Chapter 001 Hemiar Intern “Tian Na, Tian Na, God … This is a mess, how can boys go to gynecological internship?”

After a lunch break, a little is very thin, the muscles are very strong, from the bed, and the head is in the bed after the bed.

What kind of society is social, the seven-foot man who wants to go to the gynecological internship …

I think that this small man is going to be full of women’s gynecological interns. Qiu Yu Ting wants to commit suicide. He looked outside the window of the sun. He wanted to find someone to talk about it. Unfortunately, he is not going to go out to go back to his hometown waiting to be allocated, he If the brain can’t get back, I don’t want to go back. I want the school to help him find an internship place. The reason is nothing, he does not want the family to worry, after all, he is twenty years old, let the family worry that it is not filial.

Qiu Yu Ting took the notice in his hand, I really don’t understand why I am already arranged in the X-gynecological internship in the city. If it is going to male or relatively neutral medical department, then Qiu Yu Ting is also a bit of peaceful, but it can be arranged to arrange him. Gynecology …

“Maybe this is a miserable entry with the school,”

Qiu was hung.

He will think about the future of the future, he can sit on a mature woman, mature woman, loli, female star, twin sister … and so on.

Everything is because he is a gynecological male doctor.

Qiu Yu Ting looked at the dormitory of the empty one person.

He stuffed the notice into the pocket and started to pick up your luggage.


“For the school leader, can I come in?”

A girl wearing a cool short skirt explore a head asking.

Qiu was twisted by the head. This girl only wore a white low-cut skirt, slightly bending, and the full-filled breast is hidden in Qiu in the eye blush, and her legs are very white, the short skirt only covers the mystery Little below the zone, Qiu Yu Ting felt that as long as a wind, he may see what is long-lasting.

The wind blows, the girl’s short skirt is blown up, and a white small panty embroidered with a small white rabbit is reflected in the eyes of Qiu.

“Oh, I don’t look at it!”

The woman is busy, and the bucket is red.

“Ziyu school girl, how come you come here, I don’t seem to have seen you for a long time,”

Qiu came to the court, and I wanted a bit stiff and angry, but the purple figure was still swaying in front of her eyes. Qiu Yu Ting seems to see the pussy wrapped in the small white rabbit.

Hey, Qiu was swallowed.

Ziyu looked at Qiu Yu Ting’s garbage market general dormitory, whispered: “I have never seen a long time, so I’ve been in the special idea, I heard that the senior is going to gynecological internship, so …”

Qiu Yu Ting is cold, exclaimed: “How do you know that I am going to gynecological internship?”

“The school is announced, as long as it is the work of the school, there is a column, this you have forgotten, dare to be a long, shame,”

Zi jade across Qiu in the court house.

Qiu Yu Ting seems to be a bit embarrassed. This remembers this excellent tradition of school. Qiu Yu Ting took some clothing to Li bags, said: “I will go to the X Women’s Hospital today, I may have to meet for a long time, Zi Yu school girl wants me ~~” “Of course, of course,”

The purple jade walked over and said, “Let the school semerse pack you.”

“Need not……”

Qiu was still finished, and Zi jade called “Yeame”, and she suddenly fell into Qiu in court. Qiu Yu Ting’s hands happened to grab her high-quality double milk. Although it is still in the clothes, it is still so good, and the more main reason is that this is the first time Qi Ting’s breasts.

Ziyu “Teng” is red, the body is stiff, there is no action.

Qiu Yu Ting’s performance is similar. Different places is that he will move your fingers, let Ziyu’s breasts transform various shapes in their hands.

“Yu Qingxue,”

Purple jade breathing has been a bit rush, and the whole person will pounce into Qiu in the court. “Zi Yu, you are …”

Zi Yuli started, let Qiu Yu Ting grabbed her breasts, she pulled the strap of the right shoulder, revealing a white bosses, whispered: “In fact, Ziyu really likes to be in the court, if the senior wants me The body, Zi Yu gives the seniors, and Zi Yu’s first time is still … “

Qiu was almost sprayed out. He was busy turned back to the hand, and he hit the gods of Ziyu. Qiu was hitting the body, kissed the forehead of Ziyu, said: “Zi Yu, this kind of thing can’t be worried, I haven’t found a job yet, if you want to give me, wait for me to work, you will give Let me. “

“Secretary …”

The purple jade flashed, and the tears came out to fall on Qiu in the court. She suddenly broke Lu Qi Ting’s arms, crying, “You are a big fool!”

After completing, Zi Yu runs in the door.

Qiu was busy jumping up, step two steps, and pulled Ziyu’s hand pulled her into his arms and said: “I don’t have intentionally disappoint you, just …”

Zexazine is full of tears in Ziyu Eye.

Qiu was huddy in the lower head and kissed the red lips of Ziyu and gently taste its fragrance.

“Hey …”

Qiu Yutrong was opened, and a crystal thin line was hanging between the two, and it was broken for a while.

“Zi Yu … After I work stabilize, I must give you all the warmth!”

Qiu said very seriously.

Zi Yuyi in the arms of Qiu Yu Ting, why said: “There is a doctor, even if Zi Yu is waiting for a few years, Zi Yu is also willing.”


Qiu Yu Ting pulled the purple jade short skirt, quietly looked at the latch between the small white rabbit, and the hand was drawn.

“Oh … don’t … don’t touch it … it is very shy …”

Zi jade.

Qiu was nodded, saying: “I just want to know how my wife is growing.”

Zi Yu glared in Qiu, said: “My face is not long!”

“Hey, joking with you,”

Qiu was a purple jade, said, “I have to organize your luggage, and come back in a few days.”


Ziyu should be able to help Qiu in court.

After the finishing, Zi Yu sent a Qiu in the court, Qiu Yu Ting called a taxi to drive in the direction of the X Women’s Hospital.

Ziyu looked at the taxi that gradually disappeared in front of him, why: “Yu Ting Dynasty, my place will give you.”

After a taxi for about half an hour, Qiu Yu Ting finally came to the legendary gynecological hospital. I thought that I may have to deal with women who have gynecological diseases, Qiu Yu Ting’s tears are flowing out, but he now has a pin now. That is Ziyu.

Inside the hospitality, Qiu Yu Ting said that there was a situation, and the woman who was responsible for the reception of the doctor was a bit depressed, she had to play the call to the director.

Two minutes later, Qiu Yu Ting was called the director’s office.

This legendary gynecological director looks around, Zhu Yanhong, a pair of lipstick lips looks tempting 10,000, a wave of waves hanging on white low-collar female doctors, half cover two arrogant Breast, a deep ditch stands in two breasts.

She looked at the Qiu in court, slowly standing up, and the 34D super halver was like a balloon, and they were shaking in Qiu in the eyes of Qiu, which was nearly twice as long, and he glanced from the court.

Operation ~~ After reading 13 years, this is the only word that Qiu Yu Ting can think of.

The text No. 002 is taken from the mayor’s daughter (on)

That mature woman looked at Qiu Yu Ting’s resume and looked at Qiu Yu Ting, and then walked out of the desk and said: “Mr. Qiu, I am sorry, our hospital has made a very obvious mistake, you see Look this recommended table, “

After that, the Director of the Mature Women will go to Qiu.

Qiu was very close to the director. He looked at the director. He was wrapped in her no fat legs. With her walk, the skirt angle will be shaken up, Qiu Yu Ting will see it. There are two black fabrics at the 4 inch of the knee, and there are two strands that spread up in the upper … relying on ~~ The legendary lingerie!

This inner world that looks for more than 30 years old must be colorful, but unfortunately, there is no chance to strip her clothes and look at it, and Qiu is dark.

He strongly endured the libido of the brain, and strives to make the hard mask soft, but reality and ideals are a big gap. Qiu Yu Ting is how to control the Shuo’s mask soft, he has to settle, Looking at the 34D breasts in the face.

“Let’s take a look,”

The Director of the Mature Sexy will deliver the recommendation to Qiu Yu Ting.


Qiu was detained at the recommendation table.

Qiu Yuting?

Super female name!

Qiu Yu Ting did not expect that the name of this seven-foot man was written into “Qiu Yuting” this is how much irony!

“But even if the name is wrong, it will not be guided by men and women. Is this not sticky?”

Qiu Yu Ting called a little angry.

The mature woman’s face is a professional smile, saying: “So I can only apologize to you, and one thing you have to understand, here is the gynecological hospital, the paradise for women, we can’t invite male doctors to do this Work, the truth is very shallow, I hope you can understand, “

She looked at the hanger hanging on the wall, “I am sorry, I should get off work, if you still have any dissatisfaction, I will call the call.”

Look, this is a prime woman who likes to wear fun underwear is to hurry.

Qiu Yu Ting looked at the chest card for the director of the anterior woman.

Zhao Lili.

“Director Zhao, I agree with you, but I am the school to arrange this internship. You also send me here, you look at it,”

Qiu Yu Ting handed the notice to Zhao Lili, and said, “China is now talking about law, I hope you can think about it again.”

Zhao Lili took a notice to read a while, and asked in a smile: “The law is a tool for safeguarding the interests of citizenship, but how can you represent the interests of women who come to the hospital?”

Qiu Yu Ting did not say anything about it, the whole cabbage of the whole portrait, did not fall on the ground.

“Well, it seems that Mr. Qiu is also a person who is physically, this way, I am playing Mr. Qiu back to school, this is also an apology of our gynecological hospitals,”

Zhao Lili smiled mildly.

“okay then……”

Qiu Yu Ting didn’t help but, in fact, he also understood that he had such a big man to run to the gynecological hospital, but he wanted to compete for an angry, if he was treated as a monkey, who would feel cool? Just … this Zhao Lili’s director is hard and hard, and how can this intern, who have just stepped into society, maybe she is.

Qiu came to court with inexplicably disappointment and turned and wanted to go.

At this time, the door was suddenly sounded.

“Please come,”

Director Zhao Lili sat back the chair.

Qiu Yu Ting went in the direction of the door.

The door was blocked, a young girl wearing a nurse clothing low, did not look at it like a wind.


“Yeah ~~” Qiu Yu Ting and she made a cry, two people sit down.

“Miss Rain, really sorry,”

Qiu Yu Ting looked at her badge: Wang Ruoyu. He was busy with his hand pulled her. Her first button did not deduct, and the white bra was performed by Qiu in the gods. Half-exposed breasts were round, and Qiu was in the court for a while.

She took off the dust on the skirt and broke Lu Yu Ting’s hand, looked up, smiled and smiled: “Sorry, I am too hit, you are fine.”

“Well, I have to go out, otherwise it is awkward,”

Qiu came to the court whispering. Wang Ruoyu went to the desk, hurriedly said: “Director, the mayor’s daughter runs to see the disease.”

Director Zhao Lili bowed his head and called: “Mr. Qiu, trouble you come in!”

Qiu Yu Ting did not know what happened, and I walked into the office again.

Zhao Lili took the hands together, and it was shown that Wang Ruoyu first went out.

After Wang Ruoyu went out, the director of Zhao Lili said: “Our hospital has a very difficult patient. If you can get her, I will arrange my work to you,”

Zhao Lili opened the computer and searched, “Luke also vacated a nursing staff, you can get the patient to arrange it to you.”

I heard the words “Daiko”, Qiu Yu Ting nose is almost sprayed out, and his mind is going to see the women before going to the hospital to see a doctor, and then being manpotted.

“However, if Mr. Qiu is threatened, our hospital is not responsible,”

Zhao Lili added.

Qiu was disappeared in the spring of the court, listening to Zhao Lili’s tone, the patient who had not met, it seems that mental illness is a serious violent tendency.

“If you want to give up, it doesn’t matter. After all, you will take the initiative to give up this opportunity.”

Zhao Lili suddenly said, “The internship nurses have a thousand five in a month. After turning is three thousand, and if you do good, you may be promoted to the supervisor, salary is 10,000.”

In the face of such a big temptation, Qiu is really refusing. He has a hard scalp: “Ok, then I will try it!”

“wish you success,”

Zhao Lili stood up and extended his hand.

Qiu came to the court to grab her hand, slippery, so thin, just like a bubble in milk.

Good-luck, “

Zhao Lili said in English and Qiu Ting after the posture of the director’s attitude, sitting there, “she is now estimated at the 31st ward, you have passed, no matter what the results, I look forward to it again.”


Qiu Yu Ting is now in the heart, it has been said that it has been exported. How can he say this man Han may repent.

“see you later,”

Qiu Yu Ting said out.

Zhao Lili pushed the mirror frame, self-prison: “It seems to have a disabled person.”

Text No. 003 Chapter I will see a doctor in the mayor (middle)

Qiu Yu Ting went outside the ward 315, standing there for a long time, did not dare to push it in.

Standing there for a while, Qiu Yu Ting still felt that he might just go in, but if he fled like this, would you not even have only a job opportunity? Think about it, if you successfully cure this patient, then get this job, then you will have a very moisturizing, and the most important thing is that the location is Daiko!

At the moment, Qiu Yuji pushed the door, Wang Ruoyu, who was previously met in the office, suddenly patted his shoulders, asked Xiao: “Mr., what do you want to do?”

Qiu Yu Ting saw this long-awaited Wang Ruoyu, said: “Just said the director of Zhao and I said, as long as I can cure the patient inside, I can work here.”

Wang Ruo’s face was pulled down, and the little mouth made up, saying: “There is such a good thing in the world, that Zhao is the most bad, I tell you, the mayor’s daughter, she is very fierce In our hospital, she is like seeing the fierce, I advise you still don’t go in, and the work is almost a matter of this. “

Listening to Wang Ruoyu, I said that Qiu was a little hair. He laughed and asked: “Why is a hospital afraid?”

