That is the evening in the spring, I have been bored, open the computer, take out the brothers give me the mask, pour a cup of tea, and enjoy it leisurely.

The result is a Japanese film, and the code code is not as wonderful as they boast. I have no seen a while. Beijing’s spring is very short, the spring is basically the feeling of summer. I usually not open the window, plus my heart, I can’t stand it, I bought some of Lai Shuangyang’s duck neck and a few bottles (we like a few friends who are common Yanjing beer for Putin). I plan to be kind to myself.

When I returned to the computer, I have been almost 7 o’clock. At this time, the mobile phone suddenly sounded. I got up, it was a strange name: Yang Yue – my brain quickly searched all the memories of these two words, But only the scenery of the Willow Shore Xiaofeng Moon – After answering the key, I heard a sweet voice: “Ajie, hello, remember me?”

I have a long time, the phone is laughing at the end: “I know you forgot me, I am Yang Yue, the market department.”

“I have stored your number, but I really can’t get on with you for a while.”

“Don’t blame you, haha, although everyone is a colleague, but we have only officially seen a face after all.”

“Oh, yeah, how do you suddenly think of calling me?”

“You forgot? When you meet, you don’t agree with me to take me to your family? Also said to give me a hand, hehe!”

Here, I remember: “Yes, right, I don’t forget to forget …” She is the high pick-white, quite a few pitted girls, and we exchanged the mobile phone number that day.

“Is there any empty now? Is I convenient now?”

I think, it’s not as good as it is, it’s not as good as I have already promised, so I promised her, and I called me.

When I opened the refrigerator door, I suddenly regretted that there was no more in the refrigerator – I have to go out to buy any food – I don’t like it in the weekend, and I love to see the book at home, go online …

When you are ready, when you start to make a dish, I am excited: I have a lot of vegetables, these are very good, but I would like to thank Liu Yiwei, but now he is now running to Shanghai Taiwan to do the yin and yang strange “Oriental mood”, or I You can also learn more. Show my cooking in front of the beauty, usually give me ordinary appearance to increase the unexpected brilliance.

Just finished two dishes, the phone rang again …

After dinner, it is already 9 o’clock in the evening, and she doesn’t think about it. She went to my bedroom, sit down on the computer table, see a few bottles of beer on the ground and the rest of the duck neck on the table, she suddenly called: “Why don’t you say it early?” Said, she let me Take the bottle opener, don’t say it, you have to blow bottle with me …

Two bottles of beer per person, the duck neck is finished, at this time, she actually does not have any other drunken signs except that her face is already red. After rubbing his mouth and his hand, she suddenly sat next to my computer, I fierce, the dish was still suspended, just minimized – but everything is late …

I can’t compare her face. Is it more red than just a lot, just buried his head in bed, let’s rely on the sound of the people in the room …

Suddenly, a group of heat was burned on my thigh. When I looked carefully, she was her hand. At this time, her moistener stretched away, and the soft tongue entered my surprise and Zhang Da. Q. I have come back, carefully spend her, stand up, kiss her, seem to use the tongue to find all the secrets in her mouth, she sent a soft snoring from time to time …

I slowly moved my mouth to her neck, sticking out the tip of the tongue, painting on her neck, suddenly I returned the tongue, biting her with teeth, gently sucking her, staying on her neck The next kiss, she tried to elongate the neck. It seems to have to let me bite all the skin, the throat is constantly emitting, my lower body has already felt this stimulus, not coming to autonomously stand up.

Slowly, my mouth moved to her ear, and I deliberately sprayed on her ear with the nose of the wine. At this time, her body trembled. Then I bounce my teeth with the upper and lower lips, then gently put her earlings, softly teased, and slammed with the tongue from time to time, she suddenly giggled to smile, Jiao said: “Itchy itchy … Oh … don’t … you … ah … good bad … “But, she is adapted immediately, no longer loud, but put it down to pull my clothes.

