This is a true story that happened to me, and I don’t know what it is in three years after the matter … Because I have a network, now I have a network, I want to say it. Let everyone know that this thing is a sweet childhood memories for me …..

I really like it from a child, I feel that she is very nice, I hurt me, I will buy a toy or candy every time, while the summer vacation at the end of my country.

One day, my parents should go to Taipei. I will come back everywhere. I will come to my house to accompany me. After dinner, I ran to avoid it, and I fell to the water ditch! I got my body, back home When I saw it, I asked if I made this? I also said, she will help me with a bath, I have to help me take a shower, she will help me to help me, I was originally not, because of the third grade I was washed myself, but she said that dirty, I was not clean, and I would help me take a shower.

Washing, 婶 婶 seems to be very interested in my body (she doesn’t have a child), was very clean from the head to the foot, she played with my chicks and talking to me, saying that my chicken is very cute, at the time I am a child, although some harm but I don’t think it, because she is my elder, after a while, 婶 said that her clothes were wet, she also washed, and she took her clothes. I was very embarrassed, and I said that my family didn’t matter, she started a bath after she put it into the bathtub.

I still remember that the body is very snowy. I have been very good. I haven’t seen women’s body for several years. I will help me to wash my second grade, but after I have memories, she just helps me take a shower, wash it. After my mother, my mother is washed …..

At that time, I felt some different, but I don’t know what it feels …! Secretly look at the shower, I also noticed that I was stealing her, I smiled and said that I would also help her, our two Fully smeared soap in playing, 婶 said that I haven’t eaten milk for a long time, ask if I want to eat …..

I can’t tell my body, I have been touching my body, playing my chicken chicken, I was held by her, I feel very comfortable …. The body gradually got a different! My chicken is like Some hard! I don’t know what is going on?! 婶 Tell me: It is too hot in the bathing water.

She gentle said that I will help me make it, say that it is normal … 婶 婶 help me with her, then wipe my body, she laughed told me .. This chicken change It’s just like being smoked by mosquito. It will be fine with some saliva …. We have a bathroom to go to the room, my chicken is still hard, I feel so strange ?! 婶 婶 婶 我 我,, say It is necessary to use saliva treatment, but also to say more, it is effective. As a result, she uses my mouth with my chicken! I don’t understand anything, I only feel that the chicken warmth is hot …. So comfortable … .

I remember that I closed my eyes, and I used my mouth and my hands to help me “treatment”. At the time, my body was so strange! It’s so hot! Suddenly I think the lower body is excited! I suddenly remembered that there was a hanging horizontal bar in the third grade. “Sensual” (at the time, I don’t know why this is, I don’t know why it feels comfortable!)!

Then my chicken feels that I feel that it feels … very comfortable .. At that time, I was lying in different directions with me. I remember that I was “coming” is holding her body, I am inexplicably 呻吟 … . !!! It’s really excited! … 婶 婶 婶 轻 着 我 着 而 也 不 里 里 里 起 里 着 着 着 着 起 着 起 起 起 起.

She asked me if I feel better .. I really have no strength to answer the yeah.

I asked her: How can there be this feeling?

He said that it is normal … I will tell me in detail later ….

I just wipe me chicken, I can’t stand it, I can’t stand it. I am lying next to me, saying that clothes should not be better than sleep …. He is still gently touching my body … Tell me a lot …. The two seem to be ignorant, she Call me to see her “ㄋㄟ ㄋㄟ”, asked her to say better with my mother … I certainly said: 婶 (巴 巴 大 大人, think that there will be sugar to eat). I have been asking me some somewhat … I don’t like her … she is drifting … I have answered.

Later, I said that I haven’t eaten milk for a long time. She told me to eat her. I said no … she said that although you grew up (?) Don’t eat milk, but let’s exercise, how to eat after you practice Milk …. Later, I said it, I actually like it very much like it is close to the feeling … There is a touch of milk …

I sat up .. Hold me, I will suck the breasts, I don’t know how … 婶婶 seems very comfortable … After a while, I will be, um … oh … Well .. Sound, I asked her what happened? Is it very sad? He said it is very comfortable …. She told me to continue sucking … I have to suck it, but also call me to touch her breast with hand, say that feels good….

I will have a silly full photo …..

After a while, the snoring is getting more and more, I stopped and asked her what happened?

He said: Fool! Don’t stop … So smoking …!

I only continue to suck … I really, the breasts are big (I will see it at the time) so soft … I feel that one hand and then touch my chicken again … Another hand In the place where herself, the long beard in urine (I was this at the time)! 婶 呻 呻 吟 continuous … I still call me … “Fast” … “Sour of force” Word …. I only feel that the whole body is very comfortable … sucking. Stroke .. Wearing the filming and listening to the voice of the scent, let me seem to fluttering … The body is hot …. My chicken has been It’s hard, but I don’t worry.

婶 suddenly hugged me in bed … I am still moving with her .. The whole body … I feel itchy … so comfortable …, I use my mouth with my chicken .. (I was also awesome at the time ..) But she only sucked up. I am in me. I don’t know what she wants??

I am sitting on me … holding my chicken with her hand … Suddenly, I will sit down!

I feel like it is a feeling of the mouth … but it seems to be different?! … anyway, I spent a hurry at the time … A nervousness couldn’t you clear what happened …. It feels so comfortable .. The voice called is so big … she gave one more … I almost a blank!!!

Hey is squatting on me … holding me kisses, I also hug her (because it feels very refreshing) .. 婶 fierce up and down … “Oh … … ah ..” Always called (but it seems to be the kind of sound “pain” !! I am not big!

I remember that I felt like a circular circle … I have been called “… ..”

She seems to know that I am “coming”! Accelerate the action … Suddenly !! I really feel that it is electricity … but it’s so cool .. So comfortable … I can’t understand it. The snoring … Suddenly everything is stopped ….. I only remember that the whole body is weak and I am asleep after I know …………

After getting up every day, I have been wearing underwear (it’s helping me to wear), I have done breakfast, she told me to brush your teeth, I went to have breakfast, but I feel that she seems to be serious !! (Now I want to come now She is guilty of sinfulness)

I feel very strange … After breakfast, I said with a smile: I can’t tell anyone last night … Otherwise, I will not pay you after you, don’t buy toys. ….. (I remember this passage).

Of course, it is also good … 婶 婶 婶 打 勾 勾 勾 … And this secret I really never said … I have been writing it out by online … Anyway, you don’t know who I am …

After the summer vacation, I moved to the north because of the relationship between my uncle. I rarely encountered her.

After more than a year …. Uncle and 婶 婶 actually divorced!!! I heard that I can’t help it, and my uncle is also married, I will have never met her again. ……

I came to the country to come into contact with A and A book, and I also hide some women’s naked photos … And I didn’t know what masturbated ….. I only know what “do love” … but I It was only to “do” in the age of 12 !!!! Maybe I am too familiar … But there are also many primary schools. The fifth grade will “hard” and masturbating … I am 26 years old, and there is also a good girlfriend. I have a lot of sexual experience … But I always remember the feeling of the time … may be because of “first” …. !!!

Have mean harassment ?!? Or I am incest ?!! Then I don’t know the answer, I only know that I don’t regret it, even I miss my 婶 ….. I still like her …. …………………. Written it out, I feel very fast, …………….. …

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