The life of the senior three finally passed today is a graduation ceremony. After the end, our group of friends came to the karaoke, and they were very high, called a box of beer to drink. Drinking, slowly have men and women starting … Everyone has a lot, and the second is also sad. I greeted the students, I went to WC.

I took out the younger brother before the urine pool, because the alcohol’s role, the younger brother rose very hard, a feeling of hemp, I was very hot. I stood there in it in place. I have a few times. Suddenly I saw a thing that made me stunned. My classmate Ni Ni dizzy is coming in, this KTV male toilet is facing the door, the female toilet is in the door. I think Nini is drinking too much, didn’t find itself Going to the male toilet.

She seems to have not seen me standing in urination. I will take it out, I will take off my underwear, sit down. At this time, I really stayed, although Nini is 18 years old with me. But her skin It’s really good, the skin is particularly white, 2 snow-white thighs and thigh roots if the hidden Taoyuan, the second has just raised a lot! Put it on the upper hand, not helpful, this. This When Ye Director looked up, she also became particularly surprised. But she slowly shouted to my old second. She actually took the underwear to take off the whole pocket. Separate the thigh, just in the face I took my urine. After the urine, I took the paper and wiped up on her small hole. At this time, I was red. Slowly got to her. Turn the door. She is gentle. My trousers took off. Hold my old two. Gently kissed my mouth, my tongue is gentle. My whole person is like a cool water. She is particularly refreshing. Her sophistication Laughing and watching me: The tongue is flexible to play a circle inside. Sometimes I spit out of the old two heads down. Go to the eggs below. I have contracted it, I have been picking from the egg to the glans. I am really excited. .

※ | JKF Czech Forum, at this time, suddenly there is footsteps in the toilet, we suddenly be tense. They stopped the action. At this time, a voice is worn out: “Call me, how I haven’t returned for a long time, you are not kidney loss! “I listened, I was originally my friends. I came to go to the toilet. I replied:” Wine is too much to vomit, “” You are nothing? ” Let’s go! “My brother has been soft. Nini re-contained it in his mouth and swallowed. I put it with Nini. I have paid a couple in my mouth. Sen, Acant Hui, I will leave the box, I will leave. Nini grabbed me again and hard to say: “Give me .. I want .. I will do it! “The right hand is still in your own lascivious points. I can’t help but wait for someone. I will help you. Cover the toilet cover, let her kneel Above, she told the snow white butt. I clearly saw the lascivious hole that flowed by obscenity. I saw my hiushy. No matter what the second is right in the third year of the three seven twenties. Xiao Sao points hard. She sent a very sensuality and huge soul, “Hungry ~~~~” I entered her, it didn’t be particularly tight, but it was not very loose, belonging to the general type. But soon I felt different. The old two first entered her lascites. She is particularly excited. The body has greatly moved before and after the body. This is a long-awaited venue. I was so embarrassed by her. The hands grabbed her two big white balls that were jumped in her chest. The ass to squat. The whole toilet remembered her lascivious shout. “Ah ~~! Ah ~~! Ah,, hard ~! Oh! For ~~! Use force! Dry me! Dry me! There is no noisy music. Listen to her lascivious embarrassment. Stimulating is really big. Soon, I feel that I am getting more and more strong. The movements are getting faster. Ni is also more and more high. “Oh! Cool ~~~ It’s cool! Fast! Come! Come! Hard! “Soon, I lost my helmet and unloaded, and my hands took care of her butt forward, and a rolled into her body.

She waited for me to finish, I immediately pulled out my old two quickly squatted in front of me. “I have n’thing to do with my classmates.” I haven’t yet cool enough! “Talking about the horse with the old two, I really have a little pain when I started, I just finished it. I just watched this prostitute, slowly in her serving, and the old two raised his head. She looks like effect, Rapida has made a variety of moves. Desperately stimulate my old two. Under her no effort, my old second is hard like iron. She said that she immediately said, this evening. , I want to be climax! “I have just been hurting with the toilet, so this time is not, the toilet is really small, the posture is not good, and finally I hold her ass. The hands on the flushing pool grabbed the top of the baffles on both sides, the two legs were opened, and the baffles on both sides were stepped on the baffles on both sides. Positive to my old two. I held her faits, and I took it directly. Her enchantment immediately wrapped in the invaders and didn’t let it leave. “Ah ~~! Dried her hard, I will buried in her full breast, I will lick her nipple! After a while, she shouted: “Use force! For force! Amma !! Faster! Use force! Oh ~~! Oh !!!” The body is desperate to accelerate the swing! ~ I know that she is alive, I also intert forward, suddenly she tightened, two big white legs, my waist is tight, the little obscene, I feel a rolling liquid From her small hole, I took out my glans, I was stimulated, my glans suddenly delivered, my second ejaculation came. I have tighten breathing. I am desperately squeezed with my body. I will help each other more than one minute before I ended our climax. After finishing, Nini looked at me: “Good comfort, classmates I still want to stay with me later. “…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… .. ~ ※ | JKF Czech Forum

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