I looked at the time, holding her, turning around in bed, then I noticed that she wore a light pink low-cut short sleeve, a jacket a tight white shirt, the charming clever ditch is only the tip of my nose. Less than 10 cm far, I can’t help her take off the top, a black lace bra is taking out the breasts that are going to flex. I can’t bear to let the loveless big white rabbit take off the light, so I am squatting between her two breasts, and the delicate smell of the scent, the tip is licking, and it is absorbed with his mouth … … she twisted down under my body, smashing, her eyes, very enjoyable: “I, I am now, I have come today … Specially … Wash … I took a shower … Oh …”, slowly I faded her bras, two delicate nipples rushed, I panicked with my mouth, holding one by hand, raised them to walk away.

I used the tip of the tongue in her nipple, and I was like a circle. I bite it from time to time. I used my teeth softly to bite; the other side rubbed it gently … Her snoring has changed, no longer It is a low-end intermittent low, but with the face like crying, it is like laughing, and it seems that people are not described in consecutive crying, like smiling, screaming: “Um … ah … … haha ​​… um … Oh … “

I will have a smooth and smooth lower belly of my rhythm, and I have been explored down to open the way.

She is under the body with a white tights. When I touched the tight pants, when I was tightly packaged, my hand suddenly felt a tide hot – unlocked her pants, her leggings were completely wet.

Put her tight white pants to the ankle, I will stop, I think it is completely taken off, only fading to the ankle, there is a feeling of tie her legs, there is a rape when I do love. I feel, of course, I didn’t tell her.

At this time, I stopped the action, straight to the body, carefully appreciate her body, she also stopped 呻吟, looked at me quietly. After a while, she saw that I didn’t speak for a long time, so I took the initiative: “What’s wrong? Do you like?”


“Don’t I think it is very active?” I didn’t do it, she continued: “In fact, I have already paid you, do you know? Our few female colleagues seize you the company’s most duty, most man taste … “I am, I don’t know how to answer, is it really so good? Is myself too confident?

“Fool, no longer continue, what are you thinking?” She spoiled.

“No, I, I am thinking, what do we think?” I don’t know how to take this sentence, is this what I have learned from the beginning, and I just forgot to ask forgets too much?

“What is it, be a night, huh, I know you have a girlfriend, in the field, I don’t care, haven’t you done for a long time?” She is very open, but I am in the heart, I have, I’m like this. I don’t do it, I don’t do it: “I am a woman who touches my girlfriend, but I know the rule of one night, we are colleagues, this is a big taboo!”

“I know, don’t think too much, I will not destroy your feelings, come, Xiaoyu.” She seems very late, one will pull me down, and at this time, my stuff has been taken for a long time. It has been lost. She looked at it, smiled and said, “I have a way …”

She spuriously took off the clothes, and she walked into the kitchen. After a while, she took a glass of warm water to bedside: “Take off.” She said with a near command.

I don’t know what she wants to do, simply depletion, lying in bed. She looked at me: “I said that I didn’t look at it. I didn’t know what I did, listened to her, I almost laughed, how to boast a man.

My eyes are also invincible to protect her body, pay attention to her figure: She is a northern girl, very high, when she is in a dress, can’t see that she is so full, the meat is more meat. There are not many places where the meat is less, and a thick fur is eye-catching on a white body.

At this time, she drank a small mouth of warm water, suddenly looking for something, after a while, she walked toward the waste paper, took the paper, spit it, and reflect it. Just as I don’t know what to play, she bent down and buried her head into my crowd.

My little brother suddenly felt a heat wave shock. I slept from the body to see her, I saw her gods drums, I was including me. Suddenly, I feel that the glans are being soft. Meat, it is a tongue, right, is the tongue – a new meaning, including the hot water, I feel very exciting, I can’t help but send, she raises her eyes I, the activities in my mouth have not stopped, I saw a skeptic smile from her eyes. After a while, she changed a sigh of water. I was strong once again, I couldn’t help but feel comfortable – this woman seems to have experience, it is really obeying her. At this time, my penis has been fully expanded, she can’t contain, so I don’t have a periphery.

