When I wrote this article, she wore a sexy 4-inch high heel shoes I wore, I was kneeling next to me, I appreciated her to show the white tender skin like a born baby. She is very gentle My little brother is carefully cleaned and carefully cares about it with his hand.

If I order she once again, she will do not hesitate, do not doubt, if I call her quiet sitting there, she can sit there for a few hours, until I give her again. New command. As long as it is what I want – I can ask her with me any time, and she will cooperate with me as much as possible to satisfy me.

Because I am her master, and she is my slave – that is my teacher, Miss Honey.

It will become today’s relationship, this will start from two years ago. And at that time, I was actually her student …

Let me introduce myself – my name is Tom, I am 18 years old, my mother is an open accountant, and is the only child in a single-parent family, so she is cared from a small life and is more gold!

My height is 5 feet 8 inch, and the weight is 135 pounds. If this is the common idiom is “bone is less than material”! At the same time, I wear nearly 500 degrees of glasses and have dark brown hair and brown eyeballs, and some of my face is a bit slightly pale. If there is a director who wants to call a vampire, then I may even dress up is the best candidate.

Of course, I also have what I am best at, that is, my first computer is bought for me when I am eight years old, and when I am 16 years old, I am a highly international level. The computer hacker is, that is, the start time point of this article, although I am a hacker, but I have a principle that I never destroy someone else’s file or make computer viruses, because this is very It is easy to pay attention to others even caught. My interest is only to steal the secret information of others want hidden like a five-corner building or an NSA or a CIA.

Once I entered the CIA, I gave me a documentary record area that studied them about human mind control experiments. I saw those experimental record files and the content written is really surprised, so I immediately use the fastest. The speed of the recorded files downloaded and backed up in my personal computer hard disk, but I didn’t think of a specific object to do experiments, so I have been put in the hard disc until I met me. Teacher – Miss Ai Mi Li.

I chose home economics lesson at the elective course. I have no choice of sports because of the self-cultivation of the computer, it seems that a group of idiots are running there. I don’t want, and then Plus I usually silent, so no one is willing to be friends with me.

As for the election, it is because I have a lot of interest in the nutrition of various foods and physical health, and there is a lot of beauty in the people who choose the homework.

When I saw my teacher’s first day, I saw my teacher – love Honey, seeing her, in addition to amazing or amazing. At that time, my eyes didn’t see other pretty women next to others, and I will I know that I found the experiment objective I want. She is 22 years old, a teacher who has just graduated from school, she serves teachers who teach our housekeeping and typing courses, and believe in Jesus is a devout Christian. Oh! It’s really a fascinating thing … I thought.

Seriously, love Honey is the most beautiful woman who I have seen so much. She height is 5 呎 5 inches, and she has a long and natural beautiful blonde, deep and charming green eyes, and the skin that is white and smooth, and there is no skin. For me, she looks like Is an angel in a northern European myth. Today, she only wore a very simple suit, but in my opinion, this dress could not hide the fact that her 38D majestic chest (of course, I didn’t know the true of her chest this time. Size), and the waist is only 24 吋, that is, because this makes the hips and the curve of the chest and the devil, huh!

I really love this lovely woman!

Every time I go to class or I am free, I will always fantasize and what she is related. It is like imagining her to take off the clothes and I face the face, and I am shameful to seduce me, or wear sexy low-cut transparent milk masks and thin pants like a wing, like a dog. I played her and asked me to insert her. These are just my fantasies, there is no way and opportunity to achieve. This situation has continued until a day in September, and there is a change in her life that has changed her whole life.

“Hey! Dear female classmates, of course, the only boys in our class – Tom. Listen to me,” she looked at our smile: “Today! We will do a different practice before class. This practice is a boyfriend of my last week – Tang He taught me! “

“This is a training that can relax yourself! Through such training, you can make you feel new and you can get a fully relaxed when you feel nervous …” She then patted her hands: ” Ok, let’s find a place that makes you feel comfortable, flat on the carpet … OK? “

When all of us lying well, Miss Our Lili uses her as the sound of the sound of the voice, soft and slowly and slowly: “… Good … Please carefully … Relax … concentrate … Listening to my voice … Let every muscle in your own body … and your skin is fully restored and relaxed … I have to let my body nervously … I want your mind … and I want you Now all the ideas just continue to relax again … um … more relaxed … more relaxed … You are so quite relaxed … and I am going to relax more now … good ! Follow my voice … Let all the awareness in the mind is concentrated in your toes … Let them feel more … more relaxation …..

