The monks have a sacred official, the grass word water cloud, life and Chengdu, this year’s thirty two, the original is useless. However, fate is impermanent, not! 5 years ago, I was lucky to win the sports lottery. At that time, there were still 72 million, I have compiled 3 groups, I bought 15 note per group, so I used 150 yuan to exchange 60 million huge amount of money after tax There are not many readings, I graduated in a high school, so I don’t know why, I’m holding this big money, I am in a spoon wine, only for a few years, the various games of this metropolis are coming, it is bored. I met my close lover. . love at first sight. One day, I saw a child’s idle, I was very motivated. Search for young and young shadows around you, see it. The heart is excited, and a desire swells, and it is not suppressed. I think I think about it, and the tea is not thinking.

How can I get what I want? After deep thinking, I finally thought of a solution. Make action, check the information, finally selected a place, it is a small county town of mountains and water shows, there are not many people, I will have a house to buy a villa, decorating the equipment, as a future home, I am very Solving the money, then I have a series of fake identity materials, and after everything is ready, I will start to the second selected place.

However, my situation is not in policy, I deliberately tell.

This didn’t have much problem, I explained your situation to you, you should be able to watch the president of the president, I seem to have promised to go, then you can’t do it, don’t do it. You can adopt two trials. The dean gave me a way, and in fact, with your economic ability, I adopted a few no problems. You see the current situation in our hospital is very difficult, you can’t!

Next, under the urgent running of the dean, this thing quickly bought down, I went to the orphanage to choose a little girl who optimistic 5 times. The biggest one is 11 years old, the smallest is 8 years old, two 10 years old is twins, there is a 9-year-old, after completing the adoption procedures, I will bring them back home, and then go to the local school office formalities. Everything is natural, next, my investment has also begun to have a problem, not long, the business can’t do it, I ended the local investment, and said to the local people to do business, then When I came back, I returned to the renovable home with five little girls.

When I saw such a luxurious house in the first time, a few little girls didn’t dare to enter the door. After I greet them, I stayed in one, I said to them: From now on, here is your true home. . Then arrange them to wash, change clothes, of course, the room sleeping is a 40-square-meter satellite, I also sleep this, and I will take care of them. Then I dinner on the outside, I have given them to them: I don’t want to call my uncle. I want to call my father. I will also have a name with my father in the future. If you have the name, you don’t listen, I will Only send you back. I have said for a long time, I don’t know what I have, I haven’t known what I have. I will give them a portal, change the name, and the new school entrance procedures, and have a good job, and I will get it quickly.

The biggest, I gave a name called Yuan Guan Qing soft, because I saw it when I saw it first, I found a beautiful embryo, a pair of melon faces, and I was very obvious, such a girl was easy to tune. I arranged the Yuanshi Qing and the big sister, the second and third and old three are the twins, I gave the name of the Yuan official Ziyi Yuan’s official unparalleled, how to see this pair of twin sisters are very loving in the future, more I will give another excitement, so I have to have them. The old four taking the name is the sage, this girl will make a bright and temperament, which will be a very temperament woman in the future, so I didn’t hesitate to leave her. The minimal little girl is named Yuan Guan Wei, because I see that she is like a similarity 2.

When all things have finished running, I started a dream journey. First of all, I want them to know my extraordinary, let them understand that I am better than most people, let them accept me from my heart. There are a lot of people’s desires, all desires can be used, not to mention a few ladies like 5 white paper. In the normal life, this 5 sisters are often brought to all superior restaurants to enjoy a variety of delicious, and there is no need to say in the holidays. Usually, a few sisters are wearing a variety of famous brand clothes, and there is no one in the outside. It is also the most expensive thing, all kinds of high-end brand names, all of which are fully equipped. Slowly, I found that they began to really call my father from the heart, the boss of the Overauge of the boss started to study me. At this stage, they are also slowly used to envy from the surrounding students, and slowly think that all this is just right. I know that their 5 sisters will not be able to drive me in this life!

Time has been in the past year, my big daughter’s emoji is 12 and a half years old, and several other daughters are also one year old. When they fully recognize my existence, I used the Cruise and books that I used to collect the places. I first took some unsteady three-level films and star photo collection to take the DVP magazine. Together, let’s put it after dinner at night. They are all homework first. After finishing, I will come to watch TV with me, and the audio and video equipment in my family will use it. The 50-inch night crystal wall hanging TV, the full set of luxury sounds, of course However, there is no problem with the sound insulation effect of the villa, so it is also very powerful to watch TV. When I saw the hands of the men and women in the three-level film, I observed, except for the biggest daughter, there were some other reactions, and I did not explain the explanation with them. . In this way, slowly when they are used to see the three-level film, I mentioned the level of the film to the second level, the book is also the full nude photo of the star. Finally, the smallest daughter saw the screen on the TV and asked me, Dad, what are they doing? Is that boult in bullying that girl? Look at the girl is so painful!

