On September 7th, Friday, I heard the school’s broadcasting time, and I walked to the student long room.

Su Jingyi, 17 years old, two more than two grooms just transferred to the first noble star in Tokyo – Don God High School. Immediately, they were surrounded by the madness of the male faculty members and students around the school.

Jingyi, a long hair, almost a soft and slim waist, the skin is white, and fresh and delicious.

Three surroundings are 33C-22-34, which looks fairly beautiful and beautiful, the temperament, the height 167cm, the sailor clothes short skirt reveals a pair of unique snow white legs, and the long legs and beautiful girls.

A delicate, young and tender, making men want to pity or 蹂 美.

Jingyi walked into the student session room, see the students of the student president and other 8 men waiting for her, the eight men are naked, only in panties, her heart is fear, just want to turn and escape, have been 30 years old Skilled man in strong pull.

“Don’t let me go … Ah! … What do you do … Ah … don’t …” Jingyi is afraid, she was put by the man, and the man was close to her, Her lattice short skirt, licking her pink petals isolated on white lace.

Jingyi’s softness of the man’s finger, the whole body is weak, and it also plays a chicken skin, and disgusting and scared.

She looked at the other people who were unresponsive, most of them were understanding and very disgused.

The student president is the law, 17 years old, dyed the high school students of the blonde, but it is very inferior to Jingyi.

Jingyi’s sports teacher – Suzuki, 45 years old, obese bloated like a disgusting pig brother, the old use of the eyes staring at the colors of the school.

Coworkers – Turtle, 56 years old, wretched bald beautiful old man.

Chikawa, Sasaki, green wood, Jichuan, four people are Jingyi’s duty classmates, Chi Chuan, talls of Kiewu, the same fierce, the boss of four people, have repeatedly harassing Jingyi, so I am very disgusting.

Sasaki, short dysfuse, long and disgusting.

Green, long-haired boys, thin, and ugly knives on the face.

Jichuan, thin small wear glasses, it is unspeakable, and the girls have been launched by girls with Chikawa, now I am bullied by Chi Chuan.

On the well, the law is in front of Jingyi, and the laugh: “Little people, you are in the pool in the past few days, Toxa is mine, no one is close to him.” She sent a bad laughter who did not cold and chestnut: “previous There are also some people who don’t know their identity, thinking about beautiful rotten goods close to Chita, and their end is brought here to be died here. “

Chi Tian is a high school high school male student, and handsome is a named child, gentle. Jing Yi did have a heart of love, but the inner shame is not dare to confess the Chi Tian’s president. I didn’t expect five days ago, it was that Poata will confess to her. The two began to interact.

It turned out that from Jingyi to this, the pool field is like other male faculty members and male students, and it is ureiful to Li Liquan, and Chu Chu.

The law is holding a high-quality digital camera, pointing to Suzuki and other 6 people: “They are the secret punishment team of the students who lived on my”. “

Seeing Suzuki, Turtle, Chuanchuan, etc.

The law is laughing, and the man said before said: “This is Mr. Taishi, I have never seen it? I haven’t scared it.”

Mr. Taisho, a tall, and a high-ranking look of the iron tower, full face, very fierce. He brings Jingyi’s horror pressure and disgusting cold and chestnut, far more than others.

She has never seen him, but she feels familiar …

The law laughed: “This is a hard investigation, but the hundred percent is a child.” Looking at Jingyi is frightened, the law is more proud: “If not by the fathers, the father is open It is difficult to vent my heart and hate. So I thought I found a few hair and health room information, especially take it to Mr. Tooa, and I have confirmed it. “

It also pointed to the nausea man who was in a quiet and arrogant and said: “” This is also the son of Mr. Taishi, that is, the brother of the father, called Okoxi. “

“How can this be … Dad and my brother …” Jingyi sobbed and shake his head: “I don’t believe …”

From the child, she was raised by grandparents. I only knew that the mother was dead beforehand, as for his father, grandfather is full of arrogance and arrogant. Too smile, say: “I kidnapped my mother Sumiki, as if I was 19 years old, the university school flowers.”

“I started to be the grandfather of your big business president, but the beauty of Mei Napo is in the hand, I certainly won’t waste. Originally, I have to rape her with the other two, because I like gang rape, but the first The four accompanying people did not agree, and the results were fired, only I lived. “

“So I only have a beautiful mother, when she has a boyfriend, but she is still a woman. I did her 6 days and 5 nights, only because I was hired, I came to abroad.”

The law laughed and took it: “The Nai, which is saved, has been confirmed to be pregnant, she immediately broke up with her boyfriend, and did not interact with anyone, and committed suicide after the birth.”

Jingyi is like a sunny day, staying on the spot.

The number of the law opened in his hand began to photography in Jingyi giant, from the back of the arrogant, close to her, picked her plaid short skirt, half fade her white lace underwear, Otre began to hit the sister, the sister was stretched, and the white tender buttocks of the high-pants were in the underwear. The lower body was rubbed with her share.

“Ah … no … Start … I beg you … don’t like this … … I beg you …” Jingyi weeping, the snow whitewooled, the beautiful legs kept shaking.

“Hey, such a high school girl in the young teeth, or my biological daughter, I must have a very cool.” Too minister smiled, lifting Jingyi, beautiful and moving, sickly smiling: “Hey … so beautiful Pure, long is really undefe, we still don’t do it in the year, we will definitely die, haha ​​… Tongue stretched out … “

Jingyi weep, lightly spit the tip, let Dad kiss her fresh cherry, too disgusting tongue put into her mouth sucking her soft incense, still stirring her tongue, I can’t think of it The most romantic first kiss is like this, and the ugly father will take away. It is too evil spirits, and the tongue is resistant to pushing the disgusting tongue of Dad, but the tip of the tip of the tongue is more exciting, too, too strong, feels too strong, This makes him more exciting to use the tongue to smash the tongue with her tongue. His hand pulled the daughter’s uniform, pulling down her white lace, holding a daughter’s snow white young breast, smashing, kneading her tender Delicious, the pink nipple trembled and trembled.

