Although the father can’t have any ideas for her daughter but my daughter is too beautiful, I can’t have ideas.

My daughter has a white jade skin, red and rainy, plump, slender willow, a straight and long hair, appearance of elegant and moving, drumful butthamia ,,,,, Yinling voice.

Especially her first-class body, so far, in addition to my daughter, I have never seen such a good body slim but not full, the legs are very long, the waist is fine, especially when she wears a touchless white trousers. Slim. The most awakest is to have her own double milk, it is indeed a big bigger, I didn’t expect such a slim people, there is such a full breast. People who want to touch both hands, just want to fuck her.

An accidental opportunity, I finally be able to have a daughter. And since then, we opened our father and daughter. I am a manager of a company. I will never have a business trip. At that time, my daughter just put a summer vacation, and I was very boring at home.

At this way, it is necessary to travel to Shanghai. She is not going to with me. I have to go to see the Bund. I am more love to my daughter, plus this time is my own, my wife is on the side of me. She, actually let her daughter monitor me, don’t contaminate the grass outside.

I didn’t expect my wife this time, it is a big life, put the beautiful daughter in me, can I not need?

Is it so beautiful that you don’t have to get her?

When we fame quickly arrived in Shanghai, the daughter was happy to live like a small swallow that just came out, pure and lively and cute.

She said that I want to go shopping, I have always thought to have a further relationship with her, and I have never visited Shanghai, I want to visit Shanghai to visit Shanghai. Originally, the company allows business to report a taxi, but I said that the bus is convenient, so we have squeezed a bus in Xujiahui subway during the peak of get off work.

There are a lot of people in the car, she is standing in front of me, facing me. Because it is too squeezed, her right hand is holding my right arm, and the left hand holds the seat armor, so my right elbow is gently attached to her chest. With the shaking of the car, my arm deliberately grinds her high tall chest. At this time, my lower body became hot and hard, tightly on her right half butt, her face began to become flush, breathing is not very uniform.

A slight brake, I was exaggerated, and I was randomly turned some, I stood in front of her, and the underlying of the ridged is on her two legs. She looked up with me. The eyes are flustered to the window outside the window.

So I deliberately entered her ear and said: ‘Baby, people are too squeezed. ‘She understands what I mean, the face is red.

I saw that she did not refuse, and more tightly, the left hand was also gently laid on her hips, slowly moved.

She couldn’t stand this kind of teasing. The forehead was gently arrived on my chin. My lips were randomly tack with her upper. She looked up, from her eyes, I know this time. The business trip will bring us what kind of start in the eyes of the daughter, a desire, demand but shy, contradictory free eyes, after all, she is still a girl just 18 years old.

At this time, the bus suddenly had a sudden brake. Due to just grabbing my hand, the body fell back, I took the left hand to grab her waist, tightly pulled her tightly, but once again Press your bottom down on her body.

Because I have been posted with her, I can’t stop the fantasy, my little brother has become hard and hot. In order to more stimulate the daughter and provoke her desire, I deliberately make Jinqi’s brother, and will ‘him’ Plug in the two legs of the daughter.

‘Oh! ‘The daughter gently whispered, and she felt that her body suddenly trembled, then she hangs down her back, her eyes were closed, no longer looking at my eyes.

It can be seen from her expression, and she is applying to her feelings and feelings to her feelings and feelings.

Looking at her intoxicated, I slowly agreed near her ear, opened her long hair with my tongue, slowly contained her earlobe, biting it gently with my teeth.

The daughter’s body is once again, then clamping my legs, clamping my right leg, holding tightly, the body is shaking with the car, full of my chest, I can even feel The heat radiated from her legs.

