Lee jump to the cloud today just finished solving official soon, suddenly remembered Lady angelic nurse Yun Liu, could not help but mouth showing a smile. “When the aunt went today, the way to see her.” He had in mind when beautiful aunt, his mouth hung a trace is called lustful smile. . . Was removed to the hospital for a moment, he found Liu Xi-month break, a little disappointed. Then came the sound heard behind smiles tenderly: “! How very disappointed,” Lee Yun turned round jump, see Liu Yun looked at his shy smile, and said: “Which it will be disappointed, this is not beautiful angel came jump around the cloud. cloud but eager to jump every day every day to see Liu Yun angel sister ah. “

“They did not angel!” Liu Yun Lee jump playfully cocked his head and looked at the clouds, “aunt began public holiday today, with incense children to Sanya to go.”

“Liu Yun sister, how not to go?”

“I?” Liu Yun lengleleng, then smiles tenderly said, “I do not have this level.”

At this point the night wore on, Li v jump cloud and embracing standing at the window overlooking the Kunming night.

Snuggle with each other listening to the beat of the soul, silent silent, the four-phase project, heart to heart collision, love and love to communicate information, ogle, sparks flying, this time silence speaks!

Lee jump cloud kissing her delicate earlobe, and finally fell on Liu Yun glamorous red lips, hot lips by his attack, Liu Yun feel like, like in a dream, when separated from Lee jump to cloud her tongue lips, and she without the slightest resistance to the idea when his lips with her Xiangshe wound together, Liu Yun mouth began to secrete saliva.

Li Yun suddenly jump attack, thick lips sealed her moist, soft lips, thick tongue into the mouth of a small Liu Yun, his tongue wanton activity in the Ascott mouth, and sometimes her little tongue entangled together, but when you walk along the clean teeth, the two ports close together, and she Xiangshe entanglement, but also her mouth tasted of Yujin nectar.

Kissing feeling so good, Liu Yun felt a sudden flourishing, happy as myself like a butterfly, free to fly in the flowers, the infinite light, both of them tongue touching, sucking each other, no longer willing to separate.

Liu Yun beautiful blooming beautiful Taosai blushing fiery, charming and speak bursts from the end of the experienced and yet wonderful limp blow and the almost feebly flaccid paralysis down, “Well,” Yao tender nose He uttered a short and shy moan.

Lee Yun jump ignore Liu Yun lovely little Yao nose constantly fiery shy ??, pure and noble nose smell the waves at specific body fragrance, could not help but high fuel Yuyan, big hands upstream yi Liu Yun go, first stroking Yujia Taosai v, and speak tentacles Yuji snow skin soft creamy ……

Hands down gradually, through v straight Yu Jing beautiful white, round Yurun fine cut Xiangjian, separated by a thin layer of a nurse holding Liu Yun was full of Alice Ting, Jiaoruan soft, Angela bear a grip virgin Jiaoru, his hands holding the holy beautiful Liu Yun Jiao Jiao Ru quite a while ask rubbing, kneading ……

Meanwhile bowed his head, kissed again wet Liu Yun soft red lips.


Liuyun Yu fire cheek blush, shy delicately Yu tooth, to any of his hot soft sweet Juanzhu her tongue Great Yu Jiao slip waves suck suck.

“Ah …… ah …… ah ……”

Small nose Yao Liu Yun tender and hot to shy croon. At this time, Liu Yun is already Meiyanrusi, Meidai with spring, black lace bra was Lee jump to unlock cloud, a pair of sensitive firm Yufeng, there is no barrier to fall into his hands, he sometimes tender, sometimes rub fury caress them, Liu Yun bud on milk already blooming, and that two charming pink red spots on white, still difficult to lure people itch to scratch. But why Lee jump cloud skills not only this, Liu Yun in Chunxindangyang acquiescence among his hands had slid into the inside Tangmei Yun skirt.

“Do Well …… ah ……” Liu Yun said shyly.

Lee’s hand slipped into the cloud jump Liu Yun skirt, narrow waist after, inserted into the crotch of Liu Yun, Liu Yun stroking the inside of her vexation shame, but the heart was promised long-lover that she unconsciously stroking pleasure gently separate, taking advantage of occupying the compartment probe deeper into a softer Liu Yun Liu Yun buttock bottom burning fingers, via direct undergarment provocative Liu Yun honey lip.

Liu Yun quickly clamped her legs together his right hand, which made Lee jump to cloud more pleasure, he smiled towards Liu Yun.

“Liu Yun sister, so sensitive?”

“You’re bad, do not ah ……” Liu Yun said shyly.

