Looking back lost youth sequence as slide show flashed in my mind, the 25-year-old is also married and age, but we are still doing the talking childish childish thing to say. Although the so-called 90, but we already know that the youth has time running out, the purpose of writing this book is to give their own youth Liugejinian.

I do not know where to start, so many things in the world, it is also going through so much. Whether the world a better, or indifferent, we have grown accustomed to. Love, friendship and understanding of the cause of proportion we still confused. He could be gone in time for many years in this muddle. If we do not get crazy now, we’re going to grow old. After a lot of 95 uncle have called us, in our young people look so old. Our heart is still young heart, and let us hear the voice of the community.

Sleep did not wake up, only we know. In the community, 25-year-old is a very young age, parents of the community who still hold the right to speak, we have to pursue love, career and friendship. The most important thing is not the lack of a pure heart.

Chapter I encounter wind through patches of clouds, waves of autumn chill blowing the earth. Autumn, people feel a sentimental season. Beijing Autumn is the beginning of the story, a story can not imagine the outcome.

September 1, a primary school day. In an ordinary despicably ordinary factory workers inside the apartment, a little girl is still soft hair disheveled bed wearing pajamas dreaming, because the night before too excited, looking forward to a happy life has been the first day of school , thinking encounter friends my age.

So quick to go to school, she was still in bed whirring fast asleep. “Chen Jia, if you do it, we should go to school late, late on the first day the teacher will not like you.” Wearing a neat and decent dressing women shouted in front of the girl. “I know it!” Bleary-eyed girl rubbing his eyes, mouth still have time to make dreams keep out saliva replied.

Chen Jia got up, replaced the pajamas, put on a day in advance to bring new uniforms from the school just to eat breakfast two mothers do well to step forward to learning a dance hall in my mind and went. Wearing new uniforms and white small skirt knee, was carrying on a business trip to Shanghai when my father bought a new little red bag, she looked very lovely.

Chen Jia, there are two obvious dimples on a 7-year-old, innocent face, especially when good-looking smile. Since childhood and grandmother had all together, and there is no kindergarten, so to get along with peers and less time. A few months ago, my grandmother is sick and can not be with her, she went back to mom and dad around.

To a new school, everything is vibrant look, tail of the summer is not over yet, there are wind grass aroma. The primary school in the old Beijing Hutong inside, although this is not school, but that is really very simple old Beijing flavor, but also reflects the ancient red walls and gray tiles and heavy. When the good mood of the time, to see what all happy, even in front of an ordinary cleaning aunt eye contact, Chen thought he had come to welcome in the new school.

In the classroom is the Grade 11 class at the corner of the gate, Chen walked away from the podium chose not near a seat and sat down. This time the class has not yet several people, most notably in the last row sat a small fat man wearing small glasses and his little head around.

At this time, he walked a 30-year-old man in white shirt, holding a folder. At the same time, the surrounding seats have also filled with students, they greeted each other doing the name of self-introduction, but Chen Jia side of the seat has been empty, and no children to greet her.

This allows Chen Jia felt very strange, but did not get along long relationship and their peers. She also forget how and students introduce themselves. Finally, the class bell rang, the 30-year-old middle-aged man introduced to loud bang: “I am Wang, welcome to Beijing primary school learning, we call the roll.”

The class was quiet, waiting for the teacher to call his name.

“Ouyang Yan,” to, “humic” to …… when the teacher called “Wang Yafu” the door is not a high boys shouted “to.”

At this time, this figure is not high, on the street, no one would notice the people around the child into the field of vision.

The boy sit Chen Jia three-step and two steps beside the bag “popping” sound on the table, prompting laughter around them.

Wang little bit unhappy scolded: “Who is this so no rules, I do not know late to go softly on the seat thing.”

The boy was still a little shy nodded his head sank.

The teacher continued famous point. “Chen Jia ‘to.

A silver bell-like voice rested in the classroom, and the sound made the teacher intoxicated, and he continued to read a student’s name for a while. At the end of the name, 32 students in the class are children in the surrounding communities. The first lesson is over, Chen Jia thinks it seems to be less, there is no excitement and direction in the dream. I want to be a realistic thing to be this. The students are ordinary can’t be around 7 years old.

