The first chapter “Hey! Finally completed it!” Lin Xiaoyi stood a lazy waist after the last file was stored, and the bag was ready to leave the company, and it was already ten hours in the evening. She habitually hopes to the small mirror on the desk, and found that the buddh is often praised, and there is a touch of dark circles, even the old years of the skin have lost their gloss, and the beautiful and beautiful Thus the discount. All this is caused by this busy work.

The twenty of Xiaoyi just graduated from college this year, and she was fortunate to take the Personnel Department of a subsidiary of a subsidiary of Pangjiao, a large group. Pang’s employees are more than 3,000 people, and the business has across multiple levels and boundaries. It is one of the large number of large companies in Asia. Artificial welfare has been counting two in China, but the workload is also proportional, smaller Imagine more heavy. Although she is in a short half of the year, she has to work hard almost every week. In recent month, colleague is less, there are fewer people in hand, and the workload is multiplied, almost everyone is busy. Xiao Yi is a hand, the work efficiency is naturally less colleague, which is generally late, and it has become the most late job.

Originally she thought it was one of the latest left, but I couldn’t think that there were people in the office.

“Miss Lin, you haven’t gone yet?” Just a moment of Small Ingo on the computer, there was a fat, like a giant bears in front of her. He is the deputy manager of Liu Yong, Personnel Department. A small number of people in the Personnel, is also the largest organism in the office.

“Liu Yong, I am preparing!” Xiaoyi saw Liu Yong hand to go out from the office, the heart is secretly screaming, if it is not a computer, she almost wants to work, not completed, take a moment, stay He left the company after leaving.

In fact, this Liu Yong is not a bad person. It is quite a gas for colleagues. Compared to the sectors of Pan Miss Pan, Liu Yong is like a lively fat Buddha, always smiling, never seen him. temper. But he has a lot of shortcomings, it is a color, especially his pair of small round eyes in fat, turbid, but also the thief, often up and down the giving women’s colleagues Looks, then in the blurred laugh, I want to enter the non-wrong nephew, to the people of the person.

Xiao Ying just entered the job, he had listened to his colleagues to criticize his pair of thieves. Small relief is also half a trip, but since she took a short skirt, I gave him “the contestant” all day before I got the colleagues to hate this “good gentleman”.

Some people have complained to Pan, but they have been cold and cold: “I should not wear such casual” at work, “I know that complaints, long time, women have avoided him, waiting for him, etc. Will not be with him.

I can’t think of it in the moment of the collection, it will happen to him. When I want to go to a road with him, I can’t help but I feel hate.

“Well, don’t you send you a ride!” Liu Yong is like a smaller disgusted, and take the initiative to send her home.

“My family is not too far away, I don’t have to worry about you.” Xiao Yi squeezed smile, very generously refused his kindness.

Unfortunately, he did not make beautiful. They came to the building, and they found that there was a heavy rain in the outside. Although Xiao Yi took an umbrella, but under the wind of the wind, a small umbrella is fundamentally Wu Zhi, such as the big in the big, I am afraid that it is not a few steps.

Dangdang, Liu Yong next to him, once again made suggestions: “So heavy rain, let me drive you! My car is in front of the parking lot, running a road, always passing your storm Home? “

Xiao Yi, there is a little heart. She is thinking: “Go home is just half an hour, he will never infringe yours? Up to he looks two eyes, it is always a rain shot …”

Just when she was shaken, Liu Yong repeatedly pushed her: “You are here, I will drive the car.”

“No … don’t have to be so trouble, you will take a car together!” Xiao Yi shook his head, a cool short hair, so that she was so cute, and even more.

Surprisingly, Liu Yong is tightened today, and there is no previous “in the face”, and even the eyes are not in the small way, and laugh, journey, take the lead. After tightening, he stepped through the road in the storm, and ran to the parking place.

In the rainstorm, the two finally sat on the car, and it could also pick up a breath. “Really heavy rain!”

Xiao Yi sighed.

“The Observatory said tomorrow may continue to rain!” Liu Yong took the car. At this time, a small mobile phone sounded. “I have already gone! It’s really heavy … You don’t have to pick me up, I have already taken it … the taxi, you have to go home.” The other end of the phone is her boyfriend, she did not say there Male colleague sent her home, but she didn’t want to cause any misunderstanding.

“I will call you again!” Xiao Yi hurriedly closed line, I didn’t want to say too much, and I didn’t want Liu Yong heard too much.