Wang Ruoyu mysteriously, with Qiu in the court ear, the small channel: “I am also internship here, I don’t understand, I listen to other nurses, her mother is dead in our hospital, the death is still not Know that she has always thought that the hospital killed her mother, so I will take the disease to the hospital for the premise for the premise, and the doctor is insulted, and the heavy words will directly move the feet, very terrible! “

Qiu Ruo in court while listening to the rain, then watched her breasts with breathing and turned into small through dress is not very tight nurse, to be finished Ruo Yu, Qiu was turned around on the court, it should be: ” it sounds terrible but it is listening, but all right, I am a man, even if she did not know inside I’m a doctor, again, I was not actually a doctor Well, it’s all right. “” how your head turn, but turn Yeah, “

Ruo Yu Qiu stared at court one, angrily walked away.

Looked at the Bottom of the practice nurses, Qiu in court on thoughtfully opened the door, went in without looking.

“Who are you?”

Qiu looked in front of this court wearing low-cut jeans girl, oval face, a face full of pure anger, her breasts is not great, it is estimated that jeans are too tight because of it, but she really figure lines is perfect, and was wrapped in jeans pussy very round, it seems very fertile.

“Who are you? Coming in to do?”

Mayor daughter cried.

Qiu Yu Ting laugh the next, said: “I do how an ordinary citizen, mayor daughter will know me??”

Qiu went to court laughed at in the past, he glanced at random bed, turned on ~ ~ there stood rope and tape, it seems that the mayor’s daughter abuse addiction ah, Qiu Yu Ting busy playing the second extreme vigilance.

“I’m waiting for a doctor to see me, you quickly get out, do not get out, do not blame his aging mother polite!”

Mayor daughter sweetly shouted.

Met this tigress, Qiu want to escape to the court, of course, but this time he was ready to sacrifice!

Qiu in court while walking past side, said: “I came here to practice, just Zhao said, as long as I can cure you fight disease, let me in the Breast internship, so we asked the mayor to talk about your daughter, Miss students What sick of it. “

Mayor daughter clutching his stomach straight with a smile, pointing to Qiu in court, he said: “?! You people are not running out of a mental hospital, then how so funny, you come to the hospital gynecological practice ridiculous.”

“Excuse me, where you sick?”

Qiu asked again in court.

Qiu looked gentle on the court, the daughter of the mayor wanted to tease him, she leaned against the wall, pull your legs far apart and said: “Here is the slightly, as if metritis, do you want to come look?”

“Treatment of patients is the doctor’s job, let me look at it.”

Qiu Yu Ting know dispel her arrogance best way is to fight fire with fire, so he will have a countermeasure against the mayor’s daughter. While her daughter to the mayor, Qiu Yu Ting grabbed the rope and tape on the side of the bed, close to her.

Mayor Qiu see her daughter on the court wanted to play hardball, on busy, said: “I’m just kidding, you need not be so serious.”

Qiu in court after a stride jump in front of the mayor daughter, she will press on the wall, tearing the tape to seal her mouth, and then he tied with a rope daughter of the mayor, to determine tied too tightly, Qiu will be in court she threw on the bed, sitting on the bedside, Qiu in court he said: “Miss just like to say here are sick of it, then let me look it up.”

Then, Qiu Yu Ting’s hand stroking her leg, slowly climb, while bypassing the inner thigh, his hand touched the corner of jeans.

Mayor daughter’s eyes widened and his head was shaking, tears almost fell out.

“You mean you do not get sick?”

Qiu Yu Ting muttered.

Mayor daughter busy nodding.

“High moral character as a doctor, I asked you to check,”

Qiu Yu Ting’s hand on the pussy bulge pressing, indeed the women softest place, it just pressing a concave down, restitution will recover after the hand.

Pussy is this strange man touch to the mayor daughter’s tears flow out, she looked at Kew on the court with the kind of pitiful look, I hope he can be high in your hand, you can now Qiu on the court already had plans, he knows not to destroy her psychological defense, she is likely to obey in their own, if he released her, bad luck or their own estimates.

“Well …… Well ……”

Qiu hand feel on the court and in the press that never met a man labia, mayor daughter sobbed.

“I cried? Is not hurt the inside?”

Qiu Yu-court evil smiled and unfolded her leather belt. After pulling it out, throw it on the ground. Looking at the corner of the black half-transparent underwear, Qiu Yu Ting’s hand peeled the touch of jeans.

A pleats of shame from the edge of the underwear, sparse, as if there is very life.

Looking at the flesh of the last defense guard, Qiu Yu Ting swallowed oral water.

“Oh … oh …”

Mayor’s daughter is more surmical.

Qiu Yu Ting scored the legs of the mayor. The hand was pressed on that soft flesh. After a while, the black underwear was wet, and Qiu came back and looked back, watching the fensive water of the finger. His mouth is lightly lifted.

“I want to start checking,”

Said, Qiu Yu Ting grabbed the corner of the underwear, so that the pink laborary is present in Qiu in front of the court.

Text No. 004 Replace Mayctor’s Daughter (below)


Qiu was able to swallow the water. He has never seen a woman’s pussy so close to it. I didn’t expect to see a lot of differences in reality. The most basic, this mayor’s daughter’s color is very good. Pink, it can be said to be delicious, and Qiu Yu Ting pulled her thigh amplitude very big, so he could faintly seeing the slightly open labipings shining with fluorescent meat, it looked Very delicious, Qiu Yu Ting wants to take a bite.

But now, he is to see a doctor with a lofty gynecological interns. Before he is not optimistic, he can’t make trouble, but it is necessary to check that she is uterine, then they must use his hand. Her laborary.

Qiu came to the thief thief, solemnly said: “I will help you check your body now. I ask you to shake your head or nod, first, I will tell you the clinical symptom of uterine uterine, the first is to increase, have this symptom? ? “

The mayor shook his head while flowing on tears.

“See you is 178 years old, maybe I don’t know much about my body, let me check it,”

After that, Qiu Yu Ting squatted in the thighs of the mayor, allocated with the pink labipings with his hand, and looked very seriously with the mayor’s daughter breathing and constantly Zhang Heng, looked at the trip. The meat, Qiu Yu Ting put two fingers in, opened a little on both sides, looked at the depths of confusion, Qiu Yu Ting is more excited, did not expect her to be a woman, so hot Spicy or virgin, this is too rare!

“Well, there is no change in leucorrhea,”

Qiu came to the court and nodded, and said, “The second symptom of uterine inflammal is painful, do you hurt this?”

Qiu Yu Ting’s hand fell in the mayor father, gently pressed.

Mayor’s daughter shook his head, hoping that Qiu Yu Ting ended the horror examination early, and thought that he had never seen it for the boy to expose to this interns, the mayor is ashamed to commit suicide.

“What about this?”

Li Ting and two fingers inserted.

The mayor daughter shakes, and the head is shaken even more.

“That seems to be uterine inflammation,”

Qiu arrived in court.

He walked to the bed, torn off the vectors of the mayor, looked at the lips that had a bloody lip, and Qiu Yu Ting exposed a silk smirk to capture.

“Quickly put me, I am the mayor daughter!”

She called.

Qiu came deeply and said that he said in peace: “I don’t mind, you can call it loudly, it is best to ask people outside, and you can take a look at the mayor daughter who hates people. It’s very good, pink, is a woman’s color, “

Qiu was sighing while touching her.

The mayor is shameless, she thought that I was still in this hospital today, I can levelers, I didn’t expect to suddenly a male internship, and didn’t think that he dared to treat the mayor. She really wants to save loudly, but she understands that a very shallow truth, the hospital people hate her, even if they see this, some people will take pictures to take it to Lee Dad.

Thinking of this unlucky encounter, her tears quietly flowed out, dripping in the gravilum of the double breast, then diluted. Qiu Yu Ting looked at the tears of the mayor, as secretly said: I will make a beast!

“What’s your name?”

Before the beginning is not as good as the subject, Qiu Yu Ting tried to adjust the atmosphere.

“I said, will you let me?”

Mayor daughter stunned Qiu Yu Ting, just like it was the same.

“If you haven’t sick, I will let you,”

Qiu arrived in court.

“You have the disease!”

She is a little.

“Hey, girls have to be a little, otherwise, I can’t marry,”

Qiu came to the court, “Now you tell me the name.”

At this time, Wang Ruoyu listened to the 315 ward. She thought she would hear Qiu Yu Ting’s lam, but his voice is very gentle, and I heard Wang Ruoyu is a little drunk. When I heard it, Wang Ruoyu’s face was red. Those who had a little sensitive word continued to run into her ears, scared that she did not dare to survive, formed a slutty picture in her mind: Qiu Yu Ting Tied the mayor, also stripped her clothes, then took off his clothes, then revealed …

Wang Ruoyu is red, like a tomato, she is busy shaking her head, telling her not to think about it, then connect the vessel in his hand to the medical room.

“Color Wolf?” Wang Ruoyu whispered.

“If you don’t tell me the name, you may be able to premonstrate the consequences,”

Qiu Yu Ting went to bed, and his eyes were fixed on the lab.

The mayor finally compromised, and the tone is flat: “Lu Yiyi.”

“Listen to the name, very lady, you can …”

Qiu Yukou fake shake his head sighed, “” One of Chinese women’s standards is the sage, you are not. “

Lu Yiyi praised: “If your mother is killed by an unobstructed doctor, are you not angry?”

“You are the mayor’s daughter, if it is an unexpected death, then you can check the stone out of your father’s status,”

Qiu was sitting on the bed, and his hand lied inside the land of Lu Yiyi.

Lu Yiyi seems to know the more resistance, the worse the result, pretend that there is no feeling, but she is very feeling, the most basic, it is a bit itchy, it seems to start secretion of obscene. Lu Yiyi bite his teeth and said: “You just came to this hospital, of course, I don’t know how hard it’s background, I don’t know, but I know that it has two black and white support, every time I beg my father check my mother. When he didn’t move his head, he had shaken his head and smoked, so I had to come here every time after school, I have to get the nominal to get a doctor, to vent my heart! “

“It’s really complicated,”

Qiu was frowned, looking up looking up looking up with a few floating clouds outside the glass, continuing to say, “You don’t have a way like this, there is no actual meaning, it will only make them more alert.”

“I can’t do anyone alone!”

Lu Yiyi called.

Qiu was so laughed and said: “If I can go smoothly in the X Women’s Hospital, it is estimated that I can help you check some information,”

Qiu was twisted out of the head and looked at Lu Yiyi. “You just say that your illness is cured, they will let me stay, then I can check the information for you, how?”

Lu Yiyi felt that Qiu Yu Ting said that the words were really reasonable, she busy nodded, saying: “Then you put me.”

“Ok, but let me make you feel comfortable before that,”

Qiu was embedded in Lu Yiyi’s legs. The flexible tongue began to lick on the labi, and the method was completely from the mask. After reading it, he wanted to practice.

On the yin house, he was licking him by Qiu Yu Ting.

Text Chapter 005 Effects Queen Zhao Lili (on)

Qiu Yu Ting remembers that when the male boy licks the girl, the girl will say this passengers, in fact, I don’t want you to be licking, just want to use resistance to stimulate your desire, let you sell more, Qiu Yu Ting is also the case. Qiu Yu Ting sidedly from the fragrance floating from the horizontal, and the lips were eaten, and the vulnerability of the prostitution continued to echoing in this closed ward. Very rhythm, melody.

“Ask you … Don’t lick …”

Lu Yi’s pamper has been twisted, and the breathing is several times. She really wants to use the actual actions to refuse Qiu Ting. This is too intimate behavior, but she is tied, only the mouth, “I … I … Ok … that … “

Lu Yiyi is a bit wrong.

Qiu Yu Ting continued to succumb to soft labians, and the tongue began to attack the congestion clitoris that had just been protruded.

“Ah … don’t … there is very sensitive … Don’t lick …”

Lu Yiyi feels that he is going to die, it is the feeling that is cool to die.

See Lu Yiyi is already wet, Qiu Yu Ting wants to do it, she is a pilot of the mayor, or the presidential daughter, in Qiu in the eyes, she is now a woman who is still ordinary, she is still, she is squatting Qiu Yu Ting is also needed, there is a hard border there.

“Sorry, I have to do it,”

Said, Qiu Yu Ting pulls the trousers zipper, pulling the underwear, and exposes the insufficient panties, the radius is less than 2 cm, should be considered ordinary.

Lu Yiyi glanced at Qiu Yu Tabah, and her face was awkward, and she was busy: “I can’t do this, I am willing to help you fall in the hospital, don’t you like this, put it soon Things are hit, fast! “

Qiu Yu Ting did not think about it. He is not a Liu Xianhui. If he wants to collect it, unless the end of the world is coming, since it is necessary, then do it completely, first break the champion of Lu Yi, I discuss the truth of her mother. .

“I am a normal man, always need it,”

Qiu was smiling. He very clearly, if you want to conquer the daughter of this mayor, even if you can’t stay in the hospital, it is estimated that there will be a good job. Qiu Yu Tingben also wants to take a photo of the mobile phone, but feel that the most garbage like that kind of man!

Qiu Yu Ting slowly went to the tight Lu Yi, pulling her thighs very open. Holding the mask and rubbed on the lace, maybe it is too excited, Qiu is always impulsive, Qiu Yu Ting The first time of the man is very fast, because there has never been done, it is too sensitive.

Just when Qiu Yu Ting intends to insert it, the door suddenly sounded.

