Husband (35 years old) and a pair of twin children, a son (Xiaoqiang) a daughter (Pingping), they are 13 years old. As for the article I wrote, you must read it carefully to experience the stimulation. If you are incest, you will continue, otherwise you will leave, or you will not be able to stand.

Our family has always been very happy, the story happens in a per day of the summer, our child is full of 11th birthday, I will go home in advance at noon.

After the door, I saw that the children saw TV in the living room. “How do you have two things that you have not elapsed? The teacher knows that today is our two birthdays, let us first come first, say let us have a little time to prepare, you can wash What is to take a shower. “I heard it, I didn’t take a shower for a few days.” Okay, I am going to prepare water, today is your birthday, take a shower, have a clean and clean birthday “Xiaoqiang”, take a shower, take a shower, fast, make your app for your appointment … I will not wash with you, you are a boys, I am a girl, each of the “Xiaoqiang” is not washed. Hey. “I have listened to it,” Haha, the appointment is shy, not strong together, can be washed together, ok? “Pingping barely nodded” Want to wash “I” with us, “I have been busy these days, I haven’t been taking a shower for a few days, just wash it together,” I can make two little guys, soon They took off a highlight to enter the bathroom.

I then took off my trousers. The two children are doing in this. “I am coming, the mother, the water is right” I “oh, okay, don’t fall,” I also stood into the bath, but the bath is not enough. Sit, I know this, I just stood in the son Xiaoqiang’s head in front of me, I found that he looked at my lower body, I am a little embarrassing, say “strong, come stand up, I will help You wash, he stands up and I saw strong and hard to say that there was a thumb, the chicks were hard, I panicked, I almost fell, strong and quickly pulled me, just didn’t come to me. Hand, but hugged my big legs, his hand just touched my yin, I felt his chicks in my calf. I said, “Nothing, I started taking a shower. “I started to help Xiaoqiang to take a shower, and the app stop is sitting behind me. My hand touches a strong chick. It is very hard, and I seem to face me, he seems to touch me, I know, I also It’s a bit start itching, I’m screaming in my chest, I didn’t expect strong strength to help me, his little hand bleached on my milk, I don’t know unconsciously. Chicken, but all this is in my back, I don’t know, I touched this strong chick. I am more and more hard, my vagina is getting more and more itchy, I started to pull strong hands. Go to my vagina, put his hand to my vagina, his hand almost plugged in, “” I sent a pleasant voice, and let your mother say “What happened, isn’t you uncomfortable? “No, oh, good to me, let’s help your cake, I turn, start to help your cake, I am picking up your back, I will give her back, I also squatted in the buttock Strong, then I found strongly, I still touched me later, I couldn’t help, I used a hand to stand up, raise my butt, strongly looked at my pussy, still Touching him, I pulled him to my ass, put his chick bar, I didn’t want to strengthen one, the whole chicken, I put into my vagina, I Take a shower for the applying, you will be gently moving before and after, and you will know how to get it. Just hug my ass, I feel too comfortable, maybe every day and husband to make love, husband The chicken is too big, comfortable to be comfortable, you can feel different, maybe there is a reason for your son’s chick, I will feel the whole body, I didn’t expect 11-year-old son to see, I feel The son’s semen shoots the feeling in my vague.

At this time, I found out that I was still giving a bath, looking back at the strength, I have been tired, sitting there, looking at me. At this time, the app stops say “brother, you will help your mother later in my mother.” Strong “Oh, good” strong start to help me wash your back, the chick is soft in my ass. Wipe it, didn’t live a while, I feel strong with a strong chick, he actually put the chick again into my vagina once again, I will say quietly to him “small color ghost, “Strong smiles, continue to draw, so strongly in my vagina, I will shoot it twice in my vagina while I am pressing.”