Gradually, Li jump cloud fingers “invasion” to the Virgin that Liu Yun Jiaoruan Huanen “Jade ditch”

“Oh …” A hot and shy? Since Liu Wei’s beautiful and lovely small Yao nose. Liu Wei also felt that he had never been open for men. At this moment, it is already slippery, and one sticky-liquid liquid is gradually slipping out. The finger is ingenious to pull the pearl of her, such as playing musical instruments to lure her wild to fire, when his fingers are inserted into her jade, Liu Wei only bites the silver tooth, and shame, Toughness resists the sensual pleasure of the waves of the waves of the waves …

“Oh … don’t …” I can’t help but rush out of Liu Wei Xiu’s beautiful and beautiful Yao nose. Although she is short, blurred, but Li Jianyun is like fairy, he stepped up, teasing, I only feel that Liu Yuyu is getting smoothed, and it is a hotflow burst …

Liu Weijiao, white holy, holy, jade, is unconsciously, with Li Zhenyun’s finger to slide on her, and ambitions to respond …

Liu Wei Xiu Mei pure pure color? It is also a fire and delicate, Jing Ying Ling?

Liu Wei and half pushed, gently struggled, Li Queen’s right hand stretched into Liu Wei’s jade back, mentioned the zipper head of the nurses, slow but firmly pulled down, the zipper has been pulled from Liu Wei’s back to the waist The dress is open to the body, and her smooth is beautiful, and the jade back is finally exposed.

※ JKFORUM.NET | JKF Czech Forum Li Zhenyun’s right hand stopped in Liu Wei’s towering crisp chest, holding Liu Yingying and grasping Yufeng, pulling under the breast, he realized that the palm is full, He rubbed Liu Yu’s delicate face with the cheek, his hands smashed her round and full of snow peaks. He suddenly squeezed and smashed, and suddenly pinched the seductive small point of the peak, and the throat was moved up and down. “The sound of”, the huge huge, the top of the trousers, straight to the middle of Liu Wei’s hips.

Liu Wei’s panting, under a snow-white breast, the towering crisp chest is unfamiliated, his hand is handy on the snow, white and less smooth, tentacles only feel snow muscle, crystal clear, powder carving jade , Smooth and delicate, delicate silk, smooth silk.

Li Zhenyun’s right hand along Liu Yuxu black and beautiful show, walking softly, she is sliding, extends to her solid and round hips, not stopping, soft touch, although he is not a man, but sexy Liu Wei made him no resistance. At this time, he was already a skilled flowers. His hand joined Liu Wei’s triangle underwear, and touched a soft and slightly curved hair, and the grass is deserved. The heart is move, I can’t wait to peel the grass immediately, and a mysterious environment of the charming soul, along Liu Wei’s aroma, he began to touch her lip.

Liu Wei closed the beauty, the whole body scattered the fragrance of the female body, when Li Zhenyun’s hand was squatting in the Holy flower valley of Tang Mei, she suddenly felt excited thrills that never had, two shy she felt red clouds floating Going to the cheek, the beautiful eyes are fascinated by Li Zhi … Liu Wei is touched by Li Weiyun to the most sacred, most sensitive part of the woman, her body is gradually hot, there is a touchless but itch, spread to the whole, comfortable feel Let her squat, a high-ranking shout is rushing from Liu Wei, and then I have been able to pass away for ten seconds. Relax the limbs, a juice water from him to cover the fingers of the honey pot. …

Liu Wei’s climax, never accepted the nourishment, and did not pick up a wave of strong thorn soaking, she can’t help but raise her head, and her eyes puffed, and the eyebrows were smashed. Blur, it is a mess, then the soft and weak soft in the arms of Li Yuyun, let him lay.

Liu Wei is ashamed, a beautiful powder face is more red, and the heart is shy, I don’t know what it is, the light is angry with a crystal bright snow, the powder carving jade, the perfect virgin, half naked, her face, Shaoxia, Whenever the knife is cut, and if the waist is constrained.

Liu Wei semi-naked jade body is beautiful and graceful, Miao Ben Tiancheng! The Qing Li is a beautiful and charming jade, the beautiful and soft and crystal Yunzhi jade neck, the cleansing, the towering, the towering, the pure, the pure, the peach, the beautiful, the beautiful , Tan Tan is tall, and the eyebrows are tight, and people can’t help but feel the pain of being ashamed is still a hunger, which is very exciting.

Li Zhen Yun also used thumb to gently allocate pink sexy underwear, just like the feathers and gently …


Liu Wei was smashed, half-naked, fierce, stunned, laying out in a small bed in the office of the head of the nurse, slamming the finger from her little honey pot, Li Zhenyun couldn’t help but hug Liu Wei’s bottom, the high nose topped her dress, the nose is obviously touching her share of the thin skin. Sudden Yan Fu is not enjoyed, only smelling her is the blood in her 胯? The fragrance of Zhang. Li Zhenyun retired Liu Wei’s pink underwear to the foot naked, and Zhangkou had a moist in her wet.