The fingers of the two people of Tooa, the fingers, extended into a quiet and semi-fading underwear, fadie, faded, and made her flower wet, and did not stop.

“Ah … ah … Stop … Dad … beg you … don’t like this … Ah … ah … … … 求 你 ……”

Jingyi is very shaking because it is disgusting and scared, and her poor mourning is very soft, and it is ecstasy.

“It’s really a big rotten.” The law is the next side to shoot, and “” Like this little scorpion dares to wrap my pool field? What is the most suitable thing is when everyone’s public toilet … “

Too many sides forced my daughter and hit his tongue with him, and a sigh of breath smile: “Small Weiss will use the tongue to kiss the tongue, there is such a sensual tongue … Eating big cock must be very cool …”

After the tastidation, I immediately laughed and took off my panties, revealing the horrible giant root, more than 26 cm, and the giant roots were bracked, and there was a special huge umbrella glans.

The first time I saw the severity of the man’s mask. Fear looked at the father of the father, the whole body was unimpeded, and the whole body kept shaking. It was any experienceful woman who would also be afraid.

Too much force to kneel in front of him, pressing her head: “Give me a delicate, let Dad’s big chicken is comfortable, but I have to do it several times …

The underwear of Ohro and Suzuki Chuan Chuan also faded, 8 billed big meat sticks have waited for her.

The meat sticks of Ohro and Chichuan are also very thick, about 22 cm, others have 17 cm.

“Don’t … 呜 … don’t … … … 我 我 …” In the face of 8 giant roots, Jingyi did not stop the wept.

Too much to force Jingyi with the tip of the tip of the super-large glans and glans to the roots, and increasing the giants into the mouth, and also grabbed her hand to the bloody giant root, forcing her daughter one side揉 肉 肉 蛋 蛋 蛋 手 手 手 手 蛋 … 太 太 太 太 太 太 太 交 交 交 了 交 了 了 交 交 了 交 交 交 交 交 交 交 交 交 交 交 交 交 交 交 交 交 交 交 交 交 交 交 交 交 交 交 交 交 交 交 交 交 交 交 交 交Excited, open the hair scattered on her face, look at your extra large meat stick in the mouth of the daughter’s redness, she also hangs tears like an angel’s face, snow white The throat is painful, and the soft tongue has endured the smell, resist the father and disgusting glans, but so too more exciting. I was handed over by my father’s forced mouth, and Otre immediately pulled his sister’s left hand to help him masturbation.

After 5 minutes of blowjob, Taishi took the giant root from the daughter’s lips, and the Oxiong immediately inserted the erect’s coarse cock into the sister’s cherry tone. Other people grabbed her little hand to hold their big meat stick, everyone Turning forced quiet and self-portraits, sometimes forced her to put two big meat sticks into their mouths and suck. The law specially aligned the camera to the Jingyi Faces that were intensely handed over.

Jiichuan may be too excited. Half of the mouth can’t help but spray Jingyi full face full of white semen.

Half seessed liquid shot in Jingyi mouth, the meat stick took out some semen on her beautiful pure face, Jingyi was forced to drink a sorrowful semen, but some of the white turbid semen was still from her bright lips, Qing Li If the evil, the old face is full of semen, the semen is equipped with the feelings of the humiliation, making men read more exciting.

After all, everyone did a quiet throat, too slightly with her daughter, picked her plaid short skirt, hand shifted in her snow white thigh, then grabbed Jingyi butt, take off her The dress, then faded her white lace underwear, hanging on her left knee, right hand smashed her daughter’s snow white children tender high-tech girl, the left hand dried her white breast, knead her Fresh and delicious, trembled pink nipples.

His lower body was close to Jingyi’s share of grinding, especially horrible ultra-high umbrella glans fierce her trembling lips from behind, got her positive trembling, and the flower wet.

“Ah … ah … don’t … Dad … ah … ah … ah … beg you … ah … ah … 呜 … Just ask you … don’t …” Jingyi double The legs are not shaking, as if a wave of current is spread all over the body from the lower body.

“The tongue stretches out, hurry.”

Too too much forced her to turn, and kissed the fresh cherry lips of Jingyi Seiki, and smashed her soft and thin, then too much hands to grab her daughter’s soft and thin waist, super high umbrella It has begun to use the wet young flower, ready to insert.

“Is it still a woman?” Too much thinking that there is such a beautiful super temperament to rape so young teeth, excitedly smirking: “Dad is the first man of Xiaowan, I want to remember how Dad will help. …… “

“Ah … ah … good pain … don’t … Dad … beg you … Don’t … ……… I beg you … Don’t … Turning struggle, keep crying.

Her sorrow is pitiful, and the sound is soft and delicious. It is a man who will even want to be ignorant.

“Small scorpion, let me, you have been doing everything today, there is no time to rest.” The law will take the camera to the lower body of Jingyi, ready to take a close-up of the people.

Too many big talents are fiercely frozen on Jingyi wet petals. Looking at the daughter’s young and white, the beautiful buttocks are shaking because they are afraid to struggle, they are really pleasing, obscene.

“I beg you … Dad … don’t … … … Dad … Rao …” Jingyi full body trembling, Chu Chu, poorly: “Who will save me … Ah … ah … good pain …… will die … “

Too slightly from the back, the soft and tender female meat clamps and wrapped around his giant, “Ah … good pain … ah … ah … Dad … stop … … will die … ah … don’t … 呜 … ah … ah … will die … … … let me … 呜 … ah … ah …… “

Jingyi screamed, the slimming brown back, the torn bow, the drama of the daddy’s super big cockroaches, let her almost die …

“Small Weave is still a virgin, my daughter is really bigger, oh … 喔 … too cool … How do you, Dad’s big cock is very thick … hurt is not right …”

Too many sides, nourish, she laughs: “It’s so tight … Virgin is the most cool … Dry death … Dry death … I owe people … Xiaowan, I want to remember my father forever. Extraordinary cock … “The beautiful girl, the young, the white, the whole, the buttocks were violently hit, and the reddish blood was mixed with sophisticated snow.” Don’t … … Hao pain … ah … ah … I will die … I beg you … Don’t worry again … 呜 … ah … ah … will die … Dad … I beg you … Ah … ah … ah … ah … “

Jingyi launched for a while, Dad was forced her to turn his kiss, and the cherry blocked by her father filled with betel nut, nausea with a lot of mouth of the tongue to enter her mouth and stir her soft tongue.

