I am 24 years old. It is a freshman in the eastern region. Due to the relationship between school, I have to leave the stage and go to Huayu. For me, I can’t never live in the dormitory, the problem of living – really makes me hurt my brain !!!! Fortunately, I will move into my aunt’s home under the agreedity of my aunt.

Also because I have been living abroad for many years, I have buddted in the buddt of my aunt’s feelings.

My aunt is 35 years old, but the body is maintained so good, the plump chest, slender willow waist, the round hips, with a pair of long legs with a pair of unfatched. OH. . . I swear as long as it is a man, I will want to go to my aunt, of course I also. . . . (Oh .. You know !!) But I can only take a bath to solve my sexual needs with stealing aunt.

Just evening, my aunt said to me, tomorrow’s Philippine passenger, she will take the birthday party of the friend at night, I don’t have to wait for her, tired, I can sleep, I have finished sleeping. Going to dress, leaving only a Philippines that looks silly winter.

I told her to tell her about English who is unbearable to break the ear: I will go home first, I can take care of myself. After she was heard, I was very happy to go back. At this time, my aunt also went downstairs. After a few words, it was a few sentences, hehe! I only stand alone, I’m alone, my mood is really sauce! ! I have to go back to the room.

Lying in bed, I fantasize what kind of sexy underwear is wearing aunt? Is it a lace? Is it empty? Is it t-pants? still. . Didn’t wear it? I think that my aunt’s breath, the heart is not burning, and the lazy lazy is not as high as the sky, I can’t stand it, I really want to finish the full liberation. So I went to the aunt’s room to find aunt’s underwear, but unexpectedly discovered that aunt had hundreds of sexy underwear, dazzling, beautiful, can be used to describe it.

At the same time, I saw the red silk panties replaced by the laundry. I carefully put it and put it in hand and played. Fantasy, I was stroking my aunt’s mysterious zone, but also from underwear I smelled the special smell of mature women, I am crazy, I really gzy, my hand is going crazy, my hand keeps up and down, until it puts fine shot in the aunt’s full shot In the bottom of the red underwear, I am full of joyful cleaning and returning to my room. . . . . .

After returning to the house, it is also because of the excessive excitement and impulse, the whole body is sweating, so after I took a shower, I am fascinated by the bed and fall asleep. …..

And about a little bit in the morning, I was awakened by the sound of the iron gate, I thought that my aunt came back! So I wore a vest and went downstairs, but I forgot to wear shorts.

After going downstairs, I saw that my aunt said to me: Xiaoyuan .. So late, have you still slept yet?

I laughed and said to my aunt: I used to sleep very late, (aunt knew that I was woken by her …)

I looked at the red cheeks asked: aunt, you are drunk, do you want me to help you?

The aunt smiled and said; then trouble, let me go to the building.

I have been busy .. Good .. No problem! (Because this is the best time to touch my mother, how can I not agree? Oh ….)

So I quickly kneel, so that my aunt can kneel in my generous and strong back (because the younger brother I have been baptized by the special forces of the two years, natural practice is a good body, oh …. sorry, still far away )

When my aunt finished her 36D plenty of chest, slender willow and mysterious triangle, my uncomfortable lazy is already as high as the sky, I took the opportunity. The hands close to the inner leg of the aunt secretly stroked the stockings.

After everything, I endure the pain of lazyism, take a aunt, step by step to the third floor aunt’s room. And the thick fragrance smell that the aunt has more stimulating the idea of ​​my mind. …..

After arriving at the aunt room, I put my aunt on the bed, and I went back to a cup of hot tea. After I gave aunt, I told my aunt. I have to go back to the room to sleep. But aunt, I want to stay with her to chat with her.

I think it is good, as long as I can be alone with my aunt, even if I don’t sleep tonight. I told my aunt: “Yes! But let me go back to the house to wear pants, ok?”

I saw that my aunt said with me: “In fact, aunt is very open, don’t care about wearing underwear, we are all a family, and you don’t have to be too restrained, just do this as your own home, and aunt is usually Wearing at home is underwear, so you don’t have to care too much, understand? “

Just … just …, I am nervous asking aunt: “What is it?”

After my aunt came, I told me after my lazy bowing lazy, smiled: “Just your chicken is too terrible! Can you drill out your underwear? How long is it?”

I am shame telling my aunt: “It is about 4 吋, and there is about 7 inches of longer when erection.”

I saw a aunt showed a surprised expression. I took the opportunity and asked my aunt: “Will the chicken will cause the dislike of women?”

And my aunt’s answer is that I am surprised and happy. She said: “Aunt does not know whether the general woman will feel against the man with big chicken, but my aunt can tell you, my aunt is a man who likes to have a big chicken, and your chicken, my aunt is more like.” (Oh .. I don’t know that my aunt is telling the truth? Is it talking about it? And no matter what the aunt said it is true or drunk, I was just cool.)

