I remember that morning, I was very clear. I went to school very happily on the uniform mood. Because my family stayed in the middle of the mountains, I must first go to the school in the middle of the mountain, I don’t need this long time. There is another road, it can go to the station without five minutes.

However, because this road is relatively secret, there is not a lot of people who know that this road will only choose this road, and people who will take a knowledge together, the daytime, I feel more than afraid.

Today, I don’t know why, I am very loud, I am screaming, I can’t consciously go to the small road, I don’t pay attention to the time, I don’t pay attention to the time, now I am around. Let’s not the road, the grass is more related, this road is more than the poem that the original road is coming, there is a flower with grass in the mountain, because the fog in this morning is not here. It’s completely scattered and it looks like it. Wow, it seems to feel the same as the different world.

At that time, I was still looking at the four-week view, suddenly broke my thoughts. Originally, I thought it was wrong. When I was ready to leave, I was a burst into the ear, which turned out my curiosity.

Looking at the source of the sound, secretly opened the grass and saw it. At this time, I knew why there was this kind of voice. It turned out to be a couple of student couples, and they all worked, it was the city. The students in the star high school, see that they live in the same community.

The boys are a bit familiar. I don’t know if I live in the same street. The girl didn’t have seen it, but I saw her school bag, wow, this is the preparation of the aristocrat high school, seeing her face is still a show, It’s too much like me, this is where I am more proud.

For the same old girl, my conditions are not bad, and there are many pursuits, but because of the relationship between the family and the school, all of them have been returned to the package to watch the boy’s movement, first is both hands. Keeping in her body, then one hand has attacked her skirt, the other hand is not idle, still keeping the breast, probably the force is too big, her bra It’s already torn between his 揉.

Looking at her expression seems to be very experienced, with his hand’s movement, keep a snoring voice, probably thinking that this road is not known, so is it so bold?

The boys’ hand in her skirt, from my perspective, I can’t see the situation in the skirt, but I can clearly see the skirt and rush to swing, I want to do it with my fingers?

From the skirt, the underwear has been pulled to the calf, but it didn’t take off, although she didn’t have a development of her body, but she looked from the legs, it is really a pair of legs.

When I am amazing the pair of legs, the girl suddenly screamed, so I don’t have to go back, once again moved to their movements, see that the boys can’t stand it, first put the pair of legs Go to your shoulders, quickly pull the zipper will have taken the guy who is allowed to take. From this perspective, I can’t see the girl’s private parts. I really have a good juice, and the love liquid does not stop, and the boys’ things, wow, this is my first time I saw boys. The guy, looking at his head, his head kept swing, it seems to be looking for the best offensive path. The burning glans and thick penis have never thought that the girl looks not to look at it, but the guy inside is so majestic.

Suddenly my underwear is a bit wet, I have already been can’t be can’t stand it, and the love liquid is still rushing. At this time, my hand can’t be controlled, I naturally pick my skirt, come to the sky NS.

At this time, the other side, the girl came from the just screaming to stop, did not stop, and the boys took her legs, the waist was sprint before and after, and it was already inserted.

Look at the girl’s face expression is more painful, but it has never stopped breathing. I can’t see that she is painful or happiness, but the boys are full of efforts to make her satisfying, waist exercise It is getting faster, and it is not known to be a boy with a girl’s embarrassment.

However, I am not idle here, and the three fingers have been completely inserted, but it is also sprinting, but can’t make a sound like the girl, or maybe it will be discovered, listen to the girl’s scorpion Boys also continue to sprint, and my finger movement is getting faster and faster, and it seems that three people will arrive at the same time.

Suddenly, the boys were born. She only saw him urgently took his penis out, and she kept him with her hand, and the girl was a bit like a half-knee, and the semen shot from the boys was taken. I have done it. My action also stopped when they finished each other’s clothing, patted the clothes, sorted up, still quietly, continue to go to school trips. I quickly saw the station after going down the road, because I just delayed some time, so I was equal to the time from the road, just when I went to the bus stop, I saw the couple of student couples. I also walked together, I saw that they were not sitting in the same way, the girl dialed the hair of the boys, did not know what to say, smiled and walked.

And the male boy is not going back, I will come here, I am, is it to sit with me?

I low-headed, I’ve grasped the bags tightly, and I am afraid that I have been nervous. After all, I saw it with TV. I feel different. In case he took the initiative to speaking, I didn’t detect, then Don’t you talk about it?