Too many sides and nourish her, and she licks her soft, fierce, fierce, fierce, fierce, fiercely swaying her slim waist.

Jingyi tears, the snow whitening the body is sick, and the father and other fathers who have kissed the sister, and immediately hold the sister’s beautiful appetite, kiss her fresh cherry, and smile her soft incense. The tongue, too slightly smashed the waist, and shakes and tightened.

Jingyi looked very much, she wanted to call, her soft tongue stood against the martial arts tongue, but the tip of the tongue was more exciting, and the Axiong kissed for a while, immediately pressed the sister The head made her bent over, and the big meat stick was inserted into her cherry. Press her head and fierce her head and fierce, and the Ochway was forced to hold his egg and looked at the sister. It was born 26 cm, hit hard, and she was sore.

Poor beautiful girl, the first time, not only was heavily opened, but also wandered before and after his father and his brother, died.

“Don’t … … oh … ah … ah … ah … will die … I beg you … Don’t worry about me … 呜 … Ah … ah … will die … beg You … don’t worry about me … I have let me … ah … ah … “

Under the smart pump of the Taishi, the giant root crazy, Jingyi released the cherry, the voice of Jiao soft, the voice of the delicate and ecstasy, the snow whitening the body trembled, too slightly nourish Hard drying, the 26-centimeter giant root is sluggling, each inserting the pink lips into the vagina every time, then turn out the tender lips, the prostitutes around the pussy have been dried into white sticky, Jingyi high-warming, a round buttock, was hit, and the Ohro pressed her head, and his sister was tied to his sister before and after, and looked at the sister’s white hips was grabbed by Dad. Excited.

Tooa hands grabbed the daughter trembling butt, fierce, fierce, smashed, 滋 滋 地, 怡 怡 次 死 死,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, can not.

Chikawa came over and laughed: “The little man, you have today … like you so beautiful and one face, but also pretend to be a native of the born.”

Chi Chuan immediately lying in Jingyi, rubbing her, she was dried, she was dried, and she licked her to sucking her red bud.

“It’s so tight … small weaving mouth said not, but it is so waves … 叫 大 点 … Wait is really shake … 力 力 … 喔 … … too cool … Dry … I owe people … It’s so tight … Dry death … Dry death … “

It’s too hard to dry, suddenly accelerate the speed of the throduction, you have almost dead, she released the lips and sorrowful, and I feel that my slight waist is fierce.

Too much excited: “Small weaving, Dad wants to shoot in …”

“Dad is not ah … don’t shoot it …” Jingyi is unable to ask.

“I recognize it … I am only cool in it … shooting it … all give it into it …”

Too much careless and pleading, spraying a lot of semen in her body.

Too slightly, the wet stick is still completely erect, when the horrible super-large glans, “Ah …” Jingyi is convulsted through Jingyi, “Ah …” Jingyi is trembled, sending a man with a man Wink.

Jingyi is soft, almost falling down, the filled nausea semen and the red broken blood are filled with the pumping of the father’s giant.

Chi Chuan immediately can’t wait to raise the white and beautiful butt and tight and high-ranked white tender butt, the glans worn she was dried into a tender and stick to a tender lips, and then inserted too much full of semen.滋 干 干 着 着 着 着 猛 货 货 货 货 货 货 货 货 货 货 被 被 被 被 被 被 被 被 被 被 被 狠 狠 狠 狠 狠 狠 狠 狠 狠 狠 狠 狠 狠 狠 狠 狠 狠 狠 狠 狠 狠 狠… Dry death … Dry death … “

“Usually a sanctuary of the usual, is still not always called … fake pure … is dried … I owe people … Dry … Dry …” 10 minutes After that, I can’t wait to do my sister’s Astro and Chi-Chuan. Astro raised the sister from behind, the white tender and beautiful hip, the big turtle was worn, and the girl was dried into a white tender lip. Then insert the semen that was filled with Dad, it was quiet and kept, and he died.

Chichuan immediately held almost lost consciousness and kissed her lip tongue, and disgusting tongue put into her mouth and sucking her soft tongue and kept agitation her soft and delicious tongue.

Jingyi usually hates Chicchuan, when you are in the class, Chikawa and Sasaki have Suzuki teacher to humiliate her, and I have also smashed her skirt to steal her and white buttocks.

Jingyi felt very disgusting, the tongue tongue pushed the sick tongue of the Chi Chuan, but the tip of the tongue was more exciting, and Chichuan strongly felt Jingyi sniper, which made him more exciting to use his tongue more exciting. The tip of the tongue and the tip of the tongue and then sit on the sofa, and Jingyi is like a little bitch.

“I beg you … don’t worry about me … ah … ah … will die … will die … … Just ask you … Don’t worry about me … ah … ah … Dead … ah … ah … ah … ah … “

Although Jingyi is forced to pass, it is still being released from the brother to release the cherry from time to time.

Jingyi is a romantic and innocent girl, she firmly believes that the kiss and the first night can only give their own lover in romantic sacred days. For her, the heart of the heart is of course the president of Temple Territory. In fact, Jingyi originally planned tomorrow’s holiday date, with a romantic sweet first kiss with Chi Tianxue.

However, now she has dinner, her first kiss and virgin were taken away by the biological father, and there were 8 color wolves to taste her tongue again and again. Also spray the dirty and nauseaful sperm and spray it again at her face again, fill her in the body and mouth.

She has been completely blurred, and there is no eligibility for lover and love.

“Hey, I always want to shoot the dirty semen in the waves of your sister, then exchange …” Chuanchuan presided over the head of Jingyi’s head to the opposite, said, he felt his own meat stick Jingyi’s fierce mouth has already exploded.

“Ok, then I have a beautiful face …” Axiong accelerated the speed and strength, dry sister released the lips and sorrowful, and the Okoxi let the sister’s soft carpet on the ground. Canta exchange location.