After taking a shower, I started to cook for the birthday meal, strong and let the appointment play in my room. After an hour, I started cooking ribs. I don’t have anything else in my hand. Go and see what the children are doing. When I pushed the door, the scene of my eyes almost scared, and my son was strong, and he was just in my vagina, I was just shooting twice. Inserted in the 11-year-old small B, who didn’t have a long hair, was smashed, and the app stops “light, brother, hey, good pain.” They did not find me to stand at the door, Continue to do, strong, “how to hurt, I just didn’t say pain.” Oh, my day is strong, I have said that I just said with Appression. Appression “Mom is adult, how can adults hurt, you didn’t see the mother’s little B long, and it was still very big.” Strong strong “,” but I don’t have to say, you don’t say Dad’s chicken. Chicken is much bigger than me, how do you have no pain? “Appression” Dad is not like you in this small B in this way, he just use his mouth to kiss my little B, still hold it My hand touches his big chicken, and his big chicken will come out to milk, will you? “Strong strongly said” I don’t know, but I just inserted my mother’s little B. I was so comfortable, I I also feel that my whole body is soft, I have dial it out, I also saw that my mother’s B is also flowing out some white things like milk. “I heard that the husband secretly swearing his daughter, but because I have already Son is not only not angry when he is almost not angry, but also is not angry.

I deliberately coughed, I almost didn’t put him two scared, my daughter said, “Mom, we don’t dare to make us.” I walked in bed and looked at them and said “Good boy, it doesn’t matter, my mother will not fight.” You, come to the sons, mom teaches you how to do. “I took off my bed to bed, I said,” Appress, you look at my mother, come to my son to climb to my mother. Yes, this, use, use Hand holds your chicken, right, put it against the mother’s little mouth, picking up, you come to help my brother holding chicken with chicken, good, good, strong fast top, right, oh this is not Going in, oh! Good boy, tell my mother to make a feeling “. Strong strong” I can’t insert it for a long time. “I said,” Of course, when you make a woman, her little b has never been done by the chicken, naturally it is, oh, good comfort, Appression wants to try? “When I said,” I want “I stood up and let the app stop, taught her legs to let the legs climb on her, can be strong, the chicken is not going in, I use the left hand to put the small applet B-Petals, with the right hand holding a strong chicken chicken inserted, finally strong chicken all inserted in the small B Bing of the appress, I am sitting next to the son, chicken chicken in daughter. The small B enters and out until the strong semen shoot.

Afterwards, the app stop said to me “Mom, my brother has just peeted in me B, hot, but so comfortable.” I said “It’s not pee, it is ejaculation, you and strength are fine fluid change, is you Dad’s semen shot in my mother B and turned into you. “Appression said” The brother’s semen will become a doll in me? “I said,” Will “. App Pable”, my brother is also in my mother. You shoot it, will it become a small doll? “I said” will, when the mother and you will have a strong doll, I’m still cooking, wait for a while, Dad is going back. , Remember, today’s speech is said to be, if he will hit you. “Appression” Oh, I know “I went to the kitchen to start cooking. At this time, the app stop and strongly wear clothes. Mom, I will help you.

I said, “Ok, help my mother to wash a few dishes” “good” two children began to wash the dishes, I asked “Children, have you have fun today?

“Happy, can my mother play after you?” “I said” Yes, you can play when your father is not there, strong, and after your mother will often give you a mother’s B, do you like it? “Strong Strong Strong” likes, Mom, if my semen becomes a small doll in my mother B, what is he told me? “

I laughed “Of course, I am calling your brother.”

Strong strong “Is that the doll of the appointment?”

I am “call you.”

“Oh, I know.”

Appression “Mom, when will my brother’s chicks will be as big as Dad?”

I “I have a big one for a few years. Wait until the brother’s chicken grows, is you also inserted?

Appression “gives it, I will give my brother in the next day, I grew up and give it.”

I “can’t insert every day, I can’t insert it.

What should I do? “

I “can let my brother insert your mouth, my mother often makes your father, and my brother can also use the tongue to insert your small BB, very comfortable.”

