If you don’t have anything, you can review it ~ [Activities] Kahane Sports Swimwear (1) Chunsi “Lu Yan, get off work, have not finished, walk, go again, get off work.” Li Yu reach out. ” I knocked on the desk before the body, got up, while rushing the road swallow that burying the material.

“I am over, let’s go first, this material must be paid before get off work, people are waiting for.” Lu Yan Head didn’t have it, impatiently rushing Li Yu.

“Hey, the small valley, called it is true. Why, my husband is not at home, I want to be a little handsome.”

Look at her, Li Yu can’t help it.

“What is nour, work, this is a job, know not.” Know that she is joking, Lu Yan still feels red.

“Hey, it is also blushing. Work, you know other words. In addition to work, good things are more, such as men.” Li Yu continued to laugh.

“What men, you think that you are all like you, I’m going to work. I don’t think it. I will know the road on the road all day. I will go home and give away your family.” Lu Yan began to counterattack.

“Why, I am blew with my husband. To the right, who makes some people’s husbands, no one is tired, but I can only hold the material and sigh.嘻. “Li Wei did not refund, continue to laugh.

“Dead hoe, you only sigh the lonely. Let’s go back to your home, I will call the Sax, let him clean up with you.” Lu Yan did not catch her.

“Hey, you told him to pack me, I still want him to pack you.” Li Yue not only didn’t go, but smiled and smiled, so he said: “Say the real road swallow, your family is separated For many days, you really don’t want to?

… “

“Hey, you are like a wolf like a tiger, you are only … itchy, you think it is like you …” Lu Yan listened to her joke, so naked, her face was smoked, standing up I have to hit her.

“Hey, look at your little blush. You are installing, you still thought that it was pure and pure as the college. Now the world has been popular in time, now there is wine, there is no wine. Cool water. You haven’t heard it? “Li Yu smiled and avoided her, but there was no stop in his mouth:” Woman, then a little bit of figure, turn, but also, but also spending on a man, From one and final. And they don’t move, they are looking for fun, flowering, and the wine. Do you not feel? “

“Hey, if you think that you will go to the time.” Lu Yan is squeezing her.

“You don’t think I have, tell you, my grandmother, I have long been happy.” Li Wei didn’t care. “

“You? Take a happy time?” Lu Yan is suspicious.

“How? Do not believe?” Li Yu asked.

“Do not believe!”

“believe it or not!”

“If you don’t believe it, you have to do it in time, then you tell me how to do it.” Lu Yan began to trust her.

“Hey, you want to know, you will not tell you, I really want to know yourself.” Li Yuezhi does not eat her this set, like a mouthful of mouth: “But, really, next door office The valley is really good, just in the mouth, don’t eat white, don’t eat, 趁 Your family is not, consider, think about it. “

“Consider your head!” Lu Yan is trying to hit her.

“Hey.” Li Yu smiled and avoided, and he went outside: “Go away, go home and greasy, do not hinder people hang handsome guys.”

*********************************** “Cough.” Lu Yan secretly cleared the throat, I don’t know How to open the door, she actually has a heartbeat: “What is going on? Is it because Li Yusheng said a few words?” She took a breath, relaxed, and she knocked. Roade the door: “Hey … Hey.”

“Ah, it is a teacher, you please come in.” Gu Yongnou saw the road swallow in the door, his eyes were bright, got up and greet.

“Small valley, waiting for it, sorry, a little material makes you wait for so long, now it is done.”

Lu Yanyu is soft, his mouth is laughing, and the footsteps are shifted. She didn’t know why, as long as she arrived in this handsome guy, she couldn’t help but pay attention to her words and deeds, and made himself as much as possible.

“It doesn’t matter how long it is, I don’t have to wait. As long as you are you, I will wait a little one hour.” Gu Yong looked at the pretty Xu Niang, still in front of the wind, it is difficult to press the heart, I don’t know, I don’t know. There is a lot of jokes in the line of words.

Lu Yan hit him, she myopia, I didn’t like to wear glasses, faint blurred, saw a handsome unusual smile. “This kid, I know that I am a director, I dare to laugh, my courage is big enough.”

Although she thought, she can still not help but secretly: “Hey, this also shows that I am still very attractive.”

“Yes, I know that I will not be busy, let you wait for an hour.” Lu Yan actually came out and joked with him.

“Oh, it should be.” Gu Yong smirked, took the material she handed, looked down.

“This time should there be a problem, because you have a sentence, harm me, I have changed for an afternoon, look, my hand is getting tired.” Say, Lu Yan rubs the right hand, a very tired look.

“It is not that I am wrong, I shouldn’t call such a beautiful road teacher to do so many materials, I am here to pay for the teacher.” Gu Yong put down the material and smiled.

“Hey, what is the use of sustaining in your mouth, humility and false.” Listening to him directly, Lu Yan is a blossom. I don’t know, the original joke has become more and more likely.

Looking at the pretty Xu Niang, a beautiful Xu Niang, Gu Yong can’t help but excite: This pretty mother, she is to spoile with me. I don’t know where, he suddenly poured a big courage, a light joke out of mouth: “What should I do? If I don’t, I will give you a blink.” Said that it is going to catch her hands.

“Ah.” Lu Yan did not expect him to have a courage to come here, and suddenly it was shocked, and quickly hid it, and did not catch his hands. I just want to cross, I can see the handsome smile in front of him, I have been hard to endure.

“You … you …, you a small slider … who … who wants you to 揉.” Between the face, the face is already a blush.

“Hey, don’t don’t.” Gu Yong saw her shy and look, the heart was proud, showing the weak road.

“Hey, what don’t do, you don’t want to log in to the electronic version, do you want me to help read, don’t, I can go to get off work.” Lu Yan took a breath, taking back the heart, turning the topic superior.

“Oh, you must, of course.”

“Hey, hey. I know that I am smirk. Fast, I read you.” Said, Lu Yan has picked up the material, and then the charming of the just now, and a one-character pattern.

“Oh, good, you read me.” Gu Yong smirked two times, hurry to open the document and prepare to typing.

“According to the above instructions, this new program is adjusted, I intend to make a big adjustment in the following three aspects, first …” I am ready, Lu Yan has picked up the material and read it, just read a sentence, I heard the voice of Gu Yong Yusheng: “Road … Road teacher …”

“Do you do it? Don’t hit your words.” Lu Yan asked.

“I want to ask you, do you want to move the chair to sit down.” Gu Yong wants to please her.

“What is sitting, don’t sit, stand it, I will read it.” Lu Yan did not receive a little, and then read: “Basic implementation, I planned to be in three to five years … “

Gu Yong smiled, no longer talk, hurry up “” knocked on the word.

One stands, one sitting, a reading material, a knock keyboard, and the other is so close, in the tacit cooperation, the office is unknown to rush up a kind of 暧昧, harmonious atmosphere, if there is No, if you leave, make the two people want to stop, deepen them.

*********************************** “Mom, I will not go back today, although this weekend should After all, everyone is cheering, I can’t relax, I will stay in the school tomorrow, I will stay in the school. You are a son, Duan Ha. “Lu Yan pressed the phone recording, loud the familiar voice of his son.

“This kid, I really understand it.” Lu Yan listened, smiled and said. My son reads the third day in the city’s key middle school. Every four weeks will only go home for a week, but considering the situation in the third study, Lu Yan 10 points to support him.

“Hey, my husband has taken it, my son is not coming back, and I have myself.” Lu Yan sighed, stripping clothes, going to the bathroom, ready to take a bath. When a person is at home, she likes to take a bath, and the whole body is lying on the sofa to watch TV, which, she can feel completely relaxed, thorough freedom, unfettered. “Jingling Bell … 铃 铃 …” At this time, the phone’s phone suddenly rang.

“Who is called at this time, I am bothering.” Lu Yan went to the phone to the phone, muttered in his mouth, and the heart was not happy.

“Hello, who!” Pick up the phone, and her voice lacks friendly.

“Hey, Lu Yan, it is me, old classmates.” The voice came from the phone, which is Li Yu’s old man.

“Oh, it is your guy, I’ve been hit at this time.” Lu Yan listened to the old acquaintance, the sound could not increase half degree.

“Oh, what happened, listen to the big lady, your tone is not the time?” Laughs in the phone.

“Of course, it’s time, this girl is looking for a bath and comfortable, you call, good mood is mixed.” Lu Yan is not polite, directly training.

“Hey, I said that you talk so much, it turned out that your bath time was blended. Oh, it’s also the girl, you think it is a university, you don’t want to think about your son.调 道 道.

“Why, no, this girl is the girl, I like this girl. Hello, say, what is the matter, this girl is still waiting to take a bath.” Lu Yan then said.

“Hey, listen to you so urgent, don’t tell me that I haven’t wear clothes now. Hehe, I’ve listened, and it is very weird.

“Bastard, you don’t wear clothes. Say, don’t say that the girl hangs.” Lu Yan said.

“Oh, I said I said, I just want to ask, there is no arrangement tomorrow, such as what the dining is.”

“Why, want me to eat?”

“Oh, right, just want to ask you to eat a little bit.”

“What to do, ask me to eat in the same way, the weasel gives the chicken, nothing to do, you.”

Lu Yan is a bit not believed.

“You see you, with the belly of the heart of the little woman. Not on the weekend, tomorrow is not the festival of your three eight, so I am going to ask you …” 星 没 没 没 没 说 说 说 甄 甄 说 甄 说 甄 准 说 星 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说I have passed a female voice: “Hey, what is it, what are you doing three eight festivals, I listen.”

“Oh, call you Hu said, the wife is training?” Lu Yan smiled and shouted in the phone: “Hey, Li Yu, you still do your family, this kid is harassing my harassment Ah. “

“Oh, she went to the kitchen, you shouted loudly and didn’t use it.” She didn’t see it. “The stunning of the phone is coming,” If you don’t, I will send her call. “

“Send you a ghost.” Lu Yan is a little crying.

“Give a ghost, it is best to be like you are so beautiful, the night black wind is high, and the three in the middle of the night, the windows suddenly opened, then floating, 呜 …”

“Hey.” I heard what he said, Lu Yan laughed, “Hey, Sad, you are also thick face. Who is more open to the window in the middle of the night? Do you still remember those years Ah. “

In the past, in order to chase Li Yu, the Valentine’s Day climbed to the second floor window to send roses, and the results were accidentally fell, becoming a smile. When I think this is, Lu Yan feels funny.

“Hey, my grandmother, which bottle you can’t open. You are so shameful, you are staring at.” 星 假 假 假 假 假成.

“Hey.” Lu Yan smiled, “Who caught you not to put it, it is your own first.”

“Do I mention it first, don’t you?” 甄 耍 耍.

“Okay, I know you, let’s take a poor. Is there anything else, is it because I am a little bit of it.” Lu Yan still doubts his sincerity.

“You, you, or old, it is doubtful.” Sax sighed in the phone: “This is the idea of ​​my family Li Yu, she told me, you went to the training, my son and the school, You alone at home is very poor, it is better to go to my house to eat rice. Again, Duan Yi’s kid is going to pay you, let me take care of you. “” Who let you Take care, net installed fake. “Lu Yan’s heart is warm, but it is hard to have a mouth.

“Hey, you see you, the net people are sincerely the liver lung. Please eat, you still insult the personality.” The phone is also pretending to be angry.

“Oh, your personality is also insulted. I …” Lu Yan just wants to continue to make fun of him, he heard Li Yu next to the phone: “Hey, I said, you said with Lu Yan. It’s so long. “

“I said it, huh, she is revealing my old bottom.” Yan Xing explained to his wife, “If you say it, I said she didn’t believe it.”

“That’s not to believe, you tell her directly, don’t come, don’t come, I can’t help me.” Li Yu continued.

“Well.” 星 promised, then to Lu Yan, “I heard it, I didn’t lie to you, I really invite you to eat.”

“Hey, it is still a good heart.” Lu Yan smiled, “What have you prepared, I can say it first, if it is not a mountain, I can’t go.”

“Hey, the more you say that you are fat, you have, please, when you have you eat, you can’t eat it, you can’t eat it.”

“Hey, when you see anyone else, you can’t eat it.” Lu Yan continued his mouth.

“Still talk, no enough, fast, eat.” The phone sent Li Yu urged the voice.

“Okay, don’t be poor with you, the wife is shouting. Bye.” Said, Sad hanging the phone.

“Hey, don’t say, this kid is still talking about Li Yue.” Lu Yan put down the phone and walked to the bathroom and said in his heart.

*************** “Mom, Brays, so many years, still the smell of smell, one and Laozi talking to the gun medicine. Oh, there is always one day I want you to look good. “Dai Xing hangs the phone and turned to the table.

Li Yao is in touch with a bowl of chopsticks, see him, reprimanded: “How to make a temper, just give people a phone call, now I have finished filling.”

“Hey, the mother tiger, I dare, I am sitting down, reach out, put the film, I will send it to my mouth, my mouth is also muttered,” my wife, today’s dish. “

“Hey, what is wrong, go, wash your hands.” Li Yixi has played past, “” I will call people my wife, I am very enthusiastic, my wife is busy, I can’t see it, no conscience. “

“Yes, I didn’t” cool “heart, but I have such a hot hot dog.” Stalk hippie laughed, he pulled down the trousers, revealing his own baby. The blackmao, the guy, has already been very happy.

“Rogue, eat, don’t make trouble …” Li Yigang gangled a piece of dish to send it, not waiting to avoid, have been hugged by him.

“That is dinner, you have a small mouth above, the following small mouth can’t be hungry.” Saixing laughed, while she reached out, her pants faded down her pants.

One-handed one-hand bowl, one-hand chopsticks, struggled, but they didn’t work, but they had to be married to: “You … you glow, give people a wife to make a phone call, really have you. “

“Hey, there is mine. Small saga, you are still different, the following is wet into this, it is also twisted.” Between the words, the sorrow has faded his wife’s home casual pants fails to the thigh, show out A pair of snow whitening and beautiful buttocks, I have been in Taoyuan Cave, which is already a water.

“Oh, who … twist, you … you … good hard.” Li Yue no longer struggled, put down the hand of the tableware, the head of the husband, has been arrested.

