Yan Fang, born in a provincial capital city in Northeast China, after graduating from a famous nature university in the city, in a middle school, leading English class, is now the class teacher. Husband is her university classmate. Now I am working in a company, my daughter is almost two years old. The two of the two people, the same life, the same ordinary people, and it is full of happiness.

This year, Yan Fang is thirty-year-old, after a birth, the body’s part, with age, daily mature and rich, convex body curve and full chest extravagance, plump breasts standing in thin clothes Next, as breathing slightly trembled, vaguely highlighting the shape of the bra; the round butt is up to a beautiful arc, tighten the lines of the underwear, the slightly tapered belly and the hip of the fat, full of Fiery charm.

The bright face is full of fainting, full of young women’s unique charm, and the eyes seem to bent a Qiuqiu, there is always a touch of smile. One meter, height, batching the hair of shoulders, tight-fitting pants out of the body full of curves, the feeling of giving people is true and well-known sexy. The tutorial thighs were touched, and the man saw a featuring temptation.

These days, the secondary school exam has just ended, the school organized a parent meeting, Yan Fang became the class teacher naturally to speak. Yan Fang summed up the learning situation of the first half semester, introduced his teaching plan to the parents in Zai. The young woman in the thirty woman in the classroom, looks like a mature peach, the body gives people a soft feeling, Yanfang is wearing a casual shirt and gray cotton short skirt, full of breasts Breathing gently trembled, full of white and tender somatoes, exudes the charm of mature women.

All of this is seen in the eyes of a 40-year-old black and ugly man. He is the father of Yan Fang Bangli, called Hu Jinhai. It was originally a place in the countryside, and later took the whole family. The city, earned some money in a black nest, the rogue nature is exposed, and it is gambling all day, and his wife and he are married. He is more indulgence.

He will manage the child’s study, just plan to convene three mahjong friends, prepare for a do, but the man is not enough, it is idle, and the afternoon is fascinated to the parents will kill the time. On the platform, Yan Fangfeng, the mature rhyme, Hu Jin Hai, Hu Jin Hai, is full of sleep, and a hot stream rises from the lower abdomen, seeing Yan Fang’s vitality, a plot has been brewing in his heart.

On Friday afternoon, Yanfang received a call, Hu Liang’s father Hu Jinhai, said that he is worried about Hu Liang’s study, preparing to come to the family tomorrow, talk about children’s learning. Yanfang is a very responsible teacher, such a request she will not refuse. But she will know, she will know that Hu Jinhai’s circle is coming to her, ready to push her to the abyss of sin.

On Saturday afternoon, Yan Fang took a break, after getting up, dressed up, replaced the orange cotton casual clothes that I often worn, the weather was a bit turned cold, Yan Fang has a light gray outside. The vest, the lower body is also wearing the pair of white legs with light gray shortprint skirt, the soft fabric of the outer garment is full of rushing, the breasts are full of slightly fibrillation, soft waist and round double clothes Leg, revealing the unique mature charm of young women.

Hu Jia lived near middle school, Yan Fang didn’t take a few minutes, knocking in the door, Hu Jinhai opened the door, see Yanfang, the dress, the eyes are straight: Come in, please enter!

Yan Fang entered the door: Hu Liang classmates are not at home?

Hu Jinhai is busy giving Yan Fang poured a cup of warm tea: Teacher Yan, first drink a glass of water to solve thirst, Hu Liang went to his aunt home, there is something to say to me.

After walking this road, Yan Fang is really thirsty. After drinking and drinking, he began to talk about Hu Liang’s study. After the two said ten minutes, Yan Fang slowly felt some dizziness, the eyelids started, When I just want to stand up, the brain suddenly turned around, and the head was on the sofa.

Hu Jinhai went over and called a few: Teacher Yan … Sister! Looking at Yanfang didn’t speak, Hu Jinhai boldly put his hand in Yanfang’s full chest, Yan Fang still didn’t move, just gently gasped.

It turned out that Hu Jinhai had a drug in the tea that I just gave Yanfang, the fascinating, the face was blush, and there was no sense of lie on the sofa, and the pink lips were slightly. Hu Jinhai quickly pulled the curtains, can’t wait to rush to Yan Fang, took off the vest of the cover, and went up the casual clothes wearing the casual clothes, and Yan Fang glamorous upper body suddenly revealed, plump Breasts rolling on white lace edges.

Hu Jin’s oral water, pushed the cream, and Yanfang Snow White breasts were completely exposed to Hu Jinhai, and Hu Jinhai was starting to greedily touch the chest of Yanfang, the towering breast tentacle. The cotton is smooth, thinking that I can only peek at the parents before yesterday, but in three days, I will knead, Hu Jin’s sea desire, and the nipples in Yanfang suck, mouth water. Yan Fang lips are slightly opened, sprayed out of drunkard. Hu Jinhai hugged half-naked Yanfang, the tongue opened the brute dentity, and sucked the soft tongue of Yanfang. In confused, Yanfang is only a husband who is working with himself. He is slightly shaking, the nipple is slightly shaking in the chest, Hu Jinhai continues to kiss, continue to strip the clothes on Yanfang, one hand has been extended to Yanfang Under the skirt, slide to Yanfangyin, let it go with your hand, and the Yanfang in the sleep is gently twisted by the thighs of the stockings.

Hu Jinhai also took off the clothes, exposed a large fat, relaxed and dark body, but the masculine was still big, and the red pastel is standing under the sagged beer belly. Yan Fang is lying on the sofa, white tender skin and white underwear lining It is also a sexy, and the inclusion is leaking from both sides of the underwear. The transparent trippers can see the slightly pilot.

