This story happened in a university in Heilongjiang, China. This is a university, so many girls are also very beautiful. Boys hope to admit this university. I am talking about the five new students in the art. The five freshmen who lived in the room were Yunnan Ma Jie, Zhejiang Wang Xue, Li Qian in Sichuan, Guangdong Liu Mei, and Hunan’s Bai Na.

They are students of the artistic dance profession, and their arrival causing a small fluctuation in the school. The reason why they are too beautiful, Ma Jie high 1 meter 67 big eyes long hair white skin heirlys too sexy towering jade milk, slender legs, round hips, Wang Xue is a lady 1 Mi 65 black shoulders long hair, the charming wine vortex, the melon face is not so sexy but also bumps, Li Qian is the most short one of them only 1 meter 62 but definitely two huge breasts, The thick buttocks of fat, let the boulder live, Liu Mi is a vast body of the horses, the white body, Bai Na is a typical sophisticated beauty, the same skin 1 meter 70 high Dan Feng Eye sexy lips Enthusiasm … The first day of the next day, the next day, the Southern September was still very hot at 12 o’clock, Ma Jie was awakened by a low breath, and heard the second sister Bai Na kept ground. For her, this sound is cooked, because she is often doing … masturbation, yeah, she didn’t get it in a few days, and I didn’t have to breathe. I am getting bigger and bigger. Five young girls are doing the same thing. 302 rooms have a gas, they are getting bigger and bigger, and the big sister suddenly talks. “Sisters we open the lights?”


The five girls have homogeneous, the lamp opens the spring of the house to make each man jumped acceleration, five girls all do not hang, a variety of moves, one offended, thin fat, every person is red Spring love …

The big sister said softly: “Start”

A white tenderness of the thigh is not twisted, seeing the Whitena lact to bed, the slim, the waist, the thigh is trying to separate a white and slender little hand in the genitals, and the other handed the grape size The nipples, on the dark red big labipings on her downholus, and the appended clitoris has been separated from the foreskin.

“Ah … ah … Oh … Oh … really comfortable …”

Looking at Ma Jie in the bed, the white tender buttocks put the fingers in the mouth, put on the mouth with a saliva and deep inserted small honey, with the slender tender refers to a lot of The prostitution flows out of the small anal chrysanthemum mouth, a breath with her, “… 呜 … dumb … Yeah …”


Wang Xue’s personality is very quiet, and does not give others so exaggeration of her jade legs lying on the bed. The two fingers have twisted the most, the thigh, the anus, the bed linen, the bed linen, They all flow her love, see her white face, generous, shameless, a pair of charming eyes are half closed, and the slings are kept to add their lips, and the long hair of shoulders are shared on the shoulders. Because of exciting body sweating, “Ah … ah … Oh … Oh … Oh … Oh … Oh …”

It is said that Li Qian and Liu Mi have been stroke in a bed, and the face of the two people is wrapped together, and the face of the mouth is full of two full breasts and two hands. The sound of “叽 咕” is issued in the vagina.

“Oh … Oh … Oh … ah … ah … ah … ah … Sister … Sister … I am fine … Hello … to … in deep … deep …”

This performance has been … until late night … Time I really turned to the 11th placement 7-day holiday, most students got home, 302 hostel, only Li Qian, one person, I have bored one. People on the street, in a afternoon, she knows a boys – the wind is speechless, he is with her, is a handsome man, that is, I have been taken after a day, we are in the city’s largest five-star Level hotel, XX hotel rented a room …

In the room, I sat on the sofa and smoking. I watched the beautiful sexy girl. I thought I didn’t expect that I can have this bright blessings. Today, Li Qian wears a white tribute under dark red short skirt black long leather boots. After the white jacket took off his black tights, we said that Li Qian is the most sexy in five girls, but seeing black tight-fitting bag with two big exit fat milk, “I will take a shower first.” She is sweet and sighted for me …

“Good … ok …”

“You wash it again”, after Li Qian went to the bathroom, he put the aphrodisiac in our drinks, which is easy to play today …

When I took a shower, Li Qian had been drinking a drink and lying on a big soft bed. I am naked with a kiss together, and the girl adds her to me with a skilled incense tongue. Our tongue twisted together with each other’s saliva. Just Li Qian is very sensual but still the first time and the man kissing, smelling the taste of the mature man, adding his tongue, “Ah … ah … Oh … Oh … Uncle I want …”

Looking at such a beautiful girl like a silk, breathing is urgent, spring tide, I first kiss a pair of beautiful little feet in the feet, white and white crystal clear, the toes are uncomfortable, I have a girl’s toe to keep the whole tolerance The feet have been added, followed by the calf to the thigh, the girl has been added to the mouth, I have pulled the girl’s fiber, and a green onion is in the mouth. .