Holding her left hand felt suddenly of her body, and then became so much like there was no bone, I know she should reach a climax. This idea has just passed my mind, almost I have to shoot it out, I thought I can enjoy this feeling, I didn’t expect the car to stop, many people, suddenly became empty. Many, we can’t keep it closely, so you have to separate the station. It’s just a posture, grab the bus from the left hand, and the chest is still close to my right arm. After another two stops, we saw a big shopping mall nearby, so we took the car. Outside people seem to be a couple who live off, no one thinks that we will be a father.

Although we have handled hands, but the interval is very close. I intend to touch her chest, and a few times, I also feel that her hand is interested in unintentional, I still don’t submit down the lower part.

Going to the mall, the desires of the two are slightly smashed. She began to pay attention to the fashion hanging on the shelves, and I still use my eyes to take her figure, afraid of the scene, just in the car, a little god.

‘What do you think of cook? ‘She asked in my ear, holding a pareter yellow hanging skirt in his hand.

Looking at the white face and the red face of her, I once again had a desire to kiss her, and I tally: “I just want to just!”

“Dad, you are color!” She said with a little, raised the skirt in his hand, said: “Do I look good?”

Sexy? “

‘What person wear. ‘I replied: “After many girls put it on, I feel like chicken, but my baby daughter is put on the lady.”

‘Then do you think I still look good after I put it? ‘She then asked.

I deliberately picky her body, looking at the skirt: ‘Well, I think you put this kind of dress, it is not very good. ”why? ‘She didn’t think I would be negative, so I asked very surprised.

‘I said that you are not allowed to be angry. ‘I am talking about her. Maybe my serious expression makes her a little anxious, she must me say, and promise is not angry.

I close her ear and said: ‘Are you really not angry? ‘She nodded,’ Do you know, if you put it on, you, forget it, I still don’t provoke you angry. ‘I want to talk about her daughter again.

At this moment, she seems to know what she is in the eyes of others, does not go to ask me: ‘Say, you said! ‘I said again close to my daughter’s ear. “You know if you put it, what do I think?”

“What do you want?” The daughter has a sexual demand, but still has no reaction, and asked silly.

‘I will want you, you want you again. After I finished with a particularly teasing, I finished the body side of my daughter, let her hand touched my hard to my brother.

The daughter did not think that her father would say such a bones, as if they were hit, she left a blush. “Dad, how do you like this, I am your daughter!”

It is said that it is still impossible to control it on my shoulder, and the legs are quietly frozen.

I am sideways, and ask for her ear. ‘Is it willing to give me? ‘I heard my question, my daughter seems to be suddenly awake, she quickly stood up, but the left hand gently looked up, knocked on my bulge, shyly squatting:’ bad guys! satyr! ‘The eyes of my eyes can’t help but hit the part of her.

I touched her waist with her hand, telling her, the salesperson next to him is staring at us, her ‘ah’, put the skirt quickly returned to the original place, pulled my hand, escaping it. I took her hand, I got the mall and stopped the next taxi, let the driver back to the hotel.

On the car, I pulled her right hand, pressed in the younger brother, left her hand with her smooth shoulders, let her lying in my arms, gently ask her: ‘Who is a bad egg? I still ‘he’? ‘The daughter is shameful, the excuse says the taxi driver is watching us, thinking. I insisted that she said that she would let her get up. She quietly grasped the little brother who was hard to catch my trousers, and said in my arms: ‘You bad, he worse!

‘The then take it again.

I saw that the taxi did not stop from the rearview mirror.

All the two people did not send, and didn’t look at each other. I didn’t pull it again, but I can feel that there is a flame on the other side in my own. Back to the hotel, I entered the room, I hugged my daughter, kissed it fanatically, and kissed her daughter’s clothes.

Seeing that I am going to enter myself in the hall, my daughter is also burning, but it is pushing “Don’t be ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ 爸 ﹍﹍ 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不This is a messy ﹍﹍

“Good daughter, ﹍﹍ 乖,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

“No Dad, I can’t go to the bed, I can’t go to the bed.” The daughter has already speaking, starting the gorge, the clothing is thrown on the floor to the bedroom. I can’t wait to explain all the buckles of the daughter’s top, and finally unlocked the big red belly, showing two towering lotus peaks, white tender, plus two bright red meatads, it is really beautiful.