Axue squatted next to Jingyi face, holding a wet sticky big meat stick, spurting the white turbid semen against the sister.

Chi Chuan he pressed in Jingyi, one side of the sick and sorrowful tongue, he took Jingyi to make the snow-white legs and raised the rack on his own shoulders, and smashed her young snow white milk, one side Using force to speed up the speed of the throduction, you can do it quietly. … will die … ah … ah … ah … ah … ah … don’t shoot it inside ………

“Dry, it’s really cool … small goods … It is shot … I have long I want to shoot the dirty semen in the Xiaolang points … dry, finally shot today …”

Chi Chuan suddenly excited: “It’s great, I have to pass it into it …”

The big meat stick is violently in the deepest place, and the turbid semen is venting, and the hopping of Jingyi is suffering from the uterus.

Jingyi is slightly sorrowful, charming is asthma, and the whole body has softly fell to the carpet and screened, Dad and Chikawa filled with white turbidity in the wet sticky honey.

At this time, the sports teacher like a nausea bloated pig – Suzuki is moving to the ground, and the magic is disgusting, and the snow white and tender buttocks, “Don’t … Teacher … I beg you … don’t … don’t … don’t … Hey … “Jingyi weakly screamed, scared the whole body trembling.

“Jingyi classmates, I see you every day, how is it full of my mind … The length is so beautiful, but the ass is so ridiculous … Too cool, this kind of helid is the most cool …”

Suzuki opened her soft hip dump, and the two fingertips of the messenger, she was dried into a wet stick, and the filled white turbid semen mixed with obscene and bright blood. .

“Ah ah …… …… …… not a teacher, spare me beg you …… ah …… …… …… do …… do …… ah ah ah …… …… …… Woo” Jingyi delicate and charming mercy , white Jiaoqu weak and trembling. “Xiangnai long so beautiful, so less dry, must dry several times a day was fun.”

Suzuki will pull Jingyi, first in his arms violently tongue kiss long pause, then Yin Xiao raise that these young white ass, from behind thick dick thrusting fiercely tender beauty of her ravaged hole, thick cock is tightly sandwiched in a young girl’s vagina violent thrusts, issued a puff AIDS Yinsheng is tightly surrounded by thick vaginal semen mixed Yinzhi, bloodshot eyes semen mixed Yinzhi and broken at being kept from being drawn fierce plug flow binding site.

Suzuki side dry side vehemently rubbing is done constantly shaking her young breasts from behind, from the front of the old man holding Jingyi Kameda almost lost consciousness Qiao Lian, tongue kissing her tongue, tongue kissing for a while , then holding big cock erection into her Yingtaoxiaokou, pressing her head back and forth Menggan with Suzuki.

After a while, Sasaki lying beneath Jingyi, Cuonong she was doing intense shaking of young breasts, licked her sucking Hongnen bud budding.

“Really cool, so tight the beauty of Point ……” Suzuki grabbed Jingyi Alice ass white fresh puff puff Zi Zi Meng Gan, lower body baits very swiftly to once again hit Jingyi full flexibility Nice Bottom: “mouth Do not say that, but shake ass like this …… …… really owe dry dry dry dead dead u …… u …… “

“Yes ah, good sensuality sexy mouth suck …… I was thrilled ……” Kameda pressing Jingyi head, enjoy big cock in the girl’s tongue Xitian jerky, up to the limit of large ultra pleasant sensation.

Ritsuko side shot side Yin Xiao: “Old man, this is so cool …… school owes dry most small bitch Oh ……”

But also for Suzuki Yin Xiao: “Teacher, at any time after Jingyi wanted to do as much as possible done … we can also try to dry out and die she ……”

Kameda can not stand the excitement, saying: “To be shot … shoot …… give me a drink ……” Jingyi pressing head, the big hard cock inserted in her throat and began to spray the stench of thick paste.

“Shoot with it …… this little bitch US super-tight hole ……” Suzuki Choucha speed up the speed and strength, did Jingyi moaning loudly moan, then a lot full of semen sprayed on her body.

Sasaki and Aoki are doing to make the dying Jingyi supine desk, head hanging from the side of the table.

Sasaki raised her slender white feet, stand on his shoulders, lower body against her nakedness, she was forcibly inserted into the hole filled with beauty semen.

Sasaki puff puff Zi Zi dry her hands to rub her wanton tender white breast, whitish semen with violent thrusts puff puff AIDS AIDS is still continuous outflow.

Aoki will be holding her head hanging down, the wet sticky cock into her mouth Menggan. Yoshikawa stood by playing with beautiful breasts Jingyi.

“Really cool, folder so tight …… seems dry matter several times as tight as a virgin ……” Sasaki of Jingyi but often sexual fantasies, and now it is a big push Menggan: “Jingyi little bitch watch your ass waves to me from behind like this …… …… u doing this Alice ass from behind a succulent dry …… “

Sasaki Jingyi will flip back into position, so she changed Yoshikawa oral sex, side shaking violently thrusting her soft waist, excited Yin Xiao: “Sue classmate, your butt and waist are very original u will shake Well …… so less dry, the clip is so tight …… so many people dry, cool does not dry out and die u was great …… …… …… u dry out and die. “

Sasaki hands clutching Jingyi soft white ass whip whip spin fierce thrusting thrusting, puff puff Zi Zi to doing Jingyi not survive, Qiusibuneng.

After 10 minutes, full Sasaki also sprayed Jingyi in vivo.

Then, just oral sex on the radio at the mouth of the wretched old man Jingyi Kameda, asked to prepare to dry Aoki let him dry just did not do the little Nenxue.

The wretched old man in his arms kissing Jingyi, disgusting tongue in her mouth full of semen residue stirred her tongue, old and solid re-erect cock from bottom to top puff puff Zi Zi Menggan her to irrigation over different semen of men Nenxue, tongue kissing for a while, Kameda will bow to lick her tender pink nipples and trembling, not sucking tongue into his mouth when using disgusting tongue.