She took a while to induce such sounds and ways to relax we have been relaxing near the knee. When we are determined that we have entered a very comfortable and relaxed dream, finally I only remember the sound of her pleasure before we recovery. “… well, everyone heard me say 3-2-1, wake up!”

After I woke up, I feel like she said before, my body and mind feel a rest and relaxation. Other female students in the class also have the same feelings with me. At this time, she said: “It’s very powerful!” All our people listened to this sentence, shaking their feet.

I saw this situation, I showed a very proud smile and asked: “Is it very powerful? Are you feeling, your heart is really new?” : “Oh! This is just a simple hypnosis skill.!”

Until this section, she continued to talk about her research in this application hypnosis skill from her new school and her experiment with her own itself … and so on. Of course, I didn’t carefully listen to these, I just appreciate her excitement to the chest of the temptation, but I thought: “… I didn’t expect her to hypnosis. Interested? “Suddenly, an evil thought was slowly formed in my mind.

“Oh! I know that I will do something next!”

“… I want to learn more about this application … Not smooth is just a little bit of the surface, I have to learn more about people’s brain control and hypnosis … Oh! Bet … The teacher’s role … hahaha … is the interchange moment … “


After returning home, I immediately opened my computer. From the previous CIA confidential archive information, I found out that the chemical drugs, such as stimulants, as well as the special ability to change people in hypnosis. Research on Medicine Formation Methods and Effects.

“Ha! That’s it!”

When I think of the future, my teacher is only my personal play, and the little brother undergoes getting more uneasy. The next day I continued to find the ingredients of various hypnotic dedicated drugs. I found that some formulations can be purchased in the general Western medicine room, while others are banned, trouble.

So I play my expertise through the search to find the seller of the black market pharmacy finally found all the herbs. After equipped with the drugs I have, I also had a deep study of the research of people’s subconscious state and the techniques used in hypnosis, and in order to be able to live and skilled, I ~~ huh! I thought of my mother, I went to do my experiment.

At first I said with her, the medicine I want to give her an injection is to let myself feel comfortable and relaxed and able to improve new products that sleep. Because she has always been a very busy person, there are often many people who will open, and companies with a lot of customers want her to help their company. So often insomnia can’t fall asleep.

When I told her to call her test, she was a little doubt, but because she was very painful to love my only child, she also used these drugs in peace of mind. . The results of the results of the trial are surprisingly good, really even if I don’t expect it. With the hypnotic use – not long, mother is completely observed and happy to accept every suggestion I gave her. It’s like I let her believe that she is my mother, but only a little girl who only listen to my words. Logic, for example, when I said to her, “Today there will be a storm” this hint word, her body will become very sensitive and excited. In short, the experimenter who is doing it is, although she is for her. Unfortunately, but every trial for me has got more experience and knowledge. I know that the days I really want to experiment the goal is coming …

When I am ready, time has been 2 months. That is after the next get out of class in November, when I walked into the office of the teacher of Honey, she is looking at the work that the students will be approved.

“Hey! Love Miss Lili”, I first greeted her after entering her!

“Oh! Is Tom! Do you have anything to do?” She asked me with her charming smile.

“Um … In fact, there is nothing! I still remember two months ago, I used to demonstrate how to relax my own hypnosis training?” She listened to me, immediately looked at me very much. I nodded in my interest.

And I said: “I have been very interested in this area recently, and spent some time to do some research, I found some books related to this: such as meditation and many of many very interesting research materials. … “

“Really?” Miss Ai Mi listened to me, I was so happy, I nodded to her. Then she said to me: “Tom! I am very happy that you use it! You are coming today? Tell me that this method does help you feel your nervous, and is it great to your help? “

I haven’t had time to answer, she said: “Do you know? I have a fixed time every day to listen to this fascinating hypnotic CD, which makes me more firm my heart and will, and I feel it every day. More pleasant … “

“Hey! I still don’t know that the teacher will use the hypnotic CD every day!” I thought.

I didn’t know that I didn’t know that I didn’t know this. I took a deep breath. I took a deep breath to keep my face calm and then ask for the teacher: “Hey … teacher, I am actually looking for teachers today. I have experienced experimental objects in these days. Well! But you know – I don’t have much friend, and my mother will not be interested in this.

