I am a 19-year-old lascivious female college student, there is a site in front of my house, and the construction sound is more upset every day!

I am sometimes boring, I am watching them at home! For a long time, I saw a very much of more than 30 men, I picked up my high-power telescope and started to observe him.

Looking at him, I found that he is not only very thick and long, and the heart doesn’t want to be familiar with him!

I found that they have been chatting in front of the site every day, play chess. So I slowly made it in the past every day, but I mixed with them a few days.

I know that his little name is called Yangzi, I also call him like this. How can I be alone with him, I think I want it, the opportunity is finally here!

Parents want to go to the United States to see my sister, I found a reason to say that I have to pay for the course in the summer vacation. I only alone at home, I am so excited!

Dad, I deliberately put the A piece of the A slice of the usual hidden, and then stepped down the floor, I saw Yang Ge (I have been calling him), he is with others, and has lost a few more NS. I told him: “Yang brother doesn’t do it, go to my home to help me to repair the toilet!” “Well, I will lose today.” I am dark in my heart!

When I arrived at my house, I was placing Japanese a film in the TV. The hostess is obscenity, and the male owner is sucking.

Yang Ge knows what is going on! , I found that he began to have a response. When he heard the lascivious call, Yang Ge turned and took me in his arms.

I slowly touched his big chicken, and the heart is more than dancing! I didn’t expect Yang Ge, I took me under my body, and I said to my clothes and said: “Xiao Zhen, I have long miss you, I didn’t expect you to send it yourself, this is not blame me!

After that he has given my clothes. I suddenly had a feeling of fear, I didn’t know what he stepped in.

“Take my clothes, fast” he said. I had to do it according to his request, just took off his pants, he stuffed him into my mouth, and poked to my throat, he I have been doing this way, and after a minute, he began to fierce my mouth, and he said: “Trick you, small saga, exercise …”

Regardless of my death! I can only use your big chicken in his chicken, there is no way to do anything else!

After 10 minutes, Yang Ge was in the foot gymnastic, he took his big chicken from my mouth!

“I have never seen such a big chicken!” Yang Ge said to me.

“Yes,” I said, “I don’t play, I asked,” What is anxious, one night, I want to die, put every hole in you, I am crying. Mom is not enough! “I don’t want it.” I am going to spare me, I don’t dare to recruit you next time! “

“Late, you have to pay attention to me, I will find my work more to fuck you, what kind of chicken can you have, when you look at you!

How, you want to think that I am in a person, or more than 20 people, you can do it together, they haven’t worked for a few months! “

I didn’t talk. “This is right, give me a chicken!” He put my head in his a few more. “Haha … You will be my sex slave!”

Yang Ge is in the side of my mouth, saying “It’s cool! I can be very cool. Has your rush and ass to be worked?”

I can’t talk because of his big chicken in his mouth, so shook his head.

I just finished the head of the head brother, I pulled his big chicken, I pulled out from my mouth, “I should take you, squatting the butt!”

“Don’t,” I looked at his 25cm big chicken. The glans had a big psychological fear!

“Come, don’t talk nonsense,” he pushed me! I had to have my ass.

He started to coat KY on his big chicken, and he put my rush, I feel a cool feeling.

“Ah” I felt sad pain, called it!

“What is called, I just used your fingers, you will call you, I will not die for a while!”

He said. I feel that his fingers will enter and go out, and suddenly his finger has been pulled out, a more coarse meat stick has been put on my rush, I know is his big chicken. The vagina is unconsciously tightened.

He didn’t insert the big chicken several times. He was a bit anxious. Know that his big chicken is broken!

“Really cool, my chicken is just so cool, your rush is too tight, I haven’t fucking so tight.”

He didn’t have a deeper into my vagina, just use his egg-like talents in my rush to take it, just like this, I can’t do it, say to him: “I can’t do it, you next time Fuck me! “

“Where is this, I haven’t really started to exercise you, you will bear it first, it will be comfortable for a while!”

After that, he stamped in the remaining chicks outside my vagina.

“Ah” I called, the vagina seems to be torn. Yanyo has no matter what my feelings, the more you call him!

His big chickens kept in my rush to do a piston. Every time I poked it, I took the head, I was more than a bit, and I was so fast, 25cm big chicken is in my rush. Hiped in the collision.

Yang Ge did not stop, constantly changed the pattern, and took him with him, he will play with his face, and he will stand up for a while.

I have never seen a lot of postures! But his big chicken has never left my little buzz, “哧, 哧” sounds! I have never feeling, just how he fucks.

In this way, he didn’t stop me for more than 30 minutes, but he didn’t want it yet!

“You look, the mobility” he said to me “Your vagina is turned out, there is blood! Oh, really cool! I am dead, huh, huh, huh …”

“I will die,” I also called!

“Is it cool? Pain?” He asked.