“Hey, hard, don’t you like hard, but not just like a.」 这 边 边 边 这 甄 甄 甄 往 着 着 着 着 着 甄, 甄 星 星 甄 星 星 星 星 星 星 星 着, 星 星 星 着:::: 着: 着 星: 着: 着 星:: Wash it with a bath. “

Dai Xing looked at the wife’s fat and beautiful, and dialing with his fingers and sighed.

“Well …” Li Yue whispered, and the powder is red. She likes her husband to tease her, so that she can make her more excited.

“Small and tender, come, then keep your buttons again, let the husband taste a mouth.” In her very well, he quickly kissed the pussy, the tongue drilled into it, licking . “Oh … you … you … don’t … messy …” The tender meat of Xiaoyi is sensitive, there is not a few Li Yue feels it, and you caught it.

“Mom, you are so hot, the water is really much.” Dai Xing explored his head, and smiled a full of jet, laughing.

Li Yue powder is red, not talking, just two hands holding the dinner table, which is higher in the hips, so it is convenient for him. The star is coming, but the meat stick is aligned with her wet hole. With Li Yu, “”, the meat stick has been rushed to enter, one is in the end.

“Oh, old … husband, good … so thick … so good.”

“Bar, mother, small, the sound, heat and slippery, said, Xiao Yi is so slippery, who is giving it.”

Saxi took a sigh of breath, and realized that the meat stick deep into the comfort of the woman, and the play.

“… is … is …” Li Yu is in the end of the woman’s instinct, swallowing vomiting, do not want to answer.

“Say, who is it?” 星 她 对 丰 丰,,,,, 地 一 一 一 一 一 一 丰 丰 丰 丰 丰 丰 丰 丰 丰 丰 丰 丰 丰 丰 丰 丰

“Ah … husband, was … was busy with you.

“Who else I have.”

“Oh … …, still … there is … paragraph … Duan Yi …” Li Yu, she has already used this question and answer between husband and wife. When I was in the beginning, my husband lured her to engage in the character, asked her such a problem, she is still very difficult, but now she has already drifted, especially a year ago, when Duan Zheng officially added their husband and wife. She no longer feels embarrassed, but feels a matter of course, and abnormal stimulation.

“Hey, you have a small saga, you still remember there is a section, say, Xiaoyao is a long time, I haven’t been passed by Duan, ah?” Sax is very satisfied with his wife’s answer, because this answer will only increase him. Inner excitement. He couldn’t help but add the rhythm, tall with meat stick, and sailed the big knife.

“Ah … ah … ah …, yes … yeah …” Li Yu was smashed by him, and the snoring also followed.

“Say, I am very happy with Duan.” Siki is puffed, while stepped up with language stimulating his wife.

“… I … I don’t tell you …” Li Yuefeng’s eyes were slightly closed, twisted with the waist, and enjoy the fun of the man with a man’s movement.

“Don’t say it!” Sax suddenly used hard, and the big cock was inserted in the depths of the little, and he took a few top.

“… 喔 …” Li Yue has been playing a few trembles, and the snoring is not hidden.

“Said goods, don’t say, I am very happy with Duan!” 甄 显 显 轻狂.

“Ah …

“One, one, say, who is very powerful.” Said, the frossus fiercely came to the end.

“… one … is as powerful …” Li Yu is a bit unreliable, and finally replied.

“Is it as powerful? You said that I am like Duan Yi? Mom, you are still quite, see if I don’t want to die, call my mother.” Listen to the woman, then answer, suddenly The desire of the heart of the heart, only see him, the lower body is rampant, and the extraction is even more violent.

“Ah, you … you are amazing, you are amazing, old … husband, you are amazing …” The violent attack makes Li Yu feel a small and sour, and it is not allowed to join.

“肏, 肏 肏 你 你 货The pneumper of the lower body is evenly sold.

“… ah … ah … ah …, old … public, 肏 … 肏 肏 肏 我 …… Can passively carry a man’s attack. Another wave of shocks, I have already let her rise to the top of the lust, all kinds of obscenes are also out of mouth …

“Hey, I still remember that Duan Yi also loves you this, my mother, you can be comfortable by Duan Yi, I haven’t touched it even if the child’s wife is not touched.” It is a honey hole of his wife, and it is true that Lu Yan’s pretty face is true.

“Ah … ah … ah! Husband, I … I know you … You also want to be … 肏 Lu Yan, you … you will use me as Lu Yan. Ah, 肏 … … 肏 肏, When I heard her husband and Li Feng, I took the initiative to mention the game that I usually played, fantasy. “Ah …, Lu Yan, you, come, come over, let Laozi’s big chicken is good!”

He is closed, and he seems to see that he is no longer a wife Li Yu, but it turns into a wife Lu Zhan, who is loosened under his big cock, and it is said that .

“Ah … ah … ah …” “… … …” The soup of the table is gradually cool, the two drumwords next to the table are getting more and more fun, a wave man, A prostitute, while in his own humility, there is another husband who fantasy, a wife who is obscenity. The gods in the mouth, the snoring of the flesh, actually constituted a whispering song, a wave of high waves, a wave of high waves.

*************** “Hey, this guy must give it to the sky.” Lu Yanxin is secretly, and she loves him with him when she is university, and each time They all take advantage of the wind and now.

“Oh, it’s so tired, so good to take a shower, no one, you have to learn yourself hurt yourself.”

Lu Yan stretched a lazy waist, slightly shifted, entered the bathroom, put water in the bath, adjust the temperature, lying in it.

“Ah, so comfortable.” She couldn’t help but screamed.

Wenshui lighted her jade body, full of foam exudes light fragrance, Lu Yan double-eyed closed, two hands grabbed the bubble, constantly apply it to her body. The palm of your hand is exhausted, and the skin, the skin, warm and relaxed, and white. It’s going to be forty, the skin is still so delicate, and there is nothing to do with her habits.

“Water is like silk, warmth, winning spring, beautiful people still, although in the middle age, the skin is still like jade, Nai Yong rated, no one pity. Oh, what is the good skin, husband is far away In the horizon, I will stay in the sky. “Lu Yan can’t help but self-resentment, she is a Chinese professional graduation, usually love to read the poetic reading words, and it is a word.

“It’s monster Li Yao’s small saga, saying what I have alone, I love you alone, you think that you think you are so sensual, you can’t live it.” Running the joke of Li Yu in the afternoon, Lu Yan Don’t curse her.

“Said goods, men call, you call, don’t care about it, no matter what you don’t care, you can’t shout the sky.” Lu Yan remembered Li Yu and Sax in their dormitory. , The more you can’t help but I don’t know, she feels that the lower body is deep in a hot flow, so that she is dry and turning.

Lu Yan reached out to grabbed the basin of the bidet, stood up, on the wall on the wall, and we apologize his body. Indeed, this is a nearly perfect body, light looks, and it does not have the age of nearly forty. The skin is still snowing and tender, the legs are still slightly slender, even the slightly flattened double milk of the girlhood, and the husband has developed and breastfeeding after years of marriage, it becomes more full and rounded. If it is not enough, it is just a little bit of fat on the waist, but in the whole, it is still a slim.

More precious is that under her stadium, she is still in the belly of her, and she is the most precious Taoyuan private place, so full, so rich.

“Hey! Such a beautiful and mature fruit, how is it not to eat?” A inexplicable emptiness and loneliness porn, Lu Yan is not from the heart.

“Fast forty, all said that women thirty is like a wolf forty tiger, I really have a certain truth. Hey, my perfect body, no one is pitiful, is it really ruined?” Lu Yan couldn’t help but extend his hand to his own happiness.

“Hey, good wet, good rising, so hard,” Lu Yan gently packed, blunt, gradually, the heart began to have a voice: “Man, man, I want a man.”

“Handsome, so handsome.” Lu Yan closed, as if he saw a handsome and robust man, naked, and there was a long and strong baby with a long and very long, and came to her.

“Ah, come over, come over, come over, I am, I am a little.” Lu Yan’s heart hue, she welcomes the fantasy man to please her, take her, conquer her.

Then, Lu Yan wished to see this man hugged her into the bed, separated her legs, dialing her labia, put the big penis with the egg size glazed to the vaginal mouth, top place, will Insert it. “Oh, so thick, so comfortable.” It seems to be like a phases, Lu Yan can’t help but enjoy it.

For such senseous masturbation, Lu Yan has already drifted, and it is still very enjoyable. After so many years of marriage, and the husband’s original paint has become a strange, sex, and the sexual love is like a homework, and the number is less and less. But strange is that time the time is grinding the initial passion, but it makes the desire become stronger. For women such as Lu Yan, the career is worry-free, the family is not worn, and the age of the wolf is like a wolf, what can I think in addition to thinking about thinking about your lust?

Whenever I see a handsome guy, she will don’t help but not, even physiologically reactions, the lower body is congested, and this desire has not been satisfied, hunger is very thirsty, she can only pass her mind From me soothing.

At first, this kind of masturbation is still occasionally, but gradually, she is more and more fun, even when I do my husband, I can fly, I can fly, imagine it is a handsome guy. Now, the husband is not at home, and her masturbation is more common.

As a new era of knowledge, she thinks about this, when she starts, she is still a bit of embarrassment, the more I feel, the more I feel nothing. She gave himself a bottom line, and the spiritual derail is just a tuning. The derailment of the body is really betrayal, as long as I can guarantee it.

She thinks so, they do it. For so many years, no matter how much she wants to rise, she has always abide by the bottom line, she always guards her own, don’t really go on the wall.

For her characteristics, Li Yu has a precise understanding. At a good gathering of a good sister, when you drink high, Li Yusai summarizes Lu Yan: “Lu Yan, I want to say, it is a typical body and red and special, inner hearts.”

The sisters laughed on the spot, praised Li Yue summary.

At that time, her mouth is full of red: “Why, I am this type, hey, the girl’s condition, it is really a red apricot, and there is no group of men waiting.”

Then the sisters were a laughter.

“Oh … oh …” Lu Yan’s legs stepped up his legs, more enjoying this kind of masturbation, at this moment, in her feelings, obscenity has been in love with authenticity, even somewhat Winning. Because, realistic loves she can only limit between and her husband, and her husband, she can be with any man, such as the small valley, even the husband of Li Yu, and Xing.

“Old … husband, you … you run so far, you don’t want Xiaoyan, Xiaoyan can let other men, I don’t play this imagination, in her thoughts, she has found it. Husband’s alternative, this is the little valley that has just been used in the afternoon.

“Small … Small Valley, you are a little Laiki, you use your big dick’s sister so comfortable, ah … Xiaogu younger brother, the brother, force … hard work, good sister.” Her brain In the mouth, the mouth is also like a proud wave, just like a reality.

“Ah … ah …, good brother, your sister is so good … so beautiful, so comfortable. Oh … oh, the cock is really hard, and the heat will win, and the sister’s little squat is numb … … “

With the obscenity, her sensual thoughts are often changed. The men in my mind are not always one. Gradually, the faces of the small valley slowly become blurred, and Li Yue’s husband’s frightened face became clear: “??”

You … you have a bastard, hooligan. Are you 肏 I am? Really, you are here. You don’t want to bother me early, now you finally got me. Oh … 喔 …, you … you … I am really comfortable. “

I don’t forget to demonstrate to Li Yu: “Rain … rain, you … you don’t want to be resistant to it. You … you know, your husband is 肏 … 肏 肏, ah … Oh …, I am so comfortable … “

“You … you have a small salary, jealous you, ah … ah …, you see your husband’s dick, big and hard, like … like a big banana, is inserted My little … Xiaoyi …, it is water, from the water flowing out from me … “

Road and Yan Li Yushi, two people usually do not look good takes another man, no less secretly been competing to buy clothes than to buy a car than, than bought a house, even in the husband, two a woman will inevitably be compared to the warming of talk time, and even brag to her husband’s sexual performance, also refused to yield, it is to make each other feel better off, satisfy born in such a small vanity “… … Oh …… “Road Yan suddenly uttered a lingering groan, while Jiaoqu random chatter, a Unit of the Yin-chun begins in Mixue gushing out, down her slender white thighs, flowing down. Kinky dream, she finally reached the climax of lust. After (b) does not sleep, “Do not ah, my husband!” Gasp, road Yan awakened over. Nightmare! It is a nightmare! Dream, her husband Duan corruption is actually due to the City Commission for Discipline Inspection to catch up.

“Scared me, scared me. Fortunately, it was a dream!” Zhang Haiyan profuse sweat, Fengmu wide open. She reached for her watch on the bedside table, the pointer display is not two in the morning: how “this is going on, recent nights old when they were awakened by this nightmare, every time her husband also is a dream accident, not caught , it is in jail, really odd strange. “

“What happened really is not it, that go back to school almost two months, even a phone call did not go home played, playing his phone is either turned off or not connected. It does not really hurt.” Associate husband to go that day is very sudden, a phone call came, did not take the clothes left, the road Yan heart could not help very worried.

“Corruption? Impossible ah, although her husband in his capacity as head of his small municipal planning departments, but also be conditional corruption, but in his usual style of interaction with others, corruption is not really possible!”

But the thought of her husband acted usual style, road Yan not help but feel some comfort. In her understanding, the husband has been a safe discreet man, and began to have things orderly, indecisive, and consider very thoughtful, though sometimes great courage, but the work has been carefully and deliberately, never talking nonsense, never random things, sometimes even appears to be too tight-lipped, she did not even say anything. Especially when the issue involves money, but be careful, all sorts of programs, each link, all kinds of people, all have to consider very thoughtful.

“He would say to eat and drink, which I believe, doing administrative work Well, usually entertaining and ultimately, even with public expense reimbursement, are also inevitable. But corruption, he will not, either, my family would not still live here more than a dozen years ago financing housing ah. “

“Yes, it is before the Spring Festival, also praised her husband is not yet anti-corruption anti-corruption work conference on their unit.

At that time the leadership of how they say? Yep. “Comrade Duan is a good comrade, is a good example to everyone, he not only self-discipline, keep his nose clean, and safe work, no ambition, it is a good party cadres training ah. “

Hee hee, I was a family member, under a little embarrassed to hear it. “

Thought of this, he felt relieved Yan Road, a long old husband did not call things also find a reason: “They engage in municipal planning, and do not often go out, build bridges building roads or anything, suddenly is not suddenly going to study to visit, not to mention the training like this. this guy, usually at home are rarely speak, not half a boring fart every time out, no phone calls is not the order of the day. Oh, do not want do not want, want want only to scare yourself, or go to sleep. “

Road Yan committed and lying in bed, how can over and over again is not sleep. Curtains of the bedroom dark, dark, bottomless itself looks like a dream. “Well, I can not sleep, do not sleep do not sleep, and just up the network will forget.”

