To be honest, I have never thought that it will become true, it is very unexpected, but it happened …

In the summer of that summer, I was worse with Juan Juan in our market, and the story that should happen at the hotel.

After arriving at the destination, after I took a shower, I just wore a pants (there was no panty, because I like naked feelings), reading a book in the hotel’s room; for a while, someone knocking, I Open the door, she stood at the door. She asked me if I didn’t go out. I said that I would like to read the book, I asked her to come in; I found that she just took a shower, wet hair, red, flush Cowboy top and cowboy; she is sitting in my bed, I do on the stool before the writing desk, I said, “I just took a shower and didn’t wear the upper clothes. You don’t mind.” She said: “You don’t mind me Don’t mind. “

I don’t know how to talk to one night and one night and one night’s topic. She asked me that I believe in a night or a night. I said that it is a night, because I don’t agree that there is no feelings, love and sexual intercourse; she Said that she also believes in a night, because if there is no feelings, it is the piston of sexual organs, there is nothing to do. I am surprised in her language, because there is no girl and I discuss such a topic and say this.

And when I chatted with Juan, I found that her denim jacket was not buckled, there was a button opened, and when we chatted, she did a lot of limb language, I saw her white full of rush. I am very happy.

The next night, we went out to play, come back on the taxi, my hand spurred with her soft waist, squatting, my hand walked through the sister of Juan Juan, squatting her smooth back I moved forward, in her little belly, compromising her breast, I asked her how she didn’t bring a bra, she said she didn’t like the shackles of the cream. Back to the hotel, I said to take a shower in the room first, then I went to her chat, she promised (she is a person living).

After I took a shower, I took the safety set of safety knocked her door. She said, I came in and locked the door, Juan Sister is still taking a bath, I put the condom on the bedside table, open TV, after a few minutes, Juan The sister came out of the bathroom, wearing pajamas, holding towels, wiping hair (her hair is a little like a short hair of the boy), I said you are so beautiful. She smiled, sitting in the bed, saw the condom, smiled, “What is this?” I said you look.

So she opened a look, A, you a small color ghost, then what is the sister here, what I said, my sister, I miss you, she laughs and looks, I slowly approached her, grab her Hand, start kissing her neck, she ticked, I gradually kissed her lips, we suck each other’s tongue, I woked her breast in pajamas, I solved her pajamas, Juan Sister’s full crispling Finally, in front of me, I gently stroked, the little nipple of the love of the Kiss Jogan, she whispered, start taking off my top, and stroked my bodybuilding thoracic muscles and mystery Milk head, I took off the pajamas, and Juan sister did not wear underwear. My kiss kissed the two full-scale breasts of Juan Juan, and kissed the chest of Juan Sister, and kissed it down. She put it in bed, separated her body and slender legs, Juan sister, seductive, emitting charming breath, the yin part is completely in front of me, I saw white thigh roots, pink white drums Under the junction, black hairy, a fine piece of flesh, the top of the flesh, one of the raised buds, pink … I used your fingers to work with her soft scribe, finger strokes. Juan sister’s clitoris, she called, I used my tongue, my finger and caress the little hole of Juan Juan, wrapped the laboray lips of Juan Juan, gently biting her little bean, Juan Sister below The aroma is more intense, so stimulating …

Juan sister closed his eyes, and his breathing became more and more heavy. He began to gently squat, I separate her labi, my tongue reached into her small hole, my tongue is like the little brother, I feel Her hole is in the sputum … in the expansion … I used the forefinger to the water of Juan Juan, slowly put it in her vagina, slowly twitch, slowly plugging! The vagina of Juan Juan is so hot, tightly sucking my finger. Sister Juan said softly, brother, so comfortable!

Sister Juan sat up and pushed me into the bed. I took off my pants. Juan sister smiled: “You don’t wear underwear.” I said that I like the little brother to breathe fresh air, Juan sister’s grasp The penis, saying that you are so big and hot, and the naughty put the penis on her face. You closer your eyes. I closed my eyes, I felt a soft soft wrapped my sensitive glans. I opened my eyes. I saw Juan sister licking my cock and my glans. I felt that her tongue was very lubricated, licking in my glans I have a feeling that I want to shoot at the eyes … so comfortable. Juan Sister also took my penis into her mouth and took the exam, and used his hand to follow my pill. I said that you are so powerful. Juan sister found that I was watching her, smiled and brought the condom, opened one, and put the top of the suite in the mouth, I understand that she is going to use the international popularity method for me. Sub, she put the set of sunsp in my glans, with your mouth with your penis, and push the suction with her lips to my penis, it is so comfortable!

I put the sister in bed, she took the initiative to separate my legs, I took the penis close to her vagina, separated her labie, Juan sister’s vagina is already flooding, but still very tight, I feel mine The penis entered a vacuum warm device, I feel that I only entered a glans, she said that you are tall, you are too big. So I rubbed with the front end of Juan sister’s vagina, slowly sent it, finally my 17 cm long penis completely entered the vagina of Juanjie, Juan Sister also said that it is very enriching. I feel like my glans touched the homework of Juanjie, I started to conduct a squeezing of “Darkness”, Juan Sister is whispering.