I gently held the jade milk, I think there is a meat in the middle, and I will shake it slightly.


“It’s not very big!” I have said that the breast is not very satisfactory. “” People are still small! “The daughter is white.

I looked again, and finally took a bit bite sucking. His left hand holds a tits, and there is another one, and the right hand gradually falls.

The daughter is sorry, and the waist keeps twisting. Soon, my right hand set off her skirt, pulling down the shame of the trousers, and quickly explored the small ditch in the Delta, and suddenly warm and gliped, and there were prostitutes in the jackerel, and there were flood.

I went to suck the job, bowing down, looking at the daughter’s Yucai, in the two red lips of the slight foreign waves, she put a piece of meat, and the delicate pink race over crystal, and Still slightly spent.

I suddenly pushed my daughter on the ground and put my head to her. The daughter first shouted, I asked: “What is this?”

The daughter has not finished, my mouth has been aligned with her small meat, and the tongue took the meat of the gutter.

The daughter trembled, and he kept in the mouth. She quickly said that her body was touched, and the jade buttocks were more powerful. When the body was very straightforward, the hands were very hard, and they watched them. Like it, swing around the head.

She is weak and cool, has reached my realm. Suddenly this feeling is kept light, from light to micro, I saw two lips in mitting, in Zhang Hao, I stopped sucking, wiped the mouth of the mouth with the clothes sleeve.

The daughter closed his eyes, and the sound of the micro blinnant said: “A dad, I float, beautiful”

I said: “But I am getting dying.”

“How is it good?”

“I have a two-haired way to make you faster, better!” I added another sentence: “But you will have some pain.”

The daughter is busy saying: “Why don’t you say it early? I don’t care, just getting comfortable.”

“In fact, it is not too painful,” I said: “Just starting for a while, it will not be painful after a while, but also don’t know how many times more than you just have just, and we have more comfortable.”

The daughter said: “Then come here!”

I took her clothes all over, I kneeling between her legs, mentioning the snow whitening thighs to raise high, and left and right, so that the two wearing embroidered shoes three-inch Jinlian appeared in the sky. Lining the two thighs of the purple ruthenium such as jade.

Outside the Taoyuan hole that is full of honey, there is no half of the bare, and the red and white is bright. At this time, the meat stick under my arms is like a steel rod, the whole body is rushing, I can’t bear it.

I held my body in one hand, put on a meat, and gave it up with the meat hole.

After the four weeks outside the entrance, it was very guns and jumped to hit hard, and the prostitutes were struggling. Although there was less, the daughter had frownless face.

Continue to use strength, only listen to “!”, The meat stick has been in most, the daughter has hurt: “﹍﹍ ﹍﹍! ﹍﹍! ﹍﹍﹍﹍ 死 死 地 地Hey, you are slow, a little! “

I have listened to the attack, but the cock has inserted most, it is very reluctant to pull out.

The daughter is suitable for comfortable, now I want to close the guard, I can’t get it, I can only ask: “Dad! I am tight. Why are you so hurt? ! Allows you to succinct! “

“Okay! In order to be happy, as long as I can hold back, I am also willing to be.”

I listened to this life, my strength is more enough, my hands raised the full-hearted and sleeplestocks gently smoked the steel from the hole, gently slightly, and then retired and ask her daughter: “My Little baby, this pain is not painful? “

“This is too wonderful! But what should I do after this?”

“I am not full!” I said, hurting and going forward, slowly gently, like the train climbing the “Alishan”, advance! go ahead! Enter! One side of the mouth is whispered to my daughter: “Do this?

Kiss. ​​”

“This is a subtle pain, and the happiness is one of them.”

The daughter active, just fell, I fierce, my daughter is screaming: “Hey! Pain!”

