat pad, let me collide, the fantastic feeling is really unable to describe the language. She raised his waist, shouted, enjoy my impact.

This kind of situation is too exciting, I have never thought that a woman would like this, plus it is nervous, feeling like being dreaming, the result is not a few times. I am a bit stupid here, and I am annoyed and ashamed. She doesn’t seem to know that I have been shot, continue to twist, and then I found that I didn’t move, I opened my eyes and looked at me: “What’s wrong? Out?” I am embarrassed to nod. She laughed, holding my head, kiss: “Oh, you can really say:” What should I do? You haven’t comfortable. “She hugged me:” It doesn’t matter, “I have no relationship.” I am very comfortable, I have come once. You are really thick, bigger than my husband. “My mood stretched a lot, I took her to stroke. Because passion and tension have passed, I can observe and enjoy everything of this mature woman.

The crystal skin is white, and each part is rich, and the hand is soft and smooth. She told me a shower before going to get off work, and I didn’t see her. Her shoulder is very beautiful, there is no hair, I asked her to shave, she said that he was so sneak, I found that the sweat in her body was very fine, the hangup was very sparse, found to be full of yin. . The vaginal pink, very tender, unlike women who have been born with children. I touched her full buttocks: “Your body can be soft, squatting on a cotton bag.” She smiled: “How do you tell me like my husband.” She told me. ” Her husband is ten years old than him, and she is obsessed with her. I am afraid that she has any foregoing or ran. “In fact, I have never had this idea. After you see you, especially see you, heart Just moving, I don’t know how to let you kiss, let you hold. “She said softly in my ear. “What kind of eyes I am?” I smiled and asked. “A pair is to eat people, and it is not hidden.” She kissed me: “Let you kiss it.” I found that the crystal will be covered with people, she is tightly posted, Every inch of the skin is closely contacted with you, the body is soft, like a cotton, which is hard to be difficult. Her lower abdomen is very rich, the thigh is slightly thick, there is no gap after closer, even the vagina can’t see, the plump is a y-type, touching this rich body, soft and soft, feel very wonderful. Her fingers have sleepless, and their hands are very white, and it is very soft. She grabbed my dick to play, said: “How can you be so big? Just now! It feels like current, it is teathered, it is it, I know that the man’s nipple is also excited, and it is very sensitive. Under her caress, my cock is hard, it is quite a proudly there. She looked at me: “I still have younger, so I can do it soon.” I said: “Come, I want you to meet.” She lifted his body, bowing her head, kneadly, then sitting At my top, I took the hand to sit down, I felt that the cock was wrapped by a soft slippery meat. It turned out that her vagina was wet, and later I found out Her vagina is always wet, she said that I will go out of water, and a hug will make her moist. After she swallowed my dick, she started to move upside down, I took the hand in her waist, it was very useful. She suddenly squatted on me, the vaginal began to horing my glans, and the faster, her waist is a very quite, the vagina is constantly shrunk, very rhythmic and skill, she is very powerful, she The snoring also got bigger, and later her frequency is getting faster and faster, just like a dry force, I have a roughness, and I will issue a “呜呜” called. I am surprised and excited, I have never enjoyed such a wonderful sexual intercourse, and I have never seen such a crazy woman in bed, and even a little scared at the time. I saw her face, the hair was also chaotic, flowing with sweat, two big white breasts kept shaking in front of my eyes, I didn’t think of a woman who had a usual, so madness, this exciting and Surprise cannot be expressed in language. Her vagina is like a mouth and keeps swallowing my cock. Later I knew that her blowjob was also very technically. It turned out that a woman can also “fuck” men, and let the man so comfortable. Suddenly her vagina contracted, my glans suddenly felt a warmth, she hit me tightly, holding my cock tightly, I also a burst of meal, my mind dizzy, two hands tightly Her two fat buttons, dicks force up top, semen sprayed. This time, we have reached a climax at the same time. After the climax passed, she didn’t move in me. I also weak, there was no sense of knees, this is the pleasure and enjoyment of sexual intercourse I have never experienced. We embraced deeply to sleep … When we woke up, we have arrived in the afternoon. I have to get it simple to wash. She has been touching her breast when she dressing. She also makes me touch it until I go out. Take a button before. We both hug, hug, her lips are soft, kissing is also very technically, making my dicks and hard. …

At noon the second day, I was washing the dishes for lunch. Suddenly I heard the knock on the door. After opening the door, it turned out to be the crystal station outside the door. I am surprised and strange. When I was going to work in the morning, I met on the side. She didn’t say it, then I got to contact the work, I didn’t expect that she ran itself. She puffed into the door, I took the gas and said: “After returning to our hammer yesterday, our monk turned in my mind. Today, I can’t see you, I can’t do it, I can’t stay at the office, I will not stay at the office. I ran it. “I kissed her:” This I can seek it. “Said that my hand has already reached into her clothes, unlocking her breasts, and start attacking the soft meat ball.

