I slowly woke up from the coma, walked into the bathroom, washed the traces of my body, after washing, I looked at the stockings that was covered with the blood and blood, but the clothes and high heels did not know what it was, I definitely can’t Leave it, but I can’t throw it away. Otherwise, I will want to last, and my sanitary napkins are thrown into my door.

I have to put it on one side first, change the clothes back to the school.

But because I have been sleeping in a morning, I am debuted in the morning, so I was shouted by the principal to the office conversation.

“Teacher, Teacher you, how do you not come to class in the morning, don’t leave it?” I was uncomfortable in the morning. “” Even if it is uncomfortable, please also leave! “” This time I suddenly suddenly, I forgot, I will pay attention to it next time. “I couldn’t help but red lower lessons.

“I also know that you have a pregnant woman, my husband is not at home, what do you want, even though I said.” The principal said, while touching my hand, I reached out to my stomach.

“President, don’t.”

I am afraid to want to shrink, in fact, the last time the principal wants to eat my tofu, and I have been hit by my two slaps for a few days, I don’t dare to talk to me.

But this time did not dare to resist stress.

“I will come to the teacher for the teacher to check if it is uncomfortable.”

Said that it stretched into my skirt.

One hand, my label, one hand, my big tits, my hardships only changed the length of the principal.

“What are you doing?”

This sentence scared me and the principal, I quickly organized a good clothes and ran out the office.

I am a heart in the afternoon, no one, I will have a tear, why do every man must be like this, even if I am a pregnant woman, they are not willing to let me.

When I was alive in the afternoon, the principal suddenly but my office, I consciously conscious legs or even the uterus contracted the consciousness.

“Teacher of Love, Zhang Wei, Wang Tao, Li Qiang, Chen Chen, Yang Yang, Yang Yang, is very bad! The teacher of the love, you have not yet closed out, let them learn the homework!” “” Well. “They are five people. Full of obscene videos and pictures are still in me, I must find a chance to make a good education.

When I got home, I received a phone call from Lao Han. I didn’t say a phone call in a word.

Old Han also sent a picture to me, I only wear the stockings high heels, the smooth genitals, stockings, and the face were covered with semen, and a huge vibration bar in the vagina.

Old Han is threatening me, this will never succumb, otherwise I can only be controlled by him later.

Even if jade puts can’t let him succeed, I know that once my life is over, my life is over.

Finally, the old Korean, which was anxious, sent me a photo of a school man toilet.

I don’t understand what it means, take him, it is estimated that old Han is crazy.

I didn’t care, I deleted photos and SMS.

These days, in order to hide the old Korean, I lived home. Old Korea actually didn’t harass me. On Friday, I would like to give Zhang Wei for these little guys.

In the evening, the five students were all, I also started taking, I deliberately put on the most conservative maternity dress tonight, can’t have this kind of child who appeared.

In the class, I gave them a homework. I slept for a while, wake up, I wake up, I went to the kitchen to drink the water, Zhang Wei, this is a kitchen, “Zhang Wei you do, roll back Write a homework. “Zhang Wei slammed me,” Teacher, the principal, I saw it, but I think that the teacher’s rebellion is not fierce, isn’t it for a long time? So hunger Thirst? “You let go, you are so calling people.” Rottery you. “I struggled to run out of the kitchen, but how can a pregnant woman can be a middle school boys, and Zhang Wei changed to grab my hair.


Zhang Wei did not pay attention to me two slaps.

“婊子, Laozi is smashing.”

Said that Zhang will press me on the chopping board of my meat, I can only resist as much as possible for my child, Zhang Wei is tightly putting me under his body, Zhang Wei put it into me. In the skirt, I am in my mouth, I can only have tears, the head is pressed on the cutting board, helpless struggle, tearful eyes, resentment With Zhang Wei, he said on the side of my face, “Teacher is rest assured, as long as you let me 肏, I will grasp the email, I will not give you abortion. But if you resist dramatic, I I will not care about you. “No … ah, ah, um, um.” Said Zhang Wei’s strength, his big chicken is open, and the big meat. The cock began to push my vagina, and Zhang Wei took the big chicken into my uterus, and my vagina, the homework has been very sensitive to the old Han, they are very sensitive, maybe because the vagina is being There is a new meat after injury, so it is more delicate. “Teacher Your vagina is short, but the teacher’s uterus is also very cool.” It is went back from the big chickens of Zhang Wei from the table.