In this way, I used a three-step step in three steps.

I am slowly retreating, entering the retreat, there is a plate with an eye. It’s all inserted in less than a few times.

“Is it in the end?” He hosted his daughter asked: “Well, my careful liver?”

“I am, I have a good pain, and I am so comfortable.” I said that I kissed my cheek. “The good days are still behind!” I said, I ticked.

The daughter’s feelings have been more comfortable, they are comfortable, and they will gradually enter the wonderland, and the small and exquisite jade hips, not independent light spark, the upper and lower left and right, sometimes raise a high turn Circle.

I have a tight of her jade and ask: “How is it now, don’t hurt? I didn’t lie to you? What? Beauty is not beautiful? Is it happy?”

“Hey! Beautiful !! My heart goddess!” The daughter is breathed, and the sensuality said: “Our two are happy together, a wonderful, do you say it is good? My parent brother!”

“Good! I am so good!”

The two of us said that they were a bit fluttering. I gently smoked the steel, then I just went to the Taoyuan hole fierce and squeezed, the hips were moved forward with the strength of the steel rod straight. At the end, this daughter slammed a cold, “Oh!”, Followed by a trembling.

“Is it painful?” I asked carefully.

“The pain is fast!” The daughter voice trembled and continued: “Well, my brother is coming again!”

里 ڤ @ ť, suddenly the heart is relaxing, the strength is also enough, so the stiff horses, rushing straight thorn, flush straight. Slam pumping, entering and exiting, more than that of the year of Zhao Si.

Left hand grabbed the left milk – hardship, pinch, 揉闯. ﹍﹍ I want to be heaven to heaven, ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ 」女 儿 儿 地 吟 吟 摆 摆 摆 摆 摆 右 吟 摆 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 摆 吟 摆 女 动 动 动 动 动Keep up and down.

This snoring is only the original wonderful song, I heard me excited, a wave of impulsive, a wonderful.

The two are bones, and the soul is booming. It seems that there are only two of them in this world, and it seems to have yourself.

There is a child, the daughter passes the top and down, and the hand can grasp the top, the face is late, close the mouth, the shake shoulder, the jade hip is hobbed, and the two shares have twisted, I also felt steel A plug is a loose, it is really comfortable, making it a few times in the boring steel.

Suddenly, I felt a sky, the soul of the sky, floating, while a boy, it is heavy, it is slightly, gradually, and we are stacked together, it is not moving.

Although the storm is stopped, the Taoyuan cave, yes, the same angry tide like Qiantang River, the same hot flow, as well as the roller burst, the valley between the mountains, and flowing into the ground, Flying.

After a long time, my daughter told: “Dad is oh, I am dead, I am finished!”

“Baby is the same.”

The soft butt hit my lower abdomen again and again, and the jade stem was hugged again and again. I was a long time. My attack was stopped after a shock. On the naked ridge of daughter, both hands are still gently lighter daughter’s breasts. Here, his jade stalk still stays in the daughter’s small hole, extremely slow, enjoy the gentleness of your daughter’s young butt and his lower abdomen friction. The daughter’s snoring is getting smaller and smaller, and the daughter is falling down. My soft jade stem is also unable to take out the daughter’s little daughter, and we have all embracing, and the four legs intersect, the yin is close, and the crisp is tight. In the next day, the kiss and fine speech, our two, the daughter accompanied me, attended the contract, at the wine party, the man’s man was shocked by my daughter, I think they I am sure that I have never seen such a girl in addition to my daughter.

Since I got my love in my love last night, she is more beautiful today, and the full man of the whole man.

And the manager I signed the contract, I understand that the doctors looked at the daughter from time to time, and said: “The old man is really blessing, raising such a beautiful daughter.”

At this time, the daughter just took my arm, and she lowered his head. My mentality is beautiful. You only see that I have raised a beautiful daughter, but I don’t know if I get her at night, I can fuck her.