“It’s going to get off work, and the director of Zhao called you no matter whether there is no orchestent to give her a reply.”

Listening to the sound, it should be a middle-aged woman. Although it is a bit sweet, let Qiu arrived in court.

“Let me go!”

Lu Yiyi glanced at Qiu.

Qiu Yu Ting looked at this cooked duck soon to escape from his magic hand. He hated that he would be in this, but he still compromised, put the mask into his trousers, pulling the zipper and said loud: “You go to tell Zhao Director of Lili, the mayor’s daughter’s illness has been cured, I will report to her. “

“Oh, is it so?”

The people outside can see a bit incredible.

“I have been cured, you call a fart, tell you to notify you!”

Long, lovely, Lu Yiyi called.

“Sorry, I will go,”

The foot walk is slowly left.

Qiu Yu Ting looked at Lu Yiyi, I thought she was like a degrade with an angel’s appearance. He was afraid that this time it was defeated, and the next time I could be tied up, but I went to this bones, he Only take risks to Lu Yiyi.

In addition to the rope on Lu Yiyi, Qiu Yu Ting was still in the key part, and Lu Yi would want to swallow Qiu in the court.

Lu Yiyi took out the 315 ward with him.

When I got to Zhao Lili, the doctor nurses who walked from Lu Yiyi were rushing, just like seeing the lamb and wolf, and he saw that Qiu Yu Ting wanted to laugh, and the side face said: “Your popularity is better than Jolin Tsai Also high, so many cute nurse, Miss, Snooked. “Lu Yiyi glanced in Qiu Yu Ting, said:” The old lady will find you, if you dare to treat me like this! “

Her clear pupil reflected Qiu Yu Ting’s white cheeks.

“I just want you to feel comfortable,”

Qiu was taking a laughter.

“Comfortable you a big head, cut you next time!”

Looking at this demon, Lu Yiyi, Qiu Yu Ting seems to have a dawn, maybe … Love is from this sexual abuse, just … Qiu is still thinking about the purity like a white paper. Purple jade.

In the office of Zhao Lili, Lu Yi is very gentle, and it is just a smile. It is a sharp way to see Qiu in the court.

Lu Yi said that he had assumed a good condition, and thank Qiu Yu Ting, saying his treatment means, and then turned around.

When Lu Yiyi’s footsteps disappeared in the corner, Zhao Lili pushed the mirror box. He looked at Qiu Yu Ting with the keen eyes of the professionals. He felt that he did not wear clothes.

After watching it for a while, Zhao Lili stood up and walked out of the office, leaning on the office, said: “Mayor’s daughter has just said, this is very clear, in fact, she did not have any disease, but they did it So happy, just like really in the past. “

“But in fact, she is cured by me,”

In the face of this eagle-like sharp Zhao Lili, Qiu Yu Ting seems to be a bit of a strong heart. He looked at Zhao Lili in front of him, and he was surprised. This makes Qiu Yu Ting puzzled, she should stay here, how can I have time to change the pantyhose, and this pantyhose is absolutely connected, and I should wear a bunch above it. This makes Qiu Yu Ting very I want to take Zhao Lili’s representative of the sacred low-collar doctor to take off, and enjoy her life in the world of life.

Seeing Qiu Yu Ting was fascinated by his own beauty. Zhao Lili seems to be very proud, but she must be pretending to be very essential, after all, she is the brand spokesperson of this gynecological hospital.

“Let’s talk, how do you let her obey you, see if you are polite, you should not use violence,”

Zhao Lili smiled and laughed, and the left leg was pressed on the right leg. It was a temptation of Qiu Yu Ting.

Looking at the thighs wrapped in black pantyhose under the white narrow skirt, Qiu Yu Ting’s swallowing sound echoed in the office.

“True little ghost,”

Zhao Lili small voice.

I looked at Zhao Lili’s thigh. She actually took a smile. Qiu Yu Ting seems to feel that she is hinting himself. After thinking, Qiu Yu Ting pointed to her below, saying: “I just use this conquer her. “

Zhao Lili has a hot mouth, saying: “What do you mean, I don’t understand,”

In fact, she will not know what Qiu Yu Ting is meaning.

Qiu Yu Ting opened the zipper and took the mask.

Text No. 006 Effects Queen Zhao Lili (below)

When I saw the male root of Qiu Yu Ting, Zhao Lili laughed out, the pettyily shaking, smiled and said: “Children, you are so cute.”

Qiu Yu Ting looked at Zhao Lili’s crisp with a laughter, and looked at her eyes again, she found that “children” he refers to himself, but the mask of his own. Qiu Yutun hit the body of Zhao Li Li slut, the amount ~~ It is indeed a child, compared to the brave and embarrassing big brother, Qiu Yu Ting can only be depressed, just that is hard, was so hard. Said that the children went soft again.

Zhao Lili suddenly squatted on the ground, using his hand, the child of Qiu Yu Ting, put the foreskin with his hand, and used the scholar’s general vision to stare at Qiu Yu Ting’s Suzukou. She took a breath and said: “It’s really Miracle, there is really this man in the world! “

“What’s wrong, Director?”

Qiu came to the court asked, is it sick? Zhao Lili continued to bring the children of Qiu Yu Ting. Seeing it slowly, it took two eggs, and looked at a bloody, a bloody, and a bloody, and looked for a while. Zhao Lili asked: “Is this dragon a life?”

Qiu Yu-court is do not know what Zhao Lili is talking about. However, his children have been so comfortable to be so comfortable by Zhao Lili. I have to be very comfortable to play a plane. While enjoying Zhao Lili’s hand service, Qiu Yu Ting hit the tremble, he feeled After playing with Zhao Lili like this, I will shoot it.

See Qiu Yu Ting does not answer, Zhao Lili will take the glans that will be packaged in the mouth of the squid.

“Hey ~~” Qiu Yu Ting got a sound.

Mygod, this is the first time with a woman helped him, I didn’t expect to feel completely different from my imagination, was surrounded by Zhao Lili’s mouth, the flexible tongue scrape the horse at very fast speed. This allows Qiu to go to the ground.

“Don’t … don’t succeed … I have to come out …”

Qiu was afraid to shoot into Zhao Lili’s mouth. He had to endure it and unfortunately it is too late. The finery can’t hold it.


Qiu was busy calling.

Zhao Lili’s face did not mean. She once again incorporated Qiu Yu Ting’s children in the mouth. After the evacuation dripped, she looked at the dragon pulse of her, and saw its color After the lavender, Zhao Lili is lifted, and he said: “It seems that the dragon has no passage.”

Zhao Lili’s words, Qiu is not understanding. The most concerned now is that he can’t stay in the X Women’s Hospital. Zhao Lili has brought the fact that Lu Yi is not sick. In this way, Qiu Yu Ting may also stay in the hospital? ? Qiu Yu Ting felt that the durse is getting farther away from himself, just like a wind, he will never chase.

Zhao Lili stood up and changed a little bit of eyes and looked at Qiu Yu Ting. “Congratulations, you got this job, just …”

Qiu Yu Ting also wanted to laugh, he heard the three words behind him, his smile became a bit stiff, asked: “What is it?”

Zhao Lili smiled shallow and said: “You have to cooperate with a research project in our hospital.”

Qiu came down in the face, and he saw more sci-fi movie. He also seen more horror movies. The disaster movie also viewed, and the general hospital will say what research projects are inside. It is not good like a biocity crisis. Or destroy the warrior to make yourself into a biochemist, the glory is not the end of this, although he has no brilliance, you will have a candle to bear it.

“Do you want it?”

See Qiu in court, Zhao Lili asked.

Looking at Zhao Lili, smiling, Qiu Yu Ting felt that she hides too much secrets under this foot, he didn’t want to promise, but I thought that I have promised the mayor to help her check my mother’s death, Qiu Yu Ting hesitated NS.


Zhao Lili strokes Qiu Yu Ting’s soft mask, and said: “This opportunity is not a general person can enjoy, I tell you, as long as the research is successful, you are at least 20 cm long here, it will be like a white radish, Just like a drill, the most important thing is that as long as it is used, even if you take the ten men to the clothes, she doesn’t think there is a little reaction. “

“Since it is so good, why don’t you look for my words, be sure to find me?”

Qiu was asked in court.

Zhao Lili smiled mysterious and said: “Although we are Chinese people, they are self-proclaimed by the dragon, and there are several people who are really passed, and children, you are the unique dragon. You have to seize this opportunity. Otherwise, you will regret it forever. “

In front of the interest, it is estimated that many people will compromise. Can Qiu Yu Ting now think that after the scientific research is successful, his children will become a big brother. He is now thinking is Lu Yi, he has promised her …

“How about it?”

Zhao Lili asked again.

Qiu came to the court to bite the darkness and dark road: Mom, promised to agree, Laozi does not believe that the gynecological hospital can eat me!

“Okay, I promise you!” Qiu Yu Ting called.

“Well, then I contact the responsible person of the department two days, arrange the operation time for you,”

Zhao Lili stuffed the children of Qiu Yu Ting back and pulled the zipper.

“What happens if it fails?”

Qiu was busy asking.

Zhao Lili’s carved eyebrows and said: “Will n’t like, you can rest assured, the most impotence.”

Qiu was immediately sweating on the face, secretly said: What is this world, find a job is still so troublesome, I am afraid it is a problem with my birth.

At this time, the door was suddenly sounded.

“Mom, I have eaten,”

Very pleasing sound, but unfortunately Qiu Yu Ting has just been shot once, otherwise it will be hard.

Zhao Lili frowned, opened the collar and looked at the sticky droplets inside and turned to the bookshelf.

Just when Qiu Yu Ting was inexplicably, Zhao Lili blocked a book of the bookshelf. After a small sound, the bookshelf was divided into two. When I saw something hanging in the bookshelf, Qiu Yu Ting was almost sprayed.

There is a set of neat sex lingerie inside.

Black bunch with red stockings, simple blue pajamas, will expose the black denim short skirt with crumbs, barely wrapped in half-sleeve white short sleeve with red plaid skirt …

The type has made Qiu Yu Ting stayed, and the queen of the lingerie!

It is no wonder that Qiu Yu Ting will replace the way to treat the disease, Zhao Lili can replace the underwear.

“Children, are you choose to face me, or turn around?”

Zhao Lili smiled.

Qiu was swallowed and said: “I just saw my body, I have to look at your body now, this is fair.”

“Well, cute children, I will take it to you this,”

Zhao Lili smiled more than yang, and she didn’t seem to go out of the door. She unflassed the white female doctor’s clothing, and slowly peeled like a peeling egg shell.

After taking off, Zhao Lili only wore a black suede’s lingerie, transparent black bunch to the navel, then there were two black flat cloth connected to the fat pantyis, a low waist Lace underwear makes the fertile lips look more fertile, Qiu Yu Ting also faint approximately about a few shame from the corner.

Text No. 007 Chapter Zhao Lili Mother (on)

“Hey, I have gave you it,”

Zhao Lili solved the two shoulder straps of the bunch of clothes, and the buckwood wrapped in the breast was slowly declining, and the two gigaby of the two gigulent gigants were exposed to Qiu in the eye blind.

The bunch of clothes is actually divided into several kinds. The most common is two kinds. The first is to wear Zhao Lili. They directly replace the bra, and they will be packaged in the upper body. The other is less brawled, only in the package Live the waist, wearing a second person must also wear a bra.

Looking at Zhao Lili’s two super big breasts, Qiu Yu Ting swallowed a mouthful of water.

“The true lovely child, but it will become a big friend in a few days.”

Zhao Lili smiled shallow, retreating the bunch of clothes to the waist, and paid a while, he continued to go down, leaning on the bookshelf, the left foot, take off the bunch of clothes together, then stick to Qiu Yu Qingqi The bunch of clothes and black pantyhose are stacked in the bag.

Qiu Yu Ting was almost out of the eyes. Looking at the two swells in Zhao Li Li, Qiu Yu Ting’s children were hard, and I was going to break the binding of the zipper.

“Do you want me to take off?”

Zhao Lili’s hand was drawn on the transparent black lace underwear who broke himself, but also intentionally pressed, and the two flats can be enjoyed with the lip where the wine is lifted in Qiu in front of the court.

“Take it,”

Qiu was shouting in the court.

“Mom, I have lunch,”

The sweet voice outside is also ringing.

Zhao Lili glared at the silk of the stupid to stand there, and the heart was dark: I have never seen this Aroun, I’m going to this, I don’t know it. “Daughter, you will wait, I will discuss some things with a intern,”

Zhao Lili called a sound after the voice, “Qiu Dynasty, you will get in touch with many women’s body, so you have to learn habits now,”

After finishing, her fingers inserted into the underwear, and the hands were stripped, and the translucent lace underwear was peeled off, and the brilliant fat lip suddenly showed the front of Qiu in the eyes.

Looking at the labians who talk, the male’s instinct will let Qiu Yu Ting have come quickly.

Zhao Lili continued to keep a smile and said: “My body is now checking you, so you will not be so bureau.”

Qiu Yu Ting did not listen to Zhao Lili’s reasons of the crown of crown. He hugged Zhao Lili, and Zhang Zhu had a Zuoyager who lived in her. The color of her nipple and the color of the lace were shallow, and there is also a surroundings. Large brown breed.

Zhao Lili “giggling” straight laugh, knead Qiu Yu Ting’s head, said: “So monkeys, I have not introduced you, you are now licking is a nipple, one of the women who are easy to excite, you Hand … … 阴 阴 阴 阴 …… Will you have a long time … … Children … You want to be adults … “

Qiu Yu Ting recalled the skill of the A film, while using it in Zhao Lili, licking the nipples that exudes the filming, the hand moved on the outstanding clitoris, slowly moved down, grabbed a ladle, soft, slide There is still a wet, one accidentally, Qiu Yu Ting’s fingers slip into a swamp.