“Ah, huh, um, hurt, the teacher’s vagina and the uterine mouth are broken by you.” My vagina and the uterine mouth healing wound was injured by Zhang Wei.

“Teacher, you really have a long time, have not yet, you have a few yourself. Born is a meat is used as a meat.” Zhang Wei put me in the table, every time, blood I will spray out, I am on my stockings, and even on the walls.

My pregnant belly does not stop the corner of the table, Zhang Wei looks at the poor, but the more fierce, Zhang Wei’s big cock, my pregnancy is pressed out of the road scars.

I have to ask Zhang Wei to ask me, please let me, then, then, the teacher will have to abate. “Teacher, you are abortion, I will definitely compensate you again.” I beg you, don’t hurt my child, ask you, don’t … “I used to be a kind of Queen in Zhang Wei, but now I can only ask for mercy on Zhang Wei.

Zhang Wei’s presqueies, my big tits were squeezed crazy spray, my milk was filled with milk, Zhang Wei one hand stretched into my clothes, my big tits, And put my milk came out, my milk is like being bubbled, and I keep dripping milk down, and Zhang Wei absorbs the milk in my milk, and then throws it.

Zhang Wei, I kissed my face, suddenly, Zhang Wei suddenly accelerated the rate of Dao Jie, I knew that he had to eat, Zhang Weili put the big cock hard into my uterus, I felt me The wound of the uterine mouth is more bigger, blood and prostitute flow to my slippers.

“Ah! Well, oh, 呜呜 呜!”

I can’t help but call it, but there are other students in my family. I quickly grabbed my mouth with your hand, causing my pregnancy to hit the corner of the table.

Zhang Wei shot a lot of fine fluid into my uterus. Zhang Wei, who was refined, was in me, said in my ear, “Teacher, how do you call it. It is a pity.” “Zhang Wei, Don’t let other students know, ask for you! Otherwise, the teacher can’t make a man. “Zhang Wei smiled into a cucumber into my vagina, the thick head and even squeezed into my uterus.

“Teacher, what happened?”

At this time, Wang Tao heard the same asking.

“The teacher is fine, you will finish the topic of a unit behind it, the teacher is something!” Said that I escaped back to the bedroom, lock the door.

I suddenly felt what this cucumber was painted on my body through my vagina mucosa and wounds. I quickly sat in front of the computer, and I wanted to take the cucumber.

At this time, the computer suddenly turned on, and it was automatically released. The AV content in Zhang Wei hard disopy was that a beautiful wife teacher was taken by his own student, and she became the story of the meat, and I felt it. The vaginal itching, my hand is not from the autonomous use of big cucumber to play mappiness, but the more pry the more itch, the more itching, the more itching.

“Ah, ah!”

I can’t take care of other students, I can’t say so, I hope they can’t hear themselves, otherwise I still have a teacher.

I don’t know how long I suddenly heard the sound of the room door, but my hand was not controlled without stopping my cucumber.

“Would you like to see what Xue Awa is doing.” Sudden slaves, the meat stuff has passed into my ear. I don’t dare to blink, and the old Korean is Zhang Wei. A beautiful woman who is pregnant is living alone, so that these men want to see the wolf of pregnant ewes, a one of them to me, my husband I miss you to protect me.


Zhang Wei grabbed my hair and put me from the chair and dragged me into the living room. He stepped on my stomach with his feet. “You only have two roads now, and I will take you now. , Then turn you into pregnancy. Second, do our sex slave, we say what you do, let us be anytime, anywhere. “” Ask you, let me! ” Let’s take a more powerful step on my stomach.

“Don’t, don’t, I choose two, I choose two.”

“What I can’t remember, the teacher, you remind me.” “I do, I do it, I do your sex slave.” “Hahahaha! Usage a teacher, high high! I am refuse, Teacher Aiwa has always been a pure holy goddess in my heart. Tell the teacher into the sex slave? “

“I beg you, don’t hurt my child. When I am your sex slave!” Wang Tao took my hair and gave me two slaps.

“This kind of scorpion can also be a teacher, no wonder, my score is so bad.” “I am not … ah, ah, ah …” I just want to refute.

“I am, you see what I found!”

Li Qiang actually found the photo of the old Korean who took the old Han in my bag, “I am, really stimulating.” “Don’t look, not, not what you think!” “” Where is it, , The scorpion! “Said the photo upwards.