Entered the bedroom, three two we were naked, I held her full and soft flesh, two hands kept touching the fat butt, bowing her nipple, she took the head back, start moan. I put her down in bed, no feet, and the dick stuck was slid into her, she had a wet vagina. Her vaginal who has been born is not very tight, but it is too comfortable, relaxing, plugging in a little resistance, there is no need to put it inserted, vertical and horizontal, do whatever you want, very enjoyable. Due to yesterday’s experience, it is no longer surprised by her bed, just very stimulated, plus her flesh cotton average body, there is a feeling of immersing in the ocean in sensuality. I picked up, shameless and her full of yin, I sent out “啪” sound, her yoquor is very much, inserted in, I will send it like a bare feet to step on the mud. “叽” Sound, plus her bed sound, the kind of stimulus can not be described, and I vent it in advance. This time she also had experience, moved his body, wipe my dick, and started to blow it for me. I am the first time to enjoy a woman for me, she contains my dick, with one hand to help, first quickly, she is very skillful, the tongue is very powerful, stirred again, focus It is a glans. Every time I have almost all of the dicks, the soft hands followed up and down, the power is just right, make my heart like a feathered feathers gently, not a few, the purple big cock Stand up. She looked at the difference, she couldn’t wait to sit on me, align the dick to the vagina, but the butt, the big cock has swallowed into her. So she started to horing, still so crazy, I saw that the accumulation of the accumulation now burst out now, her waist kept horing, both hands also touched my nipple, my most sensitive three In her spent, fortunately, I just lost my attention. Now I can stick to her back, and I observe her crazy and lascivious expression.

Her waist touched, very powerful, her face showed almost painful expressions, loudly: “Oh … oh …” The voice is getting bigger and bigger, I feel her Yinfu is with my dramatic friction, The vaginal tempression and shrinking are getting faster and faster, “Ah … ah …” She screamed, squatting on me, I estimate that she went to the climax, just put the dick up, she hit me tightly I keep the kiss and the sensuality. After a few minutes, I saw that she was a little calm, asked her: “How?” She point: “It’s good!” I got it, turned her, squatting her soft flesh Inserted, she also lifted the waist fit. I got a bit, I didn’t add addiction, I stood up and let her kneel in bed, pick up my butt, I am inserted from behind, she obeys the land, I still have to touch my nipple, I have two hands. The waist, meat, and convenient and comfortable, put it into her, extremely enjoyable. One of my hands can also take out her breasts, because of her rich, my hand can catch up. I looked at her white fat buttocks, and I took soft breasts and flesh waist, listening to her lascivious squat and “”, the glans felt hot hot The meat clamping, I couldn’t hold it again. I finally squatted on her, and the hands were tightly grabbed her two fat milk, screaming loudly, shot out.

This time, I am very enjoyable, and exhausted. I took her lying there and quietly touched her round shoulder and smooth back. At this time, I remembered that she asked her: “Why don’t you notify me? What is my wife is at home?” She is a bit embarrassed: “I don’t know what is going on, I want to do it again, I can’t help but I can’t help it. I’m going to run. I think about it. If your wife is at home, I said to find a wrong door. “I touched her wet percussion:” You are a very kind woman? “She nodded:” I don’t know, I don’t know it. After the child, my husband discovered. He said that he couldn’t pay me at all. “I said:” Where is your bed? “She reached out my dick:” I don’t know, it seems to be natural It will be. “I pinched her breast:” You are really a natural bed. “She looked at me:” How are you old and my husband said the same. “I said:” You have to come often, I It has been inseparable from you! “She kissed me:” Ok, we do this, do not affect the other family. “I touched her, and touched her fat.:” Your ass is so beautiful, it’s big and round, it’s so white, let me kiss. “Said, I climbed over her big white buttocks. “Is my ass to be too fat?” She asked on the side. “No, just, your ass is too attractive, I have long want to see what it looks like this, holding it like this.” She touched my head: “I blame my husband, I have been forced me to eat contraceptives. He is easy to do, you can take my ass to eat more and more, the meat is more and more. “It turned out that it was not afraid that she was shooting inside, I think this is like preparing for me. of.

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