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The hot water of the lotus hoe flows on Hui Ru fresh and white. And Hui Ru has a proper fat, and the water of the shower is bombed back and only left a little water. Slim naked naked is smooth, meticulous.

It is because the position of the waist is high, the relationship between the two legs is, so the body appears to be aggregated. Although the breast is not large but there is a beautiful shape. The 27-year-old wonderful body has begun to have rounded and soft changes since the marriage of Wang Wei.

Husband Wang Wei is a business manager who is a business department in a computer company, leaving Huiru alone in the villa of Ninghu, and a person went to the US Los Angeles.

Because the Los Angeles branch is poor, it is sent to supervise. Hui Ru was originally wanted to go with her husband, but her husband said: “It is not a long time. It will come back for about half a year. Of course, you will be much more convenient to be around, but you have a job, let my brother Wang Wei. Often come to your bodyguard! “.

Hui Ru listened to her husband, and added inconvenience and uneasiness in foreign life, so I decided to stay in China.

Hui Ru’s work surface is the so-called escort, but it is actually a collection of money and strange men to sleep. However, Huuru’s guests are mostly the famous gentlemen of the finance industry, there will be no violence, or hurt the rude man of her body.

Therefore, Huiru can feel relieved and do love. But the old guests will make the body of Hui Ru unable to satisfy the pain. It is also completed this evening to kill, you can’t tell the husband’s work. Hui Ru immediately shower immediately, but the body is like a fever. In the inside of Hui Ru’s soft and white left thigh, there is a blood red kiss behind the old guests.

“Hate….”. Hui Ru frowned, and sprayed hot water on the red kiss of the blood in the blood, attempted to distinguish the color of the kiss. Hui Ru bent down the snow and white soft upper body, stripped with the left hand to put on the wet hamma on the shame, and strive to find whether there is other hidden traces to be branded. Two little laces have been congested with dark inner labs, such as blooming petals flipped outward, while Hui Ru’s fingers are inadvertently touched here, but suddenly has a strong hot sense.

“Ah ………… 唔 .. um ..”, the finger naturally rubs one of the congestive inner labians. Hui Ru has forgotten the shower and adding the impulse world of masturbation. Hui Ru picked up the lotus head with his left hand, and the right finger pinned the lip of the lips that had been congested. The pleasure of the flame arrived from the waist, and then rushed to the brain.

Hui Ru stands there to bite the teeth to endure the thrill of the upcoming explosion. Hui Ru has forgotten everything, and a pleasant snoring is completely put into another climax of the finger.

Hui Ru has never had a masturbation experience in a single era. However, since I married Wang Wei, I would like to rely on masturbation to solve my own fire. Wang Wei who has exceeded the forty-five year old, the performance is not very strong, so Hui Ru sometimes has to make up for the lack of Wang Wei.

However, the body of the body tonight is the sequelae left by the old guests. The name of this old man is Lin Minxiong. Based on the introduction of the Shu Jin, which gave Huiru, he was the president of the North and South Secure Corporation, but he only enjoys the young flesh of Huiru on his eyes and tongue.

“After people are old, you can get a sense of satisfaction. Just use your eyes to see and use your tongue, you will be enough, especially like you have a beautiful face and wonderful young wife …”. Lin Min Xiong said that it was lightly lighter with the tongue in every place on Hui Ru.

Lin Min Xiong looked all over the armpit, belly, thigh roots and feet. And this kind of itching feels makes Hui Ru almost emits snoring, but behind this soaking feeling is hidden with an abnormal pleasure. Hui Ru had to gently bite his arm and patience not to make a snoring.

“Your husband’s common woman’s sexual organ, I have to look at …”. Lin Minxiong, which is more than 60 years old, separating Hui Ru’s legs to the maximum limit, and the body of the skin is also rolling between the legs of Hui Ru. Lin Min Xiong saw Hui Ru has flowing out the cavity of prostitution, with the tongue to return to lightly lick and carefully describe Hui Ru filled with a small hole.

Lin Min’s experience said: “You are a very sexy beautiful woman, but your holes are not different from the general woman. I originally imagined a very elegant scene, but your holes have been opened, the inner labia is also flipped. It can be seen that you are also a very good woman. “

Hui Ru is also very strange, I don’t know why Lin Min Xiong will have such a strong feeling.

“Hey .. You started wet .. Is it a climax?”. Lin Minxiong continued to use the tongue and fingers on the pocket of Huifei’s prostitutes and pumped. I don’t know when Hui Ru has indeed flowing a lot of juice and forgetting the hips to match Lin Minxiong and pumping. Every sentence of Lin Min Xiong made Huiru ignited the fire in this night. Lin Min Xiong quickly discovered the changes in the sexy part of Huiru, and the side of the more quickly was more fast.

“The secrets inside have made a bright gloss …. The taste is getting stronger and more …”. Lin Min Xiong has a strong water absorber, and desperately uses the honey juice that Huiji is picked up.

Although I think about it, I don’t think there is a climax, but the hip is still a desperate desperate, and I have an obscenity from the nostril.

Looking at Hui Ru, Lin Min couldn’t help but say: “I just use the tongue to pick your lips, you will start to twist your hips to cooperate, probably your husband can’t make you get it, So you will sell this body! And I have heard about you, you are a young and sexy woman, in order to get a woman who sells the flesh. But I didn’t expect you to be like this. Essence. “

When Lin Min Xiong said a tongue, and found the upper end of the meat with honey, sucking the granulation like a little thumbs. Hui Ru did not put Lin Min Xiong’s words just madly squatting. “Well …. ah …. 喔 …”

Just under the teasing of Lin Min Xiong, Hui Rui reached the climax and spread a lot of honey juice.

“I know that you have already discharged, because there is a lot of sticky and warm honey juice into my mouth …” Lin Min Xiong played Hui Ru, and insert Huuru’s meat Cave.

“Ah .. Well .. Comfortable .. Use force .. ah …. Well ..” Huusu crazyly twisted his hips to cooperate with Lin Minxiong more deeply. However, the foreplay of the old man is never endless.

Now, Huiru is in the bathroom in the home, wants to use his fingers to extinguish the fire. Hui Ru found a granulation that was sucked by Lin Min Xiong, started rubbing the expanded granulation with fingertips. But Huusu still feels not addictive, use two fingers into their own flesh, and start the delivery.

At this time, Hui Ru has been completely indulged in the world of masturbation. “Well .. Ah ..” The snoring from your mouth makes Hugh to reach the climax. But at this time, there was a huge sound outside the glass door.

