Chapter 1 World Champion

The second chapter is rushing to retreat

Chapter III Fate Enemy

Chapter 4 Mining Red Whole

Chapter 5 Life and Decent Division


Chapter 1 World Champion

Niu Dehua, a low head, just avoiding the high speed ball flying. But the high-speed air flow driven by the ball has also left a blood mark on him. Metal cricket hit on the transparent alloy wall of the stadium, and immediately rebounded to Niu Dehua immediately. Niu Dehua is half-air, there is no effort, and it is necessary to be hit by the lead. His opponent’s heart is laughing, and the ball he emits is based on precision laser ballistic, and it is helpful for the help of the ultra-micro military computer that has just been transformed in the chest. The speed of gravitation has increased to 600 space in speed. If it is directly hit, it will make a big hole on the body. The audience stands tense. Some girls have screamed, some people have dizzy.

(Note: The transparent alloy is in the second year of the second century. It is an epoch product. After the transparent alloy is invented, it completely replaces glass, which is an indispensable essential for remote space boat.)

Niu Dehua’s handsome face is a dead gray, he knows that it is too late to dodge; he has completely lost his position under the violent attack of the opponent. Today’s opponents are too strong. Accurate calculation and fast movements have been controlled in the morning. He loses loses, there are several times in fact, it is purely luck to avoid the opponent’s attack.

He remembers the coach to talk to him before the game: “Today’s opponent is the Titans Group’s players, there has been an unbeatened record for 12 consecutive games; according to the information, 55% is the mechanic!” “” “” 55%? So many? “Niu Dehua couldn’t touch the right hand, in fact, not only right hand, his feet is also mechanical, the body’s mechanical ratio is 25%. But for professional gravitational players, this is a low proportion.

He can’t lose today! Can’t lose! He must win this game, there is a qualified challenge team, and participate in this year’s championship. In order to defend the champion, he must win today!

Niu Dehua’s eyes are unable to avoid it, and the flying is not just gravitational ball, and it is also the hug of the dead. Under the shadow of death, his heart suddenly flashed a spiritual light. I saw him twisted, actually using an angle to high-speed gravitational ball. A loud nozzle of “Boom”, the super-gold mechanical legs are hit by the gravitational ball to smash. However, the speed of gravitation is also slow; and the moment of this electro-optical stone is that Niu Dehua immediately pushed on the ball, and the direction of the ball changed to the opponent. His opponent will not be able to sacrifice a leg, and it is too late when it is flying to the eyes. The gravitational ball is like a shell, and he has smashed his belly, and he broke out a lot of blood flowers. He fleated on the wall of the ball and dying. It seems that he has to “rest” a long time in the hospital.

The spectators have been watching, they are fully attracted by the dramatic changes in these seconds. Everyone stayed for a few seconds, the auditorium broke out a burst of cheers: “Niu Dehua … Niu Dehua …”

Niu Dehua raises his hands, proudly accepts the audience’s cheers, as if he said: “I am the best!”

Gravitational ball is the most popular sport of the third year, let Sunray first introduce it. The rules of the game are very simple, that is, hit the ball in the opponent. The stadium of the gravitational ball is a large round ball with a diameter of 20 meters, usually manufactured in a transparent alloy, and there is no gravity in the round ball. The player is divided into two sides and turns the ball to each other. The opposition can dodge, let the ball hit the wall and rebound; or change the ball in any part of the body, but not let the ball stop. The ball used by the gravitational ball is equipped with a built-in ion power accelerator, and the number of hit walls is gradually accelerated. The humps in the game, the faster the ball is, sometimes can even reach the sound. At this time, it is not possible to contact the body with a purely dodge.

At first gravitational balls are not a social sports, with the ball is a soft fiber ball. Even if the ball hits, it will not be seriously damaged. But later, it has become a professional competition, and the built-in powerful super gold ball is used. Once the ball is hit by the body, the ball is non-death. But people love this kind of bloody sport, and professional gravitational players have become the highest expensive athletes. Migrant companies strive to sponsor the motion of gravity, plus the heat promotion of the media, and the gravitational ball has become a popular movement in the Dayang system. The annual championship is more important.