Her mouth skill is really getting, the tongue is simply to hurt, soft and long, in my great sticks, I have stimulated my coronary ditch, and I went around the glans with a light tip of the tongue. At this time, she saw my great sticks, so I wrapped my gods with my lips, and my glans were completely surrounded by hot water, and they were very exciting. I couldn’t stand it, I showed that she stopped. Down.

She gave me, spit it up on the water, got up in my body, with a soil smile, holding my stick, pitting the butt is very proficient to her.

It seems that she has not stopped the water, I am more smoothly, this is another cave, her small hole is hot, I haven’t had this feeling for a long time, very useful. The hole is not very deep, but it is very tight, especially the hole, seems to have two bones, like the teeth covered with the lips, scratching my meat stick, I am excited, but I have to control myself, because of a paragraph The foreplay, I have been can’t be made by her, and I don’t control it, I am afraid that there is no two times to be fired.

I put up my ass, combined with your strength to top, every top, she called. I saw her back, and my teeth biting my lips from time to time. The pointed chin is raised, and the neck is stretched into a powerful bow. This beautiful curve makes me very urgently. A pair of big breasts no longer stand up, but rolling on the rhythm, the waves are very spectacular.

I can’t help it again, sit up, hook her fat buttocks, help her force up and down, hold her back, put her Yufeng into my mouth, by her own Touch, let the little cherry ruddy nipple in my mouth.

※ JKFORUM.NET | JKF Czech Forum This is not addictive, I turned over to put her on the bed, pulling out the meat stick, and her legs squatted in the shoulders. At this time, her hole has been completely open, because the meat stick just took out, her small hole is actually like fart, and a mixed sound, accompanying this sound, spurt some liquid.

I stood under the bed, pulled my little hole, and raised my baby, and stabbed it. At this time, her face has been distorted, and the sound is completely changed, accompanied by the shaking of the breast, she is no longer like it just now, but “…, yes … Yeah … Jeh, Jeda … Top me, top, plug … Fast … “This sound mixed with the penis and pumping her little holes and my thighs hit her fat hips, bringing me a lot of stimulation, I am angry in my heart: “Small Saima, I am still here, I killed you …”

But I immediately realized that I was wrong. At this time, the man can’t impulsive, it should be calm down, and the preparation of a long battle is made. Every time I am deeply inserted, my glans can be topped to her twin, and the arrogant is a feeling of electric shock, just like she just touched her tongue. After taking a few times, I can’t stand it, I can’t help it, spray it out, then I want to take a bed softly.

She is obviously not satisfied, I don’t swooping my body, helping the penis that has not yet come and flex. After a while, she realized that this is unnecessary, so I lie down, I said that the sound is sick, and I will sleep. …

When I woke up, she found that she hadn’t fell asleep, I have been staring at me, seeing me open my eyes, she smiled and said: “Fool, just comfortable?” I nodded.

“Is it that I don’t take the initiative to touch your legs, don’t you plan to move me?”

I heard this, first! “No, no, I … I don’t … I am afraid that you will feel that I don’t respect you, so …”

“Haha …” she laughed, “fool, I have been so full, I have to drink, I want to give you a strong, I didn’t expect you to be so embarrassed, haha ​​…”

I extended his arm and took her into the arms. “If not because I haven’t touched a woman for a long time, I didn’t see the mask at home in the afternoon, I didn’t move your …”

“Hahaha …” She smiled even more.

“I don’t want to be sorry for my girlfriend … What’s more, we are colleagues.” “You are the first time to do with your girlfriend?”

I nodded.