“Oh … light …”

Zhao Lili.

Although Zhao Lili’s horses will not be very tight, the feeling of sticks that the fingers are folded is really good. If you change to Zhao Li Li as a hi-joy in children, don’t know what will? Qiu was swallowed, and the other hand has already opened the zipper.


Zhao Lili, who has been standing outside, shouted with an angry.

Just when Qiu Yu Ting plans to start the cloud rain, they suddenly heard the sound of the door opened.

When Zhao Lili saw the door was opened, she pushed Qiu Yu Ting, Qiu Yu Ting fell to the ground, was preparing to stand up, Zhao Lili Xiao said: “Don’t come out, wait for me to go out, I will come out again!”

Qiu Yu Ting feel like a thief, which makes him depressed, forget it, anyway, he is now in the fence, do not listen to Zhao Lili, it is estimated that his rice bowl is gone.

“Mom, how come you like this, where are you talking about?”

The sound is not said, I don’t know what people look like.

Qiu was drilled into the office, smashed with his head, but he could only see a pair of thighs wearing a meat stockings, and slowly approached. Qiu was not dared to come out. Most let him depressed or he and Zhao Lili did not have it. Do it, why do you want him to have such a hat?

“I lie to you, what kind of interns, I just want to change clothes, Xin Ting, look at it,”

Zhao Lili said to the wardrobe and looked very serious about those sexy underwear.

Qiu was almost flowing out. He looked up in forty-five degrees. You can see two fertile labi and the little labiaries between it, just like a small cage! Qiu Yu Ting really wants to open it in, but unfortunately the situation is not allowed.

“Red butterfly, mother like that type, time is not early, if you are later, there is no meal,”

Zhao Lili said his daughter’s daughter.

“Well, listen to my baby daughter,”

Zhao Lili took a set of fun underwear from the wardrobe, and then turned it, and slowly put it slowly when Qiu Yu Ting was.

This is relatively simple in structure, shoulder strap, non-coat, and two cups. The underwear is a high waist type, a small triangle, happens to cover the lips, with a small window with a butterfly wings near the lower abdomen, and a few shame is exposed from it. The cup and underwear are also distributed with a lot of small ports, two nipples are just squeezed out from two small mouths.

Looking at this red butterfly dress, Qiu Yu Ting’s children did not vastly out of white droplets. Zhao Li Li deliberately turned a few laps in the original place, “Daughter, look good?”

Xin Ting pulled the chair and sat down and said: “Anyway, no one appreciates, mom, you still put on clothes.”

“Listen to you,”

Zhao Lili smiled and took the female doctor in the work desk.

Qiu Yu Ting didn’t look at Zhao Lili this time, but the Ting Ting who was sitting there was still to see her appearance. I can only see two distinguished thighs, and the meat stockings make it more well, and Qiu Yu Ting also The faint approach to see a fertile land in the depths of the nurse short skirt. Don’t she wear underwear? In order to dispel this question, Qiu Yu Ting took low his head. Like Xing Ting’s holy place like a microscope. It seems that it is not wearing … Qiu Yu Ting is really seen two flats, but only light is too dark, see Clear color.

“Mom gives you the set of dew, you wear?”

Zhao Lili asked in the last button.

“Well, now wear it, it is very cool, let’s go,”

Xin Ting stood up and took her mother’s hand towards the outside.

“Waiting for the interns, eat with us,”

Zhao Lili said.

“Is there a school in a school?”

Xin Ting asked.

“It’s a man.”

“Mom don’t scare me, how can we have a male doctor,”

Xin Tinguan squatted.

“It’s a child,”

Zhao Lili’s meaning is implied in the meaning of Xin Ting, can understand.

After they are far away, Qiu Yu Tingcai climbed out of the desk. He took a breath and self-prison: “A taste queen, a sense of interest, it is too tempting, if you can make their mother Going to the hand, just look at a few eyes, it will be shot, it is awesome! “

Just when Qiu Yu Ting was preparing to leave the office, his mobile phone suddenly rang. He was busy, see it is a strange number, just said with a very polite tone: “Hello, what is it?”

“Hey, I am Director Zhao, intern, I am waiting for you at the first floor, let’s have a meal together, and discuss the details of your internship.”

Text No. 008 Chapter Zhao Lili Mother (below)

I heard Zhao Lili’s voices, Qiu Yu Ting immediately called a cold. He really didn’t understand the Director of Zhao Lili. He didn’t want to ask him for lunch. He is just a intern. I dare to be troubled. Please be invited, but if you have a fence, you must pay the price! Qiu came to court to adjust his breath, it should be said: “Okay, I will come down.”

Slightly adjusted the next frame, Qiu Yu Ting walked out of the head of Zhao Lili, all the way to see the nurses or doctor, everyone saw him like seeing aliens, let Qiu Yu Ting feels itself Is it a long hemorrhoids, and even more people directly stare at his lower body, don’t look at Qiu Yu Ting’s handsome face.

Rely ~~ sex hungry, Qiu is dark.

From the office of the second floor, Qiu Yu Ting came to the guardroom at the door of the X Women’s Hospital.

In addition to seeing a set of low-end happlate skirts, it will be more enough to make Qiu in the salivation of Qiu in the late court. , Cherry, shallow black eyelid, the show on the show on the face, a yellow wave is full of waves, and the tail of the roll is extended to the elbow, and her brilliance Daisy. She worked relatively relatively conservative, wearing a gray silk long sleeve, wearing a gray grid sling skirt, until the knee. It looks very pure, but Qiu Yu Ting thinks that she is walked in Zhao Lili to give her Dew. Point, Qiu is a little fur in the heart, the table is not.

“This is my daughter Wu Xin Ting. This is an intern Qiu Yu Ting. My daughter is a doctor’s doctor. You will have a lot of contact opportunities in the future, just take a chat time.

Zhao Li Li is busy introducing it.

Qiu is a smile on his face, but Wu Hin Ting has only a very boring smile on his face.

Qiu Yu Ting has already extended his hand to prepare for Wu Xin Ting. Wu Hun Ting is still in the pocket, and there is no meaning. The atmosphere is stiff.

At this time, the guards were explored and said: “Director Zhao, your driver is waiting outside.”

“Let’s go,”

Zhao Lili pulled Wu Xin Ting’s hand away, looking back to Qiu in court, showing him to keep up.

Zhao Lili sat in front of the seat, Qiu Yu Ting was sitting in the back seat, Wu Hunting has never seen Qiu Yu Ting, just like him as air.

The car is moving across the front, and there is no other voice in front of the travele of Taoli.

When Qiu Yu Ting, he went to Wu Xin Ting from time to time, looked at her white thigh, and shouted by the skirt angle. I think that Wu Hunting is the closest touch with fresh air. Qiu Yu Ting swallowed with saliva.

“How long have you seen?”

I feel that Wu Hunting, who is hot, the hot eyes, finally couldn’t help but scream.

Qiu was a white color, and he had to sit in danger. He didn’t say it. He didn’t say it. Dry on the operating table!

After comfort, Qiu Yu Ting feels particularly cool.

After the endless depression, Qiu Yu Ting finally came down from the car. When I breathe fresh air, Qiu was opened on the face of the court, and Wu Xin Ting, who had been smiling at that face, or a cool.

“After 40 minutes, I will pick us here.”

Due to the driver, Zhao Lili took Qiu Yu Ting and Wu Huting to open the door of the restaurant.

Qiu Yu Ting Bote thought that they came to a small restaurant casually eaten lunch, did not expect to come to a four-star restaurant to eat.

When I walked in, Qiu was very dark, and neon-like feelings made him a little dizzy. The entire restaurant adheres to the typical French-style matching principle, the table and dining chair are rice white, the surface is slightly carved, with the handrails and chairs The curved curvature of the leg is elegant and precious, and the romantic freshness of the romantic freshness in the white roll chandelier, the grain, the floor lamp, and the bottle of the rolling.

The warm voice of Bruce also passed into Qiu in the court, so that Qiu Yu Ting felt that he was completely in a strange environment.

Wu Xin Ting looked at Qiu Yu Ting, pulling Zhao Lili, Xiao Shou: “Mom, how can I eat with this kind of person, but also work with him? Don’t tease me.”

Zhao Lili just laughed and did not say anything.

See what exact news from Zhao Lili, Wu Xin Ting has only closed his mouth.

Under the guidance of serviceborn, they came to the separate compartment of the second floor.

After the dishes are good, Qiu Yu Ting, who has been in the mouth, finally opened the fork under the invitation of Zhao Lili.

Zhao Lili provoked a five-ripe beef in his mouth, the red lips flashed, said: “Slowly eat, don’t be ignorant, you can be the dragon.”

As soon as I heard the four words of “the legend of the dragon”, Qiu Yu Ting was almost killed, he grabbed the coffee on the table, and drink it.

“What is a lovely child,”

Zhao Lili said with his mouth, “The coffee is the final mouth, you don’t have to drink so early, time is early, we can enjoy it slowly.”

“Thank you, Director Zhao,”

Qiu Yuktrian canvas.

Wu Xin Ting is just a low head cut into the mouth, and then swallowed it. She didn’t even want to see Qiu Yu Ting. Although Qiu Yu Ting is very handsome, how can he make him in the Daiko practice? I think this, Wu Xin Ting put the fork and knife, stood up and said: “I will go to the bathroom.”

Delivery Wu Xin Ting to leave his own sight, Qiu Yu Ting asked: “Director Zhao, why your daughter is so indifferent to me.”

Zhao Lili smiled, holds the chin, said: “How do you think my daughter is? Is it like me to suck a child?”

Qiu came to the court and said: “I am not that meaning, just think your daughter is too cold.”

“She has no father, it is inevitable,” Zhao Lili said.

Qiu was in the court, Wu Xin Ting is a single-parent, and this is the legendary widow in front of this revealing half-wheeled.

“Do you want to play a little stimulating game?”

Zhao Lili asked.

Qiu was in the court, and he had to node a willingness.

Zhao Lili stood up to Qiu Yu Ting, took a chair and sat down, then grabbed Qiu Yu Ting’s hand into his skirt, heating in Qiu in the face, said: “This is called a table under the table.”

Qiu Yu Ting’s hand touched the underwear with a ring. The hand did not help but stroke the soft seams. After it has become wet, Qiu Yu Ting is a bit restless. How do he want to take this tempting Zhao Lili? It is a pity that it is a restaurant, a french restaurant full of romance!

“Qiu Xuecheng’s children are hard,”

Zhao Lili has opened Qiu Yu Ting’s trousers zipper, separated from Qiu Yu Ting, half-hard, half-hard. “Do you want to help you suck?”

Zhao Lili said.

Qiu was busy nodding.

The text No. 009 mother sucking women to eat “children have grown up,”

Zhao Li Li, smiled, the hand pulled Qiu Yu Ting’s underwear, let the half-hard mask bounce, then she drilled into the dinner table, looking at the blood of the blood, 嘀Tao, “After the study of research, the seal of the dragon was unlocked.”

Zhao Lili’s last sentence Qiu Yu Ting did not hear, he was completely immersed in Zhao Lili to create a nervous atmosphere.

Zhao Lili licked the red lips, and Zhang opened his mouth and contains the mask into his mouth.


Qiu came out of the court, and he was busy with a fork to take a piece of beef.

“Be bigger,”

Zhao Lili smiled, and the glove took a while and included in his mouth. “Hey … I still dare to touch it now … I am connected after surgery … I don’t want to move … I don’t want it. Change into your … slaves … “

Qiu came to court to hear confused, asked: “Is there a big difference before surgery?”

Zhao Lili licked the horse with his tongue and said: “When I am in the office, I have already told you once. Now I don’t repeat it. You just know that after the operation is successful, you will not be willing to be willing again. Other men can do this. “

Qiu was laughed and said: “The director can’t run.”

Zhao Lili smiled shallow, pushed the mirror box, said: “At that time, I won’t touch you, now it is good, but it is a mask, otherwise I can try a long time.”

Qiu Yu Ting was amazed by Zhao Lili, and she holds the underglasses of Zhao Lili’s ultra-high tongue technology. “I still don’t want to give you a men’s film.”

Zhao Lili bounced the mask that Qiu Qiu was hard, said: “If it is not my daughter in the office, you are too early, really, this bad child, dare to rub in front of the temple, I called Guard Caught you to disferse! “

“There is still another year,”

Qiu Yu Ting thinks that I can touch Zhao Lili, and his hi is playing, and I encountered Zhao Lili’s frame, almost got out of the glasses.

Zhao Lili is busy with the righteous frame, saying: “You are too excited,”

After that, Zhao Lili took Qiu to the court to eat red mask into his mouth, and he was absorbed.

“Oh … really comfortable … The whole body is tightened …”

Qiu Yu Qingqi wanted to diamond and fuck Zhao Lili.

“What is comfortable, my mother?”

Wu Xin Ting walked into a single room. He sat down his own seat. He looked at Qiu Yu Ting, and Wu Xin Ting was laughing. Face, estimate is allergic, wait for my mother to ask her to see it. “

“She just took a call, go out,”

Qiu was more red on the face of the court. The reason is two, the first is that Zhao Lili helped him suck, the second is that this atmosphere is too nervous. If Wu Xin Ting knows her mother is sucking her own mask, then … consequences I don’t know what it will. Wu Xin Ting looked at half of the beef on the plate, and pushed it, said: “Beef is a high-calorie food, the girl’s home can’t eat too much,”

When she said, she didn’t taste the coffee. When I came to Qiu Yu Ting, I asked, “How do you have a boy to come to the gynecological hospital, you are not afraid of people laughing at you?”