Hu Jinhai faded the skin of Yanfang, and the attractive lower body is unfair, and the soft incapacity is rolled over the hill, and the thigh roots are tightly together. Hu Jinhai scattered the smell in front of Yanfang’s underwear.

Hu Jinhai satisfied, smiled, and his hand stretched into Yanfang’s hair and strokes, and touched Yan Fang tender labians, wet, soft. Hu Jinhai double-handed the big legs of Yanfang, the whole face buried in the private parts of Yanfang, greedy lick. Many days of wishes are relied, Hu Jinhai is just like crazy.

He is a one-inch of the body of Yan Fang, and even the most embarrassing place, he will not let go. The tongue is made of a tenderness, and the extent of the tightened anus is like using the tongue. Yanfang is a small woman, where to get this hooligan of Hu Jinhai, there is a down-to-face tide between the blink of an eye, the throat also issued a sweet tempting, under strong stimulation, it seems to wake up.

Hu Jinhai licks the blood, with the lips to accompanied Yan Fang, and twisted two labips, Yan Fang fat, was pulled by Hu Jinhai’s lips. Hu Jinhai felt very stimulated, repeatedly played for a while, Hu Jinhai full body hot, the lower body is extremely expanded, urgently need to find a place to vent, so stand up, put the Yanfang a thigh to the shoulder, support hard The painful meat stick, the top is on the Yanfang wet coveth, the glans slowly draw two tender meat, but the body is tilted, the body is tilted, and the coarse penis is inserted into the Yanfang lower body binding. Directation Huanglong, enter the dream of the jade body, the Yan Fang in the sleep dream is not tight of the legs.

A warmly surrounded feeling, Hu Jinhai feels that the penis is tightly wrapped in Yanfang’s vagina, soft, vaginal tightness, Hu Jinhai’s heart, and started The penis is inserted once, and then in the penalty area of ​​Yanfang. Yan Fang began to jitter, the left foot was put on the shoulder of Hu Jinhai, the right leg was curled with the hull of the Hanjin sea and the lower body binding.

Hu Jinhai’s coarse penis is getting faster and faster in the genium, emitting, mummy, beer, the beer belly, the Yanfang in the dream is broken, and it is not hosted by the willow, catering Hu Jinhai meat stick. Between the moment, the lower body of the Yan Fang was wet, the snow white breasts were trembled in the chest, and the face also exposed a delicate look. Dried addictive Hu Jinhai began to breathable, and the fat body greedily looked in Yan Fangfeng’s white body, constituting a black and white stark bedroom.

In the room, Yanfang white underwear and short skirt are scattered on the ground, and the delicate and powerful lying on the sofa, the snow white and the stubbed woolen woolen black wet, the labia is not stopped under Hu Jinhai. The flesh is inserted when the Hu Jinhai desolate is thrown. Hu Jinhai was unfair to pump the body lower body, and the clothes were shake from the neck of Yanfang. Hu Jinhai put the clothes to Yanfang’s face, turned over to Yan Fang, hands with Yan Fang’s breast The coarse mask is bought in the Yanfang body, and the fat body is completely pressed on Yanfang young naked body.

After seeing the day and night, Yan Fang is lying in his own, and it is completely distinctly different from his own, and Hu Jinhai is extremely satisfied. With the action of Hu Jinhai, long hair disorders are scattered on the sofa, and the clouds are constantly stimulated, and the fullness of the body is charming.

The bedroom is very quiet, very quiet, quietly even the breathing of the two people can be very clear, there is also a slim sound in the process of thrush, the 嗤 淫 声, Hu Jinhai’s stick is covered with Yan Fang’s honey solution Yan Fang has never tried such a crazy sexual intercourse, and she was inserted, she couldn’t grasp her own, only um … the embarrassment of the embarrassment and pain can express the resistance to adultery. After more than half a hour, Yanfang nude mutterer slightly, the soft meat is smashed with the meat sticks of Hu Jinhai. Hu Jinhai felt that Yan Fang has been at a critical juncture, so he deeply took the glazing to the uterus of Yanfang, and rotated around . The warm and soft feeling, tightly surrounded by Hu Jinhai, the comfortable taste is never never. Hu Jinhai is satisfied with the body that is being raped by his own traitor, the sexual desire is high, the hands of the hands, and grabbed the rushing breasts of Yanfang, and the hard-filled, it is necessary to pull the twigents of the plump meat. generally. In the case of Yan Fang, he continued to continue, Hu Jinhai wrapped Yan Fang into a variety of positions and lished it.

After the pumping continued for a whole, it entered the climax. In the pumping sound of the 哧哧, Hu Jinhai breathed like a cow, the lower body has increased pain, the meat stick is tight, and the lower body is strong. Hit the shame of Yan Fang attractive open, wild galloping on the white carcass of Yanfang, venting him as the power of conquest.

The urgent desire driven Hu Jinhai’s senses world fly to the cloud. He is going to lose his control, breathe, hold the young naked body of Yanfang, meet the arrival of the climax, he is tightly grabbed The framerous waist, violently touched the thick black and hard meat stick, and entered the lower body of the Yanfang. There are no more than a few times, and I can’t do it. I can’t care. How long is Hu Jinhai, so that I will continue to repeat the same action until it can be used.

