Hsiao Ke: Toshio, hello, what to play today?

“Ah! Today electric truce day, we take a look at small or erotic picture, recall, okay?”

Select: small can recall articles No4YESORNOYES: good fun!

“I see it!”

Small can the underwear image appears on the screen, ultra-sensual body, wearing a white lace panties. White bra, white panties, stockings …… small can of white hair, seductively to Sapporo Sapporo go.

Hsiao Ke: Do not look for so long, nasty!

“Hey! Hey! Hey! Small can really cute!”

Select: next screen.

Hsiao Ke: Oh! Oh well shy.

“Wow!” Xiao Ke removed the bra on! I told her to take off of.

Small can …… his face bright red face red tide watching here. Breasts, rolling round drum up pink cherry like milk in the first routine.

Xiao Ke want to cover the breasts, but simply could not conceal a small hand big chest. On the contrary, but because breast squeezing more prominent. Really I can not stand it!

I took off my trousers and underpants, the rise in the crotch aching pull out something with his left hand to hold. Of course, his right hand holding the mouse ……

Selection: The next screen Hsiao Ke: ah, Toshio really annoying.

“Oh ……” start small can take your pants off …… cute firm ass! Stockings suspenders still hanging in there, really appetizing.

Gradually accelerated heartbeat, hand operating the mouse. Left bear with me! Hands of the stick also good jump intense, really sad ……

So hot! It has been called to hold their own! Now out of pity.

Select: Next picture Xiao Ke: ah! Toshio lust!

“Oh ……” lying in bed …… small can of course no longer cover up the breasts. Hand toward the back, face to the side, eyes Chu Weibi. It has been calling me on the big breasts …… foot half-open, knees bent, bent knees, you can see inside the red muster numerous hills.

Select: breast play ……

Playing with penis ……

Nothing to do next screen “First from here ……”

Select: “! Ah” small can play with breast breasts, my hands were stroking the mouse. Small can face, facial expression that seemed to enjoy the full functionality of.

Hsiao Ke: Oh, ah!

The first milk shake up and down, breasts flutter flutter to go.

“Oh ……” I have started stand it! No, now out you will regret it. I was left holding the light, not too hard.

Dick small can play: Do not!

Insert a small can of lower body massage, start small can shake her waist.

“Oh ……” massage starts rubbing her lower body.

Hsiao Ke: ah! what!

Hsiao Ke’s face emerges out of the pain and the pleasure of performance, eyes closed, opened. Biting lips, breasts shake …… With vibration massage, the small can of feet and a half-closed. Supporter with high waist, butt-stop swing.

Why 640KB so much of it? Die, I can not stand it.

Choice: a picture, “Oh oh oh oh ……!!”

The upper small can all reflected on the screen. Big breasts, soft shoulder. One hand on the breast, the other fingers rubbing his nipples.

Hsiao Ke: Oh, Toshio!

Small can see my eyes are wet. My left hand slowly rubbing …… one last look down the right hand mouse movements. On the screen, small can face disappeared. Then there was waist deep breath …… the mouse to pull down.

“Oh! Oh! Oh ……” small can of foot sheets greatly …… that a piece of jungle spread in front of me! Of course not cover anything. Massage already inserted, outside the labia has an erection.

“Wow, so cute, so I did not expect can draw detailed things to come!” I enjoy watching, small can play in the picture, left hand up and down Cuonong not forget. I had topped up! Then pull out the left hand …… I already do not listen to my beck and call.

“Ah, small can!” I listened to the sound emitted by masturbation, imagine yourself small can insert body experience.

“Oh ……” Poof AIDS! With the small can of moaning, between my stocks were also ejected hot semen. Select: Back to the main screen select: Start playing electric red card picked up seven points memoirs system selection: small can exit the system: goodbye, the next play with!

“Well, Xiao Ke, playing next time, goodbye!”

C: \GAME press any key “Call!” I put down the mouse and look for tissues to wipe.

My name is Toshio, private Shengxiang Nan Gakuen high school sophomore. I could not wait to go home every day after school to play computer. Because I’m autistic! In school I did not pay attention to people, in the end the students have no one pay attention to me?

Lower grades, ordinary height, ambition okay. Interests: Computer Games! Nor a girlfriend, I’m up to the present, and the girls have not yet spoken. As long as an opening through the computer must mouthful.

But, I also have people like that in the same class of Yano small can ……. I have always liked her from before, she is a beautiful girl I admired. In fact, our two neighboring, from my room could see her room. But I never talked to her, her friends a lot, do not pay attention to me, and I do not know what to say and girls?

I can do is put the girls on the computer, called her name, and she pretended to love it. Probably so! It can be, so I’m satisfied.

