I am going to work in a hospital. I have just been a new colleague this year. It is a big beauty. I have a little bit like Zheng Xiuwen, and I am a little like Sun Yue. I’ve been itchy, not just me, all male colleagues are this I think about it, I want to give her.

Since we have to go to the evening, two people together, this will cause a good opportunity to give me a good opportunity, and it is really skillful. The opportunity to take off her class seems to be very much, and I will be more familiar. Just kidding, but she has a characteristic, and it is absolutely not to let people do it. I have a lot of colleagues who want to steal, I want to find a more security policy.

This day, I took a class and she was not very busy at night. Everyone talked about it, she drunk a lot of tea, I want to go to the toilet. Our toilet is public, whoever puts the door in the inside, and if someone knocked on the door, it should be a line. However, there is a good place, that is, the toilet’s window is the unfolded wall corner, there is a small door lock, only the cleaning staff has the key to the small door, and cleaning there during the day. I just had a cleaning staff to clean the hygiene for forgot to pull the key. After I took it, I went to the door to distribute it. This allowed me to peek at the same time at night.

The big beauty has a toilet. I quickly steal the door and steal the door and then closed the small door from inside. Because it was night, there was a light in the toilet and it was dark, so I saw it from outside, and from the outside I can’t see anything, this is undoubtedly helping me. I saw the big beauty took off his pants, and pulled her little underwear, squatted, then the sound of rain, the sound of the leaves, and it is absolutely better than me. Sound, I will be able to make up the following. After the beauty of the beauty, I wiped my butt and stood up. I saw that there were only a few thin launches of the Little Tao source, too seductive, it seems that no one has developed, I must have a strong Make her. When I got a beautiful woman, I got out of the place where the small door returned to the duty, pretending to have happened, waiting for her.

Later, I went to the toilet to see the paper she rubbed, and it was the same as a small yin, it was really luck. I was hard, this more exacerbated me. But can there be a method to go to her, hard is definitely not, I don’t want to make unnecessary trouble for eating once. By the way, I found that she particularly likes to drink water when she duty, I can’t help but think of a good way. I am going to get her, haha.

I went to the pharmacy to take 100 sleeping pills. Because the people in the pharmacy were very familiar, they did not want money, I went back to Yuli, just have a few patients, she is busy watching patients, I will go to the next door In the room, I just got a cup of tea in her tea cup, I put 5 inside. This thing is too much, especially those who have never eaten, I don’t have something wrong.

After a while, she was busy, I came in and said, “I am exhausted. Today, these patients are really annoying. I have finished reading, I have to go, I have to drink saliva.” I heard it, my heart is really fun. ” Open the flower, the fish is going to hook, haha.

She drank water and saw a few patients. I didn’t look at it. I didn’t see it. I couldn’t help but hurt the river. I said: “I may be a bit tired today, I really want to sleep early.” I heard this, hurry: “You really have worked hard today, or you have to go to the Ballroom, I will watch it here.” She greeted me, maybe it is tired, plus The drug effect is also coming, and it is not polite.

I waited for her for a while, put the door of the department, hang a brand “doctor, I have an emergency, please wait”

I entered the duty room, the beauty is really a jade body, too seductive, first shouted a few times, then shake her a few, determine that she sleeps very dead, I am safe to do things. Because it is in the early summer, the clothes don’t do, the beautiful white coat is only in the underwear. After the underwear is a small lace bra, my hand is a bit shaking, so beautiful, there are two red rays. Grapes, I will get together to include grapes, and bite and add it. I feel that I have been busy. After a while, I remembered that I didn’t do it. The opportunity is a little less than once. After you have a few photos, I started the next action after shooting a few photos.

Gently lift the legs, then raise her ass, it is hard to take off her pants, mom, too beautiful, absolutely good, thin, the fat, the fat, slim The waist is the sudden swing, the small seams in the triangular charity area are too beautiful, and the above small yin hairs are heading towards me. I can’t wait any longer, separated her legs, revealing the pink Small labia, use the tongue to lick her small clitoris, so fragrant, beautiful woman is beautiful, even the following is so good, have been able to react, the beauty also has a react, and the small hole begins to secrete obscene. I hurry, hold my big chicken, the beauty of the small hole. Ah, it’s so tight, so warm, I am almost shot on the spot. Fortunately, I will definitely, I will take a few mouthfuls, temporarily stop, slowly, then start slowly, so cool, the feeling really can’t express words, the beauty is sleeping, but Actually, with my pumping, the big butt follows my rhythm, I really have a flavor. I have been inserted about 10 minutes, I am also a bit tired, plus it is time to work, I am a little nervous, I changed a posture, I got her side, raised her jade leg, inserted into her back In her Xiaomei, I took her tits with her hand, and I watched her clue. I like her clitoris, I like it, so I have a long time. I have a nearly two. I didn’t shoot ten minutes, I have a little admire myself. I can endure it now.

I was also let go, and I was bigger, even if she woke up now, I also fight. I went to her, I came behind, I also took her big white butt and pinned her butt on her butt. I finally took it, I took her again, lifted her a pair of legs, put her jade leg on my shoulder, vigorously do her, every time I put it in the end, no matter what three seven Eleven, finally fill her small hole with my semen.

After she came down, I was too tired, but I was afraid that she could find that she rubbed her below, she didn’t wipe it, and I still didn’t forget to take a lot of photos with my mobile phone. What kind of , It is hard to fight the battlefield, I saw a nearby hour, I really don’t know.

I took a break outside, because I am too tired, I am asleep, I wake up, I am 4 o’clock in the night. There is no patient to see a doctor during this period. Today’s luck is really good. I can’t help but go to the duty room to see her, she turned over, looking back to me, the exquisite and rolling curve is too tempting, and the little brothers who have taken a half day have lifted their heads, I am evil Born, then it is still a reserved, this time did not take her pants, just pulled it down, and dried her a cannon, until the sky was going to start, I was shot in her again. On the face, I also took a few photos as commemorative, and I still left the duty room.

I have been sleeping outside, the door of the duty room opened, I can’t help but look nervous, look up to her, she stretched a big lazy waist, but also shot the reddish cherry mouth, Mei-eyed, said: “This is sleepable, so comfortable, you have worked hard at night, I went to wash your face.” I heard it, I have worked hard, yeah, how can I not worry? , Doing the beautiful queue like this is also worth it, look at her back, I can’t help but look.

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