In the room, Hu Jinhai’s thick earth penis was filled with his feelings in the Yanfang lower body. Finally, finally did not live, and pumped the last round. Along with Hu Jinhai, the mince stick inserted into the Yanfang body is suddenly increased, and the palace of Yan Fang is closed, and a semen takes a semen from the penis. Directly, full delivery is still in a shrinkage.

After insertion of more than ten times, a large amount of magma generally boilfully sprayed from the meat stick. In an instant, I was in an instant in the flower room of Yanfang in the deep girlfriend, and the hot liquid high-speed from the glans into Yanfang never The man opened outside the husband.

The coarse mask is still dominated by Yanfang’s soft and contraction. Hu Jinhai has a breath, suddenly thinks, pinching the penis from the Yanfang lubrication ground body pouring out, get up, it will stick to the lower body fluid And Hu Jinhai semen hook, inserted into the mouth of Yanfang slightly.

Hu Jinhai’s hood is a convulsion, and the fat legs are sitting in the upper body of Yanfang. The milky white semen flows out from the corner of Yanfang, the whitening thigh is open, the naked body is slightly trembled. Hu Jinhai screamed a few mouthfuls, and the tight body suddenly relaxed. From the Yanfang mouth, the soft mask was pulled out, and a silk seiner was in the corner of Yanfang’s mouth. Hu Jinhai felt very tired, loose torso was pressed in Yan The naked fragrant gasp gasped.

In the past ten minutes, Hu Jinhai-siph black body is still close to Yanfang’s young flesh, and the lower body is close to the young woman, and the thrill is gradually, the Hu Jinhai body is in the interactive Justice is an empty, there is only one tired body, press the young Yanfang, the breast strip is stacked together, synthesis.

For a long time, Hu Jinhai sat up and took out a tapered camera from the outside. He took a dozen a few lascivious postures. Yan Fang was lying on the sofa, and the upper body clothes were completely faded. The snow white full of breasts, there is only a striped trousers in the left leg, and the private place is in the private place, and the color of the milk is contained in the white, and the semen of the white flowers have Benefits.

After taking photos, Hu Jinhai firing Li Fang into the bedroom, put on the bed, naked flesh, under light sheets, appear incomparable smooth; plump double breast tall, nipples The breath shaking, the slender legs are beautiful and uniform, the legs are full of clouds, wet stickers on a full mature body, the body that has just met, showing a obscene temptation.

Hu Jinhai greedy gazing in Yanfang temptation, staring at the wonderful place of the young woman, the penis is hard, the hand stretched into the Yanfangyin department, but also wet, and turned over to Yan Fang, The double hand is kept in the Yanfang legs, let Yan Fang’s legs are tall over the side, the wet isas are upward, and the labia is slightly separated. Hu Jinhai will erect the coarse mask, and the Yanfang is humid. The front of the front, the huge glans, and the sachet of the sacred sacred water did not enter the lower body of Yanfang.

Hu Jinhai put the thighs of Yanfang to the waist, the meat stick grinds the delicate vaginal wall wave, the warm lower body puts Hu Jinhai’s meat stick, from the top of the top of the glans Hu Jinhai is boiling. Yan Fang has awakened at this time, and it is very obvious. When Hu Jinhai is inserted, Yan Fang ass is able to lift it up. Hu Jinhai also knew that Yan Fang woke up, nor busy, holding Yan Fang two wearing a stockings on his waist, and the thick penis is still moving. Yan Fang, who smashed himself like a dream, crazy and fierce love, and the hearty snoring, Yan Fang is slowly awake, seems to be immersed in the pleasure like a wave, feeling That looks down the friction, pump. Yan Fang is gently squatting, twisting soft waist, gradually waking up.

Yan Fang feels that there is a thick thing that is really a big thing. I feel that the lower body came from torn hot and spicy pain. I smelled the vividness of the middle-aged man of Hu Jinhai, and suddenly opened his eyes. Two snow-white thighs are smiled and laugh, and the fat body, they have the stockings left on the legs. The lower body is still inserted with this shameless man. What happened .. She was treated! She screamed …, rolling out from Hu Jin’s nails, grabbing the sheets to cover their naked body, feel sticky, there is a strange taste, rubbing, Nice white things, Yanfang knows what is, his own chastity is so lost, and it is painful in the bedside.

Hu Jinhai passed the back of the Yanyang, Yan Fang pushed Hu Jinhai’s hand and fierce: don’t touch me, I want to tell you to rape.

The tears turned in the eyes of Yanfang, Hu Jinhai didn’t care about it: Tell me? This is my family, let me in my bed, how do you say that rape? I am afraid it is adultery. Yan Fang is angry, and his hands caught the sheets to cover the body.

Hu Jinhai took out two photos to let Yanfang look: Don’t be stupid, you will not be able to follow me, I will not look at this. Yan Fang only got a chaos, and she closed her eyes on the photo. There is a thick-large penis, and the corner of the mouth flows a milky white semen.

Yan Fang head has a devain, and take care of the sheets covered by the body, rush to grab the photo. Hu Jinhai took the opportunity to grab, roll … Let me go!

Although Yanfang is half a head of Hu Jinhai, it is not Hu Jinhai’s opponent. In the battle, the sheets are slippery, and the full breasts full of Yanfang’s chest are exposed, and they are shaking, is preparing to cover up with bed sheets, Hu Jinhai I have taken a machine to grab the breasts of Yanfang, Yan Fang can’t open Hu Jinhai, but by the feet of Hu Jinhai pressure in bed, it is slightly slightly slight: … let go … I called people.