I am resisting the legs of Juan Juan on my shoulder. Both hands pressed in the breasts of Juan Juan, with the push-ups and pose in Juan sister, the penis in the small hole of Juan sister, the sister is more loud. The squatting; this is a few minutes, Juan Sister said that her breast was compressed, so I got her, Juan sister’s hips were tall, I entered her in her body. I caught my body, and my hands extended from her back to the front of her breast. My penis was founded in the vagina of Juanjie, rubbed, rotated, Juan Sister returned to us to kiss the opponent’s lips and tongue.

Sister Juan said that she came to a climax. I lied her in bed. Her legs wrapped around my hips. My right arm was placed under her head, and the left arm pulled the right leg of Juanjie. The knee is close to her breasts. In the vagina, the penis is in the vagina of Juan Juan, I use the whole body’s strength, I am deeply inserted into the bottom, then I will continue to rotate, grind, then pull the dick. , Leaving only the glans in it! Juan sister’s small hole is tight … so warm! … I also felt a short desire of ejaculation, Juan sister’s breath accelerated, people are also more exciting, call sound is bigger, I know that she is going to climax, more powerful. Sister Juan was finally shouted in my high-speed spot check. “I am coming, ah …” I feel a buzzard and contraction of muscles in the vagina, I know that she came to climax. , I also can’t restrain the desire of ejaculation while she contracted the vaginal wall, a shot from the lower body quickly covered with full body, I only think that a strong thorns are sprayed from my penis. Always hit the deepest place in Juan Sister … ah … ah, ah … so comfortable! ! ! It’s so cool …, my penis beats more than ten times in the depths of her narrow vagina. I sprayed the hot semen, Juan sister’s vagina also looked tightly sucking my glans, we finally The happy peak arrived in sex …

※ JKFORUM.NET | JKF Czech Forum After ejaculation, we maintained the same movement for a long time until she said, “My legs are numb” I found that I was still holding her right leg on her breast, so I put down her legs, she carefully reached out the end of the condom, I left her body, Juan sister helped me fade, said, “You are still so big, it is so powerful!” Take it in front of you, say a lot of shots, so hot! I picked the naked Juanjie to the bathroom rinsing. We washed each other’s sexual organs, smile, teasing, after washing, we naked hug lying on the bed chat, and scored each other. Kong smooth body, I use The hand is gently smashed with Juan Jie’s full breasts and said: “Your breast is full, I like it!” Juan sister also stroked his bodybuilding thoracic muscle, and stimulated my nipple. I said: “Juan sister, you are so tight.” Juan sister smiled and started to hold my penis with hand, said: “It is so small now, so cute! Just now it is so thick, so scary Ah! But I like it! “

My hand began to reach the jungle of Juan Juan, rubbing her thick hairy, the original gigant is a girl who is sexual, my finger is rubbing the clitoris of Juan Juan and the size of the lace, and found that her holes began. There is also the secretion of love, and Juan sister whispers said how you are coming, I said that you take the initiative this time. Juan sister began to volve, start kissing every inch of the skin with her soft kiss, kissed my nipple, rubbed my chest, my chest, and gradually transferred down, finally I arrived at me, Juan sister first held my penis, kissed my pill, and put my pills in her mouth, gently swept my pill with her tongue, and kicked another Dear, starting my penis in the mouth, swallowing up and down, and use the tongue to lick my glans and horses, with your hand, my penis is gradually skyrocketing in the mouth of Juan Juan, Juan Sister Spit out the penis, rush me, say yourself, you are so big; I said that you can’t help? She said that she can; I will watch me in her mouth, I have been included in my mouth, I feel that my glans enters her throat, so comfortable! I said that we came to the 69 style, and Juan sister didn’t understand me. I said that you volve in me, put your ass in my head, so I can eat you when you contain my penis. The lace, Juan Sister is shy, I saw a white fertile hip to my head, I taught her to separate my legs, cross my head, I started to taste the tasty laboray lips of Juanjie. And put my tongue into the vagina’s vagina’s vagina, two hands in the breasts of Fu Zanjuan, Juan sister felt a huge excitement, more selling, sucking my penis, and sister, sister. Come on a climax, there is a penis in my body, but the hips are more pressing my mouth, I accelerate the speed of the tongue in the vagina, the finger is twisted her nipple, Juan Jie’s prove She gave a climax in my mouth; I didn’t stop the action after the climax, and I continued to take a check. After a few minutes, I said that “I haven’t been to be grateful, I am so comfortable.”

I said that I have not comfortable, she laughed, and I gave me a condom with my mouth. She was on me, holding my penis with hands, slowly sat up, I saw my thick penis gradually In the sister of Juan Juan, Juan Sister began to find out in my top, a pair of white and tender breasts swayed in front of me, I couldn’t help but reach out and smashed her breasts and nipples; I gradually sat up In the waist of Juan Juan, put his face in the breasts of Juanjie, breathing the fascinating milky fragrance of Juan, kissed the pink nipple of Juan Juan, Juan sister tilted back, I also accelerated the top The speed, after a while, Juan sister’s climax came again, she won’t move in my body, and the trembling of the mulled mullah was squatted with her breathing with her breathing. After a while, Juan sister left my body, saying that you are so powerful, haven’t come yet. I said yes, you are all comfortable twice. Juan sister faded the condom on my penis, and I took a hot towel to the bathroom and wiped my penis. I said that I used the mouth to make you feel comfortable.