“Hey … ah … you … oh!” Liu Wei squatted.

Li Zhenyun is tangled in the giant dragon who is proud of the man who is proud of Tang Mei, who has never opened.

“Dining, you are gentle!” For more than life, the strings in the deep heart have never been passed, and the heaven Liu Wei’s two intoxicated and mysterious cat eyes are half, and the long is slightly The seasame, such as the Venus-like light nose, the nose, the nose is opened, the arc is beautiful, the soft lips are slightly, such as the fraranges like the fragrant fragrant, such as the spring breeze is on his face. .

Li Zhen Yun began to move hard.

“Hurt! Ah! Brother! Dirty cloud younger brother.”

Liu Weiwu, began to be fine, like a dream, half-open, half-closed water, crystal.

How urgers are in a hurry! Li Zhenyun did not have an emergency, but in slow grinding, he gradually opened his girl’s math. The hard branching is like the diamond, and a little bit is a little bit to the teenage beauty. During the repeated advancement and extrusion process, he enjoyed the narrowness, enrichment and warm feelings from the body binding parts of the two.

Not allowed, the in-depth trend of the faucet suddenly slammed the front of a flexible barrier, he understood that today’s “feast” main dishes on the table, he watched the beautiful girl like a laze lamb, will she The lower body is firmly fixed, then retreats behind, driving hard, straight, wearing the female film of Yaferge, carrying the mighty momentum in an instant to pierce the last defense line of the female body, then For example, if you are bamboo, the long drive is straight until it is completely drilled into the warm and beautiful girl, an incomparable conquest simultaneously.

How long does Li Zhenyun have stopped the dragon, and he began a piston sports. He didn’t have the consideration and careful, dark and dark body, and he hit Liu Weijie Bai Skin, “, “The contact sound and the friction of” sand, sand “.

Liu Yuli? Shash red, willow eye wrinkles, two crystal tears are poured out of the pain when the melon, a ice and jade, beautiful and beautiful holy virgin has lost the valuable virgin, the snow white jade stocks Film.

The two came at this moment, and Liu Wei seems to be completely lost in the shameless, squirrel, squatting, squatting, a pair of stars seems to be closed, she was last crazy by him The top, plus the “花 芯” of the hot and sensitive “flower core”, and suddenly climbed the emperor of the men and women, in the male and female, the happiness of the clouds, the thrill of the clouds, Want to die.

“Ah …” Guo Tianxiang’s beautiful Tang Meizhen was in the final stimulation of Li Zhenyun. When he was standing, his mind was white, and his eyes were blank. The bliss of men and women love.

“Liu Wei sister, I love you! Happy?”

Li Wei Yun lightly kissed her soft cheek, worppling her delicate skin, affectionate, and soft.

“Due to the cloud brother, the beauty is too happy!”

Liu Wei’s first person, bid farewell to the body, after all, is a nurse professional graduation, no other female is shame, the eyebrows are more like, the wind is glamorous, emotively kiss Li Zhenyun’s chest, Jiao Wei, “Good brother” , 云 公, you are too powerful! “

Li Zhenyun can not help but rise, tease the shy Liu Yao said: “Liu Wei sister, the clouds like you to wear a nurse uniform, sister, you are willing?”

Liu Wei’s exaggeration is a reaction, and it is ashamed and is nodded.

Li Zhenyun looked at Liu Yizhen to wear pink nurse uniforms, but it was a snow white and delicate, and the curve of a single, and the flat belly, the list was helpless, the jade bare, the two legs, a slender jade ditch, pink The two pieces of the color, the two rounds full of double peaks, with Liu Wei’s delicate, non-stop, Ying Yingru, the slim, the twist, the seam, the black, the mad, very weak, Make the two micro-clamps to pink, if it is hidden. Just like this, Liu Wei’s powder, crystal Yunrun’s snow white, pink nurse uniform nude in front of Li Zhenyun, the jade tender ice muscles, trembled and beautiful snow white Pioni, the profit is only a grip, the slim soft waist, the smooth white soft belly, the beautiful sleek snow, no one is not beautiful, there is no tempting. Especially the “Holy Peak” of Liu Xiaoyan, the “Holy Peak”, proudly, and a pair of Jiao Xiaoling on the pool of Pepper, beautiful and beautiful, beautiful With the surrounding circles, the delicate faint, delicate, like a pair of 放 放, 花 初 初 初The color of the color is quite atrial.

Li Zhenyun said, once again, it took a lot to look at the snow white in his body, the jade body is welcome, gentle, Cheng Huan, wheezing, snoring, passionate ward, one room all spring …

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