Pleasant morning, the wind a little stronger today. After As usual, I make sure small can been away from home before I go out. Every time she order not to be found, I tracked her very hard to track, often hidden behind a pillar.

Really like the track like her? No, in fact my motives pure. Just I want to just look at her!

Small can really lovely, my angel. Hair soft, Wuliu Liu, unlike those silly girls dyed brown. Always refreshing cool, as if a circle around the aperture. Chu big eyes, and eyelid. Alice long eyelashes, eyebrows and slender. Nose and mouth are small.

Small or recently have begun to use a lip balm …… shiny lips faint Fun red, white and swayed skin. Long thin body, although looks fragile, but some places are very well-proportioned. Hands and feet are very slender, especially her long legs, it would like – swallowing. Strong thigh meat, slender ankles and indeed those other girls are different!

What small can look good, especially uniforms. White shirt, blue vest, red bow …… the name of her school uniform than a predetermined length a bit shorter. Slender legs wearing blue socks, foot wear black shoes.

Phew ……! Strong wind blows “Oh!” She cried accidentally. Miniskirt small can be set off by the wind.

“Ah!” You could clearly hear her cry.

My eyes were fixed on the paper mulberry bag dot pattern of small pants up the ass. Oh! Although only a moment, but to see the good stuff.

Slowly, more and more channels Exalted. Whether other people have not seen, I only know that now I am extremely happy. Yes, I’m so happy!

But her early in the morning every day, there are some troubles around her. Small or are plagued by the same thing every day …

… Like today!

The middle-aged man in his forties, and each passing …… she would say to her: “! Thank you.”

And next door, there are some male school student group, every time I pass her, would say: “Hey! Hey …… Thank you ……” “! Thanks” “! Fortunately, there is” …… etc …… this category if……

She was always out of them somehow, I’m very much aware of her troubles. Why some unknown men, will be specially ran to greet me? And this is a two-month thing? Inside her heart, certainly I think so, right?

She stopped to think. “Why?” She asked himself softly, voice and tears.

That day I was sitting at a computer desk, had wanted to open my two hundred eighty-six computer, then he gave up, because small can been crying in my ear haunted.

“Why?” Sighs the sound!

In fact, I know why those men and greet her. Yes, only one person I know it …

… I want to tell her! …… I want to tell her, let her know. But, but I ……

Once again, I reached out to open the computer switch ……

KANORBAT Hsiao Ke: Hello, Toshio, what do today?

“Ah, Xiaoke, what to do today? I … still is still good …” Yes, I am only freely with the girl in the computer. In fact, if there is a little loveless girl, when I appear in front of me, I can’t say it. I am afraid that I am wrong, I will be annoying, so I don’t dare to open.

“Small, what do I do?”

Xiao Ke: Before playing your computer, read the manual first.

“Don’t I have been silent? That is not too pitiful!”

Xiao Ke: Hello, Minxiong, what to do today?

“What should I do? I am evil!”

I slammed the floppy disk, and the mouse jumped. Command error … Re-specify (R) forcing (a) …

“Small, you were misigned!”

Xiao You can smile at me … must be called me to take the courage. Must be!

I pulled out the carton hidden under the bed and took it out of a tape hidden inside.

“I’m going out!”

That day, I went out in the evening. If you go out, I plan to pick up the soup.

I specially picked a small place. Then wait for her …

Take a look at it, you can come here, look good, lonely! The footsteps are very heavy, or there is still one thing! Maybe it may be as seen by others.

“Hey?” She found something I put on the side of the road. Bend down the waist to pick up …

“What is this? Ah! The idol’s band …” Good yeah, good yeah!

“Who is put it? What is (semen big delivery)!”

Wow, Xiao Ke, then say “semen” … Don’t take any idols, look at the packaging!

Small … look at the envelope!

“There is a word written: pick it up with my mouth.”

Have you seen a girl in a swimwear shower?



“Hey? What is this?”

Yes, small …

“What is this? She as if she is with me!”

right! right! It is very similar to that it is only true.

“Ah! Too shameful!” She hurriedly leaving the tape. “The original men have seen this thing, I am coming to me.”

Yes, do you understand? Small … so good, great! I am so glad that she knows! I have completed the task, I can go home earlier.

First, you must take back my important strap. I took the face of her two hands, I took the rope on the strap. If you don’t take it back, your belt is too expensive. Contains shipping, spending me 1555555 yuan! I slowly pumped the strap …

that time……

“… um?” What is going on? She found the strap in action. I hurriedly smoked!

“Hey! Wait …” When the strap returned to my hand, she found me.

“Oh!” Is not wonderful! I am with a small four-meak, and you can have the moist eye.

I fel away, I hurried on the narrow road, and even ran up.

“Please wait!”