So when he came over, I didn’t touch him, but I didn’t see my look, I didn’t know my strange, and I was very pleasant. At this time, the bus relying on the station, I am relieved. It seems that they didn’t find me, hero, probably the girl is too loud, so I didn’t find me behind the grass?

After starting the bus, people still have a lot, always squeezed me into it. At this time, I just took the boy. I just didn’t think that he has so high, my height is in the same The age of girls is also in the middle, but it is more than him.

He probably he highly, the strong chest is not allowed to rely on the relationship between the number of people in the car. Although it is not the type I like, but he can almost call with other girls. For the prince of Baima, especially when I have seen the little brother under his trousers, I believe that the girl should be very happy?

There is such a boyfriend that everyone, I think of this, the car is shaking, I am concentrating on his chest, but because of the relationship in the car, he doesn’t seem to pay attention to me, I said it After sorry, I watched me and turned it. Well, plus cool look, getting more and more popular lovers.

The car is still keeping shaking, because I caught the back of the chair, so I can keep it flat, and I will not always hit the chest.

Wow, when the car entered the urban area, I found that today seems to be particularly stuffed, the car will stop stop, it seems that it is late today, and I am secretly worried, suddenly there is something to enter my skirt, original I thought it was something that others didn’t know, I might accidentally sway into my skirt.

However, when the thing is slowly moved to my privacy zone, I found that it was a hand, first in the thigh, there was an emergency, and he also talked about it. Enter my private part. But did not take off my underwear, only use the finger to open, and only use two fingers to be used, and before and after entering, and the other hand has been attacked from the top of the top, it should be the same person.

The upper hand slowly slowly from the uniform, it has reached the breast, and the same did not pull it out of the bra, but also to make it in the finger, keep it in the nipple, attack, and the action is not very big. Probably because of the relationship of the light, from me, my positive seems to be normal, and there is no one to detect my strange.

When I look at the boys, I found that he didn’t see it. I still grasp the back of the chair to keep balance, one hand to take a book package, so there is no way to solve the mysterious person’s attack.

Just as the mysterious person is getting more and more bold, my ass faintly feel the mysterious people, is being ready to go, although clothing, but I can still feel it very clear, no The stopped with the car and traveled to me, and I didn’t actually be very angry, just in the upper and lower clams, it was equal to the clothes, my love liquid, I seem to have a mysterious person. When I didn’t know my excitement, it was even more bold. I have already fussed my underwear to the thigh. When he slowly picked my skirt, thank you, and the car was standing. The mysterious people also handle with the fastest speed. I took it from my clothes, you forgot to put my underwear, when I was looking at the true face of this mysterious person, I was shocked, looking back, I didn’t botherly That boys came together, it turned out to be him.

And when he coincided with him, he quickly passed his head. With the leader of the crowd, I still have a few stations to school, so I can’t get off the bus and tell him. Look at the watch, God, it is late. When I walked into the classroom, I was already in the first day, mathematics, um, this teacher is very good, I have already got to me soon, but the teacher still didn’t remember me late, because our school is the school of men and women. , The boys have a trouble, saying that it is what is it like yesterday, soon, under the command of the teacher, the class replied to quiet.

I quickly walked to my position and sat down. At the time, my underwear was still not put on, still staying between the thighs.

Today, I also wear the custom skirt. Although the style is like school, it is a lot of quality, I am a silk, and it is more than the school, it is relatively wide, it is a bit like a large miniskirt, vague I can see the lace of the lace staying in the thighs of the thigh. When I am worried, when someone will find it, the classmates sitting next to me seem to find because I am sitting side, and it is the last position, and only he can be very clear. Seeing my whole body, but others are very good, that is, the type I like, that is, Sswenwen’s type, the people who are bad, naturally, people who have good homework, and I don’t know who is booked. The rules, even I can’t make it. He took a dress from the bag, it was his judicure, oh, he is also a Judao, great?

Not only the homework is good, the exercise is also good. He quickly delivered him to me. I was grateful to see him. When I was trying to copy my mind, I wore underwear in the fastest speed. , Put the judo to him.

After that, he did not ask me why, after organizing the judo installation, he continued to watch the teacher’s explanation, and I also quickly returned to God, strive to copy the notes, the next class is due to the relationship of the community, he please go to the community , Look like a national judo competition, our school is a must, think of this, our badminton does not participate in the competition of the urban school, I am a badminton, I also want to go with him to participate in Judao , Unfortunately, I have to participate in the nearest badminton society close to Judo, I have to go to the badminton, so I can see him.

