I got a university, I saw that my classmates were almost all of them, and the campus rental homes were there, and they were not at home. It is said that the first-year girlfriend in the first grade of Bangbang has been in the university. I scraped two uterus. It is said that this may have a bad impact on fertility, but Bin Ge doesn’t care, but also said I am not the most, because their group has three girlfriends, and the number of abortion in three girlfriends is second …

The gossip is constant, I have to do my hardship, I also want to make a girlfriend to slow my sexy compression; but I have a good condition, and I don’t talk about it … I will not take the initiative, I’m still there. Girls can see themselves.

It is good to bring the computer in the home to the school. So I am in the computer, I will get some of the A on the computer, and I will talk to masturbation … But I don’t often share my classmates, I feel uncomfortable, two It is often only one person in the bedroom (there are two locals in the bedroom, often go home; there is one is living outside the girlfriend).

Only me in the bedroom this evening, I took Zhang A to look up, it is Japanese, raped students, and I’m really addictive!

“嘭嘭 嘭 …”, “嘭嘭 嘭 …”, 咦, how is it so late, someone else? It is definitely the small east of the next door to the film, I am jealous: “I am bored!” Standing up, and I went straight.

“What? How is you ?!” I am surprised: the small ring appeared in front of me … The small ring is a member of our class, I have secretly loved her for a long time, but I have never expressed her. The classmates often open me and her joke. For example, when I come back late, I will say “Is it hungry with the small ring?” “What is the body?”

However, at this moment, she is here! I have been in the distance, I have never seen her close to her: there is not high, about 160 cm, wearing a thin white short sleeve, two small white balls if there is a hidden, dark blue shorts, pink slippers, no socks Two little feet are white and tender. In fact, her body is not outstanding. It seems to have only 33 inches, but it is very beautiful, short hair shoulders, lips red and white, and a pure temperament on the face of melonia, and the eyes are in love, and a pair of white Sliding thighs are naked outside shorts, making people do not.

“Why, don’t welcome it?” The small ring looked at me, the cherry is a tale.

“How can, please come in!” I quickly let go …

“Ah … this, this is?!” The small ring shouted, holding his eyes with his hand.

I think I am still watching a film! ! ! I saw a huge penis on the picture, which was inserted in the small hole …

My whole person suddenly stiff, I thought I was really finished this time, I’ve been the accusation of my dreams in my dreams, I will not die, and I will have half a life. If she tells the class, other girls, One pass ten, ten pass hundred … class teacher, parents …

“what are you doing?!”

“I …”, think about how to get off, I secretly looked at her, I found that she rose red face, breathing urgently, did not expect her to be so beautiful at this time.

I have a blank, suddenly a bloody, my mind, I can’t take care, see the opportunity, I grabby her, kiss her, muttered by my mouth: “I love you, I love you … … “She stubbornly turned the head, but I was more intensely moved, blocked her stubborn, my tongue slipped into her mouth, sucking her Jinluo, the tip of the tongue came back to her tongue, white teeth, Then include the tongue that is tiered.

Our double lips are tightly lean, my breathing begins to make it.

This is my first kiss, but it is actually means of this violence!

The small ring is a soft lip, let me have a feeling of current.

I pressed her on the closet and drove her lower abdomen with my knees, and my hands closed with her hand, sucking her incense tongue! I don’t even want to imagine, I don’t dare to go out and the girls will be so violent now!

The small ring is still in tenacious resistance, “Well, don’t …” is trying to break free, I kiss her more hard …

Gradually, her resistance weakened, and slowly cooperated with me.

A burst of current constantly impacted me, my little brother is about to swell, and I don’t hesitate. I have a thin shirt, and I stroked her, and then hosted her size. The hips, Hold her to bed.

“Small ring, do you know how boys and girls do love?”

“I, I … I only know how to put the boys, boys … the little brother put it into the girl, I don’t know …” The small ring is blushing and gently said. “Too cute, let me tell you!”

I pulled my pants and pulled out my penis from the inside. Said to pull out, it is better to say that it is jumped out, and it will stand up in the field, tower it. The small ring has created the sin of the things that should not be seen. It immediately closes his eyes, low-spirited pretty face, see so cute expression, I am more passionate.

“You see, this is my little brother, that is, the penis, you touched.” Xiaoxuan shameless face, sorry. I grabbed her slim hand, let her hold my penis, so huge penis her little hand can’t hold full, “I will go back and down, it will also become big.”

The small ring is curious to show this monster, and the upper and lower sets of the obedience are suddenly, and I can’t say that I am very popular. I can’t suppress myself. I put her down her bed, stripped her. Shorts and short sleeves, then take themselves with the fastest speed with the fastest speed.