Silly only, they are making love, the boy did not bully the girl, the girl is too comfortable to call, knowing, you will grow up with boys in the future, when you I will know.

The second daughter is then asked: Dad, girls and boys must do this?

Yes, wait for you to grow up!

But how can we have never seen Dad and a girl?

Silly girl, Dad is going to take care of you, I don’t want to find a girl back, not Dad doesn’t want to do it, know! I am smiling and talking to them.

Thank you Dad, if you want to find a girl back, let’s go, we will take care of yourself. The big daughter is very concerned about it.

Dad, you see that girl is so beautiful!

Dad, you see this boy in the place where the girl is urinating!

Dad, how is the girl who eats a boys and eats a great bar?

Dad, how can the licking of the boys flow out of milk? The girl eats well!

Finally, I said that I said to me again: Dad, I also imagine that girl eats your alright, drink your milk, ok? (Can you do it, I have waited for a few years to wait! Today, I finally ……… .. My sky!)

I looked at her asked: I am so soft, do you really want to eat? Well, my father I thought soon. I also want to eat a few daughters, I have to eat my father! Ok, you all want to be Dad, and the father will give you. After I finished, I took off the robe. I only wear underwear to say: Who will take off my father’s trousers? I don’t have to take myself, let them get used to take off my clothes, let them have a trunk. Still a soft hand, the other few just look, but there is no move, but I know that this step is that it is an example.

When my meat stick jumped out, 5 pairs of eyes looked straight, I didn’t have a sound, so I will be gentle and lended and slowly hold it. The little mouth slowly makes it up. At the moment that the meat stick is covered, I am excited to fall into tears. I have not had a white fee for a few years. The soft tongue slowly lick my meat stick, the feeling is comfortable from the bottom of the heart! It seems that this little Nizi learned a lot in TV. I didn’t feel a little sorrow, the little mouth of the kung fu made me surprised, just like a very experienced woman, who will think of this girl is so good, less than ten minutes I am The daughter is shot in a soft little mouth, watching her finely tastes the taste of the semen, then slowly swallowing, I know everything I have done.

Sister, delicious? The little daughter only asked, four pairs of eyes looked at her. Slow slowly, you can eat it! Seeing that I am sitting on the sofa, I will ask my father, what happened? not comfortable?

No, not, Dad is very comfortable, never been so comfortable, Dad is just a little excitement.

If Dad feel comfortable, I will give my father to my father every day, let my father feel comfortable, ok?

Ok, good, daughter, my father is too comfortable!

From this late, it is soft to sleep, and I will consciously give me a meat stick every day, and several other daughters have also joined the ranks of eating meat rods.

However, I think is the smaller points below. At this time, I don’t have anything to be careful. I have the most precursorful young teeth disc. Like usually, they finished the homework to watch TV. I took out the ready-to-eat slice. I looked at the thick penis in the picture. 5 sisters are very Focus on watching, I found that the soft little hand unknown into the skirt, the little face in both sides gradually became red, the pink pink is very moving, I have a bigger sound, the picture The little girl on hand is inserted, and the voice is directly infected with 5 young sisters, and the softness and gradual movement will gently send a little sound. I slowly took off her skin skirt and underwear. No one didn’t say anything, the other 4 daughters saw that I gave my sister to skirt and clothes, I feel that it is normal, turning Go again and see the movie. I slowly took out the soft clothes, looked at the body that was slightly signs, my meat stick was hard to explode, telling yourself to calm down, turning around, turning, drinking cup of cool water, feeling no So strong, I gently stroked the soft body, and start slowly licking her little face, gently contained her mouth, when my tongue stretched out, I obviously felt her body I was stigrated, and then she was very skilled with the tongue and I wandered together, and I used the taste of the little tongue. I was so intoxicated.