She suddenly got a little doubtful eyes and looked at me. “Tom! Well! I don’t know if I should be your test object …”

As I expect, I immediately put a small child spoiled request method: “Teacher … Hey … don’t this? As long as I work for 10 minutes, is it good …” At the same time, there is a hidden tears Light seems to say that it is going to cry.

Seeing that I am so innocent and crying, the heart is very soft and beautiful and elegant, my teacher – love honey, huh, huh! Finally, I have to fall into the circle I have carefully …

“That … well … it is 10 minutes!” Miss Ai Mi promised.

“Great! Thank you teacher” I am happy, and I am naturally walked to the door, I will get the door slowly and lock it, and then tell her: “Turn the door, so as not to wait for us to hypnify Will be accidentally disturbed by other people … “

Although my heart is almost rushed out from my mouth, I have a strange feeling that I seem to become a bystander. I can see what I am now – it is a kind Cool and confident attitude. When I turned back to the door, I suddenly saw that the mouth of the teacher of love, like a little bit, I want to say something, but I didn’t say it.

“It should be that I want to ask me not to close! … but I didn’t expect to see me so naturally …”

I am.

I couldn’t help but feel the performance of myself. When I was proud, I saw that the teacher who loved Honey was just seeing to see me. I quickly converge my heart, and I immediately changed the sky and I asked her: “” Beautiful lady, 妳 妳? “

I heard me so playful question, immediately let the teacher of the teacher disappeared in the hearts of the teacher. I carefully noted that she had a hands over the chest, and now it has become a relaxed place near the legs … She looked at me and then replied with an angel: “Oh! My The name is – love Honey. “(3)

When she answered her name, I suddenly jumped on the desk of her office. She was shocked by my sudden movement, then I quickly quickly prepared the pre-prepared green in advance. The pushpiece is on the ceiling, and she said to her before she hasn’t returned to God. “Very good! Love Mi Li, wait for me to be very concentrated … carefully … look at this …”

My purpose is to be completely attracted by my behavior and the discourse, so I didn’t care about her, what I want her to see something. For me, this series of behaviors seem to have gradually appeared in my eyes, and there seems to have gradually appeared in a silky, confused and fascinated expression. At this time, she feels that she can’t think of enough time in her mind. Just hurt, low, monotonous, gentle voice to look at the finger. Target.

“Love Honey … Do you see that?” I asked with a low voice.

“Well! I saw it!” The teacher replied calmly with me.

“Good … I want to carefully … Quiet … I’ve looked at that point wholehearted … then … gently … Nature … follow my voice …

You can slowly put your two hands on the two knees …

I want to set the attention of the whole body in my voice …

Follow my voice to feel the feeling of listening to my voice …

Ok … I want to adjust your breath … Go … Slowly …

Well … Irrigation … exhaust … Inhalation … exhalation … 对 … more slow, better … “

I said while watching the teacher, she was induced by me. At the beginning, she couldn’t master the rhythm of the instructions and sound of me talking, but she will follow my voice naturally, smooth. Take a deep breath. Looking at her, when I took a deep breath, I didn’t get wonderful appearance. I feel that my heart is running with my throat, and my consciousness is not swallowed with myself.

I set my mind, I noticed that although her eyes did not concentrate on the goals I specified, but I have begun to have some irregular charter.

I went to say: “Although I feel that my eyes are so sour … very tired … I am very tired … I really want to close … But … I want to go closing, I can’t do it … I want to close it. Can’t do it …

Ok … I want to try … then nod or shook my head tell me … Do you get it? “

After listening to my hint, she worked hard to close the skin, I saw her eyes and shakes more dramatic, but it seems to be powerless, not long after she shook his head – giving up.

“Ok … I want to look more concentrate … That point … and I want very concentrate to see clear that point … So now, 妳 … 的 … … also slowly become stiff, … Yes … 妳There is no way to turn your neck … I want to see that point in my heart … When you look at it, you know that …

The breath will be more and more and more deep … I’m more and more deep … “I continued to deepen induce.