She is wearing a very ordinary white bra, covering her pair of flexible breasts, can see her raised nipple, very attractive. I stroked her breast over the bra, oh, how much flexible!

The lower body is a thin pink cotton panties. Her underwear is a bit wet. You can see her hairy, as well as bright red holes, I am very excited, I feel that the little brother seems to have risen to the limit.

I turned her bra to her breast. God, I have never seen the breast of the girl! The boy’s breast is very flexible, with a small pointed nipple, I hold her jade girl with my left hand, gently knead her nipple with your fingers, where to get this kind of teasing, breasts Quickly striped up, there is a slight “,” sound in the throat.

My right hand also started to move down, reached into her underwear, when I just met her private parts, I felt her body slightly earthquake, “No, don’t …” her face rose red .

I didn’t stop, but slowly stroked her hammer, her hairy is not much, but very soft, I feel that she is already humid, “Don’t, there is dirty.” Oh, she is afraid that I know her. There is wet, I am sorry! More cute little girls!

“Small ring, don’t be shy, it is normal physiological phenomenon.” I said softly.

“Hey, oh …” The small ring is gently squatting.

My hand finally reached her little hole. I learned the male protagonist with my fingers with my fingers, turned to her little labipings, and played with her yuoconuclear. The small rings are kept in the sky, and there is nectar in the depth of her petals. After the finger feels warm, I will make the petals more boldly, the fingers continue to advance, and the middle finger is ready to enter her small hole.

God, this is a vagina? So small, so thin, there is only one round ball in the entrance!

“Ah …” The small ring is in this moment, the whole body is tense, and the long eyelashes began to tremble.

Slowly, my middle finger into it …

The small hole is wet slippery, I feel that the fingers will be hot as hot. Gradually, the middle finger has entered the root, the soft meat is completely wrapped around the finger, I slowly agitated in the finger, I feel that the powerful elasticity of the wet meat is like to take my fingers.

The fingers inserted in the petal are rotated like stirring, and the petals open in wet are unreasonable.

“Ah … don’t … don’t …”

“You have seen my little brother, now I will see your little sister?”

“Ah … no …” I don’t wait for the small ring to finish the words, just put her legs, become a very sensual posture, and then put the panties into her foot tip, smooth put her pants. After taking off your heel, turn it back to take it with your hand, move the head, I finally have the opportunity to look at the secret of girls!

I saw the black and bright sputum sparsely spread in the lower abdomen, there is a shortteen of a shortteen in the center of the thigh. I put the whole face in the past, and I look at it carefully. Her whisper opened slightly, I saw two pink little labips inside, so I was careful to separate it, I saw the clitoris, and I have been separated from both sides, I finally saw her secret!

Her hole is so small, only a few needles are thick, surrounded by meat tissue, may it be her women’s film? I stretched the nose and smelled, and there were soaps. It is too tempting!

“Let me taste your honey!”

Do not reply, I have buried my head between her legs, tasted a small tender hole … I quickly lick the labip of the small ring with the tongue.

“Don’t, dirty … ah, ah …” never suffered such a small ring began to snoring loudly, this strong pleasure made the small loop with a pair of beautiful legs tightly in my waist, hands plugged in Into my hair, but she was red, shy to see people because of a strong shame.

Looking at the small hole left and right to the limit, I used the tongue from underward, dig the crack of the petals. The crack is separated, and the flower buds are exposed from the inside, and the little meat is slightly linsed because of the honey sauce.

“Hey, don’t … Hey, oh …”

The little dunes quickly gave up, the feeling of even the small rings felt. The more and more powerful, so that her body is vigorous, and their hands have grown my hair.

Her thigh roots came from the sound, it seems to be echoed with that sound, and the intermittent snoring is also transmitted from the mouth of the small ring.

“Ah … ah … ah …” A desire that cannot be sent in her body and mind.

Under my powerful offensive, a honey juice is sprayed from the tenderness of the small ring, and the labi is also non-stop; the mysterious Valley of the small ring, because the honey sauce and saliva The temple that has become a shiny, the pink tandem is also completely turned into red, and the small meat inside keeps shaking. The small ring has been in the excitement of the swirls … I know it’s time.

I looked up, unloading the bra’s bra, brought a pillow mat to high her hips, said to her: “Small ring, the real test is coming.”

“Light a little is good? I am afraid … pain …” She rose red and said. I nodded, separated her legs, let her knees bend, so she is so good.

I can’t figure it out. In the end, it is still what she is too late. It is wet to her butt, and then I look at my bed. I have wet a piece; I saw the small rhizo. I first grab the little brother around her clitoris, then slid down to the middle of the two small labs, and then provoked it to pick up her prostitute. Full pussy.