Qiu came cough and coughed. It’s almost called the sound, busy wearing very calm, said: “Now the economic crisis, like my specialist, I have to find a satisfactory work very difficult, when I receive a notice, I His a long time, just as you said, like me to run to the gynecological hospital internship, that is really unscencing, there is no way, for life, I can only come to X Women’s Hospital, I hope you can understand My hard work, I have to work with you in the future, you will also make my sister. “

Wu Xin Ting was finely looked at Qiu in a few eyes, letting coffee down, said: “I am just the main knife doctor of Daiko, I can’t rush you, since my mother told you, you stay, but if the patient complains You, then I can’t help you. “

“Thank you Wu Sister!”

Qiu was busy.

Wu Xin Ting smiled and said: “The mouth is quite sweet.”

Qiu Yu Ting looked at Wu Xin Ting, which is a smile. At this moment, she is like a Barbie, and the red lips embellished by the coffee is more beautiful, and the shallow smile is even more likely to be smashed. He suddenly cleared his hands. The whole person almost jumped up and biting his teeth.

Sweet off has fallen …

Wu Xin Ting saw a busy standing and said: “I just didn’t say that you may allergic to raw beef? Your face is so red, I still have to be so happy, I only know the milk, allergic to the skin, I am going outside Call my mother, you are waiting, “

After that, Wu Xin Ting ran out.

“It’s so cool ~~” Qiu came out of his mouth, and opened a meal, I saw Zhao Lili smiled and looked at himself. The corner of his mouth broke out, she licked his mouth, said: “Flavor Not bad, it is better than the milk. “

After shooting, Qiu Yu Ting felt a lot of fullness, and the mashed mask that was shrinking. Qiu Yu Ting was busy in the underwear, pulling the zipper.

Zhao Lili climbed out, sat back in his seat, pick up the coffee, red lips slightly opened a fine seam, will spit from Qiu Yu Ting, spit into the cup, shake well, do the cup of his daughter. Change.

Seeing this scene, Qiu arrived in court: “You can’t be discovered like this.”

Zhao Lili has a blue wave that Qiu in the court can’t understand is in the ripple. She wiped her mouth in the end, said: “If you care, then you will drink it, how?”

Qiu was a red blush, and he was busy: “I have no kind of hobby.”

“Then give my daughter to drink, let her taste the taste of the man.”

Looking at Zhao Lili, I have been smiling, Li Ting seems to feel that she is too mysterious, I want to understand her to completely seem to put her in bed.

After a sudden footsteps, Wu Xin Ting ran into a single room, and when Zhao Lili was drinking coffee, he was busy: “This intern seems to be a food poison.”

Zhao Lili put down the coffee and said: “Isn’t it good?”

Wu Xin Ting looked at Qiu Yu Ting Junmei’s cheek. Seeing that his face would not be like a monkey butt, he said: “Weird, clearly there is a sign, it seems that I am more heart.”

Zhao Lili shakes his head and said: “Daughter, don’t remember how I teach you from small, you are very potential in Daiko, but you don’t just study women’s breasts, like food poisoning these most basic Symptoms, you still have to learn to learn, don’t drill the defrair, you see, you study the breasts of others in the day, your own is not so small. “


Wu Xin Ting glanced at Zhao Lili, Xiao Sound: “There is boys here!”

Ms Chiu laughed aloud, and looked on the court and Wuxin Ting Chiu, said: “He then went to work in your Breast that these topics are of course to be more to talk about, or the sight of a woman’s breasts to shrink, or scared of the unknown measures, then talk about treatment for them. “” ah, ah, damn you rightly said, you can teach him privately, do not pull it wants in front of me. “

Then, Wu Xinting to reach for that cup mingled with Qiu Yu Ting essence of coffee, grunt drank.

Qiu to see gripped the court, she was afraid to drink out of anything wrong.

“My daughter has no boyfriend.”

Ms Chiu Chiu this sentence in the court of course understand, that Wu Xinting not have a boyfriend, it does not know the man shot to flavor.

“Mom, you do not say these”

Wu Xinting wiped his mouth with a napkin on the table, he asked, “Mom, you are not my cup in Riga, what?”

Lily Chiu nodded and said:. “Some ingredients can increase your immunity, I just drank a little too”

“Oh, very good to drink.”

A Wu Xinting this, Qiu Ting wanted to shoot a little more than give her to eat.

At this time, Wu Xinting phone suddenly rang, SMS, she looked at it and said:. “Cousin said body uncomfortable, now in our hospital and told me to hurry back to look for her.”

After the body of Chapter 010 met Lily Chiu pay toilets, three on the car rush toward X and Women’s Hospital.

To the front of the hospital, Qiu Wu Xinting in court and out of the car, Lily Chiu places by the lunch break to allow the driver drove to their own place to live – Meishan Building northbound 10th.

Entering X and Women’s Hospital, there are many on duty female doctors and nurses to see him with strange eyes, Qiu Yu Ting free to look at these young or mature doctors and nurses, he wanted to speak of them, in time, Qiu in court here is stable down, he is definitely the man to be pulled out of the capital, so that they have as their essence like Wu Xinting drink.

Qiu Yu Ting glanced anxiously looking Wuxin Ting, it seems to see a drop of cream her bright red lips at.

One side like a stooge like behind Wuxin Ting, Qiu in court on the side of Lily Chiu think today has been inseparable from the topic of “Dragon” does sound very fast hardware, as long as the operation themselves before, take that woman would not have to go looking for another man, and that was great, if a woman are on the Women’s hospital, the hospital like that …… their homes the same!

Qiu Yu Ting Yin Xiao, has been followed by Wu Xinting to the fourth floor.

On a fourth floor, Wu Xinting on the back and said: “My cousin afraid of meeting strangers, it is estimated that you see a big man, she will be very shy, you see the atmosphere slightly, if she was afraid that you will withdraw . “

“I go to the toilet, seems to get sick,” he said

Qiu looking really bad in court, saw a sign on the left has a toilet, he was busy running past.

“Hey, I was in the observation room, you come!”

Wu Xinting cried, paused, her face suddenly become a bit ugly, busy cried, “Qiu in court, only the first floor there is the men’s room!”

Like a gust of wind gallop in open court how Qiu Wu Xinting hear the words, he just wants to stomach trouble early flush out waste, it seems that the poor man is not fit to eat meals high level, Qiu secretly crying in court.

Came to the end of the road, Qiu Yu Ting did see the toilet, just above what mark …… no, Qiu Yu Ting do not know where is the female toilets or male toilets, here is the Women’s Hospital, estimated that no special markings are female toilets, right? Qiu Yu Ting left look right look, do not see the men’s room. He clutching his stomach, the stomach has been churning sea, he arched body, muttered: “junior high school teacher and I said to go with the flow, since it came to the Women’s Hospital, I would like superglue as to adapt to the new environment.”

After Qiu in court like a thief looked back for a moment, sure that no one in the vicinity, like a madman as he rushed to the door.


Screams a woman than The Ring Ring also.

“How come you go there?”

Ruo Yu sitting on the toilet, not down to the skirt, holding a small pair of scissors left hand, right hand to cover your Nenhong the Holy Land, with half his face looked uneasily poor Qiu in court.

Qiu Yu Ting looked at this bird as a general Wang Ruoyu, and the eyes were fixed in her right hand, and several sparse shame were revealed. Looking at the depths of two snow white thighs, Qiu Yu Ting has a kind of impulse that she takes care of her hand and even inserts it, but said when the work is stable. “What do you take to scissors?”

Qiu Yu Ting broke up for two minutes.

Wang Ruoyu is red, like a tomato, and the lower head does not dare to see Qiu Yu Ting, Xiao Sound: “I … I …”

In fact, Qiu Yu Ting will see that Wang Ruoyu is in the use of scissors, and many girls have this good, some more exaggerated, directly learn Americans, do a white tiger, not for a few days, I will shave it.

“I will introduce yourself first. My name is Qiu Yu Ting, which is the current graduate of the X LCH. Now in this hospital,”

Seeing the beautiful Wang Ruoyu, Qiu came to court, I have forgotten my stomachache.

Wang Ruoyi still maintains that action, the head is not dare, the eyes flashed, said: “I remember that there is a male doctor in the hospital very early, and I will later suffer from a lot of patients, not my resignation is dismissed, how do you still Come on this mash? “

Qiu Yu Ting is silky, saying: “There is no way, the economic crisis, everything will be paid to the money. If you give me enough living expenses, I can work for you.”

Wang Ruoyu smiled and said: “Hello humor, that … can you go out first …”

Qiu arrived nodded, and he ran out a smoke.

I haven’t been over ten seconds, Qiu Yu Ting was hurt by the stomach, and Wang Ruoyu came out, Qiu Yu Ting rushed in, called: “The stomach hurts, can’t stand it!”

At this moment, Wang Ruo is standing there. It is going to pull up the pink underwear. When I see Qiu Yu Ting in the wolf, her hand is panicked, and the movements are also chaotic. .

“哟”, Qiu Yu Ting was felt in the ground by Wang Ruoyu, and Qiu Yu Ting did not grabbew Wang Ruoyu’s full crisp, but left hand fell in her pussy, and his right hand hugged her fine waist.

The embarrass scene once again appeared, Qiu came to the court, and scraped it on Wang Ruoyu a little wet. Wang Ruoyu trembled, and wanted to break away from Qiu Yu Ting’s arms. How did his hand is so strong, she is impossible to move.

“Don’t touch it … ok?”

Wang Ruoyu has already taken tears.

Qiu was deeply kissed by the red lips of the next king, and then it was very straightforward and said: “Sorry, rude,”

That is like a prosperous Liu Xianghui, but he wants to do it, it is afraid of people, even if it is really inserted, it is estimated that the diarrhea will make faces.

Wang Ruoyi like only a shocked rabbit like a pink underwear, saying “I have to go in advance” and then like the train of horsepower, “咻” disappeared without trace.

Qiu is jumping up, kicking the door of the toilet, then sitting on the toilet and starting to do and love the same thing.

“Cousin, where is it uncomfortable?”

Wu Xin Ting asked.

A well-behaved girl wearing a beige student uniform and sitting on the bed, long eyelashes are not stopping, Zhang Wang wants to say that there is no export.

“Hey, here is only a cousin, what else, what else is embarrassed,”

Wu Xin Ting sat next to it, put her little hand in his palm, “You are also fifteen years old, and if you don’t understand, you will ask the sister. After all, the cousin is a doctor.”

The color is a bit shame, saying: “The girl in the class said that my milk is too milk … The breast is too small, the cousin is so big, I want to ask how … will make it bigger …”

After finishing, I’m busy covering my face, I don’t dare to see Wu Xin Ting.

Wu Xin Ting squatted his body, laughing, said: “Silly children, there is naturally bigger, but it is not artificial.”

“Can … people think it is big …”

I said straight.

Wu Xin Ting reached out and touched the hills, it is really a little, but fifteen years old can grow this, just like a steamed bun, just started to swim, and touch it a little bit of hand, stimulate men’s desire The words are estimated to be a bit. “Congress, is it small?”

I asked, she didn’t touch her own, so she had been touched by some people, so they were touched by Wu Xin Ting, don’t have a taste, more points, more points.

“I teach you some way, you will take off your clothes first.”

Wu Xin Ting said.


I sprout the collar slightly.

At this time, Qiu Yu Ting in the stomach will go to the observation room.

A doequatable meat banquet is slowly released …

Text 011th Help You “Breast is too small to refer to women’s adolescence lathecular development of small breasts. In general, simple milk is too small to normal physiological phenomena, except for those who affect women, health There is no obstruction, “

Wu Hun Ting turned to the side of the water, “You are only fifteen years old, you don’t have to worry about the breast too small, but since the cousin came to me, I will teach you a few ways, thyroxin, I don’t recommend the cousin. It’s very shy, if you specialize in buying anything home to stimulate the breast expansion, it is estimated that it is not a good way, I will teach meter to massage, “

Wu Xin Ting took a bite and turned it.

[PS: Some methods in the book are very practical, you can try it on your girlfriend. 】 哓哓 has taken off the top of the bed, and the eyes flashed to walk into his own Wu Xin Ting.

Wu Xin Ting looked at the two small red spots on the breast, showing a charming smile, said: “After the cousin grows, it is absolutely beautiful here.”

After that, Wu Xin Ting will start the palm of the mammick, and then slowly push down with a very slow and gentle manner. When she goes to the root of the breast, she lifted her hand and put the previous movement of the breast. And said, “This is called direct breast, waiting for the meeting, I will also teach you to push and hot massage, let you become a big wave earlier.”

Wu Hun Ting smiled mysteriously, asked Xiao, “The cousin is not a man who looks like it, otherwise do you want to find a cousin so much?”

哓哓 哓哓 红 喃 喃 喃 哓哓 哓哓 哓哓 哓哓 哓哓 哓哓 哓哓 哓哓 哓哓 哓哓 哓哓 哓哓 姐 姐 哓哓 他 他 他 他 他 他 他 他 他 他 他 他 他 他 他 他 他 他 他 他 他 他 他 他 他 他 他 他 他 他 他 他 他 他 他 他 他 他 他 他 他 他 他 他 他 他 他 他 他 他 他 他 他 他 他 他 他 他 他

No need to talk, Wu Xin Ting knows probably.