Although the professional gravitational player is popular, it is not that everyone can compete. Because of the powerful destructive power of the gravitation ball, many players were disabled. The ball will then introduce the new stage, and accept the player who has been transferred to the mechanical body. With a semi-mechanical ball participation, the ball is more intense. With mechanical assistance, the action of the players can be faster and more accurately; can also accept higher spherical speed. Many players have given up the machine body in order to improve the strength.

Niu Dehua is taking advantage of the long legs of Ni Ni, and unrecognizes the mask into her beautiful flesh. Nii issued a happy and painful. He used the perfect breasts that accused, and the body did not stop in her. Singunic mouth is satisfied in the mouth, and a scattered blond hair is shaking. Niu Dehua’s left hand mentioned the thigh of Ni Ni, and the mask is more inserted into the narrow meat hole. Si Ni is slightly waist, she is going to be out. This field love is the third time tonight, and it has continued all hours, what forms have tried it. Since she is a bit numb. Xia Nijiao Pant: “I … I am going to die … Yeah … stop … stop …” Niu Dehua is not angry, still inserting it. Ni Ni saw his blood red eyes, and he didn’t use it again. Only when you bite your teeth. Finally, Niu Dehua’s whole body, shot a large number of yang, and fell in the jade body of Ni Ni. Ni Ni pushed the Niu Dehua on his body, and then docile in his arms. She loves this man too much! Niu Dehua is tired, soon entering dreams. Tell him to see him sleep, and then climb it up and went into the toilet to clean. Her lower body collapsed, full of dried semen and prostitute, petals were red. Niu Dehua is particularly mad today, and Ni knows that he must have worry. Whenever his heart is dry, it will be like a pretty bull.

Take the sun into the shower, “warm water!” She told the computer housekeeper to open the warm water. Niki enjoys the warm water, and the shower is full of water vapor. She stroked the beautiful body of slippery, and the past was always in his heart.

(Note: In the third century, most people have transferred ultrasonic waves. Using ultra-high-frequency slogging to flush the dirt on the body, do not have to be wet. It has become a luxury product with water. Only a few have Money can enjoy it.)

For five years, their first time is the evening of the two-year Dehua to win the school gravitational play champion in Jutchi University. That night, she will give him a woman. After that, Dehua was seen by the self-care group, and they invited Niu Dehua with high prices to join their gravitational team. In the first year, Dehua has been a peaks, and obtains the annual contest championship for the Self-care Group. Self Niu Dehua has become the most popular athlete, and his handsome face is more popular. But he only has a woman, it is Ni Ni.

(Note: Cambridge and Niuqiao University are the two most famous academics in the month. It has always been a comprehensive competition in academic and sports, and it is necessary to overwhelm the opponent, become the best university in the moon.)

Niki remembers Dehua first lost his right hand. At that time, I almost scared the Ni Ni, and his right hand was hit in the game, and the whole arm was taken away, and it could not save. Dehua also needs to be here for three months, and the heart is going to end. Sleeping in his side, she was still worried, but it was a bit fortunate. Maybe you can withdraw from the highest peak, it is the best to Dehua! However, the company has installed the robot for him, and the sue will relax the stage. Finally, Dehua returned to the gravitational ball and continued to rise on the court, once again seized the champion throne that year. Confident, it is a bit disappointing in secret.

Following the left foot …. follow the right foot … The horror memories of a scene, I am in the heart of Ni Ni. If she gave her, she will choose to retire. Anyway, the money earned in these years is enough to live very much.

But Dehua can’t put down, he has invincible since he has, and it is a champion in five years. But this two years, the opponent is getting more and more powerful. Niki is known, gravitational players have become a competitive tool for large groups, become a test site of artificial limbs and military weapons. High-tech people do limbs have become the necessary components of the player. Dehua cherished the body or cherished, but others were different. For example, today’s opponent, in addition to the limbs, the eyes are also replaced with an electronic eye, and the brain is more embedded. It is simply half a mechanic, which is purely for the game. Si Ni is afraid that one day, Dehua will turn this, she dares to think again.

The second chapter is rushing to retreat

“Dehua! I have already known! Next week’s champion final, your opponent is the Royal Girie, the Otgan Group!” Niu Dehua’s coach took a virtual daily. Si Ni is laughing with Niu Dehua, and cuts apple skin for him.