“Is boyfriend to check you?” Liu Yong took a smile.

Small is simple, and she must hide, because everyone knows that she has a good boyfriend for many years. She is very beautiful and beautiful, although height is only one or five cm, but the body is uniform, petite, a baby’s face is more popular, so there are many pursuits after entering the job, including high salary The generation, but she and her boyfriend are more than Jin Jian, and the squandef butterfly has never false, and everyone will refund slowly.

After receiving the phone, she had time to play Liu Yong’s car, the car is quite spacious and comfortable, the carriage is more unexpected, and the floating float is like a blue orchid: the front of the car I hang a string white beads, and a finger’s red stone refining in the bottom of the refinery, the scouts are shaking with the front row of the car, and the light inside and outside the car is irregularly reflected. Eye-catching.

“Company is also, don’t ask for people, let you work until you don’t have any boyfriend, but also get to your body and mind … you have worked all day, I believe it is also very tired …” Liu Yong With a strong nose, it is like the sound of heavy bass horn. The dissatisfaction with the company is talking about the company. When she is in the heart, she just stays in front of the window, I hope to go home as soon as possible. A bath, then sleep well.

“It’s really tired!” Xiao Yixian couldn’t help but identify Liu Yong’s words.

The rain hit the sound of the rhythm outside the window, Liu Yongzhi Shen’s stupid, symphon into a singular movement, and like a small Tenture.

“Can’t sleep … I want to sleep … I can’t sleep … I want to sleep …” Small, the heart constantly resists the more and more heavy eyelids …

Soon, she can’t hear anything, it is to see the red scout in front of him, and there is no shaking … shake …

She finally resists the summons of the sleep, combined with the original bright eyes and broke into a deep sleep.

“Small Yi, Xiao Yi … you wake up, I have already arrived at your home …” A gently called Xiao Yi from the sleep. She shook her head and made her clear, there is a feeling that I don’t know where you are. Until I saw Liu Yongnai Zhang fat face, she remembered that in the car is in the car, and at the same time, they also sighed themselves too tired. I didn’t know that I didn’t know if I didn’t know.

“Sorry … I actually slept …” When I thought of sleeping, I didn’t know how to show it, Xiao Yi’s round face was red, the cute mold, let people can’t help but move, Liu Yongzhi is watching Dedicated.

“Thank you for sending me back, you are troubled, you are really sorry.” Small is in mind, and immediately want to leave.

“Don’t be tight, my family is here again two streets, close. You think, I can often pick you up to go to work!” Liu Yongxi said, but Xiao is of course politely refused.

“I have to go home, thank you.” Xiao Yi wants to get off, but I will stop Liu Yong.

“Your umbrella is so small, can’t stop the wind and rain, take me to use the bigger umbrella!” Liu Yong finely handed a long umbrella, which made a small warmth and touched. Under a inexplicable instinct, she suddenly left a gently kiss on Liu Yongyao greasy fat face.

Gently touch, there is a shock of electric shock, and Xiao Yi will not have such a bold unusual move. After a little bit, immediately flee the car, and the umbrella is rushing to the home, I don’t dare to look again Liu Liu. Liu Yong’s car glance. She only hopes that this fat man will not misunderstand this kiss.

Finally returned home, she immediately took off her clothes, comforted a shower, and ignited the spirit. After taking a shower, she did not immediately change to pajamas, but put on the bathrobe, in front of the bathroom, detailed yourself.

Xiao Yi is not a big beauty, but the detailed five senses are also attractive, especially the face, always like a long child. She is a bit unsatisfactory for her child, always wants to make mature, but I like it very much, often saying that she is a “Loli”, and she is a ridicule. In the mirror, a young snow whitening in the package was reflected in the black bathrobe, the neck of the bathrobe was very low, a pair of snow Bai Jiao’s midsts were invisible in the robe, and they were tempting, even if they saw them. There is also a feeling of shame. Her body is not exaggerated, but the proportion is just the advantage, the C cup is moderate, plus young, the support of the bust is also standing upright, it looks full of elasticity, attractive. Every time I make love, her boyfriend will inevitably linger in a pair of snow milk, and she is not sensitive to her. “Don’t … don’t you eat again, itchy …” Small is like feeling that the wet tongue gently swept its own double peak, just after her mixed fever, suddenly Liu Yongnan Zhang fat There is no contour face.

