Main character Ye Rong: X big new students, love gymnastics, cute good Liu Qiang: X big sports teacher Li Aiguo: Ye Rong’s dean, Liu Qiang’s presence, heaven, look at the text “Wow, Rong Rong, your body It’s so good! “Li Wen looked at Ye Rong’s Miao Jiaoqi could not help but admire. Therefore, the waist is very thin and the flexibility is very good. It may be that the beauty of the beautiful milk is strong, but the little bit is like two flowers to be placed, Ye Rong, is often mistaken, “” Hey, I heard that today’s teacher invited a holiday, Zhang Hua quietly said to Li Wen, “Ah? Male teacher agent? This is gymnastics!” Li Wen told! “

“Who knows what happened, and listened to those sister said, the teacher’s teacher colored

“What do you do? What should I do?” When Li Wen naked his body, the beautiful body came to the dress, “Wen Wen!” Ye Rong, who was turned by a good friend, Li Wen, Li Wen, “What are you afraid of, just a class, let alone how much bad people!”

The big middle-aged people wearing sportswear, a wretched youth girl, “The classmates are good, I am the teacher of Liu Qiang, I hope to have a happy sports class with you!”

Ye Rong looked at this middle-aged teacher, a face of obscenity, very disgusting, and the students said to the teacher, “Now let’s go to prepare!” Liu Qiang is demonstrating, while playing the female students along with the action, swing The body of the body, not from autonomous, two colors of the thief eye your eyes stares on Ye Rongmiao’s body, and the swallowing of the next consciousness.

Feel the nauseaful eyes, Ye Rong’s consciousness sweeping the eye Liu Qiang, disgusting twisted the head, finished the preparation activities, should be special training, Ye Rong is better than the high and low bar, generally need to stretch the body, do some special The warm-up, avoid injury. The usual female teacher naturally said that today’s situation is special, for the sake of insurance, Ye Rong deliberate good friends secretly shot the picture of her training, “!” Was fired by Liu Rong in the body, “” Teacher, you are too hard! “

Feel the feelings of your thighs, Liu Qiang smiled, “Ye Rong classmates, only warm-up can avoid injury, this point you should understand”

Feeling the rough big hand, in your delicate skin, Ye Rong’s eye circle is slightly red, but she is proud of her is not willing to admit, and she is barely finished his warm-up exercise in his hand, but the next thing is difficult. Because of the upper bales, it is necessary to help, the female teacher or female classmates can help, but Liu Qiang will help Ye Rong, Ye Rong station, in front of the bars, Liu Qiang is going to the front bumper The body of the body, the hands quietly rely on the small beauty, one power, “ah”, Ye Rong, who was attacked, lost his strength, fell on the mat, felt the insulting gymnastics and angry standing up, “” “Shu” gives Liu Qiang a meager, “stinky!”

“Rong Rong, wait for me” Li Wen is not easy to catch up with Ye Rong, comfort, “Don’t be angry, the next class teacher will come back”

“Wen Wen”, Ye Rong, Ye Rong, tightly holding Li Wen, “This teacher is very annoying, it is a big rogue!”

“Well! No wonder the teachers and sisters don’t say this person’s physical education class”

“Do you take Wen Wen, have you taken it?”

“Well!” Li Wen delivered to Ye Rong mobile phone, “But Wen Wen, do you really have to explode this? The teacher will come back, it will be a nightmare ~”

“No, Wen Wen” Ye Rong said, “If I don’t say anything today, our school girl will also encounter such a thing!”

“But I am afraid to have trouble!”

“It doesn’t matter! The evidence is conclusive, no reliable!”

Ye Rong landed his X Bo, told this thing out and attached pictures. When I came out, I caught the vast response. X Bo received a lot of forwarding comments, slamming Liu Qiang and Liu Qiang’s X large, and many students who have graduated from X Grand graduates said Liu Qiang’s wretched sexual harassment has always been, a time group I am excited, netizens have attacked X big uncomfortable, X big official X Bo is forced to close, not controlled T, have been attacked, even X big bar is not deleted, afraid to fire.