In the third lesson, because the teacher invites the holiday, the whole class is chaotic, some will go to play, some will go to Hao Mountain Qingqing, I went.

Ah, our school has a personal fake mountain, because it is located the most remote position in the school, so we are all called backshan, and some people are the so-called class.

Hey, look at others, I, I will go to the direction of the mountain, the mood is not low, I really envy those students, I am not afraid of the school teacher, so bold in the campus, like me, a prostitute In fact, inner heart is still very eager to care for others, but although I am not homework, because of the relationship of the family, the school teacher seems to care for me. I don’t dare to make it. I don’t talk, I don’t talk about it. They all spread, although some kind of classmates continue to read books, but I am not really like them, so thank you for the invitation of people who want to go to play, I will go to the top of the school balcony.

Here is the penalty area, but you know, if you are invasive for the restricted area, we don’t care. This door is very easy to open, I originally want to be so good today, just to go to the balcony and breathable, I didn’t expect that after I opened the door, I found out that someone has been there. It seems that the senior boy sneak here. smokes.

He seems to be noticed, but don’t think about me, still smoke self, then I am also the idea of ​​Mo others, I went to find a vacant to shoot dust lying down, enjoy Have a sunbathing wow, so busy, the feeling of leisure is really comfortable. Stretching a lazy waist, ready to supplement the sleep last night, the boy is talking to me at this time; “Hello, do you want to do it?”

What, when do I, my first time I have to dedicate my favorite person, who are you, do it.

I ignored him, continue to enjoy my solarium, at this time, he can fire, a foot across my body, directly pressing my body, and catch my hand, don’t let me have Residual force, he said again;

“Less fake, now in class, a girl runs here again, I don’t want a good woman, I must give a lot of people, come, I promise to come back with me, I will absolutely If you want to die, you will not go to find another man. “

After much talking, mouth direct attack towards my lips, and slowly swim moved to the chest, let go of my hands, my hand uniforms torn, ripped off the buttons gave, also used tear the bra, it is fast my entire breast will be presented at his eyes, look at his eyes seemed to spray the fire as fast. I quickly let me use his hands to tear my clothes, the right bra after ripped off, and quickly hand cross to the chest, said; “You should be, but are not allowed to insert, except for activities above the waist, as long as Do you dare to infringe on the waist, I cried, although more remote here, but now the big day, the school a lot of people, I do not believe that no one heard. “

After listening to him I say, give up a hand quickly out of the skirts come in, because in my speech at that time, he had to pull my underwear down, as if ready to drive straight, do not need any prelude.

“Okay, but u must u mouth instead of there, or else I would rather put u unconscious, You know, if this is the case was not interesting, so .. just after he finished, he quickly opened zipper, put his dick out, he’s really talking about a little truth, his fellow big head, thick and long penis is, when I have …………… ………..

I do not know why he was so naturally his mouth his dick, it probably really is affected by the stout, although only oral sex only, in fact, and I really hope that it will also be able to insert their private parts, which when my private parts, but has been very full, overflowing Aiye, but because of his longing for love, still very exclusive just met him for the insert, I do not even know his name while licking, tongue constantly use rotation, with the entire penis into the mouth with the front and rear and out of, this action seemed to make him feel can be obtained very satisfied, the glans of great expansion, because of my relationship with my mouth, out comes, there are even my mouth drop down.

He then shouted to die, pinning me down with my breasts caught his penis, stop sprint between cleavage, such actions weight of my breath, I kept breathing, chest because He kept heaving gasps, but also allowed him to sprint faster and faster, constantly squeezing my breasts with both hands, as if to thrill in my cleavage instead of the vagina, still kept out before and after, when my side gasp eyes are shifted to the side of his chest, the time is now hidden when looking at his penis, constantly in and out of my cleavage, feeling suddenly reminds me I have also used this method of masturbation, but was grip the bat with breasts, but now it is live ammunition in the eyes.

His movements are growing fast, it seems to have to die, because my breasts squeezed presented his case very red Tong, the whole standing up, just as he is ready to ejaculate, I hasten to push him away.

“Do not leave me!”

And he does not seem very concerned about their own hands to solve, quickly complete ejaculation action.