Get up, boot, so the computer is fully in motion, road Yan skillfully opened the website often, ready to look at the news. She does not like politics, has already lost Starchaser age, so I do not like the entertainment, she most often watch news, or is related to health and beauty, or is social.

“Oh, there is this uncommon yet.” She first visit a few stay up late detrimental to the maintenance of information, then sighed and turned to the social news, he is suddenly heard Di Hu himself, saw society a news section title impressively as attractive, middle-aged female teachers love their own students, new love challenges social traditions. Click on the link, said Taiwan is mainly a female junior high school teacher in love with their students, and sexual relations, was dismissed after being found in the unit, female teachers dissatisfied, appealed to the court, but the court ruling the school to pay her deposit.

“Hee hee, really big thing in the world, full of wonders ah, after all, Taiwan is Taiwan, very open ah, if here, in a timely manner not been sentenced court, which has long been spittle teacher drowned.” Yan carefully read the road , chuckle incessantly.

At this time, the QQ she hanged was “嘀 嘀”, the left lower corner of the screen also popped up a information bar: “Optimus Pillar at 01:58 to your vegetable garden, 6 big Cabbage. “” Hey, not good. “Lu Yan looked at it, the heart was shocked, cursing a linked link to his own pasture after cursing. Recently, I have been infected with a cold. Lu Yan is also crazy and fell to the online game of stealing vegetables. I am busy lifting my “sea elves” account. And “Optimus” is a netizen who knows more than two months. The first conversation is very virgin. You come to me, now I have developed it to each other.

“This kid, night owl, not sleeping at night, stealing vegetables in my pasture.” Looking at the pasture is empty, Lu Yan is not a pain. At this time, “嘀 嘀”, the QQ prompt sounded, showing is “Optimus”

“Oh, this guy, there is still a face to find me, see if I don’t die.” Lu Yan is squatting, and the chat bar is connected.

“Oh, dear, go online!” Optimus Zhu sent a ghost face.

“Roll, call who dear.” Lu Yan returned to a stool.

“Hey, you, why, the day before yesterday, I don’t recognize it.”

“What is the day before yesterday, don’t recognize what?” Lu Yan, can still remember that he has been married in the Internet before yesterday, just regret it, do not want to admit, I have to play in the information that I knock back, deliberately speaking.

“Don’t admit it? Hey, I can leave evidence, look at it.” Said, Optimus Zhu sent a picture, it is the prove to marry on the two people – Network Marriage Certificate.

“Hey, it was my thief.” There is no way, Lu Yan only succumb.

“Hey, don’t say that, marry the chicken with chicken, marry the dog with the dog. Since you” Sea Elf “married me” Optimus “, then I can’t call you Dear ?!” Optimus Several windows are jitter, and a very proud look.

“Beauty, spend the big radish! Who married you, so much better online, is it rare me?”

Lu Yanya passed a crying expression.

“Hey, rare, my most rare you.” Optimus Zhu quickly sent a comfort.

“啐, speechless, I don’t believe!” Lu Yan returned a shoud.

“Do not believe? Then I swear to you.”

“Who wants you to swear, the empty mouth is free.”

“Then I will squat to you.” Optimus Zhu sent a beggar.

“Whoever wants you to kneel, don’t worry about feudal etiquette.”

“That, then I will give you a heartbeat.” Said, Optimus Zhu sent a picture, it is actually a heartbeat.

“Who wants you to be your heart. It is not true.” Lu Yan is still moving.

“Then, what do you do if you want me?” Optimus Zhu sent a bitter face.

“What should I do? Come.”

“Hey, my grandmother, what are you doing? I want to go to the street to take the clothes run three laps.”

The information sent by Optimus Mazhu is full of unhaneous tone.

“Hey, there is no need to take a three lap on the street. I can see it.” Seeing the other party’s unbeatable tone, Lu Yan could not help but secretly, ghost, and knocked like this to joke.

“What? No, this is not.” Optimus hit a picture immediately, the top is a little fart, the head is swaying with the broken waves, and it is said, “Let’s talk, you can’t show you now. How to see. “

“Hey, you don’t have a camera, you can video.” Lu Yan continued to tease him.

“Camera?” The other party is obviously a bit hesitant.

“Hey, how? Is afraid?” Seeing the other party hesitation, Lu Yan could not help but feel more proud, stepped up, “I really don’t do, I’m passing the photo.”

“……” Optimuspum did not reply.

“Hey, talk, usually you can blow it, what is” your heart, the beautiful woman is thick, the world is born enough ” In this way, the gallbowel. “The more the opponent is weak, the more arrogant, the road is, and step by step.

“You … you … you …, I … I …” Optimus Pillars attempt to defend. “You you, what are you? A big man, how to make mother-in-law, this is not just right, this, you say that you don’t take off, you don’t take off, you can don’t think I will care about you. ! “

Seeing the other person has been in the heart of the words, Lu Yan is difficult to cover the heart, let’s write, while laughing, happy: Hey, small, and I will play with the old mother, watch the old lady doesn’t play dead you.

************** “Ah -, when, you still don’t sleep.” Miao Wenling hopped to wake up, I saw Gu Yong sitting on the bed, thigh Place the laptop, stretch, lazy, and asked lazy.

“Hey, just two points.” Gu Yong reached out and took her wrapped in a thin, the abdomen, and continued to be busy on the keyboard: “This mother, really teasing.”

“Who? Who is so fascinated, and who chats again.

“Who can I, Lu Yan. This Sao Niang, I actively played me.”

“What? Is it her?” Miao Wenling was a bit amazed, got up and got up.

“Not only turning, but also, you can see.” Gu Yong refers to her chat record.

“Hey, it seems that she is really lonely. Hey, only women are at home, can be dangerous.” Miao Wenling laughed.

“What is dangerous?” Gu Yong is a bit uncomfortable, asking her.

“Do your husband’s danger, you have to be with green hats.” Miao Wenling is coming, playful smiling.

“Hey, you are saying that your family Ma Jie is.” Gu Yong laughed back to her.

“Go to you.” Miao Wenli smiled and played on his back and expressed dissatisfaction: “He is not counted, it is necessary to voluntarily.”

“Hey, then you are also voluntarily?” Gu Yong continued to tease her.

“Roll, I don’t care,” Miao Wen Ling squatted again, refers to the chat box on the computer screen: “If you want to see it, since people want to see, you will see you. And deliberately creative. “

“Hey, what do you know, talk to cultural points, this is called the trend, the popular point, this is called a roller, you can’t figure it. You can’t be too worried, you can’t worry, don’t put her It’s really not easy to compile, she is really not easy to hook. And said, she still thought that I was teasing, I am happy, I don’t tease her, I can get her innocent to her. Gu Yong is full of smiling.

“Hey, you will be more than your ghost. The ghost, seeing people, I want to seduce people, you are not afraid of retribution.” Miao Wenling laughed to spell him.

“What is afraid, big deal, I have lost my wife.” Gu Yong smiled.

“How do you have a wife?” Miao Wenling is a bit surprised.

“Oh, isn’t it you?” Gu Yong said her.

“I … Where do I?” Miao Wen Ling was shame full of red.

“Who will be the second husband of your martial media, let alone, this is a recognition of Ma Jie.” Gu Yong’s face.

“He … he …” Miao Wenling supported a support.

“Hey, what he is. There is a three husband in your martial media.” Said that Gu Yong took her hand to his own, where the meat stick has already been a post.

“Mix … born.” Miao Wenling smiled and wanted to hide.

“What eggs, eggs. Touch, I don’t want a steel gun, and there are two eggs below.” Gu Yong cleared her little hand, deliberately teasing her.

“Top … The top is also two quail eggs.” Helpless, Miao Wen Ling only had to touch his baby, smiled and smiled: “No … but, the mid-steel gun is very hard.”

“Mom, it is attracted by this Shan Niang, I have to give her a gift as soon as possible.” Gu Yong enjoys Miao Wenling’s caress, while the computer hates hate.

“What she said again.” Miao Wenling played with his meat stick, and turned his head to watch the chat box.

“She suspects that I am not a man.” Gu Yong said.

“Optimus, I doubt that you are not a man, it is a woman’s installed, or it is so afraid to give me a look?” Miao Wenling read Lu Yan’s information.

“Hey, my tiger does not make hair, you really think that I am a sick cat, see how I pack you.” Gu Yong sent two sounds, then knocking in a word: “I – no – is – Men -? You – Come – Don’t – I – I – Ah. “” What happened to you? “Lu Yan’s reply is still fierce.

“The dog is still jumping, you forced me, I am … I just …” Gu Yong began to collect line.

“You will, what do you?” Lu Yan did not find out that it is still self-talk.

“I just … I will take off!” Gu Yong deliberately added a stop, it is still very hesitant.

“Then you will take off, you think I am afraid, tell you, my grandmother, I have a fresh forty years, and I have never seen anything.” The tone sent over there was hard.

“You … you … still forced me …”

“Just forced you!”

“You … you …, I … I can really open the camera.” Gu Yong smiled and knocked on such a word, ready to return.

“Hey, open, open, I am waiting.” Lu Yan sent a smile: “Hey, scare me, you think that my grandmother, I am scared, there is a kind of you open.”

“I can really open.” Here, Gu Yong smiled and opened the camera and issued a video chat application.

“Ah!” Miao Wen Ling saw that he really opened the camera, he was shouted, and he ran from the bed. He was afraid to take yourself: “You … you, you are also open.”

“Hey, there should be a good thing.” The ancient is broken, she ran, full of smile. At the same time, Lu Yan did not have to reply for a long time, and it was shocked.

“Why, I am afraid, I don’t dare to turn it. Who is the gallbladder.” See Lu Yan is not going to turn, the turn is grateful to the valley.

Indeed, Lu Yan is really scared by him, hesitate to return to it, “” Who is afraid, turn it on will. “

“That is connected.” Gu Yong took her.

“Turn it on, see, I have been connected, now you.” After a while, the computer screen shows that Lu Yan has turned on the one-way video chat function, only showing the Gu Yong, not showing her. On your side, and chatting in the chat box, it is hard.

“What is it … What is it?” Googong continued to make her, but it had already been happy in the heart.

“This takes off the clothes, what is the use of light open the camera, this side can not see it?” Lu Yan, who once again was married by him, thinking that he did not dare to take off, it appeared more hard.

“Haha, I will be me.” Gu Yong haha ​​smiled, jumped up, and put the big meat stick that had already glucked the bullous billet to front.

“呸, hooligan.” Miao Wenling hid, showing a little smile.

************** “Ah!” Lu Yan simply couldn’t believe his eyes, the video dialog of the computer screen, and a man’s penis appeared, stunned, and rough long.

This is a nearly perfect penis, stems, bulls, Sheng Ruo, stem blue-tease, like a Panlong, stem top glazing, so like silver ball, laster piercing down the tight belly I have a very straight to the ceiling, it is good, and Yao Wei is.

“This … this is also … It’s too scary.” Lu Yan did not hit the heart, secretly horrified: “It’s top to the navel, see if there is a seven eight inches, the middle is thick and strong, at least There is one inch, the glans are still big and bright, just like eggs. “

After a while, Lu Yan did not help but compare her husband, because that is the only man’s baby: “When the husband is very powerful, I am afraid it is not much like this, but my husband’s bending, with arc, with arc, Like the root banana, and this, it is straight, like …

“咕咕”, she can’t help but swallow the water, thinking together: “So big things, what will be a taste? Isn’t it very comfortable? If you are so comfortable? It’s still uncomfortable. Ah, can’t stand it, you can’t afford it. “

Lu Yan felt that the lower body began to swell, reached out, only looked smooth, it has already been spring water.

“Dudu – Dudu.” QQ prompt audio, Gu Yong sent a request for voice chat.

Listening to the sound of “Dudu”, Lu Yan is in a mess, he is hesitant. She has talked with him before and speaking, and talking with each other, even if she didn’t play, just like this, he actually naked the body. “Forget it, even the part of him is so privacy, there is still a good scruple, anyway, I didn’t open the camera, he won’t see me.” Lu Yisuo repeatedly, finally determined And the voice chat function is connected.

“You … what do you want to do?” Her voice is clearly trembled.

“Don’t want to do anything, just want to listen to your voice.” Gu Yong’s answer is unomard, and the sound is magnetically gentle. In this case, such a way is often more important than straight.

“Listen … Listen to my voice, you haven’t heard it.” Although I know this is that he is showing Huayu, it can be listened, and the heart is still awkward.

“I can’t listen again, how can it, can you?” After gentle, Gu Yong has no words, and

“What … what else? I … I don’t understand what you mean.” Lu Yan naturally understood the meaning of his words, 瞟 瞟 一 视频 视频 框 宝,,,,, 瞟 瞟 红 红 红 红 红 红 红 红 红 红 红 红 红 绯 红 红 红 红 红 红 红 红 红 红 红 红 红 红 红 红 红 红 红 红

“Oh, it is stupid, I said it, I am baby.” Said, Gu Yong quite a lower body, and the straight meat stick naturally also jighten.

“Ah …” Seeing the big meat stick in the video box, Lu Yan is not exclaimed.

“Oh, what, what, how, is it scared?”


“Hey, why don’t you talk!” Gu Yong asked.

“Say … What?” Lu Yanxin jumped, and he was authentic.

“What do you talk about, I have this baby, you just don’t have noisy to see it. How? Good look?”

Gu Yong continued to ask her.

“Good … look, this … this is so ugly thing.” Don’t have, Lu Yan only has to answer his head.

“Oh, I am deliberate, I am? I am so handsome, how can I say ugly.” Gu Yong does not still make it, hippie smiles.

“Handsome … What is the use of handsome, it is not a silver sample wax gun, can’t be used in the middle.