Yan Fang has pushed Hu Jinhai to a little bit, and guarded his hands with unbearable buds in his chest. Hu Jinhai is not afraid of Yan Fang’s threat, but the skin is said to Yanfang: Ok, let it, the best academic people, the city people have heard it, and everyone calls you broken shoes.

Yan Fang said to the pain, which woman does not have a reputation, let others know that there is still a face, and Yan Fang is shaking. Just now, you have not moved, I am not addictive, this is fun.

Looking at Yanfang’s expression, see Yan Fang’s resistance is not so strong. Hu Jinhai knows to catch the shortcomings, take a distinction, and pull the bed of Yanfang’s large lower body, and press Yanfang to Under the body, the mouth is kissed in Yanfang’s face, and the right hand is swaying the right buttocks, and quickly touches the sexy thighs, and the touch is smooth.

Hu Jinhai is full of praise, Yan Fang is a great thing, and it is so beautiful that the child is still so beautiful.

Yan Fang feels that he is so crazy, then struggling, still being pressed up, no courage to call for help, urgently looking around, but is still tightly suppressed by Hu Jinhaifeate. Hu Jinhai’s right hand slipped over the thigh, touched on the labips of Yanfang, two labipings were open slightly, Hu Jinhai handed over the ladle, pressed in the delicate clitoris, Yan Fang tears, eyes Looking at my genus that he never exposed to the bare, he was smashed outside his husband.

Hu Jinhai right hand, naked the lower body, finger presses the ugly meat stick to pierce the lower edge of Yan Fang. Yan Fang is shocked, thinking about being infringed, twisting the waist and ass, hiding the meat stick that has touched the butt gutter.

Hu Jinhai’s beer belly is tightened to stand the Yanfangou, and the glans is slowly squeezed by the lower edge of Yanfang’s ass. Yan Fang clamping hipping meat blocked Hu Jinhai’s glans advancement, Hu Jinhai right hand suddenly opened Yan Fang’s right thigh, and the legs squeezed into the legs of Yanfang. Legs, and Hu Jinhai’s thick meat sticks welcomed the lips of Yan Fang shame, and it was not polite again into the vagina.

what! Yan Fang opened his mouth, the muscles of the legs were tightened, although this thing took into a lot of time in her body, but the Yan Fang, who could be awake, felt this strong excitement, than the husband’s Rough long. Hu Jinhai has a Yinhai, and his hands lives in Yanfang’s legs and starts crazy.

Yan Fang also wants to get rid of the lower body of Hu Jinhai, but the enemy is alive, but Hu Jinhai is like steel loop. When Hu Jinhai said Yan Fang, while saying some sensuality, Yan Fang knew that it was useless, and the beginning was gradually not to do, and Hu Jinhai was once again again.

This time Hu Jinhai hit the young body of Yanfang, and put the pussy of Yanfang’s pussy. In the body, the fat hips shakes up and down, and the lower body of Yanfang is attacked.

With the first lubrication and residual semen, Hu Jinhai’s penis is almost inserted into the depths of Yanfang vagina. Every plug, Yan Fang is not allowed to be trembled, the red lips are tapped, and they are sound. Hu Jinhai has a thick breath, five hundred, and the lower body of Yan Fang began to make a sound of obscene, wrapped in pure white stockings, and it was also high in this time, accompanied by Hu Jinhai.

Hu Jinhai is rising, every time, the penis is pulled into the vaginal mouth, plus it in, the scrotum is playing in Yanfang’s buttocks, the beer belly is more powerful, and the bed begins.

※ JKFORUM.NET | JKF Czech Forum, a wave of strong pleasure is accompanied by Hu Jinhaifeng’s body and unpleasant body flavor impact Yan Fang. Yan Fang has completely abandoned the resistance, the body keeps shaking, The body of Jinhai is pressed against himself, and the bullies are more bullied by Hu Jinhai hand. Yanfang will get more and more serious, as if it is painful: ah ………

Hu Jinhai felt a contraction of Yanfang vagina. Every time they plugged into the depths, I feel that there is a small mouth to take the glans, and a blinkage flows along with the penis to the binding. The plump breasts are like waves, and the nipple is like the snowline on the snow.

After half an hour, Hu Jinhai pulled the penis and turned over the Yanfang, Yan Fang shouted from the bed, his hands, he only hoped early. Hu Jinhai puts the legs of Yan Fang to the two sides, showing Yanfang round butt and the middle two petal wet labians.

Hu Jinhai helped the waist of Yanfang, put the buttocks of Yan Fang, plugged in. Yan Fang’s upper body raised, two legs were wrapped in stockings, and the soft kneel was not moving in bed. Hu Jinhai immediately inserted into the lower body of the young woman from Yan Fang butt. Yan Fang only felt that the body was aroused, and it has not been reflected. The lower body combination has been squeezed in Hu Jinhai’s meat stick, and I wake up to Hu Jinhai in the same way.

Yan Fang is coming over, knowing that the men and women have this kind of intensive posture, but she has always thought that it is the most despicable, 龌龊 and obscenity, now Hu Jinhai actually wants to be in this humiliating posture. Dumin yourself, shy and ambitious aesthetic, and the jade is fiercely trembled.

what! Yan Fang is almost squatted by this other angle. Hu Jinhai stretched into Yanfang, holding a Yanfang’s breast, and began to quickly pummer. The barters of the two hook together, Yan Fang fell into fear, despair, remorse, shame, angry, confused, she was completely confusing. In addition to the sound of wheezing and 呻吟, Yan Fang quickly turned into a props model.