She runs more than I think … or I am running slowly than others?

“Excuse me, do you deliberately let me find it?”

I have been running all the way … I don’t know what to say to her, I have to escape.

“Wait a minute, ah! There …” she screamed!

Bush! I hit the wall at once …

“This … road is not available!” It’s really! bad luck! It’s really causing you …

“Ah, don’t move!”

… when … …… The clock of the class was loud, I was sitting next to the school’s pool, standing in front …

“Okay!” Xiaoba can pack wounds, and I have not paid the first class, I am a small person who is not attractive, but she …

“Ah, there is here!” Whenever her finger encounters me, my heart stops regular. I have been worried that she will hear my heartbeat. I am so nervous … I have I know that my face is stiff.

“Huged!” She smiled, she smiled at me …

“Ah!” I looked at her smile and slowly did not feel nervous. Her laugh … good nature!

“Ha ha ha ha!”

“Oh! Hehe!”

I can see her smile, I feel the same, no! Not the same. Anyway, the first time has a happy feelings.

“Do you know that I have been worrying, right?” Xiao Ke: “I have never known that we are classmates, sorry!”

I don’t know what to say …

“It turns out that I have always cared for me in silent.”

Small … I have been listening to talking, and the harmful person is taken!

“Thank you!” She smiled and thank me.

Xiaoyou quietly closed his eyes, highlighting her red lips, I can’t say anything. But I like her than anyone else!

************ I printed her little mouth, gently, gently … I absorb her breath. After that, I don’t touch my computer, why? Because I have better things to play.

“Ah, no, don’t!” Xiao Ke said … I don’t care about her, continue to understand her button.

“Ah, it’s really!”

Her room is different from my room, clean up. Bed plays a rice mouse and his girlfriend.

I will move them away and put it on the bed.

“No, no!” Xiao Kehong said.

But no one will say this time: “Ok, I am sorry, I stop!” There is no kind of idiot.

I have been used to this kind of thing! Although she doesn’t want, don’t, but I don’t want to refuse. Girls are like this! I declined all her buttons and took off her clothes with one hand.

“Oh!” She gently closed his eyes. I use my fingers to find the buckle on her bra, and I put it soft, open …

“Oh!” Xiao Ke, the soft and soft chest, from the lace cup.

what! The breasts in my dreams. Unlike images, it is true chest.

“Ah … oh …” Soft, good fragrance! Although I have a fantasy, I didn’t expect to be so soft. It seems like marshmallow, not covered. Shake in your hand, it seems that even your fingers should be sucked. In addition to soft, it is very big … If a small ball jumps in, it will be first sucked back and then pop it out.

The breast is a charm for me, no matter how many hours, you will not be tired. The two hands are all on the side. How long does it take to play how long it will play, I feel that there is a hard thing in the palm of my palm, and it is a breast.

Her breasts is good … The little milk is better than the big breasts. Powder is red, hard hard, and it is tumbling. I no longer touch her chest and change her breast.

“Ah … Oh! I …”

Her breast is in east with my finger, west. so hard! Hard, there is a stretch, as if a red cherry. I gently pinch with my finger, she made a sweet 呻.

“Oh, Minxiong, we! We are still high school students, do this … this kind of thing is too … Oh!”

My tongue has reached her nipple and started to pick her with the tongue.

“Ah … oh!” She turned his face and looked at me unease. The pupil is humid, the lip is half closed, the breast is exposed …

Her breasts are like a sailboat, the needle is a thorn, and it is going to break. Everyone says that the baby’s breasts often become big, I don’t know if it is true or false?

“Ah! The body is like vacuum?”

Xiao Yi is a painful expression of a similar pleasure on your face. But it will never suffer! I know……

“Ah, oh …”

Beautiful voice! I can’t suppress her breasts, picking her like a baby like a baby …

“Ah, Minxiong, Good Color!” Xiao Ke 头, of course, it is not painful, she is only shy!

I contracted the breast while I took the other hand into her skirt and pulled her skirt. She not only has no resistance, but also in the waist so that I can work smoothly. My lips exit the breast and stop the sideway below the skirt.

“Ah!” I can’t help but make a sound …

“Hey? What happened! Minxiong?”

Destiny is really catching people! Two white thighs and slender waist, the underwear she worn was that the underwear that was printed when I was blown up when I was blown up. I have already been able to bear it! I use the fastest speed, take off trousers and underwear.

“Ah!” She immediately moved his eyes, and slowly stared at me …

“Ah, good!” She looked very seriously, then reached out …

“Can you touch it?”

I nodded! The little man holds my meat stick.

“so hard!”


“Does it hurt?”

“A bit feeling …” My things beat it in your hands.

“Ah!” She was shocked and quickly let her go.

