At that time, I have been going to work for several years. I usually go with a big sister who is close to my family. We are in a unit, the big sister is high, and the slim and the wind rhyme, the appearance is eaten, glamorous, not lost, muscle skin White, gorgeous, not lost, double milk is full, sexy without loss of alcohol, long legs, slender and no charm, especially the beautiful feet, exquisite, lipid and white, tender, just want to hold it carefully.

Unfortunately, it is all thinking in my heart, and there is a love curtain in the most speech. I can go to the end of August last year, and the current affairs really have changed.

On that day, on the way to work, the big sister was confused, and my heart thought. I don’t know why.

“Sister, what happened, what is it?”

“Hey! I …” the big sister wants to say, and the gods are dying.

“Talk, maybe I can help you.” I carefully observe the eyes of the big sister.

The big sister turned the head to one side, and the white neck was shaped into my eyes. After a long time, I turned back, my eyes, the eyes were sagged, murmured: “I am divorced!” The gods are angry.

“How come? Do you have a good relationship?” I have seen her and her tall and burly husband.

“It is his parents to separate us, and there is a changing between us!” The big sister wants to cry without tears.

“How can they do this?” I said that I said in my mouth, but I passed a happiness.

“They see me old, say to give him a big girl!”

“He shouldn’t do this, you are as beautiful!” I stared at her eyes.

The big sister face is red, and then it is confused …

It’s another sunny day, I will come out early and wait for the big sister. After a while, the big sister’s bright figure appears next to me.

“You have come early.” The big sister smiles the sun.

“Sister, you are too early!” I appreciate her smile.

We are slowly walking.

“Sister, what is going on in the future?” I tried to ask.

“… I don’t plan to get married!” He firmly said.

“You are still very young, isn’t there 40?” I don’t understand.

“Don’t want it!” The big sister flowed in the eyes of desperation.

“Women don’t have men, not just need, and they are susceptible to women’s diseases!”

The big sister is a meditation: “No shouldn’t you,”

“This is a scientific argument!” I firmly said.

“Ah, how to do it.” Ha! Big sister is trying me!

“I have me!” I looked at the big sister.

“No good!” The big sister faced a red, and he lowered his head.

“Why isn’t it good, you are now single, I don’t have a girlfriend, it is just!”

The big sister is red.

“Frank! Big sister! Because you grow too much, I always love you!”

“That, then, then …” big sister face as pink.

“That’s tonight!”

The big sister got a little bit, and more beautiful.

Time is too slow, it is difficult to get off work, I will rush out, I will go to her home with my big sister.

When I entered the big sister, I took the big sister from behind, and my hands touched the front chest from behind, holding a full round big breast house, and touched it again, then I will head, kiss her neck, eating lips, red Lips, sucking her tongue, flipping.

“Ah, good brother, let’s go to bed!”

I and my big sister and clothes, start to solve her clothes, reveal black transparent bra, and then unspeak the cream’s button, and a pair of big breasts break away.

I contained a breast sucking, one hand touched another breast.

“Ah … so comfortable, bite … make it hard …” big sister excited.

I took a big breast room, inserted into a trippe in a triangular pants, touched her haired hair and big lips, with a mouth with a nipple and bite.

The hand is rubbed back on the lips, the big labia is getting hotter, evaporating with hot air, for a while, a love liquid will be out.

“Ah … so hot … Itch … don’t … Fast …” After playing a while, took her skirt down, ah, it is a sexy black transparent underwear, covering pantyhose outside, but mysteriously It can be seen, it’s too charming!

I will explore the thighs, and I have added it to the mouth, ah, a charming aroma is speaking, this is the smell of mature women! I am really expeating forever!

“Ah … oh … you have to kill me! Oh …”

When she was in the spring, the whole body was shaking, and she screamed. I went to her pantyhose, a pair of beautiful legs showed it, and then removed her underwear, the whole genre, the whole, her hair, yin, yin Full, if the flesh is like a hidden, the red servant is like a girl. The slices of the wet are wet, the two small labs, a one-in-one is moving, just like a small mouth, it is too beautiful.

I first went to the hole with the lips. It was the second mouth of the big sister. I kissed her deeply. I took my size with the tip of the tongue. The small cloudy hair stabbed my tickle, and then drilled my sister. The diaper mouth, although the taste begins, but that is the physiological essence of my sister, I am very different from me, then use the tongue to stick in and brush, pick it up to the bubble, then bite her joy again with my teeth. That is the yukuclear of the girl, sighs her ex-husband and unknown, this is a famous device!

“Ah … ah … oh … you have to kill me! Oh …”

The big sister was tight when I got the abdomen, and sometimes slack, a wave of waves, and the hands took the sheets, and the head was excited to swing right, couldn’t help.

“Ah! Oh … I can’t stand it … you … 舔 … 舔 舔 我 全 全 全! I have to vent … …”

“Oh! Dish brother! You got me itchy … Yeah … Tap! Hao pain … So uncomfortable … I beg you! Good brother! Don’t lick … Oh … Oh … I want urine … urine … “

I swung my flexible tongue, a bit of sucking, and her clear and hot love is rolling out, like a stream, flowing from the hole to the anus, flowing into the fat buttocks, and then sticking down the sheets.

She has kept shaking, benting the legs, big to divide the bilateral, put the butt from the sheets, bringing the whole Yinfu, let me more completely eat her prostitution. I have a fat buttock in my hands, I buried in the genitals.

“Dear big sister! The hard work of your brother is satisfied?”

“Good brother, my sister … my sister is afraid of you, I am your …”

“Don’t be afraid! Good sister! I will give you a set of unnecessary comforts and a happy taste! Good? Dear!”