Since the daughter’s assistance me completely completed the task of Shanghai’s trip, I embarked on the train, and my daughter on the way home was about three chapters of the law: for our family’s stability and unity, we can only keep the father and female relationship at home. Can’t make anything beyond ethics, especially when her mother is at home, I have to obey.

里 @ ť She said: “Especially when she is at home, she must be observed.” This sentence is not hidden in the heart. It turns out that she also needs me, just shy. Besides, we are still like a couple on the train, I can kiss her, hug her, and stroke her. This is what I am more convinced that I can still have her in the future.

After returning home, I changed the kind of habit of guring the grass outside, concentrate on a good father at home, but because my wife is on the side, I can only keep such a beautiful Nizi dry eye.

One day I finally had the opportunity, and when my wife overtime, my wife was overtime, and I left my daughter at home. This is a good opportunity for me. I won’t miss this good opportunity.

I went to the daughter’s bedroom and I gave my daughter.

“Baby, do you want me? Do you know, these two days you can give me bad, do you know, I can’t get your body, I will die, do you know?”

“Dad, we are not saying, for our family, can we keep the father and female relationship?

“No, daughter, you will forced me again, I will divorce your mother, you can do it.” Because I have already burned it, I can’t take much, as long as my daughter can make love with me, I dare. Said, everything dares to do.

“No … no … Dad, isn’t we say it? No …”

I have seen her, just say: “Can I kiss you?”

“I can only kiss, can’t do anything.”

@ Ť ť 她 双 双 双 双 便 便 便 也 也 没 没 没 没 没 也 没 没 没 没 也 没 也 没 没 没 没 没 没 也 没 没 也 搂 没Returned to her breasts.

Slowly daughter’s beautiful cheeks have dyed the beautiful pink, breathing is also very hurried, she has a sweet sob in the nose, it is clear that she is like me, intoxicated in sexy.

The tight jeans are deeply trapped in the pussy, between the two fat thighs, the lascivious water begins to flood, soaking the thin tight jeans.

Daughter’s jeans is already wet a big piece of palm …

“Hey … I … good daughter …” “Hey … What do you want to do …?” The daughter’s mouth left my mouth, revealing the eyes, but one hand could not help but independently Touched.

“Can I touch your breast?” When I kissed, I made a request, in fact, my hand has been on her two big tits.

The daughter should not @ @ ÿ, is surprisingly shocking, and it has been put it back in the middle of his legs, and the open neckline is rushed together.

“Said yes, only kissing!” “I beg you, if just once, I want to touch your breasts.” “Do not mention such a rude request! …… I …… I am your daughter ah …… …… “my daughter frowned and turned away, so that, the beautiful curve of her neck fully revealed …… I’m very impulsive, desperate to pull her hands.

“Ah ah …… not …… I ……” My daughter’s hands slowly being pulled apart ……

“Ah …… do not ……” But her resistance was weak. If you give me a violent slap in the face, I might flinch. But she did not do that to me, and she already wet crotch jeans, tight stretch in the butt rubbing Roufeng, it feels like I’m being raped Like, very comfortable.

Her pajamas neckline I have been separated to the right and left ……

“Ah …… I beg you …… …… …… do not look at” her pleading voice, is so moving, is so sweet, it can only make my desires more violent ……

In my eyes, appear white breasts ……

“So beautiful …… just do not believe it will be so beautiful ……” There is a sense of weight of the breasts, that did not go hanging, but pretty pricey ground up ……

“How beautiful …… ah ah!” My daughter’s hands pressing, see daze.