Under the plug-in pumping in Hu Jinhai, the lower body of Yanfang filled the slurry, with a loud sound of each round trip with the big meat stick. The climax has come again, Hu Jinhai has already forgot everything, the long penis force, force, and dried a long long woman. The middle-aged person is almost embark on the body of Yanfang, and the body is smoking, and the body is bonded to the hard mask, but still shows a spring.

Finally, Hu Jinhai reached a climax in Yanfang, and the mashed gun was shrunk in the Yanfang vagina, and a hot semen was shot into the Yanfang body. Yan Fang’s stalk, lifted his legs, completely exposed the naked lower body to Hu Jinhai’s semen powerful shot, the man’s mask is still in-depth her body, Yan Fang numb, kneeling in bed I don’t want to move.

The milky white semen flows from the color of the color slightly swollen. Hu Jinhai holds the full body of Yanfang, combining the lower body tightly the warm and humid lower body, do not want to slowly soften the penis so soon, so that it will stay in the ecstasy of the wet warm Will be a meeting, until it feels quick, the penis is squeezed out.

Two, Hu Jin’s calm satisfaction, while holding a young mature young woman in his arms, continuing to play, how to make Yan Fang after the same side. Yanfang’s happiness was taken by Hu Jinhai in the arms, and endured Hu Jin’s sea sweat, and the tears flowed over and over again. She was worried about Hu Jinhai. After an hour, Hu Jinhai let go … Yan Fang puts a good clothes, before going out, Hu Jinhai promise to talk about today, take the opportunity to touch Yanfang, see Yanfang, nothing to reflect, Souve, Hu Jinhai I know almost, let go of Yan Fang.

Yan Fang is dragging the tired body to go home, fascinating and walked wrong, returning home is six o’clock, my husband has not come back. Yan Fang feels that it is a nightmare. After returning, he will not stop his body. It has some pain. The husband has never returned. I have to sleep with tears.

Due to overtime, ten o’clock in the evening came back. In the middle of the night, my husband came to sex, hard guys, and I entered Yanfang wet warm-up, immediately impulsively impacting my wife’s lower body. After the day by Hu Jinhai, he was branched by Hu Jinhai.

The husband is full of happiness; he takes a deep breath, hard to finish it, after a little calm, will struggle. But slap inserted a few times and immediately dropped the answer. Only a little bit of Yan Fang, aware of the masculine, and the emptiness, the sadness of the body, just mentioned. She hurriedly rising the waist, reversing the hips, desperately clamped, the husband of physical strength, where to stay.

His mashed mask was rapidly shrinking. Out of Yan Fang, the whole person was also soft, and the call was atmospheric. Yan Fang, who wants to be unsatisfactory, looks at the fatigue, can’t help but hate. She sighed and got her to the toilet.

But the end is indeed a hoarse voice: I, teacher, 嘿, how, I heard this hate the voice, Yan Fang suddenly habely annoyed, Yan Fang replied: You want to think How about it?

Not very good, miss you, or now I have passed, no one in the office? Ah, teacher?嘿 嘿 胡海 嘶.

No, you will think! Yan Fang bites his lips and said.

Hey, you have to clearly, if I put those photos to the school, you go, I see how Hu Jinhai immediately changed the cavity, and then hang up the phone, Yan Fang closed his eyes, two lines of tears White cheeks. She didn’t want to think more, things have come to this step, she has no courage, she doesn’t know what to do, but she can’t let Hu Jinhai spread out, at that time, the school’s colleague will think. Yan Fang held his head and cried, she really didn’t want to go again.

After ten minutes, the door opened, a fat black shadow flashed in, Yan Fang scared, and recognized that Hu Jinhai was a panic, Hu Jinhai hugged the body of Yanfang. Fang Zhangqi just shouted, Hu Jinhai’s hand has been covered, the strong body is tight in Yanfang’s soft body, and the situation is closed.

Yan Fang didn’t know that there was courage to come out from Hu Jinhai, and his eyes stared at Hu Jinhai: walk, this is a school. Hu Jinhai looked at Yanfang, and he smiled a few times. Yanfang wearing the jeans out of the jeans, the curve of the young woman, the rich breasts are slightly vibrated under the T-shirt, and they are gone in Hu Jinhai.

Yan Fang looked out of the lookout, started tense, but still said to calmly said: Other teachers will come back soon.

I got it, my sister, my son said, this afternoon teachers are all working. Why didn’t you go, is it waiting for me?胡 嘿 … Hu Jinhai smiled.

I desperately brushed the face of Yanfang, Hu Jinhai, which is willing to let this opportunity, step by step, Yan Fang has a pleasant, and he has never retired before his desk. Black short Hu Jinhai has graded Yan Fang, don’t … You let me go … Don’t be hiding from the mouth of Hu Jinhai, saying that the unpleasant smell will come.

Don’t you do it for a while, I want to open some, I miss, my sister, I will not say that I don’t tell others … Hu Jinhai, I took the heart of Yanfang, and I started The unbridled hand has slipped to the thigh of Yanfang, explored on the thigh of Yanfang, and touched between the two legs in Yanfang. Yan Fang continued his low-spirited, while blocked Hu Jinhai to his body and bowed his body and crushed the body.