I have repeatedly continued this induction method several times. I finally made the teacher entered a deep hypnosis. Then I grabbed her two hands on the knee and moved to the body. Hanging down, I saw her two arms fell to sway upside down. And the teacher now has a slightly open, and her breathing has become very deep and very slow. And because the head is looking at the relationship between my demand, the whole person is deeply fallen into the chair she sits in her. It is still a blink of her eyes. Staring at the point I refer to. Because the time is staring for a long time, you can see her tears and her cheeks. I can’t help but be excited.

“Love Mi Li, you now look at the green point. In the brain, I think there is a door there. I went to open the door behind the stairs, I want to count now every one of the next steps. Next, after 12, you will see another door in the end of the ladder … “

After the finish, I paused in my mind a little under 12 also counted while and then said: “Now, I want to see u turn on your door open, but the door is down the stairs is the same love of order 12 Li honey, listen to me carefully, I want u u every time the door is opened while u u u will be left fist, and u go down each step ladder u will feel more and more relaxed and comfortable, and also u getting only hear my voice and when u hear me tell you: “close your eyes looked down and rest.” u will completely relax the body and mind feel quite calm truly rest. Well … Emily, listen to my voice, slowly go down … “

I no longer speak quietly gazing movement of her left hand. And when she shook his fist tenth, I channel: “Close your eyes looked down and rest.”

Emily heard my order immediately closed his eyes, but her head at the moment, suddenly limp to the chest. I noticed on her breath, very gentle and profound, I know she has a deeper hypnosis.

“Emily, u can hear me, right?”

She monotonous voice answered: “Yes”

“Terrific!” My heart cried excitedly. “Emily, I …”

Knock … knock …! Then came the knock on the door suddenly bursts, it sounds like a knock on the door of a female student.

“Emily teacher?” When I heard the voice and the body is like ice, like nervous and afraid because of heart almost stopped beating.

“My God! How can I do?” I cried dark heart. Made an effort teeth looked down Emily beside me, I find that she does not seem to be affected by any sound, it is still in a deep sleep state. Knock on the door again sounded again, this time knocking it seems more anxious.

“Emily teacher? Strange … is not it?”

It looks like no one talking to himself, and then they heard footsteps outside her run away after good man knocked at the door.

“Call … good insurance!” My hand touched his chest, very fortunate to exhaled said.

Then I immediately turned off the lights in the office, just because there are no lights, so just make people think someone in the office.

I finished off lights come back on Emily said: “Emily, turn on your eyes open looking at me.”

She then looked at me in the beginning. Her eyes look empty and full of nothingness. It makes me feel even more excited and up.

“Emily, u are a virgin?”


“U will want to make love the idea of ​​it?”


“How often do?”


Her answer really surprised me the other. “I want to tell u honestly I think u mind …” I then asked.

“Sometimes when I see a handsome guy, I’ll tell him to imagine having sex, let him come into my lower body was a body, let us each other’s body and mind can really complete one. In fact, my heart’s true desire to have a good marriage, so I can justifiably go to enjoy sex, but my current boyfriend – Dunn, is still not completed his studies, so if you want to get married, he will have to wait after graduation it! “

“Stupid woman!” I cursed Road.

The same time I took out a syringe syringe from my pocket. I will my pre-prepared syringe into the drug and then set off the sleeves on Emily’s left arm and then the barrel of the drug slowly into her body. The moment into drugs, her whole people feel like suddenly froze, her eyes showing involuntary twitch up and down, but when exposed eyelid twitching eyes from what I can see this is rapidly turning, even from time to time turning the eyes. Her breathing like a screen like the interest rate becomes almost inaudible fine.

I gave her an injection of the drug is the CIA in the 1960s developed a powerful hypnotic drug effect. In addition to those who can bring intense pleasure is injected outside, but also have the effect of weakening makes sense, makes it easier to obey orders. And if the experiment is then subjected to hypnosis used together, it can be doubly multiplied several effects.

On the side of the station, I will admire the feelings of the drug in her body because of the feeling of the drug in her body, and after the sharp reaction is slightly retired, I said with a calm and low voice: “Love Honey” From now on, you will continue to think about sexual love, you will continue to think about sex. You will want to wear more sexually sensationality to let others look at the body. When others look at it I will feel that the mood is very good, especially the man’s staring, I will make you feel better. I will want to take their thoughts. I hope they can be crazy. But there is a person’s exception, That is – Tang En, suddenly feel that Tang En is a very boring person, and it is very bored. So 妳 妳 妳 恩 事 事 事,,,, 想 去 去 去 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人

Love Honey seems to have some anti-expression difficulties, and finally said: “Learn”

“Well! Very good. Love Mi Li, I want to think from my heart:” I am the favorite student. I really like me. I will think that I am a very special young man. I started thinking about it. To learn more about me. I will feel that I am deeply attracted to you, and I will start to be crazy for me. I will trust my idea and suggestions. “Love Honey, do you understand? “

“Yes, I understand”

Maybe everyone will be surprised – Why can I have to hold her physiologically sexual impulses?

