Colleagues have a backache for a few days. Today, she looks at her, it is, it is not good to sleep.

Several colleagues said that her husband is busy, and it is not good.

“He is going abroad, and he is coming back to the day.” Huang Li said.

“Oh, I didn’t get moisture and exercise, no wonder back pain,” we laughed.

But see her poor model, we don’t let her.

Two hours before the work, seeing her hurting at the table, advised her to see the doctor.

But she is really painful, I have a problem, just very close to her, but also to give the customer, I will go out early, and I will take her to see a doctor.

The doctor did not give her an painkiller. I only gave her pain pill and told her to go home for two days.

Send it to her door, seeing her door is very hard, get off and help her.

“The mother, the master”, I am called. They live with their families.

“She returned to her hometown, she came back later.” She said, “Helping me to the room, lying should be better”.

Let her lying on the bed, the short skirt opened, showing her white thigh. I aim, I was caught by her.

“Nothing didn’t have seen it, she frowned, hard to stand the dress.

We have a decree. From her or little sister, she has been married, she has been giving birth to a child. She has always feel good.

And we have also had a paragraph. . .

“Seven, eight years, or the white, the tender, the slim”, I swept from the head to the foot.

She is red, “So long, I still don’t want to remember.”

My brother suddenly had a response, and I quickly transferd the topic to her daughter, “Who will pick it up less than?”

She laughed.

“Then I will pick you up, by the way, I will take home together”, I suggest.

“Let’s take a break, I will give the goods to the customer, pick up the child and come back to see you”, I will go out.

After receiving two children, I went back to my home with a fat clothes, and I went to buy some dinner to return to Huanglijia.

“Your mother is uncomfortable, let her take a break. You can you? Do you want uncle?” I asked.

“I will, then I am the brother, is it good?”

“Okay!” My little fat and my sister went to my sister.

I pushed the door, she had a medicine, I slept very well, even I didn’t find it in the bed.

I went back to see the child, change my clothes, gave them to play after playing, I went to the room to see if she woke up, I want to get dinner.

I didn’t knock on the door, I was afraid that she was still sleeping, the door pushed away, the door was not in the bed, the bed taished, was bent, naked, was taking off the naked panties.

I looked at the stupid, stissible, she found that it was naked, and the panicked was wrapped in it.

I wore the door, “Sorry, I thought you were still sleeping”, I am very embarrassed in my heart, but my eyes have not left her body.

“I will go to you to give it to you.”

“No urgent, I am not hungry” she finished, shame, look, “I remember that you often give me a massage, I don’t know …”

I took the door directly, and I took the past. She went to the dressing table and took the lotion and returned to the bed, kneeling.

I took the lotion, my heart was smoked slowly, until the whole bare back full flow into their eyes.

I slowly carefully painted lotion, massage her waist.

So many years, in this touch of her body, the previous scene is fully recalled.

When she was dragging the current husband, I have a new company dinner, she drunk, I sent her back to the dormitory, got a color, accounting for her cheap.

After that, she didn’t say anything, but it became a gun friend. In the days of her boyfriend, we will come together to mix. Until the first week of her marriage, after we came to “last”, it ended this unspeakable secret.

According to the work, I want to go to the past, the crotch naturally set up the tent and found it.

“Life is dead? So I thought? We have already agreed.” She looked back and said. I was caught by her, and the urge to worry is in her waist, “um …” is a beautiful, it is not a painful voice.

I used to use it for a few times, I saw her buried her head into the pillow, and “um .. Hao … Hey ..”, she is estrus.

I took my hand to her cervical vertebra, sliding to the charming clavicle, and then covered her small shoulders and pressed her hands up, so that she exposed a pair of sideways.

I stroked her late milk, slipped to her waist, and then went down to the hip of the bulge, and then went back and forth to massage ten times. She couldn’t stand it.

She sat up to push me down, and I opened my zipper and took out my hard brother. After holding it, I put it into the wet.

She took me to sit, the water snake waist began to twist. I will continue to massage her back to her back. She is enjoying our favorite position, when I am slow, and I am like the past, the tight clip, my brother, I’m going to sit down. .

So fast, she squatted. I haven’t been so fiercely clipping for a long time. Compared to my wife, she is still very strong, let me have a trembled vibration.

She is still so careful to feel my desire, even if I take it, I’m holding a stick, and then pinch the turtle neck with my thumb. She tried hundreds of times, and she saved.

She released her hand, gentle pumping, and then reunited back to the warm wet, enjoy it again. The second time is weaker than the third time, but it is still convincing. After the fourth leak, she really fell by me. She lies on the side, the head is in my thigh, and she sucks my brother with her little mouth.