“Leon?” Dehua remembers this name: “Is he not dead?” Li Lie is the only person with sufficient strength to challenge him. The championship battle in the past few years is the battle of their two. Dehua remembers a year of gravitational ball to shoot his chest when the finals have been used in the finals.

A stereoscopic image appears in the virtual newspaper. “No! After he was defeated by you, the company saved him with high technology. And changed the artificial heart for him. According to the information, his mechanical ratio is 70%.”

“70%?” Ni Ni shocked: “Is it still a person? How can the Said will accept him?” The Li Lian on the three-dimensional image is indeed like a person! It is full of exposed mechanical instruments.

The coach said: “The subporation news said that the Oro Group used a high-priced committee to increase the proportion of the acceptable mechanical.”

“Dehua, with his mechanical proportion! And you are said that they still have a secret weapon, not as good as …” The coach looked up, I was worried. “No!” Niu Dehua decided. “When the last time and his game, his mechanical proportion was higher than me. It is not a defeated in my hand? This time, I have to play anyway!”

“So do you have consideration of the proposal of the Boss?” The coach suddenly remembered that Ni Ni was present, and immediately fell. Dehua also suddenly silently.

“What?” Sui Ni felt a bit wrong, she shakes Dehua’s arms.

“Dehua, tell her! She has the right to know …”

“I know!” Dehua drunk him and did not let him continue.

“What is the matter? Tell me!” Sui Ni has an ominous sign.

Dehua grabbed her arm: “Come, we go outside.”

The coach looked at them, he looked at the three-dimensional photo of Leidian in the virtual daily, and he felt his head. If Gu Dehua is still so stubborn, this will lose this time.

Dehua and Ni Ni sit on the air cubbing car and flying toward the suburbs. On the way along the way, Niu Dehua does not send. From his dignified face, Ni Ni knows that this is very serious.

The air cushion drifts the dome city and stops on the top of the mountain. Directly from the sunlight, in the third century, it is a luxury and dangerous thing. In the atmosphere without ozone layer, the universe ray storm that happened at any time is fatal!

“Ni Ni, I should inherit you! After winning this time, I will retire. It will move with you to the calm life in the satellite city, ok?”

Ni Ni couldn’t afford to believe his ears. She was excited to fell in Dehua, and he sent a kiss.

Dehua looked up at a blue sky, the lines on the face like falcon: “The company wants me to increase the proportion of mechanical, what do you think?” Dehua said nothing.

Si Ni is a shock: “Your … Hand? But your hand is not injured, why …?” Her voice is trembling.

“Ni Ni … Not just a hand …” Dehua said the boss and the very unknown but extremely wretched man’s speech.

“This is a bio-computer, which uses human own sensory system to constitute a super computer. It can overclock over frequently increased human sports nerves, faster than today’s most powerful military computer. It is the relic of the ancient fire star civilization, no price treasure.”

“This is a prohibited product, but the company has been purchased. As long as it is installed, then improve the mechanical proportion, you will be invincible!”

“The recent results have been greatly better, then continue, this year’s champion must not hope. The company is not the first word, your value is finished.”

“Come on, install this bio computer, there is no harm to you.”

“Of course, this biochemical computer has a slight side effect. It will replace your sexual neuronal response system, simply, you will lose sexual desire forever. Little things a pile, is it?”

“What do you think about it! Do you want to lose a loss on the court? Can you tolerate every glory? Let’s make your mind!”

“No!” Tsing Ni’s tears won. She rushed on the back of Dehua and hit him tight. “impossible!”

“Sai Ni, if I don’t accept the transfer, I will lose!” Dehua gave him a confusion. “Can you accept one without anything?”

“I can!” San Ni did not think about it. I said: “I can of course! I love Niu Dehua, whether you are a chief player or just a sweeping worker, I love you! But I love Is a person, not a mechanic …. You know how sad every time you lose your hands, I love you! Dehua, for me, for you, don’t give up the opportunity to do a person What is the game? It’s just a mechanic to win, not you! “

Dehua’s heart shrugged: “Yes! I have forgotten.” He hugged tightly: “In fact, these years, the happiest victory, or at the school. That time, there is no equipment at all. The auxiliary, I am winning this. The opponent has not injured. After he lost, he also sincerely congratulate me, we are still happy to drink. After you will give you your first time. He reached out to the tears on the powder surface.