“What, dare to say my baby silver sample wax gun, can’t see it in the middle?” Looking at Miao Wenling, who hid, he listened to him to make a ghost Wenling, Gu Yong could not help but laugh, and fareful.

“Hey, why don’t you dare, the truth.” I heard the mouth of the mouth and accouprocated, Lu Yan did not know the vigilance, laugh.


“Rogue, I am telling the truth.” Lu Yanyun was aware of his own food, and his face was hot, and he did not feel.

“Oh, I thought you said.” Gu Yongjun is silly.

“You, bastard, hooligan.” Lu Yan speechless, just have to be 嗔.

“Oh, it is a husband and wife, what is the egg, there is a lot of rogue, the most intimate examination before the cave.” Gu Yong continued to die, continue to play her.

“Hey, who is with you, but also … also medical examination, have you have such a medical examination?” Lu Yan has been smashed by him, and there is more and more walking.

“Oh, I don’t let it have.” Gu Yong was laughing and paused, and then said: “How? Try it.”

“…” Lu Yan straight at the baby in the video box, did not answer, between it, she didn’t know how to answer. So the thick and strong baby, where to tremble, for her woman who has already understood love, now, sudden comments, is indeed full of temptation.

However, for her, after all, it is only a giant of obscend, and the gnome on action, even if it is now going to have a pain and fast, even if it is just a network, how can it be exported. Although the two are already an old acquaintance, there is no less hunting, but it is true for the first time.

“How? Speak.” Seeing her for a long time without echo, Gu Yong increased the voice.

“Ah? I … I still have something, I have to go down.” Lu Yan’s thoughts were interrupted by him, and the words were poor. I don’t know how to answer, I have to prepare for the jail. “Hey, don’t go, talk again …” Gu Yong’s words have not been finished, Lu Yan has already “”, and the hand is busy to turn the computer.

“Rid, ridiculous, it is too absurd. What is it? Today, I am … actually … actually and his video naked … Naked. !

************** “Hey, how, the duck flying to the mouth?” Miao Wenling hid, watching him, smiled and asked him.

“You are still laughing, come over, to disperse the fire.” Gu Yong closed the laptop and waved his hand.

“Who is looking for you to go.”

“Hey, Lu Yan’s Sao Niang, can’t run with her. However, hey, now I can only wrote it first.”

Said, Googong has already walked to her.

“No …” Miao Wenling is ready to run.

“Run, I see where you run.” Gu Yong jumped to her, reached out, almost didn’t catch her.

“Gigbling …” Miao Wen Ling smiled and has ran out the bedroom and hide outside the living room.

“Hey, you will laugh, you caught you.” Gu Yong stood up, quickly chasing it, opened the living room light, see Miao Wenling, hiding behind the table.

One is running in front of it, one is chasing it, and a few laps are all in the table. Although Gu Yong is very strong, it is a little bit every time because of the table blocking.

“Hey … Hey, there is … I have the ability to catch me.” A few laps, Miao Wenling, although a little bit is a bit pettock, it can be more and more.

“Mom, this is not ok, I have to think a law.” Gu Yong also sweated, his brain turned, his heart was a count: “Run, see how I caught you.”

Said, he was a shot, made a fake action, pursued before, then open his arms, fierce, just will be busy with the Miao Wen Lingtong, who is busy and running: “Haha, you can grab your small Sao The goods. “

“Ah, you … so bad.” Miao Wenling is full of red, and he does not stop using the powder punch hammer.

“Bad? I will be bad, see if I have gone to you.” Said that Gu Yong hides her powder face, press to the room, while pressing, it will be strong on her pretty face. : “Oh, look, the little brother is hard, come, with your mouth to fire.”

“Oh … no …” Miao Wenling is full of red, easy to dodge, but struggle, the glans have been topped on the cherry.

“No, you don’t still say hungry before going to bed, come, eat this, hot and quite big sausage.” Gu Yong hit her and smiled.

“… ah … …” Miao Wenling struggled a few times, still fails to break free, the lips were opened, and the half of the chicken Barba came in.

“Oh, delicious? Such a good sausage, delicious.” Gu Yong put the big meat stick into Miao Wenli’s mouth, and chattering, it is very close to the play: “Oh, Xiaoxia Xia Xia Xia The mouth is also beautiful, just like a little, heat is slippery, and my baby is so comfortable. “

“… …” Miao Wenling was filled with his big meat stick, and it was blocked, but he could not say a word. Looking at him, he could only be secretly angry.

Suddenly, her heart moves, secretly gave birth, I thought “Hey, I will make you proud, see how I pack you.”

The idea, the big meat stick has been reached, and the face is full of face, and a pair of touch, then the lips are moving, the tip of the tongue is flying, and the tongue has brought him the most beautiful enjoyment, the most comfortable. Then, on the occasion of his soul, he was slightly smashed, and the bite bite in his huge glans.

“Ah.” Gu Yong shouted, the body has been bounced, 噔噔噔 噔噔噔 噔噔噔 退 步 步 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 步 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上……. Each has two rows of whitening teeth.

“Hey, see if you dare to bully me.” Miao Wenling smiled and stood up.

“Mom, bully you, see how I bullied you.” Gu Yong saw her proud look, could not help but hit a place, strive, rushing to her.

“Ah …, don’t … don’t pop up, you.” Miao Wenling smashed, originally “Oh, no, no.

“…” Miao Wenling is full of blush, did not answer him, just reach out, to guide the big meat stick in his body Hu Chong.

“Hey, this is also enlightened.” Gu Yong didn’t wait for her to guide his own meat stick to the acupuncture, the lower body is a rapid.

“Well!” Miao Wenling slammed, Xiao Rong has opened the door, swallowing the thick big chicken.

“A lot of water, Xiao Sao, but also his mother’s mold does not want.” Gu Yong hugged her down her powder, and she got her delicious chin and smiled.

“Mix … born, you also move it.” Inside the roots and hot meat sticks, Xiaolu is more itching and empty, Miao Wenling is not unbearable, curse him.

“What is your moving, say, want my big chicken, your little Sao.” Gu Yong continued to tease her.

“To … to …” Miao Wenling is already shameful.

“Say, what is it!” Gu Yong did not still

“Want … If you want your big … Big chicken, my little Sao.” In the exit, Miao Wen Ling was shy to put the head into his arms.

“Hey, this is awkward.” Gu Yongzhi is full, the lower body is slight, and the big meat stick is puffed.

“Hey … oh …” Miao Wenling hugged his neck, put his head in his shoulder, and loudly.

Since Miao Wenling stands, it is a bit hindrance, smokes a few pumping, the meat stick can’t stand up, and the cereal is very unhappy. If you reach it, you will shoot her another leg, ordered: “Come, this Also come up. “

“…” Miao Wenling rarely realizes, although there is no answer, slightly, the other legs have been vacated, and also on the waist, the upper arms are hidden, the lower legs are surrounded, and the packed body In his chest.

Gu Yong’s legs were slightly opened, adjusted to stand up, and pumped two times in the lower body.

Gu Yong is big, hugging her pair of abdomen, fierce shun.

“Hey … oh …” With his movement, Miao Wenling’s embarrassment could not help with compact.

“Hey, mother, small saga, have you heard a Unicom and mobile joke?” Gu Yong hugged Miao Wenling’s body, and did his best to smoke, he suddenly walked, suddenly remembered a contract, not from breathing Ask.

“No … no … ah …” Miao Wen Lingzhi slightly, responded to him.

“There is a pair of men and women, like the two, start, when the man is inserted, the man is not moving, the play is said: The woman is now connected. Because of the addiction, it is a bit unpleasant, the male is hug She, a violent attack, the woman’s comfortable whisper: Mobile is better than Unicom! “

“… 嘻嘻 …, oh … oh …” Miao Wenling was smiling, laughing and screaming, showing very sensuality …

“Mom … Mom, this is still … I am really tired.” I insisted that I have a bit more and more, I can’t help but lightly.

“… ah …, put it … let me down …” Miao Wenling is very considerate, and it is stunned.

Guan Yong released his hands, Miao Wenling’s legs, the situation, from his waist to the ground.

Gu Yong gently patted her abdomen: “Go, go to the window sill, let me have you.”

Miao Wen Ling was shy to him, or he took the words, and his hands helped the window sill.

“See what to see, don’t like my big guy.” Gu Yongzheng is a big meat stick, and the small mouth of her door is hitting.

“Ah … oh …, slow … slow a bit.” Mane to change the posture, the meat stick is deeper, Miao Wenli is a bit uncomfortable, and the snoring is a bit painful.

“Oh, why, can’t you have a little bit?

“Well …” Miao Wenli powder face, nodded.

“Oh, then you will be full, the first gift will be the soldier.” Gu Yong smiled and slowly started, until her snoring became fierce, and quickly accelerated the rhythm. “… oh … oh …” Miao Wenling tried his best to suppress his own embarrassment and suffer from the man’s attack.

Outside the yarn, the night is strong, and the whole community is quiet. Only the sky flashes a few or white stars, in such a spring late night, love, add a bit of romance, add a bit more exciting.

*************** “咚 咕 … …” The whole cup of cool water, Lu Yan drinks. She handed the water drinker, the heart is still awkward, the eyes are hysteresis, the gentle and straightforward meat sticks, the Buddha is still in front of it.

“Hey!” The disease is a long time. She sighed, reached out and took her own cheeks, believing from the language: “This is enough to stimulate, 嘻嘻, I didn’t expect this guy so fierce.”

Put down the water cup, this is no longer sleeping. Lu Yan slammed the neck with some staggered necks, and turned into jade. In the bedroom turned, the eyes have gradually adapted to the dark night, and it can be blurred to distinguish.

She reached out the curtain and opened the window. In the entire community outside, the night is high, and the breeze is comfortable.

She is holding her hand, looking away, the night is dark, except for a few light stars in the sky, a few tube street lights on the ground, only a room on the other floor flashes light. According to the location, Lu Yan knows that the light should be a living room from the neighbor Miao Wen Ling. Like the structure of these two buildings, the bedroom is in the blur, the living room is in the yang. Miao Wenling’s father is Lu Yan’s old leader. I just retired last year. I went back to my hometown, and the house of the unit was given to the Miao Wen Ling, who was just married. Miao Wenling is working at work in the jurisdiction of the community and is a household registration.

“Hey, this little girl is so late, didn’t you sleep?” It is two o’clock in the morning, Lu Yan is very strange, not squeezed with slightly. She has a bonus five hundred myopia, and she can see more clearly. Sure enough, she saw a blurry figure, and she was half a volley on the window. She looked at the familiar touch, Miao Wen Ling undoubtedly.

“Hey, no, there is still someone behind you, it is still like a man … man, still shrugging, ah, hard, … is it …” Lu Yan’s heart, suddenly understand what happened: “This little girl is making love!”

Lu Yan is almost a conditional reflection. It is easy to flash behind the curtains. He hides behind the curtains. He is stunned and happy. I said that I didn’t sleep so late, it turned out to be working with my husband. “

She secretly explored her head and continued to peek opposite. In the model mode, the man got the Miao Wenling in the back, the body was very straight, and did not live in Miao Wen, and Miao Wenling took the window sill, and twisted the head to the head. The swing is swayed, and it is very enjoyable.

“Hey, no, you should not be Miao Wen Ling, her husband has just went around, and now I should go to work at the Railway Bureau.” Lu Yan also looked at it, the body is full of confusion. Miao Wenling worked on the railway. During this time, it is in the wild. It is going to work in a month, in January, it is just a round last month. Everyone lives in the same community, it is not seen in the world. For Miao Wenling’s husband, Lu Yan naturally knows.

“But, can this man are not her husband is it? How is the figure be a little familiar? The more you have a hand, the more it is half-time, how to find a destiny of myopia glasses.

Waiting for the glasses, I have already taken a while, I will return to the window, Miao Wenling and men have changed their posture, changed into Miao Wenlian, and she holds the windowsill, leaning around What is holding what, hair is scattered, sway. Needless to see, Lu Yan has also understood people, this is a man who is giving Miao Wenling.

“Oh, the little girl is really wave, but I can’t see what the man is so good.” Although Lu Yan’s eyes are bright, it can not be exempt in the heart.

After a while, Miao Wen Ling seems to be supported, jumping out of the window sill, although the light is still bright, but people are gone. If you want, the two have been entangled on the floor.

“Hey, hey, don’t.” Lu Yan looked hard and worried.

However, no matter what she is anxious, things are still not pressed by her ideas, after a while, Miao Wen Ling’s bedroom is destroyed, and the whole eyes are relentless.

“It’s finished, I didn’t see anything.” For a long time, Lu Yan is muttered, giving up the final fantasy: “What is it tonight, it is a nightmare, it is a naked chat. Hey, hey, it seems Tomorrow, I don’t have to sleep. “The breeze passed through the window to blow into the bedroom, and the pajamas looked drizzled in her body. It brought the cool but did not subside the dry heat in her body. The quietness of the night, suddenly made Lu Yan again feel the inexplicable desolate: “How good spring night, but how can I be so bored?”

“The same is a woman, seeing people Li Yu, seeing people Miao Wenling, one with yourself, one is more than ten years old than yourself, although it is also in the city, how can I be so chic.”

“Let’s take a look at myself. After getting married, everything is a husband turned, after the birth, everything is to turn, busy with the son, busy with the boring. Now, the husband is still worrying, the son is also an adult It is reasonable to say that this round will enjoy it, but the facts are opposite. “

“My husband doesn’t talk at home. I don’t call it outside. My son is also like a little adult, almost no one pays attention to my existence. Now, my husband has a job, and the son is still in the school, and I am alone, I am very relaxed. It’s free to be free, but you can go everywhere, you can only accept the empty room, you are self-pity. “

“Hey, youth is easy to find, happy, is it really going to do this woman? I have to be forty years old this year.” I thought, Lu Yanyun injured: “Fortun me The maintenance is good, the body and beauty have quite attractive. However, but what is the use of such a good thing, no men come to love, loneliness is difficult to get resistant, and can only play the virtual online love. “

“Yes, online love, online love, thanks to this virtual online love, and that mixed Optimus.

