At the age of 18, the joint test was lost, and even the private university did not touch, so I decided to re-examine. The life of the re-examination is very boring. At 7:30 every day, you must go to the elimination class. I will go home at 10 o’clock in the evening. I have to take the time, so the rest of the day is our only day, every day, every time I get a week. I don’t want to stay at home, because my mom will definitely put on the evening mother, so I will go to the library book book, actually to go to the net coffee net.

At the beginning, I was playing online games, but I have started to feel tired of playing. At that time, I went to a chat room with a lot of people. I went in a pile of whisper asked me. Where is it? What time is it? After chatting, some people began to ask if there is any help. At that time, I didn’t think about this kind of thing, so I used it directly, I have been talking about it, I started to say: I don’t have a very annoying person. After that, there is still money to take, what is wrong? This is this idea, let me embark on the way to help my sister.

Seriously, I can’t think of a few times at the time, and it should be ten times! Not every process, I remember very clearly, I will write I impressive.

After aid a few times, because I am also afraid that I was arrested by the police, I chose the evening Internet, and then I will meet in the middle of the night. I thought I was sleeping in the middle of the night police cup. But the good family is true. I didn’t let me touched the police.

This time I have been with netizens at home 7-11, I will first take a shower at home. When I encounter, I will see that he is in the army, because his short to no longer be short. The hedgehog is very obvious. He is also very honest. He tells me that he is now in the middle of the army. I just had a holiday back to Taipei. This time he was the first time I went online, so it was very nervous. I think maybe he is a soldier for a long time. If you have a holiday, you will get a pen, hurry to find someone to vent, anyway, it is not bad, I have money to earn.

Because he didn’t have money, plus the middle night hotel did not open a break, only night, we will pick a broken hotel, but if you stay one night, just 900. I went to the room, he asked: “Do you want to take a shower first?”

I said, “You are washed first.”

Waiting for him to wash it out, I see him almost laugh, usually the boys took a bath and only took a bath towel in the waist. I didn’t expect his upper body to wear a white hanging underwear. I started to believe that he is really the first time. Look for aid. After changing, I took a shower and took a shower, I also wore the underwear underwear out of the bathroom. At this time, he was lying in the cotton quilt, I also drilled into the cotton, I was lying on him, I thought about the heart. Staged.

At the beginning, he was very gentle from my ear, the ear is not my sensitive belt, so I don’t have a big reaction, but his hand quietly slipped behind my back, unlocking my underwear button, finger light Light smoking my nipple, the chest is my biggest weakness, people say that the chest big girl, the nipple is relatively sensitive, because I have 34D, and every time I play my boyfriend, I will instantly I can’t wet from the lady.

So when he suddenly spurred slowly, when I immediately caught a big reaction, my breathing began to get ridiculous. When I saw my reaction, he immediately knew that my sensitive belt was in the chest, and started with it. Specially attack my nipple.

When he grabbed the chest, his mouth stopped on the left nipple, the right hand finger is not expected to continue to pick the right nipple, and I left the nipple in his mouth, and I will be covered by the whole, and I will use my tongue to quickly jitter. Stimulating, I also bite him from time to time, my mouth issued “~~ ~~ ~ ~”, immediately provoke my sexual desire, finger began to move in his lower body direction.

At this time, he moved his mouth to my right milk, but the right hand was letting my chest began to explore, slowly faded my underwear, the fingers swim outside the sister, and my hands also met him. The glans, I heard his throat.

I know that my touch makes him feel very comfortable, just hold him with a meat stick, his meat stick size is really good, not thick, not short, that is, the kind of I know that I will put it in my sister will be just good. Size stuffed.

Maybe it is encountered, his fingers have also begun to provoke my clitoris, do not know what he has good skill, or because he is very gentle, he massage my clitoris is just right, plus his mouth keeps sucking My nipple, my sister’s water is like a flood pan, although it is not as exaggerated as a photo of A, but the bed sheet is really wetted by me, and I also become a loud noise.