But I told my aunt: “Aunt, you are really drunk.”

Aunt just smiled and didn’t answer.

And I am very surprised, my aunt is really open, I don’t want to talk to me with me, from how to kiss, how to caress, how to blow, how to transform the position …. Livel life helps me in the man, a rich sex education, but also deeply feels that aunt is a woman who is walking in the era and is very open to sex. I guess it may be that the factor that is on the verge of breaking the marriage!

And when chatting, my aunt will always put some very lyrical, very embarrassing movements to deliberately tend to tease me, or sometimes simply pick up the short black, let’s make me a lot of dress. Current scenery.

(Oh … Aunt’s black T-shaped trousers is actually like that kind of charming, that kind of sexy. Mysterious zone is only covered with a small black small cloth, and it is exposed to the pants The hairy is so dark, bright, shiny. And behind, there is no cloth at all, and there is only one thin line to clearly open the hips.)

I am completely attracted by the scene in front of you, just looked at it. The aunt seems to have seen my mind. Lightly said to me: “Do you like the pants you wear today?”

I nodded.

Aunt said: “Do you want me to wear on pants today?”

I nodded again. At this time, the aunt said with a very teasing tone to me: “Then come over and let me feel away, so that I sexy, my mysterious triangle band can be completely ignorant in front of Xiaoyuan. Mother is early Has been waiting, hurry! “

(Oh..my god! Desperately teasing me, is it after reading my big lazy?)

But in the relationship between ethics, I didn’t dare to take off my aunt’s sexy tits pants.

Aunt said: “Let the bondage of your ethics in your heart, let the aunt lead you intogeid, let you realize the joy and stimulus brought by sex.”

(Day! Aunt’s thought so avant-garde, open.)

I can’t hold it. I surely walked to the aunt to tell aunt with a shame: “Aunt, I am still male, there is no sense of experience, I am afraid …..”

My aunt looked at my big lazy kinky smile and said to me: “Xiaolu is relieved, in the future day, the aunt will teach you well. Tonight, take a step by step to teach you step by step. Come. “

So, I kneel down the madness kissed the inside of the aunt’s thigh, and the unique hand began to slowly touch my aunt’s mysterious zone, although in panties, I clearly feel that my aunt’s private part is so Wet, warm. I slowly buried my aunt’s private parts, and I started my aunt’s private parts. And my aunt will also wear black socks on my shoulders in order to cooperate with my licking.

Perhaps it is a special smell that mature women. I opened the bows tied to the waist, took the aunt’s sexy trousers, and the black forest that was already in front of you. I am more crazy, with the black forest that floods disaster, and slowly use my fingers to pick it up in the small hole, and my aunt has spread out, I am not a waste of flooding, completely swallowing it.

And the aromoons made by my aunt also accelerated the flow of my blood.

“Um … um …. ah .. ah …. So comfortable .. Well .. Ah …. Xiaohao is awesome! Put the aunt’s so comfortable …. Well .. .. um … aunt really loves you …. Well …… ah … “

I heard the praise like my aunt, I was more desperately smashed with my aunt’s small hole and accelerated the speed of the finger, and my aunt also helped my head, so that my tongue can be closer to her charming small hole.

I think my aunt can’t stand the crazy attack on me, and I will say to me: “Little .. Xiaohao, why not take off the clothes?”

So, I slowly stood up, took off the black lingerie that worked hard and sleeveless dress on the aunt, and the black underwear wearing the aunt is also such sexy, I only see two small The round cloth is covered with a pink nipple on aunt and bows tied in the center of the ditch.

I opened my bow, took off the bra, and my hands started to play the 36D proud chest.

Just when I wanted to suck my aunt’s pink nipple, my aunt said, I said to me: “Xiaohao is don’t worry! Let’s take off your clothing, ok?”

(Which is a bad truth?)

I nodded and said: “Okay!”

The aunt took off my little vest and said to me. “Aunt wants to take off your underwear! You have to be mentally prepared!”

Aunt had finished speaking, he squatted in front of my large penis gently pull down my panties and praise, said: “wow …. Siu Ho your penis really very big, very thick, good ! Oh aunt really strong love you ….. “Then after slowly stood up, and with both hands hooked my neck to breathe and said to me:” Siu Ho …. hold me, kiss Me…..”

I hugged my aunt and slowly move the lips in front of my aunt, when four lips close together, aunt involuntary her tongue into a wanton and crazy churning inside my mouth, I also gently sucking aunt’s tongue, both of you come to me to suck each other. The full kiss kiss over 10 minutes long.