After a kiss, I put my eyes on the big breast of the girl’s chest. Oh, too beautiful, two small mountains like white buns, big gap, pink purple grapes size nipples have hard erection, I didn’t expect 20-year-old girls to have such a big … too beautiful, good … Li Qian waist breasts and nipples are so big … I put it on the girl’s breasts to add a big bite …

“Ah … ah … ah … ah … Oh … Oh … Oh … Oh …” The girl made a charming embarrass, “Good brother … you added me … so comfortable … ah …” … “

The miracle happened, after a burst of excitement, the girl’s breasts changed the more uli, and the 4/1 nipples of the whole breast were proudly standing, watching the girl’s genital dark red big lips. The meat has been opened, and the peanuts have already raised the girl’s lower body, and my tits are biting on the clitoris of the labé. The girl has a kiss, the jade is not stopped, and the gossip is so many words “good … good people … you killed me! I can’t do it … good people … you don’t stop … Ok? To … it is … Oh … Oh … Oh … ah … ah … Yeah … Yeah … Yeah … “I know that the more girl’s water flows, the more I entered it.

“Good … brother … you can fuck me … fast …”

I saw the time has arrived, the mucus flowing out of the pensished bungee is grinding slowly in the moment. Li Qian will be a mature girl, although it is a virgin, but because she often masturbates, she is quickly inserted into the penis.

“Ah” girl is called, “Okay … good … Really … your dick … fast … Oh … Oh … Oh … ah … ah … ah … Yeah … Yeah … Yeah … “

As the big penis has been in a small ladle, the small hole is slippery and tight, it is too comfortable. The girl also vigorously stopped the fat buttocks.

“叽 …” “Looking at the small gates of such young girls, too excited, I don’t know, I can’t help it, a burst of madness.

The girl also sprayed a lot of hunquin, “Oh … Oh … Oh … Ah … ah … good people … you are necrosis, I am too comfortable” We both reached a climax.

Wang Xue is a quiet girl. She is not good for saying, not good interaction, is a good student who is a teacher who is popular. She is specially practicing the national dance, but I can secretly fall in her heart, since Li Qian put her with me and I love her love. Speaking in detail, after listening to this five girls, Xiao Wang Xuexin has been ticking, I want to taste the taste of the man, she also wants to give me the first time, soon this opportunity is coming …

The drifting of Wang Xue was shining at this night, I lived in my single dormitory in the school dormitory, Dangdang. “Who?” I asked.

“Oh! It is me”

“Oh! It turned out to be a small snow! Come, please come”, I live in the two rooms and one hall is unrelenting but very clean, I will let her enter the living room, “Do you have anything about Xiaoxue?”

“Oh … no … I will see you”

“Oh! Thank you, you drink tea”

The two sat down and started to talk, talked for a while, Wang Xue used the charming big eyes to watch me silently said: “Are you silent? You want … I can accompany you …”

Said that she was ashamed, a ninety-year-old girl could say this, must have a lot of courage.

“Oh! Thank you, but I can’t, I am your classmate!”

“Do you see me beautiful?”

At this time, I carefully looked at my face to see her shawl’s long hair covered half of the low-mouth face. The deep gray dress of the fit was released by her curve: the two groups of milk slammed the servant in the chest, the waist Ying Ying, the hip of the fat is slightly opened, and the two jade legs that are densely wearing the meat-colored stockings are slightly outward, and the hips are easily lightly refined from time to time.

“How beautiful girl, Snow You can really be with me? …” When I said, my voice was a little trembling. “Well!” The girl said softly, then got up to go to the bedroom, and looked back and looked at me and said: “Ok, you can’t come in?”

“Oh … I am coming …”

When the house is suddenly spring, I see Wang Xue slowly pulling down the skirt chain after hips, bent down the short skirt, then the light jade leg pulls out the skirt.

I have a big breath, and I have a little urgent: it’s so beautiful! I saw her two rich thighs were tightly sleeved in the legs. The socks of the socks were inserted into the meat. The purple dark bristles were translucent!

If you can see the dark and thick, Yin Mei, the shackles are absent, the big lips are abnormal, and the red trousers are full of trousers, and it is full of slutty fluff. The narrow tribe can only barely cover the girl’s fleshy, he swallowed the water, the girl saw the expression of the people, the expression of the people was encouraged. She slowly turned, and the fat butt offeit peeling the shame Answer underwear.

I low-headed, watching the girl’s hips: ah, it is very tight! The asshole is caught almost invisible with two flaps, and the big flesh ass.

I saw her taking off her high heels turned to bed girl reaching out sleeve little hand demon to unwind the door of the shirt. She was still on the side, and the white bra bagged the shake of the double breast into my eyes. She poured a small mouth, and she smiled and looked at her breast. Guide me to unlock the bra.