Others see are exciting, only Zhang Wei is like crazy, and I will take the belt and keep me. “Square goods, actually seduce the old Korean, it seems that the hybrid in your belly is also Old Han? You Husband is really miserable. “” No … ah, … is not, my child is indeed my husband. “Zhang Wei is ignored to my sorrow, whipping my flesh,” 货 ” , The scorpion, let you hook the wild man, let you burn the man’s hybrid. Ah, ah. Laozi will not let you born this wild species. “” Don’t … ah ah … “Zhang Wei Pressing me on the tea, my big tits are squeezed out of the milk because the squeezed is squeezed out of the milk, and Zhang Wei is inserting in my vagina. Every time I put it, my big cock will be miserable and humble. Ask for mercy, he has helped music.

“Say when you hook up on old Korean.”

“I have not hooked, I have a few days ago, I am strong in school, I’m also turned by his friends.” “Definitely you have seduce old Korean! Strong you? Rotate you? Are you alarm? ? “” No, but … ah, ah! “And my other students not only don’t pity me, but the exciting jump is eager, Zhang Wei suddenly accelerates the speed, then put me in the tea, the cock is deeply inserted deeply In my uterus, hot semen shot into my uterus.

“The wife, pregnant women, you can’t try it, you have to try this evening.” “Let me let me, let me go!” Your boutonless man hybrid, we don’t give you a husband today! “” You said that I missed the teacher of the teacher, his husband would pay me people? “” ” I will pregnant with the teacher, my kind is definitely better than the old Korean. “I heard the Zhang Wei’s face of this words became gloomy.” I don’t care about the teacher’s husband will not pay, who is you Aiwa teacher is abortion, I am rewarding! “” Ah !! “The boys heard that the crazy screams.

“Don’t !! My child is really my husband. Ah, ah !!!” “Teacher, let’s let me, don’t make you yell, I will not surname Zhang.” The boys put me on the coffee table. Crazy I am a tender, they will put the big chickens into my uterus every few times.

My vagina is tight and very sensitive, the boys are inserted very cool, and my vagina is painful, I feel that my child is in the big cock with me in the big cock.

“The teacher of the teacher is really tight, my dicks are so comfortable. I can play for a lifetime.” “Cang Tian, ​​I beg you to save my child, if she can be born smoothly I am willing to go to hell. “When the last boys Wang Tao squatted to me, my vagina and uterine mouth have long been scarred, blood, obscene, semen and milk 溷 溷 溷 气 气 气 气 气 气 气. 气 气 气 气 气 气 气 气 气 气

“The teacher is so tight.” “” Well, um … “I was unfortunate about the challenge of my students. “Ah, ah!”

Wang Tao’s cock made the final sprint in my vagina and the womb, and every time I got the deepest place in my uterus.

Wang Tao finally shot into my uterus. I was weak, and my legs kept shaking, and my labipings were invisible.

I really thought that I was over to me.

The boys did not infringe me again. “Oh, the teacher actually didn’t wear clothes, what happened to be cold.

Teacher you go wear a white tube stockings, then wear the finest and highest high heels. “” Teacher is so cold, can you give a dress clothes clothes? ” Meat, these obscene words.

I’ve an obedience into the bedroom. “Well, we are tired, you can’t do this. However, if you fall, I will shred.” “” Ah, ah! Zhang Wei put a huge volatile stick into my, but because of too much too long, I went to my homework to my homework.

“Ah, don’t stuff, my vagina can’t get down.”

Zhang Wei had failed several times.

“Teacher, you first lay on the ground, right, get up in your, right.” “Zhang Wei you want to do, don’t, ask you, you will be abortion.” I struggled, rice I have been dying that I am dying.

I can only look at Zhang Wei’s feet like playing as high as playing.

“Shoot! Ball!”

“Ah, ah!”

Zhang Wei’s shock stick kicked into my uterus, because Zhang Wei was hard, and his shoes were also kicked into my vagina.

Dramatic pain makes me dull opportunities.

“Go cook, hungry.”

So I struggled and struggled with pregnancy, wearing a white stockings, ten centimeter high heel shoes, naked wearing apron with parent-meat, and the vaginal and uterus also stuffed the huge shock stick John gave me just round. Animals students cook.

Soon a hearty meal is done, when I put six pairs of chopsticks, Zhang Wei gave me a slap in the face, and your prostitute has something eligible to eat.

“Ah, ah!”

Zhang Wei actually inserted a pair of chopsticks into the vagina of a crude fake fake, and I could only help.

