It has to speak from the summer of the Olympics. I remember very clearly,% p’f.s0 \ 5L5Z + I is July 1, Tuesday. Originally, I signed two business, accompanying customers to have dinner, go home to wash and sleep. Later, I suddenly had an accident, I suddenly beat the pain, unbearable, I had to play 110 calls to ambulantly, and I was sent to Zhongri Friendship Hospital. When I carry it up, my consciousness is still awake. On-the-job 8 | 7A4 \! W0_ 小 子 has caused my attention, this is not because of her Japanese name, in this hospital, there is a Japanese doctor and nurse with internships in this hospital. Let me surprising, it is her appearance and demeanor, so that I am unforgettable, I try to search for memory, and the pain seems to alleviate h. In this way, I lie on the operating table.

My disease is very simple, acute appendicitis. The doctor’s duty doctor is also a Japanese, written on the badge is Zuo 2W’Q3i% H + AF! S Fujiro. When the first knife cuts, the pain can’t help but scream, open your eyes, is the light of the Yichi nurse 0Y ~ 1P4H (B, f (w) W, and I finally remembered, why This little nurse is so familiar. Memory icon) g * u & w8h / q $]: i open the flood of the gate. I bite the teeth, I didn’t sit again. Finally, the last needle was sewn, and the Yichi Nurses suddenly shouted: “Heaven, I forgot to call anesthesiologist!” “Eighth!” The next, it is a roar 8R, Y5H * Y + Q and two slaps The double cheeks of the small nurses suddenly swollen. “Doctor, please don’t blame the young nurses, it is me # [7 ~% [email protected] #C insisted not to be anesthetized.” I fleam unskilled Japanese for small nurse, “Our family, outside 2_ / } / J7_ $ c! T6x’j3r “|) Y tailor surgery never anesthesia. “

In the senior ward, I lie five days. I didn’t see the young wild son, listening to the nurse, said that Sato doctor had to revoke her license. Fortunately, I talked about it, just let her have a deep reflection. In this + g7i! M-d% k6 ^ Day and night, the first love girlfriend and the Nurses were constantly alternating in front of my eyes. Twenty years ago, I took 1_5Y! M3D /? $ [+ S, J.J:]. M. M. A local university in the West, and quickly handed over the girlfriend. That is a beautiful and pure girl, I love her very much, but she is not satisfied with me. Month year, hipster guitar, jumping together dance, talking about Sart and! [7r3u2z * K% L Freud. As a sports special enrollment, I didn’t like reading, and the set of petitions was more disgusted.

1U3D + T: ^ 8a.a finally, my girlfriend is a talented “existence and virtual unless”. I decided to solve the problem with a man, and the result was the police station. I will never forget my girlfriend, not, it is the girlfriend of the talented girlfriend. Later, the more in Nansha was played. Once again * A6T1i / J $ S.P1H, I didn’t participate in graduation distribution, and I got ahead of the army. Later, I retired, I got a few, _6sq) i # o6L6X% K! T comrades opened a car accessories store.

+] + H8R: Q8 ~ (the wall clock on the W / C1V wall told me, the midnight passed, July 7 has been coming, I will forced himself to sword; J0B “{; h (RX Haizhong first love girlfriend and Yomo nurse The overlapping shadow, I slept in the dream. I returned to a “f” ~ “G1R; \ 6r3n (in May, May, in May, the sky is trembling, the sky is like Burning, the Japanese devils are hidden throughout the mountain. I am exhausted, with a tree pile, the big knife holding hands is rolled down. I am 0`-u; i7l (a% wk: t slanting the knife Under the right, the knife back to the enemy. A devil has been struggling to the left, “When” * v, p9y2} *} 7t0y $ q4 [, the devil’s rifle is bumped. Not equal to the opponent God, I took a knife and cut the devil.