Hui Ru said out the finger and looked back at the foggy glass door asked: “.. Who is ….”

The group of black shadows replied: “Daxie, I am!”. This person is the brother of her husband Wang Wei. Before the husband went to Los Angeles, Wang Hao came to be a bodyguard, so Wang Hao often came here. Hui Ru knows that this person is a little peace of mind.

Wang Wei said with a foggy glass door: “The big, scared you, I accidentally knocked down the basket, sorry. I am going to the living room to drink.” After the finish, the glass door outside Wang The figure disappeared.

Hui Ru quickly rins his sticky finger, worried that he had seen his masturbation, and his face was not asked. Hui Ru wiped the body to walked out of the bathroom and unlocked the long hair behind the brain, but when she was ready to put on the underwear, I found it in the black t-pants that were prepared in the undressing basket.

Wang Hao working in the trading company is a very intense man, not like a man who is interested in the woman’s trip, but sometimes it will be devil. Black T pants in front of the undressing basket before the shower is suddenly disappeared, which makes it nervous.

Hui Ru thought must be Wang Hao took her black t-pants. I didn’t come to put on black underwear under pajamas. I rushed to the living room to find Wang Hao to take her black thal pants.

At this time, Wang Yu is sitting on a soft sofa in the living room, loosening the tie, arbitrarily taking whiskey from the wine cabinet, slowly taste. Hui Ru took the belt of pajamas and walked through Wang Hao, who was drinking.

“Give me a tripage, I didn’t expect you to make this kind of thing that steals the trip!” Hui Ru said to Wang Yu.

Wang Wei put the high cup in the hand on the table, showing arrogant smiles on his face, and took out the black thalp pants in front of Huiru.

“Is it this trip to Daxie?” Wang Que said slowly.

“Yes, this is this, and give it to me quickly!” Hui Ru said angry.

“Of course you can return you, but there are conditions.”

Hui Ru angry asked Wang Wei: “You said, what conditions do you want?”

Wang Hao smiled: “As long as the big man gives me the body, I can give you this very fascinating T1 pants. Moreover, the kind of masturbation will only make it more sad.”

Hui Ru’s face was red to the ear, I didn’t know what to say, and I found out my behavior in the bathroom. At this time, Wang Hao picked up the black t-shaped pants and shakes Hui Ru: “Daxie, I will let you fly on the sky.” Listening to Wang Xuan said, Huuru’s face is more hot, only I can watch the shake black thal pants, but I don’t know what to say.

Wang Wei caught the opportunity to tell Hui Ru with a threatful tone: “More …… More.

“I .. I don’t have a secret of misplable?” Hui Ru glanced behind Wang Wei.

But Huuru’s voice has been nervous. There is a little hoarse. Hui Ru thought in an instant, it was a job that he hired her husband’s sale of the body was discovered by Wang Wei.

“I know that there is a man, I will see Daxie and a sixty-year-old white-haired business celebrity in the hotel to enter the room.” Wang Wei said that it is close to Huiru and reached Hui Ru. Silk pajamas belt.

Hui Ru is a little timid, but from Wang Hao’s words, he probably doesn’t know the fact that Hui Ru sells the flesh. It is probably just a simple affair! Huusu thought so in my heart.

At the same time, when the pajamas belt was unspeakled, Wang Hao was tightly said: “I won’t tell the secrets of Da Yan, so I don’t have to tell the big brother.”

Just when Hui Ru wants to talk, her cherry is already in the mouth of Wang Wei. Wang Wei sucks Hui Ru’s soft tongue to reach out to relieve the pink silk pajamas wearing the body.

At the same time, when the pajamas will slip on the ground, Huiru wants to say “Don’t”, but it is too late to say that I have already had the idea of ​​accepting Wang Wei in the hearts of Hui Ru.

The pajamas finally slipped on the ground. At this time, Hui Ru can only stand in the same place in the same place to go back and forth in his chest.

The pleasure of sucking and gently using the teeth made Hui Ru confused, but I didn’t know when Huuru’s hands had tightly hugged Wang Wei.

After Wang Hao’s mouth left Hui Ru’s breast, got up and gently picked the naked Huiru.

“You .. you .. Hold me?” Hui Ru is asked.

“Of course, I want to go to bed! I have to make big happiness in bed, I want to make Daxie.” Wang Yuxi smiled.

Wang Wei walked over the past and kicked the door with a rudely kicked the door and put Huiru gently on the bed.

Wang Wei opened the cotton in the double bed, let the naked Hui Ru sleep above, and quickly take off the top and curly. The tip of the tongue is ignorant with the tongue. At this time, Huiju has already given up the resistance, slightly twisting the body and emits a sweet snoring from the nose.

Wang Hao’s hands were touched and said to be touched and said: “The body is beautiful, and each part is like a carved jade, then the smooth and meticulous It’s like this kind of cute .. Different from the naked naked, the snow white flesh is almost dazzling. “

Wang Wei gently lickled in the breast, and dialped the Huuru’s inclusion with his right hand, and also opened the desk lamp on the bedside table.

“Don’t .. Shy ..”

When the bed is formed on the bed and the same day, Hui Ru is not allowed to lift the right bead on his face. However, I heard Wang Wei compared with his 25-year-old wife’s wife, saying that I was more beautiful than the necgest, Hui Ru became more bold, the original clamping legs, also took the initiative to separately .

Thinking of everything in the light is everywhere in the light, the shame of the Qing Di Chu, which has made Hui Ru overflows a larger amount of honey.

“Hey .. Small hole wet, the honey sauce flowing is also shot, it turns out that there is a good woman ..!” Wang Wei said that the legs of Hui Ru’s legs were separated to the maximum limit, and The face is buried in Hui Ru’s legs.

The small granulation on the flesh is also couldn’t help but creep.

“.. .. ah …. Wang Wei …. Don’t … I .. I will not be able to stand .. ah …………….. Ru was sent to a wild beast.

When Hui Ru’s granulation was licking by Wang Hao, a strong thrill was like a full body, and Huiru couldn’t help but vent it a lot of honey.

“..H .. Well .. Plug .. Plug the finger .. Insert it …”

Hui Ru couldn’t help but twist his hips and said that such obscene words.

“Well .. Since the requirements of the big .. I will put your fingers in. In the disaster.

