“Can you say direct point? What is the service?”

“Nothing, just these, the most useful planes” This old woman is very cold, and the sound is not angry.

I am cool when I hear it. We are to shoot, which is massage.

“Do you wash your hair?” From the Rioma, you have a gentle voice. This sound is still like it.

Courage: “Wait will.”

“You are not like a local person?”

“Ask so much?” I can’t reveal my identity, and people who often come outside know this truth.

The next is silent.

A delicious voice: “You are handsome, where is it?”

Yong listened to the girls from him, smiled and said: “Jiangxi people, where is I handsome?”

“Nose and mouth.”

“You don’t want to taste it?” I can listen to the brave now is a hippie smile, I am very familiar with him.

“Can’t, some is time, how do you take off your clothes? Cold.

“You are not cold, you can’t give me warm foot.” Yong said, this sentence is very sensual.

“Don’t happiness, talk about it, is your colleague?” This young woman is not going to be.

“Of course, you are too rid of, I am not intended to be light.”

The voice of the riding house is low. I raised my ear and listened carefully, but I didn’t hear the clothes and snoring.

After a while, the young girl’s clothes came out completely, washed a hand on the water pipe, and I went in, and I came out again, ask me to press it. I nodded, followed into the housing, the hut is too simple, only a very narrow bed. Yong is in the clothes, I blinked my eyes, I was busy with the woman. I came with him.

*************** “Fuck, real fucking!”

I am busy with what is going on. After bravery, the woman lies in the bed, or the face is or massage it. If you want to fire, you are of course unwilling, just lie down and take off your clothes.

But the woman is not off. If you are dying, people just agree to let the touch. Working with your chest, wear a bra, there is no hair, no feeling, no feeling, and then touch women.

Finally, I just gave a plane with my hand, and I used it very much, and I was uncomfortable, and I was a little pain. Fortunately, there is his former car, I didn’t go in, it really failed!

“What is going back?” I asked the courage, “Is it given up?” I don’t want to go back, but I don’t know what to do.

Yong said helplessly: “Can you only go back? Can you find the land that can shoot can.”

I laughed and said, “You have been giving others, you have to find the place, can you do?”

“Operation, don’t look at people,”

We are still in the red light district, and there is a woman who is struggling with us. Yong already has “experience”, I follow him.

This store is bright and spacious, and a brand is also hanging: Sisters hair salon! I have a small voice: “The factory is not selling!”

“You listen to me!”

“Sitting!” Let’s get into the door, two young women give us a chair.

Although the light in the house is not very bright, it is still a pale pink, but I still see the fish tail pattern for me to let the woman’s eyes. Her skin is white, chest is quite, willow waist fine, if it can shoot, it is a good gun cartridge. I am a little ready to move.

※ JKFORUM.NET | JKF Czech Forum I don’t talk, completely listen to the arranging, with the last loss, this time I first asked: “What is your service?”

“What services are there. Do you want to massage?” I was a bit cold, this male and a few times, it is not completely illegal.

“We want to …” I have a little embarrassment of the two words of the gun. “That.”

“Hey. Understand! Then you are still a one?” The woman is laughing at him, the woman seems to be better than me.

I have a loss, I asked again: “Which one is there?” Two women are full, and it is clear that we are too bright. “Of course it is a gun! Don’t you come to shoot?” My woman around me. She is so embarrassing that she is so exciting.

This woman asks me: “Why don’t this handsome guy talk? What do you call?”

“My surname”, his last name! “I replied again:” What is your name? “

After some talk, I knew the basic situation of them, and the beautiful little, this called Xiaohong is a Wenzhou, Zhejiang. I have n’thing to do out, it is mainly earned, and I started the skin business.

After determining that we have to come, Xiaoli put down the iron roll gate of the facade and locked it. I and I have entered their hut, and it is very simple, clean and tidy, put two beds, the bed is also big.