Appression “Oh, then I have to use my brother to insert me with my tongue, now I am, my mother?” I said “You can, okay, let the pants take off your brother, let my brother insert you. “

So, the app stops quickly took off his pants to the strong, my name is strong to turn my sister’s little B to the tongue.

Appression “is really comfortable, brother’s tongue is hot, itchy.”

I said “It’s more comfortable, wait a moment.

Strong Strong Side, “Mom, my sister’s B is so much water, my chicken is so uncomfortable”

I “Ok, strong, you have just shot a few times, can’t shoot, wait for the day mother, you must let you plug, now, help your sister comfortable”


Appression “Mom, I am so difficult, I don’t want”

I laughed, “Okay, let my mother try to see you”

Said that I took the pants to the calf, and I called strong to squat in front.

Said “To move your mother’s little B”

Strongly opened my pussy, “Mom, your B is really big, my tongue stretches gently”

I feel that my son’s tongue is licking in my vagina, oh, God, comfortable to die, I really want my son to take it, my hard water is not broken.

When the apprest is low, I looked at “Oh, my mother’s B is full of water, my brother, don’t hurt my mother.”

In this way, I will make strong licking, I have been stirring the vegetables.

After about half an hour, my father finally came back. The birthday dinner in eight o’clock began, we started to eat and drink, Dad drunk, dinner, let the children blow candles, sing birthday brother, Dad may drink more, say to dance with me, express celebration The birthday, so the music begins, the children are speaking, and I jumped with my husband. Jumping for a while, the app stops “Mom, Mom, we also want to jump”

I said, “Ok, let Dad teach you to jump, I teach my brother to jump”

So, I pulled my son’s hand to teach him to dance, her husband also danced in daughter. My son is in front of me, my son and I jumped, he actually touched my breast, so I didn’t see my husband, I quietly called my son.

I said, “Well, I will jump now, we start dancing, do you turn on the lights now?”

The husband said “It’s a little bit of the dance hall,”

The lamp is closed, start dancing, I heard the daughter laugh, there is music.

I know that my husband is obscene, and I am like him anyway, I am like the children, but my son is always to touch my breast. I also cut my son to the wall because of drinking some wine. On the side, let the son are touched against the wall. Touching his son and starting to take off my pants, very fast, my pants are taken off by my son to the leg calf, the underwear is not worn because of the previous wet, my son touched my son, I also started to touch my son. The little cock, the son’s small cock has been hard in my hand, but he is small, I can’t get my B, I will move my hard to support the body, so that the son’s chick can Top to, in the dark, I feel that my son’s chicks slipped into my vagina, my son began to push it. The thumb-like chick is in my vagina into and out, I started to squat, because Music is too big, the husband and daughter can’t hear it. When I was excited and my son, the lamp suddenly became bright, I was fully exposed to my son’s behavior, my husband and daughter looked at us, I hurriedly pulled pants, I walked over and thought about what to explain, my husband opened first. “Wife, you don’t have to say, just said that the daughter told me, she said that Strong Strong Cut into her small b in her small B today, but also said that strong and strong, I don’t believe, I don’t believe it. I want to open the light asking you, but everything in front of you has proved that all this is true. You said how do you explain to me, there is mother and my son to make love, and my son is just 11 years old.

I said that I can’t think about it, I thought about it, I would say “you, then, then do you not touch your appointment, and touch your place with your hand,”

The husband was asked to have a mute, looking back at the appointment, and looked at the strong and lowered his head.

I will then say “my husband, or this way, anyway, my daughter has been strong, nor a woman, and she also likes this, although this is incest, I feel very exciting, I also like, I think, I think I think Your obscene app stop is also because of this reason, ok, then I agree with the appointment, as long as the app stop is willing. “

The husband said “Is this good? If you pass it, you will be joke by others.” I said, “I’m so strong, you can’t tell others at home, don’t say, have you heard it?”

The child “I heard my mother, we guarantee that you don’t say it.”

