Heart children is from Shanghai, 23-year-old, looks looks like Huang. After graduating from college last year joined a foreign intern, and Hong Kong delegate to the practice. I am a heart child’s boss, almost 40 years old, looks not very handsome. First meeting, I was impressed by the girl’s beauty and pure, just before this girl on TV and read in the book, her voice made me not homemade.

That day, the heart of children reported in sick the morning, I would like heart children first arrived in Hong Kong, no one to take care of, so called to tell her the afternoon, the evening will go to visit the hostel, she was very readily agreed.

Heart children wearing pajamas out the door, I saw a child he shines heart, she just seems to take a bath with fragrance bath gel, body exudes seductive fragrance. She greeted me back into the living room to tell me first change of clothes back to the room, I stayed in the living room, did not expect to see the effect chaotic heart children throwing clothes, I found her underwear on the couch, picked up the children at heart can not help lace bra get a hand.

As I put the time to get carried away, do not know when heart child standing behind me, she told me: “!? Hey it a lot of fun,” I do not know heart child suddenly appeared, immediately scared her bra onto the floor .

“No wonder I could not find in the room! Oh! You soiled ah!” Heart child was going leaned over to pick it up, it turns out her open front button shirt collar suddenly released, and has not completely supporting the breasts stand out instantly, heart child immediately hand across his chest.

“Oh u …… …… …… children.” I am a bit overwhelmed, but the heart of a child on his eyes red, scared I immediately turned and carrying a heart child: “I’m sorry for …… to …… ah ……”

At first speak in less natural atmosphere, some of the information center children an excuse to hold a meeting tomorrow to ask questions in detail, I am very patiently child guidance center. Later heart children said to open the computer to see the files came to realize that the two of them into her bedroom. She sat on the bed, I sat on the desk, we discuss around the computer on the desk.

I often find an excuse to steal the heart of children looking body, upper body close to the heart of children’s shirt to the fullness of the heart of children around the highlights out of her skirt worn over pants, not only to pack too little ass round and Alice, slender white Howe unreservedly to show more legs in front of me. Might look too excited, my crotch hold up a small hill, I found my children, afraid of ugly, then put her hands out into the legs, the thighs desperately clip up.

Heart children from time to time toward my body, open collar revealing a more clear cleavage, causing me to swallow a lot of saliva. I know I’ve not hold, put his nose to smell put up her hair, her shy smile escape, I do not know is true or intentional, she goes as far as to escape while the juice in the hands of careless back to himself.

“Ah!” I see a loss of heart children know what to do, immediately took out a tissue to the heart of children. Heart child holding a paper towel to wipe kept in the chest, but the juice from the early cleavage flow of children into the heart, the heart of children inadvertently opened the clothing Gum, reached into wiping down shirt, then my eyes will stare stare in mind children on the chest.

“How do I get one all the juice?.” Then unexpectedly heart child actually put his upper body shirt off: “Yes you …… your heart child victims of ……” children into my heart arms, a pair of breasts on the pressure in my chest.

※ jkforum.net | Czech Forum at JKF I had already stiff cock, now re-stimulate the heart of children, it is too hard to stop jumping up, I was confused child heart heartbeat rapid, uncontrolled put her hands waist mind of children. At this heart child he raised his head, looked at me with sad eyes, I hesitated for a while, Indian soft lips in mind children’s mouths.

She smiled and pushed me to my hands but lost no time in playing with her breasts, compact and full, good flexibility, I will cover mouth on her breasts, kissing obsession, nibble her nipples. I put my hand slipped between her legs hot pussy, while I kissed her lips and let her attend to the other, while the index finger to steal her panties more, vaginal child’s mind spinning, stimulate the heart to all children sensitive areas; and the heart of children has been drunkenly holding my head with both hands, kissed my lips, and cater to my hand.

I kiss all the places on her body to be able to pro, with his tongue deeply moved by her desire, I am completely happy child two legs, see’ve got damp on her light red underwear, I put mouth there, where the sorption full of lust taste.

After a while, I slipped out of the heart of children’s underwear, picked up a little ass heart child, so that her pussy facing me in the face, and then I took a deep breath and cover up the whole mouth, my tongue poke two labia, deep into the vaginal probe into the heart of the child, the child makes the heart endless groan.

At this time, I hesitate, what should I do next? The last impulsive still occupies ingredients, I will take her back, holding her chest, while using the fastest speed, take it down, my heart is instinctive to drive me. However, I took my two-handed breasts with my hands, tightly leaned against my front chest, and put her from the top of the top down on the penis. The heart was forced to sit down, but she immediately knew that my penis is behind her, she can instinctively clamp the genitals and buttocks. I grabbed her waist, adjusted the posture, looking for her hot pussy, but I can’t find the door under the urgentity.

At this time, suddenly came from a phone call. I was scared to let the heart, my heart jumped out of my body, hurriedly raised her pants. She louked up a phone cartridge, which was originally her boyfriend’s long-distance call from Shanghai.

I looked at my heart and naked my body. I didn’t know if it was false, and I would like to tell my boyfriend. I gently pulled her and sat next to it, holding her, kissing her soft lips and eyes, gently said: “Help me, my heart.” And then put her hand Put it on my penis, my heart smiles, grabbed my penis with hands, continue to talk to her boyfriend, while in accordance with my requirements, I closed my eyes, enjoy it. Wonderful feelings. I think today I should not be able to make love with my heart, but I am scanning, I can now at least not to die.

I hate my heart, I will help me with my pistol, and my boyfriend is like, and my breasts are mad, as if I can’t wait to swallow her. The heart is stimulated, and the speed is constantly accelerating. , Stand forward, want to pierce the penis into her mouth, in her mouth.

The heart is close to her lips, saying it is fast, a burst of rhythm shocks to my penis, my penis is sprouting on the face, hot semen shooting in the hair On the computer keyboard, there is a breast.

The heart followed my semen, afraid that they fell to the carpet, but too much, slipped out from the fingers in her hand, and the whole bedroom was filled with the taste of the semen. I have gripped my heart is full of semen, with semen to stick our hands together until cooling.

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