“In the professional competition, I knocked down the opponent once. For the victory, I even killed the opponent. The glory of victory is over, I gradually forgot the real fun of the game. Winning, not an opponent, but I am myself! I … I have ignored this most important thing … and Ignore you. “He kissed the cherry lips of Ni Ni, and Ni Ni was warmly kissed.

Dehua looked at a deep love, he was too big, and Ni is the most important. If she lost her, she won the entire world, he will feel emptiness. He kissed the Ni Ni, his hand stretched out her top, holding her towering breast. Takeni is full of generous, the two fell on the grass and started a spirit and desire.

A meteor flew over, like for their happiness made a wish. Edward and Cai Ni enthusiastic sex under a clear sky. By binding the mind of the flesh in close communication, five years ago, once again relive the sweet feeling. As night falls, and the moon in the thin atmosphere, is particularly bright. Edward and Cai Ni sat together on the hillside. Cai Ni breeze blowing hair, the two like Shenxianjuanlv general drift escape.

Chapter III Fate Enemy

“! Go home,” Edward propped Jiaoqu Cai Ni of:. “! I went back immediately after the resignation of the company next week’s finals, that they find another person now,” Cai Ni heart sweetly, she leaned against the cow Edward broad chest on the two-step to the hovercraft.

Edward suddenly have a sense of danger, death match for his many years of training out of this particular sense. He gently hugged Cai Ni, improves alertness.

A huge shadow lightning fly them, Edward cattle a twisting, has been buttressed by Cai Ni bounce Shu Zhang. Cai Ni was so scared, she looked up, and just raiders called face to face, when the Church exclaimed out.

what is that? Is a full armored giant, the less there are nine feet high; feet thick like a tank-like vehicle, is also equipped with caterpillar; body covered with thick armor and rows of buttons; hand is metal. Only the head barely like personal! Hair was gone, bare head full of sensors. Brutal blood-red eyes shining eyes … He is Li Liang!

Edward cattle down gently shaken Cai Ni, stand in front of her put on a shelf defense. Shouted: “Li Liang, what do you want?”

Lyon opened Xuepen mouth, grinning: “old friends, met Xu Jiumei to test the waters before you take you down the right, clearly I would like to take a look at the royal court of gravity on you this. , world champion! of course, I do not mind kiss your beautiful girlfriend. “his bedroom pegged Cai Ni, Cai Ni Ping can not help but shrink behind Germany.

“Do not be a dream, will be defeated, mention the word courage! Do not want to shell mandrel try again taste it?”

Filed past, Lyon body startled, he shouted:!. “I’ll never forget that it was a shame that you give all the pain and humiliation, I will double back to you next week is your game … dates of death! I will be in front of the official world completely defeat you! I will first put your hands and feet broken hand, and then … and then turn your head! Ha … ha … ha .. . “shrill laughter, surging forward in the vast night sky.

“You will be disappointed!” Bull Edward coldly:. “I will not attend next week’s championship, I want to retire,” he shook the hand of Cai Ni.

Li Liang do not believe shook his head: “You lied to me is really nothing more?!” Edward cow with a firm gaze has confirmed his answer. “You coward! How could you get cold feet, are you afraid of me!” Lyon berserk with rage, stamped his foot on the ground, strong vibration impact on cattle Edward. He thought to himself: “Good strong power!”

Edward said: “With how you say, anyway, I will not get back to you in the game.”

“No! You can not quit! I have to beat you! I sacrificed so much, all in order to win you! You have to race me!” Lyon kept shrieking, he has lost control. Edward straight punch cattle boom of the past.

Cattle Edward quickly out of the way to the cross, he was forced to open a near Cai Ni. Rushing to meet her and turned around to Lyon.

“Be careful!” Cai Ni worried shouted.

“Boom” is heard, two males meet, they arrived together. Edward Annealing three steps, just lived with his arms grid heavy, powerful impact in Lyon shook his hands numb. His power is too strong. “Peng” is heard, the second went to the boxing! Edward jump up and jump, avoid Thunderclap. He turned around in midair, feitui head straight for Lyon. Lyon quickly reach grid open; at the same time hand twist, a throw hammer, lightning from Germany and headed towards BARS loin muscle. Edward a miss, instead leveraging a shoulder brace in Lyon, playing on the air again, to avoid the Lyon Maul.