“” Liu Qiang’s side face is heavy, this wretched man can only take the body, stand there, “You this waste! How much is it to you? Take your hand, now it is good, now. How do I explain to the society? The principal is still waiting for you! “Li Aiguo, the president of Ye Rong College, angry, angry Liu Qiang,” I don’t know if this mother will do this, it is fine. ! “” Fart! Your waste, Laozi is replaced by you for your ass, you still don’t know how to repent! “

“Hey! What is the use of these words now! Hurry and find a way!”

“You give Lao Zi! From now you have been suspended, Liu Qiang runs out of the office,” Hello, is Xiao Li? Well, I am Li Aiguo, that, the Ye Rong, you let her come to me Office of the office

“Hey! Darut Wolf, look at you!” Looking at T B & X Bobo is support you, saying that Liu Qiang’s voice, Ye Rong smiled, “Drip” mobile phone, Ye Rong It is your own counselor, I learned that the dean invited her, proud her is already thinking about Liu Qiang’s glory.

“Ye Rong classmates, sit and sit” to see the beautiful girl in front of you, Li Aiguo rushed up to stand up, let Ye Rong sat on the sofa, sitting next to the single sofa, very embarrassing, “Li Dean Hello! Ye Rong looked at the old grandfather of his eyes, and he was very happy. After all, it’s still a good person. To you, express sincere apologies, Li Aiguo stood up, bowed, “Li Dean, don’t like this, you are an elder, don’t like this,” I saw the old grandfather in front of you, I feel I can’t help Li Aiguo, “Cough”, I feel the petite and smaller jade milk gently rubbed, Li Aizhi even a borus, “Ye Rong classmate, you sit, mainly, we want to ask Asked your opinion on Liu Qiang, “Li Aiguo, who is sitting together, slightly nervous asking Ye Rong,” Well “Shen Ya, Ye Rong,” Dean, I think Liu Qiang is a big wolf ! And I heard that he is a habit, I want Liu Qiang, the teacher is not worthy of our school spirit! “

“Ah, Ye Rong classmates, you think that Liu Qiang also recognizes his mistakes, it is better to stop him, let him reflect on the province, make a deep inspection, don’t you see it?” Li Aizhi said, see Ye Rong I have a dissatisfaction, I’m busy, “It’s better, I will let Liu Qiang come to tell you, you are optimistic!”

Outside the office, Li Aiguo scored Liu Qiang called Liu Qiang, “Your waste, come over!”

After a while, Liu Qiang gasped to ran to Li Aiguo’s office. I saw my uncle and Ye Rong sat on the sofa. I saw Liu Qiang. Li Aiguo has changed, and it is a slap in the face. “Give Ye Rong Classmates apologize, your waste! “

“Hey!” Liu Qiang, who was smashing his face, wrote his face, went to Ye Rong, bow, “Sorry, Ye Rong classmates, the teacher should not be able to pay for you!”

Looking at Liu Qiang, an uncomfortable, Ye Rong dismissed, “Liu Qiang teacher, your apology Ye Rong can’t afford, sorry”

“You! Little scorpion! Don’t give your face!”

“Hey! Your beast teacher, roll out the teacher’s team!” Ye Rong, anger, “Ye Rong classmates, don’t be angry, don’t be angry” Li Aiguo is anxious, “Hey, this is your forced me” Liu Qiang Before it was a slap in the face, I suddenly made Ye Rong on the sofa. ? “

“Hey” Liu Qiang opened Li Aiguo’s hand, “stab” opened Ye Rong’s clothes, looked at the naked white tenderweel body in front of him, Liu Yan praised the throat, picked up Ye Rong up and down his hand, “Hey, now it is not Is it casual? “

“Liu Qiang, do you tm crazy?” Li Aiguo felt everything, “Hey, you will go to the war, you want to be alarm, you will go to the alarm.” Liu Qiang didn’t care about Ye Rong’s skirt. At this time, Ye Rong is particularly attractive, and even Li Ai Guo is unbearable to swallow the water.