“Come in! Don’t do this …” At this time, you have already completely tawned.

After I heard it immediately, I immediately put it in, but I didn’t put it into the glans. She has kept squatting, and the hands of her hands closed the bed, and the teeth were bite the lower lips, and the breathing was more urgent. I will continue to advance, but the little brother has entered half of the way.

I am also the first time, not more skilled than her, just a piece and erotic novels, think about some of the plots, skills, I suddenly force it to go up, with “ah” scream, penis Finally, I finally broke the roots of her wit, I suddenly felt violent pain … It turned out to be a small ring biting my shoulder … that but she had never experienced tremorial feelings! I stopped waiting for her, and I also feel the feeling of her entire vagina.

Is this doing love? The feeling of curious feelings, feelings of complete and masturbating, the softness of the meat, is far from the palm, the quilt can be more difficult, this feeling is difficult to describe, hot and slippery, it seems to be a lot of hot very hot Sliding warm water is tightly wrapped;

“Is it still painful?” After a while, I asked her softly, she nodded. I know that she is still very painful, kisses her, gently stroking her breast and body on both sides.

Slowly, the small ring begins again.

I also slowly, eagerly twitching the penis, looking at her expression, her expression is cute, sometimes frowning, sometimes biting lips but with pleasure.

I slowly twitch, every time I move, I feel that there are many small points in stimulating my penis. Her obscenities have a burst of flowing, wet my whole penis, even flowing to my thigh. On … The ring is tightly holding me, the nose calls out a burst of hot air, the eyes are fascinating, the cheeks are like fire …

“Hey, oh … hold me, I want, I want …”

… she seems to have completely indulge in this lustful game. Perhaps it is too close, and even the tears are squeezed out; her butt is constantly twisted, her hands are constantly pushing, shaking me. Under this stimulation, my beast desire continued to rise strongly, I accelerated my pins.

Gradually, the inserted movement gradually became smooth, my movements were faster, and the body touched on the small ring ass, and accelerated.

“Ah, ah, ah … fast … I beg you … Fast … ah …”, she constantly squatted, urging me to speed up.

I heard the urchid of the small ring, I was more sharply accelerated, and I raised my penis rough in the meat, and it was more harder than just.

Interrogate you, kill you! ! !

I called in my heart.

My penis was deeply embarrassed once and I didn’t enter her meat.

When the small ring was shaking, when the body replied to the original position, my shock sent it again. Once again and again, the small-eyed face showed a horrible distortion, which is also a very exciting distortion. It is full of bright blush; frequently pumping the small ring is not coming out of the snoring, and it is rushing away by the next snoring.

That is a kind of excitement that cannot be met, like violent.

The expanded glans rushed to the left of her vagina that fiercely poked the poor small meat core and labipings, and the capsules of the meat ribs violently hit the petals of the sputum. Chaotic war Even her secretion is not enough for me to enter and exit, just secreted, immediately by the turtle of the glans, the part of the turtle, wet, the wet is so wet, such as water is poured by water.

A burst of madness, the small ring is fast, her feet are in bed, and the hands are in trouble.

My cheeks are close to her breasts, forgetting to open the mouth, let the smeals don’t know how to shame in her chest; I take the roots, holding her slim waist in one hand, keep picking up, smashing The tight meat, to stimulate the congestive glans, go to the frictional meat stick, so that you will fly, the higher the peak of sex.

The small ring is stimulated by this huge and strong pleasure! She gave birth to her mouth, began to tremble vigorously, is it a illusion, how can it be trembled? My little brother seems to be tightly covered by warm minces, there is a feeling that is not put; her belly has begun to shrink quickly, dramatically undulate.

A strong stimuli suddenly overfits into the brain from the lower body, it is a sudden, even the stimuli that I don’t have to prepare, it is very intense. I suddenly became a black, and the warmth of the sky was gathered in the place where we were transferred. It seems that there is something to explode in the body. My abdominal muscle is horses the tightness, can’t make the whole hole Under the end, it was shot in half of her wet cave.

The closed feeling of semen rose, the semen feels that it is liberated, and the happy pleasure has risen to my brain. Every time I have a tick I strongly thoroughly, I struggled to spit out a semen, I Fantasy to put my semen into her vagina, filled her uterus …

It is about a minute and more than about a minute, I am weak. But my penis is still intermittently expanded, and there are some burning liquids to fly in the uterus of the small ring.