“Ah …… die …… ah …… ah …… ah …… I beg you not to do it again …… me …… ah …… ah …… ah …… do not.” Jingyi has been doing has been done almost loss of consciousness, stop moaning Jiaochuan, pro sound whine.

After a while, the Turtle is holding Jingyi, let her take back to him in the turtle thigh, Jingyi slender and white, a pair of legs have been greatly separated into M-shaped, Jingyi is like the old man, the old man Holding a tongue on his arms and tongue, tongue, turtle, turtle, big horse, sitting on the sofa. Everyone can clearly separate from Jingyi to a m-shaped legs, see the big meat stick from the turtle, from the bottom, joys, taking the slut, the slim, the young, the pockets, honey, honey wet, the close-up It has been dried into a white-thickened semen mixed and broken bloodstream to stop from being throttled.

The Turtle Tuna is stunned, and the slut is smashed and forced to turn to the soft tip of the tongue that is filled with semen. The semen snow white breasts, hit the rhythm of the upper and lower, then bow down with a nauseaful tongue to take her fresh pink nipple, but also suck it in the mouth.

Chikawa came over and stood aside, kissed a long time in Jingyi’s head, and then forced the erectile meat stick into her mouth.

“It’s too cool … The tenderness of the young tooth is different … The clip is so tight … I really don’t dry … Ah … I want to shoot …” The Turtle is inserted into the bottom ejaculation, and it is quietly scream And full body convulsions.

Turtle is reluctantly with the soft mince sticks, so that the green wood is holding the tender buttocks of Jingyi, and Chichuan is holding her head in front of Jingyi.

“This girl is really tight … it’s too cool …” Green Mu hugged the tender hip from Jingyi and the tender hip to be dried. She did her a few times a few times … “

From the school time, everyone has been raped and arrogantly until the morning of the second day. Everyone has the least dry and arrogant, and the Daddy Dad is dry, and 6 times in Chikawa and Suzuki. .

On September 8th, Saturday, Jingyi went home to clean, and immediately went out.

She also replaced with Dad in the station with Dad, she replaced her father in the toilet, and did not wear a bra or any underwear, girl, young, white breast, and buds. Under the top, the navel and snow whitening the soul are swollen, the slightly soft waist is mixed with almost a shorter skirt that almost see the butt, plus no pants, the exposure is more naked, but many of the whole naked .

Jingyi didn’t dare to violate it, because she was gang-raped in the law and Dad in a few hours ago.

“The daughter, you have been very unsatisfactory, wearing such a thing is the big life …” Too many silence and laughing, and the bialai, the daughter is full of flexible, the endless hips.

Some men have a good desire to look like a good look.

Jingyi’s biological brother did not come, it was because Chichuan generously provides his own sister – from Jia, let Ozheng have 2 people in Suzuki.

This year is just 15 years old, the first student. Long sweet and tender, petite, although the development is not ripe, there is a fresh taste.

Poor, 13 years old, was raped by Pearko Chichuan, and then was raped by his brother’s dead party once the night.

Too much and the right side of Chikawa, holding a crowded tram.

This carriage is too special, because it is crowded with male tokyo workers who want to go to the neighboring county.

When Jingyi stepped into this car, the number of people who couldn’t be clear, and she was angry with her.

Too many and Chichuan immediately squeezed Jingyi to a safe car door, so that Jingyi hands supported the door, but the ass.

Too little and Chichuan’s hand can’t wait in Jingyi naked thighs, and then pick up the ultra short skirt that has been leaked in spring, revealing the snow whitening but white young but white, sturdy, tightening, tall Female flexibility.

“Ah … no … I am in a … I beg you … don’t like this … … … …」 怡 小 呻, the snow white and young bikes are swayed, the snow is shake The slender slender legs are not trembling, it is really pleasing, obscene to the extreme.

After a while, in addition to the Hand of Taiwa and the two people in Jingchuan, there are several hands, and there are several hands.

A middle-aged fat pig full of sweatsticks put his right hand into a quiet share, with a fierce, fierce, she was just being played into a wet-torn lip, and Chikawa rely on the carriage. The wall, let Jingyi stand up with him, he holds her as an angel, the beautiful and tender and tender tongue kissed, and the other hand has a young breast without a thin uniform. Jingyi weeping snoring, one side disgusted Chi Chuan sorrowful sucking her soft tongue.

“So beautiful girl, the girl, long like angel …”

A body-thick middle-aged strong man is quiet, a fresh and white buttock, one side of the coarse cock of the Taiguang root, rushing, a wet, shares: “The buttocks are so lascivious … Arreans people … can you let me go first?

Too slutty: “Of course … Please try to die … Don’t look at this small goods a pair of pure, she has been in the 8 people last night, I have been in the morning, I haven’t met it. … “

“Not … I am not like this … ah … ah … ah … don’t …” Jingyi frightened his ass escaping, especially dozens of people around.

But the thick middle-aged strong man has already grasped her hips, and the other handed the 25-centious giant to stand Jingyi wet lips.

Middle-aged and strong man is proud to scan a view to the excitement of masturbation.

“Ah … ah … I have to die … ah … don’t … I will die … ah … ah … ah …” Jingyi was dried, so soft and poor, universal soul.

“Dry, it’s really cool … The clip is so tight … really is the best … ah … ah … I owe people … Dry death … I’m dying you …” Middle-aged and strong man is disgusting Hidden hips and tapped.

Jingyi looked very much, she wanted to call, her soft tongue stood against the sick tongue of the Chi Chuan, but the tip of the tongue was more exciting, and Chichuan tongue kissed for a while, immediately pressing Jingyi’s head Let her bend his waist, the big meat stick is inserted into her cherry, pressing her head and harden the middle-aged strongman.

Middle-aged fat pigs next to it has reached out to the Jingyi sauce clothes, and hold her snow white young curve soft girl breasts, and forced her to use the slim hand to help him masturbation.

Chikawa paid a meeting in the head of Jingyi, so that the fat pigs that can’t wait next to them.

The fat pig has also held Jingyi Li Li, as an angel, pure and innocent, disgusting, and then pressing her head, forcing her to be dried by dry, and smashed the thick meat stick.