I keep saying: “Hey ~~ Good comfort ~~ Happy ~~ It is there ~~ 喔 ~~ I am coming ~~ Fast a little ~~ fast ~~ 喔 ~~”

Sure enough, less than three minutes, I gave a climax, this is my first time in the “hand” climax of strangers. After the climax is finished, my body is entirely soft. I didn’t expect that he didn’t let me, the mouth moved from the chest to the sister and started the second wave of attack. He asked me whispered: “Can you help me ~~ Blowjob?”

In fact, I didn’t help but hit the population before this, because I was very intimate movement for me, I only gave my own boyfriend. But I don’t know what my mind is thinking. Maybe it is controlled by my body’s desire. I actually open my little mouth and start to swallow his hard meat stick. And he also stretched his tongue to my sister, and we have two postures of 69.

I didn’t tried 69, but I was really a head with strangers. The psychology shy and unusually excited, my sister’s water is more, I can even hear him, “~~ ~~ “The water sound, his mouth border, your fingers don’t forget to massage my small yin nuclei, bring my whole person to another wave of climax.

Based on the pinchesive news, I decided to make it out, let him succeed in my mouth, I can feel his meat stick in my mouth, there is a slight sign, I know He is very satisfied with my mouth, and I also aroused what I want to make him more comfortable.

I first contracted the meat stick in the end, and then contracted the small mouth and slowly spit out the meat stick. I also used my tongue to tap his glans from time to time. I started to spit out “喔 ~~ ~~ 喔 ~ ~ “The snoring, I decided to make my secret weapon, move your mouth toward his egg, including one of him, and holding his meat sticks up and down. I will include the meat stick and I will have the exchange of eggs.

League less than five minutes, he shouted: “Fast ~~ 喔 ~~ Express ~~ Don’t ~~ Don’t succeed ~~”

I looked up and showed him that there is no reason that is innocent and doubtful. He said: “I don’t want to shoot in your mouth for the first time, I feel unfortunately, then I ~~ Can you put it in?”

I am shy: “To ~~ with a set.”

He didn’t think about this thing at all, listened to me, first, first, then started to find a housing in the room, I thought: “I want to help my sister is still unique, and it is really a new hand. “

Readers will definitely want to say: Ah is not there? I am not the same, I am a girl, with a insurance set, I am more difficult to see, and my mother will turn my bags from time to time. If I found me, I’m going to be a man. Obligator.

Seeing him for so long, I think this buck is not spending a 30-yuan safety sleeve in each room. Really, he sat down next to me: “There is no set of son ~~ Do you have to bring a set?”

I very insisted: “Be sure, I said that I have to bring it.”

He said: “But there is really no yeah, and our clothes have already taken away, it is difficult to kill the outside to buy A…”

Look at his pair of pitiful looks, and his meat stick is hard, you should go to the outside to buy a safe case immediately. It should be impossible.

I have to compromise: “Okay ~~ But you can’t shoot it, I am a dangerous period today.”

He nodded immediately, we continued to lie back.

Although after a rigid, the sister’s water is still constant, even has flowed to the thigh. He didn’t say it immediately to me. He opened my feet with my knee, showing his battle position. The big meat is around the mouth of the sister, keeping up and down, the sister’s water is right, and the sister’s water, the glans begins to put into my vagina.

He is really gentle. In fact, he really wants to enter it once, then violently sprint, but he is afraid that I will hurt, keep the meat stick slowly, and ask me to say: “Is it painful? Pain Say. “

He didn’t take the meat stick in the end. He wanted to wait for the meat rough and wet, and you can more freely enter and out of your sister.

He slowly inserted more than ten, the meat stick was completely wet, and the vagina became slidably smooth. At this time, he suddenly held me, but the ass quickly, let the meat stick in my vagina. I will enter and exit, when the meat stick is drawn, I can also hear the sound of “啵 ~~ 啵 ~~” when the glans passed through the vaginal.