“Oh! What do I think? That fat … I … I don’t, I can’t think about it …” Little Look in the mirror, the color of the face is a picture of an apple, the mind has always been a kiss. . Every time I think, she feels like a little deer, then a strange hot gas rises from the small abdomen, in the heart.

Xiao Yi took a sigh of breath, calm down, vigilance, put the double peak cover, then leaving the bathroom. In order to curb the wonderful feelings of the heart, she called my boyfriend.

She took her mobile phone and found an unread text message. She opened it, only a short sentence: “I have already slept very much!” The next paragraph is Liu Yong.

Xiao Yi suddenly felt very tired, as if she had already taken sleeping pills, while the drug is at this time. That tiredness is to have an urgent and fast, she is not coming, and her eyes have been heavy, and it will not be opened. The only thing she can do is, it can climb the bed, nor to dress, and sleep here.

At a moment before going to sleep, she suddenly opened his eyes, and his eyes were deleted, and finally closed the mobile phone power supply, he slept.

“You are very tired, very tired, your eyes will not open …” In the hazy, she seems to hear a low whisper, and there is a constantly shaking red shadow.

She slept very hard until the alarm clock was loud, she woke up from a deep sleep. Fortunately, her electronic alarm clock has already set a lot every day, otherwise she will be late. Even if she got up, she got up late, plus not blowing hair before she falls, she has to spend more effort to finish, and makeup and dressing, she can formally go out. When it is more than half an hour next day.

At this time, it is busy time, and I want to take a taxi, but I will find a method for a long time. Take a few seconds in the past, when I have been a few-oriented, a car is parked. She is in front of her.

“This time is hard to find the car, let’s go back to the company!” A large and round head stretched out from the window, and he called Liu Yong, who was self-proclaimed.

For example, in the weekday, Xiao Yi naturally won’t get on the bus, but the time to go to work is imminent, she is very unwilling, and only compromises.

“I have to trouble you.” In order to keep the distance from Liu Yong, I took the car. She is very careful, take a good skirt and sit down, never give the fat man to peep the spring and light.

“Do you have a head?” Liu Yongxiao asked, it seems to be unusually careful, and the move of the prevention is invisible.

Xiao Yi sat on the car, and the eyes were unheneitedly attracted by the red lactine hanging on the back mirror.

She is strange that someone will hang a string here in the car, isn’t it afraid of affecting concentration?

She looked at the pendant while she was angry: “Hey … is … last night is really too tired … I will touch you, otherwise I am afraid that I will be late!” I will trigger Pan to trigger Pan. Temper, work experience is not afraid of afraid.

Liu Yonghaha laughed: “I also sleep late, I can’t think of it, I will see you waiting for the car.”

He secretly looked at the little basis next to him. I found that she had a little bit of gods, and she had a little dull, and she had a smile.

“I have said to Pan, I have to increase people, don’t let everyone work hard. I saw you last night, I couldn’t open my eyes, I know that your physical strength has been in the limit. You are also very tired now, Very tired, I want to sleep, is it? When I am tired, I will sleep, I will wake you again. Come, put it relax, sleep … Close your eyes, take a good rest … “Gentle and heavy voice The lower, getting more and more sinking, there is a small part of the resistant power …

At the scene of last night, in the words of Liu Yonguda, Xiao Yi felt inexplicably tired again.

She is extremely uneasy, she is desperately resistant to the attack of sleep, but she is more resistant, the spirit is more tired.

Gradually, her consciousness began to blur, the only seen in front of him, is a red shadow that is gently shaking.

She smashed his eyes and did not let them close, and the final line of the spirit. I don’t know what illusion is still, she seems to feel the car parked aside, then the red shadow began to come to her, she can’t control the red shadow of the shadow of the stare back and forth, as if there is an inexplicable attraction in the shadow.

“Is it still resisting? Sleep … Come, Wang Li, this refining … deeply hope it, it will take you into the sweetest kity …” The low male voice is irresistible power, Let the small parties do not help with the indication of the already compliant sound. In the sucking, her double-eyed red shadow began to stay away from raising. She also looked up, greeted a pair of round eyes, deeply looked into her doubles, and pierced her soul. deep. The last line of defense came to break, she broke into the deepest sleep again.

“Small, you listen, I ordered you …” Xiao Yi shun himself in listening, while nodded, he exposed a happy smile.

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