For more than two months, he cried, teased me, smashed me happy, knocking me harassment, today is still … I also gave me the things, the courage is really big enough. “

I think of the matter last night, Lu Yan couldn’t help but feel the fever, and the heart jumped: “If there is no him, how can I have more than the day, how can I go? More than two months, I can only Skilled, there is also Li Yu’s husband … “

“Right, That Valong, I have a handsome, another pair of beautiful eyes, old love stare at me, it seems that I don’t say it, I still have to see my heart. Are you interesting to me? , I’m thinking about it, I will not be difficult for you. I like it for men and women, it is very normal. You know, I also like you. I can’t do your lover, you can do your lover. Do your friends, or good sister. “

“There is also a star, this flower-hearted radish, there is a flower like a jade, I will harass me all day, I have been harassed from the university until now. Some, you come true, you have to really , Wait for the birth to make a cooked meal, I can still eat you. I think you are also colored and not colorful, gallbladder guy. Hey, see how you go to your home to derogate you. “

Thoughts touched the rice on the next day, Lu Yan couldn’t help but gradually calm down: “Hey, don’t want to, don’t want it, what is it used? Discount, what is the use of light? It is better to go to Li Zijia early tomorrow morning. Her family has a lot of red wine, a drunk in the future. “

(3) The people in the commercial pedestrian street at home on Saturdays are really many, and the east is went, although they are not more than shoulders, the people in the mountains can also be said to be bustling, lively. Lu Yan mixed inside, in a while, to avoid the one, go to stop, stop, speed is very slow. She is preparing to give the daughter of the Sad and Li Yu, count the clothes, calculate a gift, the girl is more than five months than her family, and it is the same class. I used to go to her home to bring some gifts, now for a long time. Didn’t go, if you don’t bring it, I am afraid that the little girl is not happy.

There are many stores that sell women’s clothing, but Lu Yan doesn’t want to find a store in order, she wants to find a store, or a boutique shop, I am so good to buy a brand name, and now the child specially recognized, the general clothes really can’t see it. .

Lu Yan is free to stroll, while paying attention to the famous stores on both sides, there is a lot of passengers around you. Many of the people passing by, many are paired, especially those young, and the shoulders are back, they express quite relatives. I saw a woman who had a face with a boyfriend, and there was a bit envious in the heart of Lu Yan. Will you want, how much is it? “

But the pedestrians on the road, especially those women, where she wants what she wants, she is full of face proud, she is full of pride, shells her boyfriend, squatting. Entering several boutique, Lu Yan did not find a sense of clothing, either not satisfied with color, or disappointing the style of old soil, picking out to pick up, I don’t know that I have been in a short afternoon. Lu Yan looked at the table, and it would be a bit anxious: “Now the clothing designer is doing what to eat, you can’t design a satisfactory dress.”

Just when she is a little irritated, there is no intention, she sees a man’s back in front of the corner, unusually familiar, very similar to her son. Lu Yan couldn’t help but squin her more than 50 eyes, attempted to see more, indeed, the man’s back, clothes, and even walking the way, it was like a pole.

“Section -” Lu Yan just wants to shout, can be given by her, because she sees it, she has a tall woman next to the man, is holding a tall woman. His arm bend.

“Will n’t it be a section? It will not be a section.”

“It will not be Duan Ha, it will not be Duan Ha, Duan Xiao this will be in school, maybe it is scheduled to make a course.” Standing at the corner, Lu Yan looked at all sides, comfort herself: “said, my family Take a good child, how can I get a girl shopping? “

“Hey? Road … Road teacher!” When Lu Yan bowed down, a male midney suddenly shouted in front of her. She looked at her, actually her husband’s colleague, the Municipal Planning Bureau Jiansheng.

“Ah, it is Wang Keju, you … you also shopping, this … this is?” Looking at the smile piled up in front of him, Lu Yan came back. Somehow, she has never like this face, especially the eyes close to their own dead mymei. She noticed that Wang Jian was still a girl with college students. He asked with his arm.

“Hey … Hey, this … this is my woman … Daughter, weekend, I have to take me with her to buy a few clothes. Yes, my daughter?” Wang Jian branched a sack bag in the hands, But the smile is a bit stiff, and the reply is also a bit of joining. At the end, I deliberately asked the girl around him.

“Ye ah yeah!” The girl expression is natural, and the answer is also very late.

Looking at everything in front of you, don’t say, Lu Yan understand what is going on. Her heart is smiling, I think: “Who is lie, your daughter has not yet my family, which is like this, so mature, so old practice. Again, my daughter’s father, which is like this.” Because she saw, At the same time, at the same time, one hand also extended to Wang Jiansheng, and Wang Jian lived his mouth. It is a girl that is a girl twisted behind him.

However, on the surface, Lu Yan is still very polite, we laughs: “Oh, Wang Kee’s daughter is so big. Wang Kee is really a good father, unlike my home, going to repair for so long, I don’t even give my son. “

“Ah? Where is Wang Jiansheng a little unnatural, listening to her to mention Duan Yi, but also smiled and transferred the topic:” Duan Duan also … still in the repair, 嘿, advance repair, good training, advance repair It’s not a dirty, it is … is a director. “Listening to her mentioned Duan Yi, Wang Jiansheng’s face is full of smiling.

For him, how did Lu Yan feel a sour sakura: “Hey, hypocrisy. Director, you think I don’t know if you want to do it.” For the situation of the husband, although the husband rarely filed her, but She is still a little one or two, at least, half a year later, she knows that Wang Jiansheng is a potential opponent in the deputy director. But she is wondering, Wang Jiansheng and her husband don’t know how her husband has been going forward.

“Hey, what is the director, Wang Kezhi is really laughing, to say that the Secretary, that is also your king, my family, I can say it, your King Kemita is a talent.” Lu Yan knows that the husband’s unit has changed this time, Wang Jiansheng has been seeking this director, but now I can only feel faintly with the snake, and you are polite.

“Hey, where is it.” Wang Jiansheng smiled more, bent, make the head, eyes flooding, staring at Lu Yan: “Where do I get the Director of your family, for the official clear, Two-sleeved breeze. “

Suddenly, Lu Yan felt that Wang Jian lived, and smile was very strange. She squinted, looking at this face in front of him, the more I thought I hated, and I suddenly got rid of his ideas. So, Lu Yan fakely, polite: “Oh, Wang Kee praised. Wang Ke, I … I still have something, I don’t delay you with my daughter, wait for Duan, please go to my house. Drink tea. “” Ok, you must go, you must go. “Listening to her said that she had to go, Wang Jiansheng’s face was obviously unrestrained, but she had to say goodbye.

Lu Yan also smiled and shakes his hand. When I saw a small flower basket next to a store, I turned into the past. After her, she left Wang Jiansheng a stupid and unresolved look, and the girl was angry with anger.

“Hey, still see, don’t look! Say, who is your daughter.” Women took a Wang Jian Sheng’s arm, full of angry, and loudly.

“Ah, where to see it. Hey, you … you are my dry … Dried daughters.” Wang Jian lived in the back of Lu Yan disappeared, secretly swallowed, and turned to the girl.

“That … that is not. Say, you look at her, is it interesting to her. Hey, eat in the bowl, you are not a good thing.” Girl is full of cold cream, one A side of crying.

“Hey, I have, I said, in front of you, I dare.” Wang Jiansheng wronged.

“Also said that you can’t dare? Hey, I don’t care, you have to buy something to pay for me.”

“It’s good, your daughter, what do you say?”

“I want an LV.” The girl raised the sound.

“What? What? Do you want to buy one for you last month? I bought a lot of things today. Go, I will watch the movie with you.” Wang Jiansheng secretly called the girl.

“No, you will be lv. Who will make you bought a model with your wife, I am not the same.” The girl does not agree.

“Hey, buy buy, buy it, don’t you, you are really my small stars.” Wang Jiansheng helpless, only got to agree.

“Hey, this is almost. Let’s go, go to buy LV, go to the movie.” The girl broke into laughter, reached out, took his arm, and pulled it.

“Also go to the movie.” Seeing the woman finally reappearing smile, Wang Jiansheng could not help but tone.

“You said that you will watch movies with me. Hey, right, this woman is not the one with your vision.

Strange, did you say that he did something? How can I say it now? “The girl is curious, and I ask him.

“Hey, this matter, you don’t understand it.” Wang Jiansheng did not answer directly, but a high-profile tone.

************** When I went to the store, Lu Yan was shocked behind two flower baskets. She didn’t pay attention to the store name of the store. I didn’t know what to sell, just want to borrow The flower basket here avoids it. She really can’t stand Wang Jian’s death and stare at her eyes. I want to wait for him to go, I will go out.

“Welcome, ladies, do you ask, is there any need to help you?” At this time, Lu Yan heard a female voice behind him, and it was a store’s waiter asked. Lu Yan didn’t look back, just rushed to shake his hand, indicating that it is not used, and the gap between the flower basket, visiting Wang Jiansheng and the girl.

I have been nearly ten meters away, I naturally can’t listen to the two people talking, but I’m going to hear one or two words, and the expression of two people can still judge the two people. Content.

“Hey, let’s do, but also daughter, it is a little love.” Looking at Wang Jiansheng nodded to the little love, Lu Yan couldn’t help but secretly: “The man is not a good thing? Like Wang Jiansheng, clear The wife in the family is beautiful and there is a matter, still raising the love outside, every time I look at my eyes, it is also fascinated, what is good. “

Wang Jian Sheng’s wife Lu Yan has aware of Lin Haiyin, working in the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, and people are beautiful and not said. I remembered Wang Jian’s wife’s work, and then he looked at him. I don’t know that it is completely deceptive. I don’t believe that a smart woman, I can’t feel the husband’s lover outside. The reason is not double-regulatory, hey, I want to be because it is my husband. “

“What? What is this woman husband? Strive for the director? Is it still going to repair? Is it saying that I am talking about me and my husband?” Finally, looked at Wang Jiansheng towed the little lover, Lu Yan is full of doubts. Looking at the expression of the two people, Lu Yan dared to determine that the two have just talked about itself and her husband, but what is it talks, but I can’t listen. “Women, welcome, do you want to help?” The female voice rang again, Lu Yan said with twisted, and it was a young and beautiful waiter.

“Thank you, no, I am just standing here.” Lu Yan quickly waved his hand and denied it.

“Women don’t have to be embarrassed, you first go in and see, our store is strictly conservatively secretly.”

Although the waiter is polite, it is a bit a bit of a bit.

“Sorry? Conservative? Your store is selling … Selling … “

Several big words. See this signboard, Lu Yan face is not hot, she leaves to understand what this store is selling, and she also understands why waiters just say so.

“Ah, you … you are selling … Sell this, I … I don’t know …” There is a time, Lu Yan is shameful, I don’t know how to say it, I can only support my land. Responding to the passionate waitress.

“Ms., know I don’t know, I will come in, our store is the latest, I am engaged in the discoupless event.”

The waitress is not only a sweet smile, but also is very kind, and it has already taken the Lu Yan arm, causing it in the store.

“Ah … ah, I … I …” Lu Yan hands were defeated by waiter to the store, but only hated himself to panic, and even chose to avoid it.

Under normal circumstances, such a store is after the customer, there is still a while, in addition to several waiters, there is no customer, now Lu Yan is coming, natural reception is more enthusiastic, there are more comments to introduce goods. But obviously, the experience of the waiters is still limited, the more enthusiasm, the more embarrassed, after all, such privacy products, she is embarrassed to discuss in the face of so many people.

“Hey, let’s go, this lady, I will receive.” At this time, the counter will stand up a woman, more than 30 years old, very practiced.

“Yes, the boss.” The waiter returned.

“This lady, hello, I am the boss of this new store, please take care. What do you need to see, you need to call me. , Give your private space.

When Lu Yanyun, Lu Yan suddenly felt an unprecedented, she looked at the female boss, although the female boss is not very beautiful, but a professional skirt is very depleted, the skin is also very white, a bright eye gives a very worthwhile Trusted feelings.

“Ah, good … ok, I … I will see it first.” She wanted to refuse to say that she didn’t buy it, but heard the female boss affinity, I was inexplicably agreed.

The shop interior design is very good, the area is not large, but the separator is used to divide the room into a community, which is privacy and safe. The light is also grumpy, plus melodious blue-tune music, can Let the guests have a lot of privacy.

This is the first time Lu Yan first visited the store. Although the heart is very excited, but in the quiet environment in the store, she has overcome the anxiety that just entered the store, slowly relax nature.

The most older commodity area in the store is placed, all kinds of bra, silk, hollow, various materials, various styles, and partial design. And the brazed zone, is the lunge area, from the conservative four-pointed dress, to the triangle or even T-style sexual prosthetic jacket, it is all omnipotent, and it is all omnipotent. It’s seen, whether it is a bra, or an emotion, the parts are boutiques.

Then, Lu Yan came to the third district, just got two steps, she saw the cheeks and hot. Only in the beautiful shelf, various female privacy products are dazzling, jumping, jumping eggs, masturbation, fake masks …, forests, colorful, a lot of style. Especially those fake masks, not only the big small and medium-sized numbers, but also clever, lifelike.

Lu Yan looks in the eyes, itch in the heart, look at it, can’t help but hold one. In the transparent box, the fuckwalker is very vivid, the product label outside the box, the formal name of the product, the maid, high imitation, essence. The following instructions are more clearly introduced by division: [product introduction]: meat material LOVESKIN reversal, thick large, long 20cm, strong variable speed vibration, airbag can be injected into liquid (hot or cold), such as lubricating oil , Warm water, experience the real pleasure of male shooting in the body! [Product Efficiency]: This company is based on the principle of medical bionics, by providing multi-functional sensitive areas such as massage, vibration, etc., adjusting the endocrine, the lack of feminine, and the lack of sexual desire, etc. can be moderate and other. Decreasing sexual physiological balance, ultimately achieving the purpose of improving sexual function, absorbing fun.

[Applicable object]: The physiological conditions of men and women are different, often causing a long-woman climax time to be different. At this time, it can be used as a helpless appliance, which makes sexual life try to synchronize, and achieve harmony and perfect; husband and wife separation two places, sexual desire Strong ladies, men and women and long-term life of men and women and long-term sexual life, have no obstacles; women who have long-term single-oriented modernists, loneliness, no need to casually and opposite sex; women’s nature, odorlessness Exciting, sexual desire is too strong, the extremely functional person; fear of dye, love, and weaker impulse control ability, recommended for use, have unpredictable. Adjust endocrine, solve the facial acne caused by endocrine, the skin is not glare, and the skin is bright, and the beauty of beauty; special recommendation to the success of high-quality life goals. Ms.