When my tongue passed her neck, her shoulder, her chest, her yo, there was still a small mouth, and she had begun to send a sound in my tongue. I passed her. The thigh, after the calf, I finally came to her small hole, smelling a fresh and elegant virgin, my tongue reached into her unclaimed flower, gently licking, I found that the soft little clitoris has been blinded Hard up, as my tongue moves, the soft voice is also called loudly. Other 4 daughters did not look at the disc game again, and they all looked quietly at our performance.

Um … Dad, hey … so comfortable, oh … .. um …!

If you are clear, do you want to insert you?

Yes, you have to plug, Dad is inserted, itchy small cave!

I don’t say other people, take off the clothes pants, put the hard-red meat sticks, put on the soft small hole, with the meat stick to make a small hole, and lubricated with her holes. The meat stick, slowly go in, but I just entered a little, it is clear that my father is painful, my father is nice, light, lightly?

Helpless, after all, people are too small, the meat hole is only so big, how can I be a meat stick, but I still have to live like this, so I said and clearly said, while slowly Use the meat stick gently in her small hole, expand it in the inside, gradually soft feeling is not so painful, I took the meat bar’s glans in the top of her, in her nervous I didn’t dare to move, and I said to her, and my father’s awkward, is it better now? I blame my father and not ready to insert the soft little hole, hurt my clear, my daughter, you slowly relax, the girl will have some pain for the first time, I have to bear it Have a little, will not hurt in the future, slowly clear, it will not hurt anymore! Will be very comfortable, Dad will also be very comfortable!

Listening to me, I have a little bit of my brow, my father is coming, I am not afraid of pain, and my father will make my father comfortable! I am in my heart, slowly teat me meat, let the glans will advance in the inside, so I feel that there is a circle on the side of the glans, I know that it is clear, I stopped. The next movement is said to the clear: Hey, we will do it here today? Dad smoke the meat stick, is it easy to use your little mouth? Dad wants to insert it back, it will be very painful, your small hole is still a little.

okay then! Dad, I will make you feel comfortable! When I finished, I slowly took the meat rod from her small hole. When the glans left her small hole, they were so soft and long, and she was very hard. I sat on the couch and looked at the tiredness. I couldn’t bear that she would give me a fire. I said to the four daughters on the side: Your sister is tired, or you come to help her, who Come? When the 4 daughters listened to the whole, 4 small mouth stretched out the tongue around my meat stick, I didn’t use it for a long time, I also shot the fine solution in 4 small mouth, watching them very The taste of the taste of the taste, I know that my dream has been achieved the next day, they all go to school, I think about the problem last night. Mom! The young novels who have seen before. Drag, all, I’m still talking, I actually believe it, I exercise! So small girls so small holes can be easily plugged in like those who are written, this is a big problem, do not solve my dreams After all, it is a dream.

Between 9 o’clock in the evening, I told them to go home. When I returned home, I will continue to be mad. I turned on the TV to let the drops of eating teeth, I will give them a drink, take out the previous preparation of the medicine to poured a cup, Also put the other few drinks, I gave them to them, and the cup of the medicine was specially given, watching their downtown, I know that the drug will play for half an hour, let them take a bath. I also followed by wash, I originally designed the bathroom, I wanted to be big, one bathroom has 30 square meters, and there are all kinds of facilities. The middle is a big bath. Our father and female 6 people are not crowded at all. The feeling, smashing each other, slowly washing, each person comes from watching TV, and a few young sisters look at the content on the picture, I haven’t seen it. They said: Dad’s 乖乖, last night, your sister was gentle and dad, but because the sister’s meat hole was too small, Dad’s meat stick couldn’t insert, and the result was not made. You don’t want to be like a girl in TV. Is it inserted by Dad? The soft body has also begun to show pink. I didn’t let the soft lascivious water, all sucked into the mouth and slowly swallowed, the legendary jade liquid Joan is also so. ! I feel that the small meat holes are gradually soft. I start trying to plug in the middle of the thick massage stick. When the cold massage stick is inserted into the meat hole, the soft body is tight, my mouth is, I am busy. Holding her little mouth, gently talking in her ear. Slowly hard to force the massage stick in his hand, maybe it is the hard work last night, today use the massage stick, plus Read more, I will go in 3 cm, but I can’t do this, I will have a pain, and I still have a soft pain. I don’t dare to mess, let the massage stick stop, let a few little daughter. I’ve been carefully read, and then gave them the use of lubricating oil. I heard that I said that several daughters began to discuss it, and I took a massage stick on my own massage.