“I can’t think that there is such a beautiful young girl …” The middle-aged strong man fierce and fierce and fiercely swayed the quiet waist, and smashed and slammed: “owe People do … Dry death … I am going to die … I have shot … Tongjin into it … “The coarse giant plugged into the uterus violently sprayed the thick paste.

The fat pig immediately took out the erectous big meat sticks of the positive bouses, and came to Jingyi, laughing: “I like to do this pretending pure little man … I have to be 3, 4 hours, I will I have been taking it out of being broken by everyone … “

The fat pig raised Jingyi young and young, and the round tight pretty hip, opened her soft hips, and the coarse glans were grinded on the lips of the wet faithful skin, just middle-aged Zhuanghan The full semen does not stop.

“Ah … ah … don’t … beg you … spare … I … ah … ah … ah …” Jingyi kept twisting soft and fruity, the snow, the body, pick up Under the miniskirt, the girl with fresh and delicious snow white buttocks trembled, shake, and it is very obscented.

“Dry death … dry … cool dead … The clip is really tight … I owe people …” The fat pigs are filled with semen in the middle-aged strong man. Loudly scream.

Chi Chuan’s masturbation: “Little people, you are here to be drove here, you can know that now the law is instead of going to the Talent Dating.”

“The law will not only go to the bed, but also to see the first time that was first gangted to see the pool … Of course, I was forced to see you forced to say” Please don’t stop me “,” I like everyone to do it. ” The part of the way is dried by the side … haha ​​… “

Although Jingyi has been done to lose god, still because of this sunny news … Her whole body and mind are completely desperate.

A young man who is about 20 goes to the head and continue to force her blow.

Their two have been dried for 10 minutes before and after a ejaculation. Fighting pigs don’t care about it, spray the semen in her body. At the same time, the young man pressed down the head of Jingyi, so that the semen was shot in a quiet mouth, the meat stick took out part of the semen in her beautiful and clear face.

I have almost no rest, keep someone to gang rape …

After four people gang raped for more than half an hour, Jingyi’s clothing has been peeled out, and now is a thick foreign worker like Indonesians. I just had a running in the front and rear, and I was shot on a quiet face.

The thick Indonesian foreign worker immediately looked at the quietness of naked, forcibly hitting the tongue, and then pressed her to sit on the bench, Indonesian foreign workers raised the long-term snow white feet, the shelves on his shoulders, the lower body Post her lower body continues to be thrown into the murderer, before, several people filled with white turbid semen, with the violent thrush of 滋.

“Don’t … don’t … 呜 ……… Don’t …” Indonesia’s foreign workers in the heart of the soul of the soul, and the soft lips containing the semen, Indonesia’s foreign workers , One-sided beauty of the beauty of the semen.

The filled semen is full of destroyed soft meat tightly clamped and wrapped his meat stick, Indonesian exo kissed her freshly cherry, hands and smoldering her freshly white breast.

Too many other Indonesian kicks, and hold the head of Jingyi and put the thick giant into the daughter’s mouth.

Indonesia’s foreign workers will take her a white feet with a white bodder to do 5 minutes on the shoulders, and then turn it back into the back position, let her continue to bother for Dad.

Indonesian foreign workers grabbed Jingyi white butt fierce plunge, smashed, and nourishing. After 10 minutes, Indonesia’s foreign workers were also full of quiet in the body.

Too much daughter who was dried, lifted on the bench, raising her sleek feet, rack on his shoulders, lower body close to her lower body into the beauty of her filled semen.

Too strongly kissed his daughter’s fresh and soft lips, and nourish her, and smashed her freshly flexible flexible snow white breast.

“Ah … I have to die … ah … ah … ah … Dad … I beg you … Don’t do it again … ah … ah … don’t ……”

Jingyi has been doing almost always losing awareness, keeping a bad breath, mighting.

Too much smoldering the daughter’s white feet in the shoulders for 5 minutes, and then turned her back to continue dry, let her pay for another middle-aged population.

Chicchuan is masturbating, excitedly looking at the Jingyi, who is thinking about it, suddenly seeing a familiar person in the passengers – the Parents of the Parents of God: Mr. Xiong Pills.

Shijing is a 60-year-old old guy, bald, bloated and nice face, short fertilizer, is a good company with several companies, and has to pay with many policies.

“Shijing President, even you come …”

Chikawa went to greet, and also saw the son who was excited to masturbate himself: Shii Zhenji. He is also a student of God, is a senior senior, a little fatist who is a little dementia.

Chikawa uses his mobile phone to ask him to take this train, did not expect the parents who were famous with a good color to follow.

“Listening to the true treatment of your school, the first school flowers should be raped in this bus, of course, come.”

The Shijing President is smirked in Jingyi is being intensely plugged before and after her father and the other. After being ejaculated, I have been masturbation: “I have seen this girl a few times in the school, long, still a false Pure holy owement looks, how can I have to turn her home for death? “

“Shijing President, what is waiting for … Next, please ask the president and Lang together to do a little girl …” Too many big cocks who came to the semen came over and greet.

The Shui President has opened Jingyi soft hip dump, and the thick glans is frozen on a wet-laid-thickened lip. The coarse cock of the stone well is about 23 cm, which is not only scared. Also in the meat rod, I have been gone in 4 grain nausea.

Jing Yi has been died, only can send a soft and beautiful, “Don’t … don’t …”

“Dry death … small scorpion … dry … The clip is so tight … The born is so beautiful … long, but the ass is so ridiculous … This kind of helmy ass is owed from behind … cool Dead … “

The Shijing will be inserted by everyone full of semen, and it is quietly awkward. I beg you … don’t worry about me … ah … ah … will die … will die … beg you … good pain … Don’t do it again … let me … Ah … Ah … “At the pilot, the giant root of the giant root is crazy, Jingyi sounds, the voice of Jiao soft soul is chu, the delicate and shackles, the slender white back statistics is fierce bows, and the stone well is suddenly holding. The beautiful face of Caiyi took a while, then pressed her head to insert the meat stick into her mouth, and tied to my father.