Wu Xin Ting was put on her breasts on her breasts and said: “In fact, many times the boys are only like that, when he likes you, even if you are small, he will not say what, you Now I have a massage, I will wash your hands, and you will teach you hot fit. “

Wu Hun Ting got out of the observation room and walked toward his office. In fact, the observation room itself is equipped with the bathroom, but Wu Xin Ting also wants to change the female doctor’s clothing, after all, the afternoon clinic Coming.

I touched my own breasts, the ghosts gave the gods in the two gradually highlighted bacons, the speed of the finger slid on the top, the more faster, the more I felt that there was a fire that was slowly burned slowly, and even feel It is a bit unusual below yourself. She thought it was sick, but I like this feeling very much, she simply closes her eyes.

After pulling it, Qiu Yu Ting feels that the whole person is refreshed, and it is like a brisk pony. Before I visited the room, I saw the door to cover, I can’t hear the sound inside. Qiu Yu Ting thought that Wu Xin Ting had ended his cousin’s seek sister, so he pushed the door and went in.

I thought that I walked into the observation room specializing in the woman’s body. Qiu Yu Ting’s heart turned through the jump. When he saw a teenager Loli lie on the bed and touched his own crisp, Qiu was sprayed out again. He is really depressed, how did it have an affair before? Today, there is a few times. First, the mayor Lu Yiyi, then Zhao Lili Director, and then the internship nurse Wang Ruoyu, if I drink my heart, the coffee, the coffee, the coffee, the coffee itself, also Calculating it, that is, if … Qiu Yu Ting looked at the eyes, the face of the face was shame, and the heart was born to make her a fifth terrible idea. Anyway, it can give people It’s absolutely, and Zhao Lili is not a child? Children see children, plug in, should be no problem. Qiu Yu Ting observed around, picking up a towel hanging on the wall, walking, and gently covering the eyes.

It’s been stunned, busy saying: “Congratulations, do you want to teach me hot complications? Is the hot composition?”

Qiu Yu Ting did not speak, just pulled up the hand, looking at her finger, slender, smooth, positive bones won’t stand out, seeing the Miss Qianjin. Qiu came down the court lowering, and leained out of the tongue, it was licking on the slender breast. When they rose the bean, the whole body will tremble.

In front of me, the sensitive zone is also licked by “Wu Xin Ting”, and I feel that I am in the endless happiness, let her feel depressed, it seems to have been urinary.

After a while, Qiu Yu Ting’s tongue slowly moved down, and the navel eye on the lower belly, Qiu Yu Ting stared at the beige student uniform skirt. After a while, Qiu Yu Ting grabbed the edge slowly pulled down.

I scared a big jump, she remembers that the cousin is to help himself make breasts, but why do you want to take your own skirt? I am busy picking up a towel, I will see a little handsome, a little wretched Qiu Yu Ting, she opened his mouth, even the courage of the sound, just like seeing aliens to attack the earth, oh, It should not be an attacking earth, it should be an offensive of the land!

Qiu was very calm. Pain, it is estimated that you think that this is a shameful thing, right? “

I saw Qiu Yu Ting and a smile like angel. I lost my god. After a while, I went back to God, said: “Well, yeah, big brother, you are a doctor, can you tell me like this, don’t tell me? If you don’t touch it, I can’t help but. “

Qiu came to the court, and the hand was active on the elastic thigh, said: “I will do it now, you don’t think it is shy, just when I am your brother, after doing it, I will later yourself. I did it, tell you, this is often done, your female hormone secretion will increase, so you can get bigger, “

Qiu came to the court, “there is really a little bit.”

In the face of Qiu Yu Ting so calmly, he was hooked by Qiu Yu Ting.

“Don’t be called, even if it is very comfortable,”

Qiu was told.


I should have a sound, and I am looking forward to the next step.

Qiu was pushing down his knee, looked at the trousers who painted cute Garfield, and his hand didn’t consciously put it on the pussy of the micro-tape. Then use the middle finger to come back and forth on that a little wet meat.


哓哓 哓哓 声 声 声 捂 捂 捂 巴 骂 骂 骂 骂 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 舒 是 舒 舒 是 舒 舒 舒 是 是 舒 是 舒 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是They all make it feel comfortable, and I feel that my body is not my own, just like Qiu Yu Ting.

Wu Xin Ting, who has changed his female doctor, also tied the waves, and she tied her hair when she was sitting in the clinic. It was too casual on her shoulders. It is not her style.

Wu Hunting walked in the observation room after the hot towel, did not know why, her Liu Ye’s eyebrow always jumped, just like a bad thing to happen.

It can be seen that Qiu is playing with your cousin with a very precise excuse.

Text No. 012 Pregnant women demand “comfortable?” Qiu Yu Tang asked with a smile, just like a sunny sun, it was rapidly melted.

哓哓 哓哓 哓哓 双 双 漪 漪 漪 漪 漪 靠 靠 靠 地 地 地 手 手 手 手 手 手 手 手 手 手 手 手 手 手 松 松 松 松 松 松 松 松 松 松 松 松 松 松 松hapiness.

“Do you know how men and women are happier when they are together?”

Qiu was asked.

哓哓 哓哓 气 气, 轻 启 启,: 道 哓哓 哓哓 哓哓 哓哓 哓哓 哓哓 哓哓 哓哓 哓哓 哓哓 哓哓 哓哓 哓哓 哓哓 进 进 进 是 哓哓 哓哓 哓哓 是 是 是 是 是…… Don’t you insert it? Can you put it in …

“I just want you to know how to make yourself when you are alone.”

Donned, Qiu Yu Ting continued, “I am your cousin’s assistant, my body, I have already seen it again, so you don’t have to treat me as a wolf, but tell the truth, I am used to it. Female patients have alert to me. “

“Big brother, sorry, know,”

After finishing, pure lovelessness will no longer do it again, try to open your legs, let Qiu Yu Ting in invading.

“You can rest assured, I will not plump very deeply, I will keep the layer representing the pure and sacred woman, your body is not fully developed, so the following will not be very fat, the vagina is not very deep, Waiting for your body, it will become like abalone, it will be a bit better, “

Said, Qiu Yu Ting’s finger has deeply incentive, and the vagina is very narrow, let Qiu Yu Ting’s finger activities are a bit unflexible.

“Hey … brother … a little pain … can you be a little?”

Shy and red face.


After that, Qiu Yu Ting pulled out his fingers and went to the forefront. He said in front of her eyes, saying: “It is your excited product, our medical circles generally call it a love liquid, not obscene, It still has a smell, “

Qiu Yu Ting put his finger under the nose, heard the face, and his face was red.

“Do you want me to make you again?”

Qiu Yu Ting is a little hunger and thirsty to look at the beautiful atmosphere that is creating in ourselves.

He said slightly, saying: “Yes, big brother, don’t get too much.”

“Then I will demonstrate the scene when men and women do, you are the heroine of this exercise,”

After that, Qiu Yu Ting opened the zipper and took out the hard-up child.


When I saw a man’s true color, I was exclaimed, I almost fainted.

Just when Qiu Yu Ting was ready to shoot, the evil footsteps came in from outside, and Qiu was busy pulling a pants trousers, and helped her to wear a student dress with a super fast speed, and then did it. The sound of the sound, the small channel: “Xiao Yan, just doing the secret between you and the big brother, don’t tell you, is it good?”

The red cloud on the face has not retired, watching Qiu Yu Ting’s star’s cheek, 哓哓 should be said: “Well, good, do the secret between us, there is a small request, big Can my brother meet me? “

Qiu was in the face of the face to heal, secretly said: should I want to ask me to give her a while?

“Let’s say,”

Qiu Yu is a gentle smile. If you don’t get it, you will get a little sticky, it is estimated that Wu Xin Ting came in, unlucky or herself.

“Can you give me the phone number?”

Qiu was a sigh of relief, and he read: “1362696 ****.”

“Well, let’s down,”

I am very sweet, I haven’t worn.

At this time, the eyelids have been jumping, Wu Xin Ting, is coming in, see Qiu Yu Ting to go back to himself, there is a little hair, her cousin is famous, and a big man is so close, how is she? Maybe it is not afraid? I thought about it, Wu Xin Ting called: “Hey, Qiu Yu Ting, what do you do for me?”

Qiu came back, laughing down, said: “Nothing, let her understand his body, treat the upcoming adolescence with the right attitude.”

Wu Hun Ting looked at Qiu Yu Ting in a little suspiciously, bypassing him looking at his own cousin, asked: “Is there anything to you?”

I shaken my head and said: “It is what he said.”

“But why I am very uneasy, strange,”

Wu Xin Ting squats, put the face on the bed of the bed and woven the towel and puts the towel in the small breasts.

“I am going out first,”

Qiu in court, I want to escape.


Wu Xin Ting called.

Qiu is a cold bit, I feel that there is a bad thing, this time I jumped, and he turned his born smile and asked: “I don’t know what Mrs. Wu is still there? “

“You are now a nursing teacher, it is also my assistant, you can’t slip away like this, since you and 哓哓 哓哓, the following hot fit is made, can you.”

Hearing the voice is not asked, but red. Naked. Naked forced.

Qiu was nodded, saying: “Then I will try it.”

“What professional is you learning in school?”

Wu Xin Ting asked.

“Municipal Engineering,”

Qiu was acknowledging, and he added a meal, but also added, “But my hobby is gynecology,”

In fact, Qiu Yu Ting’s gynecology is just a skill against the computer screen.

Wu Xin Ting is a bit helpless. The smile on the face is a bit stiff, spit a heating, just say: “Learn about the woman is the biggest project of men, you have worked hard,”

Wu Xin Ting looked at the clock. “It’s almost half, there is a pregnant woman to check my baby’s health, I will go to the B-ultrasound first, just received her call.”

Qiu Yu Ting was a little doubtful, asked: “Do you say that you will only be Duke?”

Wu Xin Ting smiled, just like a white angel, saying: “The one is my aunt, I can only make it difficult to go, anyway, I will see B super picture, first,”

Wu Xin Ting is going to leave.

Now there is only Qiu Yu Ting and 哓哓, a very evil idea is quietly born in Qiu in the heart, turning around to look at the lamb, and Qiu Yu Ting feels like a wolf grandmother, and the Muquay is ready to go.

“I think your beauty and face, I want to hold your hand, maybe I will spend it without your days …”

哓哓 哓哓 手 手机.. I am busy getting up the phone on the table. I looked at my eyes. The face became a bit changed, and I was busy with Qiu Yu Ting not to speak and connected the phone.

“Dad, have you been here soon?”

“Well, ok, I know, then I will go now, you wait for me,”

After saying, I hang up the phone and said: “My father came to pick me up, I have to go, I will find the big brother again when I have time, thank you for the teachings of the big brother, I know how to know one person. “

After that, I started to wear clothes.

Qiu Yu Tingye had only wanted to hit the wall. I rely on. Is this the era? Is it so difficult to give your first time?

“Thank you old brother,”

I got out of Qiu in the face of Qiu in the face.

Looking at the petite figure, Qiu is seemingly apologized, is there a child? Qiu Yu Ting didn’t know that Qiu came to the face for a breath, and he said: “I must give my first time, I can’t do it anymore!”

Looking at the empty observation room, Qiu Yu Ting will take a little boring.

Two heads.

Wu Xin Ting has not entered the B-boot room, a mature woman with a big belly has come, just a bit relaxing, see the age of 30 years old, the melon face, Liu Haer, two English special gods. Maybe the weather is too hot, and her body is sticking to sweat, and the maternity dress is also wet, and the black bra is also seen.

“Zhang Ayi, don’t walk, hurt the baby is not good,” Wu Hun Ting is busy running.

“You are really enthusiastic, I will come on the phone,”

Zhang Ayi wiped the sweat of forehead, said, “Summer is really hot, staying at home, I don’t dare to open air conditioners, I am afraid that the baby will be unexpected.”

“I will check the baby now,”

Said, Wu Xin Ting took Zhang Auntie to go to the B-ultrasound.

Zhang Ayi broke away from Wu Xin Ting’s hand and said: “Actually … find you to check the baby is just an excuse, I still have another thing to ask for education.”

Wu Xin Ting is a little doubtful, wrinkling Liu Ye, said: “Zhang Ayi said, as long as you can help Zhang Auntie, Xiaoting will not resign.”

Zhang Ayi turned a few red dizziness on the face of Zhang Ayi. After seeing a few eyes, there is no other person nearby, saying: “My husband is getting out of the United States, I am a person is very lonely, can you find a way to let me not Lonely, you don’t misunderstand me, I don’t want to be derailed, just want … “

Zhang Ahi is shameless, continue to say, “If you find a man, I am afraid that they will be Hula, it is not good, so I will come to you, can you help me with this?”

The first time I gave pregnant women to listen to Zhang Ayi, Wu Xin Ting’s smile is very unnatural. She smashed her own brain, Chang Shu, said: “Zhang Auntie, you also know, I am here to gynecological hospital. If you are looking for, don’t find me here, I thought you had an urgent matter. “

Zhang Ayi’s face is a little red, busy saying: “The men and women are like eating, it is indispensable, I am pregnant, but … is still a woman.”

Wu Xin Ting smiled and said: “I also want to help you, but there is no way, I really don’t have a man here, or I don’t help you check the baby’s situation?”

Zhang Ayi was a bit lost, shook his head, said: “No, I have checked, since you can’t find a man here, then I will go back first.”

“Okay, you are slow,”

Wu Xin Ting said that she said at this time, her face suddenly changed, without him, just saw a person who should not appear in this occasion.


Zhang Ayi did not call.

“This big fool!”