And Hui Ru’s small hole is also easy to absorb Wang Hao’s fingers. Since Wang Yun’s finger, Hui Ru’s hips can’t help but twist, with Wang Hao deeper insertion, and the upper half of the slim is also in a slight backward because of extreme pleasure. Wang Wei took the fingers in the Hui Ru smothered and said with a ridiculed tone: “Daxie, there is spring water in the small hole .. It turned out that the big is such a good color ..”

Hui Ru will cover the right hand on the face, grabbed the bed left, and desperately twisted the body to say: “.. …… No .. Don’t say .. .. I am high .. Class. .what..”

Whenever Wang Hao’s finger is inserted in Hui Ru’s hole, the sound from himself has increased from the excitability of Hui Ru.

Wang Hao’s tip of the tongue continued to squat on Huiru sensitive granulation, one side sucking one side and said: “Daxie .. Quickly split it .. Let me taste your honey, glycol, more glycohol.”

Hui Ru breathed: “.. Don’t .. I don’t because .. because of your fingers .. And reach the climax.”

Hui Ru’s desires must be inserted by the man’s words to go out. At this time, Wang Hao is not his own husband, and it is not important to Hui Ru.

Wang Wei and the strength of the finger and the speed of intentional asked: “Daxie didn’t want to discharge it out, what should I do?”

After that, Wang Hao deliberately pulled out the fingers in the Huiu small hole. When Wang Hao pulled his finger out, Hui Ru actually chased his hips to raise his hips to chase Wang Hao’s fingers, the behavior of the performance was actually the hunger and greed.

I saw Wang Yuxi smiled: “Daxie .. You are like just in the bathroom .. You can give me a look…………………………………………………………….. ..

Hui Ru asked: “Hey .. Is it masturbation in front of you?”

Wang Yizheng said: “Of course .. If you don’t miss you, I will not put the hard guy to go in. So, you have to make me anger to see it.”

Wang Wei did not wait for Hui Ru’s answer to half-forced to grab the right hand of Hui Ru cover on his face.

Hui Ru is a little trembling: “.. As long as it is.

Wang Wei did not answer, just reached out to unspeak the belt of our suit.

Hui Ru thought: As long as the masturbation gives Wang Yun, he will insert the hard guys in a small hole, Hui Ru is chaotic. Because half is your own self-violent self-discovery, and the other half is the pleasure to let Wang Xuan have seen their own lascivious behavior. This is the behavior that has not been seen by her husband, but now I now give Wang Yugi will have such an unusual excitement. Hui Ru really caught in the abyss of the unable to zero.

Hui Ru’s index finger and middle finger slowly inserted the small hole in the early spring and began to slowly pumping, and the thumb is also completely oppressed on that morning congestion. This pleasure with paralysis makes Huuru’s breath more urgent, but hips are constantly twisted.

“..H .. Well .. 喔 …” Hui Ru continued.

At this time, Wang Wei also took off the clothes on his body, quietly appreciate Huiru to play the scenery of his holes with a snow-white finger.

Wang Wei who has been rushing, but also deliberately shaking everyone who has already embossed blue-filled, said in front of Hui Ru, saying: “.. 哟 .. 大嫂 can really be sensuality .. Honey sauce flow Such more .. Da Yan is really a lascivious woman .. Daxie’s finger should not be deeply inserted .. That will make you more comfortable. “

Huiru lifted a twisted hip like a baby and wheezing: “.. I .. I don’t want your fingers .. I want you ..”

Wang Wei said that after returning and laughed: “.. Dad .. What do you want me?”

Hui Ru lifted his body into a knee posture and chased the hips of Wang Wei and said: “.. I .. I want your big guy.”

Then Zhang Xianghong lip puts Wang Hao’s glans into his mouth and started gently and down the big guy. When Hui Ru contained in the mouth and wrapped in soft tongue, Wang Hao did not help.

Hui Ru’s curved snow-white body has a small white rabbit to continue Wang Hao’s everyone in his mouth. Also guarded the scatter of hair, Hui Ru desperately shakes the head, let Wang Hao’s everyone in their mouths.

When you deeply swallow everyone and clamp your lips, Huusu can feel Wang Hao’s guys in his mouth, and this feeling makes Hui Ru more excited, because Huiru also knows The tongue has brought a deeper intoxication to Wang Wei. And everyone gradually increased volume and hardness in the mouth of Huiru.

Hui Ru once again contained the entrance and gently licked the tip of the tongue. At the same time, he also used force to suck the transparent lubricating liquid from the horse, and the transparent lubrication liquid was also flexible The tip of the tongue is gently drawing a shiny transparent wire.

Wang Hao can’t stand it, and the Hui Ru who reached out and push down the bed. With the general guys of the steel, the general guys on Hui Ru have already been booming in the spring, and Hui Ru also raised his legs to welcome everyone’s impact . At this time, Hui Ru seems to become more pleasant and climax to meet your own wild slave. Wang Wei rubbed on the grazing of Hui Ru, but this move made Hui Ru’s body, and the feelings of 漪-like. Hui Ru can’t stand it like this is like a soaking feeling of ars, raising your hands, Wang Hao’s hips, a slap, Wang Wei, a full-time inserted by the iron rods Ru’s small hole.

The moment when I dull in the body, and I was finished by Wang Hao’s guy, but it was a kind of pleasure and excitement.

Hui Ru did not dare to close his eyes to enjoy the impact brought by Wang Wei, because closed his eyes, let her feel like it is like falling into dark hell, emptiness and loneliness. Therefore, Hui Ru Ning can open his eyes to enjoy the strong impact of the wave of one wave brought about by Wang Hao.

Wang Yizhen and quickly pamped, Hui Ru desperately twisted the hips to cooperate, both sides came to me, mutual arrival. In the moment, the entire room is full of ambulance and the taste of corruption. Huiru took a lot of honey, perhaps the reason for Hui Ru’s heart! Also perhaps Wang Hao skills superb factors! Wang Yun is a victory’s bullfighter, which has long conquered Hui Ru, and the madman.

Wang Wei took an in-depth, and once again, Wang Wei had taken a time, so that Hui Ru has already met unprecedented climax and satisfaction. It should be said to be extremely excited! Wang Hao couldn’t help but shot a lot of warm semen into Hui Ru’s mouth, and Hui Ru did not dare to waste this precious jade liquor, and the full number swallowed into the belly, and used it The tongue is carefully removed from the semen on the meat stick.