At this time, the small ring feels that the expansion to the limit has been interrupted, and the body has a relaxation of the end, but it is still in the ability …

I didn’t shoot a semen into the depths of the small ring. After shooting the spermous meat stick, it was buried in the body of the small ring and enjoyed the long rhyme after the climax.


Finally, I took my penis from her honey.

I went to the waist and saw the mixture of semen, obscene, and saliva in the small ring meat, and turned down with the thigh.

I took the paper and wipe the inside of her thigh.

The small rings breathed, and I was very pity that I just smoked the place where I had just combined.

“Is it still painful?” I looked at her, my index finger and neutral finger hob hobbied her labie lips, and then pinned the slippery small meat.

As I move, she constantly trembling, dim consciousness shook his head, for a moment, she could not afford to shoot open my hand, I was not allowed to continue her confusion down. After a while another child, a small ring sensible reply from the pleasure of orgasm, the naked body close to me, lying on my chest, with a kind of happiness, to meet face haggard playing with their fingers.

Watching him have been removed all the shackles of a small ring, it was like Venus goddess-like flesh parade in front of me, ah! This is my dreaming, beautiful flesh Pondering upon the Department ah! Muscle Baisheng snow, mixed with fragrant perspiration, reflected rosy complexion, followed by curvy neck, shoulder and pink Jiaoru, then further on it is that Yingtaoxiaokou, upper teeth gently biting his lower lip, mouth-watering. Small ring to see me looking at her little face flushed red, and closed his eyes tightly.

My little brother once again raised his head and body with a surge of desire to vent everything ……

“Small ring, tired?” A wicked idea born of my heart.

Small ring no answer, no eyes, just nodded his head slightly.

“Drink milk? I’ve got ah.”


I was secretly pleased that she really did not know what ……

I put up the penis forward, I felt a small ring of movement, opened his eyes, “ah! No, I thought it was really!.”

“Really it even tastes better than nutritious too!”

I continue to use penis to her top lip, small rings did not get up and flee, but she swung around her face, has been to avoid, I would rub her face with my cock. Finally, after a wave of teasing me, the small ring to stop the resistance, but still closed lips.

I hold the penis, her mouth as a pussy like advance about, but still blocked by a small ring tightly biting teeth. I have the front end of the glans secrete mucus in the mouth pulled out a small ring of transparent filaments, this scene sensuality great.

Small ring finally opened yield of teeth, I take advantage of the very cock into her mouth.

My little brother was firm entered a half, have her little mouth stuffed full.

“Ah …… ah …… ah ……” Although my penis in his mouth, but the small ring remained passive, as if I just plug the hole in her mouth like pumping up.

“You move about it, or else to drink milk!” I took her hand to hold my cock, “licking it with her tongue.”

Small ring has been pumping my cock was some absence, and obedient held my penis began to take the initiative to lick up. When the tongue hit the glans, along with shock about the cock, suddenly an indescribable pleasure all over my body, like fairyland general feeling!

While I was enjoying the thrill of the series, hands were not idle, while a vigorously kneading her breasts, fingers rubbing her nipples scarlet, and pretty soon, they are also becoming stiff standing up.

“Ah …… ah …… ah …… ah …… ah ……” At this time my whole body trembled ringlets, once again it is under the state of extreme excitement.

Ringlet kept licking begins risen cock head while turning tongue projecting edge glans.

“Yes, there is. Then down the mouth to suck.”

Small ring of consciousness began to blur together, without thinking they actually hold the stand in Congcao the cock, the glans congestion in your mouth slowly sent to the inside, from the cock licked the top of the roots, and then licked the top roots; my penis is then placed on the upper and lower continuously rolling the tongue, irritation of the glans I; then again my penis into his mouth, his head up and down while moving units, while in the mouth with the tongue to stimulate the glans .

I can not help it, turned around, make us become sixty-nine style. I used the butt of one hand hold the small ring, began to swing back and forth, the hot cock sliding back and forth in her mouth. With small penis ring swinging up and down shaking his head incessantly sent “woo, woo,” groans; fiery penis constantly hitting the small ring soft Xiangshe, her mouth moist, tender tongue continuously stimulated me of every nerve, I enjoy endless pleasure ……

At the same time, my other hand down the rosy gap, hard to friction with ……

“Well ……” Her mouth mouth erect penis, clear voice groaned.

“Ah, but also flow out!” I heard Di Hu, laments her endless stream of honey.

The tongue is constantly feeling around my glans. I can’t help but stick out the tongue, roll up the love liquid with some 点, I feel a bit sweet. “Ah, ah …” She yelling in mixed.

I pinched a small core to play with her, and I attached her lower lips with my mouth, and then more intensely sucked more of the liquid liquid from the depths.