And I was in his ejaculation time, quickly put on uniforms, finishing a bit, because he was to comply with my request, and did not force it, so I did not feel raped. For me, as long as no insert, I was still a virgin.

Having so I do not want to see you again after that kind of thing would never looking away, I think he also did not care, right?

To see if he still indulged in ejaculation orgasm, I quickly went downstairs, because the fourth quarter is the same teacher, so calculate the time still early, but it is such a thing happened, I suddenly wanted to go to my favorite boys who talk.

Of course not told him such a thing, but it is looking for someone to talk about nothing, so they go in the direction of the stadium. Judo club 𦈌 learning spaces in the basement gym, when I arrived in the basement and did not see him, to find a sudden, though few in number judo club, but the venue is so large little bit, I’m sure is not here at the time, was going to classroom go back to sleep altogether forget.

I suddenly thought of the warehouse basement, where sports equipment is furnished place, no matter there is usually no one to go, I suddenly thought maybe he was there, so to say far anyway, go look for it.

In fact, I have been masturbating in there, I was constantly inserted using some sports equipment, such as a bat or racket, as long as I can stick cylindrical insert, but because, after all, no real penis is inserted himself into still do not know that in the end is how kind of feeling, the feeling is not the same with the bat, I think it should be a little different, after all, the bat is a hard thing, and that thing is resilient, is not it?

I thought that I have already went to the warehouse. When I want to open, I suddenly heard the sound came out, I was curious, secretly opened the door, because there were many sports equipment, of course, I also included the jump box, I am fastest The speed, secretly hiding behind the jump box, this angle just saw the situation inside and not to be discovered, it turned out that he was really inside, but there is another person, it is a woman, it should be a low grade study Sister, I don’t know what two people are talking about. It seems to be quarreling? No way? Are they the relationship between men and women? How can he be so powerful, there is a girlfriend, not a small ear of our class.

One turned over, I transferred to another side box, I can clearly hear the content of them. It turned out that this girl wants to make a fight, and he does not agree, hehe, Of course, if he is How will I like him so like this?

Just after they quarrel, the girl actually unwoves the uniform twists, and I am surprised that she actually didn’t wear it, I meant did not wear a bra, because now is summer, and our girls The uniform is white, how can she be so bold, if she is not worn, she will flow a little, then she is not equal to two points, but maybe because it is going to prepare the current situation. I will not wear it.

In short, she is now already presented in front of him, and the pink nipple is up and down with the chest, although she is not a developmentery, but there is a small use, it seems very strong, I think this kind of touch should also bring pleasure to men?

Just when I am very nervous, I am afraid that he will not stand the temptation, and make sorry for me, 咦Her clothes with hands, don’t know what to say in her ear, because he is very small, so I can’t hear it, but after he is finished, the girl feels like it is very I was sad, and I didn’t have a deduction. I was in my heart. After I said, I didn’t know anything, and I didn’t know anything next to it. The result was found by him. ;

“Hey, how can you be here.”

Ah, I don’t know how to answer it. I will say it for a while. “Ah, just take the equipment here, I will run it with her, I am in a hurry.”

I smiled, God, this is a rotten reason, but he is not very impressive, but the eyes are not swaying in me, I want to say something wrong, I don’t know if I want to tell me some What are you want to say to me? Don’t take it out, then you can rest assured, my mouth is very tight ….

. When I spent half, he suddenly interrupted me, and the whole person fluttered over, two people just lying on the mat of habits;

“No, I ….. I know what I just said with her, will she give up and leave?”

Looking at him, I feel very nervous. In fact, I am more nervous. When he holds my hands, the whole body is pressed on me, and the distance between the lips is very close, almost I will take a little more You can make a very deep kisses, and more obviously, the guy who wants to come out between his trousers, is looking at my private parts, just all the clothes, can’t feel clearly.

At that time, I was also very nervous, the sound is still a bit shake; “That ….. I, she ….., you are …., what do you want to say?”

At this point, he bowed his head and gently got my lips, then said;

“I tell her, I have already liked people, and that person ……. is 妳.

At that time, I was really paralyzed from my head to my foot. It may be because I am too excited, and I haven’t said anything, I will directly extend the tongue from the lip to extend my mouth, keep it. Stir, I want to use my actions to represent my heart, should he be clear?