Come, play with me for a while, I can’t lose you, I am sure you have to serve you comfort. Hu Jinhai said, his hand started to smash the breasts of Yanfang, his mouth was smashed in Yanfang Bai Nanyong’s neck: sister, I miss, you will come from me. )

At this time, the brain has a blank, she knows that the resistance is no longer used, simply silence, let the Hu Jinhai, I only hope that Hu Jinhai will leave early. Hu Jinhai can’t believe that it is so easy to succeed. He quickly took the briefs of Yanfang, and in his panty, in the panty, the Yinyin, and took the briefs of Yanfang. Hu Jinhai has a lot of women, and the good women such as Yanfang will be willing to lax, or the first time. Hu Jin, who is burning in the fire, can’t compare the Yan Fang on the desk, three or two, take himself off, and strike the obstacles on the two people.

When the moment of milk waves, he can’t wait to go to the ridge, and the whole body is excited to shake. The sun is so hot, it is very hot, no, no, no more, hold, hold The meat stick is aligned with a dry meat, and he smashed a role.

The warm vaginal meat is tightly clamped with the invasive penis, Hu Jinhai is comfortable to call. The two legs of Yan Fang stretched straight, and the lower body was torn, and it was a hot friction. Hu Jinhai began to excite the buttocks and the body of the belly, let the penis in the body of Yanfang in slow, Yan Fang hurts the body, the hard penis violently impacted Yanfang’s tender vagina.

It’s really addictive, sister, if you are my wife, I don’t have enough three times a day, I want you to light your ass every day, where to go there. Hu Jinhai hungry has been long, so much, put the Yanfang’s milk, and smash the chest of Yan Fang, the more wearing the lower body of Yan Fang. After a violent impact, Yan Fang’s lower body slowly lubricated, and the breathing began to get heavy and looked at other people’s wife. The bare body, Hu Jinhai is hot, excited, possession of full body, he picked up Yanfang The two legs, the whole fat body stands on the ground, the brightest body is stuck, and vigorously begins to put it, and then insert it in force after pulling the edge. what……

Yan Fang felt couldn’t stand it, and the legs on the ground were also touched. The legs made on the side of Hu Jinhai, and the lower body binding of Hu Jinhai is inserted, and each time the body is directly bonded. Yan Fang feels that he seems to be inserted, and the prostitute has also secreted more and more, and the bindings of the two are wet, and every impact of Hu Jinhai has made it! Snapped! Water ring.

The enthusiastic success continued, the black and white body fiercely impacted the sound, the big meat sticks did not stop in the vagina full of obscene waves, and Hu Jinhai had a heavy breath, and Yan Fang The helpless snoring, in the air, the obscenity atmosphere is full of office office, the two naked body is still entangled, there is no sound, only the asthma of Hu Jinhai big mouth is extravagant. After half an hour, Hu Jinhai felt it, screaming, a hot flow sprayed into the depths of Yanfang vaginal, Yan Fang rose red face, did not dare to struggle, think of a strong tanker Hu Jinhai was shot, followed by another stock, and entered her body in the vagina.

Yan Fang did not speaking, closed his eyes, his legs were hanging on the table, underwear and her milk were thrown on the chair, and they were silently accepted by Hu Jinhai semen. A slow and powerful movement, every top to the end, the cervix will make a liquid impact, and the five fingers pressed in the chest breast are no longer swim, but I want to crush it tightly. live.

Hu Jinhai enjoys the pleasure of the climax, holding the waist of Yanfang, and pumping a few times, Yan Fang squatted a few times, Hu Jinhai has not retained the semen in the body without retaining the people of others into the pussy. The soft body is in Yanfang, and the half-ramps are in love. It feels that the penis slipped out from the vagina of Yanfang.

Cool? Beauty, just, your body is, is a climax!

Hu Jinhai sucks Yan Fang’s nipple and said. Yan Fang is weakly lying on the desk and is pressed by Hu Jinhai. The blurred sensuality is tough, jealous, wet lower body to inhale the man’s fine sizes.

At this time, her heart was confused, and was confused for his adultery, a mess in his mind, only the flesh was secretly working. On white jade flawless skin, the brutal traces are still existed, the two towering breasts are topped with pepper red nipples, smooth lower abdomen slightly sag, and there is a shame of Qilong, and the black and unmany haired hairs are well. The orderly covering the tanyu honey that is close to the hole.

A cool breeze passed over her cheeks, the smell of Hu Jinhai came, Yan Fang woke up from the passion of evil, recalling his own behavior, Yan Fang’s heart is shame, and it is Remind, secretly, how can I be so shame? It turned out to make such a man posted.

I thought here, Yan Fang’s heart was aroused, she disgusted opened the Hu Jinhai on her body and stood straight. After Hu Jinhai was pushed to the side, not only did not care, he didn’t open his eyes, and Yiran sat on the office chair of Yanfang. Yan Fang is lifted, takes out toilet paper from the drawer, slowly wipe the lower body, pull the undergarment, organize the trousers, said to Hu Jinhai: You roll.

At this time, Hu Jinhai is already unscrupulous. The day after tomorrow, I went to your home, and you may be more cool at your home, haha.

Yan Fang Jiao body slastily, she didn’t know where to, shouted: not! You want! ! What are you going to?呜呜.

Hu Jinhai is anger, rushing to Yanfang: What do you think?婊子, 我 价 还,! You are careful. I have listened it, your man is on a few days, just gone me to make a bit, ah. .

Yan Fang felt a head of the head, the body was soft, and the paralysis was on the chair. Hu Jinhai said wearing a good clothes and walked out of the office.

Yan Fang didn’t know how to leave the office, she dragged the tired body back home. It is desperately rinsed with the underworld, as if to wash off the beast to stay in all the dirty and sin. In the evening, Yanfang sleeps in the bedroom, can’t live silently, wake up in the nightmare, and make a few feared screams from time to time, and after awakening, Yan Fang will not sleep for a long time.