When 4 hours, when the train arrived at the end point, Jingyi was at least 30 coarse cocks in the lower body …

September 9th, Sunday, 7:30 in the evening, Shijing Bear Pills, this is the first Sunday after Jingyi was opened.

In the luxurious hall, there are 7 men who are waiting for the mad gangplate.

In addition to being the owner’s stone bear pills, there are four political and financial community of the power of the financial circles: soil, 45 years old, the executive secretary of the Japanese Prime Minister, is also a black hand in the actual manipulation behind. Long is obese bloated pig brightening, the appearance of the appearance is very disgusting.

Tana, 50 years old, Japan’s largest in the wilder party, is an old man who is long and yin.

Brown, 41 years old, Japanese head of the largest armser in the United States. It is a blonde tall whit, and it is ugly.

Zhongchuan, 55 years old, pale, looks like a colorful bald man who is transitioned, is the president of Japan’s largest enterprise.

Another person is a Jingyi classmate Chuanchuan.

“Today’s party toys, I heard that it is a high school female student …” Zhongchuan lick his lips: “I don’t know how to do it, how to do it, how to do it …”

Ji Coyais is Mario’s red racing, and Qingli is charming and glamorous sexy and innocent.

One month ago, that is, the last ganglan’s sexual play is this Jikoda.

In addition to the people outside Chikawa with envy eyes to the Americans Brown, the last time a week of gang gang belt ended, as usual call price auction, the result of the special coveted arms dealer of Jikiki, the old, the old man, gas Other dry wolves who want to occupy her.

For a whole month, Ji Coyais is imprisoned in Brown’s luxury home, and it is raped 3 times a day, and at least one is more than 2 people. There is also a large rape that is included in 7 people in Brown.

At this time, there is no expression, and the middle-aged woman in the face is coming out, she is the housekeeper of Shijing – Lin.

Lin is not only cold, and because she is ugly, she is particularly avoiding young women.

Therefore, the gang rape part of the Shii family is dressed up by the forest, and is responsible for the poor sex toys and is responsible for video during the traitor.

“Master, VIP,” Ms. Lin said to everyone slightly, “Today’s party meal – Su Jingyi is ready, please enjoy it to the room.”

In the underground room of the mansion, the appearance of the cell is arranged, and the soft mat is paved, and other facilities are also very luxurious, and there are five-star bar and toilet.

I saw that Su Jingyi hangs in the center of the cell, wearing the special sailor wearing a special sailor who was gangted yesterday in the train, the same inside did not wear any underwear, the top did not deduct button, the girl, young, white breast, and buds .

The top of the upper is cut off, revealing the navel and snow whitening, slim and soft waist, a shorter skirt that is almost seeing butt. Jingyi kept shaking, his eyes were used with cloth, and the hands were hung up, and the leather handcuffs whose iron chain was hangned by the ceiling. They can only stand with the foot of white socks.

Jingyi’s biological father is too slightly, the whole body is naked, standing behind the daughter, keeping the slim, picking up the short skirt that has been leaked in the spring, showing the snow whitening but white young but white young and beautiful, too small hands, sickly in the daughter The bare thighs inside, butts, and shareholding, the horrible giants have rid of the lips of Jingyi bloom.

“Wow, it is beautiful and tender.” Everyone was excited.

Take the pants in soish and fat, one facing the daughter is too minister: “I heard that this angel is the little thing is your biological daughter, and you still help her, it is really embarrassing and envious … “

“God, you can do such a beautiful young elderly daughter, you are so lucky.” Brown, who is fluent Japanese, goes in front of Jingyi, reach the hand into the open blouse, holding her snow white young curve softly Girl’s breasts to play.

Jingyi trembled a snoring and sorrow: “Don’t … seek … ask … you … let me go back … ah … beg you … ah … ah … don’t …” due to eyes I can’t see it, and I’m deeply afraid of fear.

Everyone is going to wait for the jumps, and the golden high-strongest foreigner Brown is the most crude and longest – approximately 29, 30 cm, and the giant roots are covered with a terrible green gluten, and there is a very huge umbrella glans.

Second, of course, it is the most shocking 26 cm, Giants and the president. Ms. Lin in the side will prepare the camera and start shooting.

Jingyi’s eyes use the cloth, keep shaking and pleading, the hands are holding the head and hang, let the 8 color wolves go down and under their hands, soil, still, the beautiful and fierce tongue kissed, and put your hand into her open blouse, enjoy Take her white and tender girl breasts and red buds.

Others have a few hands before and after playing with Jingyi honey juice, Zhongchuan is obscene, and it is afraid to shake the white and hips.

“Ah … ah … will die … will die … ah … ah … don’t …” Jingyi suddenly screamed, slender appearances, fierce bow, the original foreigner Brown Pick up her miniskirt, close to her flexible heliken, one side of the giant root that is nearly 30 cm inserted into Jingyi’s tenderness.

In the case of the double-eyed, it is blocked by the hands of the hands, Jingyi is sick and sick and sick, and the brown has been fiercely dried 10 minutes after Brown, and it has been almost dead, then For other seven people, they will catch Jingyi butt or the waist. Zhongchuan, Chicchuan and Zhenji shot in Jingyi, and the other 5 people have not ejaculated.

When 8 people did one round, Jingyi hands were unsained, and the cloth of the eye was also removed.

Jingyi desperately weeping and shaking, suddenly the long hair took her long hair, forced her to raise the beautiful face of the pear flower.

The head of the head is full of premium juice into the mouth of Jingyi’s mouth, the foreigner Brown is still standing in front of her, forcing her to make special giants and eggs.

Jingyi squatted in front of 8 color wolves, not stopping different crude meat sticks, licking different men’s disgusting glans with the egg, so helping men have brought about 15 minutes later, the president will be quiet In his arms, a sick tongue kissed one side of her clothes did not hang, and then grabbed Jingyi’s tender hips, and the big dicks of 4 beads were once again inserted into the tenderness of the filming. Snatch crazy thrust.

Too much looked at the daughter to die, I have been squinting, and I immediately put the giant into her mouth immediately, and then tally.