Let a strange woman give off the clothes really is very uncomfortable, especially colleagues, and my desire is strong before entering the door. “Mr. Chen, you are so big!” Xiaohong held my root, exaggerated.

“Mr. Zhang, you are really big!” The sound of Xiaoli has also sounded. I am listening to it. The colleagues went to, and he also appeared to me. We look at it.

My meat stick quickly became either, and the little red hand was very soft, the force of the strokes was just right, I lifted my head, observed her to fight my life. Xiaohong slowly squatted the skin on the stem, then went to the root, then reverse the glans?, I didn’t have foreskin surgery, the epidermis can also cover the glans. The glans purple black is black, and it looks a bit under the pink light.

“Ah …” This is too unfortunately, actually cheering, I turned around, the little Liangzheng set his mask. It turns out that he has been hard, Xiaoli will settle up quickly. I don’t know if the guy is happy? It is a little pain.

“Ah!” I also called out. Xiaohong swalls my meat stick into his mouth, and the teeth bite the bite, I feel that the meat stick is more big. Xiaohong put all epidermis to the root, tightly incorporated with meat sticks, before and after, and got it. I feel comfortable to lying on the exhibition, there is no effort to look at the situation.

“You also help me with one.” Yong is asking Xiaoli.

“Well. Absolutely serving you comfortably.” Xiaoli’s voice is very charming.

I enjoys a little red blowjob, and the sensitive glans clearly feels that her incense tongue has been around dozens of laps. How can I have a cool word. Looking at my meat stick has risen very strong, Xiaohong has across my body. She didn’t take off her clothes, just got a short dress up. It is actually vacuum.

“Ah!” I scatched, the meat stick quickly fell into a warm place, which is the most beautiful secret. Her private parts are so wet.

Next to Xiaoli is still in the mouth of the courage, I just greeted the plane soon, this time I want to be very strong, it is not easy. And I have begun to enjoy the happiness of sex. Xiaohong fell together, getting faster, only listening to the “啪” sound of the muscles collision, her snoring is very small, hardly.

My hands don’t know where to put it, reach out to touch her breast, soft, no flexibility, I am a little disappointed, vigorously get up. I have a silk clothes, don’t have a flavor. Under my sputum, Xiaohong began to squat, and the action is getting bigger and bigger. I only think that the meat stick is even bigger, tight, every time I have to hit what, but I can’t hit it.

The little red landed on dozens of, the atmosphere and asthard, and the water watered at me, didn’t speak. I have a handsband to take her willow, and the lower body is moving. I didn’t think she had moved, I feel very moving, and her honeydane is tight, I want to have a deep half of the half.

I slowly insert it and quickly smoke it. The more you do it, the more you have, and the little red began to squat.

“Ah, fast, fast, you are good.” I was proud, but I found that this is the bed sound is called next to Xiaoli. Yong is finally hard, starting to don’t have a small unique. Listening this is called bed, I have a kind of defeated feeling, I called Xiaohong: “Shout! Shout!” The whole meat stems are all inserted into her soft tradition.

“Ah, grandfather, grandfather, good …” Xiaohong also called a bed, I thought she didn’t call it, I didn’t want to be very good.

Two chickens seem to be excited, one is cheering than one, one is more than one. I have the same action with the courage, lying on the bed, moving hard to move the lower body.

“Ah, oh, I can’t!” I gasped the gas, my waist, quickly moved, the lower body is fine, and after the spraying of several liquids, soft lying in bed. “Ah!” Xiaohong also yelled, kneeling in my arms. I didn’t feel that there is liquid jet on the glans. She in order to make me feel like some camouflage.

A split emotion is from the small abdomen, I realized that I didn’t wear a condom. On the other side, I went to the last moment and sprayed out my own essence. Xiaoli and Xiaohong entered a small room, it is estimated to be cleaned.

I turned to see the courage, he stretched a thumb head toward me.

We look at it.

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