Sure enough, he also seems to have to let me take the initiative. After I took the initiative to extend his tongue, he also took the initiative, while still using his tongue, you can’t stand in my mouth, while using both hands to unlined my twist, slow Slowly squat in the breast, bra is also pulled off because of the relationship of 搓.

Well, I think I have to change the bra, how can I be pulled out so easy, is it that I broke it, I don’t quit the question.

This time my whole body is already hot flushed, and the body feels very hot, but it is not to talk about private parts, and kept pouring Aiye, panties are wet, and this time he has slowly moved his hand from the breast swim skirt side, and he would easily unlock the skirt, while the tongue is still kept to the demands of my tongue, feeling as if his tongue has become a penis, and my mouth becomes a vagina. His tongue will be kept out of this, I also kept its grip and let him have the desire to continue to sprint, just after he untied skirt, I can clearly feel the underwear is almost all wet , may also mix the relationship sweat, but that’s okay, he has slowly my panties off, but just pull the leg side, and did not fully take off, but he is stopped kissing me, his eyes noticed my private parts.

This is the first time I really will be there fully rendered in addition to the family man.

Well, of course, a child often bare buttocks run, such as relatives like father, of course, is will see. But that is a child, and now I’m a big girl.

Look at his eyes as if soon fall out, then turned his whole head lying on my crotch and began to mouth for my service, first touch around the labia tongue, then kept inside attack, around and out should I Aiye and his relationship with saliva, and is particularly smooth, between him and out very easily.

And I continued to keep his voice moan every time out of the room, and now I understand why, when students see that on a couple of the girl why so comfortable feeling in the morning.

It’s pretty cool, this touch, so I have a burst followed by a burst of dumb, feeling a bit like an electric shock.

With him out, I kept breathing, kept moaning, of course, no shortage of what kind of thing you love it, but he does not seem able to respond to me, swing tongue still kept wandering around the labia, whenever go in once, then poured some of Aiye, not two minutes back and forth about the scene, I’ve put around the entire mattress to get wet.

Probably because sweat in the upper body, lower body is probably Aiye, right?

Sticky sticky thick, but will make people excited about Aiye relationship, and I just feel more and more heat, more and more excited, his hands unconsciously began to rub their breasts, constantly gasping groan.

At this time, he slowly I pull up, I want to make a presentation fours look, he said back riding for the first time this kind of person I am concerned, should be better, more easy to insert.

In fact, I have now is confusion, even if he wanted me to I would also like anal sex, and being thought of here, he took off his underwear has come Flanagan red-hot iron bar, and a sudden pain there, that he had inserted from the back, this is my first time really being inserted into the penis.

Tong popular glans slowly into the vagina from the labia to reach the uterus will feel as if, like, all this time he has entered. The entire glans, the whole root of the penis, or really real than any props, when he felt a sudden out of emptiness, then insert and then felt a crisp linen.

Just this one entered the 㳡 process, I kept gasping, screaming.

Ah … ah … ah ….. do not stop, ah ….. a little faster, then faster in this call, he also continued with non-stop sprint, in the end simply which move around, and kept collision labia, vagina and kept rubbing, Aiye still kept pouring in and out before and after the procedure, his entire glans is still stuck in the vagina, the penis appears to be red Tong has been expanded to the highest point.

I feel we should feel the explosion, but I still kept right-hand man to exchange rub the breast nipples, pink nipples erect, but it also seems that the general and his penis, expands to the highest point, while presenting flush state, a one entered, into a one.

….. ah …. ah …. ah, a little faster, a little faster ……

And he seems to follow me scream in with my request, speed more quickly.

I can not tell, I have appeared secondary orgasm, the body has no strength. And he seems to sense my orgasm, ejaculation, together with me, so they are out of emergency after a gust sprint, I will stand up, let me lay before him, with his body completely down receiving semen, finish my first time.

And I do not know is not the action is too intense relationship in his ejaculate in my body, the body is still kept twitching, it can not be regarded cramps, feeling as if his penis is still stuck in my body, like, continues in and out, I keep this feeling.

After about ten minutes, I just saved it a little, and he was also very gentle. After wearing his clothes, first use his towel to put my body’s sweat and semen love liquid, all fused together. Slowly wipe clean, slowly touch my hair with his big palm, because of the relationship of playing the ball, I have cut the hair short, but after such a fierce exercise, I am already sweating. After about five minutes, I have slowly stop twitching, and my mood will slowly reply to calm, and he is because practicing can’t leave too long relationship, and I have left it first, and I have sorted out clothes, pat the dust on the body. Also prepared to go back to the classroom.

