I am a doctor, but I am a bad person. Below is my prank, I want to share with you.

That night, the clock has already sounded 11 points, my clinic is still in business, but there is no patient, I am bored.

“Doctor, hello!” Suddenly, a crisp voice broke the dullness of the air. I turned to see it, wow! A beautiful woman came in, around 23 years old, wearing a white t-shirt, blue tight jeans, and the body’s line is beautiful.

However, she gave me the first impression, which is her two tits, very very, the body is very mature, waist, butt round. I suddenly spoke. I think, “” Her tits are really big, can you see more! “

“Please sit, lady, where are you?” I greet her. She sat down in front of me. Two big tits were close to me, I moved my eyes on this “fireball” from time to time.

“I have a little chest pain recently.” She refers to the chest.

“Oh, is it?” I saw the opportunity, I said a bit of joining, “which location?”

She used her finger to the position of the left breast.

“Ok, let me listen to your heartbeat again.” I picked up the stethoscope, put on her left breasts across her.

“The problem is a bit complicated,” I listen to the side, “This way, you come in, do you help you do a detailed check?” I suddenly had a heart, I would give it to see her big tits!

“Oh, is it very serious? Doctor?” She asked me nervously.

“Or, do a detailed check. Come, take off your coat” I ordered, “I want to check clear!”

I unexpectedly, she didn’t be as shy as other women. She really trustworthy this doctor, and she started to take off her clothes.

I am agreed to enjoy everything in front of my eyes, and my mood is a little excited. The outer shirt is rushing, her body is really full, the skin is tender and white, the body’s fat is not much, I am like this body-shaped woman.

She is wearing a black big size cream, but the milk is just half the breast, because her breast is very large, two milk breasts like two drops of big water beads, form a deep ditch in the middle, also very long.

Since she is so big, then I am welcome! I put my hands on her milk. She instinctively turned it, but I was completely trust in me. I didn’t fight. I asked her big tits. “” Is it hurt here? “

“a little bit”. She said very seriously, and she didn’t doubt my move. I am more bold.

“Ok, let the milk cover, I have to check your breast, because I suspect that your breast has problems!”

“Doctor, trouble, you can help me check clear, because I have to get married after tomorrow, I don’t want to hinder marriage.” I heard her, I have been happy, because I can explore the mystery of others.

So she was in the face of my half-meter sitting, and I didn’t shy back in my gaze. I was unsatched to the back of the milk cover. Two white and sliding and big tits were shot.

I can’t wait to put your hands on her tits.

This is really the most beautiful pair of breasts that I have seen, very big, very very, because of the young, her isola is good, the color is not deep, the nipple is dark red, picked up.

I said: “It seems that your body’s development status is still normal, the milk is small, please look up at the end of the chest, good, eyes look at me.” I deliberately looked at her chest, look at me. I saw some of her face to watch me, ask me: “How, doctors, what is wrong?”

I extended her hands and deliberately pulled her nipple, and the nipple was not very long. It was a little bigger than the peanuts, and the middle faintly visible a small hole, and the milk was brought into milk.

I really like it, pinch, squat, squeezed, pull, gradually, two nipples have risen, turn into two red and vigorous, I deliberately ask her: “This pain ?”

“A little bit, are they having problems?” She sat opposite me, although the mood was calm, her face was unannous.

It is necessary to know that women who are usually checked in obstetrics and gynecology are very much, but they are willing to cooperate with my young male doctors who have been married.

These married women are not harmful in front of me. They often talk to doctors to speak their private parts. The initiative to uncover the milk, let me watch the inspection, the adult woman’s tits are generally large, but it is often a drag, Although the uli and nipples are large but the color is deep, it looks to the appetite. Because the married adult woman who received gynecological examination, due to sexual experience, most of the pine parts became very black, the hairy is more messy, and even the big labipings and the anus are full of hairs, the small labia is exposed to the large lips and small labiars. There is a black-folded fried flesh, which looks like a pussy, a sentence, the adult woman’s ugly.

“Check it clear again.” I used it to squeeze a few more her whole tits, but I really can’t catch it. Her breast is really developing very well, and is very elastic, it is really difficult. See!

So I madly grab her double milk, and I still asked her if she had hurts, and her dual milk was played left, about more than ten minutes. Her nipple has been a bit hard, that feels It’s really cool, especially thinking that she said that she had to get married, I saw her husband’s arrival, I was too excited, the penis couldn’t help but hard, this is really less, I used to check the body for the middle-aged woman. I never had erection, even if the woman looked down the legs, I was also calm.

But I have no things, after my excitement, her breast is significantly swollen. “Miss, you have to breastitis!” I pointed to her breast.

“Is that serious? Will you affect the marriage? Doctor” she helped me. It seems that she is a relatively simple woman, it is no wonder that others say “the milk is not brain”, but this is trying me, because it is easy! Ha ha!

“Small problems, don’t worry, I will give you acupuncture.” I comforted her, I thought about stimulating, I picked acupuncture to play, in fact, her breast is not.

“Acupuncture? Isn’t it very painful?” She is really big, looking at me.

“A little bit, don’t be afraid. But this is the only way!” I firmly said.

“Can you do it well before I am married?”

“Of course, I believe the doctor!” I am ready for tools, I have to stimulate, haha!

She nodded and tried to believe me. I brought alcohol, apply on her two red nipples, help her disinfect, this stimulus, the nipple has become harder and red! My penis is vertical!

I took a needle in my right hand, and my left hand was holding her left breasts, giving a small hole on her nipple, “Do you have to take care, do you know?” I took her.