“No …… we can not do such a thing ……” “My daughter ah …… I love you I love you …… …… …… I love you,” I said like a fudge-like, head down mouth pressure on the breast. He immediately cleavage sexy smell fragrant, there are also slightly creamy. I opened my mouth, licking the breast, then put the nipple in his mouth suck …… I suck like a baby daughter, and immediately feel the nipple soon expanded ……

“So this is!” I’m thinking to myself thinking elbow: “In order to make the baby easy to nurse, a woman’s nipples become larger ……” “ah ……” very sensitive nipples, I was sucking and stroking her daughter sitting in a chair I can not help the body to the back ……

“You can not do this Dad …… …… …… I am your daughter …… ah …… …… This is not incest …

… ah …… “My childish caress like a baby, but men produce and other completely different thrill.

This feeling so confused daughter, as long as my tongue licked, finger touch, will have a strong stimulus from there, spread throughout the body.

Just kiss too, just kissing her, it makes her panties wet, and even I feel embarrassed. If this continues, what will become of the situation? The thought here I felt fear.

Tightly wrapped crotch jeans uncomfortable itching to start ……

“I never promised further, no matter how I asked, and must not go beyond the proper distance between father and daughter.” I’m fighting on one side and reason about to collapse, so that one side constantly told himself.

But in reality I do not ignore the idea of ​​my heart, enjoy sucking on the breast of her daughter, constantly kissing, greedily enjoy the sweet lips, this time did not forget to insert a hand in her daughter’s crotch, and repeat press down firmly on the jeans pinching her daughter’s genitals. In this way enjoy the warm fragrant flesh, can not help but sense of pleasure.

“I ah …… …… …… do not do the a ……” My daughter’s voice has become a seductive hum, more exciting my lust. Pajamas at the waist belt is obviously remain, but the former has been completely put pajamas separately, before I reveal only one beige underwear naked. “I can not stand …… …… daughter” saw her daughter taut jeans oozing sexual secretion, I could not help but swallow the saliva, this time he just wanted to and daughter sex, like unto death.

Separated by a thin pair of jeans, my fingers trembling slightly to the fierce pounding pussy ……

“Ah …… ah ……” daughter dull hum greater.

Suddenly, her body slightly startled, with the legs spread tight Ka, through yellow jeans Yinye drops out, because the whole wet between the legs, tight jeans delineates the shape of the genitals, forming Yinmi scene.

“That’s her daughter’s crotch!” Jeans made me feel special wet dreams ……

“I do not know her daughter will not let me tear there?” At this time, the daughter suppress his hand.

“Dad’s not …… …… I am your daughter ah ……!” “I …… I …… want you …

… is … understand. “No … no … line … can’t …” “” “Baby … I have … I can’t help …” “I, do you know what you are talking about? “Of course, I know that can be with my daughter, I want me to die now, I am willing. “My breathing is forced, I want to press my daughter.” I want … I want to hold you …! I want to be with you … do love … “” No! “The daughter finally couldn’t help but hit my face!

“I, you shouldn’t do this.” I stood there, tears slowly flowed out, I never hit her since her mother passed away, I didn’t expect that she would play me today. “Hey … … “I showed tears, my daughter has never been to me.” This is something that people can’t forgive. If only kissing can forgive. But Dad … We are father and daughter … Absolutely can’t make that kind of thing, you Why don’t you understand? “” Hey … Woman. “I started to weep. In fact, he is pretending to make this anti-provincial look, then look for counterattack, my meat stick is still as erect, now at least want to solve the strong needs of obscenees.

“The daughter said, there will be people who are suitable for you in the future …” I found the excuse of the counterattack from her daughter.

“Daughter, how can I find other women?” The daughter did not say. I know that I should not use this despicable method, but continue to attack my daughter’s biggest weakness. “Do you know? I have been in my mother. The woman didn’t touch … “The daughter began to gently slim, and the head, it seems to be, I don’t want to say anything, my face has abused shiny.