At this time, another devil got up, I didn’t have a knife, the armpit has been acne. Eighth Route Army Ning Di & ^ 6C) X3L * J! ^ ​​(M $ H6G improper captive! I used the last strength, hug the devil and rolled the cliff. “E9] 3D $ P9X” O / W7V2L (WR’s annual July No. 7, I am repeating this nightmare, in the dream, I always fails to be my #v (r & q% g% l “N! G himself is still grandfather. Every time, I am in a cold sweat. I am awaken, this time is no exception. I opened my eyes, but I found that the lights of the room were bright, and the young nurse stood in front of the bed. 6 [, O8W6J4] 2E0D7Y) T 「” Sorry, you just shouted very powerful, is it Wound in pain? “

“@ [Email protected] & e2 {) L” The wound is not painful, my heart pain, is not your Japanese. “I didn’t give Japanese little nurse good face. Small nurses must certainly understand it correctly. “This is the case, the day of the anesthesia is to add trouble. I have been telling you to apologize, I can not know how to express it.”

“Hey, let your Japanese apologize can be really difficult, then you know how to express it?”

“Yes, please give me this opportunity, please.” # U + jb9d3` ‘@% h5d! A \ * {! T / c / i Yakui nurses end out of a warm water, screw the towel , Unlock my top, gently wipe it. /Y +bo ,v#n”d8`.g. ^7p ,[email protected] ‘a because of a cold sweat, my body is sticking, such scrub, makes me feel very comfortable. I Close your eyes and enjoy, your thoughts returned to the Crossling of 1942. I didn’t fall after my grandfather jumped, 3O% U2x8b $ ~ 2 ^ / c (Zi Zi, a village, He back from the dead man. Life to keep, but a leg has fallen broken # [2J5 \ .K6Q5D’s drop, the old lang in the village is used to give him the limbs. Grandpa is almost fainted, but he It is not yelling one) R + X “t2y.s sound.

, ~ 8b + a% r # m $ W6M & Q people say that eight roads really can’t afford. Later, the village made my grandmother.

The Nurse of Yichi continues to work. My sleeping pants are unwrapped, the warm wet towel walks in my lower body, slowly moves toward the inside of the thigh and the groin. I feel that my whole body is soft, I have a hard, but my will has no soft. H’J – {[email protected]% T, _-_ 4h * y-m.f.b The crush breakout, the eight-way army headquarters is heavy. The organ, logistics, schools, thousands of people are caught; S.N2D% Y7K% a; N’j; b Reen, there is a cliff in the cliff, there is a brutal 倭. In order not to fall into the enemy, there is a gun, no gun is $ K; N2} & l # k; u # a) i jumping cliff.

The sound of the object falls and impacts in the deep valley. Side /@4q.h0u*d1_-z4a’x to the enemy, they chose dignity. The stream is dyed in red, and the corpse of people and horses in the valley. I * [2C, X8T: S8 | Sitting up, angryly ordered Japanese woman: “Unlock my underwear, there will be cleans it!” M7A: G5Z6X & n (T / W: _. BK “x% o Little nurse shook, did not speak, warmly hang down, a pair of small hands were separated in my crotch. I happened to be hot, it is difficult to resist. In the small nurse’s hands, the penis It has been swollen into huge. Yinnu nurse lightly pulled down my underwear, standing up the meat stick will jump out. Small nurse shy 2K5S; N “K & E0]

Hold a giant, gently and proficiently. Although I didn’t marry, I didn’t miss the girl “H *` * m0], and I have never thought that the feeling of masturbation can be so wonderful. The Japanese is really dedicated! Look at itself & c9i3s / {, h – ^ * d, E’s penis is getting bigger, I can’t bear it, I have a deduction of the lower 下 下 下, gently knead, the small nurse open 2B; G3x’l # a (f, mouth, I pulled her, and the thick penis was stuffed in the mouth of the Japanese woman.