Ah, I suddenly thought about it at this time, I have to help my classmates to go to work.

So I gave up the idea of ​​the backham room, transferred to the health department. Because the school relationship, the nurse’s nurse is a school classmate, I heard that it is a saving, one can let the female classmate learn some health care concepts.

Of course, it is a female classmate. How can a boys will go to be a nurse, and now I am a nurse, I just know, so when she is something, I will be obligated to help, in fact, I am not too people who will go to the health room at noon. So I can still eat, while serving as a nurse, in fact it is holding the health room.

After walking into the health room, I saw it around, hey, the doctor didn’t know there, talking about the doctor, it is a well-known big wolf, Ha, not fell, anyway, just a noon, health room There is also a bed to sleep, and it is better than in the classroom.

So I will put it down first, and I will prepare for the nurses. In fact, this nurse is still very convenient, just like a coat, it is good.

At the time, because of the weather, if you put it on the nurses, it would be hot, so I saw four weeks, I was sure that no one, I went to the back of the medicine cabinet to replace the uniform, after a morning, the uniform looks a bit dirty. .

When I have taken off the top, when I was preparing to solve the skirt, I suddenly had a shouting sound outside, I was at that time, when I was already in dress, I was standing in front of me. At that time, I still wear a skirt. However, the upper is already taken off, only a bra is left.

When I handed over him, he suddenly ran out, and I also quickly solved the skirt, put the nurse, because I was an emergency, I was not very concerned about whether it is not a cloth. I ran out.

It turned out to be a student who borrowed lesson. One is a person who just saw me in changing clothes. He is full of nervousness, his face is a little red, and another is more strong, maybe a team?

It should be considered a small species of limbs. I quickly gave them to them, and I greeted them, and I will continue to eat my lunch is a sandwich, because I have to lose weight, so I only have to drink water, so I have solved lunch. So I saw it around, I see no one will come, so I found a bed, lie on a nap, about five minutes of scene, I suddenly felt that someone was dialing my clothes, so I opened it. At first glance, I found that it was just that two.

However, when I got up, I saw them, because the clothes didn’t tie it, suddenly got up, the belt was loosened, just exposed the chest, the clever ditch was obvious.

Just as I want to put the clothes, they suddenly grabbed my hands, one grabbed, the empty hand just put the thin nurse to the tear, this time I only wore a bra underwear, Present in front of them, I am very angry asking what they want to do, they have pulled me out of bed, hard to drag my medicine cabinet.

The health care room is not big, this vacancy is full, this time is not yelling, and the two people have taken the pants.

The more strong, put me down, let me look like the limbs, and the other is the person who just peeked about me, and took his penis to my mouth in my mouth with a very fast speed. The speed is very fast, so I can’t resist it, my mouth is stuffed again.

Although it is still full of thinness, but there is no thinness, it is a bit before and after, it feels a bit like a root stick to the mouth, and the person who presses me is also faster. My underwear.

I thought he may be inserted with a rid of the rid of the rid of it, but the hands are still struggling, but because the next one is more strong, he holds my hands tightly, it seems to really put me. When only Malay ride, and both hands are reins, keep pulling.

While he was wandering in the thick penis between my ass, would have thought he had to be inserted into the vagina, I suddenly felt a sharp pain, and with his sprint, I feel more and more pain, that he is not inserted into the vagina, but inserted into the anus. Although there are anal see A piece of the picture, but I really did not expect that one day I will own experience, because my anus very narrow, coupled with his glans and very expansion in entering and exiting, I have We must accept the very great pain. Yet still my mouth yet another man’s penis in his mouth, he seems to fit the individual rhythm back that kept my mouth out.

When I was ready to yell pain, he in turn sent thick penis in my mouth, that I can only muffled shout.

About a minute of an hour, I feel a sudden change, the body feels very hot, between the buttocks is getting crisp linen, just as he entered the one in my anus has not had such a pain, and even other some feel. This is more than the normal bit into the more excited, even have no feeling of pain and replace it with another sense of excitement spread from the back of the buttocks, thighs, legs, and then send it back to the upper and lower body, really climax constantly, wave then a wave. And he took my hand because it seems more difficult sprint, so simply let go of my hands, put his hand to my waist, more fierce offensive, but also because of my orgasm, even the swing together waist with him out, constantly forward and back, and when he sprints forward, I go back.