After a break, Wang Hao worn his clothes and left Hui Ru with a smile of victory. In the entire room, only the naked Hui Ru and the fragrant smell of fluttering in the air ………

In Beitou Business Estate Company’s Saicai, 28 years old this year, than Huiji is one year old, is a very capable woman, it is often able to draw a big fisherman with excellent means. Take the original small company to more than 90 companies. What Shuchain will ask Hui Ru to pick up the guest? The reason is that Hui Ru borrows 10 million yuan to Shu Jin.

Three years ago, Hui Ru Father’s trading company, under the crash of the stock market, announced that the accumulated liabilities are not the burden of Hui Ru father. In order to help the father repay the debt, he borrows 10 million yuan to the same window of the university.

Shu Jin said: “Huiru, I am very sympathetic, I can borrow money to you, but I have a condition, I hope you can take the financial community who takes care of me for a night. You are beautiful, Maybe you can use your beauty in the future to help your father. “

This is why Huiru is sleeping for money and men. And Huiru’s father also died because of over-hand. So Hui Ru resigned that the past company has put into the company of Shu Jin, began to work together.

I met the current husband Wang Wei in an accidental dinner. But as long as the requirements of Shu Chao, Hui Ru will hit the husband to expose their snow white meat to those men. It is also strange that it is very reluctant to let those strange men play their own flesh, but after many times, they will gradually generate habits for money and strange men. Now Huuru does not feel pain even when the strange man is exposed to the white body, but begins to enjoy the happiness brought by this fall.

At noon the next day after the joy of Wang Wei, Hui Ru was woken by the phone voice of Shu Chen.

“Hey .. Hui Ru? I am Shu Jin! Today, I went to Cryunghua Hotel. I am waiting for you there. You have to introduce one person. You must go to the appointment on time. We will talk about it. In this way, bye is worship .. “

The words of Shujin are a command of Hui Ru, and Hui Ru did not dare to violate it.

Hui Ru wore a tight black dress and on the neck, a white silk scarf, which made people have a feeling of elegance. And Saicai is wearing a loose deep blue suit, and the look is very natural and easy.

Hui Ru’s beauty can be said to be classical, and Saicon is the impression of a modern woman.

“Mr. Lin Min Xiong is very satisfied, he said: Your appearance looks very quiet, but it is warm as a fire and quite fierce …”

Shu Jin said to Hui Ru played and sent a laughter.

Huiru is shameless, the head is low, and it does not dare to face Shu Jin. At this time, Shu Jin mysteriously said: “People come here today, the name is Chen Zongyi. It is the business celebrities in the middle of the middle, very young, and it is very possible. His lady will come together. “

Hui Ru didn’t understand the meaning of Shu Jin, and asked: “What is the lady?”

Shu Jin’s face revealed that the lascivious smile said: “Don’t you understand? It is three people play together.”

“Ah, I don’t want!” Hui Ru rubbed his face. Hui Ru also knew his position, she didn’t have a way to refuse Shujin’s request. Because Huiru has not yet returned the debt, it is necessary to obey the order of Shu Chen, which is the contract and agreed between them.

Hui Ru said: “But .. I don’t have the same sex experience ..”

Shu Jin guess: “It seems to be asked by Mrs. Chen, she may have this hobbies. You just have to obey their opinions, and if you don’t have a different stimulus?”

Huiru did not answer just silently point.

“They are coming!” Shujin said in the direction of the door ….

Chen Zongyi seems to be 40 years old, and dark skin is probably tanned and tanned. There is a pair of gentlemen, and the strong body is wearing a tea brown suit. After the warmth of Shujin and Chen Zongyi, the excuses have to be handled, leaving Huiru left.

After hiding behind her husband Chen Zongyi, the lady wearing a pink dress, showing smile, said to Huiru: “Hello, I am like a frost, please advise.”

For example, the 32-year-old age, the slight lips and the hot body make people a mature gorgeous feel.

For overall, such as frost is also a quite glamorous woman. And such a beautiful woman has a hobby, but also makes people feel unexpected.

Chen Zongyi said to Hui Ru: “We don’t want to take care of the cold, why not come to the suites? Perhaps it will be relaxed and comfortable.”

Hui Ru can only nod, and follow Chen Zongyi couple to take a lift to the suite.

It is a very luxurious and wide presidential suite. Chen Zongyi went to the bed of bright sunshine, put down the curtains to say: “If you are frost, are you satisfied with Miss Huiru?”

To make a good woman, “Huiru is a very beautiful woman, especially her snow, red skin, let me hate it right away, I will taste the taste.”

Hui Ru really doesn’t know how to cope with this couple, can only be nervous in front of them.

If you take off the pink dress, you can go to Hui Ru: “Huiru, you should go to the shower.”

Huiru is like escaping to the bathroom and take off the clothes in the bathroom. In front of the floor mirror, it turns into a hint of Hui Ru, fixing the long hair roll in the brain, fixes the hairpin, gently pulls the cloth into the bath, and releases the appropriate water temperature to prepare the shower.

At this time, like a frost also revealed a full hot snow and white naked. Naked, such as frost, also walked into the bathtub and sent a sensuality smile: “Huiru, I will help you wash.”

For the cream that suddenly broke into the bathroom, Huiru did not feel surprised, and even if he did not feel surprised, I still feel incredible.

Hui Ru is the same as the skin of the skin, but the skin like the frost seems to have no sunlight, it seems pale. If the frost has a full range of ups and downs, the breast is quite big, the hips are also very thick, and the slender legs look so elastic. The hairy of the frost under the abdomen is like deliberately scraped, and quite sparse is short. This look like symbolizing frost is a very sensual woman, which has made Hui Ru more confused.

If the cream is gently applied to the parts of Hui Ru, then rinse with the lotus head. However, this action is almost caress. Because the fine finger creates a sweet stimulation in the chest of Hui Ru, the lower abdomen and the inside of the lower leg.

This same-sex game, the first time for Huiru. However, Hui Ru did not have a disgust, but feel that his body will have such excitement and pleasure in the skilled play of frost, and the frostless naked naked also brings security.

And the sprayed lotus head does not know when he is thrown into the bathtub. Just as the frost sucking the light red nipple of Hui Ru, Hui Ru couldn’t help but sounded “.. Well .. .. ..”

And the frost finger is also indirectly separated from Hui Ru’s labians and rubbed back and forth on the raised grape.

“.. Hey .. Through such honey.. You are really a sensuality .. Let me insert your fingers.”.

If the frost is tightly hurting Hui Ru that has paralyzed the upper body, the left-handed unnamed finger is indirectly inserted into the small hole of Hui Ru.

“.. ah …. 唔 …… 噢 ..” Hui Ru issued a great humble.