Yusan nurse includes the upper half of the penis and gently sucking, soft tongue is skilled with swelling turtles & ^ & z “B2a’a3} 8g / r.” I am so comfortable. “I am intoxicated on the penis. The continuous temperature of the warmth, lifted up, I saw the stunned wall, a gun of the body, the fangs of the man, championship, full of rhythm, the next, the woman is different. ! I don’t know why, every action of Xiaoyan nurse makes me excited. She smashed my swelling scrotum, one side of the root of my penis, the more 2S # c) N & O “MF # c% M is getting bigger, and I lying down, let the body The penis is more deep into the Japanese woman’s throat. It is calmly enjoying gentle Japanese service. * N (D5O1 [# o, mf #}: v3z) W7LW2 ~; n small nurse’s big mouth, put the meat stick deeply Included, selling power acceleration set. My penis wet 7O3S + S2S + O; \ 1d9y, the wisdom in the chest is stronger, I started loudly. I finally, I couldn’t afford this excitement. I can’t help but sit. Get up, pressing her up and down movement, the thick penis is more deeply inserted into the mouth, straight to the throat. She violently woven, but I am completely intoxicated in the thrill of pumping the wet oral cavity, where is 8i $ 8i $ O0J * ^ 0p6}

Also praised the feelings of the Japanese woman, only the heads of her head continue violently. Pleasant is a wave of high waves. 5 {“[8p’n8n2 ~, _ shadow on the wall, the pretty nurse hat was pressed once, and once again, it was more and more urgent. Suddenly, everything paused. I Take the head of the small nurse, dead and dead, a thick-T + X9B + Q + I2D concentrate, spray into her mouth.

6T & C.] / A0R1C3D # e8 ^ small nurse breathed, holding hands, full of semen slowly flowing down. + f! w9_, v3 ~; i $ S1R * W “Well, please forgive me. Can I return to the classroom?” Clean up my lower body and her + g) ^ 8s + v * f1z5b7s own Face, the young nurses ask.

8V5] * i $ m! P “o6e & l / p” Said goods, do you think this is finished? Take off the pants, squat on the bed, pick up your ass! “

* \: h! j% c (N6F% u7p4e to drink a glass of water, Japanese woman has been ready according to the command, she holds the bed along the bed, short skirt “V ‘] * Y8`3Q: n, t / _u [* T and underwent down, the white and full of buttons are high, and the pink laborary is wet. * G3X0B7E% E $ K; G4 {6T9}% T) K1Y.J $ O1L2C In the eyes, my penis is hard to be equipped with iron rods. I have my hands to live in the waist of small nurses, the top is wet! S: O; {7A (_9q $ b0w: g ([- j’s two labiars, Shake a sway, “啵 啵”, the whole root is not entered. “Ah”, small nurse (N (r1 \; b7g6a * z is shaking, huge penis forcibly inserting the pain, let her tear the lungs She bite the teeth, 8 \ 6F “HP; R $ Q, I7S;}

Water is out. I am crazy, put a few times, the Japanese woman is close to the vagina that makes me very happy, and I have never had fun throughout the body. I took a deep breath, stopped, took a half penis, and realized the feeling of being tightly wrapped in a woman, and a little breathing and time to give poor Japanese women.

Japanese woman is in general. Looking at the white buttocks, the rich thighs, and white transparent stockings, I am very excited, slowly recovering. With the exploration and inclusion of times, unfamiliar flesh is gradually phase * D! E’s5p $ w8z, p “k” h% | familiar familiar. The pain is disappearing, and only a new excitement and incomparable joy. Small nurses’ vaginal increasing 7 {% J8T “G & I $ w) l- | The more moist, the adaptability of the Japanese woman is really unparalleled! She is the whole upper body soft and soft, with me / r; s5w2` + t “P7E1G is sliding, and a vulnerable water flows along the white thigh. However, this is just the beginning, with me – \! Z, h) i: j.n-g: q crazy throduct, a burst of hot waves rolling, sending her a wave of waves. The little nurse is completely crazy, she is toned, half mouth, driving the white buttock, struggling to meet the impact of Chinese men.

