That is in 2011, I am working in a company.

Frequently travel, here is the driver of our unit, because several locations in the business trip are in the northeast provinces, so the most powerful or driver, he can’t live in each of our business trips, there are young women to invite him to go At home, this matter makes all of our company very envious, embarrassing, hate!

At a place we live in Shenyang, we were very powerful in Shenyang. When you press your feet!

I came to this place for the first time. When I bought a hotel in advance, when I arrived at the hotel, a red Honda car in front came down a tall woman, and the driver said casually, the manager of this hotel.

Get off the bus, just see what the woman is working with the front desk, then he knew that he called.

The driver came to the door behind me, came in with the waiter, and introduced me with the waiter, I was polite and sorrow.

Here, I don’t think that I can take advantage of the idea of ​​it.

The transfer appeared in the afternoon, the cooperation unit had something to go out, and the notebook made half of the account in the hotel’s room.

However, in the evening, I returned to the hotel in the evening, I found that the room was cleared, my notebook’s power is unplugged, and the account is not saved.

I am in an instant, I will call the front desk immediately, call the waiter, maybe I am a bit high, my breath is fierce, the waiter is not dare to speak, and I will find a good and cleaning..

I asked the situation, cleaning aunt said that I just came to work, I really didn’t understand, I used to unplug all unused plugs at home!

He didn’t blame the aunt, this is the reason why I feel good for her, but apologize to me. Ask how do I solve it?

I don’t smash the face, I still have to apologize! Just say, redo, this is not what the property can not pay!

Let’s go to work, then I will say a few kinds of polite, and I will give me a business card. It means that there is a bad place to find her directly.

Because the company is anxious to settle, there is no way, I have to pay attention to the account, I have a look at the table, I have been 11:30.

Pick up the phone, see the business card, think about the mobile phone number, then the business card is not.

There is a mobile phone number, WeChat will see the recommended friend, I see it is. If you apply, add a friend, I didn’t think of the second. Then I asked I haven’t slept yet, I said that this is not the class you give, just do it.

She sent a shy expression and apologized, I didn’t have to apologize that I have passed.

She said that I have to ask you to eat the nightfast!

I don’t need you, as long as you pay me, I will have a good fortune, I am a little hungry, and I don’t know where to eat.

Where is she?

She said that she didn’t go home in the hotel manager, and then decided to go to eat in the evening.

I wore clothes to go out and wanted to give a call to the driver who went out. Later, I wanted to be so late. (I didn’t expect this guy and didn’t walk, but another room in this hotel walked at the white class waiter, I will have the opportunity to write).

She said with me on WeChat, let me go first, and wait for her to the crossroads, this makes me a little depressed. Just eat a night, use this.

I saw the next floor, I asked her to drink? (I have already had evil ideas, but I am not sure. She said that I can drink some, I said to take a taxi.

We have stopped a taxi, sitting in the back row, she told the driver to go to the address, naturally put her arms into my arm after getting on the bus.

※ | JKF Czech Forum I basically determined that there should be some events tonight.

We went to a static stun with barbecue. Drinking, chatting, I don’t say it. Anyway, the north of the sky said a lot, she can not only talk, but also can drink, the wine is absolutely not empty.

When she returned to the door, she made me go back and said to send me WeChat.

I have some awkward at the time, and I am a little angry. But later, I would like to count, it may be much.

Going back to the hotel into the room, the phone puts one side, then start taking a bath, in fact, I still hope that the phone is ringing. Take a bath to half, WeChat came to the news, ask me what I am doing, I said to take a shower, she said that I will finish the 606 room.

Wake a bath wine and woke up, I don’t know what medicine sold in her gourd. But at that time, it was already insecting the brain. I ran to 606 rooms. I saw that I was 608, I saw that the original 608 was a manager.

When I went to 606, the door didn’t lock. I pushed the door, she was taking a bath, I looked back in the door.

She heard the voice and said, wait, you should watch TV.

I picked up the remote control to lying on the bed, how to watch TV.

After a while, she took a shower and wrapped in a bath towel. I haven’t worked, she walked to the bed, I grabbed her from behind, and she was also open, she also opened the quilt, we kissed it enthusiastically, I was in her body. And quickly took off my clothes.

She took the initiative to give me blowjob, the technology is not a good, deep throat, egg, when doing toxic dragon, I suddenly flashed the same feeling in my heart, I feel that she used to be a lady. Otherwise, there is such a comprehensive oral to live.

This idea is just a flash, and the beauty is now so much more.

I work hard to work hard, let me feel more strange, she seems to know when I do it, I will actively ask for a posture to reduce my sensitivity.

I didn’t have a remembering time, I felt that time was tired, and the cooperation was quite good, and finally we got together to feel the peak.

No set, internal shooting! The man has been ventilated in the future!

I have a little regret, but I can’t show it. When the little brother is completely soft, the two people have simple cleans it, and go back to bed.

She started to tell her story about her, maybe it is a passage to the woman’s mind is vagina.

She told me a lot. It turned out that she is not a general hotel manager, but this building is her name, it is her boyfriend.

Why is my boyfriend, not my husband? Because her boyfriend is actually a big brother of the local, she is a small three. After the university didn’t graduate, I won the big brother after graduation, I have been following the big brother. All the love technology is actually a big brother to find a lot of massage technicians teach. (For the explanation of her explanation, I have been suspected), but the big brother is quite good, the name is a lot of industries, and the start is to give her to her, then give her the whole building.

She told me that she was afraid that the waiter had the eyeliner to play with her boyfriend, so she was separated and separated.

I asked her why she couldn’t go out. She said a question of the ID card, and she can find it with her boyfriend’s ability. The second boyfriend will come to the hotel in the middle of the night. So he let me come to 606, in case there is a good emergency.

Although she is open to me. But I still feel that it is not very wonderful.

Talking, I have responded again. At this time, I have a psychological psychology that I have cheap, I don’t have a bastard. Then return to my own room. I slept for one morning. Wake up in the afternoon, call the driver, change the hotel!

Postscript: Because I knew the name of this big brother from now. Once an accidental opportunity, I actually dinner with this big brother.

When I saw this big brother, I fully overthrew my impression of my big brother of the bag.

The big brother is very somework, does not lose the body of the Korean idol, the body is full of tattoo, and it is very modest. And I don’t have your woman who is sleeping by me, I feel that this person has become a big brother. It must be reasonable!

Suddenly I remembered a joke, a child asked him Dad: What is the black society?

Dad said: The black society is some of the people who have a positive business, and some government officials are hot, they put their attention, and talk to the people.

The child said: those people who have a tattoo on the street, take a knife?

Dad said: That is, stupid!

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