Air attack is his best moves, saw his stature yet, Lyon has a chain leg kick to the head on both sides. He knew that Lyon must attack the head, that’s the only part of flesh and blood.

“Humming” twice, Germany and China hit accurate Tang Li Liang in the brain before and after. He once Venus fly. Yet firm, cattle Edward Gamba again. Lyon is full of shadow in front of the feet, legs kick Edward faster than one foot, a leg heavier than a leg, and a rarity in Lyon head and joint offensive. Li Liang powerful attacks with each and although supremely Juli, but always a step slow, still can not hit the cow Edward. Instant, he has been in more than a dozen feet.

Li Liang again and again in the move, yelled out Bianxiang back. I saw him back ten steps, showing a strange smile face: “End the body heat, and let you know about my new weapon now.” He put his hand on his chest pressed a few buttons, “beer” is heard in his abdomen opened a valve, after strengthening transparent alloy, there has been a strange instrument.

Niu Dehua saw the instrument, and immediately became a big change: “Bio computer? How …” “Boom”, his whole shock. Even the strength is also improved! It’s too fast, he has not stopped, and the second punches have been hit by Dehua. He is crazy, his blood, flying away. The person has not fallen, and Li Lian is coming again: “It’s not only you only bought a bio-computer!” He lifted a giant leg, bombarding Dehua’s mechanical right foot in half empty. Dehuasheng screamed and spurted a blood. “You lose!” At the moment of Dehua, the other foot was broken his left foot. “I am a champion!” Li Lian’s first arm of Dehua’s right arm is also righteous. He has killed his eyes, and he has not stopped the meaning of Niu Dehua, which has lost its combat power. “You lose … you lose!” Lang screamed, he did not satisfy. He needs to defeat him before thousands of people; not to tear in this remote hill.

Lyon lifted the big iron boxing, it was going to break the left hand of Niu Dehua, which is his only true hand. Dehua stubbornly stunned him, although fragmentation is only mechanical limbs, but strong oscillating power and impact have made him severely internal injuries. His mouth flowed on blood: “You won! How is it? Come! Let me!”

“No! I don’t want to kill you here! You have to participate in the competition! I will tear your two sides in front of the world!” He mad!

“You don’t dream!” Dehua also spurted a blood: “You will always be my hand.”

“铿”, a stone, hit the Lyon’s bald head. When he turned his head, he saw that Nii was held in his hand, and the battle bid threw to him. “Walk! Go!” Saidi cried, while throwing with a stone to Lyon.

I flash my strange look in my eyes. He glanced at Dehua: “You will participate in the game, if I got your favorite woman, you will revenge her …” He turned to take the past .

Chapter 4 Mining Red Whole

Takeni step by step backwards. She struggled to put all the stones in the hand in Lyon. If he does not avoid it, he still smiled and smiled.

Si Ni has retired to the mountainside, no longer retreat. She has a stubborn look, hand, turn out a knife. She used a knife to point his throat, saying it: “You will commit suicide in the past, I will ask for it!” I can’t think of she will be so tough, I can’t think about what to do for a while. His mind is always moving, slowly retreats to Dehua.

“You are really interesting, my beauty.” Suddenly a feet on the head of Niu Dehua, sterilizing the sneakers: “Let’s put down the knife! Otherwise, I will burst this kind of brain!”

Nii was scared. “Despicable!” She cried.

The Lyon feet have a force, and Dehua has wulted and spits out a blood. He tried his best to shout towards Ni Ni: “Don’t care about me! Go! Let’s go!” Lyon was once again, Dehua is fainted.

Silhouetted with the hand, the knife broke out on the ground. She hides her face with her hands: “You let him go! Just ask you …”

Lyon smiled and said to Ni Ni: “Take off the clothes! Fast!”

“You promise me, can’t hurt him!” Sinni bite his teeth and looked up to Lyon: “You do this monster, how do you want to take a self?” Snow white skin is fascinating in the moonlight, high breasts are shaking slightly. “Come on! You are not a man, a good thing!” Sai Ni knows the cost of transforming the bio-computer is a sacrifice ability, what can this monster do?