I trembled his hands to unlock the girl white breasts, a strong breast trembling presented in front of him, smooth, snow, the peak of the peak, a pair of delicate nipples with Wang Xue’s breathing.

“It’s beautiful !!!” I am admired, my hands touched the breast.

The girl was shy hugged him warm, and the lot of the peaks took his chest.

The fascinating aroma of the girl stimulated him to let him intoxication, I gently pushed the Snow: “My beauty, let me touch”

She didn’t dodge this time, but she was ashamed on my shoulder, whispered: “You are tap”

I carefully go to touch, and the girl is invisible to the whole body and shake it. I quickly asked: “Do you have anything about Snow?”

She doesn’t answer, but I kiss my ears with a soft lips, my face and my mouth. Her sluggish tongue kept adding Xia Tao’s neck, after a kiss, she began to open my breast, guide me to the grass between her legs, and put her Hand touched the crotch that I had already tall tall, gently pinched for a while, her hand hesitated and pulled his pants chain, slender small hand, knead down my underwear, my penis The red strip jumped out, the girl Monk’s eyes down, bite her lips, watching her, said: “You are big!”

Said that the girl fell in bed, see her half a pretty face was folded, the head is on the side, the eyes are smashed into a slightly staring at the big chicken bar mouth, the mouth spilled out some mouthwater, tumble Two red nipples on both latexes have long been standing, like a flower bud that is insect, is up and down with a hurricane.

Although her lower abdomen is flat, it is relocated by excited and irregularly. Then, a thick black incapacity extends to the triangle of the two legs, gently moved the two large labipings, and the pink flesh in it will be vaguely revealed, because wet, already reflected under the light. Light light.

I urged it, I couldn’t help but I still have. I didn’t hang the eagle, like the eagle, the chicken was pressed against the body of Xiaoxue, kept kiss her mouth, neck and breasts, and separated the girl’s thigh with legs, but the butt and rushed up and down. The hard big cock stopped around, and he took the small belly in the small snow for a while. After a while, he played a “,” sound.

Xiao Xue is a bit like a blush, and I scream in my mouth. I smoke my eyes. “Silent, good brother, your snow can’t stand … Fast … fast … come”

She reached out and smashed my dick to her flesh, and my glans could feel the girl’s clitoris. The girl’s voice suddenly got high, some breathing. She rapidly swayed his glans and rub her smea, and she sounded. I slammed the penis, the glans took the meat peak, slipped to the meat hole and drilled in.

“Ah … Oh … um … Hey … ah …”

Looking at the two white tender rising breasts jitter up and down. I can’t help but reach it, I touched her two highly high nipples, and her humming pulled a lot, like a serious illness. “No … I … I can’t stand it! … Ah … ah … ah … Oh … Oh … oh … oh …”

I used to move my lower body on the side of her two slightly open red cherry, deeply kiss. I kissed my two scent on the lips and kissed her cheeks, eyes, ears, pink neck, hair, breasts …

It is very gentle and soft to her tongue tongue. It’s like eating oleas to get rid of the mouth, and I have a breather with each other, and I will suck the other’s saliva. She is soft and white. Holding his neck, and put his soft incense on his face, fine willow waist catering his departure, a burst of fragrance and body fragrance smokes, such as It’s awkward.

My move is getting faster and faster, I will have a “咕唧!”咕唧 ‘very beautiful, exciting sound, I also looked at the pure beauty under the dick while I was puffed.

Xiaoxue also looked at my love and said: “Good brother, do you love me?”

“Love … I love you too much, beauty”

The girl only feels the whole body, a pleasure of pleasing with big cocks, poured from the lower abdomen, from the lower abdomen.

“Oh … oh … ah … ah … Oh …? … Ok … Ye … Yeah … Yeah … Yeah … His brother … brother … brother …”

With a sudden shock, the sweetness of the sweetness in her mouth came out. She flipped into his mouth and encouraged him, moisturizing him, and the love liquid in the small hole out of the body and the moiety of the two people and the small abdominal hair.

Since I just didn’t have a long time, so I quickly reached the climax, a lot of semen shot to the uterus of the girl.

At the same time, the small snow vagina is a large amount of sour and hurts.

“Oh … ah” I am tired of sleeping ………

I don’t know how long … she woke up, slowly opened the show, when she saw the physical strength of the arms, I thought I just saw a big boy struggled to sprint with myself. When the peak scene, the face showed a smile, gently kissed the scholar.

I woke up, I saw the shymestity of her pear flowers. I gently tightened her snake sample full of vitality, with their own hand and gently touched the infinite gentleness of her smooth jade back Thoughtful look, laugh, “Snow, my beauty, I love you.”