Then aunt gently pushed me in the water bed, watching my big penis lustful said to me: “!! Siu Ho .. Let aunt to properly serve you what my own brother.”

Aunt, lying in the middle of my legs and with dexterous hands up and down Taonong kept my big penis, when slow-fast when sometimes gently stroked my lazy and anus. The action is so light, supple, fearing I believe it will hurt like.

I gradually realized that the aunt had put my big penis as her favorite. All of a sudden, I deeply felt that I was the happiest person. At this point aunt also head buried in my legs, I began to taste this one covered with blue veins and blood-red hot big penis.

Aunt to keep the flexible tongue on my penis and licked horse eye back and forth, then, to my aunt a little more than seven inches with a large penis into the mouth and down the Taonong begin with. I feel comfortable with is an indescribable pleasure.

I then stand up and enjoy the quiet aunt flute performances. I looked at my big penis kept coming and going in the Yingtaoxiaokou aunt, like the movement of the piston same law.

Spit out a large penis lustful aunt asked: “Aunt Siu Ho …. so do you …. wrong with you?”

My aunt said to gasp: “uncle and aunt .. …. very comfortable …. Oh .. well .. Terrific not think oral sex was such a comfort .. comfortable .. kind of feeling carried away … “

Aunt smiled and said:. “Wait a minute insertion makes you feel more comfortable, more feeling carried away.”

I can not help but wonder to ask: “Really?”

Affectionate aunt laughed at me. My aunt once again pushed to the water bed and a large penis with the entrance, they began with upper and lower Taonong.

The aunt told me gasp: “uncle and aunt …. .. let Siu Ho also to taste your pussy .. okay?”

Then, we turned into 69 position, I would once again fingers into my aunt that flooded pussy pumping back and forth quickly and began licking the small flower aunt. Aunt waves cry sounded again.

“Ah …. ah …. ah .. ah …. good comfortable .. ah .. ah .. ah …”

Aunt Aiye flow of more and more, I can clearly feel the excitement aunt degree.

I desperately pumping fingers and licking pussy under crazy, aunt she can not stand it.

Aunt turned around and breathing to me: “Little Siu Ho .. small …. …. …. can not stand the aunt to aunt .. .. .. want to do to you …”

Then they took my large penis sit down down.

(When the big penis into pussy aunt did the whole root of that moment, I realized that my aunt had really said.)

“Oh .. ah .. not .. big penis is not the same .. ah .. ah .. well …”

I feel I have a large penis aunt pussy stays full, without any slightest gap. Aunt pussy is so tight, so full of attraction, as if to my big dick sucked into a bottomless abyss. Aunt began to frantically up and down Taonong pussy with my big penis, aunt plump breasts 36D also because of her intense exercise and kept shaking up and down.

My hands began to rub the breast and nipple aunt. Aunt respite asked me: “Little Siu Ho .. .. .. aunt so dry .. .. you comfortable feeling happy …. do you??”

I also breathing replied: “uncle aunt .. .. .. so dry Siu Ho Siu Ho Hao Yu so comfortable .. .. .. happy .. aunt’s small pussy really Terrific little dry .. Shu Hao good comfortable … .. “

After listening to my aunt say this, and more crazy with my pussy Taonong big penis.

“Ah .. ah .. great .. the .. the aunt penis stuffed full of good .. well .. well .. ah .. ah .. full”

“Oh .. ah .. ah .. ah .. aunt die .. Oh .. Oh .. ah .. ah …”

Sudden surge of hot sex fluid poured on my penis, I know aunt had an orgasm. But the aunt did not because after orgasm and let her out of my pussy big penis, but at a slow rate to continue Taonong me. Perhaps because of the intense over-it! Aunt has been lying in my body crazy kissing my nipples, ears, neck and lips. I can feel more wild and wild aunt.

Aunt told me gently: “Siu Ho, from tonight you’re not a kid, but already an adult, how do you want to thank aunt?”

I sheepishly told aunt: “Let Siu Ho with a large penis to fill aunt, my aunt let more comfortable and satisfied.”

Aunt said softly to me with a teasing tone: “I will see how Xiaoyao shows it, don’t let my aunt disappoint!” I laughed and said to my aunt: “Tonight, Xiaohao will let the aunt’s small hole of the aunt. Under the big chicken. “

After finishing, I put my aunt and put it on a soft water bed. And my aunt also put his legs on my shoulder and was ready to meet my insert. I pushed this 7-inch long chicken into the aunt’s small hole and started to return in a deep way.

“Oh …. Big chicken .. Put …. 把 把 的 满 ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. .Uh-huh…..”

I also put my hands on my aunt’s chest and gently lighten the pink nipple with my pointed.