“Hello, my name is Wang Yafu, let’s the same table later.” The last stupid boys said.

“My name is Chen Jia, let’s get along with it.” For more than ten years later, Chen Jia did not recall the first time and Wang Yafu asked the scene to laugh, I didn’t think he was so stupid. It may be the first time and the boy talking, Chen Jia first said this sentence in the first day.

Because it is to go to school on the first day, I will go to school at 11 o’clock. Every time you just have just been just 2 hours, it seems that many years have been a friend, and I have to go to the direction of my home. Only Chen Jiahe Wang Yafu, these two children, it seems that there is no seemingly, I will go home along the opposite direction.

Going home, Chen Jia seems to sit on the sofa if it is unloaded, open the TV to look at the cartoon, but always feel the first to go to school, and find that the school is like this. “I must do an excellent student.”

Chen Jiaxin thought. “But the silly child is very interesting, see if you will be friends later.” In the early autumn of 1997, the little girl smiled slightly in this love, full of beautiful ideas and revealed in her white. In flawless face.

The second chapter will learn after school in the first day, Wang Yafu went to the door of a restaurant. He stepped in, and the middle-aged woman wearing red blouse after the counter was said: “Mom, I am late, I am late. How to do?”

This red woman’s head does not rose: “That’s here! You quickly put down your bag, let you eat for you, Mom is busy now!” After the continued busy, it will continue. Still playing with the surrounding diners, not busy.

Wang Yafu self-discounted the first floor to the second floor, the room was placed in the room, and the old electric fan was hung on the roof of the skin, and it was still rotating.

I didn’t expect to go to school on the first day. He felt that now, he felt that now life is a joke. I hope to grow up quickly and become a soldier in the film.

When I got up to school, Wang Yafu woke up by the annoying alarm. Wear school uniforms, just eat breakfast in your restaurant downstairs. The new day is so bitter to him, a child who is used to free from small is to be constrained by the system.

It is constrained in time to the school to be constrained. Wang Yafu hair has not been taken to a small school bag and entered the school. Seeing Chen Jia has already appeared in the seat.

Chen Jia wears white school uniforms today, and the hair is tied up in the school.

“Good morning, you come so early!”

“You are also very early, today I don’t dare to be late!”

Two people are simply talked. Wang Yafu sat down at the same time, and looked at this cute little girl and slippery little hand. Wang Yafu, who is playing with a few post-kitchen masters, has not seen such a delicate little hand, and it feels like a white jade. Just as Wang Yaf saw Chen Jia’s hand to see God, Chen Jiayi said that “You have to do it so early.” Wang Yafu is like a dream, “” To school want to know new classmates. “

He is ashamed like a child who is wrong. When I said, the rubber of Chen Jia’s hand was hit on the floor, and it was not biased only in the middle of the two people.

Wang Yafu responded to the gods, and immediately went to help Chen Jiaqi rubber. At the same time, Chen Jia’s hand has been extended. At the position of the eraser, the two hands have a first contact. Such as over electricity, the two people have returned the hand at the same time. Although it is a season of the yellow leaves, there is a spring warmth. Chen Jiahu rushed to thank you, and he was also the first time to touch the boy. The two smiled to mitigate the awkward atmosphere.

I got a few lessons, Wang Yafu is still recalling two people who come into contact with each other.

Once, the teacher was seriously launched to let him stand up and let him let him go to the classroom. The students are all of them, everyone smile, but he is only a person smile at this time. This person is Chen Jia, she laughed so good, two metastasis is particularly eye-catching.

I have passed every day, and these two children will be joking each other, and the innocently chase in the campus, and learn life carelessly. At that time, two little farthers did not understand love just simply played together. Today, Chen Jia gives Wang Yaf to use the bracelet made by plastic rope, tomorrow Wang Yaf, in the park, only flowers to Chen Jia wear on the head. The weather in Beijing is really changed, and time is like flowing water. The feelings of the two people are like the streams flowing quietly. Due to the relationship between the children, the whole family will leave the best thing to their children. In the third grade, Wang Yafu has been 1 meter 5, of course, Chen Jia is not only 3 cm than her at the same table.

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