This is because, I have the relationship between my heart and the teacher’s relationship is not a sexual relationship, but to be a permanent, I only belong to my love.

“Very good … Love Mi Li. I really a good child. Listen to me – I want to be at any time, when I hear me say” small love “, I will immediately enter the present. Double hypnosis, the feeling is like returning to the feeling of this office, you will feel very peaceful, and in addition to my voice, any other sound will hear, do you understand?

If you know, you follow my voice: “Little Love Honey”

“… small … small … love … honey … Li”

“Very good! I have to wake up from hypnosis, I will be from 1 to 12, as I have a number of numbers, I will get wake up, and when I dig up to 12 o’clock Will awake. After waking up, I will feel that the whole body is new, the mood will be very good, it is a beautiful feeling that can’t say … “

When I arrived as 12, I watched her body change quietly. I saw she blinked her eyelids several times and then did a deep breath. She only opened me, but it seems that some fear is scared from her eyes, after a while She went back to God to say to me: “Tom! I didn’t expect your hypnotism. It really surprised me!”

Then she consciously thanked her hand than the cross gesture and then made a friend who gratifying God and then said: “You are really great!” She said this, immediately use her. I have given me a passionate hug.

And this hug moves, she has never done this before I impressions.

“How long have you been practicing hypnotic?”

“Oh! This is this? It is about two or three months. Since the last time I last hypnosis exercises, I was seeing a few books on hypnosis. I feel very interested. I have to learn to test it. “

“I believe that you must have your own secrets, so your hypnotic skill will be so high!”

She said that she immediately hugged me again. Because this lovely charming double peak is tightly posted before my chest, let my cross the little brother can’t help this fragrant stimulus. To be true, if it is before, I think it is absolutely impossible to do this.

She suddenly seems to be a behavior that she should not do such a happening, like some featuring perseverance, hugging my hands. Ideated God, converge, and said to me: “Tom … I want to say – you are doing very well.”

“No! It is me to thank the teacher!”

“Hey … you don’t always have a teacher … teacher … call me, call me love! I am just a big six years old.

Only when other students are present, you need to call my teacher, ok? “

“Well! Well – love Mi Li. Oh! Yes, I have to go home now, I will see it again in the class tomorrow!”

I laughed and said to her. “Good, Tom! See you tomorrow.”

“Well! See you tomorrow”

I will go home directly after I finish.


In the next few days, I found that the love of Honey has produced very significant changes. In addition to being a more sexy and charm, it has become more feasible, which is a variation of “sex” temptation. As her skirt becomes more and more short, almost short to the roots of the thighs, except for the short, the level of tightening, the curve of her hips is completely displayed. From the front of her shirts, the full double peak that is open and exposed will be jumped with the up and down of her walk. She began to spend more time on makeup and becomes a hairstyle at any time.

However, this change is sometimes conducive to her original conservative personality. Like suddenly becomes hands holding the chest, the legs clamped in the chest, it seems to be afraid of others to see this look. And that kind of thing is like a person is walking on the road, very afraid that someone suddenly appears to see her naked in the road is the same situation. So after a few days after class, I deepen her hypnosis, so that she can remove all kinds of psychological obstacles that have metatively contradict itself because of her clothes.

After a week, I noticed that she will start with some male colleagues from time to time. She walked like sexually moving her little waist, and enjoying the feeling of teasing and taking the man’s feelings. Even the principal of nearly 60 years old did not let go. The people she beside her may have some changes in her actions recently, but only me alone all changes in the eyes – those Most people pay attention to changes or only I can see fine changes.

Every day, when she saw me, she would naturally reveal a cute smile. Every time she couldn’t consciously contaminated with my gaze, even sometimes it was, and there was no traveler who had always gained each other. She often passed by my desk at home, she would hit my hands and returned back. And when I finished the taught, she would be able to bending down the waist in front of me to expose the sexy clerk in front of me, like I hope that I can enjoy her seductive double peak.