“Well .. ah …. Well .. 喔 .. Xiaoyuan .. Really .. I really will be inserted …. Aunt is so comfortable …. … Well .. Fast .. Fast force inserted aunt .. Express .. Power .. “

Listening to my aunt, I added the power and started quickly. And my aunt is also crazy to twist the waist to reward me more powerful, faster insertion.

My aunt seems to be a hungry female wolf, desperately swallow my big chicken chicken, I desperately insert aunt’s small hole, as if I want to cut my aunt’s small hole. And my aunt’s aromogeneration is getting bigger and big, I know that my aunt has completely indulged in the world of sex.

“Well .. Well .. ah …. 喔 …… Well .. Haver .. Dry .. Aunt .. Aunt .. ah .. Well .. Love .. Love you .. ah. .. .. “

Under the desperate attack in me, my aunt reached a climax. The aunt hugged me, kissed me, and my morning has been caught in a hundred blood marks.

Aunt breathed me: “Xiaoyuan …. You will be .. Really .. Point .. Insert .. Insert aunt is cool.”.

I don’t have to let the aunt have a breath. I turned over the aunt’s body and shifted my aunt’s hips. Then, I was inserted from behind, insert the big chicken into the aunt’s small point, my big chicken is in the middle of the aunt’s small hole, and every time I joked out to another peak.

“Well .. Well .. 喔 .. …………….. Dry .. Dry aunt .. .. Well .. Power .. Little Doodle .. Dry .. Aunt is so comfortable .. ah .. Well .. “

Perhaps this posture is the easiest to let the woman reach the climax. I will send a hundred times, and a hot yin is once again went to my glans. I know that my aunt has reached the climax, I not only didn’t pull out the chicken. Chicken, but faster, more powerful inserting aunt’s small hole.

The aunt’s love has also flowed out as my entrance and export, and the double black socks becomes sparkling because of the moisturization of the aunt love.

“Hey .. Small .. Xiaoyuan .. Xiaoyuan .. too .. too dry hole .. Aunt .. .. aunt .. Also high! Fast .. fast power …. Well .. ah .. 喔 .. 喔 .. “

I also breathed aunt, “.. aunt’s small hole .. Small hole is also dried .. Haver .. Good comfort .. Good .. So cool .. Well .. aunt .. aunt .. Small pole is a good thing .. “

My aunt said that I said to me: “Let’s let .. aunt .. and Xiaoyuan .. together .. Well .. .. Reach high .. Higashi .. Good .. Ok?”

I also happen to aunt’s small hole. Just under my crazy dry points, my aunt once again, when the yin is again lost to my glans, I wanted to shoot myself on my heart.

I turned to tell aunt: “Hey .. Aunt .. Xiaoyuan .. Fast .. Fast is ejaculation.”

Aunt said to me: “Xiaoyuan .. Xiaohao .. 喔 …….. Men ‘s fine .. Square .. Fast .. Let your aunt suck .. Suck you .. Big chicken .. “

So I left the aunt’s hole and I lied in the water. The aunt’s whole person squatted in my legs and started using her cherry small mouth and flexible tongue to suck my big chicken. I also put the aunt’s cherry trunk as a small hole, desperately did the aunt’s cherry. And my aunt is crazy, I am crazy to do my aunt’s mouth.

I can’t help but I can’t help, and the 24 years of semen finally sprayed into my aunt’s mouth. For my aunt, my men’s semen is like a jade liquor agar, and the aunt has not wasted to swallow it. I deeply felt that my aunt had already integrated with me, and I believe that only I can meet my aunt’s sexual needs.

In a short break, caress, tell the love story and playing, I took off my aunt’s black sock socks and picked up aunt to go to the bathroom. In the bathroom, I became a pair of my aunt and therefore washed an enviable bath. Of course, I still can’t help but do my aunt in the bathroom.

I still live with my aunt. Different, now I am more glamorous, I can figure out and go out and enter and out of my aunt. Because, aunt and 舅 have already proced from divorce in the Mid-Autumn Festival.

In order to give a aesthetic memories of my aunt, I also give this worth of thousands of luxury homes and give my aunt. One other thanks, and I want to take care of my aunt. Let him have a unaccessible immigration abroad. Of course, I will use my big chicken to hurt my aunt, take care of my aunt and satisfy my aunt. I believe that in the days, I will never feel emptiness and loneliness, because I have a aunt who makes me donate every day. And my aunt will introduce her amenities in the past few days to give me a knowledge.

Of course, this is another real story start. I am convinced that under the training of my aunt, I will definitely become a dried hole master in a hundred war.

p. S:

This is my first time I published an article, thank you very brother, great support.

Thank you: PPO, Dragon, Star dust support, let me have the driving force behind this article.

Special gratitude: Good things you have not guilty on writing.
, please also look forward to the birth of the next article.

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