“Okay.” I pierced the needle to piercing her nipple.

“Wow ……….” She called. . . . . . I don’t care, continue to put the needle in the need, I will rotate the needle from time to time, her call is more fierce, but she is more exciting, I am more energetic, my left hand is still tightly squeezing her tits, help her massage one time.

My penis is so hard, because I only play this so-called therapy for the first time, I met with her simple and beautiful woman like her! In this way, her two nipples have been stabbed and red and swollen, the whole milk is also rising, I am very excited! Finally, I got her to apply some red mercury.

But my desire has not been discharged! Therefore, a mysterious power drives me to continue to explore her lower body!

“Oh, no, doctors?” She relieved and asked.

“Still not. Patients with mastitis are often easy to get vaginitis. So I suggest you check it out! But you haven’t married, I think you may have a scruple, you think about it, don’t check it!” I am in my heart. I want to fire, I will continue to induce her.

※ JKForum.net | JKF Czech Forum She is really a woman in the world, the most beautiful and most trusted doctor, for me, she didn’t doubt.

I just finished, she began to solve jeans and did not hesitate! I just became bad, I still don’t know what to go, she actually sent sheep into the tiger! My heartbeat began to accelerate, and my eyes stared at her.

She bent down, two big breasts that have been needled and red and swollen, more likely to drop the big water beads! She is not easy to take off her tight jeans, revealing two slender legs, white.

She only has a white and translucent tribe, and the faint approximately can see a group of “dark clouds” in the genitals. Probably, her hairy is very thick, that is, this place, slightly sound, very loved.

Because of the tribut, her butt is full of revealing, white and soft, and the tripily only covers the buttitulus and small *, the beautiful woman’s underwear is really particularly sexy, and the scene is too tempting! My penis has long been uncontrolled! She is going to take off the trippants … “Slow down,” I suspended her action. “Come with me, go to the bathroom, I want to check your urine, to help the diagnosis!” Since she didn’t doubt I, I am more letting! It can be said that I was a bit metamorphosis, but I really didn’t see how women were urinating, so I didn’t want to miss this opportunity and wanted to see.

“I want to go to the toilet” she laughed, two little alcohol nests were very charming, her words really made me more unexpected!

Then, she followed me to go to the toilet, two red big tits, one of the reddam, especially cute, I was very cute, I was proud to look at my masterpiece. “You just kneel down, open your hair, don’t block my sight!” I ordered!

She is very obedient, and the tripper is squatting. Wow! **! Her laborary is very rich and elastic! Pink! The haircut is really thick as I expected. When she did my words, the right finger opened the labipings and handled the hammurs.

In this way, her little * mouth, I saw it clearly. After all, it is still a woman, * is narrow, two pink labia filled with fat, very cute!

“Separate your lips.” I ordered.

She did it.

This time I saw it clearer, “Okay, urine.” I was making a good command, a rare gardens ready to be shaken.

Starting her white murdere tract slightly, then a clear spring is shot from the hypertrophic lace, shooting very far.

Then it is a sound, it seems that she is really anxious!

I looked at this mysterious scene, I remembered that she would do her bride. She peeing in front of me. My penis is going to put the pants, my heart is big!

The urine is over, her vaginal mouth and the urethral mouth are also slightly contracted, as if they want to discharge the remaining urine.

I have witnessed the wonderful scene of the woman’s urine, that taste, can’t use the text!

“Okay, get up!” I said.

She pulled up a trip, followed me back to the seat.

“You lie down here, I have to check your vague!” I know that she will not be against, I decided to take her!

My penis is hard, drive me, I still have to react, just pull her triangle pants, I don’t pay attention to her, continue to separate her legs, extend the head to her *, smelling with nose Hold her little * smell, a virginity, very strong!

I feel that my penis is pulling!

I am calm, saying to her: “Miss, you have no problem!” I continued to sniff.

I really want to use my tongue to lick her labians and yuki! She just lying, did not do.

I immediately opened her size with her hand, squat, and another hand pinned her joy.

“Ah …” she has instinctive reflection, pinching the legs, but not say no.

I don’t care about her, forgive hard, but I have a very strong resistance. It is not completely ignorant. She has found that my behavior is a bit too much.

But my hard conquer her, I can’t wait to use two fingers into her *, pierce her female film, always teach it, keep moving. I really don’t know that this is not called.

At this time, her little * wets a lot, and the * mouth has also begun to continue to shrink, I heard her weak snoring, I don’t care, continue to use her fingers to plug her * slit!

However, I scored her face seriously, maybe I am really too much! Her film was broken, and it took some blood. . . . . .

“Doctor, I have time, don’t check it, I have to go!” She suddenly said very seriously, it will get up.

I made my fingers, I was very unfortunately from her *, my penis arched from the pants, probably she could notice this is not very strong, because so, I have played her lovely small * playing nearly half There are many hours. She is not completely ignorant and simple!

She wore clothes, fede the diagnosis, did not say two words, flying quickly.

And I, staying, still afraid of a scene that I just stimulated, my heart is sweet!

Unfortunately, she finally left, saying, she doesn’t go, I think I will * to her! When she arrived, she became my bride! Ha ha! To blame, you can only blame her own no brain! Ha ha. . . . . . . I would like to give this article, dedicate to all beautiful and ignorant female patients, I hope you will lead to the ring, learn lessons! Doctors, also in the temperament, but also to protect their behavior! If you lose, don’t blame our doctor.

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