Because there is a big diamond ring because of the unknown referring to the frost, Hui Ru can know that the finger has plugged into the second joint.

It should be said that the diamond ring is rubbed into the relationship between the small granulation! For every extravast, Hui Ru’s lust is pushed to the highest point.

Hui Ru crazy twist hips to cooperate with frost, such as frost is more embarrassing with unfamed fingers in Huuru’s small hole. Hui Ru can’t help but vent the large amount of honey sauce and smoked with frosty red lips. And this same-sex game has also been deep in the hearts of Huiru ……..

After closing the water of the shower, the two came out while got out of the bathtub, such as frost picked up a big bath towel carefully wiped the body of Huiru.

“I wipe it myself!” Although Hui Ru said that this is very shy, it is very careful, carefully wiped the body of Hui Ru, and bring Hui Ru to the master bedroom.

Chen Zongyi had already replaced pajamas, and the lights in the room were dimmed, and the gods sat on the sofa in the bed. And the double bed linen and silk quilts have been set off, which may be what Chen Zongyi deliberately do.

When Chen Zongyi saw Hui Ru and a frost, there was no surprised expression on his face, but everyone in pajamas was so high as a hill as a hill.

After bringing Hugh to the bed, he sat next to Chen Zongyi and said: “.. Dear, I have already insert my fingers into Hui Ru’s small hole in the bathroom …”

Chen Zongyi tasting in the hands of the brandy side and said: “.. Well .. I already know .. Because from the bathroom, Hui Ru wheezing sounds.”

Listening to Chen Zongyi said that Hui Ruhong faced his face and went down, I wonder what the words would be said to resolve this embarrassing scene, I can only stay in Chen Zongyi, hidden in pajamas and high gangs.

If the cream, it seems that the physical changes in the husband’s body, so he said to her husband Chen Zongyi with a mocking tone: “.. 哟 .. Dear .. Is it after hearing Hui Ru’s snoring? Subworked .. “

Chen Zongyi smiled and did not answer, but he took him with his right hand to make him like steel. Chen Zongyi did not know that this move has ignited the fire of the desire in Hui Ru.

If the cream seems to look through Hui Ru’s mind, smile and talk to husband Chen Zongyi: “.. Dear .. Let me perform a sexual love between the same-sex.”

Chen Zongyi said: “.. Good .. Good .. You can do the same sex to see my sexual love ..”

If the cream leaves the sofa, leisurely go to Hui Ru and say: “.. Hui Ru .. this time I have to completely .. Liberation you ..”

If a man is like a man, push Huuru’s white body in bed and tightly post her slightly red lips on Huiru’s mouth. If the frosty tongue enters the mouth of Hui Ru like a female mounted animal, and Hui Ru’s tongue seems to be in a generally deep attractive and is entangled.

This kind of woman and woman’s kisses are still the first time, although there is no paralysis when they have a different sex kiss, but let Huuru’s body has a slowly melted sweet feeling.

Two people’s tongue boldly sucking each other, crazy mutually wrapped around. If the frosty finger is gently scraped with Huiru’s pink nipple and slow down slowly.

If the frost, the finger dials the wet yin and finds a small meat bud. The small granulation has gradually increased the volume of the stimulation of the finger. If the frost’s finger is suddenly suddenly slowed down on the congestion of Hui Ru, and it is gradually weak, and it is also forcing Huiru to climb the peak of the same sex.

Chen Zongyi still sat on the sofa, the only difference is that he has already opened the belt of pajamas, and he is a big guy who is full of green.

Such as the frost asks: “.. Dear .. Are you excited?”

I saw Chen Zongyi, I said that my guy said: “.. 唔 .. I can’t stand it .. You will make Hui Ru to make a lot of honey juice to let me see … “

If the frost is slowly buried into Hui Ru’s legs and separates the legs of Hui Ru to the limit, and Hui Ru’s spring is flooded by the smashing, and it is completely exposed in front of the frost and Chen Zongyi. Hui Ru is not a shame, but it feels that this complete exposure is more exciting and climax of unprecedentedness.

If the frost starts to gently use the tip of the tongue, the small meat bud of Hui Ru, and once again insert the non-name finger of the diamond ring into Hui Ru’s small hole.

“.. Well .. ah .. 喔 .. I .. fast .. Fast .. No .. ah .. ..”

Every gray of frost and thrust are excited in Hui Ru to push Huiru to the highest peak. Hui Ru also couldn’t stand this dense double attack, once again vented a lot of honey juice from the small hole. I saw Chen Zongyi seems to be very satisfied.

Just after the hotel’s gate and Chen Zongyi couples, Hui Ru came out of the way.

At the same time, the man who was sitting on the front of the hotel in front of the hotel and looked at the newspaper, but suddenly lost the newspaper. This man is more than 30 years old, wearing a snow white coat, wearing dark brown sunglasses, high heads, but how to see people in this first-class hotel.

This man inserted into the pocket of the shirt and started to track Huiru. Hui Ru alone is on the side of the roadside, and this man also comes quietly behind Hui Ru.

“Mrs. Wang’s wife ..” This man suddenly called her last name from Hurat.

When Hui Ru just heard, the time did not think that the man who stood behind him was calling himself.

“Wang” is the last name of the husband, because the surname is still not adapted, so Huuru still uses his own name “Luo”. “You are the Wang family’s Luo Huiru Miss?”

This man is directly called Huiru’s full name.

Huiru suddenly turned back to this man, and this man’s face revealed a strange smile. At this time, I came to a taxi. Hui Ru felt that there was no need to cope with this strange man, opened the door, and drilled into the car.

“I will call you ..” This man said coldly outside the car.

“Number of Neihu Road” Huiju told the taxi driver, but felt that there was a cold and cold breeze passed her back.

Unfamiliar men who have not seen it actually said her name, let Hui Ru more terrible, desperately can’t think of who is the man of this high head.

Huiru recalled at this time, it seems that someone feels that people have tracked her, whether they leave the villa, or on the way home, will make Hui Ru occasionally have a feeling of tracking.

Hui Ru thought: maybe because of the things that can’t afford to be sorry, there will be this feeling! Maybe it is too much! ……

Hui Ru closed his eyes and resting on the back of the chair, but the brain has emerged as a frost-pale flesh. The gameplay in the same look is the first time. When I was working in the company, I would feel disgusting and disgusting when I heard gay, but this time is very unexpected and didn’t have disgusting and disgusting feelings. The same sex game, and also ventilated three times in the functions of frost fingers and tongue, which originally disgusted homosexual game, actually creating such climax and excitement.

