My name is the bird, the height is 175, this year is 29 years old, currently in a big software company as an engineer, my job is to help install software, repair the computer, move water, change the ink clip, anyway, is a younger brother’s work! Although the salary is not high, the work is stable! Although it is a non-fun, there are some benefits; because our company’s girls account for 80%, so often need to help women colleagues to repair computers, what is online! One to the summer, the female colleague is wearing a hot, little cute, mini skirt, I often let me see more beautiful scenery because I repair the computer. Also let me become a common visit to the toilet! One day, our company entered a female colleague colleague: Xiao Yun, he is to make the counter work, her height has 168, 34c, 23, 35, the appearance is ordinary, but it is very lively, I am busy with everyone. Make a piece! According to the practice, I want to help her prepare a new computer, Xiao Yun: “You are a bird! They say what can be installed, you are looking for you!” I replied: “Is A! What kind of software do you want? We have to buy it! Because now XSA will come to check! ” If I don’t do things! Please “, I will answer him:” But we don’t have it here! “” ㄚ ~~~ is Europe! Are you IT, can you find a way? Just ask you good. .. My brother! “! usually! No matter who, I have no software, I don’t say anything, I will not help who do “service” because I am IT, I have the most basic insistence of engineers. . . One board! I don’t know why! For Xiao Yun, I want to say a few things! Because of the no hurt, XSA should not check it! Even if I find it, I only illegally, the impact should be big! So after I set the computer’s computer, I will put the X whey input method to the installation, of course, the “trial version” downloaded on the Internet! Your name is Xiaoyun is! Your computer is good! I will help you install! At this time, Xiaoyun is answering the phone! His round big eyes have been staring at me! It seems that it is said that is it to help me? When the computer is installed, after boot, I specially? He looked at the setting gear → X, X-how! At this time, Xiaoyun’s phone is finished! “Birds! Thank you! They all say that you are very bored! But I see you is a good man!” Xiao Yun took me with hand, I don’t know if it is deliberate, I just took it! ” After the shoot, Xiaoyun also secretly laughed! “Birds! Thank you!”, I don’t say back to my room! the next day! Xiaoyun is very hot, V-pine is a little cute, plus short skirts that can’t be in short! Get the weather that you have to die, it’s more hot! Dudu. . . ! “Bird! Are you busy? My computer is strange! USB plug in no reaction! Can you help me look at it?” I am leisurely panic! ” Think about it! Anyway, it is okay! I was out of the machine room, I heard a bunch of girls happy, seeing my laughing, I am still thinking, my zipper is okay? Everyone saw me! Just scattered! And me! Let Xiaoyun look at his computer! I saw the computer’s setting! Normal? I will kneel down and look at the computer under the table! “Strange! Yesterday, is it okay?” I am in front of me! Just thinking about you, I look back!天 ㄚ! His short skirt is too short! The lace’s small panties is undoubted, it is a lace in front, but it is Ding word behind! His underwear, small to one, the small hole can’t be packaged at all, and the one line is in the middle of the small hole, it is the same as the Red Sea of ​​Moses! I saw the red heartbeat on the spot, the zipper of the mouse is a bit! I don’t know how Xiao Yun is specially trimming! His haired fur was tried into a small triangle, and the dust of powder was a little transparent, so it was presented in front of me, it seems to tell me: “Birds! Come …”! I don’t dare to stand up! Because my little brother is so awkward, then! Xiaoyun noticed my expression! He seems to have discovered my abilities! But Xiao Yun did not want to cover the scenery under his skirt! Still talking to me, “” You have a look! I have a thorn! Very cute! ” Where did I pay attention to the tattoo on the feet! Just a faint answer: “Well! Very cute! I look at the computer first!” A drilling of a brain into the table, the heart is still jumping! “Strange! It’s normal!” I took out my USB to the computer, XP is very fit, 咚咚咚. . . ! “Normal! You can use it!” Xiaoyun smiled.

