My daughter is 18 years old. In the past few years, I have been with my daughter, and I have returned to my home. She has already washed the dish to be taken together.

I love my daughter to eliminate the fatigue of my work, my jade eyelashes are getting more and more hard! I picked up my daughter and started to kiss her, and I stretched it softly.

The daughter’s uncomfortable look made me difficult to control. I put my daughter in his arms, my daughter struggled, but under my strong and powerful arms, I gradually gave up struggle, soft stickers on my body. My daughter wearing a tight dress today, so I can clearly feel that her breasts, the daughter’s breast is not big, but it is very full.

I didn’t expect that my daughter’s enthusiastic response.

The daughter smooth skin, the snow is generally white, the sparse inclusion is in the center of the pussy, the full and strong double peak top, with the tip of the rock, my heart is straight.

I can’t be excited, I am bent over the daughter’s lower body, my daughter’s legs are closed, I try to separate them on both sides, fork, and then open, gradually divide into V-shaped, my daughter’s legs are slippery, I Kissing the legs of the daughter, crazy, kneading. The daughter’s nose is sent out “, …”. I put it softly with my hand, it is the daughter’s vaginal mouth, and the entire pink is a pink color. I don’t have hesitibly reach out of the tongue, start to lazy, the daughter’s yin, sometimes fierce, warm, bite, and use the teeth to gently bite the yukuclear, and the tongue is inserted into the vagina Go to stir.

“喔 … … Dad … Don’t be 舐 … I … itch … itch … I can’t stand it … ah … don’t bite … Sour …”

Daughter is more exciting because of my tongue. I called a set in her mouth, but the hips desperately raised and fierce my mouth.

The daughter is full of red rhyme in the eyes of my eyes, and has flown out nectar from the red small meat hole. “Ah … Dad, you … don’t look, shame is dead …” The husband of the daughter wants to close, but in my hands, it is more open.

Looking at the girl’s genitals, the beautiful scenery makes me intoxication. When my head is close to the hairy and shame, I smell the tempting smell, most of the sweet sweat, a little urine mixed together, like milk fermentation.

“Dad … dad, don’t smell, people haven’t take a shower today, then … there is dirty.” The daughter groaned.

The smell of the lusts makes me more excited, my mouth is close to the yin nuclei, sticking out the tongue, gently licking the swollen jellyuclear, and taking the two reddish labipings into the mouth. The daughter’s ass continuously beats, and the breathing is also very urgent, and the sound of “ah … ah …” in his mouth. My tongue is lightly licking in the meat, gradually enter the meat hole. The more the daughter’s meat is, the more hot, the more smooth and humid, and the fresh honey sauce is constantly overflowing in the meat.

Maybe because there is no bath for a day, the taste of the daughter is particularly strong. In fact, no matter how quiet girl, the taste of Xiaobi is the same. I slowly taste my daughter’s patent, my tongue slowly turned in the meat hole.

“Ah … so comfortable … don’t … don’t lick …” Years have poured into my mouth.

Every time, my daughter’s whole body trembles once, and I also sent “ah … ah …” in my mouth.

“I can’t make it good?” I looked up and asked.

“Ok … I’m so good … Dad, you are good …” Daughter replied.

“Dad, your things are big,” daughter licks whispered, “I, can I touch it?”

I don’t wait for me to answer, I use her little hand to grab my dick, touch it two, suddenly a low head, I actually contain my dick into my mouth.

“Hey!” I permed, I only felt that a pleasure was flocked from the cock to the whole body, my heart knew that this kind of thing is not, but I don’t want to refuse. The daughter’s mouth is very good, and the tongue came back in my glans and swallowed my meat stick from time to time. She gently put my jade eyelashes in the entrance, looked at my daughter with a small small mouth, but also shy and shy, my body was hot.