More strongly stimulates to her body, making her crazy, a trembling, I felt that my little brother was tightly covered by her cherry, and there was a feeling of being sucking …

A sudden pleasure rushed to the brain, only faintly scratching …

I can’t stand it. The waist trembled, in a strong convulsion, I officially declared surrendering, my lust sprayed out, the white turbid liquid was incident into her mouth.

“Rings!”, I can’t help but shout.

“Ah … …” I didn’t expect the small ring to swallow my semen in a breath!

I looked at the semen of overflow from the corner of the small ring, and once again climbed the peak of the pleasure.

“How is the taste?” I asked gently.

“It’s a bit stun,” the small ring is a red wave on the beautiful face. “You lie to me, how can you drink milk …”

“This is my representation of my love!” I truthfully said half a holiday.

Her hands slowly relaxed, floating breasts gradually; I lieked around her side, closed my eyes, holding her, quietly enjoying the peaceful storm, quietly waiting for pleasure.

I am lying in bed with the small ring, and she has already slept in a while. Only I turned it, and slept for the just passion. Her thorns have been incense, and my lust is teased. Although the little brother is exhausted in the passion of the appropriate tale, it is in a soft song, which is sleeping. But I know, my desire to be flesh is still continuously salary, and I have to rest, it is to revive the sky. I turned over to see the table, turned over and hold the small ring, sucking her taste and fragrance.

One hour, two hours, three hours … I still turn difficult to sleep, I will be unveiled, and I will explore the double peak of the small ring again, soft and can be profitable. I played with a lotus tip, a light clip … The little brother is like an induction and hardening. I reached again and directly explored her deep grass … she turned over to be supine, it seems to be asleep. I have a left hand and over until the triangle, I dialed her curly soft body, and caressing her deck, not a few, actually feeling finely flowing slightly.

I slipped over her skin, sucking her sweet milk tip, breathing the milky in her dumlate, then attached her lips, biting her tongue, and finally the red cheeks; at the same time and gently gently The entrance of her mysterious passage … Her breathing is slowly urgent, not a few, open his eyes, express it like a laughter, the lips are slight, it seems a bit breathing …

“Rings,” I called it.

“Um …”, she gasped, it seems like a suppression.

“Is it good to give me?” I pleaded.

“…”, she is ashamed, and her face rose red, and the look is like flown.

Then, he heard her with an almost no sound: “You are really bad …”

The little brother seems to be similar to the action order, and the oblique is very hard.

I started to start the attack on her peach blossom. I actively manipulated my meat stick, fiercely entered her palace … She also slammed it, I gave it breath, the air is the taste of love. I took her and sat up, her legs rushed to my waist, we violently swayed … The dance of the limbs was staged, and the accompaniment was only a breath.

Oh, the night …

I started a lot of action, but every hit is very tight. She is tightly leaned on my lower body, and the dramatic friction makes her joyucleotide create a lot of sexy current, and a large amount of secreted juice is damp. Cinnamon, let the friction be reduced to the smallest.

After a while, let me have unexpected things: the small ring holds up her upper body, the legs are slightly supported by her lower body, starting to dramatically undertake her beautiful buttocks, let her meat bruises more intensely And my meat stick.

I have never had a feeling of feeling, making her unable to control himself, and make me deeply intoxicated in this wave of impact. “Well … do you like this …? Ah … ah …” The small ring is not allowed to breathe, and it is very blurred, and it is very intense. Strong pleasure passed from the meat across the depths to my meat, this kind of feeling is different from just. When my penis is deep into the vagina lubricated due to obscenity, I seem to feel that my penis seems to be sucked in by the small green wall. Every piece of thrust makes me feel like it is a happy holiday.

So, my movement became more and more fast, my breathing became more and more urgent. And the small ring also shakes her lower body with the strengthening of my penis movement, and there is constant call “Ah … ah …”

The violent hand moves again, and the lips are attached to her lips again, and they are not commestinated from the iris of her beautiful cheeks. I caught the firm nipple in one hand, crossing half a body, suddenly using the index finger into another entrance to her lower body.

“Ah, ah …” accompanied by a stronger current rushing from the lower body, the small ring crazyly twisted his butt, shurns. She tightly licking me, the beautiful face kept twisting, her throat was like a plug, could not call the sound, and then the hot vagina began to push, feet Start the sputum …

The hot meat is almost necessary to make my penis burns, and the slippery mucus almost slid out.

I feel that the whole body is hot, and a warm flow is accompanied by a pleasant in the body. The little brother feels that the swells are smashed, like the decisions. “Ah …” I suddenly shouted, and then a large number of semen began to jet, and it felt that all the body seems to emit all energy.

