On the summer, even if the air conditioner in the indoor air conditioner is very enough, there is still a feeling of hot and hot.

The inner dry heat is always not from autonomously echoing the heat of the weather.

The night is already very deep, the housing of the brick structure is really very bad. The partition room floating from time to time, the uniform breathing and snoring, and the husband often talks about it. When you call the bed, you must harass your father-in-law. I’m alone, alone in the big bed – a man’s rollbook is a slap. Ha ha!

I can’t sleep, I climbed it. Open the spotlight before the dressing table, appreciate the body of the body who is about to slowly go.

I have been leaving Mom and my mother is going home for a month. I remembered and dear Dad Wushan Yunyu, the evening of the water milk brought, my heart was a bummy.

Pick up the phone on the table, the condition reflects the familiar mobile phone number of Dad, and the magnetic sound in Beijing in Beijing is ridiculously: “Hello! Huier? You are all over the night? Still don’t sleep? Do you want to be? “

“Um …? I miss you again!”

“Think? If you come back!”

“Well …? Mom and Dad come over?”

“Hehe! The stinky head is really filial! You go out of the ticket!”

“I hate it! What is it? – Business class! It’s okay!”

“Open a joke! Mom and Dad still want to do something in China!”

“Do you have a person at home?”

“Your mother goes out to help ** the company is doing the account! I will go home at night. Dad is not at home now, I will do QA certification to a company in the morning, now in the hotel lunch break!”

“Dad, is it convenient now? I want to ask a few questions, have time?”

“Easy! There is another hour of enterprises to come to Dad!”

“Asking questions is more special, Dad will not be angry? I want to listen to the truth! Ok?”

“How can Dad get a baby Huier’s gas? Again, Huier is not awkward! Dad hits your ass!

“Um …? Dad! I want to ask a question that slaughtered meat!”

“Oh! I am asking such a problem in the middle of the night. Don’t you want to sleep? Ask?”

“Dad, remember what you gave the prostitutes you gave you in the summer vacation? How can you think of such a comment? Especially want to know!”

“The stinky head is going down! How to suddenly think about this!”

“Well …? I have given my father, there is a thing that is more done to Dad? Take each other! Hey! Just your little wife spoiled? Dad! Tell?”

“Oh! Say the length, the beauty of the beautiful meat is also a paragraph of a paragraph of men in the heart of men. It is mainly that Dad seems to see that Huier likes to listen to Dad, especially heard a woman. The circumstances are particularly excited, and they will show the performance of the hand dance, so Dad is just a way to take the benescent. It is a metamorphosis joke, don’t be too serious. Oh! “

“Is there this?”

“Remember that you listen to my father and add a vinegar to say that Yang Xiong is killing Pan Qiaoyun, and there is a story of Dou Yu?”

“It’s a bit impression! It seems that it is 14 or five? Always like to be tangled, I feel very nice! What is it?”

“Oh! You don’t remember that Dad talked about Yang Xiong, Shi Xiu put Pan Qiao Yun jewelery on the exterior mountain of Jizhou City, after the dress washing, the red strip did not stop on a big pine tree; first, a knife put a knife Working in two, but seeing the woman Pan Qiaoyun is shocked by the pear, two big tits shake the stone show, the stone show, the bullion is hard to break the pants! You small The girl Huinger will also follow the big breasts. After that Yang Xiong was bullied, the brilliant Pan Qiao Yun, who had been cut from the two tits, and the seven things of the woman flowed a place. Your hand, the hand of Hui, is not from the autonomous reaching into the small vest, from the chest, touch the two legs, the facial expression is very vivid. After that, Yang Xiong, Shi Xiu, ready to escape, when you have a dry food, say When they went to the mountains, they went to the mountains, and they cracked the abdominal cavity, opened the chest, and took out all the internal organs, then rinsed with spring water. After cleaning, start the barbecue Pan Qiaoyun and the tenderness Meat, each person has two each other with a petal with a fragrant hip, half a tender thigh is in the fire, the meat is fragrant in the mountains; your Huier is also anti-hand pinching his hip , Strong eyes, nostrils, one smell, a sense of especially sense! “” Is there something? I am so stupid? Water 浒 I didn’t know how much it was, I know that there is not so much downstream plot, but my father said the book. It’s good! “