Hui Ru thought here, it couldn’t help but flush on his face. However, the only thing that let Huuru don’t understand is Chen Zongyi’s actions. Their couple bought Hui Ru with money, but Chen Zongyi did not ask Huuru’s body. He is just a masturbation, and this is the only unfair of Hui Ru.

“Miss .. You are home ..” The driver turned to Huiru.

Hui Ru suddenly returned to the real world from the fantasy country, paying the car, and took the magnetic card to open the iron gate of the villa. Hui Ru walked in the direction of the door and took out the key to open the door. Opened the gate, Huiru off his shoes and opened the headlights of the living room, and walked into the direction of the cowhide sofa.

However, Hui Ru faintly heard the woman’s snoring, Hui Ru thought it was his illusion, but carefully think about it, it is impossible to have another woman in the space of a person living.

“.. Who is in the bedroom ..” Hui Ru has a doubt of the woman who came out in the bedroom, went to the bedroom and reached out to open the door of the bedroom ….

Hugh saw in a slightly bright room with a naked men and women entangled in bed, while the ground had clothes and underwear that they took off. The man is sturdy in the nude woman’s naked, and the lower part of the man maintains the rhythm of the regular rhythm.

Hui Ru saw that this man is Wang Wei, and a woman who holds Wang Hao under Wang Yizhen seems to be his wife -.. The unnatural figure is quite petty, but the breasts and hips are very full, so Hui Ru knows that the woman under Wang Yizhen is neon.

Huusu said: “.. you .. You are actually in my room ..”

Wang Wei did not answer, or continued to rise in the neon. Hui Ru originally wants to say what they go out, but they swallow with the saliva. The reason is that I saw Wang Wei’s thick guys inserted in a young hole, and everyone in Wang Hao was still covered with neon honey.

Looking at Wang Wei’s big guy continued to enter and exit in the neon little hole, Hui Ru is almost crazy, and the fire is still burning again. There is such a thing of the small ant diamond climbing. How is the Huiru at this time? Everyone who is eager to Wang Hao can insert his own small hole, especially heard the sound from their combined part, let Huuru feel excited.

“… .. is comfortable …

“.. Well .. Comfortable .. 喔 …. .. I am fast .. I have to vent it ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

Wang Hao faster quickly picked everyone. The unstead of leaking out a lot of honey juice. Wang Hao pulled out everyone, laughing and looking at Huuru leaning on the door.

Wang Wei walked out of bed and will shaken around Hui Ru in front of Hui Ru.

Wang Wei walked to Hui Ru’s direction and said: “………….. … last time we were in this room crazy .. Yet..”

Hui Ru’s flustered red face to lie in the neon lying on the bed. The neon is not angry because of the sayings of Wang Xuan, but revealed a slight smile.

Wang Hao then said: “I and Da Yan are no longer outsiders .. So .. Here is also my bedroom .. In your bedroom, I love .. Is there anything wrong.” “. That is your 歪 theory.. “

Although Hui Ru wants to say, but also swallowed with saliva, especially after reading Wang Hao, the strength of the body seems to have no trace of disappearance.

Wang Yun intentionally said: “.. 大 .. you see me to make love with the neon .. I am already excited .. Because Daxie is a sensitive woman ..”

Hui Ru refuted said: “.. I will not ..”

But in fact, Huuru’s underwear has been wet, she feels uncomfortable. Because the homosexual game like frost left the unburned fire in Hui Ru, plus Chen Zongyi did not make love with Hui Ru, making Huuru’s mature snow white body disappointed.

But after seeing Wang Yuxi and Xiang Ni, Hui Ru’s desire to fire is more strong, which is one of the reason why Hui Ru will be particularly sensitive.

Wang Hao is asked with Hui Ru: “.

Hui Ru low bit his mouth and said: “.. I don’t know.”

After Wang Hao saw Hui Ru’s shy expression, Wang Wei knows that his judgment is correct, and suddenly Hui Ru kisses in his arms. Although Hui Ru said unexpectedly, when Wang Hao’s tongue entered her mouth, Huiju was like an ice that was dissolved by the fire, could not accept can’t be resistant.

“.. use your hand to see .. My guy is like iron rod hard.”

When Wang Yun said quietly in Hui Ru’s ear, Huiru was like drug users who met toxic.

After the sneak in the neon lying in the bed, Huiju took the great guys in the bed, and also asked Wang Wei to take off his black dress and black bra. There was only one wet answer. Black underwear is still worn.

After Wang Wei took the clothing of Hui Ru, Hui Ru was even more bold to squat in front of Wang Hao, Hui Ru didn’t care about the neon lying on the bed, and he was standing in front of everyone in front of him. Cherry small mouth …

When Hui Ru put Wang Hao’s glans into his mouth, Wang Yun stood in the same place.

“.. Wow .. Daxie is really bold ..” Hey nickn the bed, huh, huh, said.

That kind of laugh is not ambitious. In the laughter, there is a sensuality in the laughter. It seems that very happiness appreciates Hui Ru’s mouth in the husband’s guys.

In Wang Hao’s guy, he left a nick taste, and it is an extremely defeated taste. However, when Hui Ru tasted this taste of this defeated and Wang Wei’s thick guys, Hui Ru almost had a very exciting pleasure, and indirectly produced an illusion that he integrates with unspecite.

“.. Hey .. .. 大 .. I am going to shoot.” Wang Wei said with excited voice.

Hui Ru spit out of the mouth of Wang Hao, everyone’s shame: “…. You are really useless .. Let me see you and unique .. I deliberately triggered the fire .. You are bad. .. “

Wang Hao is saying: “Since this is the case .. Let me comfort it .. I think that Daxie can’t wait to wait for your guys ..”

Hui Ru 尴 躺 躺 望 望 望 望 望 望 望:: “.. However .. However, ….”

“He is not mindful .. She really wants to see my love for love .. 璇 不 妒 .. Daxie please feel free.”

Wang Wei said that a naked hind is on the carpet.

“……………….” Wang Wei urged.

“… .. Can you .. I have to eat your sir.” Hui Ru took off his underwear with excited sound with excitement.

“.. I really want to see what Da Yan and Wang Wei are doing love .. Daxie really does not mind.”

The neon neon is said to Huiru.

Huiru pulled the only black sexy underwear wearing the body, his face had a little ruddy cross ride in Wang Wei, and in the eyes of Hui Ru, it seems to see the neon lift lying on the bed. Upper body.