The passion has just remembered the scene at the time, I feel that my face is burning, and said that it is extremely shy softly: “Good speechless, good brother, sister snow also loves you.” At the same time, the pulse Hold her soft and tender body, shy and unlimited to drill the head in my breast.

But under my enthusiastic kiss and strokes, her body quickly burned up again, and kissed me enthusiastically, and used my double-slim jade hand to hold my dick, gently set up, and still Put it intimately on the pink face, gently squat, take a big dick with a light of encouraging and reward, and put the red and bright, the bright spirits in the mushroom Print a kiss.

My big cock gradually woke up in her gentle caress, from the sparse-lunned Mao, showed a red-purple meat stick, the meat stick is not only long, but it is thick, especially the glans, As the ball is as large as the ball, the edge of the red crystalline has a high eubaile blew, looks at the spring heart, the eye is like a silk, so that the beautiful girl is dry, the lower body is illegal, and her snow is quiet, and the face is full of red face. Reversing youthful atmosphere.

I know that the girl around me wants again. I bowed to the girl’s genitals, and I don’t hesitate to extend the tongue. The tongue is slightly sweeping a few times, and it is straight to the side of her two legs.

“Hey! Good brother”

Wang Xue is still the first time, I sailed a little bit of meat beans in the girl with my tongue, and I went back to a few girls. “You … you … the tongue of you … there is … Child … people … can’t do a good brother … Crisp … Crisp … Hey … Hey … you … you want to … Want to live … Well “

I looked at Wang Xue in my head, she was holding on his head, and the other hand came to pick up the two breasts that were intoxicated.

“Don’t … Don’t stop”, the girl said, “Good brother …” said that he was soon called. I will continue to latency, listen to the little snow, I will reach out, I will touch her round butt, then take the buttock, brush the anus, and come to the meat mouth. You can feel that Xiao Wang Xue’s ass and the thigh will hick immediately. I put it softly with my hand, inserted a point in the meat.

“Ah …” The girl squatted straight.

The finger is surrounded by a creepy meat hole, tight, very comfortable. I touched my fingers, and the sound of the water came out. Xiaoxue began to be embarrassed, I put the girl and waited for him. This time I can face her white buttocks and fingers.

“Well … um … … …” She has started to take the initiative to shake his ass, and we will welcome the action of my fingers around and rear.

I hand to help the penis to open the glans in the meat, gently rub. The girl is excited right away, and the buttocks will go to the ribs.

“Ah … good”

I accelerated the speed of the throne, more and more mucus in the girl, the black meat stick is in this, and the head of Wang Xue is back, leaning on his shoulders, the lips are wet and bright red, slightly open呻声 呻: “Ah … good … so comfortable … You are really awesome … I really want to be Yong … I am like this … Ah … no more … I don’t … I don’t come out, We … we will go … go to the classroom … “Xiao Xue said badly.

I pushed her to get rid of her white buttocks, and the bow waist adjustment angle, slowly pumping the penis to the hole.

Wang Xue was long: “Ah … don’t …” The voice did not fall, I went back, “Hey … Hey”, the girl “哟”, the words are blocked, only Left is 叽剩.

In order to let the penis plus deeper, I will put the girl’s butt egg to the two sides, revealing the mouth of the meat, and then pulls up.

“Ah … ah … ah …” Snowy asked him with the rhythm of him, supported his hands on the quilt, no, shaking before and after stopping, brow, wrinkled, small mouth.

“Good sister, brother … The cock is thick … thick … long? Long … hard … Hard … The brother is good?”

“… fuck … ah … exercise … Operation … good … ah … big … big dick …”

I really didn’t think that such a quiet girl was playing so waves, “You are really waves, the snow, you are really waves.”

“I hate … bad speech, not you get … … ah, oh oh …”

I feel the impulse of ejaculation and slow down immediately. The girl understands what I mean, but deliberately stepped up the ass, left and right, want me to take it.

I looked at her and biting my lips. I took a look at her butt. Take a soup with water.

“Oh …… do …… do not pull out.” Snow turned around to grip my cock, “I beg you.”

In fact, my meat stick has been rising, just to bear. Girl Saolang look like, finally could not resist her by the bed, the cock again into her Roudong years. Since the added strength of my own weight when the cock jacking into the exceptionally deep. The girl is doing dizzy, light mouth does not say anything, and finally stuffed into his mouth with both hands from the bedspread more than a whimper. Girl meat wall began to tightly grip my cock, increasing the strength of contraction, thus thrusting what each will have a dumb current along the spine through my body. Finally, I cried repeatedly hum accelerated pace.

Snow knew he was quick shot, and quickly counterassaulted take my ass to make semen shot inside her, I simply fell on her, tightly inside the top of the cock, let semen Kuangpen.

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