“婊, there is any qualification to eat, roll to the side to serve us, first give a drink.” “Teacher’s family has no drink, I will pour you water!” “Who is her mother wants to drink water?” “Teacher , Is you not a drink here? “

Said to open my apron, put my nipple with chopsticks, in fact, I feel that my breast is like exploding, I feel that milk will be sprayed out, the huge breasts are red and very strong.

I can only bent down the waist into the cup, I just want to squeeze into the cup, Zhang Wei is inserted in the chopsticks of me, “Ah, ah ~” As I sound Called, my breast was sprayed into the cup.

The other boys are also made by the magic, and my milk fell a whole six cups.

“Cup! Finally, the Dream teacher of the dream!”

“I said that Teacher Xue is very good. The born is a material for public toilet meat.” My students eat my burn, drink my breast milk, and said to humiliate my words.

I am waiting for my students to eat, and the breast milk in my cup is over, I have squeezed out from my big breasts.

But when I arrived, my breast milk is getting less and less, I have to squeeze out.

Zhang Wei is very impatient. He directly opened the volatile stick in my. After a minute, I entered the painful climax, and my big tits have produced some milk water.

But in the end, a drop of milk in my big tits couldn’t squeeze.

Zhang Wei was very angry. He stretched into my vagina, grabbing the shock stick in the madness of my hometown.

“Harness, pain, ah, ah.” Zhang Wei left my abuse, only one breath, my beautiful legs kept shaking.

“This only over Friday night, the teacher was killed, and there is still two days after we have two days?” “Nothing, we are not the medicine given by the doctor? Just try if he is so magical “” Director said this medicine … “” “How? Nowadays, Xue Xue.” “How can I feel distressed this scorpion, Laozi can’t get it immediately into a prostitute, don’t, become a meat.” “” ” I don’t have a distressing, then you come to the uterus in the uterus of Teacher Xue. “” No problem “said Chen Chen took a bottle of ointment without label.

When the ointment just came into contact with my vaginal wall, I knew that this medicine was not a good thing. My vagina almost immediately absorbed the ointment coated above, and the body also turned hot, but the wound in my vagina is incredible. The start quickly healed.

“Hello, have you painted more?”

“How? Do you feel distressed this?”

“Doctors don’t say a small spoon is a woman’s limit.” “You still see her as a woman?” “Not a wife, if you marry her, I will not be painted!” 」, 肏,? The school male toilet’s diaper is right, bringing to the male toilet as a meat to make a meat. Be a wife or count. “” Her husband is really miserable, she is working outside, and her wife pregnant with an old rogue wild species. “” Not me, this child is really me and my husband. “” “Then you are with your husband. Wild man? And still a few? ” I collapsed, even the weak struggle gave up.

“I am, this bottle of the drug is in the vagina, the uterus forgets.” “Nothing, I have a bottle. Anyway, it is too much.” “That thing taken!” Yang Yang Open the bag and poured a bunch of liability, then picked out a hole in the eyes, poured the ointment into fake chicken, I have guess what they want to do.

“Zhang Wei, the teacher has made you casually, please don’t give your teacher medicine. This medicine put the teacher’s good strange.” But my pleading is just in vain, fake cocks, Into my vagina. The uterus, my conscious handle, but I accidentally pressed the switch between my push, the ointment, like a semen, sprayed into my uterus, I was forced to open the uterine mouth dramatically contracted Tight fake chicken.

“Teacher is drinking nutrients, don’t die, we have not yet greessing you!” “Even if you are greasy, don’t use the teacher to die? It is too waste.” I have made us money. “” I beg you, don’t bother me, the teacher can’t stand it. “” Teacher, you can watch it! “” Don’t … “

My vagina is now sensitive, so strange.

I will be strange when masturbating now.

“Teacher, I will say the last time, give you two choices, 乖 的, Don’t, I am masturbating to see you. “” 货. “

I just put the finger into the vagina, I feel hurt.

“Limited to you in five minutes to put yourself to the climax, or do you abort your abortion.”

“咔咔 咔”

Just when I am going to a climax, I seem to open the door. This home only has a key and my husband, is my husband comes back.

“Too good, my husband will save me.”

At this time, I saw myself in the mirror, my body and face were red, my eyes blur, and my face was blocked and the prostitute. .

“You this is the goods, I went out to make money, you steal this. Divorce.” Husband, I am divorced.

“God, don’t let my husband know that I am round. Ah, ah!”

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