“.. 大 .. yourself put everyone in ..” Wang Wei said with the deliberate tone. Hui Ru has a smile that has no scruples in the neon, and uses the right hand to support Wang Hao’s rough guys and align the small hole that you have already flooded.

At this time, I created a long mentality in Hui Ru, and Huusu wanted to use his little hole to conquer Wang Hao’s big guy. A small hole that has been flooded in Spring, has been inserted by Wang Hao, and has created a slight feeling of pain, and this pleasure is the feeling that Hui Ru has been pursuing.

Hui Ru put his hands on the belly of Wang Hao, and used the small hole to clamp the rough guy of Wang Wei. Wang Wei also used his hands to clamp Hui Ru’s full hips, and used everyone from the bottom of Hui Ru’s small hole. In order to cooperate with Wang Wei’s insertion, Hui Ru is also crazy to twist your hips, and a sneaky sound is sent out. “.. ah .. 喔 .. hard .. Troubled .. hard .. Well .. .. ah .. comfortable .. 喔 ..” More make Hui Ru excited with crazy ….

Wang Wei is desperately going to go up, Hui Ru crazy twist the hips to cooperate with Wang Wei’s insertion. The big room has long been filled with a sensuality of breath and a voices of wheezing.

“The little hole of the big man .. I am really good ..” Hey nik lying on the bed, there was a short-term breathing and questioning the husband Wang Wei.

From the perspective of the neonic eyes, the neon is like a climax because of his ability to masturbate.

“.. good .. good .. Daxie cavitation tightly lifted my big guy .. .. I .. I can’t help it.”

Wang Hao’s constantly chartered Hui Ru’s small hole, and also said his feelings. Whenever Wang Hao is more hard, Hui Ru’s hips are more crazy, because Huusu can feel that Wang Hao’s coarse guy has gone to the deepest place in his body.

“.. .. 大 .. I am going to be ejaculated ..” Wang Yun seems to reach the edge of ejaculation and whenever the Hui Ru.

Hui Ru is also more powerful to clamping Wang Hao’s big guy, while more crazy twist his hips.

“.. .. 大 .. I want to eat.”

Wang Wei took a breath with a small hole of everyone in Huiru. Immediately, a hot semen sprayed out of the horse and sprayed in the center of the ass.

Perhaps it is a factor of semen spray, Hui Ru has reached a climax, and a large number of honey sauce has also slowed out from the small hole …

After Hui Ru left Wang Xuan’s body, the swing came to the bed, and his face revealed the smile of the evil martial arts to say: “..

He asked questions: “.. .. is gay ..”

Hui Ru said with his tongue and said with his lips: “Although I am not gay .. but .. can make you satisfaction.”

Although the behavior of Hui Hui Ru is surprised, it seems to have an acceptance of this different stimulus to meet their own mentality.

Lui will support his hands behind him, and the legs are separated to the limit. Hui Ru slowly buried his head into the neck legs, and hugged the beautiful legs of the emerss of lighted light with both hands. And the lascivious taste from the neon pocket, and indirectly ignited the fire of Hui Ru.

Hui Ru’s tongue gently licks his neon little hole, plugged into the tongue gently inserted. The neon low-looking and looked at Hui Ru’s crazy behavior, and breathing is getting more and more urgent.

Whenever Hui Ru’s tongue is soft, the arms of the neons are always slightly trembled, and Hui Ru also opened the wet answer with the finger and found the yin, which was already congested. The small granulation and the small granulation contained in the mouth. The small granulation was sucked by Hui Ru, and the volume was gradually increased.

“.. ah .. 喔 ……………………………….. ..”

The unicorn is a madness called and desperately twisted the hips. And Wang Wei lying on the ground also didn’t know when he had already kneeling next to his wife’s neon, and his hands were ignored with a neon.

Because it was the first time I saw the sexual love between the sameness, Wang Wei appeared extraordinary excitement, and the softened guys after ejaculation also slowly expanded. Lu Ni is close to Wang Wei’s cross, and everyone who slowly expands Wang Yugi in his mouth.

Whenever the neon tongue is gently sliding in everyone, Wang Hao’s big guy has increased a little volume and hardness.

“.. ah .. 喔 ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

“Wang Hao .. Quickly insert your thick guys into the small hole in the neon ..” Hui Ru has urged the tone to Wang Yu.

After Huiru said, he also looked up the body lying on the left side of the neon. Wang Yun seems to have the meaning of the neon hole, rude to raise the neon legs and cross the shoulders, and the big guys will give everyone a small hole. .

“.. ah .. ah .. Dear .. Good.

“.. ah .. um …………. It’s fine .. ah .. “The hands of the hands and the hands of the binders, the sheets are crazy.

Wang Hao is more unscrupulous, and every deep insert will push the neon to the peak of the climax. When the Niki made a lot of honey juice to show that he had reached the climax, Wang Hao pulled his brunt and turned everyone to the Hui Ru lying next to the neon, and Huiju took a good luck. High legs are ready to wait for Wang Wei’s insert. This time, Hui Ru is inserted in the normal posture. When Wang Hao’s porter is inserted, Hui Ru’s whole body has produced a stronger exciting.

“.. ah .. ah .. Wang Wei .. Too hard .. Plug-in insert .. Well .. 喔 .. .. .. I am fast .. Quick Breaks .. ..” Hui Ru Wang Yu said.

Wang Yucai received the sacred descending, more selling hard, and lying next to the neon also contacted Hui Ru’s pink nipples into his mouth, desperate sucking. “.. ah .. ah .. I can’t .. 喔 .. I have to discharge .. ..”

Hui Ru finally leaked a lot of honey juice, and the whole body of the whole body seems to welcome this climax and slight trembling ….

In the hazy, Huiru heard the ringtone of the phone. When I woke up, the couple who had been sleeping beside him, nor did I quietly left.

In the entire large room, only Hui Ru is naked on the bed. Although the bedroom is very dark, the curtain has already issued bright gloss under the sun. Hui Ru has reached the snow-white arm in the silk, pick up the alarm clock on the bedside table, look at the time, I thought it was still very early, but it has exceeded 12 o’clock.

After Hui Ru finished the time, I watched the phone that was still running. “Will Mr. Wang ‘s House ..” The end of the phone came from the rude voice of the man.

“Yes .. Is there something.” Huiru replied with a lazy voice.

“.. Why call to answer a call?. I thought you were doing love .. Mrs.. Are you doing love.

“. True.” “Huiru hung up the phone.”