Dad, you think women will fuck me! The daughter will make you satisfied. “Dad, do you really want to see me? I let you touch it?” Said that I used a small hand to take my hand to her two legs. At this time, I also care I got on, my dick is in her two legs, with her hamma and fat, wet, yin, I can obviously feel that my glans is on the tender meat of the daughter. Hold the daughter in a close, realize the throne of the lower body. “What’s wrong, Dad? Daughter’s daughter’s wet small mouth comes to my ear” Do you usually fight the plane, don’t you move? “Daughter is eating and smiling” Don’t be embarrassed, you can move it, you can also say some crude words, I know that your man likes to say crutter when playing women, it doesn’t matter! How are you happy?

“Encouraged by her daughter, my courage is big, and I started to try to put the dick in her thigh, rub, do my move, every time my dick plugged in, I I can feel my own glans in the daughter’s flesh, wet warm, I am excited, the extreme desire has been burned my head, I hit my daughter, “I, I think , I want … “The daughter caves, while teasing me,” What is it?

talk? “I gasped is gas:” I want to fuck, fuck you … “Ah! I finally said that the desire to keep in my heart, today Laozi is going out! Anyway, I didn’t really fuck her. So I increased actions The daughter smiled and looked at it .. “Are you not fucking now? Exercise me! “I can’t stand it more, increase the increase in fencing,” Bao, Baby “I breathe” baby, your real fat, touch meat may be because of her prostitute too much My meat stick is sliding in her meat. I suddenly pick it up. I cried into her pussy. I was also “ah” and my daughter’s voice is very It is obviously excited and embarrassing. My reason tells me that I should hurry out, but she doesn’t let me go out. She tight, twisted a few butt, making my dicks more deeply, I will turn my daughter, let her limbs take the same posture like a dog. My meat stick is inserted from the rear. I was rotated to turn the angle of the meat stick after I inserted.

“Ah … fast … I have to …”

I hand holding the daughter’s hips to pump, and the other hand rubs the yuki with your fingers. Make a daughter and a woman who has emerged out. She pursued the stimulus I gave, but the butt kept twisted, and the mouth was constantly making a sweet snoring.

“Ah … so cool … Dad … I am cool ……… 喔 ……… 喔 …”

Look at the daughter’s loan, the powder is blush, the fragrant sweat is dripping, more choosing, Chu Chu, straightforward, my heart, the lust is increased, the lower body is a pleasure began to be generated. The daughter’s hips continue to stimulate my lower body, and I am so energetic.

But I desperately suppressed the desire to eat, enjoy the beauty of friction. I deliberately put the erect’s meat sticks on the daughter’s laborary, while playing the daughter’s round buttocks. I love is infinite, holding a daughter’s shoulder, my daughter is already a thin sweat, cheeks, two legs a plate in my waist, another snow white thigh, at this time, “” Fast … plug in … “The daughter shouted, the beautiful small meat hole and the anus show a lustful scene because of excessive mucus.

I helped the thick meat stick to the reddish little mouth, I kept puffed, my daughter’s snow-white leg tray hangs in my waist, and the round jade hip swings, when I insert, two The lace that has a large fat fertilizer keeps stimulating my meat stick roots, when you take it out, take out a little daughter daughter’s daughter’s daughter’s daughter’s daughter? The daughter’s face is red, and the shame is shy to play with powder Pu, saying “You have to die, ask if you are ashamed!” I saw my daughter shy, my meat rose bigger, “you don’t Say, is it? “Said that I took the meat stick, and I went in the top. Every time I am like a shot, I’m slamming the flower in the deep daughter’s meat, and the daughter is trembled. Also said that there is only “Ah … ah …” in your mouth.

“Ah … um …, it is there …” Every booth is accompanied by long ventilation, the meat on the face takes tight, as if it is painful, it seems comfortable.

“Ah … ah … ah …” The daughter can’t control himself and keep it.

I only felt a bursary of the daughter’s vagina. Every time I installed deep, I felt that there was a small mouth to have the glans, and a vulnerable, followed the buttock. Daughter breasts are also surging in the chest like waves.

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