I said, “Ok, now I want my father and the appointment, let the app stop you?”

Appression said: “Willing, it is too big, I am afraid.”

I said, don’t be afraid, the apparatus will not hurt once, I will be very comfortable, my father will be more comfortable than my brother, “Appression” Well, “said that this apprest begins to take off her clothes.

But the husband is still a bit embarrassed, I will go to the husband to take off, I took the husband’s chicken, wow the husband’s chicken is already swelling, presented in front of the children like a jack.

Strong to speak, “Wow, how big is Dad,?”

I said, “Let’s take your makeup, touch your father’s big chicken.”

When you use your hand to touch your father’s big chicken, you can only hold one-third of the big chicken.

I said, “Ok, now the app stops to the Dad above,” Come on this, come, I wiped some spit on your small B, so it is easy to go in. “

I took my husband’s big chicken, licked a few times, so that it wet. Aligned with the small B. of the apprest, it is strong to sit down to Dad. I am called “Applying, come, slowly sit down, yes, this is”

The husband’s glans came into contact with the small pussy of the appress. The whole pussy has no husband’s glans. I don’t know if I can go in. I can’t get in it, and the applying is like a bit can’t stand it. “Mom, good pain,”

I “make your applet, let it, I will not hurt, I have entered it.”

The husband’s big chicken is going through the vagina that is applying, and suddenly we have heard it! One, it turned out that the film of the apprest was broken. The original heavy chicks did not break the appred female film at all, which may be the deep woman in the appress, and the strong chicks did not come. I can’t help but excite it. Dad’s chicken brought the daughter’s vast film. It is the bag of the husband’s daughter, and the son’s strong first ejaculation actually shot in my vagina, oh, it is really too Wonderful, I am a bit dicker. This is the husband began to take the initiative. He hit it under the waist of the applying. The husband’s big dick began to twitch in the small B in the appress, but the vagina, the vagina, the husband’s chicken could only go in half.

At this time, I am already quite excited. The water below is constantly moving. I looked up and looked at it. Strongly, I also saw me, I said, “Ok, now I have to be strong now. I did, ok, my husband.

Husband “Okay, then you are here.”

I laughed “to my son, come over my mother,”

I said that I took my trousers clothes, I was relying on the sofa, my son walked to me, I told my son’s clothes pants, my son’s chick is hard, I use Hand touched, the son’s chick is not enough, I will finish it. I will come to me in my middle. I use his chick. I wipe it off on my yin, my husband and my daughter are watching With us, he looked at the son’s chick. I wiped it on my pussy. My son’s chick had no my pussy, and I was already in the chick while rubbing. I held it. Strong buttocks, the chicks, trembling in my vagina, one jump, I can feel that the chick is only inserted into my vagina half.

I have a look at the husband saying “How is my husband, what I feel in B.?”

Her husband “Her vagina is too tight, it is very tight, but it is really cool in B. I am very exciting, what about you? What is it inserted by my son’s chick? When you put in a chicken, you seem to be very comfortable, your eyes are closed, but also fight. “

I said, “Yes, it is really very comfortable, you think, my son’s chick is inserted into his mother’s vagina, and there is, look at your big chicken, insert your daughter. Can the look at the small B are not cool? “

At this time, I was inserted by my son’s chick, I couldn’t help but squat, oh ……… Oh ………… Good son …………. fast …

Faster … I am so fast ……… I am hard ……… The actions of my son have followed me quickly, and the little butt is standing in the middle of my legs. The husband next to it also started to call “Oh ……… Good daughter … really comfortable … … it is shot … came … The husband almost hugged her daughter, finally her husband shot, shot all the semen in the 11-year-old small B, daughter’s small B installed missed husband The semen flows out in her husband’s chicken, I feel that my son also seem to be shot, the chick is faster in my vagina, a hot thing rushed out, I am whole body They are shaking, the son 11-year-old chicks, the excitement of ejaculation in their mother’s 34-year-old vagina, let me almost 点. After the end of your sex, everyone is sitting on the couch together, I play with my son’s chick, son When playing with my breast, my daughter also learned that I finished the husband’s chicken, her husband looked with her daughter’s ass. We began to discuss future issues.