“Oh! This is not the most interesting! When you perform the story of Dou Yu, you will perform it quickly! You don’t remember it? At that time, I said that I have been taken by the first mother from the cage. Come out, washing and purify, there is no one in the upper and lower, and the head is taking a hair of the first-level hair. It is also a piece of black and white bucket in the field. After the three-way, the three-way kicks, Two have a strong stroke ban, as if to catch the chicken, a sinus is usually picked up, and a child is set on the wood, and the Dou Yu has made a pig-like sorrow, and it was taken to the Family. The people around the mountains are in general. Dou 娥 跪 三 三 三 那 三 三 三 三 三 三 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 了 了 地 地 地 地 地 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了For a while, the brain is cold, and only the body of the eyes, the body is getting farther, the waist is also very straight, seeing a blood in the neck, and then seeing the scorpion I have a feet on my back, so the headless body fork is on the ground, but the buttocks have a horses, and the scorpion hand handle head blade in Dou Yu’s fat fart. The fart is wiped, and I don’t forget to pinch the two, I turned back to the sinus, the beautiful head is placed between the two legs of the headless woman; Dou Yu gradually bleak The last eye, the last eye, the last eye, a clear liquid jet! …………. Huier, do you remember? At that time, you also arrived on the floor on the floor. Not small underwear occlusion, Dad is also a little bit to see the daughter of her daughter that has already grown. “

“Oh! Um …? Is it so lost?”

“Oh! So Dad knows that you have no immunity about the story of slaughter! If this is the reason, why did Dad will take this story with your sister, but just tell you this story?”

“Oh? But, you and my mother say that my sister is better than you, do you have more hearts with your father?”

“Your mother is also a woman, women watch women and men to see women are extremely different! Huinger is so big, have you found that you are always more than your sister?”

“Well! I really feel it! Why?”

“Dad is doing this: Your sister is bigger than you, but the flesh is not as good as your lubrication, tender, and you have most girls who have no waist, two muscle depression on the waist of the butt, so it seems The butt is more touched, and when there is no underwear or wearing a small panties, it is especially the man who will call it. Dad is not because you are a born woman, so good, sexy, fat ass to sway in front of him How can a healthy man do not be put down? “

“Oh? Is it so good? Will it? But in the past, when I went to work in Beijing, I didn’t pay attention to the god of the salted pig. I was ashamed to die! I didn’t dare to be accepted by others. joke!”

“Hey! Daughter is born to Dad’s Yuan! You go home last month, Dad is doing! Huier! Don’t hate your father! Dad is also a man! I didn’t hold myself!”

“Dad! Don’t blame it, how can you die? Hey, you are willing to give you yourself!

Do not think of what his daughter like ah, remember! In’m a cunt fuck you being a young woman of your crotch. Besides, I had that day was the rhythm, but I still miss the ring in the country, it would not be so inch children broadcast on the species! What’s more, even if broadcast on the kinds of children, even for their own regeneration a sister I chant, and what’s amazing what? “” Nonsense! Why it must be born a sister? How impossible it is to give birth to a brother? “

“Hee hee! That it? Is a good father to natural welfare ah! Another twenty years, my father gave Tim a super slippery and tender of prizes ah! Maybe the big prize I also give Tim a little sister it! there is always slippery and tender of welfare, father must adopt yin yang, perfectly healthy, long life Yeah! “

“Smelly girl! Really talkative!”

“My father, my mother did not know better! If they knew, Anke worried mother to be mad it!

……Humph! Who told her sister a pet it? “

“Dead girl! Forbid nonsense! Your mother loves you! He just does not like you too scantily clad only! These are for Hello! Either you are too exposed flesh, and my father will not slip sex with his daughter of!”

“Daddy! There you go it! Big man dare dare Me! Do I do once, do I also do a hundred times! I allowed my father to be so long-winded up! You have to dare to ramble, the next call I caught you, you just wrestled an old man raped you -!! I chest out a foul smells hum hee hee mistress teasing you, yo ‘!!

