I am a newbie. Everyone will include this story. I have to start from my high school. I just didn’t want to study at high school. I didn’t want to read it at all, until I met a teacher, I started serious books, that is, today’s protagonist, my mathematics teacher, she Called with text, she is a very beautiful teacher, the focus is good and the chest is very big, and the teachers will dress some relaxed clothes and some short skirts to come to class, let me not seriously wear, because the teacher often wears Loose clothes, so I will leave her question, in fact, the purpose is to peek at her chest and her underwear wearing today, because the exam is good, so the teacher doesn’t think too much, after class, teacher Because I am very busy, I need a math teacher, so I will ask who is willing to be a teacher, of course, I will raise my hand immediately, because the teacher is very strict, so there is no other person wants, so I’m going to be mathematics. Teacher, just after the teacher is thirsty, she taught me to help him to put water, I said, suddenly think of an evil idea, I immediately ran to the toilet, while the fantasy teacher hit a pistol, then some of me Squirting into the teacher’s cup, then filled with water, then returned to the teacher to take the water, the teacher didn’t think all the whole thirsty, I didn’t want to take it all, which made me very happy, after class I ran to the teacher’s office asked her, but she seems to go home, is the teacher says there is a problem? I said that the teacher wants to go back, I will ask again tomorrow, the teacher said that it is not related to the teacher. By the way, please dinner, thank you for help, then I said this? The teacher said it doesn’t matter! No one is, then I will report it with my family to go to her home, go to the teacher. After the teacher ran to the kitchen, she cooked her. She took me to eat. After we eat, I will chat with the teacher. I have been to ask the teacher to say that the teacher said that the teacher is good, and the teacher, of course, very happy. After I accidentally saw the teacher’s chest and her underwear, because it was too sexy, let my meat stick suddenly, then I pretend to go to the toilet, then I saw it in the bathroom Teacher did not wash under underwear yesterday, and then I got it, I also saw wet wet on the underwear, and I would like to know that the teacher was self-defense yesterday. After all, she is single, so this is inevitable, after I Just picked up the teacher’s underwear to play, but also played a pistol, who knew that we didn’t have it, all of which was seen by the teacher, the teacher said, I will help you! But here is inconvenient, so go to the teacher The room, the teacher slowly took all my clothes, and continued to lick my body, and got it in my mouth, the teacher’s technology is very good, let me be cool, and soon shoot. Teacher said that in my mouth, then changed my help to serve the teacher, I also helped the teacher slowly, took off the clothes and the skirt, and then took the milk, and then used my mouth to include teachers with my mouth The teat, let the teacher cool to the sky, and also help the teacher to lick the vagina and self-defense, but also let the teacher climax twice, the teacher’s climax, sprinkled my face, after everyone wet When I put the meat stick into the teacher’s cave. The teacher’s cave is very tight. After asking her, she knows that she is still a woman. After several battles, the teacher is also a climax, I am also refraction. Three times, both sides are very comfortable, then ran to take a shower, fell asleep, then I will still look for the teacher when I have time, but this secret is only two knew.

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