“This will bring me the biggest regret.” Don’t say … Don’t torture me … “” Sorry, I don’t say it. “I rely on my face and gently rubbed on my daughter. I don’t know what the meat stick seems to increase the heat. One hand is touched to my daughter by my whose wife is wrapped in a low-grade jeans …

“Daughter, we don’t quarrel.” “Well, I am sorry, have you hurt you?” “Just …

A little bit. “” Dad … is a daughter, I … is not good … “The daughter looked up with tears, showing smile, and then tighten my upper body.

“But … how to do? I have been erection, this is no way to sleep.” When I was calm, when I was calm, I would like to make a problem tonight, let alone, this is His first time, excessive requirements should not be, but want to shoot with other methods.

“I can’t help … I am also …” The daughter’s face is more ruddy, and the daughter is more stimulating me.

“Daughter, are you going to get my own?” “I … don’t know …” “Daughter can just don’t have one? So, please give me a hand! This is not possible!” I have never given up attempted the same daughter, because the feeling of the meat stick into the cavity is unable to imagine, this is going to retreat. “Um … well! I will try it.” Daughter In order to compensate for the just now Acting, and she wants, now is a safe period, let it go in a time, there should be no things; I just smashed her in the indoor, there is a thousand ants, the jeans is directly embedded directly in the yin, tight It is definitely very uncomfortable, based on physiological needs, there must be a meat stick to stop itching. So, my daughter took off my pajamas, my meat stick was erected, but her daughter held a hands with hands but also revealed a big glans, then she stretched out the tongue , Put the glans first, then contain the meat stick into your mouth, although the daughter has tried to be included, the glans have won the throat, but there is still one-third of the length left outside. So she tightened her lips and started to gently sucked.

“Ah … ah …” I made a comfortable voice. While indulging in the daughter, I secretly solved the belt of my daughter’s pajamas, which was to go down when necessary, the daughter turned into a half-naked child who was only wearing jeans. I am preparing for a later action.

The daughter not only took the printed mask, but also stimulated the turtle crown with the tongue, making my meat sticks more harder. At this time, I was not idle. He died his daughter’s cheeks and hair, and knead her breasts and nipples down, and the other started the daughter’s pussy again.

My cock did not have such a comfortable, after sucking, I have reached the critical point of the outbreak, my daughter also felt that I was going to eat, so spit it out, just at the same time, white semen shot out, some sprayed Daughter’s tender face and neck, mostly shot in her clever ditch down.

“Ah! Let me help you clean …” I put her body flat, my daughter didn’t know because pajamas had been secretly unspeakable, and the wonderful body has been exposed to my eyes. I started with my tongue to care for my daughter. The face and neck are used in the way to use the kiss, and then be carefully licking from the chest until the wet pants wrapped in the hills, one hand is hitting the wet pants wrapped in the wet trees, and the daughter has a dream realm.

The daughter’s jeans, it is not so much a pants, it is better to say that it is a kinematic, tightly tightly stretched on the thigh. Since there is no underwear, the genital and thigh roots are all viscous obscene, the crotch of the thin jeans and faties are almost all Wet, translucently stretched on the cheeper of high tonlight.

The daughter is separated from the legs, and the land goes to look at their own genitals. I saw that the two smeared big lips can be seen through the wet tight, and there is a deep ditch, so that the woman’s most beautiful place is undoubted.

I quickly took off her nightgown. One hand pierced in the pussy in the daughter’s thin jeans, “rushed”, the thin jeans finally took a small mouth.

The daughter suddenly had soft body, and a large number of prostitution came out from the sexy jeans hole. I inserted my hand into the daughter, and another hand digged her daughter with a wet jeans.

I only think that she started removal of the vagina and quickly spread to the whole body. I couldn’t stand the waves in the mouth: “Ah … I can’t help … I have to lose … Pupire … fast … 狠Dried dry … It’s itchy … you want … lost … Dry … ah … lost … “, gradually, I feel that my daughter is getting more and more nervous, the blood of the whole body has boiled, If you want to get rid of the extreme, your body is also like an explosion. Although jeans were smashed, it was still tightly tight, and the body could not be self-contained, just like being raped by jeans.