Wu Hun Ting, “There is no appearance when it appears, and it will appear when there should be.”

Qiu was a bit boring, and the whole hospital was quiet. Wang Ruoyu, who was touched by himself, did not know where to go, so he decided to go to the B-ultrasound room, maybe it can be A list of beautiful. Almost didn’t go to the B-ultrasound, Qiu Yu Ting saw a pregnant woman with a big belly, from the long and near, her smile is really like a blooming peony flower, let Qiu Yu Ting have a little hair, he instinctive After reading a few eyes, I am sure that when the pregnant woman laughs for himself, he is more depressed and always thinks of the renminbi on his face.

Zhang Ayi got up to Qiu, self-prison: “Thin is thin, but at least a man, I don’t know how the scenery there.”

Wu Xin Ting, standing behind Zhang Ayi, said that Qiu Yu Ting quickly left.

Qiu Yu Ting has not come to the understanding of Wu Xin Ting, and Zhang Ayi asked: “Do you have a doctor here?”

Although Qiu Yu Ting is still an intern, but since he checks the body of the body, he helped her correct how to treat it, he has identified himself. Qiu was a charming smile, walked over, said: “Yes, what can I help lady?”

Wu Xin Ting, standing behind, squatting: “This idiot, nothing to dry,”

“I gave birth to a little disease, I can’t rule, I don’t know if you can help me?”

Zhang Ayi looked at Qiu Yu Ting hungry.

Qiu Yujian didn’t want to nod, said: “Do you say it, as long as I can help you, I can help you.”

Zhang Ayi went back and worched Wu Xin Ting, like her opinion.

Wu Xin Ting knows that her husband of Zhang Wei is a president of the strongest three major enterprises in the city. If she is sin, the hospital is not mixed, although she talks to her relatives, but this How many money is social affection? Wu Xin Ting didn’t know, in order to send Zhang Wei, Wu Xin Ting had to nod, and recruit it, say: “Qiu Jiangshi, you come over, I have some details to explain you,” After finishing, I laughed and said to Zhang Wei. , “Zhang Auntie, troublesome, wait.”


Zhang Wei is excited to jump, but unfortunately pregnant, or she may be as messy like a bead.

Qiu Yu Ting was a bit inexplicably to Wu Xin Ting. He didn’t speak, Wu Xin Ting screwed his arm, and Xiao said: “Why do you come to here?”

“See you can help your busy, the sister, I am not your assistant?”

Qiu was tried at all.

Wu Xin Ting really thought of a fist to die Qiu Yu Ting, she appeased her a little exciting mood, voice: “Not angry, not angry, angry, easy to Zhang Elderly,”

Looking at Qiu Yu Tabaida and innocent expressions, Wu Xin Ting took two sixth condoms from the pocket.

Qiu Yu Ting was stupid, asked: “You want to do with me so early?”

Wu Xin Ting glared in Qiu Yu Ting and asked: “Is there anything in your first time?”


Qiu Yu Tingli said.

“Then I will give you two, you may shoot when you go in, then change it again, then change it again, then do it again. Remember, don’t be too deep, don’t Too hard, don’t be too fast, remember must suppress excited mood, otherwise you will be responsible! “

Wu Xin Ting pointed to the nose of Qiu Yu Ting.

Qiu came to the court, and took the condoms in Wu Hun Ting, I asked: “Is it start now?”


Wu Xin Ting nodded.

Qiu Yu-court opened his arms and wanted Wu Xin Ting in his arms. Wu Xin Ting was like a rabbit to a few meters away, saying: “Don’t make a mistake, the object is not me, I still don’t want to give you the first time, I refer to The object is the place behind you, that is, my aunt Zhang Wei. “

Qiu came to the heart, half of it, and turned around like the robot. Looking at this indecent and charming, black lace bra is clear and visible, although I want to go to her, but I can give it to it. Is a pregnant woman? Qiu came to the court, but it was soothes immediately, because this woman called Zhang Wei seems to be very good, right! I have seen it on the newspaper, which seems to be a wife of the president!

Money, rights, women …

“is it okay?”

Zhang Wei asked.

Qiu was nodded, saying: “Doctor’s parents’ hearts.”

Wu Xin Ting looked at the watch and said: “Now two o’clock, start business at two or a half,” Dr. Qiu, you try to solve it within half an hour. “

“It is estimated that you can’t hold so long,”

Qiu Yu Ting said while going to Zhang Wei.

Zhang Wei took the arm of Qiu Yu Ting, and pulled him into the nearest ward and then closed.

Wu Hun Ting, who was dried outside, took a head, and found a chair and sat outside the ward. She is very simple, it is to prevent someone else, if that is, not just the reputation of Zhang Wei, even Even the X Women’s Hospital and Durong Steel face have been lost!

“I really feel that I sold Qiu in court.”

Wu Xin Ting squatted quietly, the ear stuck on the wall, he began to listen to the sound inside, and his face was a bit red, just like lavenge the loss.

Zhang Wei sat in the bed, and he said: “When you do it, you have a little bit, I still have children in my stomach, don’t plug too deep, ok?”

Qiu was nodded, saying: “I am still the first time.”

Zhang Wei smiled and said: “I am sorry, I have to call you the first time, the pregnant woman, you really want to be a bit.”

Qiu Yu Ting is a bit depressed. She wants men to plug, but also call himself, facing a pregnant woman, Qiu Yu Ting seems to feel that she should be careful, doing abortion. Zhang Wei retreats the pregnant women, only wearing a black lace bra and the black lace underwear, then lying on the bed, open his legs, waiting for Qiu to work.

Qiu was dark and dark: For the next day, it will be calculated for the first time. As long as she will help himself, it is waiting for themselves than the high-paying work of the nurses!

To set up ideas, Qiu Yu Ting unlocked the belt, taking off his pants and underwear, the rushing mask immediately, let Zhang Wei have a little fascinating.

Qiu was climbed into the bed, took off Zhang Wei’s lace underwear, and took the gun and started attack.

Zhang Wei looked at the mask of the liquid, muttered: “This size is just what I am looking for.”

Qiu was unclear, but his purpose is very simple, it is to hear.

“Hey … Light … Be careful about my baby … I want it to grow healthy and healthy … so wait for you to shoot … … …… itch … Just just Already wet … You can insert it … “

Zhang Xi is as shameless.


Qiu was nodded and put on the condom. Although it was the first time with a condom, he was still very skilled, just like this.

“Little baby … come in …”

Zhang Wei is rising.

Qiu Yu Ting scored her thigh, and the masher was rubbed on the lace. It was slowly inserted. This is his first sex, so it is inevitable that there is a little excitement. He almost shot, he was busy sucking a breath, staying slowly after staying.

“Hey … Your dick came in … so cool … 哟 … Light … Don’t break my child … I am a pregnant woman … You want rationally treat me … hey … come in. … seems too short … I can’t get a heart … oh … but I am already satisfied … … ah … so comfortable … Wildly kill me … “

Listening to Zhang Wei’s bed sound, Qiu Yu Ting can’t hold it, just ejaculate.

Zhang Wei felt that the mashed mask in his vaginal was slow, she was a little disappointed, but I tried to comfort Qiu Yu Ting, saying: “It doesn’t matter, you are still unprinted, do more, now let me help You are hard. “


Qiu Yu Ting pulled out the mask, took off the condom filled with her semen, threw it into the paper, and then climbed to Zhang Wei’s head, and put the soft mask into Zhang Wei’s mouth.

“Very comfortable……”

Qiu was fighting a cold battle.

Zhang Yizhen sucked, and the semen who also took it into the belly. After a while, Qiu Yu Ting’s hiang was finally hard. Zhang Wei spit out the mask and said: “Now you can insert it.”


After getting orders, Qiu Yu Ting returned to the pussy, looked at the hitter, and he worked on the condom to start attack.

“Oh … this time I have to fight for a little …”

Zhang Wei is squatting.

Text No. 014 Office Wu Huting waited for about twenty minutes outside, the door was opened, Zhang Wei took Wu Xin Ting held handshake, said: “I am very satisfied, I will come over, I have to go back first. The maid is here, “

No wow, Wu Xin Ting, commented, Zhang Wei turned, but his ass twisted, it looked very excited.

Wu Xin Ting’s mouth is smashed, and there is no smile, and I will push the door to go in. See Qiu Yu Ting has no Kawasaki trousers. The little friend with a condom is soft and soft in his lower belly. Seeing that Wu Xin Ting’s face is red, busy turn, saying: “Wear clothes!”

Qiu was exhausted and exhausted, and he said: “If you do it again, you will be squeerated by her. How is the needs of pregnant women are so big, it is a horror,”

Border, Qiu Yu Ting pulled off the condom and threw it into the paper of the bed, and then took out the napkin to start cleaning the residue.

“I will go out first, you will get it out,” Wu Xin Ting took the next sentence, just like to see the ghost.

When Qiu is finished in court, he and Wu Hun Ting went to her office. Wu Xin Ting was very actively helped him in the court, and let him sit in a soft chair that only the main knife doctor can do.

Qiu Yukou enlisted at this office of the gynecologist, seeing a breast chart, all kinds of conditions, see Qiu Yu Ting is shocked, what kind of breast inflammation, breast cancer, breast hyperplasia, breast swollen pain … … The variety is too much, and Qiu is united to remember.

“how do you feel?”

Wu Xin Ting’s tea cup is gently, it is a bit nervous to look at Qiu Yu Ting.

Qiu was playing a broken, asked: “Have you seen the rape series of Wang Jing?”

Wu Xin Ting shook his head and said: “I only look at the American action, like the end, the transforming, the film of Wang Jing rarely, and listen to the name, I will never look at it.”

“Then why you wear …”

Qiu Yu is busy closed his mouth, and I almost asked Wu Hun Ting to wear Zhao Lili to give her dew point. Qiu was stopped and said: “When the ender 4 came to play a metaphor, the protagonist Mushu White had just played the woman who had cancered cancer, but also sighed, ‘It used to taste this feeling’, I also sigh, I was raped, this feeling … “

Wu Xin Ting heard a little confused, put down the tea cup, squat: “What are you caught?”

Qiu was shrugged and said: “I don’t feel very good. After all, I have a little feeling with her, and she is a pregnant woman, she must be particularly careful, I feel like there is a timed bomb.”

Wu Xin Ting, “Hey”, I laughed and said: “You are a metaphor, Zhang Wei is pregnant, you must be careful,”

Donned, Wu Xin Ting said again. “I don’t care about this, I just want to know what you do for the first time?”

“I bleed,”

Qiu was extremely serious.

Wu Hunting has a big eyes, and asked: “Do you have bleed?”

“Do you think the cock will go down?”

Qiu was white, Wu Xin Ting.

Wu Xin Ting’s face was a white, and he said: “You dare to tease your sister, be careful, I will drive you out of Daiko!”

Qiu came down to drink tea, and his eyes stared at Wu Xin Ting’s closed thigh. He said it was drinking tea. Bar. The evil spirits smiled, Qiu Yu Ting drunk a hot tea, started, asked: “The sister, what happened to the Dragon?”

Wu Xin Ting touched the chin, then shook his head, asked: “Do you mean Wang Lihong singing songs, still want to talk to me to talk about our China’s development?”

Qiu was unable to set out anything from Wu Xin Ting, he did not ask, but the gods looked at the X-ray perspective on the wall. It is better to enhance his knowledge. The subject of the most basic confident patient is still to learn. Looking at the pair of perspective, Qiu Yu Ting remembered the scene that I was doing and Zhang Wei. I really shot in the first time. He is inserted into the sorrow of pregnant women with a very excited mood. It is completely inconsistent with him, he has thought about it. It can be taken to please Zhang Wei, and it can be shot in less than three minutes. After a break, Qiu Yu in the armor was finally a bit like a man, at least ten minutes.

Thinking of Zhang Yan is sitting on his own body. Qiu Yu Ting wants to know the essence of the dragon’s pass, if Zhao Lili said so cow, then, the next time, Zhang Yizhen will be spared.

Looking at the eyes of Qiu in the truth, Wu Xin Ting thought he was in the pathology of breastfeeding. Wu Xin Ting stood up, turned around to open the corner, laid the “Mastitis Data” note, can’t get the highest level of information, she moved a chair, took off the glass shoes and stepped on it. Go up.

Sitting in the opposite, Qiu is staring at Wu Xin Ting’s hips. When Wu Xin Ting, Qiu was almost in the tea cup. The extremely short female doctor has taken to the thighs, in order to facilitate walking, there is a mouthful of mouth behind the right leg. Looking at the holy place with a bit shadow, Qiu Yu Ting has already boiled, it seems to wear the extremely exposed dew point panties! After removing the folded book, Wu Xin Ting jumped to the ground. When wearing a glass shoe, he smashed the book in front of Qiu in court, said: “Head can’t eat hot tofu, you first finish these books of breastitis After a few times, I will understand how to make mastitis. As for the breast hyperplasia, wait a while to teach you again. “

Wu Xin Ting smiled and smiled very sweet. It’s like honeypot, you can read a smile in Qi Ting, Qiu Yu Ting has read the twentieth year. I thought I could thrown it. Bored books, I didn’t expect …

Seeing Qiu Yu Ting’s appearance, Wu Xin Ting is a bit wonderful, before he did not see so God? Isn’t it a look that is eager to learn?

Qiu Yu Ting turned over a few heavy books. Although the picture inside is caused by Qiu Yu Ting’s unlimited touch, but unfortunately just a flat, to actually do it!

“it’s OK?”

Wu Xin Ting asked.