When I was in class, I taught how to make a good soup. Then I love Hi Li, I’m going to see how my soup is cooked, my right arm accidentally touches her chest on the left. At that time, I was very bright to hear her gently, and her breathing seems to be very urgent.

I saw this situation, I looked at her thoughts. I took my right hand slowly in her butt on her butt, then I used it again. The palm is stuck in her hips. I saw that she was surprised that almost stopped breathing, and used it and fill the fascinating look.

Before leaving, she asked gently in my ear: “Tom, after class, I want to see you alone, can you?”

“Of course you can! Love Mr. Honey.”

I have been waiting until the bell rang to get out of class, and the other people have left the classroom, they will slowly walk to the love of Honey.

Love Honey looked at her, then the expression was a little difficult to say: “Tom, I want to tell you that I have a shameful thing. I will always want to talk to you … That …”

Her voice sounds some slight trembows.

“Very good, little love honey.”

She heard the keyword, his eyes immediately became an empty hole.

“Love Mi Li, you will think that we have to discuss this problem. So, I will go to this evening to discuss this thing. I want to put and dress up this evening and dress up the most sexy look. Waiting for me at home, know? “

“Know … the most sexy look …”

“Ok, wait for me to 3, you will wake up comfortably.”

After several times, I have become very easy to listen to my order, I have entered a hypnosis or wake up from hypnosis.

“1, 2, 3.”

After she blinked, she turned to her eyes, and then smiled in the same way as she didn’t happen: “That … Tom, I saw this evening!”

I am at approximately 7 o’clock to the apartment accommodation in the suburbs of the suburbs. I pressed the doorbell and heard her voice came from the house. “It’s coming!” I didn’t have long. She opened the door.

Tonight, she wore a bikini shorts worn in the indoor use of treadmills, and the upper body was set with a gray top with a word “Jesus and I” rhythm T-shirt. And her plump chest puts this T-shirt to expose her chest below her hips. Her hair uses hairpins to fix the disc in the brain in a large roll wave. God! She looks like it is beautiful – is a kind of beauty that cannot be met.

“Ah! Tom … hurry up!” She saw that I immediately pulled me into her house, while smiling at me, I was still natural to twisting her fine belt with me into the living room. Then put me on the sofa and sat down.

“You wait for me!” She said to I am sitting on the sofa of the living room.

Not long after she returned to the living room, holding two bottles of beer who took out from the refrigerator.

“You have to promise me first, today this is the secret between our two people, ok?”

While talking, she sat near my side. When you sit down, you can see that her chest is slightly shaking. From my angle, I can see that her nipple seems to be hard. Um!

Love Honey, she didn’t wear a milk this evening.

She gaked her a while and then started: “Tom, I recently think I seem to become a bad woman, I don’t know why, I will always think of you, I want to tempt you, even I hope to talk to you … There should be a relationship that happened. I always feel that I have become like I don’t know myself. The whole person is in my head … Always think … You know … Men and women … … that kind of dirty thought … Every night is done … When I woke up, I will not even believe that I will believe you will be so … I am sophisticated … Well, she is red, I don’t dare to look directly. I said in my intermittently.

“… and oh, I started to buy some special exposed clothes that I didn’t bought before, I didn’t dare to buy some special exposed clothes …”

She lowered his head, it seems to look at the double peaks and her toes exposed before her chest, but the sound is getting better and smaller, it is murmured.

“Just like this … Tom, you are my student … how do you see my teacher?”

I am a meditation, and then I said to her: “Teacher should have a situation that is dissatisfied with sexual aspects. Do you discuss this problem with my boyfriend? How do he say? And I It is believed that the teacher will have such a haunt recently. The reason should be that the reason is that the teacher is like a sexy and charming woman. If he is slightly lure for him, I think even if he is unwilling to do it, it is resistant to the teacher’s temptation! “

After she listened to what I said, the mood was like a somewhat frustrated eyes, staring in the floor, said: “Tang En and me, we broke up last week.”

Although I am happy in my heart: “Too good!” But still install it very considerately care about her, ask: “What happened?”