I looked at the stuffy change, let her herself holding a massage stick, slowly squeezing, gently trying to teeth, slowly trying, I climbed on her legs with tongue with tongue The clitoris, gently stimulate her. The gradually flexible movement is big. She can push the massage stick to the vaginal mouth and insert it, but always insert 3 cm, no longer insert, I It is time to meet the hymen, I haven’t waited it anymore, see if the Qing has entered a semi-psychedelic state, and the breathing is more urgent. I climbed up and took the massage stick in the soft hand, replaced with my meat stick Go, watching the glans of the meat stick into the soft little meat hole, I am essat! It is! It’s hard effort! When my meat stick enters the location of the female film, I carefully observed the softness. The reaction, watching her expressions in the psychedelic illusion of sexual desire, I know that all the efforts before this are not in violi, long-term subtle, high-quality life, meticulous teaching, the most important thing is from psychology Let them understand and accept the existence.

After a long time, the soft body relaxed slowly, I slowly slammed the meat stick, looked at the soft little meat, quietly flowing out a bright red blood, I quickly prepared too early. The good white scarf is below, looking at the towel slowly being stained with bright red, I gently smiled. At this time, the soft small cave is opened, and the thin labie is turned off on both sides. Pink tenderness is tempting, I see that there is no concern that I am worried about, let’s put down my heart. At this time, I must consolidate the results in front. I give my own meat stick to the lubricant, and I will advance my flesh. Cave, slowly, I feel fine, I feel different, it is true that the wonderful feeling is that the mature woman will not have, the tightly flesh wall clamps the meat stick, and there is still no mature vaginal instinct to resist external The invasion, the creep of the mince is like a small hand, the mouth is soothing, the feeling makes me moving more than a dozen and have an improving improving, I stop the action, slow a few mouthfuls, stabilize the emotions In this case, it is not for me to enjoy it, and it is still under the mobility of the drug!

The stuffy little face has been blushing, the nose is getting more and more serious, the throat accompanied by the nose sound, the sound is gradually bigger, I gradually accelerate the frequency of the spot check, the other four daughters are also Watching my meat sticks in the quiet small vagina, listening to the sound of my sister, I also use the massage stick to feel my own experience. Just I have already controlled my meat stick When I felt a hot flow of the glans, I was so soft, I was relieved, and the fine clearance was naturally opened, and a semen rushed into the quiet honey pot. Look at Qing After the soft and relax, I slept, I took the meat stick, I sent it to the meat rod, I sent it! I used a towel to pick up every body fluid flowing out. This is a precious commemorative item. I quickly use a hot towel. Wipe clean and soft lower body, and awakened the soft to her a few pieces of antibacterial and recovery of wounded medicine. They hugged her to sleep. Carefully gave her a good quilt, watching her quiet sleep, I am relieved to go downstairs.

5 sisters at home have been accustomed to running around, I am still unhappy! Go back to the lobby to see other four daughters are inserting their own small meat holes with massage sticks, and discuss it while inserting I took a closer look, I didn’t stop in front of the women’s film. I was comforted in front of it. I gave them a closer to understand the composition of their little meat cave. In fact, I don’t quite understand. However, after the experience of the soft body development experience, I know that this is an urgent, or let them slowly expand their respective cough safety, and ask them that they don’t want to live with Dad, and understand them. We don’t agree with this life together. If someone knows that Dad will raise them to find trouble, then they will lose their father, listen to me, say that a few daughters said this is our family. The secret will never give others. Also, the body of this young girl is small, but when I am love, I have learned that I have to make love for love, and I have to strengthen my physical exercise. I need to give me myself and my daughters. Complaten a plan to persist in exercise, or it is very damage to the body. Good at home, there is a gym, and you will work out every day.

The next day is Sunday, it doesn’t come in the morning, I see that she is really hard, there is no way to start at all, and the following is more touched, it seems a bit of hurt, I have a good meal. Feeding her ate, let her take a break, there is no problem in other four seems, one is very jumping, letting them go out, I will accompany you, with the quilt. She took the TV to the lobby, and of course two cartoons were also H-class movie, licking some red and swollen small meat holes, I feel in my heart, I can let this small. Meat hole! With a hot towel, you rubbed your gentle, saying that both father and women’s words are so passed.

From the next day, I wake up a few sisters every day, I wake up and exercise. Of course, this week is not soft. I went to school, I gave the teacher to the teacher to make a clear sick holiday. Everything is very It’s full of smooth, it’s completely restored for a few days. After all, it is a little girl’s body. Self-fixing ability is strong. Of course, I also have an expected development of the stuffy body without relaxing. After gradual adaptation, the soft little meat hole now can completely accept my meat stick, happiness!