“Hey, I know that the aunt is dead, your old man has no longer found a woman, this is ready, don’t play, don’t play!” Liu Qiang said, pick up the mobile phone to Ye Rong, “” you are crazy Have you been lucky? “

“Hey, Laozi has taken photos now, and it is great not to be opened. I am afraid that this is also to defeat the name.” Put the mobile phone into the camera mode, put it on one side, Liu Qiang looked at the previous touch, out of the caulk, color heart I can’t get it completely, but he wet Ye Rong cute lack of daisy, took off his pants, and put the ugly hiking on the chrysanthemum of Ye Rong, and feel it. When the torn painful Ye Rong gently greeted in a coma, “Hey, I use it behind, hey! You come in front, the two is happy?” “You are crazy” Li Aiguo looked at Li Aiguo When I was constantly joking in Liu Qiang, I swallowed the throat water, and I went to go, “” You go, this happens in your office, see what you can do! “

“You!” Li Aizhi, who was threatened by the outer threat, couldn’t help but have a bit. I don’t know what to do. of?”

Li Aiguo listened, sighed, went to the sofa, and finally did not help the temptation, took off his pants, and it was more than Liu Qiang. It’s really good! “

“」 轻 顶 国 国 国 国 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 是 是 是 是 是 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 是 吟 更 吟 是 是 吟 是 是 吟 吟 是 吟 是 吟 吟Li Aiguo stunned, “she is a virgin”

“Haha, you are so lucky! You can catch this kind of thing, call” because Li Aiguo’s entry, this is a firm chrysanthemum harmonious to contract, and Liu Qiang is constantly called, it will not be able to stand it. “No, too tight,” Liu Qiang leaked the essence in Ye Rong’s daisy, and took out the ugly mink stick from the bodybuilding, sitting on the next video, Li Aiguo gently held it. Ye Rong, touched the soft skin, gently moved the lower body, Ye Rong was leaning against his shoulder, issued a slight embarrassment, “Well! I can’t do it,” a burst, Li Aizhi also discovered the leaves In the body of Rong, Liu Qiang, on the side, rushed to the lens, and completely recorded white turbid mucus from the small hole.

“Well?” Gradually awakened Ye Rong felt the suffering painful pain, “Is this?”

“Hey, Xiaozi” sitting on the chair tightly pushed Ye Rong, Liu Qiang, who has been opened by the open chrysanthemum, is moving, “Your beast!” Ye Rong is struggling, but after being behind Liu Qiang tightly grabbed his arm and unimpeded. Tears, “You! I want to tell you”

“Go, all people will know that your wonderful performance” There is a weak Liu Qiang you have moved, “Um ~ I hurt, you are alive, um ~ Don’t think that I will yield” Ye Rong, who was torn pain, was struggling, “Okay, Xiaozi, hurry this” Liu Qiang took a paper, took a pen to Ye Rong, “What do you want me to do?” Ye Rong angry, “” Hurry and write a statement, today, today’s things are misunderstood, I didn’t touch your chest, just supported on your rib, normal counseling “

“Hey, you think that I have to write, will someone believe? Your animal, you will be punished!” Before the stress, Ye Rong, who wrote the humiliating text, the pain left tears, Liu Qiang looked in front The words of the twist, I have been very moving, “Oh, how about it, I am not yet gifted in the old man? Hey, there is still a little, oh”

Liu Qiang Yan also grabbed Ye Rong’s little hand, and the blood of the blonde did not dried after the blushing, and printed on paper.

“Haha, this is handled, see how you can still put me, 得 地 精 精 精 精 了 了 精 精 精 精 精 一 松 一 一 一 一 松 松 松 一 松 松 松 松 松 松 松 松,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Soft in the earth, leaving tears, wearing clothes, Liu Qiang standing on the edge of Ye Rong, “Xiao Zizi, quickly spread this thing to X Bo, or be careful, your performance is sent!”

The humiliation of this stupid statement is sent to the Internet, and the Ye Rong can’t stand it, and the online is shocked by this and the three days of the night, and it has guess what happened.

After Ye Rong, Ye Rong took a break in the dormitory, and the turning of the fantasy thing in his heart, but the darkness of this society is unimaginable!