She is looking at the ceiling, it seems to be self-speaking: “Then I am your second …” After that, she turned his head, staring at me, seeing me straight. At this time, she reached out and touched my forehead, touch my face, slowly, I touched me …

If you do it for the first time because of strangeness and girlfriend, I still don’t let go, then I am completely let go, anyway, I do it, do more times, so I boldly Touch her, she slowly smashed her eyes.

When I touched her mouth, I felt wet sticky, it may be because she is not satisfied, so she has been wet, I will pick up my hand, take a look at the light: How is blood?

She opened her eyes, if she said: “Don’t be very shocked, I am not a woman, yesterday, I have just turned it, there is a little residual.”

We continue. The drunken red has fallen from her face, and the redness of the two is very obvious: she still understands. It is no need to have too many preludes, we will soon enter the state. I just didn’t do it for a long time, plus the front play is her teasing me, so I am so fast, with my experience, this time is a continuous combat, fatigue war, the duration should be very long, so she starts her double The legs plus them.

She tries to open the thigh, let the small hole are fully diagrad, welcome my award and powerful collision. Soon, she breathed, finally let go of the scorpion, like it, crying, like extremely pleasant, fat hips, catering me, two hits, send a crisp. After a while, she felt that it was addicted, turned over to my body, and she was desperate.

When she sat down, I used the glans to slammed her heart, she suddenly tailored it, the vagina image like a strong elastic rubber ring, embarrassed my meat stick, form a strong The suction seems to have to take my soul into her uterus …

In this way, I am afraid I can’t hold how long, so I changed your posture, let her hear his butt on the bed, I stand on the ground, from behind. This strong plug-in made her very useful, and the sound was even more stunned. I grabbed her hands, reversed on the back, pulled it with one hand, let her support it in the bed, the other hand straight into her, I will take her jade milk for a while, pick teasing for a while She excited clitoris.

Finally, she called: “I, I can’t …” I want to get … Just get it … I am fine … you are so fast … I am going to do this. ” Investment, actually didn’t feel her climax, it is a pity.

I put her down, turned her back, picked up a thigh, sitting on another thigh, and struck it. She closed her eyes, nobbed, and listened to me in the dead pig.

Soon, she turned ash, under my impact, she was once again excited, the body began to twist, the sound started to swim.

We roll up and constantly transform their postures. Not long after, this bed also begins with our rhythm, excitement, excitement … Just when I feel so fare, she suddenly called: “Dear, fast, I am fast, fast … Quick plug, insert me, I want, want … well … Fast … soon, horse … fast … no, don’t stop ………… Ah – “At this time, a heat wave I can’t help but I can’t help but I can’t help it …

One night, we did 5 times, except for the first time, she had a climax in several times. The next day, we woke up from afternoon. She squatted in my chest, softly: “Dear, you are really brave …” I smiled, grabbed her fat buttocks, I was to kiss her, suddenly I found that her butt was wet. I was shocked, I watched the quilt, a big booth was my descendant, and some faint red, maybe her blood – the original is passionate, actually, there is no clothes.

“It doesn’t matter, I will rest for a while to help you clean up.”

“Not this,” I am worried about saying, “We all have forgotten the use of safety measures.”

She laughed: “Fool, now is a safe period, otherwise I will definitely let you wear, I really don’t feel relieved, I will buy some medicine, it is fine, rest.”

************ We agree that when you need it, you can go to the other party to solve the problem, so we lasted this unpaired relationship for a while. However, I have forgotten that I should agree with her: Both sides must not have emotions, not allowed to be true.

Finally, when “One Night” became this “several nights”, the rules of the game were destroyed. She is completely “one night” to me. But right, I don’t want to choose this active girl as a girlfriend, let alone I have a girlfriend. Besides, she has had several boyfriend before, and this woman who is inserted by people don’t know how many times, can only play. Finally, I have to change my company. She contacts me many times, I will never care about her: One night, this is the same, I have to play, can’t play, what is fashionable? Find friends through one night! Have you tired, why bother?

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