After that, I quickly accelerated the speed of the blowjob. I saw that my 17 cm long penis in the mouth of Juanjie, and often contains the roots of the penis. Juan sister also uses soft handorous to make my pill. I feel that I have spread all over the body from the lower body. I feel a desire of ejaculation. I said that I am fast, Juan Jie has accelerated the speed of the throughput, I feel that my penis has risen, and the penis is jumping, one A semen shot into the mouth of Juan Juan, Juan sister did not stop the throughput when I was ejaculation, and it seems that the true empty use force sucks my penis, I feel that I have never been ejaculation, more semen shooting In the mouth of Jin Juan, she stopped the vacuum sucking after my penis. She spit out my penis. When the body ran to the bathroom, spit the semen, come back, rush, say “you shoot” A lot, there is still a little salty; put my penis in the mouth, the penis after ejaculation is still not soft, and more sensitive, Juan Jie uses the tongue to lick my glans, so comfortable and stimulating!

I pulled Juan sister to my side, holding the naked body of Juan Juan, we kissed each other, I touched Juan Sister’s full breast, I said that your mouth is great. Juan Juan told me that she was the first boyfriend in her 20th. Now is her second boyfriend, they like sexual love, often explore sexual love, Juan Sister also learned to learn The skill of blowjob; due to our two love, the physical power consumption is very large, we have said a while, just fall asleep: My hand holds the two tits of Juan Juan, a Juan Sister Holding my penis, we have entered a dream together.

The next morning, I felt that my penis was warm and wet, a soft tongue touched my glans, a few soft fingers in a pill, the penis gradually increased under stimulation Big, a throne is full of full body, I also woke up from sleeping; slowly open your eyes, I found that Juan sister is trying to taste my penis, Juan found that I woke up, gently smiled, said that you woke up, it also I woke up, it turned into thick and hot; I said that you are naughty; Juan Sister said that you should move first, let you first comfort it; then continue to bother for me; I sit up, hold Juan Sister In the middle, we kiss each other, the elastic breasts of Juanjie drums are crowded in my chest. My hand holds the smooth back and hips, my hand skilled to Juan sister, in her small hole Smoking. I found that Juan sister’s small hole is already in the spring tide. The love liquid is dyed my finger. I laughed: “It turns out that you are also a matter of love!” Si Juan sister also brought the condom for me, Juan Jie After letting my penis enters her vagina, I took the Juan sister, and the two hands of Juan squatted at my neck. Two legs wrapped around my waist, my hand hugged Juan Jie fat hips, put Her ass lifted his love, Juan sister loudly “Ah … ah … comfortable … The brother is so comfortable …” I held Juanjie to the table, I took Juan Sister. Put it on the table, adjust the angle, speed up my penis’s spot check speed, I low-end, look at my thick penis in the small hole of Juan sister, and bring the little labie with Juan Juan. When the penis is entrained, the junction of Juan Juan also flows to the table; I will reverse the body, enter the bodies of Juanjie, and there is a mirror in front of Juan sister. Sister saw his own sensuality in the mirror, more sensuality twisted his body and hips, I saw that the two plump breasts of Juanjie were even more big in the lowest state, couldn’t help but hold hands. The two drums of Juan Juan, the hardships, and Juan Sister also loudly, twisted.

Suddenly Juan Jie climbed on the table. I felt that I was contraction in the muscles in the small hole of Juan. I knew that the climax of Juanjie came, but it was more accelerated. Sister Juan finally said that I came; I Put the sister in bed again, separate her legs, enter her body, I said I want you to come again, Juan sister’s legs are wrapped around my hips, I use my hand’s posture: I The right arm is placed under her head, the left arm pulled the right leg of Juan Juan, so that the knee is close to her breasts, the penis is in the vagina of Juan Juan, I use the whole body’s strength, every time Deep inserted to the bottom, then keep rotating, grind, then pull the dick, leaving only the glans! In a short while, Juan sister’s breathing increased, and the eyes were gradually blurred. The muscles of the vaginal wall were shrinking, and the love liquid sprayed my glans. Juan sister couldn’t help but call it: “Ah … ah … I am coming again.” Ah … I am going to be heaven … I am so comfortable … baby … I … “So I accelerated the speed of the spot check, I also felt quickly from the penis quickly spread all over the whole body, and then gathered me In the scrotum, I feel that my penis is also a burst of beating, and a hot semen rushed out of my penis, and shot to the vagina of Juanjie, ah … so comfortable …!

We hugged in a climax posture until Juan Sister said that her legs were numb. We left the other party’s body, Juan sister helped me fade the condom, laughed: “Your brother is still very big! So many! Hot! You are too powerful, today’s love feelings will be deeply in the memory of Juanjie.

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