Looking at what “couple separated from the two places” in the instruction manual, what “loneliness is difficult to do not want to have the relationship between fish, what” use after using the brightness, the beauty “, Lu Yan is like a special purpose for yourself , Especially the last sentence, “Successful ladies who recommend high quality life goals”, but also make her secret.

Open the outer box and take it out, although there is still a transparent plastic packaging bag, but Lu Yan can still feel its excellent feel, soft in soft, and long. Touching such a very textured toy, Lu Yan could not help but feel the throat.

“Cough!” Lu Yan can’t help but cough, secret heart: “It’s like imitating so like, hey, I really want to buy one.”

Lu Yan’s cough attracted the female boss, and she saw her in a daze, and she knew that she was still hesitating. Take advantage of Lu Yan is still in the heart, the female boss hurriedly hit the railway: “How to do? This thing is imported from the United States, many customers have used it, and they are suitable for you to pursue high quality life. Ms. of the goal. How, give you a package? “

“Ah? Package … Package? No …” Lu Yan just wants to refuse, it has not yet, the female boss has shouted a waiter, and he said: “Hey, waiter, give this lady.”

There is no way, Lu Yan has to come to the counter with the waiter, after payment, put things in the package, go out of the store, just like stealing people. Until the distance, I suddenly awake: “Oh, I haven’t bought a gift yet.”

*************** “Xiaoyu, your child, take a call from the meal, this is more than half an hour, so many words with your friends, I didn’t finish it. I have been tested. I don’t know how to step up the review. “The star cleaned the meat from the kitchen, and I saw the daughter to call on the living room sofa, I can’t help but said. The daughter is white, and I didn’t add it at all, and I went to my phone.

“Hey, little girl, I said that you still love is ignorant, you are your mother’s usual pet.” For this daughter, the star is unable to help, I want to be angry and can not get up, and the bucket shouts: “Hey, Li Yu, also taking care of your daughter, knowing the phone porridge, do not know how to learn, I said she didn’t listen. “

“Okay, don’t talk, my dad is muttered, I will meet.” See the father to tell my mother, read the phone, turned to my father: “The senior high school entrance examination, you know the middle school entrance examination, mother is not Do you want to give me abroad to study abroad, what is it? “

“That is also to learn, do students, learn is your business, don’t learn, don’t care, don’t worry, don’t you know?”

I saw my daughter hanging up the phone, and the frossus was so comfortable and continued to education.

“Hey, the company doesn’t care, but the whole day is still in the home, is not to be orthodox.” Xia Xiaoyu was laughing, and his sut is adjusted.

“Your child knows what, my name is not wrong, work, enjoylife, enjoy life, know. This is a new type of life model, foreign countries are popular.” 星 just wants to continue to introduce yourself Life and business model, but see her take the bag and go out, hurry: “Hey, just stay at home, what to do?” “Hey, mydeardaddy, you are enjoying your life at home, my daughter, I still have something, Byebye.” Jian Xiaoyu walks out, while studying the father’s plug in English, playful authentic.

“In the evening, you will be a guest at home, you will not come back?”

“Don’t return, I live in school.” Said, Xiaobang has ran out.

“This girl is really …, hehe, I said Li Yusheng, I don’t listen to me at all, but you can be used to it.” Shakes his head, walk into the bedroom, rush to sit in front of the computer The wife of the Internet is muttered.

“Hey, how do I get to her, you don’t mean that educating daughters, don’t you have, give it to me?” Li Yue did not inside, continued to go online, and responded to his husband.

“I have said it is given to you, but, you can educate her method and can’t be too western. After all, it is Chinese.” Sax is sitting next to bed, trying to apply his own truth.

“Why can’t Chinese people wishes western, now you eat it, which is not a foreign invention, then say, don’t you want your daughter to study abroad? Do you have to train in a foreign education in the early morning. How can I adapt to it as soon as possible. “

“Hey, I am afraid … fear …” 星 自 自 无 无, only have to smile.

“What are you afraid of?”

“I am afraid … she can’t keep learning.”

“How did she keep learning, you said, Chinese mathematics English mathematically historical geography … Every time I examine, there is not all the best in the class, the child’s parents will not go, clean me one People go, ah, now I can’t care about my daughter. “Li Yokkou is suspended, smiling and holding her husband.

“Hey, this …. Wife, what do you see online?” Sax is said to be a dumb, turn to him: “This is not said, wife, what is your online.”

“Didn’t see what, watch the blog of Li Yinhe, it is really good.” Li Yue no longer forced him, smile and swaying the mouse, pointing to a blog post.

“Who? Li Yinhe? Wang Xiaobo’s wife? What do you written?” 甄 去, 见 见 见 写 见 写 写 见 见 写 写 写 见 写 写 见 见 写

“It is a matter of comment on the professor of Nanjing, this is not, there is news on the Internet, and Nanjing Associate Professor organizes the wife to give birth to the crime of chaos.”

“Mom, it’s a full thing, citizenship, you are willing, no forced hard, how can you call people fornication?” After reading the blog, reading the news, I am angry.

“Why don’t you call a chaos, you read the news, people’s courts can do things in strict accordance with the law, what is gathering for a chaos, Law Li can be said very clearly? So unethical, only sentenced him for three years, still It’s too light. “Seeing his husband’s angry, Li Yu said back.

“What moral is not moral, now this world, it is no morality. Corrupt officials have raised three small four small four small four small six, illegal crimes, have not seen a few. But privately change a companion, it is voluntary, according to this Breaking the law, I gathered into a charm. “

“Hey, don’t be angry, the third generation leader core is not said, this is called morality.”

“Hey, he also said according to law, according to the law, according to his mother’s fucking, the fucking butture, the net is a few promptions, pseudo-gentle. Legal is unmanned, just can take morality to be Viagra.” .

“Hey, the law is unmanned, is it necessary to say that it is necessary to say that it is human nature. You think it’s like you, people have to send my wife.” Li Yue double-eyed, ridiculed her husband.

Dai Xing did not pay attention to his wife to see his eyes, and continue to speak his own mind: “I didn’t say that I had to regulate it, but the law couldn’t mess, this era, I still take a few decades. The old legs before it takes the person. You see the country in the world, how can we use our country, and use backward laws as an excuse, freely interfere with private affairs of citizens, and violate the private rights of citizens.

“Look, this is not,” said the law of “major countries in the world do not punish dosps activities, because this type of activity does not exceed the three principles of most social conventional activities: voluntary, privacy, adult. This type of activity is not The victim (not rape and 亵), even there is no damaged social relationship (marriage).

If the general marriage, the relationship should be accused of violations of marriage, then the damage level of the coated activities of the coaches can not be reached, because it is the result of the husband and wife. The nature of such activities and the nature of the husband and wife eat the nature of the restaurant. It is just a few couples to go to a privacy of a privacy. Reading blog posts, the star is even again.

“The words say this, but this is not a meal, China is not a foreign country, China has a custom of China, has its own tradition.” Seeing her husband is a bit true, Li Yu wants to give him a reminder.

“Tradition, don’t give me a tradition. What is traditional? Corrupt officials, three wives, four sorrows, not traditional, mother, ahead of time, there is a prize in the two milk, what is the quantity prize quality award, this is also a tradition ? “The more and more angry, pointed at the computer to his wife:” One sentence, does not respect human rights, is China’s largest tradition. “

“Don’t use it on the line.” Seeing that he is getting more and more serious, Li Yu is a little laughing.

“Why don’t you use it, Li Yinhe said not to say -” Do not exaggerate: the law of punishment is not only hurting the basic right of the parties, but also the world is big. Due to the rapid economic development, our China’s image is now The world is getting more and more positive, wealthy, civilized, and the people have dignity; and punishment will spread the image of our country. It seems that we are still an unhappy barbaric country. “甄 星 继 继 继 给 给 给 给 给 博 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家 国家Li Yinhe’s view, I only have a little disagree, what “I seem to be a unhappy barbaric country”, many places, we are a unhappy barbaric country. No wonder, many people run foreign countries. “

“That is a matter of people, there is a book, you also run.” Li Yu looked at the husband, and he smiled and said him.

“Hey, I will run? I will run, you are waiting.” The star is full, but the voice is very serious, nor does he say that he is really fake.

“Okay, don’t be here, I still have to go online. Lu Yan is coming tonight, you don’t say you have to do a few good dishes, you will not be ready to go, or you can’t help others, I I can’t help. “Seeing his mysterious look, Li Yu is half a trip, get up and pull him, so you have to push it out of bedroom.

“What, Lu Yan? I still use her? I …” Although it is still awkward, it has been pushed out.

************** What clothes buy, the sixteen-year-old little girl’s dress is hobby, Lu Yan is really not allowed, after thinking, she decided to buy her buy Jeans, just suitable for this season, it is convenient to match other clothes.

After determining the goal, Lu Yan quickly spread in a jeans boutique, and the style and colors were very suitable, but also a brand. On the TV, Lu Yan often sees the advertisement of the jeans, the protagonist is also a 167-year-old girl, dressed up to spend the branch, youth dance.

“This pants is Xiaobang, you must like it.” Lu Yan looked, secretly judged. Soon, she allowed the waiter to report her trousers and pay themselves.

“Lu Yan Auntie? How are you here?”

“Xiaoyu? No, you are a ghost, it is really saying that Cao Cao Cao Cao came to.” He turned back, and it was the daughter of Li Yutang and the daughter.

“Hey, what is said Cao Cao Cao Cao, Lu Yan Auntie, how, how do you come to buy jeans?” Xiaoxiao smiled, for Lu Yan, she is familiar with the urination, so it is not very small.

Lu Yan also used to talk to himself, not only no blame, but also smiled: “What do you say to Cao Cao Cao, come, see this pants bought by Aunt, look good!”

“Beautiful and beautiful, too beautiful, I like it very much. Wow, still a brand.” Xiaoxiao took the jeans handed over the road, imposed the black skin of the crazy stone, exaggerated, then, but turned Come, a boy holding a pants, shouting: “Hey, look, I like this pants.”

Looking at the shouts of Xiaoyu, Lu Yan then discovered a boy and standing next to her, looking at her body, looking like a meeting with her. “Hey, Zhou Zhao, call you, see, I like this pants.” Seeing the boy does not turn around, and Xiaoyu does not increase the sound.

“Hey … Hey, the road aunt is good.” The boy is slow to turn around, and the face is shameless.

“Zhou Zhao, how you … you and Xiaobai …?” Looking at the boy, Lu Yan has already understood what happened, but he asked out.

The boy she knows that it is the same class with Duan Xiaoxiao, and the mother is still their class teacher Zhou Honghong. It is very good to have a relationship with the paragraph. I have often played home with the paragraph. Every time I saw Lu Yan shame, shouting aunt. Lu Yan really can’t think of him.

“He is my boyfriend.” Xia Xiaoyu is not shy, greatly recognizing.

“What, you … you are too too … too small.” Seeing that she didn’t care, Lu Yan could not help but asked very much.

“What is a little, aunt. I don’t all say that our new human beings are mature. Whether it is physiology, still psychological, I have already developed an adult, and I have said aunt. I have been over the sixteen birthday five months ago. According to the law, one is an adult. How? Auntie, I will take me as a child. “Xiao Xiao, a pair of beautiful eyes, saying that the words are also righteous, and people can not refute.

“You are you …,” between the time, Lu Yan didn’t know what to say to her, and asked Zhou Zi Kong: “Your mother Week is okay? I haven’t seen her for a long time.”

“My mother is very good, thank you for the road aunt care.” Also, as usual, the little boy speaks little ashamed.

“It’s good, it is good.” Looking at him, Lu Yan didn’t know what to say.

“Hey! Yes, Lu Yan, you will go to my house to play, 嘻嘻, this jeans, will not buy a gift to send my gift.” Xiaoyou ghosts are general, holding jeans. Two down, I guess it.

“You are a little ghost, how do you know?” Lu Yan could not help but admire the cleverness of the child.

“Hey, I certainly know. Every time I go to my house, which time do you not give me a gift? This trousers are women’s, obviously not buying to your home, no suitable for you, then say, Just now, what do you say? Say Cao Cao Cao! Is it not obvious to buy it? “Xia Xiaoxi analyzed, and the head is Tao.

“Hey! Aunt, I have to take you. Yes, aunt is bought for you.” Lu Yan was also laughed by her, simply admitted that there is no longer selling Guanzi.

“Hey, thank you Lu Yan Auntie, give Lu Yan Aunt!” Said, Xiao Xiaoyu took a ninety-degree big squad.

“Okay, don’t thank you. Just, you will take it directly, you don’t have to take your home.

Oh, yes, you … you both ran here to play, didn’t you be tacit in school? Lu Yan remembered the phone that stayed in his son last night and looked at them and asked.

“For four weeks, the school is not, the fool is talented.” Xiao Xiaoxiao did not pass the brain, and he replied casually.

“Hey? That is the school tutoring?” Listening to her, Lu Yan could not help but ask, and then, at the same time, the brain flashed a thought: “Is the son lie?”

At this time, she said that she had always been very young and said, sneaked with the backpack, and rushed her. Xiao Xiao looked at the little boyfriend, but also immediately changed: “Ah, aunt, it is taking practice. Hey, I said that I will not make up to it. My mom is not going to study, don’t have a senior high school entrance examination, Also talked about it. “

Although she is very in the reason, because of the little movement of Zhou Sheng, Lu Yan still half a message is half-sized, just want to continue to ask, but see the Zhou Zi, not slow, swallowing, “Road aunt, you are busy.” I have to go to the bookstore and I will go to the bookstore. We will go first. “

“Yes, yes, we must go to the bookstore. Lu Yan Auntie, you will go to my house, I am coming, my old dad is preparing to do a few of his good dishes, please entertain you.” Ghost elves, immediately talk to the little boyfriend.

“Hey, don’t expect, I have something to ask you …” Lu Yan still thinking, and quickly stop.

But two little lovers have run yet, and they are still running: “Bai worship! Road aunt.” “Bye, Lu Yan Aunt!”