“Now the country emphasizes quality education, so I still feel that the theory and the actual combination are the best. These books should be closed first. When I have time, I will take one or two times. When I am in the hospital, I am in the hospital. In combination, how? “

Qiu is inquiry.

“This is very good,”

Wu Xin Ting nodded, looked at the watch, said, “I will go to work immediately, you will also change a suit.”

“Don’t tell me to wear this kind of dress? Qiu Yu Ting called.

The text 015, Dai Xue, Wiro, Wu Xin Ting, smiled and shook his head, said: “Even if you want to wear, I don’t want to wear it, it is the face of the hospital, I have a business woman’s clothes, you see the fit, Yes, the last male doctor left, I will tell you first, it is best to have a good attitude, and it is not good to have a complaint. “

On the one side, Wu Hun Ting took a pure white male doctor in the lower cabinet.

Qiu Yu Ting looked at the scenery under Wu Xin Ting. It almost spurted out, two pink petals closed together, fertile tempting, let Qiu Yu Ting are a bit difficult to pull, and Wu Hun Ting only takes care of clothes, I forgot that I still worn. The dew point of the mother Zhao Lili is given.

When I turned, Wu Xin Ting met Qiu Yu Ting’s gaze. This remembers what she is wearing it. She is shameful, and she will hand it to Qiu Yu Ting, saying: “You first go to the dress, please take go.”

Under the leadership of Wu Xin Ting, Qiu Yu Ting walked toward the women’s dressing room. If he didn’t want to go to the women’s locker room, no way, who called here is a gynecological hospital?

“Hey, don’t turn it off when you go!”

Wu Xin Ting took over and allowed Qiu to go to the door of the woman’s dressing room.

Qiu came to the face of a long time, and realized that his children came up. Looking around the woman’s dressing room, the area is quite big, and the most corner of a row of square cabinets are labeled, and it is a special cabinet for each nurse or female doctor. Qiu Yu Ting watched a few eyes, see all locked, he felt a bit boring, I had to take off the coat of a little sweat to start changing clothes. ……

For the mirror, it is very important to get the mirror, it seems that it is also important to have a few laps before the mirror, and Qiu Yu Ting will take the clothes that Qiu Yu Ting will take the clothes after wearing there. go out.

Wu Xin Ting looked at the appearance of a new Qiu Yu Ting, satisfied with his head, said: “Although medical skills are not, it is still very good.”

At this time, the clock was close to about two or a half, and there were a lot of nurses landing to X Women’s Hospital.

When the young nurse saw Qiu Yu Ting, it turned his face, some were surprised, some were despise, and some were excited. Anyway, the expression is not a normal human expression.

In the first afternoon, Qiu Yu Ting was almost in the endless voyeur and helpless. Looking at a patient who came to the office asking the condition because Qiu Yu Ting’s existence is a bit awkward patient, Qiu Yu Ting had to cover his own face. Looking at them through newspapers that are poked by themselves. Most let Qiu’s nosebleed is a woman who has been more than 30 years. She has come in to see Qiu Yu Ting, but she will not treat him in a living. When she chats with Wu Xin Ting, she also took off her top. , Unpacking red bras, presented the breasts in front of Wu Xin Ting, a high-quality breast and Wu Xin Ting. The biggest impression of the young woman gave Qiu Yu Ting is that the pair is very straightforward 33D breasts, although it is not very prominent, but it is also big enough, you can listen to their chat, Qiu Yu Ting knows that the most dissatisfied with Yunxun is not enough. Big, her goal is 37F! After getting started from get off work in the afternoon, Qiu Yu Ting felt very excited and loneliness. He seems that he has fallen in love with this strange job … gynecological male doctor!

Changed clothes, Qiu Yu Ting walked out of the X Women’s Hospital, he was a bit reluctant to look back at this hospital that only allowed women to see a doctor.

“My way of making money is in front of you,”

Qiu Yuting took the fresh air to turn and walked.

Zhao Lili, director of the second floor, looked at the curtains to look at Qiu Yu Ting, his mouth was touched, turned around: “As long as this research is a reality, then implant the wafer in his brain, you will be more relaxed in the future, black elder brother.”

The man named black brother is sitting on the chair of Zhao Lili on the chair of Zhao Lili. It is about 35 years old. The right face has a knife. It has always been extended to the corner of the mouth. It looks very terrible, black sunglasses cover him. The eyes make it difficult to see his feelings. He spit out of the smoke ring, which means that he said: “If this time your thoughts are right, our black tiger will provide funding for this scientific research, as for you, I have eaten, I won’t matter Anyway, I want it just a result. That is the success of scientific research. We control the student. He will conquer all kinds of business, the government is famous, rely on their secrets we want, “

The black brother smoked a big cigar, and his feet kept hitting the table.

“I will satisfy you, I still have something to send, just send the black brother,”

After that, Zhao Lili did a gathered gesture.

Black brother elioses the big cigar and said: “The gynecological hospital call me to come, I don’t want to come. If you are not your plan, we will bring our black tiger to the dominance of the Nanping gang, I am too lazy to send, you don’t want to send NS!”

The black brother will go out.

“From the big guy,”

Zhao Lili spitd a spit to the window, and the eyes are a bit exhausted. “If it is not the debt of the dead, I will not find you, hehe!”

After the uncomfortable mood waited a little, Zhao Lili picked up the phone and took the mobile phone in Qiu.

Qiu Yu Ting saw the mobile phone rang, I was busy. Seeing that Zhao Lili came over, he felt a bit strange, “Director Zhao, Hello, what is it?”

“Today is the Jianjun Festival, go to my house to eat, I have bought dumplings.”

Qiu Yu Ting really didn’t know what the strange Zhao Lili was selling anything, but no matter what, Director’s sincerity invited him that he could not refuse. “Okay, where are you waiting for you and Xin Ting?”

“Where are you?”

Qiu came to the court for a while and said: “Soon after the hospital, in the Agricultural Bank, I am planning to go back to school.”

“Then you are waiting for me there, I will pick you with the driver.”

When I finished, Zhao Lili hangs up the phone. Qiu Yu Ting is a bit inexplicably outside the agricultural bank, and she said: “I really don’t know what she is selling, is my Yanfu is not shallow? Mother and female flowers . I have to be a hundred and thousands of times! “

After determining the goal of life, Qiu Yu Ting stood next to the roadside, watching the direction of the X Women’s Hospital, just waiting for the appearance of the Honda Civichybrid, the car should also be 26,000, it seems that Zhao Lili is really a rich master.

I saw the mobile phone, it was already 17:20, but I still hang a big sun on the sky, and there is no trace of falling. Qiu Yu Ting is the most annoying summer, the whole person is like a sardine, but it can be so helpless, naturally it is like this, open the air conditioning throughout the day. .

Zhao Lili pushed the door and greeted Qiu in court.

After sitting on the bus, the car rushed toward Zhao Lili.

“Director, what is the meaning of the dragon?”

Qiu was asked. In addition to work, he is the most care that this name sounds very cattle, essence is just about the research experiment of sexual research, the most important thing … He is an experimental object, just like a mouse.

Zhao Lili’s hand fell in Qiu in the inside of the legs, even and and more and more touched: “You just know the result, don’t care about the process, just like making love, the most comfortable is shot and lost the moment. “

Text No. 016 The maid Zhao Lili Qiu is shrugging the shoulders, leaning on the soft seat, said: “Not I want to go hit the director, you know, I am an experimental object, I feel like putting the meat on the wooden board Like the block, countless knives that can’t be seen is preparing to smash me, and there is still a lasting, so I cherish the process of making love more, not always memories. “

Zhao Lili is not acting on Qiu in the court, and slowly climbing along the pleated pants tube. It is gently opened around the zipper, and the hand is not angry. .

In the face of Zhao Lili’s enthusiasm, Qiu Yu Ting seems to be a bit depressed. He is very thought to communicate with Zhao Lili, but the Director Zhao Lili, which is the same, likes to drop the chain at a critical moment.

Zhao Lili’s entire person is like honey. It is in Qiu in the court. The hand has explored in the underwear, attached to his ear: “Don’t mess, the driver’s ear is very pointed.”

Qiu came to the driver. Seeing that the mirror has been went behind by the driver. He feels that this driver already knows what he and Zhao Lili are doing, just don’t want to say more. I looked at the black female driver tiger, Qiu Yu Ting was almost called, the reason is very simple, Zhao Lili has taken the mask out, and it is not bother to pick it with the tip of the tongue.

“You can’t tell me what the dragon’s people?”

Qiu Yu Tao is muttered.

Zhao Lili smiled and did not speak, put half-hard mask to Qiu in the tried, and looked at the blood whispered to her future. She said that “Dragon” tongue is on the dragon Lucky, squat: “The experiment will succeed, you will not belong to me.”

“Why? Do you say that I will belong to you now?”

Qiu came down the court lowerment, learning Zhao Lili’s appearance, attached to her ear, small channel, “We have not done it, there is no way to not belong to it.”

Zhao Lili sighed slightly, it seems that she remembered the words with the black brother, she didn’t think much, but opened his mouth to contain the mask into the mouth, and began to absorb carefully.


Zhao Lili’s teeth fruked with a very sensitive top. Qiu Yu Ting is almost called. He is busy holding his mouth, just like the emperor, no action on the soft seat, just feel the tongue of Zhao Lili.

In a ten minute drive, Qiu Yu Ting shot out at the attack of Zhao Lili’s perfect tongue.

Zhao Lili took the last extortion into the belly, and the waist began to organize a little messy hair. Looking at the face of Qiu Yu Ting, Zhao Lili said he warm: “Profile, you are so cute.”

“Have you heard of Swun? I am one of them,”

Qiu Yu Ting will be soft like a mud, and it is going back to ridicule.

“Then I will wait for your animal,”

Zhao Lili looked outside the eye, “The fire is just right, to my home.”

The driver stopped the car, looked at Zhao Lili and Qiu took the car and took the car to his home.

When the car is far away, Qiu Yu Ting asked: “Why is the driver of the director?”


Zhao Lili’s simple two words gave Qiu Yu Ting’s question. After the elevator, they came to the top ten, find their own house, Zhao Lili is too lazy to take the key to open the door, but directly knocking.

After a while, I opened the door. Wu Hun Ting was wearing the gray sling skirt, but it was only tied to the apron on the waist. It seems to be under the kitchen. Wu Xin Ting Xiu’s eyes were playing up and down on Qiu inquate, said: “Mom is not a important guest? How is he?”

It turns out … Zhao Lili has not said that Qiu Yu Ting has come to his daughter. This makes Qiu Yu Ting a little embarrassment, but she can’t show it, it can only be very easy.

“Is he not important? He is the only male doctor in our hospital, do not understand and polite, quickly go to the tea,”

Zhao Lili laughed out and went in and went to his room, throwing the words, “I will go to the clothes, come down to package dumplings, you first put the meat.”

“Know it,”

Listening to Wu Xin Ting’s tone, she is a bit unhappy, but Wu Xin Ting, who is spoken by Zhao Lili is normal. Wu Xin Ting made Qiu Yu Ting came in and asked. “Look at your skin, you should spend it in the countryside, then the pork is not a problem?”

Wu Xin Ting’s thief stared at Qiu Yu Ting’s back.

“No problem,”

Qiu was smiling at the court. “You give me apron, I will get it.”


Wu Hun Ting called excitedly, busy going to the dress, allowing her that her depressed is that behind the apron seems to be braided, it is difficult to unlock.

“Can you help me solve it, too tight,”

Wu Xin Ting said anxiously.

Qiu Yu Ting did not say anything, but behind Wu Xin Ting, I immediately went to solve it. It’s really tight, it’s hard to unlock, but this is difficult to fall, Qiu is a high advantage, and looks down to Wu Xin Ting slightly. A chun light in the open collar, the crispy is covered with strapless bras, and Qiu Yu Ting can only see two white tender meat and a triangular gully due to extrusion. Seeing all this, Qiu Yu Ting is surprising that Wu Xin Ting’s chest is so tight, it seems that the doctor knows how to adjust his body to the best.


I feel that Qiu Yu Ting stopped the action, Wu Xin Ting asked.

“All right,”

Qiu is in the territory of the court and the forefinger, and the dead knot will be unfolded.

Wu Xin Ting turned to hand to Qiu Yu Ting, but I almost hit him. Wu Xin Ting was busy inserting the apron into Qiu in the hands, and the red face said: “I went to my room to play computer, the rest, you and my mother I have a good dish, put it in the cabinet, “

Like a gree, Wu Xin Ting took the second floor.

Qiu came to the face of the face, and he said: “I really want to be a beast, I will do this for my mother,”

I finished, Qiu Yu Ting went to the rear kitchen.

Sweeping the eyes of the kitchen, Qiu Yu Ting saw the pork that had been washed on the pad, Qiu was in the court, and I walked in the past and picked up the knife and ready to start.

“do you need my help?”

Zhao Lili’s voice came from behind.


Qiu was turned around, and the sound was there, and he couldn’t say a word.

Zhao Lili wears a French maid dress that is often seen in H cartoon on the door!

Zhao Lili wearing a french maid dress with black and white, wearing pure white headscarf, and the neck is also tied to red bow, and white lotus leaf skirt is only on the three inch of the thigh, and the tempting holy land is like a half half. The closed state, then equipped with dark purple pantyhose, Zhao Lili looks like a maid that is about to accept the surname.

Zhao Lili came to the court, and the dried apron was fluttered. Although women will expose women to the sacred place, they can’t see clearly because of the cover of pantyhose, only give Qiu Yu Ting, I want to tear the pantyhose. A broken impulse.

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