The next morning, Yan Fang felt his dizziness. She called the school to ask the school, and I fell to sleep. I don’t know how long sleeping, the outside is gradually black, and Yanfang is awakened by a rushing doorbell, she can’t help but feel the heart.

Yan Fang slowly walked to the door of the living room, trembling hand opened the door mirror, Hu Jinhai’s face immediately appeared in front of her. Yan Fang only felt that the body was soft, she barely helped the door box and strive to calm her own, and her heart has not retired.

Hu Jinhaio is going back to his home. It enters the house. She obviously didn’t sleep well, and the good face was a bit awkward. The fluffy hair was not sorted up, but there was a kind of a beautiful man who was lazy.

She only walked a thin silkight dress, her plump jade body was very awkward, and the whole body exuded a charming breath of mature woman, I made Hu Jinhai, and the lower body gradually supported a small Tent, a hard tolerance is ready to move.

Hu Jinhai slammed over Yan Fang’s soft and soft body, can’t wait to grab her towering lottery knead. Yan Fang did not resist, she knew that there was no effect in front of the lacher such as Hu Jinhai, and he only aroused his more brutal sex.

In her ear, Hu Jinhai gradually breathed and breathed Yan Fang, who came out from his mouth, had a disgusting, she turned her head, closed her eyes, her eyebrows, her eyes, hermettened her charming The breasts, tears flowed down in her pale cheeks. Hu Jinhai picked up her to bedroom.

Hu Jinhai threw Yan Fang in a soft bed, obscene the eyes of the essence, quickly stripping the clothes to Yan Fangfang. Hu Jinhai stripped her nightgown, there did not wear a bra, two full-tired breasts jumped out, Hu Jinhai also took her new pure white silk underwear, and I was stripped in an instant Yan Fang humiliation. The sexy scent is twisted, and the sensitive triangle of the long-term neat hairy is exposed to the air, making Yan Fang to produce a slender.

Hu Jinhai-red eyes looked at Yanfang jade carvings, the powder is like jade, and the sorrows of the sorrow … could not help but swallow the water, the moisture of the lower body is hard as iron. There is no prelude, Hu Jinhai is just in her two towering layings and tempting. After caught a few times, they can’t wait to grasp the two beautiful ankles of Yanfang, and the two jade legs are greatly separated. Hu Jinhai raises her hips, so that the sun is very comfortable to the naked yin, the lower body is hard, the glans supports her two slightly closed labs, the penis is deeply inserted into her deep and dry vagina. inside.

Yan Fang Jiao is fierce, and there is a moving sorrow in the mouth. It is a violent body that is rough, and Yan Fang suddenly felt that the body seems to be torn, and the lower body is hot and spicy. Then Hu Jinhai crazy flip, the hard penis is rubbed with her soft nuts, and Yan Fang’s bright white forehead exudes fine sweat, a whisper convulsted with Hu Jinhai’s piston movement. In order to reduce the pain, Yan Fang strives to open the thigh, try to meet the throduction of Hu Jinhai, gradually adulteratively become smooth.

Hu Jinhai sent a laughter, Yan Fang’s heart was broken, and her grievance glance looked at the look of her own snow white thighs, and painted his face and inadvertently saw it. On the bedside table, I took a photo with my husband’s marriage, I saw the husband on the photo, I was still in love with myself, and my heart couldn’t help but stab. She sadly predicted that happiness is always from her, replacing the endless suffering. I thought about this, Yan Fang couldn’t help but hit a spirit. She closed her eyes, as if she looked at her husband, she glad to the right pressure in her body, the Hu Jinhai who was eligible to exercise. Hu Jinhai.

Hu Jinhai found that Yan Fang was lying in his own body, and the gods of the gods looked at the photos on the bedside table. In the beautiful frame, the Yanfang Zhengxiang, who was weddate, and was ashamed in a high handsome husband. The beauty of the beautiful face is filled with a happy smile, and the pain distorted face has formed a strong contrast.

Hu Jinhai smiled, and the hands grabbed her with her own pumping and slightly vibrating breast milk, the penis retired to the vaginal mouth, then inserted it, hit it on her uterus, ah … Yan Fang is miserable Called, the pain of the lower body pulled her from the illusion.

Hu Jinhai took out the photo from the mirror box: Good love,, unfortunately. Said to tear the photo and pulverized in Yanfang’s face, then grabbed Yanfang’s hair and said: odor, and Laozi, I still want to do other men,, remember, Now I am your man, you should wait for me, haven’t heard it?

Yan Fang was completely frightened, she made her head, she couldn’t help but cry. Take tighten your governor, call me like a scorpion. Said that Hu Jinhai began a new round of pumping Yanfang did not dare to have some resistance. She cried and tripped soft waist, she struggled from the mouth, the sound. The meat hole that is being cruelly raped is not a half-point happiness. It is only pain, but it is still desperate to put a look, which is extremely shame and humiliation of Yan Fang.

Yan Fang looked at the ceiling, she could not imagine how her husband came back to face everything in front of him. Hu Jinhai pressure suddenly felt that the penis in his body was suddenly plugged in, and the speed of the pump was tight, and a hot hot flow has been rushing to his own vagina.

Hu Jinhai hands holding two towering pearmies in Yanfang, and the glans died, holding her flowers, while shaking ejaculation, she is desperately enjoying her soft vaginal chopping block to give him huge Pleasure. For a long time, the gradually shrunk, was squeezed out from her, but still in the vagina, Hu Jinhai gasped in Yanfang’s soft, the body.