“Ah …” With the scream, the daughter is like an electric shock, a hot and sophisticated emulsion, such as the mulberry, such as the beaded, from the vagina depth Out, so her suffocated, she was embarrassed, the soul was fluttering and flying …

At the same time, the daughter’s Yin Department is just right to my face, so I hug my daughter’s thigh, starting the prostitution of the daughter in jeans.

The light yellow transparent, slidy body fluid passed through the daughter’s tight jeans, was sucked into the mouth.

Soon, my daughter was sucked to the fire, and she called: “I … I am in the vagina … Itch … It’s so itchy …” Soon, the daughter’s tongue trembled in the mouth, she The vagina has been itchy, and the pale yellow transparent viscous obscenity has spring water.

“Fast … fast … I … I itch … I am dead … um …” The daughter’s eyes have been detained, and the waist is more urgent.

“I … I can’t … I have to lose … I lost … I’m so beautiful … I am so comfortable … ah … ah … kiss … You … you are good … I … I am alive … I have to vent it … urine … I have come out!

… … ah … 屎 … also came out … Jeans … The farth is jeans … out … “Daughter’s whole body is dramatic, legs A few times, the milky white obscenes sprayed again in the vagina, through jeans, all in the mouth.

The wet jeans is tight into the buttock, there is also crowded out, white pulp and Huang Zhen continue to seep over the jeans …

“Meet … ah … Pupire … This can’t … can be itchy … I … it is itchy …

… “The daughter does not stop the waves, and one hand is desperately covered with his own small hole through the jeans, and the other hand is connected with the jeans that is soaked in the prostitution. The two legs are twitching.

If you expect the lips of the lips, the pussy of the obscenity, I haven’t soften the meat stick, there is an impulse inserted into the vagina.

“Daughter, I want to do you!” A strong tone expression his needs and uncompromising. “No … can’t …” But she did not resist any action. On the contrary, it is not from the autonomous place to open the big legs, show the fat labie …

I opened her thighs, and my hands were rolled around her chest. I only saw the gang fight of the glans and the laboray, but I didn’t insert the vagina. He was still the door of the hole. My daughter can’t stand it. I have to teach her yin and yang. So I guided her hand to hold my meat stick to bring it to the vaginal mouth. I took a lot of power, I clicked this forbiddenly, the meat hole gave him a sliding warm, and masturbation is different.

I started to rub the vagina with big cock, there is a help of obscene, and it is not difficult to add, because the daughter is not originally sealed. However, because the original posture is, it cannot be inserted. “Daughter, your meat hole is so comfortable, I want to do you forever, never separate …” “Fool, my daughter now teaches you a deepest posture, if you encounter vagina, Insert into the uterus. After the daughter’s legs, then plug in, I want to do it again, I can take my hips. Ok, now look at your relationship to sexual intercourse. How high! “So I said with my daughter, I took a trick and continued to attack my daughter’s tenderness.

Since I have just passed once, I will not ejaculate, but my daughter has already taken several times. She has some red swelling, and finally under the sucking of her daughter, I finally put the second semen. In the depths of the vagina.

I have already eaten, I know that I will help my daughter quantity of body temperature. As long as I don’t have ovulation, I will take the penis to my daughter’s tender point, absorb her girl valuable female hormones, while shooting the semen to the daughter.

We often look at the A film, while internship, learn new skills, our father and daughter can be said to be mutual.

After about a year of sexual intercourse, our father and female have some changes. I often absorb the female hormones, change Jun Xiu Ying, the dick is more rough.

And her daughter is more accomplished by absorbing male hormones, the body is more accommodated, and the whole body has dissembled a difficult charm.

I am already a middle-aged life of life. When I often affect my body, but it makes his sperm’s manufacturing capacity.

These are the situations before my daughter leave, because she is admitted to the university. I will give my daughter a manual mask, let her take a little desire.

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