“Oh, you know a lot.” Lyon slowed down Ni Ni: “Yes, I have cut the reproductive system, but I still have the money you want to die. After you tried, there is no other People can satisfy you. Come! Let’s take off your clothes. “He is on the ground, like a good play.

“You …” Sui Ni is doubtful, but she has no other choice. She slowly solved the buttons of the upper, revealing the perfect body. Lyon saw, Ni Ni’s body is really impeccable. The model of five feet nine inch is 36.23.36, and the proportion of the body is uniform. The whole body is white, and her hair is a light yellow. The peach between the legs is full and sexy; the face is more beautiful. Lyon looked at her goddess and the same beautiful body, when the ethnicity pointed. He tried his hand to Yixi: “The beauty, come over!”

When Ni Ni was helpless, she closed her eyes and prepared to accept his 蹂躏. Lyon did not stand up, he was still sitting on the ground, holding a full hip of Niki, kissed on her delicate petals. His tongue is growing and thick, and the tender flowers petals are pulled up and down, and the sensitive jelous nucleus is stimulated. Although Ni Ni bite his teeth, he bite his teeth, helplessness naturally produces a reaction, and the honey solution is slowly from petals.

Lyon greedy sucks sweet nectar, and uses a fat tongue into the tongue of Ni Ni; simultaneously inserts the farthered eyes with fingers into the fidile eyes. At the same time, she was invaded at the same time, she couldn’t stand it again and began to loudly.

“Woman … is not awkward.” Lyon smiled. Icy mechanical fingers, kept inside and outside the chrysanthemum bud, once again with the tongue into the vagina full of love liquid. “Yeah …” “Ni Ni quickly climbed the peak. She can’t stand firm, and the body is soft in Lyon. “Comfortable!” Riden is full of love liquid: “This tongue is transplanted from the wolf dog, and I don’t know how many women have been packed. But like you is so beautiful, it is really uncomfortable!”

He licks with a rough dog tongue in Ni Ni. This special pleasure will soon let her board another climax. “Now is a meat!” Lyon held the slim waist of Ni Ni and took her.

Ni Ni was still trapped in a half-state, but a horrible mechanical sound reclaimed her God. I saw a door to open a door under the Kuon, from the gate of the door with a one-foot metal rod. She turns out to Lyon.

“This is the compensation of my sacrifice organ. The company specially made this baby for me, more better than myself. Although I haven’t feel, I just see you satisfied, it is enough to call me to enjoy. Rest assured, This baby has a lot of magic weapons, and you will be unforgettable! “Lyon smiled and full of helplessness and sorrow.

“”, The metal mask has raised countless rounds, but also begins to rotate slowly. Ni Ni is surprising that it is desperately struggling. She will never let this mechanical monster into her body. But whose weak is, how can I have a strange force in Lyon! Lyon put her hard, huge metal mask, tough to the petite hole, into the vagina of Ni Ni.

Strange, she did not feel a lot of pain, only a very strange pleasure. “Is it very comfortable? Is it? My baby will secrete a special proactive solution, you can have anesthetize your pain, and you can add your pleasure. You will enjoy it!”

Lyon smiled. Without the dignity of men, his psychology became extremely metapamic. He specially installed mechanical masks, just purely for venting beast. He chose the super large meaning of the super large number, there is no woman to withstand. Therefore, he specially installed a narcotic secretory system, so that the traitor lost a painful feeling, so that he could have a long time. But afterwards, they will definitely be greatly traumatic, and some there will be fathers, but they have concealed him.

Metal mask keeps stretching and rotating in the petals of Ni Ni, and continuous pleasure makes her completely out of control. Saidi’s madness, the beautiful face is distorted. Mechanical mask does not stop the impact, grinding her meat hole, and a wave of climax completely occupies her consciousness. She only knows that I have to force my butt, I don’t know if the vagina has been torn, still bloody. Lyon enjoys her delicate, one side with a dog tongue and blood.

The bloody and cruel adultery has been lasts for more than a while, until the petals of Ni Ni have no secretion of obscene, Lyon taking out the blood-filled mechanical mask. He stood up slowly, and his heart was still empty. He picked up the snack clothes and gently covered her naked body. He is in the sky, the lower head, just exposed to Niu Dehua’s anger.

“I will definitely revenge! I will definitely!” Niu Dehua said to teeth.