“Um ~ um ~ Shuang” Naked the neck of Ye Rong neck, the hands are bonded to the body, the ups and downs are in Liu Qiang, the beautiful chrysanthemum is filled, the holes are plugged in a huge vibrating bar. , “This medicine is used, the jade girl is like yield.” Liu Qiang smahesly enjoys the tiny chrysanthemum, gently play with honey, “Don’t touch her little hole, that is mine, you play Playing with her mouth and chrysanthemums, Li Aiguo, a piece of tea, is very dissatisfied, the two people discuss, Ye Rong’s small hole is only Li Aiguo, and other places Liu Qiang play, “You are really a small gas! What is it? “

“Hey, you don’t forget, do you want to close X Bo, T bar? Don’t think about making money, if you find it out, you have finished

“Don’t worry, I have already discussed it with them, don’t believe you look at the T-Take” Dao Liu Qiang force the body, “Well ~ um ~ Big ~ Rongrong want ~ um ~ good comfort” Ye Rong, Ye Rong, took the initiative to move, “咦?” Li Aiguo logged into X big t, found only one place left, the other related stickers have disappeared, “How to do your kid ? This help does not lack the money? Can you let them delete? “

“Hey, you are old, you can’t keep up with the time ~ ~ ~” I feel more and more Liu Qiang sweat, “I didn’t make it a penny, just let them play this little scorpion Try

“What?” Li Aiguo anger, “You are crazy, you know, don’t know what you are talking about?”

“Urgent! 舅」 满 满 不 不 「「 好 好 好 好 好 好 好 好 好 好 好 穴 穴 穴 穴 穴 穴 穴 穴 穴 穴 穴 穴 穴 了 了 穴 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了It is also a loss of Laozi, waiting for them to play, this chrysanthemum is estimated.

“Um ~ Big, force! Rongrong is so comfortable!” I don’t know if I am saddened by Ye Rong in the matter, “Well” is holding Ye Rong’s jade milk. “It’s okay. Small can’t play, “

“Well, good, husband!” Ye Rongjiao, sitting in Li Aiguo, up and down, “Rong Rong, is tight!” Feeling enough to be his own granddaughter, Li Aizhi can’t help I am sigh, “Well! Don’t you say! It is your bad person! Um ~ Big!”

“Rong Rong, I am sorry for you, ~ I am going down at the time!” Li Aiguo, who was held by Ye Rong, looked at the women’s college student, “No ~ Nothing, um ~ Rongrong doesn’t hate you ~ Hey, I only hate Liu Qiang and those who have a beast-shore of the beast! “A charming Ye Rong’s eyes are hatred,” Rong Rong, I am sorry, I didn’t expect this group of animals to delete the slogan of reason. Playing with your body! “Li Aiguo, who is angry, can’t help but take a table!

“Hey! You are not a good person! It is a small hole of the people. I don’t know if your boyfriend is also a animal. After Liu Qiang accidentally returned to death, the beasts were also inexplicably killed, and they were killed by thundering, and they were hacked by those who were kindly exploited. I have to retribute, I am nothing to do with this animal. “

“Hey, because he hasn’t come in ~ oh ~ soft, um ~ I can only look at me on the side ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “Ah? Such waste? Rong Rong, are you married to him?”

“Well ~ Why?” Unfained Ye Rong stopped the beautiful body, “Hey, you know, I ~ I have never found a woman since my wife is dead, except that you have never touched others, even The child did not say that Li Aiguo explained, “Okay! You an old rogue!” Ye Rongjiao, “Not only thinking about me, I want my boyfriend to raise children! You are necrosis!” While gently hammered with Li Aiguo’s shoulders, “Hey! It’s good! Um, Rong Rong, I’m not good! I will leave your boyfriend as a teacher! Hey!” Enjoy the powder punch. The little hand of Rong, “Hey! That people?” “Beautiful girl is delicious,” My Rongrong also said, keeping a doctor, after leaving the school to be a secretary! “Li Aiguo gently kissed the small hand of Ye Rong, To be guaranteed, “Well! This is almost! Um ~ So comfortable! Um ~ Rong Rong ~ Rong Rong is here ~”

“Hey ~ together, Rong Rong, I also shot” Li Aiguo, who is tight, “” Um ~ Big! Power! Shoot to me! Dad! Magong! Shoot to Rong Rong! Rongrong wants to give Dad’s husband and child! Ah! He is here! “

Later, I heard that Ye Rong married his boyfriend Barpu, two people stayed in X big, a teacher, a secretary for Li Aiguo, Ye Rong also has his own child, but people say Ye Rong’s The child is not like Baro, a bit like Li Aiguo.

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