This night, Hu Jinhai stayed in Yanfang’s pillow, as a temporary husband of Yan Fang, enjoy the same treatment. In the middle of the night, Yanfang was swayed once again and again, and the wheezing of the two came from the house, and the color of Yan He was even smashed.

Strong stimuli let Yan Fang have a lot of mouth, almost screaming at the sound. Her fat whisper was inserted and opened, and a large number of obscenes were not stopped, and the lower part of the body flowed into the ass ditch. Hu Jinhai hiking is more smooth, and Yanfang is pumped by Hu Jinhai. Cocozo, white and tender buttocks constantly screen on Hu Jinhai beer belly.

Ah … ah ………

Yan Fang was rumored with his own breasts, helplessly groaned, and the two finally kissed together. Hu Jinhai’s unhealthy breath mixed with young women alone alone, Hu Jinhai rushed. Fang, can’t hate two people completely integrated.

In the crazy chaos, Yan Fang has already fallen Hu Jinhai is the first few times, I feel that my lower body is completely numb, filled with other men’s semen, Hu Jinhai is not very hard, penis inside When the delivery is, 嚓, 嚓 … Their ringes. In the blur, Yan Fang has turned over by Hu Jinhai, and back to himself, then inserted in Hu Jinhai’s best at the dog climbed.

In this way, Hu Jinhai’s thick mooyou can deeply depth in the lower part of Yanfang, so that the handsome swaying breasts, desperately swaying the waist in the lower hand, and can’t send the Pill The mature lower body of Yanfang. Suddenly, the room is filled with two people, Yan Fang’s snoring, and dirty hiking collision with Yanfang young flesh.

Hu Jinhai is close to the climax, and a hot circulation has passed his lower part. Hu Jinhai sounds, insert Yan Fang’s juicy pussy, until the burning semen into Yanfang white tender, ending this crazy Adultery.

After ejaculation again, a semen rushed into the vagina that of Yan Fang’s congestion, Yan Fang was taken to Hu Jinhai, and the stretched body is in Hu Jinhaifeate. The milky white semen flows full of labians, and the body is in the roots of the thigh. The body of Hu Jinhai is like a pile of potatoes, squatting in Yanfang’s young naked, kissing the breasts that succumbed to Yan Fang, even the big age Children who have no weaning are in the mother. Hu Jinhai felt that the penis in Yanfang’s body was constantly being squeezed. The sensitive abnormally gladic is more like there is countless worms, and I can’t help but squeeze out a concentrated, and the whole body is like a honest. generally.

After the time, the Hu Jinhai is relaxed, and it is fatigued on the flexible body of Yanfang, and it feels that she has been left in the body of Yan Fang. It is rapidly retreat. Yan Fang was lying for a while, and then taking the messy thoughts. After the complex mood is barely clean up, in the face of the genex facts, pulling the sheets to cover the naked body, think of going to the bathroom to clean the body, but after delivery Easy, let Yan Fang are weak, she put on her underwear and underwear first, and she went to the toilet.

The two people slept in the night, Yan Fang was very annoyed, closed eyes and slept. Hu Jinhai, no matter from the three seven twenty-one, he is like a dog, in Yan Fang, one side of the breast, the breast, the mutage, the clothes, the strange, soft cotton, hot cotton, hot The touch of the drum drum makes him feel wonderful.

Yanfang closed his eyes into the eyes, Hu Jinhai fertilizer short thighs were inclined to Yanfang’s white thigh, and one hand licking the waist of Yanfang, and the other hand put it in Yanfang standing up. It is also very fast, and I entered a dream.

After the dawn, Hu Jinhai woke up and Yan Fang was warm, and the loose body and Yanfang young naked body were intertwined, and Hu Jinhai touched a little sour waist. Yesterday night, with Yanfang It is still a sootheat, and the snow-white flesh sweat is dripping with him, and Hu Jinhai does not know how many times in this Yanfang’s lower body. Hu Jinhai turned over Yan Fang, Yan Fang’s fragrant body puff into Hu Jinhai’s arms, plumply flexible chest.

Hu Jinhai’s face laughed with his sour lips, Yan Fang was in higher education, and he could not completely accept this fact in the heart. He still half, Hu Jinhai desire to burn it, The waist of the ferry, Yan Fang hesitated, and his lips were immediately pressed by Hu Jinhai thick lips. Forty-year-old men tightly wrapped their delicate young women.

Well … Yan Fang’s mouth issued a clear voice, Hu Jinhai’s tongue has already extended her mouth and wrapped with her tongue. Hu Jinhai Holding Yellow Waist, Yan Fangfeng’s breasts are topped in Hu Jinhai’s chest, soft meat, two different ages, different identities, and different cultivation of men and women warm in the bedroom, consider afraid of others Suspicion, Hu Jinhai has to stay in love. When I left, he laughed and said to Yanfang: Sister, every week, every week, come to home visit, otherwise, the consequences are clear, ah, haha ​​…

A few days later, Yan Fang’s husband came back, he did not discover his wife’s strange, their life is still like that, the school’s colleagues did not see the change of Yan Fang, or a happy work together …

Another afternoon of Friday, Yan Fang came to Hu Liangjia to visit, and even the neighbors were used to. Open the door or Hu Liang’s father Hu Jinhai, or the face is full of laughing to let the teacher enters the door.

For a while, Hu Jia’s curtain pulled it.

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