Li Liang did not have anger, only very lonely, every time she raped woman, he had this feeling. “Well! See you in the game. I will inform you of the manager to pick you up.” He hopes to be a coma, Ni Ni: “Send her into the hospital, take care of her!”

He threw the incomplete Niu Dehua, disappeared into the darkness.

Chapter 5 Life and Decent Division

Niu Dehua is on the lifting platform, slowly raising the ball. The audience is crazy, and the vast majority of people are his supporters. Niu Dehua’s heart is not a taste, if they see the battle between the mountains, today I don’t know what they will support it!

VIPs, there is no one in Ni Ni for the first time. Every time she will come to watch Niu Dehua, watching him to defeat his opponent. But today … Ni Ni has been coma for five days, the doctor said that her heart is greatly traumatic, so “refusing” wake up! Dehua waited for her bed, and said in her ear. The two people were in the past, the playful, the bed of the bed, the stroll in the morning …. But Ni Ni did not respond.

The lifting platform arrived at the ball-type competition site, and the transparent alloy opened the noisy yang. A silence around it, Niu Dehua also listened to a clear branch. The opponent came out, and Li Lhan was polite with golden sparkles slowly rising from the lifting platform of the other side. Due to this season, his achievements were better than Niu Dehua, Niu Dehua’s last champion, but a challenger.

The cheers of the audience is not better than the weakness of Niu Dehua.

Li Lhan has recovered his arrogant gesture, he far away from Niu Dehua, then turned to the next finger; He knows that Niu Dehua has not been strengthened in these days, just stay meditating before the sick sate of Ni Ni. Today, he must kill Niu Dehua in front of the world, reported to the enemy of last year, becoming a world champion!

The notary of the competition briefly introduced the information of the entrance. A “beer”, the start of the game. The gravitation in the sphere disappeared. Opening an open door on the ground, the gravitational ball is emitted from the door, falling in the hands of Niu Dehua.

Niu Dehua’s low breath raised, and the eyes are full of hatred fire. The gravitational ball is like an electric shot, and it goes straight to Lioliang. Lyon is not awkward, when the chest is on the metal ball. The gravitational ball is hit, and the hard-born to Dehua fly over, and the speed has doubled. Of course, the world champion is not the oil-free light. Niu Dehua turned over, the body is elegant, and the hand is lightly pressed on the wall of the stadium. The legs just put the flying gravitational ball, draw a beautiful arc again in the air, the ball is high-speed Steering opponent shot.

Both the ball came to the ball, and there was tens of ten in the eye. Li Yan is a hard horse’s simplicity in the future, and Niu Dehua uses the way to force the power to remove the huge impact of the gravity ball. Two techniques, all kinds of victory, the audience seemed to be crazy, and even cheering.

The game has been conducted fifteen minutes, the speed of the ball has accelerated to the recorded 800 space. There have never players can dode so fast. Li Sheng has launched a bio-computer, otherwise it is no longer possible to cope with such high-speed balls. Anti-Guan Niu Dehua, can still be shocked in the morning to pass the high-speed flying metal ball, and it is one hand.

Li Lihan quickly smiled, bounced forward to the leading ball of the high-speed flying. Between a thousand seconds, the rails of the gravitational ball are changed. The ball lights hit on the ball wall, and then flying toward Niu Dehua with an impossible angle. The audience exclaimed.

Niu Dehua in the air, suddenly found that the gravitational ball changed the angle. It is too late to dodge, and only use force in a dangerous time. The robot is immediately smashed, but he also swearing between this non-to-hair, it avoids the impact of the metal ball. On the audience, the excitement is at this point. The supporters of Lyon are more popular with strongly supported horizontal.

The ball did not stop, it slammed into the wall, and then rebounded again, and continued to fly in the field, constantly increased speed.

Li Lian exposed a horrible smile, with the assistance of bio-computers, he can still calculate the track of the gravitational ball. Niu Dehua is a little left on the left, his left feet and the thigh on the right, and then broken by the ball. It seems that you can make a won.

The speed of the ball has been added to 1200 space, which has transcended the range of naked eye. It is also fast to the limits of bioelectrics. The smile and more horrible, from the big close-up of the big imaging screen, the audience can see him with the murderous eyes. He doesn’t just win the world champion today, but also kill Niu Dehua.