Virtual, pleasure, pleasure, vulnerability, row mountains and pick up … My body keeps moving.

The small ring seems to have arrived at the climax. She is shaking, and her mouth is depressed, full of pleasure. “Oh … um, um …” After accepting the most beautiful feeling between men and women, she is very helpless, weak, weak … I looked at her, holding tight, sleeping with her, with her The pleasure and lazy after chewing this passion.

Woke up the next day, she was originally in bed, but it was no longer seen.

From this night, we were deeply fascinated by each other. Whether in the body, psychological, date but not only with a spiritual communication, but also the young and dynasty love and desire, we love, then do love.

Green Apple Love II A hot summer evening, I took a bath lying on the bed. I have passed a burst of rock music in the room of sisters next door, like an earthquake, blowing me upset. This gimmick is now really, the parents often travel, I have been going to school in the field. Only she is studying in this city, no one can control her, now it is so arrogant, no matter whether it will not be noisy. Neighbor. I must train her for a good job tomorrow.

Temporarily, I will let my faint noise beside it, think about my small ring. In less than a week, I wanted her crazy, thinking about our passion when we are together, love and want to be together …

Since the air is too bored, I open the window and open the fan to the maximum, so that the room can breathable. But the more sweating on your body, so I took it off my trousers, and I only left a panty on my body, so I was more refreshing.

The days without the small rings can only rely on the erotic novels and masturbation to solve their desires. I took the erotic novels hidden under the pillow, and I saw the taste of Jinjin.

Today, this novel is really good, very real, very exciting, I am lying on the bed, the more I feel that the blood is boiling, the little brother in the trousers is quite hard, so I will put my hand into the panties, grab the meat stick up and down The stunned … Anyway, his parents are not at home, so late, my sister is impossible.

See the wonderful fragment in the book, fantasy, the cry of the small ring, my inner plum is moving, gradually, the meat stick is more and more, and it is more and more straight … It’s time to go to the toilet.

When I arrived in the living room, I saw: ah, I am almost two!

咦Oh, 80% is forgotten to turn off the light.

I used to knock on the door, didn’t react, so I opened the door.

Sure enough, the table lamps and sound are not related. This girl went to sleep, and the order was not covered. I have to go with a single, give the sister.

When you look at the lights, I suddenly found that the sister is so beautiful: the same short hair shoulder, melon face, cherry, long eyelashes, Peugeot face, white is exquisite skin. Through the small yarn bath, cotton-shaped bra is reflected in my eyes, and I have to have 32 inches, but it is small and exquisite. This is simply a small ring, no, than the small ring, my sister is more charming! Xiaoyan slept very well, long eyelashes as breathing slightly vibrate. I took this opportunity, and I appreciate the pretty face of this sleeping beauty. Slim body wrapped in white underwear, pure and sexy. In the face of such a beautiful and fragile body, I just had a bigger boss.

One moment, I have to make love with my sister, it is so strong! The fragment of just erotic novels is deeply returned in my mind, my little brother is about to swell over …

After a fight against thought, the evil was awkward, my hand did not consciously put the sister soft jade back, and I only felt that the whole body was hot. Fortunately, my sister did not respond; slowly, I took my hand to her waist. My sister is still moving. It seems that she is sleeping very dead, I am going to explore her body.

Hand slowly searched on the sister, the sister’s body, such as the ice and snow, silk satin, and a unique fragrance.

My sister moved slightly, but I was quiet again. So, I was full of desires, I greened, gently unload her tulled bathrobe, turned up the white small bra. Although I have used each other with my sister before, it is all in the trousers; this time, I can finally see the body of my sister!

The girl’s white chest is a lot of bare naked in front of me, the little nipple is bright red, like two cherries, the breasts are small. I touched gently, so there is stretch! The buds on the ridge immediately expanded and convex. The sister’s nose in my sleep is a bit confusing, she unconsciously twisted her legs, seems to have a dream. I didn’t dare to move again, the big hand wrapped with stretch-filled girl breasts, and the little brother has already erected.

After a while, I saw that Xiao Yan still didn’t move, and it was bold again. The hand climbs the peak along the breast, and gently pinched the bloated milk. Xiao Yan, “Well,” and squatting in the dream.

Desire to overwhelmed everything, I couldn’t help but swim to her. I slowly move your hands to the tight thigh, and the fingers will be slightly climbed between the legs. Very slowly, I finally touched her small panties. I gently touched the girl between the legs between the legs with your fingers, and the touch was a bit wet.

The fingers are gently mad, feel the wire warmth of the young girl …

I touched, I suddenly felt that my sister was shocked … she woke up!