I said “my husband, you will sleep with my daughter, I will sleep with my son, ok?”

Husband “is not good, because I still want to plug you, although I am very cool, but your B is very cool, although your B is bigger than the daughter, but inserting it is very good, you can plug more It is best that I will customize a big bed tomorrow, we have sleeping together, how do you see? “

App stop, “Okay, Dad is like this, I like”

I said, “Well, I am also in favor”

Strong strong “I am also”

Husband “Tet the mother this evening, I will sleep with my daughter, my mother and son sleep, ok?”

Everyone agreed. So I and my son were sleeping in their small bed, husband and daughter in my husband’s bed, that night, I did three times with my son. I got up early in the next morning, my husband and daughter were still sleeping, I walked into their room, I saw her daughter climbed on her husband and fell asleep, I walked in the past, I found the original husband’s chicken bar soft plug-in daughter B In it, it seems that they have done many times last night, they are sleeping, I can’t bear to wake them, just do it earlier.

Today is the weekend. I have to go to the furniture after eating early. He is going to customize a big bed. I didn’t expect the furniture factory with ready-made big bed. The husband immediately bought it back, the bed is wide, you can sleep The next six people, from that day, our family is sleeping on a bed, the husband is sleeping outside, the daughter is next to him, the son is next to her daughter, I am in the most inside, we have to make love every night, sometimes It is my husband, sometimes doing my son, my son sleeps in the middle, anyway, he is the most color, I will do it with me, I will do it with the appointment, my husband is very rules, and I will do one or two times a week. Most days are made with the appointment, there is not much, the small b baked by the apprest is great, and now the son’s chick can also plug in.

In this way, our happiness has been 3 months. That day, the children went to school, I and my husband at home, we didn’t have two people in the world, after doing love, I lying on my husband’s arms said: “Husband, do you regret us now life? “

Husband “Don’t regret, I think it is very good, as long as the children can accept how we will regret it, I am afraid that they will blame us after they grow up, I have a strong power to come, I am afraid of pickup appointment.”

I said: “This is, after the key, she still marry. But I have a note, let the daughter will be married after the daughter, can not get married?”

The husband said: “This is ok, but I am afraid that I love my child every day, I am afraid that she is pregnant with my child later.”

I said, “It’s okay, that’s good, husband, or this, you make your daughter to pregnant with your child, I also have a son’s child?”

Husband “Is this good? I have no problem, but you have already put a ring.”

I “can go to the hospital to take the ring, ok? I want to have a son, have a son who has a son, you also let your daughter have a father and daughter to do her daughter, huh, how good?

Husband “I can not be born in my daughter 11 years old,?”

I “then wait for her to start coming, don’t worry, I can go first, I will go to the hospital in the afternoon, but I can’t do it with me from tomorrow, no Pregnant with my son is giving you, “

Husband “Oh, that’s good, I will do it by my son and you, see his chick, can you let you pregnant.”

I “sure, his chick, although you can’t plug in my uterus, but I want to do more, I will pregnant.”

I would like to have a son who can give birth to a son. I am so happy. I think, if I really have a son, I will let him plug in the 11 years old, I will put him inserting my son. Mom, oh, it’s too stimulated. If you can’t give birth to a daughter, then I will let her love her and her husband, and of course, there is a son is also her father, it is also very exciting. In this way, I love my son every day, my husband is also doing with her daughter. Soon, I will stop it. The doctor told me that I have told my husband and the children. They are very happy, I pray that I am pregnant with a son. Even if I have been pregnant, I didn’t stop making love. Of course, I have to do with her husband, because now is safe, I have already pregnant children, I am not afraid of her husband to shoot inside me.

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