Niu Dehua has exhausted, 1200 space-free spherical speed, is not the speed of mankind can support. He knew that the big limit is approaching, but a heart is still lying in the sick home. When Ni Ni wakes up, he must be by her; they still have to go to the satellite city to live a calm life. For the sake of Ni, he can’t die!

“Ni Ni!” The metal ball worn his thigh. Dehua is desperate! “Ni Ni!” He shouted in his heart: “Sorry! I have to go first … Sing Ni … My love!” He slowly closed his eyes and waited for the call of death.

The audience didn’t believe it, from the big close-up of the big imaging screen, Niu Dehua actually closed his eyes! “Do he want to commit suicide?” The commentator of the game is also scream.

The ball flying quickly went to Niu Dehu, and he was going to hit him. The face of Lyon became more horrible, the dog tongue is forgotten in the sweat on the face. He is looking forward to a long time is coming.

How is his muscles suddenly faded, the ball wrapped around the depressed muscles, was allocated by his hand, and flew toward Lyon. This unexpectedly, almost the life of Lyon, the flash of his wolf, full of angry look. The audience exploded the cheers.

No possibility! Lyon saw Niu Dehua’s surroundings, there was a faint white shadow. And slowly illusion of adult shaping, is Ni Ni! White shadow wrapped around the body of Delta, but also kissed on his lips. Dehua didn’t open his eyes, but it was a flatness. In the blink of an eye, the white shadow has disappeared without a trace.

“See ghosts!” Lang crazy pushed the gravitational ball. Masterive to Niu Dehua. But every time he was smartfully.

It is impossible, human flesh and blood, it is impossible to control such high-speed shooting! Lyon is angry, constantly accelerating the ball. The ball speed has increased to 1500 space. Although the gravitational ball has reached such a high speed, Niu Dehua can be thrilled every time, he still closed his eyes, there is a calm face; but it is a bit reluctant. The bio computer has reached the limit, he can’t keep up with the speed of the metal ball.

“It is Ni Ni … It is a ghost … it’s impossible …” panic eyes, the first time I appeared on the Lyon. He furiously, he looked up the big metal fist, and went to Niu Dehua as a chest. “Foul! Foul!” Notary loudly.

(Note: The ball exemption cannot be issued directly to the opponent, and the disqualification of the disqualification.)

It is like crazy, ignoring the drinking of the notary and the audience’s scream, still sending a thunderous thunder to the eyes of Niu Dehua, close to the eyes: “You die …”

“Call”, suddenly turning out of the primary ball from the Niu Dehua. The gravitational ball hits in the boxing of Lyon, not only put the whole arm completely smash, but the powerful impact is smashing the right chest of Lyon. The ball is not exhausted, and slammed into the wall and then rebounded, and inserted from the left shoulder of Lyon. The audience exploded a burst of cheers, the strong stimulation of the official, plus the cruel bloody flavor, they all saw it, very satisfied with this wonderful life and death.

Lyon is on the ground, he lost! He is going to die! Mechanical body is rapidly disintegrating. He is not convinced, looking at Niu Dehua: “What?”

Niu Dehua supported his body with a tattered mechanical leg, said to the dying Ron mercy: “I don’t know! Maybe Niki is protecting me, is the power of love! It will not understand.”

“The power of love … Sai Ni …” A fascinating in the eyes of Lyon, gigded a blood, poured on the court.


Niu Dehua and Ni Ni stand on the viewing platform of the spaceship, looking at the earth that is gradually far away. He is tightly holding a small shoulder of Ni Ni, a gentle kiss on her lips.

After the end of the game, she immediately woke up. Although she did not present the game: but she could clearly describe every detail of the game, even the doctor also felt that it is incredible. Niu Dehua believes that it is a rescue of him.

The headlines of newspapers released this day are about the arrogance of the gravitated ball – Niu Dehua, gave up glory and 富, and Xie Ni moved to the satellite city to overcome a quiet life. No one believes that he will sacrifice so much. But for Niu Dehua, there is no thing in the world than Ni Ni. If you want him to choose, he will choose to make a whole world.

The meteor flashed away in the distance, with another happiness.

This is the second article of SunRay’s future series

(89 years in October)

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