I am a colleague with her. I used to see it. I didn’t know much. Due to the big unit, people also can’t take someone. Later, due to business, I’m more familiar, she is a self-colony. Big me a few years old, I just got married, I didn’t count out, but I also slowly started to pay attention to her, the chest is very full, walking is a kind of shirt, but not hanging, summer clothes in summer , Stockings, short skirts, very sexy, body belongs to a relatively full type, butt is round, it is very tempting, it is a young woman, it is full of women’s charm, very fragrant, The taste is just right, and it is generally not a type of love at first sight, but it is definitely the goal of Wolf Friends, you are helpless.

After getting familiar with it, we started to tell a laugh, and you will chat in the evening. I don’t know how she takes care of my son and her husband, but it is limited to this, there is no other way to move, one day, she comes out at noon If you want to watch a movie, our unit has a cinema. The internal staff has a discount. I will of course be accepted. I remember that day, I wore a professional dress, long stockings, a plump chest in the shirt constantly shaking, faint makeup, The faint fragrant, everything is there, it is very boring in front of the movie, I don’t remember what movie, I remember that it is very boring movie, it is noon, people are very small, anyway, I am very excited, inadvertite my hand I didn’t see her hand, she didn’t see it, just slowly, I didn’t know what happened, my head was hot, and she took her hand directly. She also looked at me. , Then I turned to kiss her with her full body. She immediately woven her back, I went to put her down, put it on a soft chest, and the buckle opened the snow white breasts. I started to kill her nipple. At the time, I said that I like her, and finally struggled for more than 10 minutes, she was a little scared, we will stop!

After returning to the company, she asked me in QQ, I only returned to me, I thought he didn’t care about me again, but I suddenly told me later that she was wet, nor I know that sweat is still excited, and then naturally, I will be together. Of course, we can’t pull your hands in the company, you can’t hand to go shopping, you can only touch the chest, touch your ass, take a kiss, take this. Subsequently, we slowly embarked on the road to open!

※ JKFORUM.NET | JKFORUM.NET | JKF Czech Forum For the first time, I went in late autumn, the south is very cold, there is no heating, we meet in the grateful hotel, she is still there, and there is a non-division, we look at each other. After a few seconds, it was a slap in the rain, we hug, kiss, the mouth is very soft, the tongue is not going to be in my mouth, it is a young woman, the kiss is not coming, my hand is not I was idle, touched her waist, her breast, her ass, it was there, where was sexy, she also touched my JJ, put my JJ with my legs and start friction, when I kissed her breast She started to be embarrassed, and the body moved. I took out our clothes and pressed her body. I took her body to kiss it in bed. From the forehead to the breast, from the breast to my stomach, the inside of the thigh is there, I can’t bite it. The next piece of meat, her private hairy, the Yin Emperor is very big, the surroundings of the labia, I will succeed in private parts, it is soft, there is sweet, she doesn’t have a bow, holding my head After you start, about more than 10 minutes, she took the initiative to go in, the cheek started red, I knew that she entered the state, the sleeve did not bring, directly enter, so tight, she looked at me, I looked at her, Just put it, I picked her, kissed her mouth, her chest, she hugged my neck, I dragged her butt, slap, I can’t catch the breasts that I can’t catch it. The body rubbed, so comfortable, suddenly she kneelted, including JJ, from the head to the root, the tongue is still constantly agitation, very comfortable, then she sat on my face, let me mouth, let me A faint body fragrance comes, put her labia, Yin Emperor in his mouth, her body twists, and later she kneel in bed, let me go into the bed, she is finished, she catering me, more than 30 After a minute, she finally shot, she was afraid that pregnancy made me shoot outside.

Later, we were more big, sometimes they also loved in the company. I was in the chair, she sat on me, the chest is right to face my face, very charming scenery, sometimes she helped me out, she went to spit In more than 3 years, we often go to the hotel, play very crazy, shoot it on your face, shoot it on your mouth, shoot three times a day, sometimes it is very painful, her husband I went to her home, living room, bathroom, bedroom, I can think of it, until today, we still maintain this relationship.

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