Hui Ru will also receive this vicious phone, so she has been used to it. However, after the hanging-up phone is less than 10 minutes, the ringtone of the phone rang again. Hui Ru does not answer the phone and the ringtone continues.

Hui Ru thought: Maybe this time is not a mischievous phone, maybe the husband Wang Wei hits the phone from Los Angeles; Huiru pick up the microphone.

“Mrs. .. You are really ruthless .. Why do you hang my phone .. I am Chen Xin’an. Please don’t hang up the phone call .. If you do it. I’m 喔 .. “

Still just the phone of the man;

Huusu silently closed the microphone and did not hang up the phone, that is because the man of the phone knows her name, but Hui Ru has no impression on this name of Chen Xin’an. How is it desperate, I can’t think of Chen Xin’an. Who is it?

“.. Why will I lose money ?. This means .. I don’t know you this person at all.”

Huusu said that Chen Xin’an said loudly.

“Hehehe .. Mrs. You are really forgetful .. You didn’t have seen me when you take a taxi yesterday? I know that Miss Wang’s Hui Ru has made things that can’t afford her husband .. I I have seen a few times with your husband Wang Hao .. Say it here .. You should know that I have a call to you .. You are a husband’s woman .. But you can sell the body to other men .. I am surprised by my wife’s wife. “

Chen Xinan said that it was an unexpected discourse. The strange man who immediately went to her last night was immediately in the mind of Hui Ru. A very obvious Chen Xinan is in intimidating Hui Ru, I want to extort Hui Ru.

“.. you .. What do you want ..” Huiru said with a timid tone.

“.. I am not intimidating you .. I don’t want to make a breaking thing .. You don’t think too little .. Your husband and a lot of guests can be very trust in me.”

Chen Xin An Yang is proud to say to Huiru.

“.. Are you a detective?” Hui Ru is asked in tense.

“Yes .. I am a detective .. I opened a credit society .. and I want to be a pen and sell with you .. I want you to buy the same thing .. That is the detailed record Where is the man who sells the body’s notebook. For 100,000 yuan.

Chen Xinan said firmly told Huiru.

“Is it true?” Hui Ru asked Chen Xin’an.

“Of course, it is true .. I have a little interest in destroying other people’s families.” Chen Xin’an said. “.. good .. I understand .. I am going to find you ..” Hui Ru asked Chen Xin’an.

“There is a youth building near youth park. I am waiting for you there. “

Chen Xin’an told Huiru time and place.

“Well .. I will go .. I hope you can remember the promise you said.” Huiru hangs up the phone.

After learning the identity and requirements of the other party, Hui Ru felt a little peaceful. Who is investigating her behavior? It is Wang Wei .. Wang Wei .. still ……… Hui Ru did not help but ask himself; but the shadow that Hui Ru’s psychology was a husband Wang Wei’s face … Hui Ru thought: Maybe Husband Wang Wei entrusted Chen Xin’an before going abroad to investigate his own Behavior, I am worried that I will find a man because of loneliness, maybe .. Husband really does not believe in his own behavior ………

On the second day, Hui Ru came to the youth building with an uneasy mood. After asking the administrator, Hui Ru took the elevator all the way, and found Chen Xin’an’s contributions and on the door. Gently knocked three.

“Is it a wife of Wang’s family .. Please come in ..”

Chen Xinan’s voice came from the gate. Hui Ru gently pushed the door and walked in the house. This is a very small office, the internal decor is very simple, only one work desk and a sofa chair.

Chen Xin An is wearing a white suit, sitting on the sofa in front of the desk, a superior look to Hui Ru: “Mrs. Wang, please take it.”.

Hui Ru is sitting on the sofa opposite Chen Xin’an, while the glass table between the two places a heavy data.

Chen Xinan looked at Hui Ru: “This is the information originally handed to your husband .. But I changed my idea .. I hope you can buy it with 100,000 yuan.”, Hui Hui Ru picked up the information and looked at a page. This stack of information describes the situation of Hui Ru selling flesh, Hui Ru also knows that this stack is never let the husband sees.

“You really can’t help.

“You can rest assured .. I won’t do that kind of thing .. As far as I know .. You are a very sageous wife .. Moreover I said in the phone .. I don’t want to destroy your husband and wife Feelings. “Chen Xin’an said to Hui Ru.

Hui Ru opened the bag and took out the ready for 100,000 yuan to give Chen Xin’an. After Chen Xinan finished, it was naturally in the pocket. Hui Ru also picked up the information placed on the glass table and got up and prepared to leave.

“.. Wait ..” Chen Xin’an said to Huiru.

“Don’t you have finished, don’t have anything else ..” Hui Ru said to Chen Xin’an.

“No .. Things just started .. I want you to listen to this thing.” Chen Xinan revealed the evil expression to Huiru, and took a small piece from the drawer of the desk. The recorder and open it.

“.. ah .. Well .. 喔 .. ah …. Wang Wei .. I am leaking .. ah .. .. .. Use force .. ..” The sound sent in the recorder is Hui Ru is about to The sensuality of reaching the climax, and also said Wang Wei’s name.

“.. Your husband found that you have a suspect for selling a flesh before starting to Los Angeles .. He is not willing to investigate itself.

Chen Xinan turned off the recorder and continued: “.. I am based on your husband’s request.. I will observe your entrance near your home in the middle of the night .. Always obey your in the car……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. As a result, there is such a harvest. And I really want you to buy back this volume. “

Chen Xin’an looked at Huiru and went to the window to put the curtain down. Hui Ru did not send it on the sofa chair, Hui Ru almost didn’t have the courage to believe in the fact that his ear heard, very clearly Chen Xin’an is a Hui Ru.

“.. The price code of this volume of this volume is.” Hui Ru asked Chen Xin’an.

“This thing is very expensive .. I think at least 10 million yuan ..” Chen Xin’an unlocked the belt of suit pants in front of Hui Ru.

“.. I can’t have so many money to buy this volume of the tape.” Hui Ru helplessly said this. Chen Xinan took out the earliest group of people who said: “So .. You use your body .. Even if it is the installment payment ..”

After Chen Xinan finished, Hui Ru’s answer was not allowed to put everyone in the small mouth of Hui Ru’s cherry. When Huiru had a shiny and tiered a mood, Hui Ru deeply knew that he would make this man who called Chen Xin’an …

P. S:

The younger brother was dragged because of the busyness of the class, so I was now sorry until now. There are some students who have children and their own erotic stories in your hand. After you have finished organizing, you will also come to the support and love of you.

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