“Good brother, sister love you …”

“Sister, I love you too!”

I will be a big dick, first with the blue-eyed green purple glau head, grind a while, grinding the big sister itching: “Oh … don’t grind … Itch is dead … fast … I will put your big dick below … Give me itch … I beg you … Fast … “

Surprisingly stunning big sister!

“Ah, hurry up! Amma …”

“Big sister, I am coming !!”

The cock is aligned with the hole, and the waist is inserted.

“Oh! My mom! Too big, hurt, hurt me!”

I really can’t make it unexpected, she is still a child, and the small hole is still so tight. I thought she had just a kind of look of the kind of look, I thought that her husband had a great, otherwise I can’t put it in the end, too unfortunately.

“Ah, good brother, don’t be too urgent, sex enjoyment is to cooperate with both parties, and slowly come.”

“Okay, as long as the big sister likes !!”

I started to slow down, and she also twisted my butt with my throduction.

“Well! It’s so cool! The younger brother … The little hole is so comfortable by your big dick, pro-husband … a little more …

“Ah … I have to vent it to you … Oh … so comfortable …” A hot lascivious water!

I feel that the glans is hot and rolling, and it is comfortable to the top, and the head is breathed, and the big mouth breathing: “It’s so comfortable, big sister, I want you more comfortable !!” Immediately change the tactics of the attack, ” Zi! Shuzi! “The voice is endless.

“Oops! I have a brother, my sister … I will let you … you … kill … small kiss … The little family …! I am dead! Ah …” When she feels there is an unpredictable pleasure, comfortable She almost crazy, gotting me, turning the ass.

“Oh! Pro-husband … I am a person’s husband! I have a happy sister … I am so comfortable … I have to fly! Friendly! 肉 … You are a sister’s heart … Baby … I can’t …. …Ah…”

I am sluggish, after her spending, biting my big glamor, smashing, just like a glans set a meat circle, the taste, really feel unlimited.

After a while, the big sister has been soft, the whole body soft cotton wool is lying on the bed, which is more charming.

I know that the big sister has entered the state.

I put the big legs on my waist and inserted more deeply.

“Oops! Brother! I am caught by your big dick! Your dick top is dead … so acid … I … I have to vent …”

After the big plug 200, I raised the big sister’s legs on the shoulder, and I moved my big cock, and I smoked the sloppy smoked.

“Oh! I can’t put down my sister’s legs! Ah … My uterus wants … I have to be worn by your big chicken! I can’t stand it … Oh … I will be killed by you. ! Will die … “

After another plug, I put the big legs of the big sister, picked up the big sister, face me to sit on the bed, and the weight is pressed on the big cock, and I am out of excitement, and I am unusually opened.

“Oh! I know! Parent! My heart is so comfortable, it is so comfortable! Itch is dead.”

I don’t know if I have passed in 200. I lay in bed later: “Big sister, you can help you.”

“Suck! My pro-brother, big cock, the husband, fast, go up top, the top, the top of the sister! I am so comfortable … ah … beautiful death … Sister … you have to vent it, The brother, Hey! “

“Sister, I am coming, my kind, my sister.”

“The brother … I can’t stand it. Ah! Take me, 喔 … 喔 …” The big sister is a pair of big white breasts, and the left and right are too exciting.

I’m cool, my big sister wants to be drunk, “big sister, with my big dick as the center, rotate!”

The big sister left faded my upper body and started to rotate.

“Oops! Little Baby … Sister … I have to die by you … my little hole … fast … I am turned to wear … I don’t … I can’t … I can’t …” The big sister waved.

“What happened? My dear sister! Is it very comfortable!”

“I … I have been dead … I beg you … I can’t stand it …” The big sister is back to me, I have been weak! !

“Dear sister! Shu is uncomfortable?”

“Dead Minigle! I still ask! I am getting saddened to laugh! I hate you!”

“Big sister, now it is gentle, ok?”

I hugged the big breasts of the big sister, I took it, and I took a few extra nipples from time to time. My sister was touched by me. Big cocks are of course not idle, gently rubbing the fiery vagina.

“Ah! 儿 … my sister is so uncomfortable … Ah! You … you stop one stop … Don’t! I …”

Looking at my sister comfortable, my sexual desire is high, and the body explore, the big sister has been supported by the hardware, the fat buttocks are towering.

A pair of big white breasts are dated in my hands, so I have flexible! The big cock is unusually burst, it is not engraved with autonomous.

“Be careful … big cock you brother … Fast use … kill your sister! I am so comfortable, ah … people have a heart to get crispy blood … Hey … I want … … ah …

I went straight to the body, my hands crocked my sister’s waist, and I used it wildly.

“People can’t help it, the younger brother, ah … the destined pro The glans, “Ah …”, I am so happy, so cool, the turtle hair rises, “No, now you can’t shoot!” I secretly hold.

“Oh … 喔 … I have to die, I, I can’t … I beg you … Rao … Rao.”

“Big sister, I will give you the most precious thing for men!”

I lie on the bed in the bed, grabbing her beauty, raised and separated, and then inserted the big dick into the vagina, and the hands of the hands were separated and deeply embedded. Big cock is happy, ten fingers are also inserted in the global toe.

“Ah … 弟 … ah … the most cool … ah … cool dead … ah, ah …”

She was smashed by me, the powder is in the west, and the show is chaotic, and it is shaking.

“Ah! Teacher … Xiaofu! Sister! Silver! Ah! …”

“Ah! Private sister … meat sister … I … I also shot … ah …”

We all achieve the climax of sex, tightly hugged together, strike asthoon, and the soul does not know what to go.

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