His speed is fast, so that I can’t breathe, I can only say that I said: “Oh ~~ No ~~ Don’t ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Suddenly he raised, left my body, put my feet in his shoulders, started to make it strong, “A ~~ A ~~ Good ~~ Strong ~~ beg you ~~ 喔~~ I am fine. “” Is it very cool? Cool is shouting out, hurry ~~ Call me ~~ Fast A ~~ “

“喔 ~ ~ fast ~ ~ fast dead me ~~ So cool ~ ~ Your meat stick ~~ Dry me is so cool ~~ 喔 ~~ fast A ~~” At the time, my desire has been drowned, in the mouth It has begun to cooperate with him to tell some of the vulgar obscene, but he seems to like this feeling, the speed of the draw is getting faster and faster.

He played, playing my chest while playing my chest, fingers constantly kneading my nipple, up and down simultaneous stimuli let me fall into crazy desires, I tighten his arm is not disconnected, and the mouth shouting what I don’t know.

Suddenly, he put my feet, holding my waist, pulling my upper body, and got up my hands and lifted his neck, our chest is lapted, the lower abdomen is still close together, he whisper Say: “I am coming!”

He suddenly hugged my waist, and he began to force my body’s fast swing, and his lower abdomen also cooperated with his movement rules, such a posture and strength, just top to my vaginal, he Every time I advance, I have made my vagina constantly shake contraction.

Suddenly, I feel that his speed is getting faster and faster, and the voice of 呻吟 is getting bigger and big, “Oh ~~ Good comfort ~~ I ~~ I am running ~~ ~~”

Hearing this sentence, I immediately let my heads are awake, and my hands began to burst him: “No ~~ you ~~ 喔 ~~ You can’t shoot it inside ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ You just promised me ~~”

“I don’t care ~ ~ ~ I want to shoot ~~ Inside ~~ I want ~~ Dry your base ~~ I want ~~ I want to get big your belly ~~ ~~ I want ~~ you I am a child ~~ “

I didn’t expect his strength, how can I break away when I can’t take me, add his meat stick and go deep into my sister, and finally I even give up struggle, let myself follow him together.

“A ~~ meat stick is so thick ~~ 喔 ~ ~ so cool ~ ~ do my ~ ~ force ~~ I am coming ~~ fast ~~ A ~~ I am coming ~~”

“Hey ~~ Your base clip, I am fine ~~ I ~~ I have shot ~~ A ~~”

He deeply into my body, I even felt that he hot semen sprayed into my uterus, I also reached the climax with him, I didn’t know whether his semen or my kinky, full of full I have the inside of the whole thigh.

After the climax, my vagina constantly contracted, like a sodgy to squeeze his semen, he is squeezed, he is in me, the meat stick is constantly jumping in the vagina I shrub, it feels very wonderful, like It is a massage to help me just complete the climax.

After a minute, I gradually awake from the climax, but he still pressed in me, the meat stick is still in my uterus, although it has become soft, but the warm feelings are still, I asked him. : “Why can’t you go?”

He said: “Medical report says that doing love to present this posture, the semen will completely flow into the uterus, and the probability of conception will be relatively high.”

Wow, I immediately pushed him and said, “You are crazy, who wants to give birth to your child, I will go to buy a contraceptive after buying in tomorrow.”

He walked into the toilet shower very disappointed. It was really defeated by him, and the head didn’t know which country’s stool.

When we all organize the costumes, leave the hotel, walk to a bank to lead the transaction, he got five thousand, I saw that he had only hundreds of balances, he took me five thousand. , I said: “Don’t you say good four thousand? You gave me five thousand?”

He grabbed his head and said, “Because I have said that I have to bring a set, I have no belt, I still shoot it inside, harm you to buy a contraceptive, I feel very embarrassed, one thousand may not be a lot, but I hope you know I am not malicious. There is also Ah, if I really have a child, I am very willing to be responsible, because you have a child must be very cute, like you, the eyes are big and beautiful. “

I can only say words, really speechless, I took four thousand yuan banks from him, and said to him: “This thousand you will stay, don’t learn what to help with others, give If you have no money to eat more, I’m going home, you can’t bother yourself! “

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