She frowned, her mood became very heavy: “I don’t know why I will break up with him, I really love him, at least I think so. But suddenly I feel very boring! He is talking to me, and it is not a church is what happened to his school. The father is allocated to his work. Oh! God! I have recently thought that the brain is … The sexual intercourse between men and women … I have a topic he saying, I really have a little interest. ” Here, her face suddenly became very red.

“Ah! I have said something to talking about …” She pressed the red cheeks with her hands and was shocked.

“There is no relationship! Little love honey.”

She immediately entered a deep hypnosis. I took out the syringe in her hand in her hand injected hypnotic drugs. From now on, I will further transform she will only belong to me, and I want to completely reshape her a woman who has a slave idea and behavior that I like.

“Love Honey, this thing to think about students with students, you don’t need to be shy. In fact, you will look forward to even hunger and thirst to have sex. I If you have a strong desire from now, you will have a strong desire, you will put all my thoughts on me. When you sleep every night, you will do a dream with my sex. The body is eager to let me infringe, and I only want to serve me alone, and if I let me happiness, I will make my mood very comfortable, very happy. I feel that I feel obeying my command to make you feel happy and satisfied. I will treat my thoughts as my own ideas. So all the souls and body bodies will only belong to me. “When I said, her body also became excited. Although her eyes are still closed, her left hand is naturally moving, and she is stroked on her left chest.

“Love Mi Li, wait for me to 3, you will completely wake up. 1,2,3.”

When I arrived until 3, although she opened her eyes and consciously resumed awake, because this time staying in a hypnosis is not a long time, she is still being affected by her residual drugs in her body. Even I have eliminated her hypnosis, but her behavior is still like a hypnosis, it is easy to accept my command and hint. Her eyes are very gentle and excited to look at me, from her eyes, her body and mind have been completely sustainable.

“Next, what should we talk about?” She revealed a smile I have never seen a child, and a smile filled with sexual desire.

“Don’t talk about what people are most important to you, and what do you want now?” I didn’t want to ask.

I asked her so, let her have a face again.

“Tom, I am beautiful?”

“You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.”

When I praised her like this, she flashed a shade of a strange ray, touched and proud expression written at this time.

“That, is my sexy? Do I have a charm?”

“Love Honey, you are the woman I have ever encountered, the most sexy and attractive woman!”

My words are like an open door key, let her face full of happiness and pleasant smiles. She lighted her body, then she was holding her hands on her tempting double peak, and his feet took directly to my body. Slowly, holding her hands while using her finger through the T-shirt, gently, gently, push my eyes.

“I want Tom to appreciate my chest.” It’s like a secret in my heart in my ear.

“It’s a 38 吋 d cup!”

“They are really beautiful! But can’t use” chest “in front of me, I want to say” big breast “

Oh! “

She said with a smile: “Well ~~ Hao ~~” Bigu “. “

“If you take off the T-shirt, I want to see more and more lovely!” I hinted to say.

She seems to have hesitated, looked at me, then quickly took off the T-shirt with both hands. I saw her breasts like two plump mature fruits and down. After leaving the top, she used a very expectant look.

“It’s too beautiful!” I immediately stretched out to put her in front of me, and I touched her nipple with the nose, and I deeply sucked a sigh of her breast. Idrew the fragrance.

Then I extended my hands gently stroked the whole breast, picking with my finger, picking with her nipple and lightly painted circles around the nipple. When I love Honey, the whole body is obsessively lying on the sofa, and the sound of a burst of 呻吟 is issued. I continued to love her two breasts, which made her a bigger snoring.

Her breast is really round and beautiful, plus pink nipples, it is really pleasing. At this point, I couldn’t help but start kissing and sucking her nipple. She became a bit embarrassed, muttered in her mouth, she said: “Um … good … Tom …”

I tried to put into her shorts, I found that it was completely wet, and obscencing from the constant secretion of honey. I walked around the honey, rubbing it with your fingers. Her breathing became irregular and pushful, and wheezing became more and more. “Hey … Yeah … ah … Tom … ah … ah … that … oh … so comfortable ……

Don’t stop … there … that … ah … ah …… “

I can feel her consciousness because of the extreme climax, her hands and feet have never listened, careful words, can see her finger is tightly holding the edge of the sofa. And I also screamed in my mouth.

When I saw this situation, I suspend the action of love my love. After a while, the love of Honey Lili replied slightly, but still looked at me quietly. At this time, I found shorts she worn, and all my fingers were wet by her prostitution. She saw me for a while, I found out that I didn’t seem to have a further action, I immediately changed a very gentle loved eye staring at me, saying: “Tom, take me! I want to love you with you.”