Looking at the two people, there is a bit of the road: “For a short half in the afternoon, I have encountered something, I have a paste, I’m running, I can’t say, I also encountered a little honey, Two early love, are also acquaintances.

Hey, what is this world! “

(4) Invoion of “Hey, I almost talk about it.” I ran a distance, Xiaoman was stopped with a little boyfriend, spitting tongue, and said playful.

“See you still talk, but I will see that Lu Yan aunt must guess the Duan Xiaoyu lying yesterday. Hey, he will see his neutral skill, if he knows that he is selling him, press him The hegemony of the love and hate, it is not looking for you. “Seeing the little girlfriend does not matter, Zhou Zhao can’t help blame her.

“Hey, he dares, he wants to dare to be difficult, you won’t pack him?” Xiao Xiaoyu looked at the little boyfriend and full of the look of the pin.

“Hey, this … this, I as his iron buddies, I am afraid … I don’t do it.” Zhou Zhe said, it is a bit difficult.

“Hey, you know that the girlfriend, is this girlfriend, there is no one of your buddy people?” Listening to him, Xiaoxiao is a bit angry, muttering, go forward.

“Don’t be angry, I don’t work, you can find my mother, use my mother to press him, he dares to find your business.” Zhou Zhao smiled and chased it, pulled her right hand.

“Hey, right, I will find Teacher Zhou. Duan Xiaoyang, listen to your mother’s words, ah?” Xiao Xiaoxi listened, and angrily angrily, and he asked her little boyfriend.

“Hey.” Zhou Zhe laughed, did not answer, think about it, and ask her: “Right, don’t you say your mother to study abroad? Do you do it?”

“It’s almost, I heard that the predetermined gold has been exchanged.”

“Where is going?”

“Australia, did not work in the United States, to Canada, I heard that many places are too cold, I want to go, my mom will give me decided to send me to Australia.” Dear, I took the little boyfriend.

“Ah, is Australia.” Zhou Zhe Lissed, muttered, no longer talk.

“Why don’t you talk? Hey, is it going to go?” Xiao Xiaoyu took his hand and smiled.

“Where, your mom makes you go out to study abroad is for you, how can I not want. I just … just do something else.” Said, Zhou Zhao’s look is a bit a little thought.

“Oh, I know, your father is also in Australia, you think of your father, don’t you?” Looking at your boyfriend, Xiaoman suddenly understood, smile and shout.

“Well …” Zhou Zhezhen snorted, it is not possible.

“Right, your father is because of what immigration is Australia? Do you not say that he is doing real estate in China? So make money, why not do it?” When the father of my boyfriend, I was curiosity.

“Let him do it, I don’t want to say.” Zhou Zhao looked at her, the eyes were then hopeless.

“Let’s say it, I still don’t tell.” Xiaoxiao hit his boyfriend and wrapped him.

“We have been arrested in the city last time. “

Zhou Zhao looked at the bright and innocent of his girlfriend, not as deliberately revealing him, hesitated, or said.

“Then he didn’t take you with your mother.”

“He is temporarily received by the wind, and the urgency is, and it will come.”

“Then, why didn’t he have not thought about it, this is seven or eight years old, still stay here? He is in the heart of peacefulness?” Xia Xiaoxi listened, could not help but hug.

“He … When he walked, taking … with my little.” Zhou Zhe proudly said, or said this secret to his girlfriend.

“Who, you are a little?”

– Almost all of them help me dad. My mom also believes she. I didn’t think of it. She actually took my father … and my dad …. Waiting for my mom, she and my dad have … … “” Ah! It turned out to be like this! “Xiaoxiao’s heart is low, the heart is from all relevant boyfriend’s doubt, why did his mother have been single, always live with him; why he follows the mother surname Zhou, rarely mentioning her own Father……

“Blame … no wonder you and your mother …” She wants to say a few comforts, I don’t know how to talk, I can only have a pair of tears, and I look at my boyfriend.

“Silly girl, do what, pity me!” Zhou Zhao visited his girlfriend with tears, peace of mind, could not help but move, reach out and touched it, deliberately laugh.

“Who is pity you, I just let the wind blow, there is a little sour.” Xia Xiao is holding his arm, broken into a laugh, twisted the head, then ask: “Then you don’t hate him with your mother?”

“My mom, I don’t know, I only know that she still saves my dad to send her everything. As for me, I really hate him at the beginning, but now I don’t hate it now.” Zhou Zhao married Her hands and says while walking.


“When I started, many acquaintances said in my ear, saying that he is deliberate without me and mother. But as I slowly grow, my own ability to judge is getting stronger, Gradually understand, many things are really hard to handle. “

“What happened?”

“For example, if he picks me and my mother, how do my mother and Xiao Yan get along? If you only pick me up, what is the mother stay here?” Zhou Zhao said with his little girlfriend’s hand, one side Give her, listening to his words, thinking mature is not less than an adult.

“Well, you are right.” Xiaoman heard frequently.

“What more, for so many years, although he rarely contact me, but insists that I will pay money every month, this at least shows that he is still very concerned about me and my mother.”

“This is coming, your father is quite good.”

“Hey, how do you say? He is not right, always my father.” Zhou Zhao’s head, turned to ask her: “Hey, right. How did you give you Dad from home? Mom said? “

“Hey, I will say it, don’t go back in the evening, and live in.”

“Then your parents are willing?”

“Why don’t you want? The principle of both of them is that as long as I can pay attention to safety, I will be the Lord I will be myself. I said, Tonight, Luyan went to my house, less than three adults, I have to drink a few cups, the sea chat One pass, I am still at home, I’m not asking. “

“Oh, is it? Where are you going tonight?” Zhou Zhao looked at your girlfriend, smiled.

“I don’t know, I don’t return to school.” Xia Xiaoxi didn’t pay attention, and I replied with the way.

“Don’t stay, where is it? Hey, look, what is this?” Suddenly, Zhou Zi said out of the moment from the pocket, sway in front of Xiaoxi.

Xiao Xiaoli looked at the eyes, suddenly shameless, scream: “Zhou Zhao, you are bad, you … have you prepared it, is it?”

It turned out that Zhou Zhao proudly swayed in front of her, actually a hotel room card.

************** “Li Yu, my dishes are all done, now you are you.” 甄 手 双, from the kitchen, I said to the bedroom. Li Yu is wearing a headset, listening to music, I get the Internet is getting fans, where can hear his shouts.

“Hey, I said that you haven’t heard this, I said, I didn’t hear my wife didn’t take care of myself, turned to the bedroom, I went to the door, my wife was gathered in the front of the computer, and I didn’t go to my eyes. The screen. So he secretly went to his wife behind his wife, took a wife’s headphones on his head.

“Ah, what do you, scare me, want to scare me.” Li Yu was shocked, screaming, his right hand moved the mouse, turned off a browsing window.

“Hey, do not close it, let me see, what is a good thing.” Zhenxing Gang want to stop, but it was too late, then pretended to be angry and said:? “You see, you see, do not let you off hum, but also a certain in what hurt unhealthy site, is not it? “” No. “Li Yushi, smiling at him, denied.

“?! No, no also blame the” Zhen Xing smiled and dodged the mouse, open the internet browser, Internet records to the query above: “Well, sample, you do not say I will not check their own ah.”

“You check your check, anyway, I’m not on any site.” Li Yushi, a smile does not stop, let him inquire.

“Hey, not really on, which is to see what, secretive.” Search for a pass, nothing Hu, Zhen Xing could not help wondering for a while.

“Say no on it, you do not believe.” Li Yushi husband looked puzzled face, smile very proud of.

“I did what you just turn off the Internet what it is??” Looked at his wife proud Mo Yang, Zhen Xing eyes turn, hee hee laughs:? “Could it be, and you see things in the D drive stored Oh I look up and see. “

“Oh, no no, not to look not to look ……” a remark husband, Li Yu suddenly a crimson face, hand going to stop her husband.

“Yo, do not let the look, there must be something fishy, ​​do not let the more I see.” Zhen Xing said, he has opened up my computer disk D, and sure enough, multi-display inside a hidden folder: “Hey , really not what I expected, still fooling, this hidden folder is how ah, I remember that it did not set the display ah. “

“I ……, I know what.” Li Yushi can not, deny a smile.

“You know what? Of course you know. Hey, I see what you are looking at.” Zhen Xing remember, just turn off the browser window is like a picture, then open the ACDsee software to view the inside of the plug-record.

“Look and see, anyway, you do not peek too often.” See things are now, Li Yu know has been able to stop, only smiled and let go and let him see.

“Hey, look to see ……” Then, Zhen Xing has opened the history ACDsee, click on the link to view a while ago, ACDsee browser window immediately pops up a Zhang Gaoqing digital photos. I saw the photo in the middle, impressively a glamorous woman, Jiao Hong noodles, water hyacinth blurred, a charming drunk Mo Yang, is hand back of the couch, wearing a translucent milky white silk nightgown, on the sofa in front of a dementia stay men, arrayed seductive pose. This woman is none other than his wife Li Yushi, a man is not none other road Duan Yan’s husband.

“Damn, really show ah, really dead attractiveness hook, no wonder this kid Duan eyes see straight!”

Zhen Xing licked his dry lips, while fiercely swore, while at the click of a button. Each photo is extremely clear and coherent, it is clear that this is the sets of plans, with the deepening of sets of plans, the above Li Yu posture and more sexy, more tempting.

“Hey, who said it? You do not show, willing to put his wife away, so what have you.”

Li Yu outdone, spoiled beat him, shot back.

“Hey, how not, like me, you see even less ah. Besides, this is not correct you ‘Flirt’?”

Zhen Xing smiled and did not move, continue to view photos and let her play.

“What is happiness?” Li Yu heard the words of his words, casually asked.

“What” sex “blessing? Male and female” sex “love” sex “blessing, listen to understand it?” Zhen Xing stressing each syllable, is also a key point with emphasis exclaimed.

“You …… you bastard.” Li Yu suddenly realize that embarrassed face, again and again gave her husband a few Fenquan.

“Oh, my asshole? Duan guy was a jerk it, you see, my wife poured him fun to play, and his wife comes in my side did not stained.” Zhen Xing smiled, pointed to the picture of his wife he said. Photo content has become very naked, Li Yu and Duan both naked, cuddle together, wrapped around the neck is attached to shares, but also raspberry kiss, even tightly intercourse private parts are obviously extremely Yinmi.

“Hee hee hee ……, born …… do business at a loss right.” Although there is just seen pictures, and previously has been seen more than once, you can now see in the eyes, Li Yu could not help but to shock the heart Yang, fighting back dry throat, and her husband laughed.

“What this pay compensation …… ah, did not lose!” Zhen Xing then has seen the dark hearts itch, swallowed, stubborn mouth Road.

“Why didn’t you pay, you have just said, Lu Yan’s side has not touched? People Duan You can promise you, you have to have this, Lu Yan follows you, but what about you?” Husband is mouth, Li Yu wants to laugh, deliberately tease him. “Now I haven’t touch it, I don’t wait for the future! 驴 看 本, walk. Laozi will take her soon!”

“Hey, morning and evening? How late is it? Big Brother, you can’t give it exact time.”

Li Yu continued to make his husband.

“More than a long time, Mom, Laozi will give her a heart tonight.” Sax is said to be a little worse by his wife, and I can’t help but send it. He looked at the wife of the hippie smile, dissatisfied: “Hey, you are a small salary, you know me, don’t forget, I am your true card. I don’t know how to help me, I know the wind and cool.”

“Hey, you have a colored heart, how can I help you.” Li Yu continued to laugh.

“I … how do I have a colored heart …, no, no gallbladder?” Sax is said by his wife,

“Hey, women are actually like walnuts. It is soft inside. Although the heart thinks, the appearance is still hard, as long as you are bold, put the hard shell outside, how to eat it, It’s not too much. “

Li Yu smiled and reminded her husband.

“Well, I want the outside to hard to resist, I am really right. Wife, or your woman understands women!”

The froth did not hear frequent nodded and even said. His eyes turned, so laughing with his wife: “Hey, but your wife, you can be an exception, the first time, I just pick you, you can just go.”

“Hey, born, I am talking about Lu Yan, what do you mention?” Seeing her husband to mention the past, Li Yue can’t help but shy, reach out again.

“Hey, don’t mention it. However, your wife, you can help me tonight.” Dai Xing caught the powder punch, squat, and seek.

“You … you are bold, how can I help you?” Li Yue struggled a few times, but he had to promise him.

“You don’t have to worry about the courage, Laozi is going out tonight. However, it is not enough, I don’t like the hardcore, I don’t like it, you and I first …” 甄The wife is waist, a while, the combination is said to have a wishful abaument.

“Ah, you … you have a bastard! You go to the road swallow, do you take me as a bait.” Listening to the husband finished, Li Yue should be a round of powder punch.

“Hey! My good wife, I don’t want you to do it? Let’s talk about it, don’t you enjoy it?

“I … I have to enjoy, let’s enjoy, it is not cheaper this little bad guy.” Li Yue powder has a spring, and the right hand has been stretched. It has grasped the stiff legs between the legs, where the pants have already been It has been a tall tent.

“Ah! Wife, light, hurt your kiss, my brother.” The star suddenly hurts, and the whole bedroom is swaying with his strange call. “The husband husband, calling, calling …” At this time, the mobile phone in the living room was rushing.

*************** “Dudu … Hanging up the phone, the heart is secretly strange: “Duan Haotian, how have you been picking up a mobile phone? Is it deliberately not picking up or have a mobile phone?”

Thinking about Xiaoxiao and Zhou proudly, Lu Yan is getting doubting about the message in the phone last night, although his son is less lie, but Lu Yan still has no bottom, now the child, no Pay attention, you may be bad. However, the preference call is no one to answer, and it is really no way to let Lu Yan have.

“Oh, don’t fight, see how I will pack you tomorrow.” Lu Yan sighed a breath and collected mobile phones.

She looked at the sky. Unconsciously, the sun’s small half face had hid into the clouds, and wandered a whole afternoon, it was indeed a bit tired: “Time is not early, I will go to Li Yusi.” Thinking here, She stretched away a taxi.