Sorry, you hurt you, this is what I can’t control.


“Sorry, Minxiong, I was shocked, 咦, what happened?”

“Oh, there is nothing!”

“It doesn’t matter?”

“Because you like you, even the old two is also happy.”



“Um …” small face is red.

“If you want to touch it again?”


Small re-emergence, which is firmly held.


“Don’t you hurt?”

“No, no pain at all!”

so happy! Her hand is fine … and the feeling of self-exacerbation, the more harmonious in her hand.


“What? Small …”

“I am also as good as the belt.”


“The heroine in the belt will do this way?”

Oh! The little face is slowly close to my yaw, then open open, including that the root …

Call! call! call!

“Hey …” Due to gratitude, it makes me a few inch. Her small mouth is desperately opened, and I licked my root.

“Oh, hey …” desperately sucked.

“, …”

She seems to have discovered it … she gasped, she said: “Sorry, Minxiong, seems to be difficult than I think, my chin is good!”

“It doesn’t matter!” There is this heart.

“Sorry, really!”

“It’s ok!”

“Why do I use it?”


She is embarrassed to laugh and start picking up.

“咻 …” Her warm tongue is immediately open.

… Hey! Her tongue licks in my shares, just like eating ice cream.


So cool! I didn’t expect to be such a comfortable thing … It seems that even life will change! Her tongue is so soft, so warm! Can’t stand it, you can’t stand it! no! Go down to ejaculate, so that it will be smashed in this way. It is not possible for the first time …

She absolutely absorbed. I have been pressing the suppression of myself not shooting, and I carefully said: “Small, I am!”

Little can stand, her lips are still stunned, her lovely lips have just been on my life … no, no! Patience … must be patience!

“Okay?” I gently asked in the little ear.

“Ah …” small ear can be sooth.

I put your hand on her thigh, her wet thigh will suck my hand in, why is the body of the girl so soft? I put your hand on her waterpse underwear. “Ah! Min! Oh …” Xiao Ke gently open his legs, and the hand grabs the sheets. The feet are straight, it seems to be patience.

“Can you?” I put my hand into the underwear and asked her.

“Well!” Her voice sounds smaller than mosquitoes. I took her underwear.

“Ah!” She closed her eyes tightly, I opened her eyes and looked at her.

what! Little private is … Although I don’t want to see it on the computer, the real thing is still the first time. Stock stock, shame fine. I open her two feet and see the lips hiding in the inside.

“Ah, don’t look like this, I will be shy!” Xiao can shoot the feet.

“Will n’t, it’s so beautiful!” I have been covered with love …

“Ah! Ah …” With hand, you can touch the transparent mucus.

“Excuse me!”

I use my tongue to lick her shame, here … … …!! Gently lick, this trick is learned from the computer two months ago.

“Ah! Ah … oh … so comfortable!”

The whole body trembles because of excitement, it is more than a few times more than the computer. The tongue is a love liquid she flows, and the taste is the feeling of lemon add sugar, so sweet! I boldly hard.

“Ah, don’t, dirty!”

“Who said, very delicious!”

“Oh, oh, no!”

“Small!” Small love liquid is constantly emerging …

“I! I …” Xiao Ke shrocked the body to answer, so greasy, sweet voice!

I quit her lower body, then sent my erection, hot, and hard things.

“Ah, oh!”

“Has pain? Do you want to pull it out?”

“No, don’t take it out, slowly … Hey! Light … Good feelings!” There is a love in the pain, I slowly moved in her body.

“Ah!” The entrance is tight, the waist is slightly hard, but there is a strong resistance.

“It doesn’t matter, don’t smoke …” She looked at me spoiled, the waist also began to move.

“Ah! Ah! Oh …”

I have always endured pain, I am also very unhappy. I drums, and I broke through the hymen.

“Oh!” She Zhang Da’s eyes, there is anything to flow out … temperature temperature? I feel something in the body in contraction.

“Oh, I am so happy!”

I didn’t move my waist again, because I was touched in the moment of moving.

“Dirty!” There is a tear in the eyes, watching the binding sheets.


“No, not your relationship!”

Smile, she must have a pain, but don’t forget to smile. She is really great!

“Hey!” She wears a bra, saying: “There is a thing I want to ask you, why only you find that I am not the heroine in the strap, and others think it?”

Reasons: I opened her branely, kissed the breast on the right.

“Ah, don’t escape questions.”

The place I have kiss is the breast on the right milk head. There is a mole on the side, I used to know.

When I just bought a computer … When I played a computer, I will peek to see the next door. Small, you don’t close the window to change your clothes!

I have seen it … on her still-small breast, there is a “”!

correct! The heroine in the roll belt, there is no 痣.

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