I reply to “cool. Pain”.

You now know what is “pain and happiness”! He said, “Haha” laughed, and took his big chicken out to my ass! God, I am hurting me!

Suddenly he stopped me, it seems to have been the same, he picked up the phone. The big chicken is like that hard stamped in my ass!

I didn’t ask what he had to do, thought, let me breathe too good, I am already killed!

“Hello, is it Dongdong? I am Big Yang, come to me, bring 5 ~ 6 people, you have to find young strength, chicken, big! Do you know.

“What are you doing?” Dongdong asked!

“I am in the fart, you listen”, I finished using the big chicken. I suddenly called it too much. “

“I heard it, where is the rush?” Dongdong asked.

“It is the one you have long, I am in her home, do you know where her home is!

Her rush and ass are fun, I am the first person, so cool, you are still coming over, you also taste fresh! “

“I will be right over”!

I don’t want to say!

“What are you afraid of, we are good friends, have a lot of effort to exercise together, we have been like this!

“You don’t think so much, let’s think now,” said that he fought my ass.

“Ah …” I started to call again!

In this way, I was carried out for about 15 minutes by him, and he fame and faster, I know that he wants to come out, and I want to finish it, you can rest, great!

“Open your mouth,” he yelled!

I just opened his mouth. He pulled out his big chicken from my asshole, stuffed into my mouth, and started to fierce my mouth.

After a while, I felt that his big chicken fierce, my throat didn’t move, a salty thing filled with my mouth, I want to pull his chicken from me. Out, but he wrapped my head with both hands, it was not letting his big chicken, and said, “If you want to drink, it’s not so easy, drink it, you can’t look, otherwise you look good of!”

I don’t have any other way, I can only press all of him!

After his shooting, he didn’t take his chicken from my mouth. “I said it is so lick until they come!”

I almost fainted. After a while, I heard the sound of knocking, I am in my heart!

“They are coming, I will not open the door!”

I quickly opened the door, and I watched me, the door was 6 ~ 7 big guys, it was high and strong, the skin black was bright.

“I will introduce you to you.” At this time, Yang Ge also came out from the hut to the body, his big chicken swayed between the legs.

“This is a big hair, this is a small tiger, this is a small people … they all call me” big brother “you will call me in the future!

I looked at the front of these big Han Dark, I am not a wolf to enter the room! Do they have me at me tonight!

Not killing me! I think that my mouth is still called, big brother; Xiaoyong brother …! “Start, my favorite multiplayer game!” Big Brother just said that everyone will surround me! “

The big Mao grabbed my hair, and I walked hard. “Go back to bed,” he laughed and said. I was dragged her hair back behind the big hair.

On the bed, he put me down and lie down. I put it on my leg in the bed. The other men gathered, watching my helpless body and exposure, unprotected little buzz!

When the big hair took his big butt, he used his two hands to make his ass, the crumpled black fart was in front of me, I had to use my tongue. His asshole.

At this time, my vagina was also opened, and it was worked with a finger. “You see, there is a blood, there must be no light in the big brother, haha. At this time, the big hair has begun to fuck my mouth with his big chicken, although his chicken does not have big brother, but There are also about 20cm, the thickness of the big brother. His fuck is more embarrassing than the big brother, he is in the mouth to come to my mouth, put the butt force.

I have a cough.

The citizens came over, I saw it, and his chicken had 20cm long. He close to me, there is no other much actions, and he put his big chicken into my mouth, my The mouth was worked in two more than 20 cm.

I was also affected, they were a chicken bar to poke in my mouth, a shot, I have to take them with their big chicken, my mouth, my mouth Worth with them to tear open.

They also shouted “I killed you, kill you! …

They got up my two legs at this time, my feet were quickly pressed to my head, my rushing greatest extent was opened!

Xiaohu and a big man I can’t afford the name to start my vagina.

Xiao Hu took his big chicken, he poked my rush. I paind sweatied, but I couldn’t call it, because there were two big chickens in my mouth in my mouth!

Xiaohu is from the top of my rush, and I feel like it, I feel that my rush is beginning to bleed, and the big man also adds to the ranks of my rush, he and Xiaohu My rush, I am so dizzy!

At this time, I heard the big brother and said, “You have a great, one person serves us 4 people!” “Haha …” You are cool! The big brother asked.

“Cool, cool, we are dead,”, they said that my mouth and queue.

Xiao Tiger is in the middle of my two fingers into the middle of the big chicken bar, so that there is no two big chickens in my mouth, I have added two fingers. I can’t do it.

But they are more energetic. I also shouted “the number of” operation, pull, exercise, pull … “

My consciousness began to blur, I only know that they are not going to fuck my mouth and rush.

They go to and from the tricks, but they always have two big chickens and fingers to fuck my mouth, two big chickens fuck my rush.

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