The days have been so much, I am intoxicated in the soft flesh every day, and the other four daughters are slowly developed with their little meat, and I think that they have to receive my meat stick for a while. Unless I also do it, I have no confidence, I really have a heartache! Just a night, I have broken the soft twenty days, the second daughter is a shower I ran around with a bath towel to me, I just finished it and I was watching TV Dad!

Is there anything?

I can say that purple is very small.


Dad is a lot of purple. I said I can do it like my sister.

What to do? I didn’t respond.

Just make love!

No, can you use the nearest massage stick?

The biggest one. The purple exposed proud expression said, heard her so that I was shocked.

Really? Dad see! Ziyi listens to me, take the bath towel on the body, and a slutty picture shocked me. A snow-white little girl’s body is proud, between the legs The root black massage stick is inserted into a small meat hole. The skeptical lascaps are quietly flowing in two thighs, I swallowed the water, my mind is more confused, how can I be so fast? Yes? I hugged the purple and put it on the sofa. I opened her legs to pick up the massage stick carefully. According to my calculations, the lower mouth of them swallow this thicker massage stick. For a long time, I am very nervous. I am afraid that she will force the vaginal injury. After I carefully check it, I don’t understand, the purple little meat hole is not! But this should not be. ! I used my fingers to explore it in and touched it. I didn’t feel it. When I was confused, I asked me: Dad, can my meat can do it? Well, I can I have not confident.

That … Dad, you insert it! Ziyi wants to do the meat stick. I heard the purple, what can I say? Hold the meat stick I have exploded, stand The purple little meat hole, purple with two little hands with two labips, the pink meat is round, I am a waist, the meat stick slowly inserted, no imagination The meat stick only felt wrapped by a creep, and constantly opened in front of the glans. The feeling like a small hand is like a small mouth, and it is like a soft breast. I have never experienced the feelings, I There is no language and resignation to describe it, and the brain has an idea, is it … Is it a legendary – famous device? At this time, my meat stick is already in this unable to say, very Fast outbreak, a semen uncontrollable, I also got a happy joy, I have never been happy. I have a break, I appreciate the two sisters, run to the search related information, turn it out. Several webpages, I have seen some professional books, I can’t get it. I finally turned to a line of shelves at home. When I was written in the eyes, I finally found the name. The explanation of the device, as I think the small meat hole I think is a kind of name, the book is called heavy, saying that such a meat hole is particularly strong than the general, and the flexibility is particularly good. The muscles of the genus can be controlled by the heart, and then rude and longer, it can swallow, and then thin and short meat sticks can be clamped. Seeing such an annotation, I am essain, this is me Now and it needs!

Following another thought, the purple body is a name, the unparalleled body? I am called a parallel again, I am a careful examination, the result is very disappointed, the unparalleled meat cave is not a name ! Change I think I should be satisfied, I am enough, I am enough!

When I was sleeping at night, I hugged the purple, usually when I went to school during the day, I never moved to them, but I couldn’t help my heart tonight, touch the tender skin, lick two capsules Little meat grapes, listening to purple and push-up, I slowly kissed the legendary midplane, the tip of the tongue opened the white tender, including the small flower, rough tongue grinding With the core, I feel the strength of the grain, and the purple is tight, and the two little hands pressed my head tightly. If the legs, I will fall to my back, holding two petals tender Hip meat, my tongue starts a quick stir, as with my tongue’s movement, my mouth and my mouth are getting bigger and big, holding my hard painful meat stick, I am purple Said: purple, Dad wants to insert your little meat hole, quickly use your hand to pull the small meat petals to make the small meat can’t come. Dad is coming.

The purple 苡 苡 把 把 边 边 边 边 磨 进 棒 进 进 棒 棒 棒 进 道 道 不同 不同 不同 不同 不同 阻 不同 不同 不同 不同 不同 阻 不同 阻 阻 阻 阻 阻 阻 阻 阻 阻 阻 阻 阻 阻 阻 阻 阻 阻 阻After breaking through the end of the meat, the mince is turned to the meat stick, and there is a very comfortable, and there is another layer of meat on the front. It turns out that this is true. It is like this, when the meat stick enters the purple In the vagina, I felt that there were countless meat ring holes with meat sticks. When I moved it, I knew that I would soon ejaculate, because the countless layer of meat is brought to me is what I can’t. It can be expressed in language or text.

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