Seriously, in bed, she is my best partner. Every action, every posture is so natural and enjoyable. My wife blows me for so many years, even though she is very hard, she still didn’t use her mouth.

She, she took a ten, and she didn’t miss it, and I swallow my descendants. It’s so satisfying, so comfortable. . .

After I finally soften, she got up to the bathroom to bathe. I also get up and wear a good pants and go out to see the children.

She bathed out, wearing a sexy black nightdress, very obvious, nothing in it. The detached shoulder strap has been extended to the chest to have a small triangular cloth, and then it is the tulle and lace sewn skirt. Even my family chubby was also stupid, “Aunt’s skirt broke a lot of caves and saw meat.”

The chubby flesh is the meaning of the breast, and the scorpion can be taught.

Huang Li will not only have a blush, but also turn around, the short skirt is floating, five o’clock all see (right, five o’clock: three points plus belly umbilical plus post), “Auntie’s skirt is good,” Ask the chubby, “I saw my butt, shame”, I will continue to play with my sister.

I am dizzy. “Auntie fruit is given to you?” She asked again. Two children should be good.

“The father came to the auger cut fruit” she glanced at me.

I walked to her room with her, “I usually wear it in front of the child?” I asked. She nodded. “Anyway, her father is a man, other all women.”

I really see her milk tip, and the riculous color and contour were wide and wide. “You look there,” and was caught by her.

“Is the waist pain?” I turned the topic. “It’s a lot,” she put her hand on the waist, a pair of tapped breasts rapidly.

“Time is not early, I have a fat man to go home,” I caught the desire to increase slowly.

“That is good. Leave overnight will also get gossip,” she tested. “The fat man recognizes the bed, it is very difficult to overnight.” I borrow my son to avoid her.

“Can you give me a while before you go back, I finally said it directly, I also” very difficult “and then avoided,” Okay. Best once. “

Eating fruit together is her martial arts scrap sitting, the red brown cracks under the short skirt are stabbed, and I have wet. Fortunately, the children have not asked forget.

Finally, we opened the cartoon to give your child, go back to the house.

She took the door, she took the initiative to fade my pants, squatted in front of my brother, took the sideline and wiped the wipes.

Single to see that this movement is hard, plus the temptation of the crack, there is still a top play, I can’t help it, push her to the dressing table, like a dog’s future. She has already been wet, and her hands are topped with a dressing table. I didn’t have a long time for it. The vibration of the sputum makes me arrive at the vertices.

However, at this time, the door was opened, “Mommy, your brother said to be happy”, two children hit it.

Fortunately, my trousers are not completely returned, and her skirt is also blocked the part of us, and there is no body to expose.

But the desire of the beast is can’t stop, I still continue to smoke ten times, just pull her, deep shot inside.

“Ah ..” She also sprouts naturally, squatting, again climax.

“Ah .. That .. That is open to the ocean … The younger brother looks like it.” She smootted the embarrassment.

The fat man looked at us, “I have to play the train”, Xiao Yu also went to “I am coming as a train head”, two children will go to the front of Huang Li.

We can’t do it, but we will walk with them. Her fruit is really better than before, or then it is so tight, I can’t help it.

Her climax seems to be continuously connected, we walked out from the room and then arrived in the room, my brother came from time to time, but also “.. ah …”.

Although I am very uncomfortable, I finally slipped out. The white juice of the drip has also slowly flows out from her, and there are two children in front of them. The picture is colorful. I have a good fortune, oh. . .

Take the children and didn’t pay attention, I took the paper towel and wished the pants. She still played with my children. The white juice has flowed to the knee portion.

I didn’t think it, took the paper towel, she wipe it, my fingers went to her, and I took a few times again, “Ah …” she came again. The climax is forced to overflow in the white juice in the mouth, plus my fingers, and my hand is also stained.

I left the house to wash your hand, she actually followed, but also grabbed my hand to put her back, “I have to, I haven’t yet,” she said.

Seeing that the children have seen cartoon in the living room, I am also welcome. She is also very interesting to reach out into my pants to pick up my soft brother.

I was more harder by her, pushing her to the dining table, and again entered it again. Since the table and living room only have a screen, she is excited, and she will vent again.

I was also shot again by her. Since the second shot, it quickly softened, slipped out. Two asthma’s dogs are holding together, enjoying her full double milk, she slowly squatting, a brother who has a clean, I will wear my pants.

“Thank you”, she said in my ear, “We are still the most taken”.

I did her in the past, “Is it painful?”

“It’s a lot,” she rubbed my chest with a plump milk, “I haven’t done it for a long time, my bones are hardened.”

“If you need a massage in the future, let me know,” just that, we started stealing.

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