One into a room, the distance has opened general, natural strength has increased a bit, of course, is more excited, on the other side, he seemed to reach a climax quickly, some semen has been launched into my mouth , so he decided to simply directly ejaculate in my mouth.

I have a brain goo all eat, and he seems to be satisfied, feeling very tired towards the wall by the past, but behind me that seems not to be satisfied, but the action more quickly, because the relationship between orgasm, I Aiye continue to overflow, he gave the floor wet.

At that time I also had forgotten the motions on others, but is replaced by the sound of breathing, which is more than the insertion feeling from the vagina, so the sound of moaning breathing becomes abnormal uncontrollably, tears streaming down, feeling a bit like crying, but but why sound is so introduction of reverie, I thought it might be more cause his impulses, right?

I only heard the scream, his strength will be more by one point, and finally finally heard him screaming loudly; “it was great!” On it out, towards my back ejaculation. Because of too much orgasm, I almost did not force the body, lying to the whole person deepened, still kept breathing. And they are two in my breathing when lying on the floor, and went straight to flee the scene, then I think I’ve got the body of the semen to clear out, so exhausted body strength, still stood up.

Because it was nap time, no one walking the corridors and toilets from here still nearly full, it took sportswear immediately went to the nearest ladies’ room to move forward.

After that time because the students want to finish on behalf of the class, you change the way sports clothes ready to go to the gym to practice badminton, I did not expect this time fall comes in handy, because I Aiye and semen relationship, my underwear is a little dirty, so I give up the idea of ​​wearing underwear.

The underwear collection is good, the uniform block from the chest, sneaky forward to the toilet. I was only a bra worn on the body, the body naked, so afraid someone else will be found.

But I’ve been very fortunate to side of the toilet, so I quickly rushed into the toilet there is a better inside attached bathroom equipment, here was originally intended to make the bath area, to provide physical education students to complete a large covered Khan can take a bath to clean, but finally because of lack of funds, into every room, leaving only a toilet sanitary equipment.

Fortunately, I was finally able to wash the body odor, and ejaculate in my back where people do not just thick of it, even the amount of semen are very large, the entire back are wet, so who smell heavy, too quickly wash Lose.

While I am glad that no one found the time to open the door ready to go, suddenly found a boy was inside masturbation, I had thought it was wrong to run their own toilet, but looked around a bit, I can definitely tell myself, wrong who is he.

He seems almost ejaculation feeling, suddenly opened the door did not scared, but I see standing almost naked in front of him, a hand right again grabbed my hand and pulled me inside.

Because naked relationship, he is also very convenient to insert directly, because just experienced anal sex climax, and his guy is not very thick, I did not feel anything, and he looks quick ejaculation, not a minute ejaculation.

At the time he shot, I had already smoked, this process won’t even doubt, I didn’t use my fingers in masturbation, just in the process of opening the door to him, there is less than a minute before and after, he If you can complete the steps of pulling me into, insert, sprint, ejaculation, extract, escape, etc., I thought that there was no feeling anyway, and the whole body was sticky, so I quickly forgot. Open the faucet and start flushing the body, quickly rinsed, put on a bra, change sportswear.

Because it is shorts, there is no panties inside, so I will pull the clothes outside, so I can’t see the shorts, I’m taking care of clothes, hurry back to the health room.

Because the nurse has been torn, I have to quickly stop, I have to wipe the wet floor, then pat the wet floor, just take the clock, so moving directly to the gym.

Who knows that the venue has been borrowed, so I have to move in the evening, so I returned to the classroom. When I arrived in the afternoon, I suddenly someone came to notify it. It is something, I want to go to the student meeting. One, 咦?

Justually I am not very passionate about the activities of the student meeting, how can I come to me?

Just as I came to the school’s president office, suddenly the door touched, and I found out that I found out that the president is the person who is holding in the warehouse in the morning. There are four boys. Under her, I have been surrounded by the four boy groups. It turned out that because she was investigated, I found that I like someone liked.

So now, the situation seems to be her find that four people have to retaliate, because I only have sports clothes, their movements are so thick, just like wanting to swallow my life.

So I quickly pulled my clothes; “I will take it off, don’t come.”

Just when I was pulled down shorts, they were almost overpassed when they found that they didn’t wear underwear.

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