The pedestrian street belongs to the city center. Li Yutheng is still very far away. It usually takes a taxi to use 40 minutes. Now, in the evening, the peak of the car is, and it has been used for half an hour. When it goes to the place, The sky has been completely black.

After the taxi stopped, Lu Yan pays off the bus and walked to the entrance of the community. Lu Yan has been here for many times, and it is true that this community is very familiar, the door, the door is still the same. The lighting lights on both sides are still as white, and the whole gate will take the whole gate. The only difference is that tonight’s door is hanging on a banner, and the book is big. “Hey, this slogan does not hang up, it seems to be in the community.” Lu Yan looked in the eyes, in the heart, entered the community, and suddenly in front of his eyes, but also in his heart and smiled: “Sword Governing the country, it is really Chinese characteristics, smiles the gods. “

“Hey!” Is stealing, and Lu Yan suddenly heard a sharp car whistle sounded, followed by a black car.

“Oh, I almost hit me! I haven’t had the door yet, I will drive so fast, I am eager to go!”

Lu Yan took a surprise, and quickly avoided, Yu Xinyou jumped, returning to the night, the car has been running away.

After staying, Lu Yan turned again, this time, she chose to walk in the side of the road far away, and step a few steps, it gradually recovered a calm mood. Although this community is not luxurious, but the overall plan is very neat, the environment is elegant, the green is also good, especially the two rows of phoenix in the road, and is thick and dense. Lu Yan walks under, the soles are high and stepping on the water pavement.

Under the floor of Li Yousu, Lu Yan pressed the microphone button on the first floor. After nearly more than 20 seconds, he heard Li Yu returned: “Hey, it is Lu Yan, waiting for you, come up Let’s go. “

“These two people, what is doing, isn’t it just open a door, wait for so long, see how I went to say you.”

Lu Yan muttered, quickly listed on the floor to take Li Yuejia door, the door has already opened, showing a sewing of a half-foot.

“Hey, I said that you have two sons, this is too good to wait for the way, open a door for so long, harm me downstairs, now, this girl is home, I don’t see it, I don’t see it?” Lu Yan pushed the door and closed, while shouting.

“You, you, nothing, this is not explanation, I didn’t take you out. I am busy, I am busy, I have no work in the work.” Li Yu, who came in the kitchen, did not show weak shouts.

“Oh, you have no work, do you have no reason? Let’s make your family, you have a cup of tea, go shopping for an afternoon, thirst to die. Hey,, 甄, 死 where to go It’s okay to wait for the guest. “

Lu Yan came in, a butt was sitting on the sofa of the living room, the handbag was lost.

“Hey, you want my family to serve you, think about you. He is not at home, grandmother, you will wait for yourself?” Li Yu in the kitchen smiled.

“What? He is not at home?” Somehow, I heard that the star is not at home, Lu Yan is lost.

“Just went down, less than five minutes, now just go to the gate.” Li Yu explained in the kitchen.

“Hey, no, just the gate of the gate, I didn’t hit me, I won’t be your family!” Lu Yan listened, jumping up, recalling, just now, the car is really and frustrated The car is exactly the same. She walked into the kitchen and shouted with Li Yu, who was rushing by the stove. “

“Hey, then you are not dead.” Li Yu looked at her, joke: “I don’t know what he did, just still, suddenly a mobile phone, said something to go out, don’t come back.”

“Is it, it won’t come.” I heard that the frossus did not come back, and Lu Yan lost a bit again.

“Why, my family is not happy in you? Hey, is Duan Yi is not in the family, thinking men.” Li Yue found that her face is the same, naturally knowing her mind, strong Laugh, tease her.

“I say, you just want to man it.” Road Yan Teng face a hot, fooling Road.

“Oh, this little face all red, and said the man did not want to. Shane shy, we were both really sister, you really want to, and I put my house Zhen Xing lend you, how?” Li Yushi, to see her blush more to laugh at her.

“Who blushed, borrow borrow, you dare not dare to lend me ah, when you do not regret.” Road Yan face more red with shame, but it is very hard to say.

“Hey, I regret anything, I still can’t wait to send you, don’t want it.” Li Yu is more powerful than her. “Oh, tell the truth, I want to change my husband, say, honestly, what kind of?”

Lu Yan listened, but also took the opportunity to laugh at her.

“If you change your husband Duan Yi, it is best to be himself, don’t you do?” Li Yue is unambiguous, and the attack is even better.

“There is … I can’t do anything. I simply send you.” Li Yue jokes like this, and Lu Yan naturally did not dare to back, and continued his mouth hard.

“The trick can be said to be good, you can not regret it.” Li Yue learned her tone just tied and laughed.

“I don’t regret it. I went to the living room to watch TV, you will be your dish. You.” Lu Yanhong gave her a powder, the excuse escaped, left behind, is Li Yun, The proud laughter.

There is still no good look in the TV. After that, after several Taiwan, Lu Yan is bored, his eyes leave the TV, and begins to play the decoration in the living room. Finally, she stares the eyes on the wall. Sub-frame. The photo frame seems to be new, she last came yet. The whole family is also new, the above text is very clear: Xiaoyu’s 16th and old age.

Looking at Zhang Quanjiafu photo, Xiaoxiang’s beautiful smile, Lu Yan could not help but move in his heart, see Li Yutong came out from the kitchen, said: “Hey, Li Yu, I will go shopping in the afternoon, I met your family Xiaoxiao.”

“Ah, is it.」 Li Yu packs the table, rushing the road: “Lu Yan, you can’t look good, see I am busy, don’t help me clean up the table and chairs.”

“Hey.” Lu Yan smiled and got up, and he helped her to organize it. He continued: “Hey, ask you. You don’t ask your daughter to do? Who is with her?”

“Who can I, what the son of her class is proud? Hey, you want to tell me that the two children are talking about falling in love?” Li Yuhe looked at her laughed, talking very nature.

“You all know, then you … don’t you care about her, Lu Yan is very surprised.

“Why don’t you care, but what you want to see. Now the two children are in the age of rebellious, you are more and more you are doing with you. You do your parents, pay attention to properly.” Li Yu said, I ran to the kitchen, I made a good dish: “Look, these are the names of the sketch for you, oh, I don’t want to do it for me, I don’t know what the charm of your small hooves.”

“Hey, I know. Hey, there is a good wine, tonight, the sisters have a few cups.” Lu Yan listened, the heart is dark, topic.

“Of course, you have a drunk, you will not drink you, see how I spare you.” Li Yu smiled, and the magic didn’t take out two bottles of red wine from the table, the light, blood red color Shocking, resentment of the desire of the heart.

************** “To … for our woman, do it … do this last cup, let the stinky man roll a side.” Road flour, shaking, shake He stood up, waved the red wine glass Li Yu shouted.

“Yes, man …… people are not good things, long live women.” Li Yushi, the state is not much better, and to speak have been tongue-tied.

“Dry!” The two women smiled, their drink has been drained.

“Yan, should no longer …… another bottle?” Blurred Li Yushi, a pair of water hyacinth, eat asked.

“No …… not coming, come on …… really drunk.” Although head felt dizzy and dizzy, but the road is still Yan also maintained a basic awake, faltered: “really drunk, then we will be …… Jieliang can not talk of. “

“Yes, I …… go take a shower, we Jieliang will be burning the midnight oil going to happen, one sleepless night.” Li Yu Yan struggled to come round the road shoulder, smiled sweetly.

“Then you do not go fast …… I’ll go to bed for you, and so do not head dizzy wash.” Road Yan said, reaching in Li Yu took a superior gluteal, himself unsteadily, to DPRK her bedroom door.

“Hey, want to drink …… saliva, do not spit on my bed.” Li Yushi, to see her drunk very strong, loudly told Road.

“…… spit spit you a sitting duck.” Road Yan Although the lips to say, they still listened to her advice, turned and walked before drinking fountains, Gudonggudong took a large paper cup in one gulp.

“Hee hee, wash …… go take a bath.” And Li Yu is proud smile, a shake Sanko went into the bathroom, and soon, there was ringing sound of rushing water, and her delicate singing, it seems wash it very pleasant.

“Hey, small … Waves, take a shower, sing, cool you.” There were three cups of cool water, and Lu Yan is cool. She walked into the bedroom of Li Yu, lying on it, listening to Li Yu’s song from the bathroom, smiling.

I don’t know how many Xiaolang hoofs, I finally heard the sound of the bathroom, Lu Yantai, Li Yu has already tied it. She just sat up and saw Li Yutou wrapped towel, waist, and shoulder bare, jade legs, one step three shakes come in: “Yan, I washed, you are.”

“Hey, I … say Li Yu, you are a small salary goods, see how you protect this and skin, how is it?”

Looking at Li Yu’s skin, the chest is very hip, Lu Yan is not enviable, pretending to ask the grate. After so long, she has already woken a lot, speaking more.

“Hey, envy.” Li Yu took a white silk nightdress in the wardrobe, and raided to her face: “Next, wash it.”

“Envy your head.” Lu Yan is going to fight, and when Li Yu is hiding, she smiles, go to the bathroom.

The warmth of the bathroom is placed, take off the clothes, open the sprinkle, and the warm and cool feelings are diarrhea from the head. “Oh”, Lu Yan can’t stand, comfortable to come out: “Comfortable, comfortable, blame Li Yu small hooves and sing again.” Finally, even she couldn’t help but sing softly: ” Spring water flow, spring water flow … “

In the stream, Lu Yan is shackled, and the living room suddenly came from “” familiar mobile phone ringtone, and then the shout of Li Yu, Li Yu, the bedroom: “Lu Yan, I said no Sing, wash it, your phone. “

Lu Yan listened, it is really a mobile phone, see yourself is still full of bath, completely rinse, you must have a few minutes, you should have a night: “I am over, I will not pick it up.”

“Where is the mobile phone?” The question of Li Yu is ringing again.

“The sofa is in my handbag.” Lu Yan continued to wash, I didn’t want to answer.

“Oh, I found it. 咦, what is this?” Suddenly, Li Yue screamed, and the sound was surprised.

“Hey, bad! The things I bought in the afternoon!” Listening to Li Yun, Lu Yun Ton, a spirit, only a little alcohol is also smoking. She can’t wipe, put on the nightdress, and rushed to the living room, and shouted while running: “Li Yu, don’t look!”

But rushing to the living room, or late, Li Yusheng smiled, holding it, is a high-exploitation of the newly bought the newly bought the newly bought the newly bought. “Hey, it is quite advanced.” Li Yu’s smile could not help.

“Oh, no … is not …” Lu Yan only felt that he was full of full face, it seems to be drunk, and went forward, to win the things in Li Yu.

“Hey, isn’t it? I want, I have the ability to grab it.” Li Yu was shocked, so that Lu Yan felted.

“Still … I also brought me.” Lu Yan can’t, I have to catch it. Chasing a few laps, but can’t catch up, rushing to defeat, Li Yue has been a flash, run into the bedroom.

“This time I look at where you are still running.” Lu Yan saw big joy, inequal Li Yutong will close the door and chased it in.

“Hey, light, my bath towel!” Li Yue dodge, run between the waist, the bath towel wrapped in the waist was actually pulled down from behind, and the perfect pettessone was revealed.

“Hey … Hey, who … who let you run.” See this scene, Lu Yan smiled in the waist, and he took a few mouthfuls, and he wanted to drive the bath towel in his hands. ” Give you.”

Who knows that Li Yue actually does not care about the bath towel in her hands, but will smile with the chest, smile: “Hey, bath towel you have a self, I will have this.” Said, have opened the packaging The box, take out the simulation mask: “Do not say, what is this, when is it bought?”

Looking at Li Yu, who is more than half of him, Lu Yan knows that hard to grab it is not successful, can only be wisdom, so the fake dress is soft, and the head is frail: “I said I said, yes …” and then suddenly And rushed again.

“Hey, I will give me this set.” Who is thinking, Li Yue started to know her little trick, the body flashed, and pushed it, and pushed Lu Yan in a Simmons bed. If you can’t climb, Li Yishu has turned over to her hips and firmly press.

When Lu Yunton felt a strange warmth, between her Jiaoqin and Li Yu’s jade body, only one thinner silk skirt, almost and direct contact. Although the two have not been hugged before, pinch the buckle, but so that the meat is close, it is really broken, which makes Lu Yan unopened and unwisely. “Ah …, put it … let me go.” Lu Yantu shouted, struggling to twist, before the university is a school team swimmer’s Li Yu, everything is futile. How long does it take, Lianlu Yan will give up struggle.

“Hey, honest? Small! I don’t know if I am, I have a hard work, and I have to eat.”

Li Yu was smiling, and the high-defense hieles in his hand came to her face, and the ear said: “Say, do you buy this thing?

Is it thinking that a man wants to be too thirsty, use something to replace it? “

Lu Yanfou, she felt, and struggled, they could only be ashamed, and the silent resistance was applied to her question.

“Oh, it’s really hard. I have seen it. I have never seen you so boring. You are a small wave, see how I pack you.” Said that Li Yu is full of smile, picking up a sleeper, holding a thick long Significant simulated masks, reach away from the private zone of Lu Yan.

“Ah …, no … don’t, I … I said …” I feel that Li Yu is a different movement. Lu Yan does not help but exclaim, and come to speaking.

“Hey, don’t? It’s too late.” Looking at the old classmates ashamed, Li Zi is proud, and the two suede legs of the road, Yanshang did not wipe the two suede legs, Li Yue has not been hard. Promenade the simulation hood is extended to the destination. Then, with the “嗤”, the simulation, the mask rinsed in the honey hole of Lu Yan, one plugged in.

“Oh …” As, Lu Yan’s sauoka also sent a sullen, delicate body, mighty. Li Yu reached out and touched the simulation of the integration of iglasia and Lu Yan horn. It has already been covered with the Wen Yanyun warm and sluggish agar liquid.

“Hey, this is comfortable? If you bought it, you have more comfortable.” Looking at the charming of Lu Yan, thinking that her husband usually had an infinite obsession with her, Li Yue could not help but excited. Also stimulate. She laughed with her, and she stretched out a finger and pressed the power button of the masturbation.

“Ah … oh … oh, ah …” The small motor “嗡” one turn, just try to restrain the roadmaking, the Lu Yan never endured, and the sound of obscene is once a wave of waves.

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