I was shocked and didn’t dare to move again. I secretly glanced at my sister. She closed my eyes because of her eyes, biting his teeth. The nose was biting a few sweat, and the long eyelashes closed the eyelids in the rapid jumping.

My hand still clips in her thighs, although I can feel the shape of the beautiful petals in shorts, and get wet. What surprised me is that the sister did not resist any resistance; I was very excited, my sister had a rudeness!

After a while, I was bold and my fingers started slowly.

My sister’s whole body seems to be trembling, still there is still no resistance. On the contrary, I feel that her clamped thigh is gradually released. So I will pick up the white small panties more gallbladly, follow her thighs, invade the hand in the trousers, directly touching the charming love God, the hills are full of silk, but like It is just a small rain, a wet.

At this time, my sister finally reacted. She nervously grabbed my arm and did not let me further. I will no longer go forward, just use the finger to turn around the petals around the petals. I have been suffering from the sister who has never been stimulated, and the lower body twisted it wanted to avoid sensitive strokes, but but also intentionally inadvertently hit a more destacious part. She has never called out, just bittering a burst of pleasure.

At the same time, I also touched my other hand to my sister’s firm breast, slowly stroking. The sister’s breast is delicate, and it is skilled. I buried my nose between the cleans, greedily sucking the girl’s faint flavor. My sister is close to a pair of beautiful eyes, biting the whole body’s crisp.

“Ah!” Finally heard the breath … I used the teeth to bite the msoilry, my sister has helplessly begins to die. I combined with my hands and feet, quickly pulling my sister’s underwear to the calf.

Waves of strong currents sister finally gave up the weak defense, my fingers invaded the valley is full of nectar. I put the index finger gently on the labia, slide up from the bottom to reach the top of the labia, the clitoris stripping out Roufeng inside. Then gently teasing her clitoris …… although small but kind of meat and feel very much like the glans. Sister of the lower body like a fish writhing same way, gradually, the depths of the petals to help control leaking a turning honey, I gently poke petals, the middle finger to be inserted bother sister. “Ah ……” at my finger into the Verge, sister body shocked, involuntary hugged me tightly, we are entangled together.

So, I put the finger into the crack, the pressure on the urethra stimulation there, while the middle finger slowly into the pussy. Sister’s vagina is a start out playing, but slowly shrinks up, the kind of soft, warm feeling is so wonderful, but there is a creeping feeling very wonderful!

When my index finger into the roots, the feeling of pussy meat in tightly gripped my fingers, fingertips where the hard meat ball gently rub, which is the most sensitive part of the body of a woman now!

Then my sister had a sense of impatience unbearable, tried my best to twist the body. But she is still so convergence, only Shen Shen gasped, no longer groan; but the body is always the most honest: sister’s breathing began to increase, and her bosom was heaving with her breath! Her body kept twisting her hands to hug me tightly. When I increased vibration in the bud, she curved legs could not help shaking up and down; breast seems to have expressed his pleasure, began to shake up.

Such reactions and exciting me, I began to tinker with your fingers centralized manner with little meatballs.

“Ah, ah ……” Kogaya could not help such a stimulus, his mouth came the intermittent groan.

Her strong body trembling, his hands tightly clutching my back.

At this point, I looked up at her and saw Kogaya face, such as peach, is so charming, beautiful, glamorous and see so weak goddess, I would immediately froze, his eyes staring at her .

Kogaya see me watching her, and quickly turned her head to one side in order to escape my eyes. I will let her escape less quickly to kiss her, his tongue slid into her mouth, sucking her saliva, tongue back and forth against the tip of her tongue, white teeth, then latch onto her naughty tongue.

At the moment, my other hand were not idle, vigorously kneading her breasts, fingers rubbing her nipples scarlet, and pretty soon, the small bud becomes more stiff standing up.

Under my strong offensive, a Unit of honey gushing out from among Kogaya of Nenxue, my fingers wet as the ocean garden playing with our dance, step by step, the last remaining girl reserved crushed. Thrown beautiful red roses on Kogaya Jiaoqu, systemic chattering, even the labia are constantly sheets together, and she escape a lot of Aiye, caught in a vortex of excitement ……

“Kogaya, we come!” My head has long been the little brother I could not continue to tease Kogaya, I just got up and ripped shorts, revealing that terrible monster. At once came a pungent taste, freed from the shackles of little brother excitedly tilt, up wider, and huge crown emitted black and shiny, the tip has been out of the dew drops.

