When I happened to the army when I was in the army, I had a national army 8XX hospital; at that time, I was almost the same, and the recessed bed just came in a soldier called Amin, listened to him to say hello. With him Harra, I know that the number of ladies is almost, and the two sides are cooked.

At this time, the door opened in a full black Cuggi suit, with sunglasses, Jono 40 years old, skin like snow, face, like a peach blossom, like a beautiful woman in the Japanese movie; That is also a volulted with her, although I came in the hospital, I often saw some young nurses in the early times, and the body temperature peeked about their pair of peppermilings and prostitutes; but compared to the beauty of the world. When a woman came, she had a pleasure of adultery.

It turned out that she is a mother of Amin. When she came in, she was busy helping him Zhang Luo everything cared about him. I didn’t eat, and I was worried about his illness. I was completely the appearance of the mother to care for her son; sleep neighbor I also touched her high Japanese food.

Later, the aunt said something to go first, and Amin didn’t know what to say in her ear.

Looking at the abdomen of her swing away, I really want to rush it, picking the narrow skirt, from her abdomen 肏 肏 肏 一 发 当 当.

Soon, Aming said that I want to enter the toilet, and call me to use the toilet.

I said, don’t sleep. Suddenly, I seem to hear very light footsteps and hurried in the toilet, I thought it was not right, and Achimin is not in front, how can someone go in?

Curiously, I got up and quietly saw the passage of the seal of the sealed effect. This is the same as the little, and it is a glamorous mother. It is squatting on the ground with her kneeling. Ming it will grab her mother’s soft hair, constantly ignoring her mother’s lingering, and smashing the snow white pink, soon …

Aming: “Mommy, how can you, the sorrow is wet, it is a sensuality!”

The aunt seems to be can’t say by the son’s giant roots, and it is no choice but to seek. But Amin seems to be unsatisfied with the performance of the aunt, and she raised the glycery ball used to raoine tomorrow, and the Jumei File of the Aunt. The aunt seems to be shocked, but it has not yet been there, the beggar is rushing to the toilet.

Aming: “I haven’t played a lot of money for a long time, and now I am trying to play, I don’t like it? Mummy.”

Mom: “Hey … can’t stand it, please let me let me!”

Then, the Aunt finally couldn’t help pull it out; but the prostitutes of the aunt were not idle, they were swallowing the meat sticks of the Amin; Amin enjoys this bluxing.

Then the aunt put the chrysanthemum Ruihuan, good play!

Aming made the aunt on the toilet cover, then took the meat stick that had just pumped out from the prosthesis, and sent it to the aunt because the raoine and the smeared honey, “Zi”, the whole meat stick was by the aunt The prostitute is swallowed, and the Amin is inserted. On the side, she will take her mother’s white butt.. Do not speculate.)

At this time, the aunt only issued “um … um … ah …”, I saw this mother and child in the door, meat stick early. It’s bloating fast violence; then I saw the lascivious appearance of the Aunt, and the kind mothers were actually the aiverses.

Aming: “Since the soldier, I haven’t played the kinky japanese flower!”

It is said that the meat sticks that are moving in the piston are pulled out from the prostitutes of the aunt, slide into the japanese stamens.

Mother: “Don’t … not … pain … hm En … don’t …”

Due to many obscenes; the scream is still not falling, and the whole giant root will make a ciston movement. “Picking”, “Coven” … The sound is endless.

※ JKForum.net | JKF Czech Forum Aunt: “Well … Ah … no … Aming … … um …”

Aming: “Is it not necessary? It’s really a lascap.”

Just when I was so couldn’t help but spray; Amin seems to come out, he took the meat stick and then gave a beautiful face of his Mommy’s beautiful flowers, and the face was a white thick liquid (really beautiful. Surgery).

Aming not only puts her bruises in the semen; even ordered her to eat semen; and use her obscenity to put his scrotts and meat sticks, and the beggar is hesitant; A Mingma grabs the uncle’s hair forced her to do .

Looking at the innocent and lascivious expression of the aunt licking the cock of Amin, fantasy, I also shot myself, I didn’t feel it … I returned to bed to pretend to call, after a while, I will watch the mother. The beautiful and gentle and gentle and gentle and gentle and warm appearance of the ink. Later, I learned that Amin was a single son of the three generations of three generations in the family, and there were several stores in the house in the family. It can be said to be a big business. However, he does not love reading, drug abuse, and fighting in the fight, although it is also closed for a year. But Dad is a big boss and is a representative of public opinion. Mother is Miss Flex; the chairman of the Women’s Association, grandpa is the retreat of generals. Because the elders of the singles, they will be a treasure; they are all stunned, even if the knife is a small soldier, I will go to Director. I feel unfair in life.

The mother of the knife in the next day, I came to see him again; I looked at Amin in the blossoming scene. At this time, Amin also took his mother’s head to eat his dick; one side It seems that the pain of the wound seems to be tuned with the mother of the aunt.

As time and the inconvenience of the Amin, my help. Our vision is like a rather, and later did not talk lightly, I accidentally reveal that I saw him with the mother’s incense.

He was a little surprised; later, he had to tell me when he peeked about his parents and his parents; the mother’s sensuality and glamorous mother took a shower; he couldn’t forget the ripemeal meat of the plump, and later Invisive from the brothers to FM2, only to his mother’s hypothy, it is another story).

After that, I used the same method to adultery. I also knew that the mother had been raped by uncle; but because of the sensuality, she received the adultery of uncle; her uncle took his son, and his dad was not a mother who raped his mother.

Until A Ming and girlfriend quarreled home, I found that the mother’s room had fierce sex. He saw that the usual and noble mother actually like a mother’s dog; 口 舔 着 哥 的;; 淫屄It is being pushed by uncle; if you want to be a gods.

He picked up the wooden stick to play the father and son, but the mother at this time lost rationality because the two meat sticks were pulled out, and they happened to him like hypocrust.

Since then, I will have a hiking out of the ward after 10 cm. 10 points in the evening, find the tempting nurse in each building, and there is a long as Zhou Haimei, which is called Xiaoli; Let me take a nurses and face. Later, even the care of the body temperature of the day, the small nurses were born with the Yi Sir who was dyed; with the room Namura super image, every time her pink tenderness; then Skinate always makes us feel bad, if you can’t make a chance, you will find a chance.

But I went most, I still arrived in Amin, Xu Niang, a mother, a mother, a mother, and a time I joked out to find a friend; and said that I have to come back at night, I want to help cover.

I promised, but I have already called the aunt. I said that the Amin wound worsen, she immediately came, which I have been waiting for her soothe. Waiting for the drink (Amin’s FM2) that I pre-prepared, I will fall into my arms … soon.

When I was awkward, I woke up because I was too fierce (I used her lascivious points, while I used her folkloma); I was scared; but the aunt I am afraid to call and call: “I am going to die … um … ah … shoot in my heart.”

I can’t stand it by the prostitution of the Aunt; and the madness in the unhappy 淫 屄, a single concentrate constantly leaked into the depths of the uterus of the Aunt, and the uncle went to her G point, The prostitution is watering on my glans and is also extremely pleasure. Later, due to the drug, the uncle did not remember what happened.

After discusing, I was brother with Aming; Aming’s mother became my mother (there was a cooked meat), and A Mun Na is a group of glamorous tamarem and aunt, 嫂 and eager to Baga Aming this only Property heirs, expressions, sisters … also be my prey. However, this is the next thing …


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