I immediately stood up and got up and looked at her laugh. Did not make love with her, and didn’t say any reason, just immediately leave and left the home of love honey.


The next day, Tuesday, the family economy class. Love Mi Li because the relationship with my relationship last night, seems to be in the cold war. She is speaking on the “dangerous danger of diet”, I can see that she ts to try to avoid contact with my eyes, but unfortunately her efforts have not succeeded.

She often can’t help but look at me, and after the peeking, the face will become red or the next speech will become a sturdy. This looks in my eyes, I really feel that she is very cute.

After class, I slowly approached her place to stand in front of her. I feel that she has been excited. In addition to being excited, there are some nerves.

“Tom, be careful! This table is hot.”

“I have a gift to send it to the teacher!”

“Really? What gift will you give me?”

“Actually, it is not a precious gift. I was last seen in the TV, and the Bible depth explored these programs, because these programs I know that the teacher will like it.”

Then I got her brought two DVDs. On the surface, the two DVDs look only ordinary DVD, but it is actually special and carefully handled. I can’t see the imaging and content of the brainwashing. The contents of the two DVDs are as follows: The first DVD content: I love Tom.

Tom is really sexy.

Tom is very good to me.

Tom itself is very good.

Tom is all in my life.

I want to take Tom.

I want to love Tom.

Tom is my master.

The second DVD content: I will only serve Tom.

I’d like Tom’s mask insert.

I really like to eat Tom’s semen.

Let Tom are interested in me.

I am a private toy of Tom.

I love Tom.

I want to make Tom’s slaves. Tom is my master.

“Oh, Tom. I am really happy!” It seems that she is really happy to say.

“Little Love Honey.” I listened to me that this said, her eyes turned to be empty, then monotonous replied: “Yes …”

Because two students walked into this classroom, I put low sound accelerated speed to say: “When I go home, as long as I have time, I will want to repeat these two DVDs. do you know?”


“Wait a minute, listen to me to 3, will completely wake up. 1,2,3.”

After she woke up, she said with a brilliant smile and said: “Tom, I really like it, thank you!”

“That … teacher, I will go to class first, look back!” After I finished my English class. That day, I love Honey in the night.

“Tom, I want to see you, can you?” The voice came from the phone.

“Is there anything? Because I am now rushing to do a scientific experiment …” Doing this experiment is indeed true. Just she didn’t know, she itself is the experimental item I am in progress.

“Please, okay? Yes, I will not delay your time too much …” Her voice is slightly talking.

“Okay! I will go home tomorrow night.”

The next day I immediately immediately trained her more hypnosis, and gave her two pieces before leaving. I told her that I can let her relax. DVD. It seems that these two DVDs only record some music films full of nature, but the real content is like the previous two DVDs, it is my special. Among them, there is a piece of image of the latent brainwashing. If you look at it, it can’t see it. I also hypnotize I suggest that she is going to see these DVDs every day.

Every night I will go to her home, and will make some micro improvement and adjustment methods for her hypnosis control training. Although she looks really, she can’t help but want to go, but I didn’t do this.

Because I really want to train her, she will not think, I will only obey my order.

Friday’s housekeeping class is a professor how to roast cookies, love Honey today has been around the class, which has become like my personal teacher, teach me how to do this … how to do it. Such behavior caused her female classmates to whisper, and she seems to be completely ignored, continue to teach me next to me, and her eyes are completely concentrated on me. Although her behavior caused someone to talk about, it seems that there is no one who has become the favorite of the teacher, and she can see from her eyes, it is like only one of me exists in this world. Same.

※ JKFORUM.NET | JKF Czech Forum When I was kneading the dough as used as a biscuit, the female classmates next to him can discuss the biscuits as soon as no one can ask. Love Honey is hiding in this way, secretly wearing a transparent stockings and sexy high heel shoes, and the right legs are deeply softer and gently rubbed between my two legs. The inside of the thigh. She is now no longer like a teacher, but it is like a senior prostitute.

“Tom, can you see you this evening?” She asked very well.

“Well! Ok … I am a good family.”

“Thank you, Tom … master.” At that time, she called me with the name of the owner.

“Don’t call me when you are in other people, know? My sweetheart baby …”

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