“! Ah” that somehow the fear born of Kogaya heart, she once again closed on the eyes, “Well …… not ……” before she could finish, I will shut her mouth; the overwhelming desire everything, I will little brother to the top of her petals ……

Little sister instinctive rejection, unconsciously gripping his legs, I had to make a mess in the top stretch between her legs. After a long, sister had no energy to resist, but I was very stubborn in motion, she had slowly separated his legs, knees and bent over as if, at this moment, I feel as if the top of the a small hole, where the meat a sinking down; only to hear her sister immediately call a cry, with a toss of his head; little brother finally found a place, and regardless of whether or not the right place, rushed to the top down.

“It hurts!” His sister cried, a few drops of tears in the eyes rolling in. “Hurt very much?”

I stopped advancing. Sister nodded and closed his eyes, tears down his eyes slowly drips ……

After a while, my sister quieted down, I then slowly brother to move forward. Her vagina is very tight, but fortunately, just under my teasing, sexual secretion secreted a lot, I was able to push more smoothly. Glans in full Aiye slowly advancing the jade cave, the walls close to the muscles being forced open. From the look in her sister’s pain, I knew she was endured great pain …… This is every girl transition to the woman must accept baptism.

“Oh!” The sister screamed … I met the hymen, and her hand grabbed my shoulder, which was dramatically trembled. I slowly took out the penis, slowly inserted in the vaginal mouth, so that my sister can be slowly adapted. Gradually, the sister’s hand began to release, and the mouth also began to make a burst, and the honey sauce is constantly moving from the petals. It’s time to last hit, I hit her, but the butt was pressed forward. The hard penis is easy to tear the obstacle, and it has entered the virgin in Xiaoyan.

The vagina is like being torn, and it feels painful to have a sister’s tears. She is burst of her because she is shy and dares, she has to hold me more, helplessly suffer from the pain.

I stop waiting for her, and I can feel the feeling of my sister’s vagina.

My penis is very tight, warm, and there is a feeling of a batch, it is so comfortable, stimulating! I think if I first inserted in the vagina in my sister, it is likely to plug it, I will be ejaculated because I can’t stand it.

After another meeting, I gently asked my sister: “Is it hurt?” The sister nodded, but immediately shook his head.

I hold her shoulder, start with the lower body, slowly, gently …

I slowly inserted in Xiaoyan’s small hole, Xiao Yan’s secret is so meant, I feel that my little brother is squeezed to the left, then it is squeezed to the right, that kind of meat The left and right packages, the feeling of squeezing makes me soul, I can’t help but leave some semen. “Nine songs 18 bends”, the sister is really a child!

My sister hugged me hard, and my eyes closed tightly, and my nose came out of a burst of hot. The girl’s boring has been completely smashed, she said: “Hold me … I want …” fast … “

“Well … ah … um … ah …” The sister drove, the body also twisted with the high low of the snoring.

My beast desire was completely awakened, I was in my sister, and I quickly accelerated my twice.

The sister is constantly embarrassed, twisting, hands are still dead, “Ah … ah … ah, ah, ah, ah …” Her snoring is getting more and more big, but also getting more and more urgent .

She then jumped with my impact up and down the breasts, the sweaty goddess, the urgency and dramatic 呻吟, as well as the bloom of the vaginal friction, let me constantly fly to one again peak. I am also more vigorous, every time I tried to thorn the vagina to the bottom … and even I can feel that her cervix is ​​arrived by me.

My sister began God, it seems to be following, yelling in the mouth: “Fast … ah, ah, ah, fast!” She is crazy twisting, shaking me tightly. Hold me.

The whole vagina is obviously auspeted, my little brother is wrapped in tightly, and it is even more difficult between entering and out. This has aroused my conquest desire, so that the whole body strikes, you can hear the “啪” water and body impact every time, Xiao Yan is tightly stretched. The beads shouted her red face, and the victims of the Venus.

I keep driving, every time I deeply in the roots of Xiao Yan, I suddenly pull, my little brother is more powerful, and it is harder than just! The honey sauce is like spring water from the flower heart, wet the sheets, our hammer, even flowed on my thigh …

Suddenly, I deeply felt that Xiao Yan’s vagina began to tremble, and he shook my penis.

sky! Only in this dozen, I couldn’t help! I didn’t wait for me to draw a penis, my lust broke out in this moment, a strong snort to stand in my mind, a inexplicable stimulus quickly passed to the lower body from the small body, short and severe, I started ejaculation My lower body twitching, the little brother struggled to spit out of the semen. I have been going on for a few minutes, my climax is over!

Such a short sexual intercourse, but I felt unprecedented fatigue. I didn’t even plenty of my little brother. I went to my sister, faintly slept; 溟溟, I am thinking: this summer vacation Only just started …

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