Along with the “” sound and “啵 啵” sound of the flesh impact and friction, I am more brave. Finally, 0W & [(U & {* C9N / Z Japan two people achieved a total price. A small stock semen is deeply incident in the pussy of the Japanese woman, the small nurse closed his eyes, the cheeks were red, breathed, trembled .7n: v8s6z-g.z2f; b (\ h; g2d4r; g! K I tiredly lying in bed, Yichi nurse cleaning me clean, dressing clothes, then cleaning her own cleanliness, snuggling in my Empty, gently tuned.

/ C * @ 8s5a, Q # T6T “You are brave, so strong, you must once a military.” F & H) `8i * Q5B (x” Yes, I, my father, and my grandfather, I have been Soldiers, but only my grandfather is fighting, and you ~ 8] + k4m8f * | $ I2V Japanese. “I5` # q:` -w # Y’X9b;

‘S1b “w;}% o’ @)] 9p #}

“Ah, it is like this! During the war, you will be troubled to your country. It is really embarrassed.” The little nurse slowly got my crotch. “My grandfather has also taken your country, the time is very short, he is in the slate! J8Q & O2a-h) n $ e heavy team, in a place, a place to close, he was blown up, lying The ground is killed in the ground. “# S6a # h5p # y2n * s # m! Y?” Why don’t he don’t do it? “

“Cut, when you defeat, but the sharp knife has just opened the skin, he is frightened. In this way, his grandfather lived to the field.”

“It’s nothing. That Hideki Tojo, but also scared not hold a pistol.” I do not want to talk about the Devils / n9d8y5R4i-r! K6Z ‘~ that point out the thing, because my penis began to boom . “Junko, you have a few men?” & E * k8`o * w / B1 {(VR $ t5g8e8 ~ -O; c9u “ah, this, of course, is only a fiance.” “Sato is a doctor, right? “

& U8I1q% Q’q3T “ah.”

Dr. Yan Sudi fantasy at the moment, Sato N stuck in the duty room, and deer are likely to open the door to H rounds, I was excited. I pulled the little nurse who kissed the side, stroking her face wrapped in a thin white ‘m “_5d.JE # a4f3b * E color stockings thigh.) X8Q4 {#w (` 1g “Tell me, I and Sato, who badly “[:?! d + b% [email protected] * f & o” ah, this, Japanese men very hard, it is natural worse, however, Sato was take care of me, he bought several. root shock stick. “

“S! V, b6e /} 7v” Bah, Japanese men fucking testimony. “I continued stroking the little nurse’s lap, the other hand unlock the attractive nurse uniforms, began to vigorously rub her breasts . “If you choose, you want me or Sato?” [Email protected]) E [+ T7 [9V # E-t% [&? 8_ “This, this is how the nerve to say.”

) I; I / J $ DN “? There are embarrassed when you speak Japanese!”

1} * h Q-I;! Z8G2w | -Q “?

Japanese women ultimately did not speak, she just straightened up, deftly slipped out of my pants, carefully straddle & J2O $ u2b & | 4v $ q *} # J’I: k up, leaning on my cock, the glans of quasi own pussy, and slowly sat down jacket. Shiver, giant -D / v) G / t, j $ Q9?