When the president, he did a side of the snow whitening. After the laughter, he said that “Your daughter is really the best, and the beautiful and young teeth, the long is really indeed …”

“It’s sleepy … Xiaoyao is super tight … not only has been dried hundreds of times, but also so tight by my pearl cock, still so tight … I didn’t put it like a woman … “

“It’s cool … Dry death … I owe people … The clip is really tight … Dry death …”

Jing Yi is full of flexible, the round and white heliit is being born in the lower body, and the father is forced to move, and there is a painful to release the cordials and sorrowful. Don’t worry about me … ah … ah … will die … will die … … … 你 你 … 好 … Don’t worry about me … ah … ah. …… ah … ah … ah … ah …… “

Although Jingyi is forced to pass, it is still getting a cherry from time to time, and the poor lament is 呻吟.

“My little girl … I have been done into this kind of sensuality … so beautiful …” Too much, I am excited, and I will open the hair on her face, watching the daughter, like an angel. On the face, there is also a teardrop, weeping, holding your giant, blowing, the face is exposed to a very painful expression.

Too smile too much: “My small Wea … I am welcome. I am welcome … I have a lot of people who do people …”

The president suddenly made a gesture next to the Brown, violently taking the wet stickiness or completely erect the giant root, and when the horrible super-large glans passed Jingyi, “Ah …” Yi Pining is trembled, making a long screaming of men’s ecstasy. Jingyi is soft, almost falls, Brown immediately can’t wait to raise the flexible hips and beautiful buttocks, open her hip ditch, and the fear of the super-large glans staminated The halvered honey juice and semen, then force the soft nerry lace that has not yelled in the anus of the beautiful girl.

Jing Yi’s screaming: “Don’t … don’t … it’s not good …” Jingyi stunned the whole body trembled, weak weakness.

Personal, although it is difficult to get washed by Ms. Lin, it is unforgettable and cleaned, but she can’t imagine anal sex. The president is very excited to drill to Jingyi, the next square reading, the huge horrible glans relieved her wet sticky into a piece of delicate beauty, and the filled semen flows out on his glans.

“Dry her together …” The two people put into a quiet and filled vagina.

“Ah … ah … will die … will die … don’t … … ah … ah … will die … ah … ah … ah … ah ……” Jingyi screamed Mourning, the slimming back is once again like the electric shock, and the torn pain is even more inserted.

Brown raised her ass, 滋 滋 从 狠 她 她 她 她 直 直 直 直 直 直 大 直 大 大 肉 肉 要 要 肉 超 要 超 超 超 地 爽 爽Her soft girl is anal, and the child’s chrysanthemum bud is immediately bleeding.

The president of lying in Jingyi is grabbing Jingyi slim soft waist, and she is brought into the pearl and smashed. She was dried into wet sticks into a piece of young beauty, his The 30 cent of the 30 centimeter of the bead Jugen and the brown dried rectum is stunned.

Two extraordinary horror giant roots are only fierce and fiercely fiercely and fiercely fiercely and fierce, and they are relieved to die. The whole body is twisted. … will die … don’t … … ask … Ask you … Don’t worry about me … ah … ah … ah … ah … don’t … don’t …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. … will die … ah … ah … ah … ah … I beg you … Don’t worry about me … ah … ah … 」女 穴 与 少 少 穴Scary puncture torn dramatic pain, let her almost dead …

The president, did she worked hard, she was dried, she was dried, and she had a fierce, when she had a face, she was ignorant to her soft stunned tongue, too slightly, etc. Big cock is again inserted into the mouth of the daughter who is loving.

Poor young and tender pure beauty, not only is it difficult to imagine the 30 cm, but also fierce the anus, but also three special grods 4P, the small hole and the anus three sensitive meat, survive, don’t ask for death Can’t, almost losing awareness.

“Key … I like to do the asshole of young teeth … so tight … small scorpion … Your ass is so good … so white tender will sway … … false saints … I owe people … I am so tight … I am dying … I owe people … Dry death … Dry death … “

Brown hands grabbed the stunned white butt, fierce, fierce, smoked, and nourishing, the president also tied with Brown’s rhythm crazy to go up.

Jingyi is going to be dull, but the sustained violent impact is not able to die.

After 15 minutes, “Want … It is shot … together …” Brown and the president excited, inserted into the anus and the uterus, the deepest place.

Too much immediately changed posture, high in Jingyi, hands grabbed the daughter’s soft and white ass, the thick meat stick was tightly closed in the daughter. Inserting violently, emitting the thumbsoring sound of the thick semen mixed in the vagina.

“Small weave there … Really the best … Tight into this … Every time you do it like a virgin … too cool … Don’t … your ass shook this … so like to be used by everyone. Pure … Dry death … “

Jing Yi is full of elasticity, the round and white heliker is hit by the father, the soil and fields stand in front of her, forced her to hold the two meat masturbation, and turn the blow.

Chikawa lying down in Suiyi, 力 力 She is dried and shakes the young breasts, and smashes her red bud that she is waiting. After waiting for too small shoots, after the daughter, the position is replaced … The solar fat of the brain is sat. Holding her fierce waist and shakes, the big meat stick is rushing to the pitiful hole of different men’s semen, and the trembling white buttocks are also dried up.

“Hey, since the ass, I will do it, I will have a good time …”

Chikawa stands behind Jingyi, holding her hands from her, holding her fresh and soft snow-white breasts behind her, and squatting with the rhythm of up and down.

Then I grabbed her a full and white hip, put the big meat stick into the rectum of the semen, Chikawa shakes her tender hips, with soil and fat, the rectum and tenderness, soil, soil For a while, it is low to lane her tender and tremorial pink nipple, but also in the mouth of the mouth, it is originally shaking her smoothie breast.

Jingyi looked up the pain and twisted snow whitening throat, fierce sorrow …

“Ah … ah … ask … I beg you … don’t worry about me … I have to die … good pain … ah … ah … ah … 呜 … ah … ah … will die Ah … … … let me … ah … ah … “

Jing Yi was dried almost lost awareness, and the whole body was soft. Sensitive meat.

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