“Oh! Father be afraid of smelly girl myself! Keiji again well-behaved! Dad hit you ass! Kill to eat meat!

snort! “

“Old Huaer revisit! Dad, that chickens when I stood naked in front of you, you’re a little restless are not you? I myself was to be the heart hanging throat, and before you have been learned after, you really afraid of an angry, Hengdao place I stand at the kitchen immediately cut a brilliant corpse lying Zu board, however, if like Pan Qiaoyun the treatment is also very good Yo -!.! is the darling stomach intestines pulmonary flow of a contaminated home environment compare it! “

“Keiji, then Dad teach you, you want to dress seriously but also to Hello! Dad no matter how kind, are above all a man, a man becomes a prisoner is born to a compromised! So-called slaughter animal meat, but men Italian kinky it, Dad how his daughter would have to go under the hand of it that day, a slim, small flowers general Bathing beauty standing in front of my father, my father was already shot in the pants;? you just keep hair show, may not have noticed that evening my father did not wear those pants afternoon! that, in fact, you are very dangerous, and my father would pounce almost ready to fuck you press and hold you! Thank God finally all shot in the crotch Lane! “

“Dad, you necrosis! Because you that when confused, so ten years later I Chengze your rain!

At that time, I really should chops father’s pants to ride, call you a dead old man prudish cunt installed immediately betray oneself!

Really should be called, you know, I hear you say Yinnv feast day of manic moment too sticky flow between the legs of a child full of water! It was particularly strange that you have to draw the line I of Na Liangpian small meat children, and actually stopped the car can not move forward to continue to slide? “

“Keiji, Dad, how such a mature man will not see you show fox in heat! Children have water onto the ground, then a blooming bud children placed in front of his father’s, Should not fit to be a father of a poor little dignity refused point prostrated themselves in your crotch, it will not indulge in the extravagance and waste daughter secrete delicious wines too! Hey! just one step away until last month was manna taste it! “

“Dad, I also like the object of your children!”

“Your husband is not also a hanging it? Dad’s that thing with your mother, but occasionally inserted in the wrong place!”

“Ah ……? Still not the same, I do not have your big husband. And there is especially not the same place, I cocked before her husband’s penis does not have to be a little soft Kou Kou, hard up later will swell several times, than your dad a little something just a little small; but my father’s cock meaty taste heavier stick children, regardless of hard and soft are about the same size, so kind of soft penis in your mouth when too may have been inserted into the throat deep, deep inside, when you can eat soft penis deep throat ZU chew, especially meaty creamy, delicious than I her husband’s penis! …… another thing Me? …… not to mention the sneaky theft mother supplies feeling and women use their own bedding is not the same, that is, not the pursuit of stimulation wonderful life Me? “

“What women supplies, bedding? Confused myself!”

“It’s stupid! Your man is not a woman’s women’s product, is it a bedding? The man does not use the woman to be comfortable, then what is the man to do? Hey, Dad! Who is more useful?” “Oh! The stinky head is really a ivory teeth! Your mother is young when you are young, you are not more than Sao!

Don’t be stinky? “

“Dad, is it comfortable when you bite your meat stick?”

“It’s too comfortable! Especially by Huier, I bite the roots of the chicken. When the glans are squeezing into your eyes, they must be intoxicated and have been in the past! This, your mother is absolutely can’t catch your stinky head!”

“Dad, why did Dad finally decided to be determined to 肏 儿? ​​Open?”

“Head! You climb to Dad, even the dad’s meat stick is called you, you are a gods? Is it a big beauty to be a chicken egg? Hey! I also said that your father is open? I ate you a stinky head! …, I actually hampered in my father and swayed. “

“Dad, you are embarrassed? Do you wear pants?”

“Small aunt! You can call the pants? Other women have to smash the pants, you have to open the hips to seam, smashing. The shape of the urine is facing Dad, and the table lamp has a few furfounded meats.

Why! How do Dad to endure? You a drill to the coffee table under the coffee table, and the dead girl is used to rub it for such a half? I used it for a quarter! The dog’s POSE has already slipped a fat pull-up to the waist, and directly put a white flower, fat and tender big butt eggs, and the father hated that the Magnifier would not find that there is a chance to be in your Finding in the fart, looking for it, it is also called the rope of the trousers! The result is still staring at the small fart, wrinkle! “

“Oh? This is what Dad and I have a little bit of a little bit unclear. Hey! Hey!

Dad, do you look good? “

“Good look! Dead girl! This kind of thing will also be 俐 齿 狡! Ah! I’m going to point, I have to go!”

“Dad, I really miss you, I also want to be my mother! Let’s come! I have said it! Dad doesn’t have a psychological burden. I am voluntary. Huier loves you and my mother!”

“Dad returns home and your mother is discussed! Mom and Dad also miss you! Love you, Huier. Fast to some, people have to pick up Dad! You are going to sleep! You are all in the night! “

“Bye! Dad! I miss you! You come!”

Put down the phone, look around the dressing table mirror, a mature young woman in the mirror.

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