“欧! He probably he is afraid of bad people! See you so big! So strong! I am afraid! Let alone are not a critical computer …” Xiao Yun said faintly! At this time, my little brother is already calm, so I stand up, faint to return him: “It’s Ou! Well! Now ok! There is a problem, you will find me again!” At this time, I got it high, Xiaoyun That loose little cute and wear is not wearing! A pair of snow-white tits is swaying in front of me! wrong! Xiaoyun has no bra! Just use the chest sticker to attach her nipple! God! My little brother is swollen once! At this time, Xiaoyun smiled happier! I quickly returned to my ministerial room. . . engine room! Walk away! Xiao Yun gave me a small note! There is his phone and MSN! After I go back to the room! I don’t say I will join Xiayun’s MSN! The heart is still in the fantasy, just a new tender hole and the snow white chest! Just as I want to take out my little brother to swell! MSN came!咚. . . ! I am watching day! It is Xiaoyun! “Oh! Just thank you! I don’t know why you come to the computer!” “” Maybe it is afraid of hungry people. “I answered Xiao Yun! “Fast noon! What do you eat at noon?” I replied: “I don’t eat very much at noon!” I am in my heart! He has a boyfriend! but. . . Why is it so much! Is it that her boyfriend is not enough? One day noon! A group of girls hob haha ​​will take lunch! “Let’s go together! We went to eat pork chops today!” Xiaoyun replied them: “I am not comfortable today! I will not go! Go to tomorrow!” A group of people went! ” At this point, my computer has reacted. . .咚. . “You really don’t want to eat? Are you so strong … Don’t you suffer? CC …” God! It is him! Since helping him in the morning, my heart is full of shadows! There is now MSN! “Ask you! This is very strict! There is a camera everywhere! Do you want to do this? Is it like this? I don’t feel like this?” I replied him: “Yes Ah! But I only have a camera outside the door! There is no! Because I only have a person, the friend has a preservation, something is not there, I don’t have anyone else! “Xiaoyun said:” I am coming, many things don’t understand! Can you tell me? I am afraid that some things have not been noticed, do something wrong! Or who can’t be guilty of guilty, I replied: “But I don’t usually touch them! I know me. Tell you! Other I can’t help you! “” It’s okay! We can take care of each other! MSN typing is too slow! I went to you! Hey! ” I opened the door, Xiao Yunjiao drops to stand in front of me! God! It is the faint fragrance! “You are really coming! There is no one in the office! You are not afraid of orphanless women?” I said gently! “You are a good person! What is the fear?” A pair of water, the innocent eyes stared at me! ” Four Ping big machine room! Only I will talk to Xiaoyun, I don’t say anything! Cold gas, hot two people! suddenly! Xiaoyun opened! “Don’t ask me to sit down! I stood so tired! Where do you live? How come to work?” Xiaoyun is sitting on my table! His little skirt floats! I have a flash in my eyes again! sky! My face is red! I don’t know what to answer him! I have forgotten when he asked. This situation Xiaoyun is watching! “It’s not enough to see it in the morning! Are you boys! People are high, still so shy!” I sweat down! I don’t know what it is! I wanted to sit down, how to know a butt, fell four feet! The zipper on the trousers, because I swollen the little brother, I took half! The drums of underwear were read by Xiao Yun! My little brother has five inch long, and every time there is a reaction glans will run out of the pants! These Xiaoyun see it in the eyes! “Don’t you just hit it now?” “You look very cool! Now I am coming to see you!” Xiao Yun said! Didn’t finish it! Xiaoyun handed my trousers to unwind my trousers! I was scared at the time. I didn’t stop! How do you get with him! “It’s really big! Take Taiwanese! This is the best!” Xiaoyun has always played my little brother! Xiaoyun’s hand really can’t cost it! I didn’t have a girl, but I dare to say, Xiaoyun’s hand is better than the woman’s hole! Xiaoyun squatted on the ground, the feet opened, the tender hole was obviously seen! That little thirl has this bright liquid from which a little drops will slowly flow! God! Will you move! no! I can’t come out so early! Only the next day, I can’t be seen! At this time, the feeling of temperature is packaged with my little brother! I am a god! Xiaoyun has sucking my five-inch long brother in her mouth! Put his little mouth! This is the most powerful mouth! “Zit. Zi, I. This is not. Well! Wait is being .. See it!” “” You. No .. is said .. There is no camera here. They don’t come back at a point. ! “Xiao Yun looked at my face to tell me! “You are so big! People’s mouth is good! Don’t give others!” I just want to say how to think about it! Xiaoyun pushed me, using a 69 style and put my little brother into his mouth! at this time! Xiaoyun’s tender hole is in front of my eyes!

Xiaoyun turned back and said: “People’s underwear is wet, you help others!” One ass is sitting on my face! That taste! Fantastic fragrance! I can’t get so much, and the tongue stretched out and went to Xiaoyun’s tender points! Sleepy honey juice is swallowed into the belly in my mouth! I am not helping someone over, most girls have a little sour taste! But Xiao Yun will not! Xiaoyun’s honey juice is the lane, sweet and delicious! Let me not stop! I am getting more and more energetic! Xiaoyun also started with my tongue, swinging his ass! “An. You .. ‘s tongue. Good .. is amazing! I. No. Well ..!” Like urine, a lot of secret juice flowing in Xiaoyun’s tender points! And me! It is not a waste of all swallows! At this time! My little brother is so awkward! It is the saliva of Xiaoyun and my press! “Call .. You are so powerful! The average person has already come out!” Xiaoyun is sitting on me at once! Maybe it is just that it is just a long time! Small tenderness and wet! “Ah ~~~! Good. Brother. Well .. Brother, people. Home yesterday .. I miss you. I want to have .. Dinn.! Ah. Want. Death .. !! This. .. Big! I’m going to .. East. Before you are. Not just tight, it will be like a mouth, suck it, suck it! This hole is the best! One look, one breath! Let me almost disappeared several times! But the engineer’s stubborn! “You, you don’t smash you!” I. All .. dare … is affected! .. Well .. Well .. “” I can’t do it! Well. You want .. Don’t. First. Come. Ah His .. Well! “I looked at her with fierce:” You are the scorpion! Do you want to be beautiful! I don’t want to go to work in the afternoon! “I put her up and put it on my computer desk. On, let her take her down! “Well. Well. Well .. Good brother, brother, I. An .. An, um. Beg.1one. You. Ah .. I .. Talent. Second day .. class.! You. I. Ah.! 咦. Is. .. ………………………. Everyone is back! “Xiaoyun? How did you not see people?” “” No .. Machine .. will, etc … I thought, I am doing this today! I am afraid that you are not running? Dead, let you go! I will do it again! This thought is just flashing! One relax, the little brother is fortunate, a hot essence is rushing to Xiaoyun’s vagina! “Ah …, a lot of beats! You are really bad! It’s just that the counter is the taste?” Said! I took the little brother from Xiaoyun’s tender points! I am a juice of Xiaoyun, with my semen! On my table, the pants is a secret juice! I am not tired, I am sitting on the ground! Xiao Yun wiped his small corpus if you haven’t taken my proposal! The more some parties will eat in your mouth! Xiaoyun worn clothes, squatting in front of me, helping me dry your brother’s brother’s brother! Slightly said to me, “I am waiting for you at night!” Xiaoyun stood up and turned out of the machine room. We will be very satisfied with the secret base! “When you have finished eating!” When you left, there is also a semen outside the door! Slowly drip from Xiaoyun’s waves! ※ | JKF Czech Forum

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