Large penis has penetrated the body, a strong stimulus immediately spread throughout the body, a small nurse could not help but groan. I 7b! I0W7v $ H! `Grasped her breasts, kneading to wanton. Up and down while producing a strong stimulus, the woman’s shame (R $ M, V3 \ w8h) C6n6w: y out the window. Nurse Weizheng look, his mouth shut, revel in the madness of lust. White wall “s + J” B0U9H & T5J # Q $ t walls, beautiful shadows forward in a man’s body merrily jumping up and down endless. Japanese woman’s body -y.w: ^ # Y7Z + M.p body more and more hot, more and more inclined, her face almost buried in my broad bosom. Never discovered ‘n.I1Q $ t / D9x8e + z such free initiative intercourse, small nurse constantly writhing ass, experience the thrill and excitement coming from the lower body, completely lost in the stormy sea sensual. I experienced while stroking white breast, while enjoying the cock in tight pussy and out of pleasure. Japanese women trying, and soon entered a frenzied environment 6x (N7t-Y5h4g1U (H community. As soon carried away shouting, moist vaginal spasm, tightly clamped my Jubang, Nurse whole upper body paralysis softly falling .3M (d + J; x $ p (T * Z (| & O3e for me, this is not the end I rolled over, the little nurse pressure in the crotch, her legs apart. kneeling ‘a% _3Q1h) uC;… r silky among Japanese women between the legs, tender red lips quivering me honey thick hard cock expertly against the woman’s Taoyuan deep breath, I look down hold the body of a woman shoulder smooth, firm buttocks firmly top forward. she knew that coming coming, obediently raised his ass, took a deep breath, 6p% s # X5S7V5 ^ let my intrusion of the penis to the best angle, no, entered my tongue out into her mouth sucking small:..? $ \ / M9Z5A nurse smug naturally dizziness, she clung to me generous arms, separated thin flesh-colored stockings, her legs tightly wrapped around my waist, with my rhythm effort to cater to the .9O4x0v & H1L9g; I, J: `+ e # x’g $ t7O (R4F6L, g) [!?

The night is about to pass, and the Eastern has appeared. 1937 seven seven-seven things change, my grandfather, the high school of Yanjing University, angry, pen. Today, after seventy-one year, I am in this so-called friendly hospital (K6}) [! {5P ward with Japanese women and pro. I started to sprint without reservations. In this unbelievable ward, everything in the world is no longer existed. In the warm and humid air, only the people are heavy, women! M9A5N, `5L6C + B $ D & O8` people charming, soft beds are overwhelming, and the wet flesh hits each other” * w * S3H7F * Q $ G9 | 1U 」」.. Finally, the woman under the arm was a buzzer, and a clear spring poured her pussy. I strive for 9D, f, y, t7r.h $ y% C1D / Q / N hard work, getting faster, more and more fierce. With the deepest insert, a hot semen direct into the body of a woman. I continued to draw, accompanied by a mad spray shot, the Sino-Japanese relationship finally realized normalization. When I came out from the bathroom, Yichi nurse had collected her own and bed. Young Gunt & T) V9B5N) x) R Nothing is in the foot of the bed, is melancholy, Chu Chu, my heart loves pity, hold the girl’s weak shoulders.

7h6 \ 4} * z5 ^ 9Q: M “Progress, marry me, I will always make you happy.”

“Ah? How can it be like this? I have marriage with Sato.”

“What is the marriage? The marriage is used to tear.” I hold a small nurse’s chin, kiss 6 | 7n “s: m4q / o’m” c0]

Her mouth, the other hand is not awkward, exploring the girl’s underwear, press it on the wet yin. 1V5L2T9E # D “You see, this place is me.”

N “_2r. ~ # C8 ~ 6W / Z0W” No, Sato believes that it belongs to him. “

“Hu said, this place is our Chinese.”

6V5V0X! I + ^ 1P “But it is really Japan now.”

& I, V5A / Z5U5K.G # z “China.”% S # a $ T6G, G) S4A9J)? – A “Japan.”. T9 {; D (U3}

Y! V4P $ z + {(K “Well, the foundation, the quarrel can’t solve any problems.” I pulled down the panties of the little nurse, separated her legs, and the thick penis was once again. “Let us put controversy, develop together.”

After a year, my store has a little old boss mother, standing at the door every morning; v0H8A “z) x * _ $ zs The first guest of the guests thank you. For her origin, I am going to pass the mouth like a bottle No words, everyone only knows that she is a Japanese, once made a nurse

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